In numerology and symbology, twelve is a strong number.  There are 12 months in a year and time is measured in two groups of 12 hours.  There is a twelve-year cycle of time in Asia, 12 Apostles and 12 Days of Christmas.  Twelve is a symbol of cosmic order.  And twelve is the smallest composite number that can be divided by six different numbers.


Twelve months.  Twelve Moda Designers.  Twelve contests?

That’s right – starting this month and running through December of this year, the following Moda designers will participate in a monthly contest… twelve prizes?  Probably more.

On the 5th of each month, the designer will announce their contest on social media – blog, Instagram or Facebook – and we’ll share it here.  On the 5th of the following month, they will announce their winner and hand the contest baton to the next designer.  Each designer will determine what their contest will be and how the winners will be chosen.

The contests will vary but making something is probably going to be required – be it a pincushion, a pillow, a table-runner or an elaborately hand-appliquéd quilt.  (Not likely but do keep in mind that there are some seriously talented appliquérs in the designer bunch.  Just saying…)

First up is Kaari Meng of French General.  This is extra-special because Kaari is celebrating a very impressive and totally cool number this month and year.  Twenty – as in, 2017 is the 20th Anniversary of the start of French General.

As Kaari wrote… “Twenty years ago, French General began in a barn along the Hudson River in upstate New York.  Open once a month, the barn was filled with all of my favorite things – old French linen sheets, 19th century floral textiles and tickings, French buttons, beads and ribbon.   Eventually the shop moved to New York City, and then to Los Angeles – where it continued to grow into what it is now.  It is a shop, a workshop offering classes on every manner of stitching, block printing and natural dyeing, and a design studio for me and my husband, JZ.”


Kaari is known for her exquisite vintage-inspired jewelry – often made with vintage pieces.  She loves – and collects – vintage French tickings, some of which have been reproduced for her Moda collections.  In addition to quilt design, she designs and stitches embroidery samplers and the beautiful darning techniques used for Japanese-style boros.


To celebrate the anniversary, Kaari is going to create an Anniversary Sampler Quilt using blocks designed by you!

Design an 8″ finished block using up to four different French General or solid fabrics.  The block can be pieced, appliqued or embroidered – and you can enter as many times as you like!

Post a picture of your block on Instagram using the following hashtags:

  • #12contestsfrenchgeneral
  • celebrationsampler
  • frenchgeneral

Or you can e-mail a photo of your block to –

The contest ends on Wednesday, February 1st and the winners will be announced Sunday, February 5, 2017.

There will be thirty (30) winners selected and each will receive a French General Charm Pack, a pattern for the completed Celebration Sampler and credit in the pattern.  The finished quilt will be made in Kaari’s upcoming collection and debut at Spring Quilt Market.


For more information on the contest –

Just in case you might need a little more French General fabric, we’re going to share a Pondicherry Fat Eighth bundle with someone.  Just leave a comment telling us what your most recent “big anniversary” was by Midnight on Sunday, January 15 and you’re entered to win.

Kaari’s had another big anniversary last year – she celebrated 24 years of marriage with her sweet husband, Jon.


That’s their beautiful daughter, Sophia.

Halloween.  French General-style.

Happy Friday!


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169 comments on “Twelve…

  1. David says:

    It sounds like you have a great year of fun planned! There’s nothing like a fun little challenge to get the creativity flowing and I look forward to seeing what each month has in store.

  2. Brenda Travis says:

    I hope this is where we post comments. I just celebrated my 40th wedding anniversary on January 11th. Woot ! Woot !

  3. Sue says:

    We’re celebrating 29 years of wedded bliss on the 23rd of January!

  4. Susan Beaton says:

    Celebrated two years of owning MY business!

  5. Lewcrese S says:

    We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary this past September. Seems like only yesterday. If the first 20 years went that fast, the next 20 will just fly by!!

  6. Melody Amonson says:

    38 years married to the same guy!

  7. Michele says:

    I turned 55 last fall 🙂

  8. Susan Smith says:

    My husband and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this past September! A LOT has happened in those 30 years and we are hoping for 30 more!!

  9. Pat H says:

    My husband and I celebrated 35 years of marriage this past May. If you ask him, he’d say, “We’ve been married 35 years, 2 of them happily”. It’s the way he always keeps me laughing that has made the past 35 years go by so quickly!

  10. Michelle H says:

    Last summer, my husband and I celebrated 25 years since our first date on July 4.

