A Sweet Scandinavian Christmas

Hi, I am Sherri Falls from This & That Patterns. For several weeks now I have been working on the Sweet Scandinavian Sew along quilt from the Holly Jolly book with a great group of designers that include Sherri from A Quillting Life, Vickie from Spun Sugar Quilts, Lissa from Moda Lissa and Kimberly from Jolly Jabber. The each one of them pieced some of the blocks for the quilt for me. Thank you ladies for helping me out! It’s made with the Moda Christmas fabric of Wintergreen by 3 Sisters and SnowBird by Laundry Basket quilts.

Scandi pic

Now that it’s all done, the quilt is up for auction  HERE on Ebay with 100% of the winning bid going to the Susan G. Komen foundation.  This is a charity very close to my heart so I hope that you will pop over to ebay and bid on this special quilt. You could spend this winter snuggling up with it and help out a great cause at the same time!

Thank you for Moda for letting me be a guest on their blog and a BIG thanks to Lissa, Sherri, Kimberly and Vickie for all their hard work on this quilt!


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Marvelous Moda for Backgrounds

DSCN0154“Whit” pattern by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company; quilt pieced by Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life

One of the first decisions to be made when planning a quilt is the choice of background fabric. Sometimes this is the hardest part of making a quilt: it’s easy to decide on favorite fabrics, but what type of background will really make them shine? Sometimes the choice is easy: solid white or a darker color might clearly work best. Sometimes two background choices have to be made as in the quilt above which features Moda Bella 9900-97 as the flying geese background with Moda Dottie as the secondary polka dot background.

2014-05-26 09.30.00And sometimes “low volume” or light prints included in a collection make the very best background choice of all. The two Schnibbles quilts above both use Moda fabrics by Minick and Simpson with the background selections for both quilts chosen from the lights in the various collections. There is also the option of combining solid background fabrics along with the lighter fabrics in a collection for even more variety.


DSCN0153“Tidbit” pattern by Miss Rosie’s Quilt Company pieced in Floral Gatherings fabrics

A variety of light prints from the Floral Gatherings collection was used for all of the backgrounds in the mini quilt above with the outer border pieced using the beige floral on cream.While use of these light prints for block backgrounds adds a lot of interest to this mini quilt, the prints are not overwhelming in these combinations and allow the block fabrics to stand out.


2014-08-18 16.00.27

“Nested Churn Dash” pattern by Jane Davidson pieced by Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life

Sometimes the very best “low-volume” backgrounds come by using light prints from a variety of collections. The scrappy churn dash quilt above is king-sized and features fabrics from nearly every Minick & Simpson fabric collection. All of the lights and “nearly light” fabrics used for backgrounds also come from Minick & Simpson collections: every print is beautiful as it stands alone, and in combination, the variety of light background fabrics really adds an extra element of interest to the quilt.

When choosing fabrics for your next quilt remember to think about the variety of options for background fabrics. You just might want to pick up some extra yardage of your favorite light prints for the collection to use for part or all of your background!




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Kate Nelligan and Her Ocean-inspired Style

Moda is pleased to welcome designer Kate Nelligan, whose first line of fabric, Beach House, will debut at Quilt Market in October.


An accomplished artist and designer, Kate’s crisp color palette and graphic imagery evoke her coastal hometown of Kennebunkport, Maine. Kate’s family shares her love of the sea: her son is a surfer and her husband works in the marine industry. “When we met, he was a fisherman,” says Kate. “And when I fell in love with him, I fell in love with fish!”

1005253_397581953696340_1552087121_nKate’s inspiration comes not only from her close connections with the ocean, but from her family of origin. “I grew up in a rich, creative environment where we were making things all the time,” says Kate. “You know how some families always play sports? In my family we were always painting, drawing, writing, and sewing.” Another influence on Kate’s visual style was the beach hotel her parents managed. Each evening she and her siblings would dress up and eat in the large dining room with the “fancy” guests. Kate remembers walking through a sea of summer dresses and being particularly drawn to those stitched from Marimekko fabrics, with their organic shapes and bold color schemes. “I’ve been wondering lately if that’s been rolling around in my brain and is where my love of bold pattern comes from,” she says.

KN19Kate’s bright, graphic designs starts with a hands-on approach. She sketches an image, say of mussel shells, then traces it with pencil and rubs it onto a rubber block where it leaves an impression that she then carves out. Other designs come from tearing and layering bits of colored paper. She loves the serendipity of these design methods. “It never looks like you think it will—it turns into its own thing, and then you go with it,” she says. “I like drippy paint because I can’t control it and it sets up a back-and-forth between the medium and me: ‘Oh, you’re going to do that? Okay, then I’ll do this.’ Everyone talks about being mindful, and there’s nothing more mindful, more in-the-minute, than creating art.” Once Kate is satisfied with her imagery, she converts it to digital files.

KN17Before designing fabric, Kate worked with companies on home décor items including ceramics, wall art, sculptures, and stationary, but longed to focus on her own designs. She created fabric through Spoonflower (like those in this post) and eventually opened a small store in her hometown, selling pillows, table runners, and other items stitched by local women. Running a small business left her strapped for time to make art, however. She closed her shop and made the leap to partnering with companies interested in reproducing her artwork: rugs and pillows with her designs will be available through Peking Handicraft beginning in January. And of course, her fabric for Moda is coming soon, too.

IMG_9230Kate is thrilled to be working with Moda. “It’s the best fabric company I know,” she says. While she sews, Kate isn’t a quilter (yet) and was blown away when she went to Market in Pittsburgh in May, to learn more about the industry. “I’d walk around and there were all these companies and then there was Moda. They’re so brilliant with their booth and their marketing, and everyone has been so sincere and genuine. I feel pretty lucky to work with them!”


IMG_1933And we’re lucky, too. Though summer’s coming to an end, knowing that bright beachy scenes will be at available for stitching in just a few months relieves some of winter’s sting. Soon we’ll be able to bring Kate’s colorful, graphic sense of style to our own homes, when Beach House will ship to stores next spring.

IMG_9110 (1)

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Moda LOVE Blog Tour


Join us in sharing some Moda Love and make your own version of our Moda Love Quilt. Follow the Blog Tour to see how our Moda Designers used their fabric collections with the Moda Love pattern. Share the love and post your finished quilt along with #modablogtour on your favorite social media site. You can also search the #modablogtour hashtag to see all the different color versions for inspiration.



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SEPTEMBER 10, 2014

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SEPTEMBER 13, 2014

Winners Announced on ALL Designer Blogs listed above


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Meet Eve…


There is a stylish new design in the Gingher lineup of Designer Series scissors and shears called Eve.

This contemporary design features a mesmerizing combination of gently drifting bubbles sure to add a touch of sophistication to your tool collection.

These scissors and shears were manufactured using an ornamentation process that gives each a unique design.

They are available in 4 styles…



Gingher_Eve_SellSheet Gingher_Eve_SellSheet

These beauties  will only be offered in limited quantities, so head to your local quilt shop to get yours quick!

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