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Sweetwater is a family run design company located in northeastern Colorado. All of the designing, marketing, shipping, and distribution takes place at the corporate office just southwest of the town of Fort Morgan. Sweetwater is acutally a spin-off of its parent company Farmyard Creations. Farmyard Creations began as a quilt company in 1985, providing quilt patterns and designing fabrics for quilt stores throughout the Unites States, Canada and even overseas. In 2001, Sweetwater was born by taking the fabric designs of Farmyard Creations and turning them into paper. Coordinating stickers and other accessories were then added to give the Sweetwater line a soft, sophisticated style. Recently, Sweetwater has been focusing their energy on fresh and innovative graphic design, as well as a fun line of fabric and quilt patterns.

  • Just A Reminder…..
    We are offering a pre-order for our new Printworks panels.  Here is a reminder of what they look like: The panels will arrive in September, but our pre-order period only extends through Sunday.  You can find them here! Read more »
  • Something Completely New!
    Quilt Market is next week!  It always seem to come around so quickly and we seem to panic right before with getting things finished.  This year will be a little different for us.  We have a very special high school graduation in our family this year, and it falls on… Read more »
  • Just A Reminder…..
    Today is the very last day to pre-order a Print Shop quilt kit.  Here is a reminder of what they look like: You can find all the quilts here. Have a great Tuesday! Read more »
  • Print Shop Patterns
    We are so excited to finally be able to show you our Print Shop patterns.  We are loving this collection! Dream Big.  This pattern includes a little of everything- piecing, applique and embroidery.  It’s so much fun!  Oh, and we love it in just the black and cream.  That combo… Read more »
  • The Print Shop!
    We have brand spankin’ new fabric to show you!  We call it The Print Shop.  It started out just to be a black and white (cream) collection.  I’m so into black and white right now.   My house is white with a black roof.  Most of my decor has turned basically… Read more »
  • Feed Company….
    It’s been five years since we debuted one of our all time favorite fabric collections- Feed Company.  That one is pretty special to us.  We regularly get emails from customers trying to find even a fat quarter of the line.  Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find any for several… Read more »
  • They’re Back!
    It’s been awhile for these little cuties.  For many years, we offered bulk personalized labels.  They were smaller in size and could be customized with a name, date and choice of color.  They were one of our most popular products we’ve ever had.  They were also very labor intensive.  A… Read more »
  • Sweet Tea!!!
    It’s almost Tea Time!  Sweet Tea is currently rolling into stores!  Please keep in mind that retailers receive staggered shipments, and even though some stores have it in stock already, some are still anxiously awaiting it’s arrival.  Also, pre-cuts tend to arrive first, with yardage to follow. On our end,… Read more »
  • Just A Reminder….
    This is just a quick reminder to let you know that the deadline to pre-order any of our Christmas quilt kits is this Wednesday, January 30.  Here is another look at the quilts: Merry Starts Here One of the blocks can be customized with a family name.  Here is a… Read more »
  • Hello….Christmas?!!!
    I know.  Just earlier this week I told you I put all my Christmas decorations away and we are on to Valentine’s Day (by the way, thank you so much all the Valentine’s Day Box orders- it sold out in the first 24 hours).  Anyway, after just two days, Christmas… Read more »

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