Primed and ready to go…

I rather liked school.  Not the homework part of it so much as the social side of things – big surprise, right?

So when an invite to a party blog hop involving a primer, grades, pre-cuts and quilts arrived, I jumped right on the bus!  The timing is perfect – school has been starting!


We’re having fun with Barb & Mary – Me & My Sister.  (No comment on whether one or both of them ever spent much time in the Principal’s office.)


This is their latest book – Pre-cut Primer.  It’s been published by Kimberly Jolly and the other nice ladies at It’s Sew Emma – the Fat Quarter Shop.  The “teacher in charge” of this field trip is the Jolly Jabber.

In addition to Barb and Mary, Kimberly and her crew, we’ve got the following quilty-folks in attendance.  (I think it’s going to get a bit rowdy… you’ve been warned.)

September 2nd – Pat Sloan & April Rosenthal

September 3rd – Corey Yoder

September 4th –  Amy Ellis

September 7thJane Davidson & Heidi Grohs

September 8th – Sherri McConnell

September 9th – Melissa Corry & Lissa Alexander


What you need to know about the book is simple – it’s perfect if you’re looking for an assortment of cute quilts – big and small – that use pre-cuts.  The quilts work in almost every Moda collection you might have in your stash or will buy in the future – traditional and modern.  The projects range in difficulty level from “easy peasy” – 1st Grade – to a little more “time-consuming” – 12th Grade.  But even the “high school” quilts are put together with basic units that you’re familiar with.  Beginning quilters and experienced quilters will enjoy making the quilts – and making them more than once.  (Which makes this very unlike “real school”… who’d ever want to do that again?)

Now this is when I should probably ‘fess up to not having been one of those “model students” who was always getting gold stars for doing things like following directions.  That’s why I made a project without asking – or without seeing if someone else was already doing that one.  (If I’d known I was going to be copying April, I would have switched.)

Or maybe I should be back in 2nd Grade to learn “good citizenship”.  (Is that still taught in elementary school?)


This is the 2nd Grade quilt.  It’s made with Mini Charm packs – which is part of the reason I picked it, I had a couple of those that I really wanted to use to make something.  (It is National Sewing Month after all!)

Barb & Mary’s quilt is made with Hi-De-Ho – their cute collection that just shipped to stores a month or so ago.

I used 30s Playtime 2015 by Chloe’s Closet and one of the woven-solids from the new Pure & Simple collection of brushed wovens.

That “gold star” thing is now going to make even more sense… I sort of changed the pattern just a tiny bit.

I made twenty-five blocks instead of twenty, and I used a 1/2″ finished sashing instead of a 1″.  I wanted to make a pillow.  With borders and after a trip through the washer and dryer, it measures about 23″ square.


I think I might need to make another one… if for no other reason than to see if I can make it following the directions.

You’re thinking about “old dogs”, aren’t you?

One last thing… this wouldn’t be a blog hop without one.  This wouldn’t be a Moda blog hop without a couple.


Prizes.  Every blog hop needs them.  They’re like recess.

Leave a comment by midnight on Monday, September 7th – Labor Day – telling us who your favorite teacher was in school.  Or class.  Or grade.  Any one of those will do – or all three.  (No extra credit for doing twice the homework.)

If you’re lucky, you might find a little Dot. Dot. Dash-! in your mailbox – those little bundles are Layer Cakes.  I think there’s a Jelly Roll involved too.

Happy Hopping!

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589 comments on “Primed and ready to go…

  1. Karen Styles says:

    Wow would love some of that Dot Dot Dash. Recently completed a class with Barb and Mary in Sydney and love the bright happy fabrics they design.

  2. Bethany says:

    What a cute collection! I loved my high school science classes! Anatomy, oceanography, chemistry, biology….all of them!! Maybe I am a little bit of nerd 🙂

  3. Julie says:

    Fav class was art. Loved playing with the colors. This layer cake collection inspires me!

  4. Sigi G says:

    My favorite teacher was a ‘Mr. Hardy’ – my first male teacher (Grade 6). My whole summer was ruined because I was sooooo scared of this – then he became my favorite teacher. He had a way of bringing out the self-esteem in his students. Those are the teachers we miss :)!!

  5. martha mumaw says:

    My favorite teacher in English was Mr. Mitchell. He encouraged people!

  6. Darlene B says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs Betsy Retsema in second grade. She also had both of my daughters in second grade as well. She was a true treasure!!

  7. Lea Anne says:

    Mr. Bill Self was the most memorable teacher I had. He taught High School History. He also taught us compassion. At the beginning of every year we(students and the community) would start collecting new small items that we took for granted such as toothbrushes, combs, deodorant, socks, you know the little things. These items would be gift wrapped every Friday in November during class. In December we would take a field trip to Muscatatuck Mental Hospital in Indiana to deliver the gifts. We personally delivered each present to the patients. It was amazing to see the joy they had for the smallest of items. Many patients were long forgotten by their families. This tradition continued until the hospital closed. I’ll never forget Bill and what he taught us as well as the entire community.

  8. Nancy Fitzpatrick says:

    My favorite teacher was Miss Berry, my fourth grade teacher. Because of her I became a teacher and did teach fourth grade!!

  9. Karen Watkins says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Ryan, my choir teacher in high school.

  10. Christine says:

    Hi, Carrie. Math was my favourite subject in school. Thank you for blogging. Yours is always a fun read. Christine from Ontario

  11. I loved math in grade 12. What I really needed was a math class to make quilts! Thanks for the give away.

  12. Claire from Alabama says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr Godley, who taught social studies. He had each class put on a mock trial every year. Very memorable guy!

  13. Fran Lawler says:

    My favorite teacher was Miss Chute. I had her for 5th and then again in 6th grade. I love her for instilling in me two wonderful things. 1) The love of reading/learning and 2) that every job was doing the best I possibly could. Thanks Miss Chute!

  14. Laura says:

    This may sound a little strange, but my favorite class was high school Latin. I took four years of it and loved it. It gave me a much better understanding of the English language, as so many words have their basis in Latin. Thanks for the giveaway and the memories!!

  15. LINDA BAILEY says:

    Ms. Neill in the second grade — she encouraged my creativity! Understood when I added a border outside the lines, or embellished with stars or flowers. Love Dot..Dot…Dash — would be perfect for the happy quilts I make for kids in the hospital. Thanks!

