Oh Hop… Let’s Scrap!

Happy Thursday!  Today is March 15 and that means it’s Oh Scrap Day!

Today is the official “release day” for Oh, Scrap! by Lissa Alexander.

You know Lissa as ModaLissa, the Director of Marketing for Moda.  You’ve seen her quilts before, Modern Building Blocks, in the Moda catalogs – usually not with her name attached, and on the covers of many national quilt magazines.  But this is her first book and we couldn’t be more thrilled for her.

Because there are so many of us that love scrap quilts, many of us wanted to share this book with an Oh, Scrap blog hop.

It kicks off today with Lissa and continues for the next twelve days.

Thursday – March 15 – Lissa Alexander

Friday – March 16 – Pat Sloan

Saturday – March 17 – Corey Yoder of Coriander Quilts

Sunday – March 18 – Barbara Brackman  (Barbara wrote the Foreward for the book.)

Monday – March 18 – Alison Dale of Fabric Expressions

Tuesday – March 20 – Melissa Corey of Happy Quilting

Wednesday – March 21 – Moi ~ The Cutting Table

Thursday – March 22 – Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life

Friday – March 23 – Kimberly Jolly of the Fat Quarter Shop

Saturday – March 24 – Teresa Silva of Quilting is My Bliss

Sunday – March 25 – Jane Davidson of QuiltJane

Monday – March 26 – Jenny Wilding Cardon of Martingale/That Patchwork Place

There are also twelve books being given away… and maybe a few other little goodies.

So get busy – get hopping!

Happy Thursday!

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104 comments on “Oh Hop… Let’s Scrap!

  1. Virginia Marshall says:

    Congratulations! Looks like a great book! Who doesn’t have/love scraps?

  2. Doreen says:

    Oh Scrap! I Would LOVE That!

  3. Cheryl George says:

    Love using my scraps to make beautiful quilts.

  4. Blaquilts says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this book. Lots and lots of scaps on hand.

  5. Tammi Williams says:

    I need that cover quilt!

  6. LizAnn Lizotte says:

    Oh, Scrap ! This is what I need. Maybe get those scraps finally made into a quilt

  7. Denise says:

    Your book looks fun. I love using my scraps. I also love using Jelly Rolls and Layered Cakes, so many possibilities. Congratulations on your book.

  8. Dee says:

    Cannot wait to check out oh scrap! I love scrap quilts!!!

  9. Nancy Lyman says:

    Congratulations on the book. It looks like a good one. My favorite precut is the layer cake. It’s so versatile.

  10. Lewcrese S says:

    Love scraps! Have more than I could possibly ever use and making more everyday.

  11. Glenda Faber says:

    I love making things out of left over scraps. Looks like a great and fun book.

  12. Donna Irmis says:

    Scrap Quilts are the most fun to piece, quilt and sleep under. Looks like a winner!

  13. neena simmons says:

    Your book looks like a lot of fun. I do love scraps. I like the Moda grunge line.

  14. Carole S. says:

    I can’t wait to see all the art going on with this book. The few pics I’ve seen look like such fun!

  15. Mary Kastner says:

    This book is a winner! Love scrap quilts!

  16. robyn gatti says:

    The smaller the scrap the cuter the quilt…I save too many cut offs for future quilts! LOL

  17. Susan says:

    The book looks great! I LOVE scrap quilts. I think the cover quilt will be the first one that I make.

  18. Karen says:

    I would love this book as almost all I make are scrap quilts

  19. Caryl Brix says:

    Your scrap quilts look fantastic! These are what I love, along with two color quilts….the two extremes!

  20. debby says:

    This book needs to be on my bookshelf! Each quilt looks like so much fun to make and yes, I want to make them all! Congratulations on the book.

  21. Dolores Kettman says:

    Scrap quilts are my favorite quilts to make. How can one pick a favorite fabric designer? Love them all!

  22. Roxana says:

    Scrap quilts are my quilts of choice, and I need this book! Thanks for the opportunity to try for it!

  23. Sandra B says:

    Congratulations on your book, Lissa!
    I love scrappy quilts! The more fabrics used in a quilt, the better!!!
    This book is definitely on my “must have” list!

  24. Barbara Opett says:

    Congrats on getting better, you have over come and are stronger for it! I wish you all the best on your new book, sounds like fun! Love the title, catchy!

  25. Roxanne B says:

    Who among us doesn’t have scraps? This book looks like a great way to use some up.

  26. Darlene H says:

    Oh Scraps. Love it

  27. Sandi S says:

    Love scraps. Having owned a quilt shop in the past, I have loads of scraps. It is overwhelming – but scrap quilts help me contain it to a reasonable pile. Looking forward to your book!

  28. Vinette says:

    Loved the Q & A with Moda and Fat Quarter Shop!