  11. Iaci Flanders says:

    Hubby and I met at a Baskin-Robbins on New Year’s Eve 26 years ago, so every year on December 31, we go get ice cream at our local B&R! He loves telling the story to the attendants working there that day. One of them usually says something like, “Wow! What a great story!” Puts a smile on his face!

  12. Terry Hughes says:

    November 27 the we celebrated our 40th Annoversary. He’s a lucky guy!!!

  13. Becky says:

    Celebrating the sale of my pet sitting business, July 1, 2016. Now I have more time for QUILTING. It is not necessarily an anniversary but an important date never the less.

  14. JennyM says:

    Last March my husband and I celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary and October marked our first full year of living on a lake; our dream come true!

  15. debbierhodes says:

    I celebrated the birth of my first great grand child.

  16. Janet says:

    35 years celebrated for me and my hubby in December and I got a beautiful quilt storage cabinet to celebrate! Great guy who knows what I love! Tells me regularly that his favorite room in our house is my sewing studio because it makes me so happy! He’s a keeper!

  17. Edie Taylor says:

    I just celebrated 36 years since I graduated from Vassar College. I can’t believe it has been that long!

  18. Karen McMahon says:

    We just celebrated my baby’s 20th birthday. I now have 4 children who are all in there 20s. How can that be? Where does the time go?

  19. Recently it was our 21st wedding anniversary 🙂
    P.S. I love Pondicherry!

  20. Marilyn says:

    Just celebrated the birth of our first grandchild. What fun!

  21. Brenda seth says:

    Celebrated 2 years retired! Best part of that is I can now celebrate having time to quilt!! WOHOO!!

  22. Karen says:

    Love all of your Fabric! We just celebrated the birthday of my oldest grandchild who turned “12”. Time goes by to fast!!!

  23. Cindy Pilkington says:

    We celebrated my husband’s 80th birthday last year and this is my 4th year quilting!

  24. robin schmersahl says:

    celebrated 37 years of marriage

  25. French General is one of my favorites, my accent color is red and there are great shades of red in FG.Sounds like a great year of challenge!

  26. Melva Lang says:

    We celebrated our 47th anniversary in December.

  27. We celebrated wedding anniversary in Las Vegas where it all started 25 years ago.

  28. Cindy M says:

    Happy Anniversary!! A few weeks ago I celebrated the 60th anniversary of my Birth and will be celebrating my 36th wedding anniversary soon! Love your fabric, hope it’s around for many, many more anniversaries!!
    lstangl482 at aol dot com

  29. Betsy S says:

    We celebrated 35 years of marriage in August.

  30. Ashley says:

    5 year marriage anniversary!

  31. Celebrated my parents-in-laws 65th wedding anniversary on Christmas Eve. Which totally eclipses big 23rd wedding anniversary in Novemer.

  32. Carol Gouveia says:

    We celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary last July. Hard to believe it has been that long.

  33. Congratulations Kaari and JZ on 24 years of marriage and 20 years of French General. My husband and I are celebrating 53 years of marriage this year.

  34. Robbin says:

    Love all things French General! I happily celebrated 30 years of marriage on January 3rd this year.

  35. Karen A says:

    In November my husband and I celebrated our 30th anniversary!

  36. Pat Braman says:

    My most recent big anniversary is 10! Ten big tears since being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Diagnosed in 2007. Still here in 2017!❤

  37. Maria Zook says:

    We celebrated my parent’s 65th wedding anniversary last March and our own 43rd last August.
    I am looking forward to a year with your designers.

  38. Sandie says:

    I guess I think of everyday as a reason to celebrate since ,as they say, tomorrow is never a given. But as for an anniversary, I would have to say it was my birthday in November. Congratulations to Kamari on reaching 20 years in business, and may there be many more successful years to come!

  39. sissa says:

    My most recent big anniversary? 30 years married to my wonderful and supportive husband!! Hoping and praying for many more!

  40. Debra Stebbins says:

    My big anniversary was celebrating 2 years of being cancer free……. Had a double mastectomy 2 years ago this past November…… Woohoooooooooo……..

  41. Karen Chaudoin says:

    My anniversary is not the happy kind of anniversary, but meaningful nonetheless. It was 35 years ago at this time that my father died at the young age of 51. I am several years past that age and I often think how old would he be this year if he had not gotten sick.

  42. Suzette G says:

    As a matter of fact, last month I did celebrate a big anniversary- 40 years of marriage! Happy Anniversary to French General as well. Yummy, yummy fabrics!