  16. Brenda Wall says:

    My 5th grade teacher Ken Hughes. We are still in contact after all these years. He encouraged learning in a fun way and taught me to write to authors and let them know their books were well liked. Now I do the same thing at 65 and even write to quilt teachers and bloggers to encourage them. Passing it on thru the years.

  17. In my senior year of high school (1975-wow am I getting old! LOL), I was having a tough time. My parents were divorcing, I was a cheerleader, straight A student, and my literature teacher Mrs. Hendon, saw that I was struggling with all of the nastiness of their divorce. She was an older teacher (she taught my dad in school!), and had a very kind way about her, and would oftentimes talk to me after class. Her patience and guidance helped me to make it through the year. She has been gone for a long time now, but I will never forget her kindness to me and her words of encouragement. She was my favorite teacher, and I feel sure that during her many, many years of teaching there that she touched the lives of many of her students in the same way.

  18. Marianne says:

    That would be Mrs. Davis. She taught fourth grade science and I adored her. Second favorite was Dr. Hendershott in organic chemistry. He’d start class by cartwheeling into the classroom! No joke!

  19. Dortha says:

    Mrs Montgomery, my fifth grade teacher was awesome. I had some really good teachers.

  20. Michele says:

    My favorite class was chemistry with Mrs Otte. She was an amazing teacher that always inspired me, I was so glad to be able to tell her that years later after I became a teacher.

  21. Mary Curtis says:

    Sorry to say but I can’t remember any teachers names! I do remember my teacher trying to have me do those continuing ovals in penmanship. My hand writing still looks Ike chicken scratch!
    Always like dots in fabric & would love to receive your fabric in my mailbox!

  22. Lynn D in NC says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Carlson, she developed my love of reading.

  23. lucilledupuis says:

    I loved Mildred, a grade one teacher I taught with in my first year. She had such a sense of wonder! I loved pretty well every class I taught. They all had their moments! I adored my grade 10 history teacher because she considered everyone worthy of her best. And expected your best in return. As a student and as a teacher I spent 55 years in school! I still love the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil.

  24. Eve Murphy says:

    My favorite clas was Home Ec.

  25. Karen Seitz says:

    Mrs. Mary Bumstead was my first grade teacher and my favorite. She seemed ancient at the time (I was 5 and she was probably 50). We were lucky enough to reconnect when I was about 35 and exchanged letters and Christmas cards until she passed away in her 90s. She had a second career in the Peace Corp after she retired from teaching. Mary was an amazing woman!

  26. Brenda Travis says:

    My favorite teacher was my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Pamay !!! I absolutely loved her and her way of teaching and I learned so much in her fifth grade class.

  27. Susan says:

    I loved several of my teachers! One of my favorites was my science teacher in high school, Mr. Keller—I had him several years—physical science, chemistry, and physics.

  28. Judy Bochner says:

    Dr. Ruggles was my freshman honors English teacher. We were terrified of him but we worked very hard and found out he was a nice man.

  29. Diane H says:

    Adorable fabric line! My fav teacher was Mrs. Harper in Grade 1. She was still nice to me after I threw up on her.

  30. Barbara Hancock says:

    It has been so very long since I was in school, but I still remember my music teacher, Edna Earl Massey. She taught us to enjoy wonderful music and to sing it with skill and joy. Maybe that is why I still quilt to music after all, how can anyone quilt without the inspiration and joy that music brings to our beautiful art form?

  31. Pam McNamara says:

    I loved music class, hands down! Then I became a teacher myself! Considering myself a life long learner…quilting has become my latest quest, and it’s been sooo fun. I even dream about quilt designs and possibilities.

  32. Robin says:

    I loved our my elementary school principal, Mrs. Timeson. (We all called her “time bomb” – ah, kids!) Even though she must’ve been 70 at the time she always wore heels and pink lipstick. Her glasses on a pearl beaded chain were always hanging from her neck. She had a very crooked index finger she’d point at us during scolding. I suppose I must’ve been on the receiving end of a few of those because I seem to be able to recall that deeply lined face of hers so clearly, even 40 years later!

  33. I loved grade 10. My teacher mrs. Must head had travelled the world and brought back momentous that inspired me to travel to this day!!

  34. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Vera Ratcliff who taught 5th grade. She instilled confidence in my reading ability. I learned to forever love reading and books.

  35. Tricia says:

    I loved 12th grade. I had already gotten the hard classes out of the way and had an easy year with lots of time for all the socializing.

  36. cynthia says:

    Miss Leach (really) who taught Latin and Spanish. One of the several “old maid” teachers I admired–wish I’d figured out what that says about me sooner.

  37. Michele says:

    My favorite was my 4th grade teacher, Sister Mary James. No-nonsense, but kind and inspiring.

  38. Cheryl says:

    My favorite was Ms. Hatchell in third grade who recognized and encouraged my abilities in math.

  39. Chris says:

    High School business teacher who could adjust his class agenda to meet a student’s health needs.
    One time I was feeling unusually ill, and he changed the class activity to a work make-up day knowing I had none so I could rest. Nobody else knew. It was so thoughtful.

  40. Connie says:

    Art class!

  41. Kim Fernald says:

    Love your pillow!
    My favorite teacher was Mr. Hopper who taught English. My favorite class was art, but I don’t remember any of the teachers (hmmmm!)

  42. Marilyn says:

    My favorite teacher was my Microbiology teacher, made us work very hard, but we sure learned! Love the fabric collection and always enjoy your blog.

  43. Emily says:

    My favorite teachers were from kindergarten, 2nd and 4th grade and they’re all coming to my wedding in 10 days! 😀

  44. Jen B says:

    My year 2 teacher, Mrs. Banner was my favourite. Everyone loved her, except when it was our turn to clean out her giant snails – we all hated them.

  45. Lexi Daniel says:

    Love the pillow! My favorite teacher was Ms. Biebaum. My high school English teacher. She taught me hard work & Latin roots!!

  46. amy says:

    My ninth grade History teacher was great-always made things fun and interesting.

  47. Linda West says:

    My favorite teachers were my 2nd and 4th grade teachers. They were both very sweet.