  29. Ann West says:

    Congratulations on this new book. Who doesn’t love scrap quilts using up all those beloved pieces from your previous quilts?

  30. Arlene Banks says:

    I love jelly rolls and layer cakes. I have lots of scraps! Can hardly wait to use your book.

  31. Katy Greenfield says:

    This book looks so exciting. Always have scraps!

  32. Lori Delcueto says:

    Love, Love, Love Scrap Quilts!!! And these look gorgeous! I always have “Oh, Scraps Days!”

  33. Marilyn says:

    I love anything Moda. I love 5″ charms. I am jumping into 10″ squares with glee.

  34. Marge Ehlers says:

    Love scrap quilts and this book looks like a good one for scraps!

  35. Esther says:

    Oh Carrie! You are such a joy! And I have lots of scraps and could use this book, so I’m hopping! Thank you!

  36. Cindy A says:

    I too love scrap quilts and the book looks super!

  37. Rosalind Gutierrez says:

    Looks like fun quilts to make from scraps saved from my closet or under the bed.

  38. JaneR says:

    My favorites scrap is a layer cake- big enough to make a good sized quilt, easy store on my shelves, and I can use cake mix recipes for perfect triangle squares! The book looks marvelous, can’t wait to get a copy!

  39. Kathy Cz says:

    Oh, yes, please! I would love that book!

  40. Tracey says:

    Everything Lissa does is fantastic so I am sure the book will be no different!

  41. Cave Creek Maggie says:

    Looks very fun! Can’t wait to hold it in my two little hands!

  42. Patty Fowl says:

    Was anxiously looking forward to this book’s release! Congratulations to Lissa!

  43. Gail Yakos says:

    Scrap quilts are what I always go to.

  44. Judi Reiss says:

    I love using Jelly Rolls and like most people, I tend to use a lot of the same designers. I get nervous with scrap quilts but I love to see them finished!

  45. Skeeter says:

    How fun, can’t wait to see what fun projects this book has in store. What a fun way to welcome spring.

  46. wannajava says:

    Scrap quilts are adorable.

  47. Deborah J Yates says:

    Love this sneak peak. Can’t wait to see more.

  48. Linda R says:

    Would love to win this book as most of my quilts are made of scraps.

  49. charlotte m. says:

    Great to find inspiration for all those scraps!

  50. Fat quarters are my go-to precut because they are so versatile, quickly cut into any size or sizes needed. Your book looks beautiful and I’m anxious to see all the quilts on the hop! Thanks.
    ktshively (at)hotmail (dot)com

  51. stephanie woodward says:

    Wonderful to find things to do with all those scraps

  52. Mary Ann says:

    Fat quarters are my favorite precut because I can cut them up into layer cakes, charm squares, jelly rolls, or anything in between. They are so versatile! And I get every fabric in the collection.

  53. Jan B. says:

    Recently I found in my stash some Moda Mon Ami charm squares which were a perfect addition to a current colorful scrappy project. All precuts are fun but charm squares are great for extending the fun in a scrappy project.

  54. Donna M says:

    I like all the precuts. Just depends on what I am making but what I do love is that the fabrics all coordinate so one decision I don’t have to make.

  55. Susan T says:

    While scrappy, the quilts still have some structure of color which I like. Beautiful ideas.

  56. Caryn S says:

    I tend to like the jelly rolls and layer cakes.

  57. Brenda says:

    Congratulations on the new book! I have stacks of fat quarters and your ideas might just be the way to cut into them.

  58. Patti Rosenbaum says:

    The new book looks terrific! Congratulations! Can’t wait to get a copy!

  59. Kay Mccaffery says:

    I couldn’t find a place to comment on Lissa’s site. Layer cakes are my favorite because they are so versatile & can be cut in so many ways.

  60. marie says:

    I always try to find a pattern to use scraps, so this book will be wonderful

  61. Sandi says:

    This book looks wonderful! Hugs,

  62. Sandi says:

    My favorite pre cut is charm squares. Hugs,

  63. Sheryll F says:

    Oh Scrap looks like just what I need to start making a dent in my stash! Looks like it has great patterns!

  64. Marianne R says:

    Just what I need–scraps are taking over sewing room!

  65. Hildy says:

    The book is on my wishlist and I hope amazon Germany has it in stores soon.

  66. Pam T. says:

    I love scrappy quilts and fat quarters. Oh, Scrap looks like a great book! Looking forward to the Hop! Should be great fun. Happy Thursday back to you, Carrie.

  67. Janie M says:

    Sweet projects!

  68. Martha Fast says:

    I have so much fabric! Now there’s a book that meets my need. I inherited tubs of fabric from my mom. I would love to incorporate some of it into quilts.

  69. dondim says:

    The cover quilts look so harmonious together it is hard to believe they came from scraps. This book must be very awesome!