  43. Leslie G. says:

    My hubby and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this year! Hmmm ….now to ponder where to vacation this year?!.

  44. Mary D says:

    This past year we celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary. We’re shooting for 80 – we have a way to go!

  45. Pam says:

    Will celebrate 52 yrs. of marriage in March. Made a blooming nine patch out of French General fabric a couple of years ago. I think it is the most beautiful of the quilts I have made. Happy Anniversary French General!!!!!

  46. modalissa says:

    The contest is going to be incredible, but man oh man I love your Halloween outfits!!


  47. Terry says:

    Congrats on Your 20 year Anniversary!! Our most ‘recent’ anniversary was 25 years of marriage last year. What a ride!! Thanks for the chance.

  48. Lois Wilhelm says:

    Anniversaries and birthdays are all big celebrations for me-turned 60 in May, hubby and I will celebrate 15 years of marriage in June—happy, happy , happy!!!!!

  49. Cathy B. says:

    Grandson #1 just turned 1 in December. What a celebration!

  50. Kimberly says:

    I just had my first year anniversary in my first purchased home.

  51. Marcia K says:

    We celebrated 33 years of marriage this year.

  52. Love French General! My husband and I just celebrated out 26th anniversary with a trip to Ireland!

  53. Marsha Sensel says:

    My daughter just celebrated the big 30 birthday on Jan. 9th. This year my sweetheart and I will be married 35 years and I will turn 65. It’s definitely a year of accomplishments.

  54. bkelly2424 says:

    My husband has been cancer free for two years! And I love French General!

  55. Linda Hulen says:

    My most recent big anniversary was our 30th wedding anniversary. I have a wonderful husband that I am truly thankful for.

  56. Sally Christiansen says:

    I will be celebrating my 16th wedding anniversary on the 27th of this month.

  57. Debby says:

    Celebrated 35 years of marriage this past 12/27!!

  58. marcella says:

    What a fun year to look forward to! We went to visit my parents to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.

  59. Mary Kastner says:

    We celebrated 44 years of marriage! How is that possible? Congratulations to French General! I love their fabrics. In fact I am on my 4th quilt made only with FG fabric! Thank you for the chance to win MORE!

  60. Melinda Wolfe says:

    My husband and I celebrated 26 years of marriage. And hopefully many more. This sounds fun and thanks for the contests.

  61. Pam P. says:

    In November I celebrated 43 years of being Single 😀 Ha ha ha ha!!! Many thanks for creating such beautiful fabric – brings me great joy!

  62. Kim Jenkins says:

    Sounds like an awesome 12 months you’ve planned! Thank you for the giveaway. I love all things French General.

  63. Nancy says:

    Hubby and I both are Dec. babies right around Christmas. Myself – five days before and hubby, five days after. So those are our birthday anniversaries! That being said, when I walk into a quilt shop in MA, I love that she has the French General front and center. It’s always the first thing I see when I go in and the last when I check out. Now how can one resist that!! Love the red and grey combos.

  64. Ann in NC says:

    How about the next big anniversary! This year will be 25 years of marriage! Don’t know where the years have gone!

  65. Claire says:

    We just celebrated 35 years! Where does the time go? I love me some French General!!

  66. Shirley Hayes says:

    We celebrated our 57th anniversary last Monday the 9th. Love French General

  67. Fran Bianchi says:

    My big anniversary was January 1st celebrating 40 years since the day I met my husband. I love everything French General!

  68. Alice says:

    Our 16th wedding anniversary was December 30th. The new Pondicherry line is beautiful!

  69. Dana Davis says:

    My favorite grandson just turned 25. Mind you…….he’s my only grandson. I also have 4 grand daughters.

  70. Wendy says:

    January 6th was the 27th anniversary of our first date;. We’ll be married 27 years come October. Would love some French General fabric.

  71. Kristi says:

    My big anniversary is coming up — May 21st is our 40th wedding anniversary! This year will be fun at Moda! Thanks!

  72. Mickeybb says:

    This year I’ll celebrate 20 years of belong to the Pajaro Valley Quilt Association and the Bonny Stitcher Quilt Group!

  73. Kelly Stevens says:

    Just celebrated 10 years of my business. Yay!

  74. Marti Morgan says:

    My husband and I – after a failed marriage or two – met and married. We just celebrated our 25th anniversary with a cruise of the Mediterranean. We had perfect seas, wonderful tours and fantastic food. What more could a girl ask for? No I couldn’t take one of my sewing machines, but I filled my time with other fantastic things.

