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Sweetwater is a family run design company located in northeastern Colorado. All of the designing, marketing, shipping, and distribution takes place at the corporate office just southwest of the town of Fort Morgan. Sweetwater is acutally a spin-off of its parent company Farmyard Creations. Farmyard Creations began as a quilt company in 1985, providing quilt patterns and designing fabrics for quilt stores throughout the Unites States, Canada and even overseas. In 2001, Sweetwater was born by taking the fabric designs of Farmyard Creations and turning them into paper. Coordinating stickers and other accessories were then added to give the Sweetwater line a soft, sophisticated style. Recently, Sweetwater has been focusing their energy on fresh and innovative graphic design, as well as a fun line of fabric and quilt patterns.

  • Project Red Quilt Kits!
    So excited to show you our Project Red quilts.  The fabric won’t be here until December, but you can pre-order these kits now.  The first is my favorite.  We call it “Follow Your Heart”. The second one is a pattern we have done before.  We actually made a black and cream... Read more »
  • A Whole Lot of Things….
    Yes, we are still alive!  I know it has been a really long time since we posted on our blog.  It’s also been a really long time since we posted on Instagram. It’s kind of been a rough few weeks.  If you don’t follow us on Instagram, you probably don’t... Read more »
  • Getting Closer!
    Many of you have already signed up for a Project Sweetwater subscription.  It might have been weeks ago- but we are getting closer.  The first box is set to ship next month.  If you remember, that first box will feature Hometown… Christmas Edition. After the Hometown Christmas box, the second box... Read more »
  • Last Day….
    Just a reminder that the very last day to pre-order an Authentic quilt kit is tomorrow!  If you forgot what they look like, here is a quick look: Stacked Authentic Words: Patched: We are also running low on our Sweetwater Marketplace finished items.  In fact, the only items we have left are the canvas... Read more »
  • Authentic Quilts!
    We are so excited to finally share our Authentic, Etc. quilts with you.  There are three new ones and a classic from the past.  First up, my favorite.  We call it Authentic Words. There are 25 blocks- each with a different embroidered word. The quilting is so cute.  Love how our quilter,... Read more »
  • Sweetwater Marketplace
    We love designing fabric.  But sometimes, we have an itch to design something new.  So….the last few weeks we did just that.  We designed a small collection of finished goods.  We call it the Sweetwater Marketplace.  We thought it was a great idea for Mother’s Day.  Here is the collection: These... Read more »
  • Sunday Supper!
    We are so excited that Sunday Supper is arriving in stores.  If you forgot what it looks like, here is a little refresher: I absolutely adore this collection.  I’ve always loved it since we designed it. However, the more I’m around it and see projects that are being made with it,... Read more »
  • Surprise! After Eight Years….
    It’s so hard to believe it’s been eight years since we debuted our first fabric collection with Moda.  I remember designing the collection with my then six- month old son on my lap because he was just a little bit spoiled and always needed to be held.  Since then we... Read more »
  • Last Day!
    Just a quick reminder that today is the very last day to pre-order our Hometown Christmas Quilt Kit. It will be gone tomorrow!  You can find that here. And….today is also the last day to get a free gift with a subscription to Project Sweetwater.  For all of you that have already... Read more »
  • Progress!
    We only have a few more blocks to go on our Hometown Christmas Quilt.  We absolutely can’t wait to start putting this together! Here is a look at some new blocks. I love the tops of the stockings.  Maybe you can find your hometown to use for that or you can... Read more »
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