  48. Helen S. says:

    My favorite teacher was Larry Smith, my junior year English and public speaking teacher. He challenged me to grow out of my reserve of shyness.
    BTW, all the fabrics and patterns are simply lovely.

  49. Melanie C says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs.Anderson- she was my first grade teacher and was amazing! I still remember her and it’s been 30 years :). Her husband was also my middle school principal and was great too!

  50. staci says:

    I’m going to need that book! My favorite teacher was Ms Hall. She taught me how to sew. 🙂

  51. Patti McGarry says:

    My favorite subject was reading! I loved reading and the weekly trips to the library were always so much fun! Now I have a kindle for my “on the go” reading and I also have a quilting “library” that I’m constantly adding new books! Thanks for the chance to win some of those sweet dots!

  52. Amy L says:

    I have several favorite teachers. My first was Mrs. Zera in 3rd grade at Belden Elementary. She was funny, and shared her love of baseball with us. Next was Mrs. Jayroe in 4th grade at Clinton Elementary School. She encouraged girls to show their smarts, and let me design and execute bulletin boards. Then there was Mrs. Kraft, Mrs. Cloud, Mr. Howe, Ms. Hughes, Mr. Frost, Mr. Spencer and Ms. Smyth. Where would we be without our phenomenal devoted teachers?

  53. Audrey Ford says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr Campbell – freshman year Math teacher – he was the JV football coach and dreamy and had a way that anyone could learn 1 + 1. I would love to have one of those items show up in my mailbox. I’m already thinking of what to make with it. Thanks for the opportunity!

  54. Marilyn Higgins says:

    My favorite teacher was my local recreation quilting class (Kay), she was so patient helping me to learn to quilt even taking me into her home to help me. Now I’m on my way to become an intermediate quilter and love it.

  55. Gene Black says:

    I had several favorite teachers. So it is difficult to pick just one. So I will start with the beginning. My first grade teacher, Mrs. Beard was a delight. Even when she corrected me, I loved her. She taught me the one thing that I wanted to go to school for – reading. I still love reading.

  56. Valerie M says:

    My favorite teacher? Toss up between two, Mrs. Johnson (kindergarten) and Mrs. Pace (Grade 1). I am still in contact with Mrs. Pace, over 30 years later. 🙂

  57. R Lenahan says:

    I had some fine teachrrs but one stands out. Sister Marcoux…she used to say in her French accent…you put the $10 in the drawer…you can take it out” in other words if you don’t put in the effort you cannot succeed . A life lesson well taught!

  58. Susan Robers says:

    First grade was good because I learned to read and I still love reading, but the teacher was very strict so, not a favorite. I may have to say a favorite was Mr. Brott, who taught music and art – always fun (this was a long long time ago in Michigan). Thanks for the chance to win lovely fabrics and I love your pillow!!

  59. Julie says:

    Sister Marie Paul was a gem of a teacher. She had high expectations for her senior students in English class. She was brilliant, funny, and compassionate. Fast forward 40 years. Now I’m a high school English teacher who aspires to be just like Sr. M. P.

  60. Diane Emanuelson says:

    My favorite teacher was Ms Johnson grade 6 I believe, she was awesome. she alos taught both my sons and no has since retired. I still bump into her in town. Lovely person. I love the pillow I would also make 2. Thanks Diane

  61. Lori Stolcpart says:

    My favorite teacher was the one that greeted me on my first day, Mrs. Kuchera. I love her to this day! She is 90+ years old and is still going strong! Once when I read in church she was whispering to everyone that SHE taught me to read! It was SO cute. I’d love some fabric! I’d share with her as she loves to quilt also! ~~Lori

  62. Ruth Plowman says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Lebrun. He motivated me to attend college when I was considering other options. He became a family friend over the years and was a pall bearer for my mom. Thank you .

  63. Michelle says:

    My favorite teacher was my high school biology teacher, Mrs. Radford. She was the reason I became a biology major in college.

  64. Cathy says:

    My favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher Miss Detweiler. She made learning a joy.

  65. Regina Anne says:

    Fav teacher – Miss Maynard my History teacher. She made history come alive in her classroom where she demanded we treat each other with kindness and courtesy. Much more than history was learned in her class.

  66. christy donahue says:

    Miss Harrison… Our rural school had a lot of children, but she made each kindergartener feel special. I still remember learning to print my name with her help, my blue rug for napping, and looking out the window at all of the hardwood trees bursting with color in the fall… She was always kind and loving to each student, no matter when they came from, tidy or not, poor or wealthy…. Thanks for inciting such a fond memory… I’m off to have an amazing day!

  67. Patty says:

    Miss Fallert was my favorite teacher. She also taught my mom.

  68. Barbara says:

    My favorite teacher was my math teacher in the 8th grade, Mr John Bush. He just got me and my left handed brain. He went on to become the high school dean, which was of benefit to me a couple of times. No details!

  69. Linda Nielsen says:

    I’m 63 and I still remember my favorite teacher – her name was Mrs. Broderick and she was my 3 rd grade teacher. The best part was that she went to the same church as we did, so I always sat a row or so behind her – just so I could be near her (I’m pretty sure she noticed, because she always said hi after the service)

  70. Pdudgeon says:

    favorite teacher, hands down, was Mrs. Darby who taught my 3rd grade class. After a second grade teacher who didn’t like me (!) she was a real breath of fresh air.

  71. Janna says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Match she made me a reader, taught us our multiplication tables and cursive writing.

  72. Lou says:

    My first favorite teacher was Mrs. Swindle. I had her in 3rd grade. She was a little old lady that loved us all and she showed it everyday! She also lived right across from the school:) I always that that was super cool!

  73. Bonnie Irby says:

    My favorite class was home ec sewing.Even though the teacher didn’t like me much. I’m so glad I learned to sew.
    I love your pillow!

  74. Char says:

    Well I kind of hated school, so my “favorite” class was the last one of the day 🙂

  75. Diane Wingo says:

    I had several favorite teachers in school. The one I remember the most is the teacher I liked the least. Mrs Sutton in the 5th grade. She had a gruff deep voice, very manly for a women. her favorite saying when someone did something wrong was ” I ought to shake your liver out and hang it on the window sill” never sure what that meant but scared me enough not to do wrong. Or she was going to “snatch us bald headed.” ( I think that would be classed as verbal abuse now LOL) But you know what as much as I disliked her, she taught me a lot that I still remember to this day. She made a lasting impression in my life and if I could find her I would thank her.