  75. Char Scitt says:

    We celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary recently.

  76. Tracy says:

    This year marks 34 years short years together and we are counting on many more. More fabric to accumulate and enjoy!!!!

  77. Nancy Pleimann says:

    My big date was Nov. 11, 2016 wedding anniversary to my high school sweetheart for 50 years.

  78. sara says:

    5 month, 10 days. that’show long ago i left my husband. he;s been mentally abusive for years and i had learned to think of it as normal. then one night he hit me and pulled a gun. i left that night and haven’t looked back. much. its really hard starting over at 59. i had to leave most of my sewing and quilting stuff behind. But, i will eventually figure all this out and be ok. eventually.


  79. eggits says:

    I begin my 2nd year of Retirement, celebrating 2017 as my year to express myself in many finished quilts! French General fabric is always rich and intricate in design, I plan to explore this more!

  80. Laurel says:

    Last year we celebrated my husband’s 65th birthday and signing up for Medicare. This year will be my turn. This will leave a bit more money for fabric! So called Obamacare with the crazy high insurance premiums was costing us more than our house payment! We will also celebrate our 42nd wedding anniversary and continued good health this year.

  81. Colleen Coffman says:

    My most recent significant anniversary was in August – my 30th year of marriage to my amazing husband, Dan. Still best friends!

  82. Gill says:

    April is my 30th wedding anniversary

  83. Hildy says:

    All big anniversaries were a while ago but my next big anniversary will be my 35th birthday in February. Hope that counts.

  84. Barb Jenson says:

    Forty years of hanging out with the best guy ever and still going strong.

  85. Dorothy E Paulk says:

    This year we celebrate 56 years of marriage; it hasn’t always been bliss, but at this stage of our lives we are as contented, happy and can’t think of life without him. It is also my 4th year of quilting – never too late to begin a new passion.

  86. Carolina W says:

    as of April 2016-20 years with the same employer; this November 2017 will by my double-nickel birthday!

  87. Clara says:

    The latest “anniversary” was celebrating the birth of my son @ 47 years. He has been my pride and joy over all these years. Thanks for a chance in the giveaway…love, love French General fabrics.

  88. Sandy K says:

    Twenty five years with my man.

  89. Vicki H says:

    My husband and I each turned 60 last year. This November we will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.

  90. Lynda H says:

    my grandchildren’s 5th birthday – all three of them….my 72nd is in 8 days!

  91. Pris Phillips says:

    Hi Carrie! Mike and I celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary last July. (I had to do the math to make sure of the number!!) I love what Dorothy said in her post… that “it hasn’t always been bliss” … that is true of us as well. Some really tough times, but we stuck it out and 35 was well worth celebrating! He surprised me with reservations at a restaurant overlooking the river… it was lovely.

  92. Wendy says:

    Every year I celebrate another incredible year married to my best friend – this year will be #14!

  93. dondim says:

    One grandchild is celebrating his 9th birthday this weekend. Another granddaughter just had her 18th birthday 7 days ago. Ten days ago, we celebrated the wedding of our Korean ‘granddaughter’ here in Utah to her Chinese groom. Both sets of parents flew over to stay with us in our home, including the bride and groom before the wedding. (And after.) We have had lots of celebrating. Now I am celebrating how much I love my washer and dryer! Each day of life is a celebration in itself because we have the opportunity to love and share.

  94. Shirley Metcalfe says:

    Love your blog Carrie, looking forward to the activities of the year. Paul and I celebrated our 20th Wedding anniversary in November last year and we are celebrating 10 years in ou lovely home later this year.

  95. Janie M says:

    My husband and I celebrated our 9th anniversary on December 30th!

  96. Marianne says:

    Third year anniversary coming up in April for my health issues being resolved!

  97. Cynthia Scharf says:

    In December 2016, I celebrated 20 years of survival after breast cancer! Early detection is a blessing, ladies, get your mammograms!

  98. Doris Matousek says:

    Pondicherry is on my list of Must Haves! My hubby and I celebrated 34 years in December and hope to celebrate many more years together.

  99. LizAnn Lizotte says:

    Will be celebrating 36 years of marriage to my best friend and husband in April. Looking forward to the next 36 years together

  100. Betty Liehr says:

    My last BIG date was reaching 65 so Medicare would be available. One week later I retired and haven’t looked back since. Who knew I would absolutely love, love, love not working so much! There’s a whole world of things to do when you have the time. And Sewing. Every. Day. Wow!

