Bunny Hill

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Anne Sutton started sewing at a very young age.  Using her mother’s sewing machine and with her sister by her side, she learned the basics and kept on going.  Taking every class available from home economics in high school to apparel design in college, she expanded and fine-tuned her skills. Once quilting became her passion, her love of appliqué became her obsession!

Appliqué quilts tell a story and seeing that story come to life is what keeps Anne passionate about designing. Her appliqué quilts often determine the look and color of the fabrics and collections she designs for Moda.

Anne and her husband live in Northern California. She loves flea market finds and cottage style decorating. The center of Bunny Hill is a 400 sq. ft. loft area in her home with natural lighting, a big work space and room for all the things she loves.

  • Snow Happy Hearts are back
    If you missed Snow Happy Hearts the first time, I’m giving them again.  You’ll get free heart patterns on the 5th of each month until all 12 are in your happy applique hands.  Don’t miss out!  The first three are ready now.  Just click on the “free” link at the... Read more »
  • Vintage Brick Mold
    Thought I’d share my latest purchase with you, a vintage brick mold that I found while shopping at Terrain.  If you haven’t been to one of their stores or browsed their website, you’re in for a treat!  It’s my favorite place to shop for gardening, decorating, terrariums, and so much more. Terrain... Read more »
  • Anticipation
    It’s August, and that means we are eagerly awaiting the shipment of 101 Maple Street from Moda!  I’m told it will still be a few weeks before it starts to arrive, so I’m trying to be patient. I’ve decided that the anticipation leading up to the arrival of new fabric... Read more »
  • Some fun wool applique
    I love wool applique, and I love Lisa from Primitive Gatherings even more!  When she offered to put together a collection of wool for my 101 Maple Street fabric line, I said yes, yes, yes!  Just look at this yummy wool! Have you ever seen such a perfectly co-ordinated bundle? ... Read more »
  • Lucy’s Stitched Hugs
    There’s a 10-year-old girl in Washington who’s touching so many people with her kindness and generosity I thought you might enjoy reading about her.  Her name is Lucy and she calls her project Lucy’s Stitched Hugs.  Lucy’s mom recently wrote to me to tell me about Lucy: “My daughter Lucy... Read more »
  • Jelly Beans in red, white and blue
    Celebrate Memorial Day with my Jelly Beans sheep in red and blue! It’s my Jelly Beans Mini Quilt using red, white and blue Cottontail Cottage fabrics. Wouldn’t it be fun to make this mini quilt to celebrate every USA holiday? (Get more creative and piece the center sheep in red... Read more »
  • Foxly goes to market
    Foxly is ready to travel to quilt market with me!  He’s my newest petite, and he’s so excited to be going to Quilt Market he’s invited a lot of friends along for the trip. Just look at this motley crew of friends!  Really Foxly? Our Foxly pattern will be ready to... Read more »
  • Chelsea and the red chair
    The one thing I wasn’t prepared for after losing Milkshake was how it would affect my Chelsea dog.  It’s been hard to watch.  She’s depressed,  I have no doubt about it.  On our walks to the park, she just sniffs the air and looks around.  I know she’s looking for her... Read more »
  • Milkshake Sutton
    We said goodbye to Milkshake today.  She died in my arms, wrapped in a soft blanket.  She was 14 1/2 and had congestive heart failure, although, in the end, it wasn’t her heart that got her, it was kidney failure. She defied the cardiologist when he told her she had 4... Read more »
  • Put 101 Maple Street on your calendar for August
    Tomorrow (May 1)  is the last day to pre-order your 101 Maple Street quilt kit!  I have to get kit orders into Moda, and of course, I’ll order some extra, but there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to get one if you don’t pre-order. Join in the fun of making this... Read more »


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