  76. My favorite teacher was Mr. Engel – my geometry teacher.

  77. Tracey Holzer says:

    I honestly loved ALL of school from beginning to end, from taking notes to algebra to phys-ed! My kids think Im crazy, but its true!! Thanks for this chance.

  78. Susan says:

    My favorite class was marching band with conductor/teacher Mr. Gibble.

  79. carol n says:

    My favorite teacher is my best friends mother, an English teacher, who 25 years ago taught me to quilt

  80. Mary Andra says:

    One of the best quilt books in 2015. Taking the quilter from a beginner to a more advanced is a fabulous idea. Congratulations Mary and Barb and Kimberly for publishing. Looking forward to following everyones blog hop. Mrs. Marge Floor is my favorite teacher. She taught me the love of sewing and cfollowing

  81. Donna says:

    My favorite teacher was a high school English teacher who was tough but encouraging and fair. I would love to get my paws on some Dot Dot Dash precuts. Love those colors. The patterns looks like fun too.

  82. Patricia Cash says:

    My math teacher, Mr. Arigo

  83. Dana Davis says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs Hansen. Got to see her and tell her that some 30 years later.

  84. Stephani in N. TX says:

    Like many youngsters starting school, I LOVED my first and second grade (female) teachers. They were extensions of my mother, everything they did was perfect and I was eager to please them. I’m hoping that new book from Me and My Sister is part of the windfall for those who comment. I have others of their books or fabric and just love them.

  85. Ronda says:

    Mr. Eilers, my 8th grade typing teacher was my favorite. He encouraged me to start a school newspaper. I became very popular as a result, because all the kids wanted me to write about them in my articles. What fun times! Love the fabrics ~ thanks for the chance to win.

  86. Gwynne says:

    My favorite class in school was photography. Also home ex as they used to call it where I made my first quilt. Outside of school any kind of quilt class is a favorite!

  87. Jane McCarthy says:

    Miss Evans in 7th Grade. Just being around her made you want to do your best.

  88. Denise says:

    My favorite teacher was my 6th grade teacher Mr. Clees. We brought in refrigerator boxes and made them in to little rooms that we sat in for the school year.

  89. Clara Chandler says:

    I have fond memories of grade school. It was the same school attended by my dad and several of my teachers had been his teachers. Miss Reynolds, 5th grade, is one teacher who stands out in my memory…she often would look at her grade book, see C. R. and call out my dad’s name. Thanks for the review of the book and the chance to win some very cute fabric.

  90. Shelly says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Barney. He made 7th grade english fun!

  91. Betsy says:

    Mr. Watson. Calculus. He made it seem so easy.

  92. Terri Mc says:

    I really don’t have one favorite teacher…for you see…they were all NUNS ! Twelve years being taught by nuns did give me beautiful penmanship, tho ! That was SO important back in the dark ages, ha!

  93. Janey Cook says:

    Journalism classes caught my fancy when we made yet another move for my father’s employment. And, to the surprise of my father and mother, those classes kept me busy and far from the trouble they thought I wanted to experience during those turbulent years of unrest. It wasn’t until college did I find the joys of manning a sewing machine and the wonders it could produce. I have been dutifully busy and happy ever since.

  94. Judy C says:

    My favorite high school teacher was Mr Merriam of course math was my also my favorite subject!

  95. carol g says:

    I loved home ec! Wish I could sew and cook all day! Thanks for the great giveaway! And love your pillow!

  96. My 8th grade cooking teacher. I will never forget her pulling me to the side and telling me how she had noticed my maturing over the previous summer. What a boost to my confidence She was special. Thanks for the chance to win.

  97. Nancy Stone says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Mc Donald my sixth grade teacher. She opened up so many worlds for me, and because of her I went on to study Education and became a teacher.

  98. Mary Burn says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Jones. He had been in military and he would sing songs for us and tell about his experiences in the army. He later became a principal.

  99. Bev Nichols says:

    The book looks wonderful. One of my favorite quilts was made from a Moda Layer cake. Very simple with the squares surrounded by shashing and corner blocks. My favorite teacher was Sister Pat Sullivan, I think I had her for all four years of high school. Through the debates that we had in her classroom I learned that my thoughts and ideas were worth something. She helped to build what little self confidence I had. I wish I could thank her for all that she did for me.

  100. Sharon says:

    Thinking back on all my teachers, my favorite was my 1st grade teacher Mrs. Adams. She was also my cousin. Favorite subject was reading.

  101. Kristy W. says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Orth from 8th grade English. She really encouraged us to be creative and also taught the Yearbook class. I didn’t want to move on to High School because I had to leave her behind. Love your pillow. Really cute! K-

  102. Kathy says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs Grunmman from the fifth grade. My brother had her also. She was a vey sweet and inspiring teacher. The school was called “The Hills School”. Fond memories…

  103. Susan K Quilts says:

    I was lucky enough to have many good teachers. Picking a favorite is hard to do – so here are a few of my favorites & why they’re special. First grade – Mrs. Thomas because she was so loving and kind to little ones. Mrs Stribling because she was very caring and I was one of her favorites. Mr. Yates because he taught me that you never give up. He fell from a tree and broke his back. He made it back to teaching in a wheelchair and did it with a smile on his face. Mr. Beasley because he taught me that I was good at calculus and other hard math subjects. All the “good” teachers through the years who taught me to love learning, persevere in times of difficulty, be kind to others because it is the right thing to do, and most of all, that being a good role model is an important part of life,

  104. Jenny Y says:

    I loved Sister Mary in Second Grade. She was so nice, and fun!

  105. Ginny Worden says:

    My favourite teacher was my Highschool English teacher, who introduced me to some wonderful books and authors.Besides the required reading there was always a list of other books, for a book lover it was perfect.

  106. glyn says:

    I LOVED school. 4 of my teachers even came to my wedding— 2 high school teachers, my 3rd grade teacher, and my kindergarten teacher.

  107. Jill says:

    Mrs. Good, third grade, not only was she a great teacher but a kind, nurturing, encouraging teacher.

