It’s in the air…



Fall has officially arrived because Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes have returned.  Or so I’ve been told by all my friends who love them.  (I admit it… I’m not a fan.)

While it’s still warm-ish here in Dallas, the air feels a bit different and the light is changing. And no, I don’t mean that after a summer driving to work in the soft light of early morning, I’m now reminded that it’s o’dark-thirty.

It’s also the time of year when everything is changing color, transitioning into something warm and vibrant. Let’s call this funky assortment of Reproduction, traditional and classic prints – Wild Fleurie Bramble Gathering.  Warm, rich reds mix with cheddar and mustard-y golds for a Fall-Winter feel while the accents of black, lavender and green give it a nice spark.


Don’t ask me what I’m going to make with this because I still haven’t decided.  For now, it still makes me happy to just look at my stack of fat quarters.

The fabrics I pulled are from the following collections – they’re all available in shops now:


Clockwise from the upper-left corner:

  • Bramblewood – 31524 19 – Bittersweet
  • Grunge – 30150 274 – Vert
  • Christmas Gatherings – 1174 16 – Amber
  • Wild Orchid – 2774 13 – Tree Bark
  • Silver Linings – 42261 14 – Cream Red
  • Wild Orchid – 2771 14 – Lady Slipper
  • Bramblewood – 31521 12 – Sable
  • Ville Fleurie – 13760 18 – Lavender
  • Wild Orchid – 2777 22 – Moth Vanilla Bean
  • Bramblewood – 31522 16 – Bittersweet
  • Ville Fleurie – 13767 15 – Pearl
  • Alpine – 26102 14 – Dew Green
  • Ville Fleurie – 13766 17 – Lavender
  • Wild Orchid – 2774 11 – Vanilla Bean
  • Wild Orchid – 2776 14 – Lady Slipper
  • Ville Fleurie – 13767 11 – Rouge
  • Christmas Gatherings – 1177 22 – Amber
  • Wild Orchid – 2770 13 – Tree Bark

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday!  Happy Thursday!

(It’s been a busy week.)









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11 comments on “It’s in the air…

  1. stephanie woodward says:

    They are all so very beautiful. Thank Moda for bringing them to us.

  2. amq97 says:

    Ahhh, makes me hopeful we won’t be sticking to ourselves much longer!! Thanks for a beautiful post and I like your fabric pull. Such a happy stack. You’ll the know the pattern when you see it. Enjoy the process, Allison in Plano, Texas USA

  3. christy says:

    Allison in Plano! I love your little saying “happy stack”! I will now begin pulling my own “happy stack” for my next project. And Carrie, thanks for your wit and wisdom each week. In the world of social media, I am sure it is no surprise to your readers: This is the only blog I follow. Thanks for making my day quite often and for making me laugh out loud every once in awhile. Happy day to you!

  4. Pris Phillips says:

    Gorgeous, Ms Carrie!! I wouldn’t have thought to add lavender to an atumny pallet but I like it!! A lot!

  5. Ramona Chester says:

    It is always so fun to mix up colors from different collections. Makes quilts less recognizable as a “French General” or “Black Bird” quilt, which have shown up more frequently in this era of pre-cuts. Just like with food, it is always a treat to have different “pairings” from time to time. Trust me, I still love the pre-cuts, but even those, I tend to break apart and do some mixing and matching from time to time.

  6. Mary Ann says:

    You are the queen of pulling together a wonderful palette from numerous lines! Now who is going to be the first shop to make this bundle!

  7. Mary Andra says:

    Love your fabric pull. Can’t wait to see the transformation to a quilt. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Judith Blinkenberg says:

    Ville Fleurie is my all time favorite this year! I have bought several new ones but they can’t compare. I like you fabrics. I’m still more comfortable with the whole line in precuts. Maybe someday I’ll try matching fabrics.

  9. Sandra B says:

    Great post today! Fall is my favorite time of year, and I love these fabrics!! I was just thinking that I need to make a fall quilt….your fabric selections have inspired me!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Jeanne says:

    Beautiful fabrics, but I must admit I am always so sad to see summer go. I may be a dying breed, but I love it super hot & humid. It just makes me smile & puts a spring in my step. So good-bye for now summer-I’ll miss you.

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who has crazy weeks & mixes up the days 😉

  11. Michelle K says:

    I love the lavender it’s my favorite color! I like fat quarter bundles but I have a problem I don’t like to open them and use them. I just want to look at them. Thanks for all that you do!

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