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Sweetwater is a family run design company located in northeastern Colorado. All of the designing, marketing, shipping, and distribution takes place at the corporate office just southwest of the town of Fort Morgan. Sweetwater is acutally a spin-off of its parent company Farmyard Creations. Farmyard Creations began as a quilt company in 1985, providing quilt patterns and designing fabrics for quilt stores throughout the Unites States, Canada and even overseas. In 2001, Sweetwater was born by taking the fabric designs of Farmyard Creations and turning them into paper. Coordinating stickers and other accessories were then added to give the Sweetwater line a soft, sophisticated style. Recently, Sweetwater has been focusing their energy on fresh and innovative graphic design, as well as a fun line of fabric and quilt patterns.

  • He’s Back!
    A long, long time ago, when my mom had a pattern company called “Farmyard Creations”, this was one of her very first patterns.   His name was “Brown Sugar Bear”.  I hadn’t seen him for a very long time.  Until about a month ago when I walked into my mom’s sewing room... Read more »
  • It’s Here…..
    After months of planning, we are finally ready to announce our new Sweetwater Ink Christmas collection!  If you are new here or forgot exactly what “Sweetwater Ink” is, here is a little reminder. We debuted “Ink” last Christmas.  It is a collection of printed (sometimes personalized) items- kitchen towels and canvas... Read more »
  • Just a Reminder
    Just a quick reminder….if you want to pre-order one of our Sweet Tea quilt kits that will arrive early next year, the deadline is tomorrow! You can find the kits here. One more thing.  My mom has been working for months on this.  For the last couple of years, she has been... Read more »
  • Thankful Box!
    A couple of weeks ago, we came out with a one-time only “Harvest Box”.  Unfortunately for many, it sold out rather quickly.  If you didn’t get a chance at that one, check our our new “Thankful Box”. The Thankful Box is a one time box that includes the fabric to... Read more »
  • Sweet Tea Quilts!
    We are so excited to show you the quilts we made with our new Sweet Tea fabric!  Well, one isn’t finished yet, but we are working on it!  The first one is finished.  We call it Cobblestone: I love how this quilt shows off all the beautiful colors of Sweet Tea. The... Read more »
  • Something New…..
    It’s been a minute since we had something brand spankin’ new to show you.  Today, we have two new things!  First up, we have new fabric.  And I’m in love.  We call it Sweet Tea.  We really aren’t Sweet Tea drinkers.  We are, however, huge iced tea drinkers.  Unsweetened only. ... Read more »
  • Welcome Home Little Houses!
    Thank you to all who pre-ordered our Oxford collection quilt kits.  Even though the fabric won’t be here until late Summer, it will definitely be something to look forward to.  Our favorite quilt, Oxford Lane, inspired us to create something new!  Here is a look at the quilt: And here is... Read more »
  • Just A Few Reminders….
    We had a wonderful time at Quilt Market in Portland last week.   It was great seeing all our old friends and meeting new ones.  As hard as it is, it is time to get back to work!  First up on our list is getting out our “Project Sweetwater” boxes.  The... Read more »
  • Oxford Patterns!
    We are so excited to share our patterns for Oxford!  It was so fun mixing the prints with the wovens.  It makes for a different, interesting texture.  The first one is called “Oxford Lane” and it may be our most favorite quilt ever! House quilts are so popular now, but we... Read more »
  • Oxford!
    We have a brand, spankin’ new line of fabric!  This line was inspired by my favorite clothing catalog.  When the monthly JCrew catalog comes in the mail, I always flip though to see the pretty clothes.  Of course I like the clothes, but what I really like about the catalog... Read more »

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