  108. No Question , favorite teacher – Mrs. Hicks , grade 4, I can still see her face, wonderful woman .

  109. Liz Dickson says:

    My favorite teacher was Ms. Pitts in 5th grade at R.B. Fisher in Corpus Christi, Tx. Thanks!

  110. Shaleen Edmundson says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Gray from 2nd grade. She inspired me to become a teacher. And now I hold quilt classes after retirement

  111. Denise says:

    My favorite? Oh…there are so many, but the one that stole my heart….A godly woman by the name of Carolyn Woodward….not only an English teacher, but a woman who was not afraid to open every class with prayer.

  112. Karen Ruzinsky says:

    Miss Mary Martin. She taught History in high school. She was Miss Prim and Proper and not too many people liked her, but she taught her history like she had really been there at each and every lesson. She is the one I remember most.

  113. Susan Reinhart says:

    I loved my first grade teacher Miss Rooney. So helpful to this little sensitive girl

  114. Patricia Tiedt says:

    I attended Pleasant Dale, a one room school house, with grades 1-8. I did not miss a day of school in 1st grade and was awarded a silver dollar by the Superintendent. I still have this silver dollar today, now worth about $30.00. Great memories!

  115. Genee Davis says:

    I grew up in a small town named Oblong, IL. Mrs Henry was my 3rd grade teacher and had also been my mother’s. She retired the the end of that year, but have many great memories of her!

  116. Cary Wisnosky says:

    Mr Shoemaker taught history in high school. He had a unique teaching skill. When I took up quilting I used a lot of his reasoning why and how … To use and make my quilts unique.

  117. Nancy A says:

    Mrs. Cadwallater in 4th grade was my favorite. And she had an afghan hound which I thought was the coolest dog ever!

  118. Evie H says:

    Miss Deal, my second grade teacher. She knew how to teach and relate to little 6-year-olds! What good memories I have of her.

  119. Wendy says:

    I had this teacher in high school. Miss Hooker – she had this soothing voice that used to put me in such a state of relaxation that I could have easily fallen asleep. Maybe not the best situation for learning but it was like a warm hug from a favorite Grandma! She had twinkling blue eyes and beautiful long gray hair that she braided and wrapped around her head in a sort of bun. Her class was always such a soft spot in what could be the hard edged world of high school.

  120. Carol Gouceia says:

    My favorite teacher was 3rd and 4th grade teacher Mrs. Engbrecht. I went to a very small school. Both grades were in the same room. There were only 8 in my high school graduation class. Would love to win ..- Carol

  121. Debby says:

    I loved math. In fact, I loved it so much, I became a math teacher!!! Mr. Schmidt in 9th grade math was pretty funny as well.

  122. Margaret says:

    I absolutely LOVED school, which is probably why I became a teacher when I grew up. The teacher who stands out to me, among many marvelous teachers, was Mrs. Roach, my 2nd grade teacher. (Gosh that was awhile ago!). She had a cat, named Maggie, that she had to give away and asked her students if anyone would like the cat. I remember asking my mom, as we were rushing to get ready for school one day, if I could have the cat. As I recall, she said, “If no one else wants it.” Needless to say, I brought Maggie home, and thus began our lifetime love affair with cats. Neither my parents nor I have ever been without one (or two) ever since.

  123. Julia says:

    My Favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher – Mr. Romanski. He had a reputation for giving tons of homework (which he did) but he was the sweetest, gentlest man and I left the fourth grade with piles of knowledge and test score grades miles above the students who were not lucky enough to have Mr. Romanski!

  124. dana says:

    3rd grade teacher…Mrs. Cannon was my absolute favorite!

  125. Kelly says:

    My music teacher in junior high (7th & 8th grade), Mr. Takeuchi, was the best… supported me and gave me a place to belong during those awkward pre-teen years.

  126. Amy Harward says:

    My favorite teacher had to be Mr. Westover in 4th grade. My mom had dated his brother in high school, so I thought I had a little “in” with the teacher! Haha! He was always so nice and fun and we had a blast in class! Thanks for the chance to win! This fabric is adorable!

  127. Sue says:

    Mr English was my 9th grade English teacher

  128. Judy McLeod says:

    I went to a Catholic school, so Sr. Fabian was my favorite, was always very nice to me. I would love to have this beautiful fabric. Would make wonderful quilts for my granddaughters. Thank you.

  129. Jo West says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Pitney my 3rd grade teacher. I got to do lots of extra things for her. What I really remember is the introduction of the old/vintage flash cards I think they went along with the Dick and Jane books. Now that does make me OLD.

  130. Sherri C. says:

    My history teacher as a junior in high school, Mr. Finkbein, made history come alive!
    Love your blog, Carrie.

  131. Suzy says:

    Mrs. Wirth… 4th grade.. we did many fun things that year… Riding the train was the best.

  132. Julie Hardgrave says:

    I loved school…. both the social side and the homework side! What can I say? I liked it all!
    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Louis….. 12th grade English. Super strict and hard but was a great class!

  133. SuzKuhns says:

    My favorite teacher was my first grade teacher, Mrs. Curry – she taught us to read with expression – it was fun as we all acted out our parts and made reading fun. That was in 1952, and I’m still and avid reader. Thank you, Carrie, for the chance to win such fun fabric!

  134. Terrie says:

    ahhh school….3rd grade Mrs Rennetz , she was the best. Things didn’t really take a turn until 5th grade, enough said, anyway this book looks like a lot more fun. Thanks for the chance !!!

  135. teri says:

    My favorite class was always math.

  136. Alice says:

    Judy Bridges was my 7-9th grade English teacher and all around amazing lady. Love the pillow! It is darling!

  137. Sharon says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Rector. She dressed professionally, spoke quietly but commanded everyone’s attention, and was just such a gracious lady. We all loved her and seventh grade was wonderful because of her.

  138. Wendy says:

    My favorite – and most memorable teacher – was in First Grade. Mrs. Varnum was so kind…I loved her!

  139. Favorite teacher, Mr. McQueen, 10th grade biology

  140. Sally says:

    Favorite teacher – Frau Stoud, 8th grade German. She had us singing, dancing at Oktoberfest, and learning all the time.

  141. Charald Comeau says:

    Third grade was my favorite.