  101. Karen in Texas says:

    Celebrated 25 years of marriage in March 2016 ; just turned 61 last month.

  102. Debbie Pearcey says:

    Happy Anniversary to French General and Happy New Year! Pondicherry is one of my favorites. My husband and I celebrated 38 years of marriage last fall.

  103. Cathy Mc. says:

    Last big date was my birthday in December.

  104. caroline rohrer says:

    My husband & I will celebrate 55 years together in may. All of our kids 4 and 9 grands were with us to celebrate. Would love to do it again.

  105. Jan B. says:

    We celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary in October, 2016. Nowadays, that’s pretty significant! Love the French General fabrics!

  106. Jen B says:

    I didn’t exactly celebrate, but November 13th was the 13th anniversary of me becoming chronically ill.

  107. Melissa G. says:

    My husband and I just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. We took a marvelous trip to London and Paris. We had an incredible time!

  108. Brenda says:

    Last year, 2016, was the 40th anniversary of my move to Nebraska from North Dakota. I always say I moved south and to the big city!! lol

  109. LINDA FICKLING says:


  110. Janet says:

    Last milestone celebration was 38 years being free of the bad lifestyle I once lived, and grateful every day too.

  111. Chris K. says:

    Last April 10 was anniversary #45. Got you beat, Linda Fickling! 🙂

  112. This sounds like lots of fun – the last big anniversary was 39 years!

  113. Gina M. says:

    My sweet and still handsome husband and I have been together 35 years…its seems much shorter…which is a good thing! He’s still my best friend!

  114. Maureen says:

    I celebrated my 49th birthday last fall!

  115. Margie F. says:

    Hubs & I celebrated 45 years of marriage last April! So blessed!

  116. Angela Bowling says:

    big anniversary for me? On Jan. 12, I turned 65. Ready for Medicare. WooHoo!!

  117. I celebrate the anniversary of my birth, it sounds better. LOL Last one was in November, but why limit it to just one day? 🙂 Thanks for the fun!

  118. Terrie says:

    Yesterday was me any my dear husbands 32nd wedding anniversary !! Boy do I love that man and fabric too. Congrats to French General and heres to many many more years !!!

  119. Debbie says:

    Oh, Thank you. I celebrate 60 at the end of the month! LOVE French General.

  120. Pam Jolly says:

    My big anniversary is 4 years cancer free as of January 26th. 1 more year to go and then I will be considered cured!

  121. Colleen says:

    My family and I celebrated my 60th birthday in September. It was great! I LOVE French General and have fabric from just about every line but not Pondicherry …. yet.

  122. Karen says:

    I celebrated that I’ve been to all the continents except Antarctica. I could stand on an ice cube and say I’ve been to Antarctica 🙂
    LOVE French General. I grew up a 3 hour drive from Pondicherry. This line is beautiful.

  123. Kristie Michalowski says:

    Celebrating 31 years of marriage to my best friend ;o)

  124. Terrie says:

    I turned 65 last year and will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary this year. Love French General!

  125. Carol Eberhardt says:

    We celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary this year! And, we celebrate our son’s wedding and a new daughter-in-law soon after, making this a really great year.

  126. Judy J says:

    Our 41st wedding anniversary was last month. I love French General fabrics.

  127. Kathryn Tracey says:

    We celebrated our 50th Anniversary last August by touring Ireland!

  128. Anita says:

    We will celebrate our 48th wedding anniversary this year.

  129. Marj says:

    I just celebrated 9 months of retirement and 9 months on the quilting learning curve.

  130. Karrie says:

    I just bought a ticket for my 20th high school reunion today 🙂

  131. Diane Martin says:

    45 years of marriage

  132. #21 just happened…..six kids later and we still like each other…

  133. Jill Meador says:

    January 9th I turned 70, which also would have been my parents 73 wedding anniversary.

  134. Sandy Wilcox says:

    Not currently married, birthday in July and it’s not a 5th or a tenth…hmmm. In fact I am celebrating my life. I took the 4 am ambulance ride to the ER a couple of months ago, unable to breathe, due to what turned out to be heart failure. But the health care system worked for me. I had brown rice for dinner tonight; I now have to live on a very low sodium and low fluid intake diet, but I’m in good shape, and I have the means to control the risk. So I’m celebrating the new life I have to live!

