Bunny Hill

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Anne Sutton started sewing at a very young age.  Using her mother’s sewing machine and with her sister by her side, she learned the basics and kept on going.  Taking every class available from home economics in high school to apparel design in college, she expanded and fine-tuned her skills. Once quilting became her passion, her love of appliqué became her obsession!

Appliqué quilts tell a story and seeing that story come to life is what keeps Anne passionate about designing. Her appliqué quilts often determine the look and color of the fabrics and collections she designs for Moda.

Anne and her husband live in Northern California. She loves flea market finds and cottage style decorating. The center of Bunny Hill is a 400 sq. ft. loft area in her home with natural lighting, a big work space and room for all the things she loves.

  • New Year’s Day Winners
    I thought Chelsea would join me tonight to announce the winners, but she’s been sleeping for most of the day. She had good intentions, I know she did.  I read her some of your comments last night as we watched the ball drop in New York (that would be 9PM... Read more »
  • Make a List for 2018!
    Chelsea and I each made a bucket list back in 2011, and I found a copy of it today.  Six years later and we haven’t completed much on our list.  Chelsea’s still waiting for her pink convertible, and I’m still trying to organize my photos. The beautiful thing about this list... Read more »
  • Almost Christmas
    Can you believe Christmas 2017 is almost here?  I’ve done some simple decorating in my studio this year consisting of one little ruler tree.  :>)  Simple, yes, but isn’t it perfect for a sewing studio?  The tree is only 13″ from top to bottom. There’s a reason my decorating is so... Read more »
  • Could you be a winner?
    If you didn’t win the hedgehog pincushion, you could easily make one.  Buy the All in a Row Again book, choose two 5″ charm squares and use the Heggie pattern in the book to applique a hedgehog!  It’s so easy and really fun to make. I filled my pincushion with ground walnut... Read more »
  • Moda All-Stars
    I think I love this new Moda All-Stars All In A Row Again book more than the first All in a Row book. Is that possible? Maybe, but I’m not ready to give up the first All in a Row because the combination of the two books means so many... Read more »
  • All In A Row Again
    It’s two weeks of rowing with the Moda Designers, and it starts today!  While you’re shopping for Turkey and all the trimmings, Martingale and Moda will be busy handing out prizes galore! Row on over to Martingale’s All In A Row Facebook Page to enter giveaways galore!  Here’s the schedule... Read more »
  • Market Fabrics from Moda
    It’s been so long since I’ve written a blog post, I feel like I owe you a BUNCH of fun!  So here it goes, are you ready?  Click on the link below, give it a few minutes to load, and you can see all the new market lines and fun... Read more »
  • stocking treats block twelve
    I can’t believe it, but here we are at the final block of our Sugar Plum Stocking Treats quilt! Today you’ll get block twelve along with the border applique and finishing instructions.  It’s time to finish this quilt and put it all together!  Merry Christmas everyone, Santa put Christmas trees in... Read more »
  • Stocking treats block eleven
    Block eleven was designed by our third place winner from the Bunny Hill/ Moda design contest, Lori Weigel!  This cute little snowman, reaching for a Christmas ornament, won her third place.  And of course, her win gave all of us a chance to make this adorable block! Block Eleven Here’s... Read more »
  • stocking treats block ten
    It wouldn’t be Christmas without a poinsettia or two.  These beautiful flowers fill the season with color, beauty and always remind me of Christmas.  I had to include one in our stocking quilt! Block ten is a simple block, but sometimes it’s good to have simple!  You should be able to... Read more »


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