  142. Connie Campbell says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Chance and the class…!! Looks like a great book and love the fabrics!

  143. Tiffany Heinisch says:

    My favorite teacher was my 5th grade teacher. His name was Mr. Rishel. He turned 50 that year and we threw him a huge “Over the Hill” party for him. He absolutely loved Notre Dame and everything in his classroom was decorated with that. He had a nickname for everyone and no matter how old, he would remember it. He would always say to me “Tiffy Lou, how do you do!” His favorite day of the year was March 4th because he said it was the only day of the year that was a command. He was such a character! Unfortunately, he passed away a few years later when I was in high school due to complications from the flu. I graduated high school in 2000 and still remember so much about him to this day, from over 20 years ago!

  144. Lots of great teachers….hard to pick one but I will go with Mr. Ed Moon, sixth grade. In the summer he worked as a guide on the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland.

  145. Carleen Trites says:

    I had several influential teachers. My first grade teacher, Mrs. Cheney, made a difference in my life. Because of her I wanted to be a teacher. I just retired after a long career teaching first grade. Hope I had the same affect on at least some children.

  146. Karyn Frew says:

    Mrs. Hicks taught me grade one and two. She had cat’s eye glasses and when we moved away for grade three I thought I was never going to find such a great teacher again. Thankfully, I was wrong.

  147. Linda Zumwalt says:

    The teacher that made the most impact on my life was my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Bashy. It was in her class that I decided I wanted to become a teacher and many years later I did. She was a kind and caring teacher that fostered a love of reading and teaching others.

  148. Pat McClung says:

    My eighth grade Math teacher, Mr. Gross.

  149. brenda says:

    Miss Chapman, my first grade teacher. She was the kindest, calmest, most loving teacher in the world. I had lots of good teachers in my lifetime, but Miss Chapman made the most lasting impression.

  150. Jan says:

    Stanrod T. Charmichael (high school English literature) made the subject larger than life. A former minister, the man had a way with words. Every book or story was turned into a play or discussion (sometimes heated) and he treated all opinions with respect. He set the bar high and we were more than willing to try and reach it.

  151. Cathy Mc. says:

    My favorite teacher is my husband, Bill. He teaches high school English. While I never had him for an actual class, did not even attend the school where he teaches, he is still my favorite because he cooks dinner every night leaving me with more time to sew.

  152. My favorite part of school was when they let us out! I was in a Catholic high school in NYC and we had to wear our skirts a certain length (below the knee). Well, as soon as we were dismissed, and heading toward the subway, up went those skirts! You won’t believe how many times you can roll a skirt up at the waistband!

  153. Claire Ross says:

    I loved my high school history teacher, Mr Jones. Thanks for a fab giveaway and love your cushion x

  154. Debra McQuillen says:

    Miss McLeod, my first grade teacher was my favorite. She was young and pretty and drove a Thunderbird!

  155. Claire Ross says:

    My High school history teacher was my favourite. Lovely fabrics, thanks for the giveaway x

  156. Marie DiNicola says:

    My favorite teacher was Sister Marie Dolores who taught me French through four years of high school, but she taught me so much more then French about myself.

  157. My favourite teacher was Mrs Powell, she is still working at the same school even though I left 28 years ago – I thought she was old when I was 10, she was probably in her early 20’s!
    I also loved our art teacher Mrs Nash, and she loved me because I brought in wool that my mum did not have a need for anymore.

  158. Valery says:

    I had many teachers who were wonderful. It is kind of hard to pick just one…. but here goes: Judith Schifferle was my 6th grade English teacher. She was very creative with her lessons and kept things interesting. She encouraged her students to try different ways to write and to learn. With all that creativity, I wonder if she was a quilter…

  159. Carol Schon says:

    OOOH, my favorite teacher — there really are quite a few candidates, but I’m going with Sister Mary Cecelia, my 6th. grade teacher. She introduced me to singing in a choir, which I have continued to do through my lifetime. She also taught me self-discipline — a trait I have needed many, many times!

  160. Sarah J. says:

    This is a tough question- I loved school (still do actually!) and had many great teachers. I’ll go with Mrs. Vogt my 1st grade teacher- just an all around lovely lady!

  161. Anita johnson says:

    My favorite teacher was mrs. Thompson. I was very shy but she would come and play with me because I was too shy to make friends

  162. Jackie Papallo says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Rob Schaefer, he taught high school english. He opened so many minds in his class and taught us things we didn’t even know we were thirsty for.

  163. Linda says:

    My favorite teacher was Sr. Mary Leo. She taught 2nd grade and she was the sweetest, kindest lady on earth.

  164. Rochelle says:

    My favorite teacher was Sister Josita. I had her in high school and I think she was fresh off the boat from Ireland and almost as young as we were. My favorite grade was 13th because I was in a college where none of my siblings had attended!!! My favorite subject…..math.

  165. Debra Newhall says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Johnson in fourth grade. Just a wonderfully kind woman.

  166. Sandy Keane says:

    I love this book! And loved your blog. Gold stars for not following the rules. 🙂 I loved third grade. Mrs. Hart was my teacher. I can’t believe I can remember her name. She opened the world of books to me and then there was learning cursive writing. And times tables. And so much basic stuff. She was a delight. She started that love of learning. 🙂

  167. Glenna walker says:

    Mrs. Black in 4th grade. She encouraged me to read!

  168. Kay McCaffery says:

    My 4th grade teacher Mrs. Clark, was by far my favorite teacher. She instilled in me my love of reading & I will be forever grateful to her for that.

  169. My favourite teacher was my A level maths teacher, Mrs Prince; she used to write ‘tripe’ across homework that was awful (or even ‘utter tripe’ if it was really bad!) but she had a love of maths which was contagious and was an inspiring teacher, if a little terrifying to those who didn’t know her/didn’t put the work in!

  170. Sue S says:

    Loved school… loved it! I still love school, in any shape or form. I was upset when Kindergarten was only part of a day. My favorite elementary level teacher was named Mrs. Wright, and I loved it that she was always misplacing her reading glasses on the top of her head. 🙂 My favorite subjects were math and history, still are!

  171. Lynne says:

    Oh boy this brings back lots of memories! I’m so grateful that I had more than one favorite teacher.

