Bunny Hill

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Anne Sutton started sewing at a very young age.  Using her mother’s sewing machine and with her sister by her side, she learned the basics and kept on going.  Taking every class available from home economics in high school to apparel design in college, she expanded and fine-tuned her skills. Once quilting became her passion, her love of appliqué became her obsession!

Appliqué quilts tell a story and seeing that story come to life is what keeps Anne passionate about designing. Her appliqué quilts often determine the look and color of the fabrics and collections she designs for Moda.

Anne and her husband live in Northern California. She loves flea market finds and cottage style decorating. The center of Bunny Hill is a 400 sq. ft. loft area in her home with natural lighting, a big work space and room for all the things she loves.

  • Mix it Up with Martingale and Moda!
    It’s time for another Moda All-Stars book!  This time we’re sewing with Moda Cake Mixes and Cupcake Mixes!   It doesn’t get any sweeter than this!  I love sewing with these papers because they ensure you’ll have perfect piecing.  Just look at all the triangles and corners on the cover of… Read more »
  • Block Eight Merry Merry Snow Days
    You’ve had some extra time to catch up on Merry Merry Snowmen between blocks seven and eight.  I’m sure you all took advantage of it right?  If not, the good news is that this is an easy block!  Hopefully, you have enough of this quilt done to sew some rows… Read more »
  • Merry Merry Snow Days Block Seven
    Welcome to block seven of Merry Merry Snow Days!  Llamas ski free today and they are excited!  They’ve already spent money renting skates, so a freebie is great.  The line is sure to get long as the day goes on, but this little girl arrived early, and she’s first. We’re… Read more »
  • Merry Merry Snow Days Block Six
    Are you ready for Merry Merry Snow Days, Block Six?  You don’t think I’d forget about your sweet tooth, do you?. I’ve got a sweet tooth that never quits, so get on board the sweet train with me! It’s filled with candy and marshmallows for your hot chocolate.  Of course,… Read more »
  • Merry Merry Snow Days Block Five
    With block five we are officially half-way through our quilt!  It’s time for sledding school!  Those snowmen are really crowded on the sled, but the snow angel instructor is too sweet to make one of them get off.  So here we go, are you ready?   We’re starting with the… Read more »
  • Merry Merry Snow Days, Block Four
    If you’re still embroidering skate runners from block number three, don’t worry!  Block Four will go faster than the others, and you’ll have time to catch up. Remember all the 1/4″ bias you made for llama legs?  It’s going to make your applique life much easier in block number four. … Read more »
  • Merry Merry snow days block three
    Every time I design a quilt block, I try to keep the small parts to a minimum.  Block three of Merry Merry Snow Days is no exception. I thought of you when I was drawing this block.  My first idea was to have skates hanging from the garland.  Then I… Read more »
  • Merry merry snow days block 2
    We’re on Block Two, part two of Merry Merry Snow Days.  If you think this is the longest block ever you might be right!  That’s why I’ve broken it into two parts. As you look at each block, notice the fussy cutting.  I’m lucky to have my friend Nancy cut… Read more »
  • Merry Merry Snow Days Block Two, part one
    I took more pictures of this block than any other.  It has the most “parts,” and I thought if I could get you through this block, you’d be home free!  Here’s the beautiful photo that was taken by my photographer Gregory Case. See the snowmen on the right?  He’s so… Read more »
  • We’re ready for block one
    For me, the first block in a quilt is always the most exciting.  It’s the block where you see the fabrics come together for the first time, and it gives you a taste of what’s to come.  So let’s pull some fabrics for block one, are you ready? When you… Read more »


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