  70. Lavonna ZWB says:

    Looks like incredibly fun projects. i love scrap quilts – the thought of making something beautiful out of pieces. Love it.

  71. Sandy Evenson-Hagen says:

    Congratulations on the release of your book, it looks wonderful! New inspiration is certainly necessary for dealing with all the scraps. This book definitely looks like it is full of inspiration and patterns!

  72. Linda Haley says:

    Love scrappy quilts!

  73. Linda Dunton says:

    What a wonderful title and attitude for the 2.0 version

  74. Patsy says:

    I just was contemplating clearing out my scraps, but now I think I will wait. Love scrappy quilts.

  75. Deena Drevs says:

    I love using jelly rolls for scrap quilts and it looks like they would work for some of the great quilts in this book. Congratulations on your new book – can’t wait to see it.

  76. Lynda Hobson says:

    I have a TON of scraps and these are so cheerful and colorful that I’m excited to see them all. I just received my Mini Charm Quilts book and between it and this one I’ve SOOO many beautiful minis and maxis to whip up. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  77. Martha Followill says:

    Scrap quilts are my favorite. Would love to have this new book.

  78. Patty Jane Roth says:

    I will be buying this book as soon as I find it in a local Quilt Store!

  79. Love scrap quilts — been waiting for this release — gotta have it! Thanks for the inspiration and giveaway!!

  80. Pat D says:

    Looks like a must-have book. I just love the orange-black version. I think Layer Cakes are my favorite because they can be used in so many ways.

  81. DebrafromMD says:

    I love scrap quilts! I can always use more inspiration on ways to use my leftover bits.

  82. Katie D says:

    This one is on my wish list- looks awesome!

  83. Leslie Hickland says:

    I always tell my students, “The more different fabrics I can cram into a quilt, the happier camper I am!”. Can’t wait to get my hands on this book – Congratulations!!

  84. Penny Diehl says:

    Pretty sure I need to add this book to my quilting library. Love the scrappy look.

  85. Carmen N. says:

    I love the variety and options of layer cakes. Scrap quilts have been my favorite since my very first quilt I made way back in the 70’s.

  86. Scraps are the story of my life, nothing like emulating that perfectly into a quilt!

  87. Lori M says:

    Love Love LOOOOOVE Scraps!! My fave kind of Quilt! 😀 My favorite moda precut is probably Chearm Packs..so much variety, & ways to use them! Thank you for chance to win your Awesome Book too! 🙂

  88. Karen Keeler says:

    My favorite is the layer cake. Especially Mods reproduction fabrics.

  89. Janet T says:

    Love fat quarters and layer cakes.

  90. Janice R says:

    Just another excuse to buy more fabric to make into more scraps to sew back together in bigger pieces of fabric to give away to the people I love! Yes, please.

  91. Christie Brehm says:

    Looks like a great inspirational book to use up a bunch of the scraps that I have! And maybe even all of those charm and mini charm packs that I have collected! Thanks for the chance to win the book and also thanks for participating in the Oh Hop! HUGS… and stitches

  92. MYRA says:

    Scrap quilts wrap around my heart in a way more “sophisticated ” quilts can’t quite reach. And Oh Scrap, do I have a bunch of scraps!

  93. Christa Marcotte says:

    Man! Is my scrap bin happy to see this book!! It’s much too crowded at the moment!!

  94. Jan Horn says:

    I love scrap quilts and have lots of scraps to work with. Would love the book.

  95. Judy Sigsworth says:

    I love scrap quilts, and could use some help in getting mine under control. They seem to breed at night. Can’t wait for the book at arrive at my local quilt shop.

  96. Brenda King says:

    Great looking book! I love the scrappy look, esp. string quilts, log cabins, and so many others! My favorite pre-cuts are Layer cakes or fat quarters, but enjoy them all. I’ve got bags and bags of scraps, which need to be used up soon! Thanks for the give-a-way! Brenda King, Bend, Oregon : )

  97. bobbie rumler says:

    love scrappy you never get tired of looking at them and checking out the blocks fabric the feel….Bobbie of Corona de Tucson AZ

  98. Heather Shepherd says:

    Making scrap quilts encourages us to combine colours that originally wouldn’t put together & what stunning quilts they make

  99. Terry says:

    Love these quilts! Can’t wait to get a copy!

  100. Kathy Snider says:

    I LOVE scrap quilts. Most of what quilts I make are from something someone threw away!

  101. Valerie Adam says:

    Just love scrap quilts.Sorting out Fabric’s is a Laotian of the fun

  102. Catherine Etter says:

    I’m ALL about the scraps!@!!!!

  103. Beverly Kinney says:

    Scrap quilts can be so interesting–they serve as reminders of all the other quilt projects that have gone before.

  104. Kaye says:

    I have fallen in love with scraps. I am trying to get mine organized as to size. I want to make many more scrap quilts. I would enjoy our book.

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