  172. Carol Bartlow says:

    Wow, favorite teacher. Hmm Actually I have two. Funny thing about their names. Mr Humble was my 7th grade teacher. He was also my first male teacher and he loved to do science projects and taught us German from old records used by soldiers in the war to learn basic German phrases. He made learning fun. Mr Light was my Algebra and Geometry teacher. I really enjoyed those classes and I think he had a lot to do with that.

  173. Rayne Garnsey says:

    I remember my mom washing and curling my hair with rags and the next day I had ringlets!

  174. Angelia says:

    Favorite class–English

  175. My favorite teacher was Mr. Weidner. I had him for both calculus and physics. I always say he taught me to think. But it was my dad who introduced me to the love of numbers. Quilt math just adds to the enjoyment and challenge of creating.

  176. Cecilia says:

    My favorite teacher was my sixth grade teacher, Mrs. DuBoise. She was so sweet and kind and she would cry as she read to us the story of Corrie Ten Boom and world war 2. She had photos of her traveling adventures that amazed us and she was just wonderful!

  177. Dana Cargill says:

    I would love that Dot Dot Dash collection! My favorite teacher was my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs Heaton. She is the reason I taught K -2 for 30 yrs!

  178. Joanne says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Jamison in 4th grade because… I have to admit … I was the teacher’s pet that year. 🙂

  179. My kindergarten teacher was my favorite. She smelled like strawberries.

  180. Robin Pax says:

    My high school algebra teacher was my favorite. Not only was math my favorite teacher, but she spent an entire class one day trying to teach me to whistle! Still can’t whistle, but have fond memories of Mrs. Sebastian.

  181. Pam Larson says:

    My 2nd favorite teacher was Mr Wilkinson.4th grade. Wonderful caring man. My daughter teaches a 4-5 split and she is leaving wonderful memories in her students hearts…This is evident when her students who are now in High school come back to see her. She is my favorite!

  182. Sarah Deveney says:

    Dr. Carter was my Senior English teacher. I loved how she treated us with respect and valued what we wrote and said.

  183. Wendy myers says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Gump–my 3rd, 5th and 12th grade teacher– he just kept moving up with us!

  184. Mom C says:

    choir teacher in HS Mr Maher. Loved him so much I joined an adult choir years later just because he was the conductor. Thanks

  185. Hildy says:

    My favorite teacher was Herr Buchner. He taught german, history and social studies (don’t know if this is a class in the USA) and was how a teacher should be. He was a teacher because he loved children and the classes he taught were always fun and interesting. Sadly he is already dead but he will always be in my memory.

  186. Donna says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Price, sixth grade. He was loud, scary, strict and taught me more than just reading and writing and math!

  187. Margaret Lippert says:

    My high school choir teacher, Mr Woodin. He was great, and a lot of fun. He even sang at my wedding. He would also help direct the theatre productions with the drama instructor.
    I love Me and My Sisters designs, they are really great, I would love to make their pattern Twinkle Twinkle, I just love those stars. This primer book looks great too. Oh the things I could do if time would stand still.

  188. Barbara Rankin says:

    Mrs. Carter, my high school Art teacher was my favorite all time teacher. Of course Art was my favorite class. She encouraged us paint outside the lines and use all the colors!

  189. Jan Taylor says:

    I always remember coloring in elementary school. What fun it would be to quilt a small quilt for my daughter with Dot to Dot and have her color with the same colors along side me as I sew. What fun!

  190. Laura Brown says:

    Sister Jeanne at St. James Catholic School! She was so much fun!

  191. Jane DeLorenzo says:

    I liked quite a few of my teachers, so choosing is hard. I’ll pick Mrs. Patterson in 6th grade because she was strict and her class was not easy. She taught us a lot and she ran a tight ship!

  192. Amista Baker says:

    My favorite teacher was by far Mr Still who taught Interactive Media at the vocational school I attended 11th and 12th grades. He was more than a teacher, he treated us like family and we learned so much and had a blast. I will always hold a special place in my heart for him.

  193. Sunnybec says:

    Heck as it was 50 years ago when I went to school I am having trouble remembering!! I do remember one teacher though, she was little, with grey hair and always wore it in a bun, everyone was scared stiff of her, if we were talking in her class when she was writing on the blackboard she use to turn round and throw the blackboard rubber at us!!!! Can you imagine that these days LOL, glad to say it never hit me!! Thanks for the chance.

  194. Kaye Neilson says:

    I loved Mrs. Crockett – 3rd grade at Adams Elementary. Walked to and from school – 5 blocks – everyday. I remember giving her a “Grandma Moses” book for Christmas!

  195. Ellen Simmons says:

    Mrs. Lambert! 1st grade, back in the 1950’s….because she taught me to read. Best part, she sent me home with a stack of hard back books for summer vacation!! Verrryyyyy special!

  196. susan says:

    Looks lovely……….

  197. Stacy says:

    I’m not sure I could pick just one favorite teacher, but I enjoyed primary school the most so I’ll go with Mrs. Osteen my fourth grade teacher.

  198. Kris Kayser says:

    Mrs. Monat was my favorite teacher in high school. She taught Home Ec classes. I have been a 4-H leader along side her and she has also taught my youngest son in high school too!

  199. Deb says:

    I would be happy with any of them.

  200. Janis T says:

    My favorite classes in middle school were cooking, wood shop and sewing. I became a great cook, love to sew but regret that I never excelled at woodworking !

  201. Diana W says:

    My favorite teacher in School was my first grade teacher. Aging myself here we didn;t have kindergarden when I started school. Mrs Rosenthal or Rosenbaum I can’t remember but she was very nice for my first teacher. I already knew how to read when I started school so she used to let me be the “teacher” when we got to the reading part. How fun !

  202. Becky F. says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Mac, my highschool American History teacher.

  203. Yvonne Craig says:

    Sixth grade. Sister Barbara Oxenberger in Peoria Illinois, she was good teacher who reached out to me in my time of puberty.

  204. Anita Jackson says:

    Again and Again I would say my 1st grade and 3rd grade teacher Wionia Chevis was my ultimate all time favorite Teacher!!!!