  135. Halley Becker says:

    My 21st anniversary with the post office was January 8th and my 1st day of retirement begins January 31st!

  136. Delaine says:

    We have just celebrated 21 years together and 20 years in our dream house by the lake. Thanks!

  137. Fran says:

    This year of contests sounds like a lot of fun anf a year of learning. We celebrated 40 years of marriage on this month. Whew!

  138. amq97 says:

    Fun post! Looking forward to the 12 designers. Loved the Addams Family pic at the end. Big 33rd Wedding Anniversary coming up on the 26th. Love my Sweet Man. Hugs, Allison C. Bayer in Plano, TX

  139. SarahZ says:

    So. Much fun packed into this post! Happy Anniversary to French General! And what a way to celebrate…so creative! Aside from my 31st wedding anniversary(still honeymoonin!) …my babies turned 20 and 18 this Fall/Winter! Somehow that just feels bigger!

  140. Carolyn Sands says:

    My husband and I recently celebrated our 35th anniversary!

  141. Dortha says:

    We, my husband and I, celebrated 40 years of marriage. Thank you for the chance to win. Love fabric, especially Moda fabric.

  142. Linda H says:

    So many blessings in my life to celebrate that it’s hard to pick just one … 19 years of marriage to the most wonderful man on this year … 5 years of happy retirement … beautiful nieces and nephew … hard to pick just one. Thanks for the opportunity to win some French General fabric … happy they are celebrating a milestone as well.

  143. Elizabeth says:

    Just celebrated 38 years of marriage to the same great guy!

  144. Beth Davis says:

    Celebrated 21 years of marriage in December!

  145. Adeline says:

    In May we celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary, and in June will be my 50th college class reunion.

  146. Bonnie says:

    47 short years together.

  147. Tamie says:

    My husband and I were able to celebrate with our Clemson Tigers in Tampa as they won the National Championship. We were also there in Miami when they won the first one 35 years ago. We were just students then! So much fun.

  148. Mom C says:

    Just celebrated hubby’s 8th Christmas cancer free. And having the whole family all 40, together for it.

  149. Katherine says:

    We just celebrated our mom’s 80th birthday last November!

  150. Kristy Wilkinson says:

    What a fun post! My most recent big anniversary is probably being married to my husband for 31 years in August of last year. We have known each other for 35 years. Hard to believe. Thanks for the fun contests. K-

  151. Cynthia McGuire says:

    Cest bon! I love the French general fabrics. I am celebrating my cat, Marcella’s Birthday of
    12 yrs. she loves to keep my company while I quilt.

  152. Becky says:

    Looking forward to all the contests – how fun for the new year! Celebrating 37 years of marriage, retiring and turning 65.

  153. Janet says:

    I just got it back from celebrating my Dad’s 80th birthday. I’m looking forward whatever these clever designers come up with.

  154. Sandra Laws says:

    What would have been my 50th wedding anniversary was in October…how could he have left me?! I also turned 70 this past year, which could be an anniversary, I suppose.

  155. Anita J Tinlin says:

    Married 35 years, and my small quilt-related business is 20 years old.

  156. Brenda says:

    My 45th wedding anniversary was in August and the 4 wonderful grandchildren were totally worth all the ups and downs over the years.

  157. Karen M says:

    I just celebrated my 41st work anniversary — yes, at the same job that has allowed me to purchase beautiful fabric for the past 30+ years!!!

  158. Laurie Lasala-Tuttle says:

    What fun it is to read all of these Anniversary comments! We celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary last August!

  159. Just last Wednesday, 11 January, I retired after working for 35 years. Now I can devote way more time to quilting!

  160. Patty says:

    My husband and I will be celebrating our 43rd anniversary.

  161. Katherine S says:

    My Big Anniversary will be in March — retired x5yrs and LOVING every minute. Much more time for so many fun things, including grandbabies and quilting — so more fabric would be just wonderful!

  162. […] For more details visit the original Moda post here. […]

  163. Toni Anne Potter says:

    What a fantastic photo so Adam’s Family, I LOVE it!!! It was one of my favorite shows as a kid. My latest anniversary was 12 years a a breast cancer survivor on 10/16. This summer I’ll celebrate 30 years of marriage and my son’s high school graduation. The fact that I’m here to watch my son graduate it the most precious gift I could ask for.

  164. Jacklyn Hazen says:

    My husband and I celebrated 48 Years married! Wow, that is 4X12! Wow! I am not sure where the time has gone.

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