Bunny Hill

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Anne Sutton started sewing at a very young age.  Using her mother’s sewing machine and with her sister by her side, she learned the basics and kept on going.  Taking every class available from home economics in high school to apparel design in college, she expanded and fine-tuned her skills. Once quilting became her passion, her love of appliqué became her obsession!

Appliqué quilts tell a story and seeing that story come to life is what keeps Anne passionate about designing. Her appliqué quilts often determine the look and color of the fabrics and collections she designs for Moda.

Anne and her husband live in Northern California. She loves flea market finds and cottage style decorating. The center of Bunny Hill is a 400 sq. ft. loft area in her home with natural lighting, a big work space and room for all the things she loves.

  • Cleaning Bug
    I hate cluttered websites, and I feel like mine is getting there.  It’s true I usually go through this decluttering need right before quilt market, but I don’t think I’ve ever had it this bad.  This urge to declutter is overwhelming so Sunday I jumped in and got started!  I know... Read more »
  • Sugar Plum on Sale!
    I sometimes don’t think about past fabric lines, until I run out of room in my storage closet.  When bolts start to stack up, I know something has to go to make room for the new.  Sorry my sweet Sugar Plum Christmas, but times up!  You’ve got to go.  Sugar... Read more »
  • 101 Maple Street
    Blend shades of persimmon, bronze, charcoal, and gold, then mix with cream and aqua and you’ll have Fall fabrics Bunny Hill style!  Welcome to 101 Maple Street! Mix them all up, add in some Moda basics and you’ve got 101 Maple Street my newest applique quilt! We got the advance... Read more »
  • sewing from the little traveller book
    It’s been such a joy to stitch these little characters from Simone Gooding’s new book Little Traveller.  The book is delightful, and sewing with wool felt is pure fun!  Here’s my version of “Twig,” the squirrel.  The book will also show you how to knit some cute accessories, but for... Read more »
  • Little Traveller
    A few weeks ago I received a special book in the mail, sent to me by the Australian artist Simone Gooding.  It’s called Little Traveller, and I’m one of the lucky ones who received an advance copy!  This book is filled with so many cute things I immediately signed up... Read more »
  • ta da! announcing the mini charm winners
    When Moda sends me sample yardage to make my quilts, they also include several mini charms, a layer cake, a fat quarter bundle and a fat eighth bundle.  One of the first things I do when my fabric arrives is to open up a mini charm pack and tape each fabric square onto... Read more »
  • Mini Charm Quilts
    The Moda All-Stars are back with a new book, and I’m so excited!  First, because I’m obsessed with Moda Mini Charms and second because the royalties for this book will be donated to LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs !  Imagine, an organization that trains dogs to visit disaster locations, community events and... Read more »
  • Peeps help me design
    Yesterday my husband bought me my favorite Easter treat!  PEEPS!  Two packages of yellow chicks.  I consumed one box right away, I just couldn’t help myself.  I’m trying to have control with the other package, make myself eat only one at a time, ok two at a time, but at... Read more »
  • New Year’s Day Winners
    I thought Chelsea would join me tonight to announce the winners, but she’s been sleeping for most of the day. She had good intentions, I know she did.  I read her some of your comments last night as we watched the ball drop in New York (that would be 9PM... Read more »
  • Make a List for 2018!
    Chelsea and I each made a bucket list back in 2011, and I found a copy of it today.  Six years later and we haven’t completed much on our list.  Chelsea’s still waiting for her pink convertible, and I’m still trying to organize my photos. The beautiful thing about this list... Read more »


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