  205. Kathleen says:

    Probably all my elementary school teachers. I followed my older brother in school, so all the teachers knew me and were always very sweet to me. As far as junior high, I would have to say my home ec teacher, Mrs. Brown. High school? No favorites there.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  206. Kathy Luehrs says:

    math – all math classes – guess I’m just a numbers freak

  207. Jeri Gregory says:

    In first grade Mrs. Thomas told me to make the J in my first name straight and tall to sow I was proud of my name. I always remember this when writing ny name. She really taught us to take pride in our work which transfers to all areas of life, including quilting!

  208. Janet says:

    My favorite teacher was my high school Home Ec teacher. She was fantastic and in her class we got to sew – during school hours!!

  209. Debbie Martin says:

    Sewing class, Sister Gertrude Maire was the teacher and between her and my mom sewing is where I excelled! Be lost without my sewing today.

  210. Esther G says:

    2nd grade actually was my favorite because the teacher taught us a bunch of silly nonsense songs. Ah, the things we remember!

  211. lizrehrauer says:

    Every teacher I had in grade school was my favorite except my first grade teacher. BTW, I went to grade school, not elementary school. And we had every grade in it, 1 through 8.

  212. Kim Hartwig says:

    My favorite teacher was Miss Kness our High School PE teacher. She let me teach swimming classes instead of doing the regular PE class and she gave me an “A”. Gotta love that.

  213. Donna says:

    My favorite teacher–now–is Mrs. Walker from 7th grade. Back then, of course, I thought she was unreasonably strict and assigned difficult work. But it seems I learned a great deal from her class! 🙂

  214. So had so many wonderful teachers but my favourite was Mrs C who taught grade 5. She made learning so much fun. My favourite class in high school was home ec.

  215. Michelle Hahne says:

    My 6th grade teacher Mrs. Allensworth, I’ll never forget her. Strict but fun

  216. BettyDrake says:

    My favorite grade school teacher was for 5th grade. I can’t remember his name but he has been in the Air Force. He taught us how to identify different aircraft.

  217. Tammy F says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Albrecht. Third grade. I can still remember the tears flowing down her face as she read us the last chapters of “Charlotte’s Web.”

  218. Melody Lutz says:

    Mr. Easterday. 7th grade science…cutting and dissecting a fetal pig! Science is sooo cool! NO WAY could you get me to do that now!

  219. marlene says:

    My fifth grade teacher, Mrs Stephenrude, was my favorite teacher. I was in a new town, new school and she made the transition easier.

  220. Jeri Hutchins says:

    My favorite memory of school is my 10th grade teacher, Sister Mary Elisa. She was able to teach and make learning fun. I looked forward to seeing her everyday. (a reason to get up!)

  221. Sherrye says:

    My favorite teacher was Ann Davenport!

  222. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Mueller. She taught home ec and tailoring. ( When schools still had sewing classes) She was the match maker in the high school, too. She was too much fun!

  223. mvjanJan Taylor says:

    In high school I learned to hate and fear Math, I just didn’t “get” it, but a college teacher taught me to love Math again. I took two more Math classes with him because he made it so fun, interesting, and relevant. I wish I could remember his name, he deserves the recognition.

  224. Chris K. says:

    My favorite was Mr. Wirth, the drama teacher. He called us all Mr. and Miss Lastname, so cute.

  225. mumbird3 says:

    Mr. Parent – his first name was Romeo! Wonderful man, great teacher and a super role model!

  226. Carol C says:

    My favourite class was always math and my favourite teacher was Miss Tunks. She was my math teacher in grades 11,12, and 13.when Ontario still had grade 13. She had worked in intelligence during the war and was a wonderful person. I stayed in touch with her after I finished high school but I never ever called her by her first name Gladys. That was just too familiar.

  227. Debbie Greive says:

    One of my favorite teachers was high school government. Our teacher was a retired Secret Service agent who was present when president Kennedy was shot. He had lots of great stories to tell.

  228. Anne Rhodes says:

    Without a doubt, Miss Robinson, my 12th grade English teacher! She taught me how to write correctly–a skill I’ve carried into my old age.

  229. Jayne says:

    My favorite class was math, ow nerds is that?!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  230. Theresa Kifer says:

    Oh how fun Carrie, I am so glad you do a blog! I look forward to reading each one. You have given me such fun ideas for quilt shop related activities. OK..My favorite teacher-Mrs Jane Sage, Geography, can’t remember what grade that was I am thinking 9th or 10th, goodness it has been a long time.
    She was fair, she didn’t show favoritism, she let us know when she thought we could do better and also when we did well. But you didn’t want to cross her-she told it like it was. I prayed that she could be our basketball coach from JV through SV but we don’t always get what we want. She taught us that as well. -have to roll with the punches and look for the positive-have joy!

  231. Diane VanLaningham says:

    The lovely Mrs. Eastman was my kindergarten teacher. She was a wonderful lady, the grandma type. We had a huge old tortoise that we got to walk AND every year the class did a May Pole dance for the parents. I’m 61 years old and this lady gave myself and others so many fond memories.

  232. Maureen says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Schroeder in fifth grade, I learned a lot that year. Would love to win!

  233. Lynn says:

    My favorite class was American History. Amazing teacher (Ms. Aronowitz) and I really learned to think that year!

  234. Diane Nichols Woodward says:

    Mrs. Burrup, 2nd Grade. Preston, Idaho!

  235. Jane Eilderts says:

    My favorite teacher was my high school teacher Mrs. Johansen! She just passed away this Spring and I attended her funeral–thinking of all the great times in business class!!

  236. Allison Evrard says:

    My favorite classes were always my science classes. They just made so much sense to me. Maybe that’s why I went on to become a science teacher.

  237. Ashley says:

    Always loved math class. No essays 🙂

  238. Trish says:

    My favorite teacher was Sr. Margaret. That’s a good thing, because she taught at least one subject to me in fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh grades.

  239. Anne D says:

    Mr Godfrey was my favourite teacher. He made science fun and interesting. After years of working in hospitals I ended up working as a science teacher.Thanks for a great giveaway.

  240. teresakasch says:

    Sister Catherine Mary, 1st grade…she is my favorite teacher because she set the stage for so many things in my life – love of learning, love of neighbor, love for God, love of music, set the spark in my head to become a nun (almost did…), love of laughter, love of cooperation, and much more…she was young, about 25ish or so, and I wish I knew where she was to day…because at 54 years old, I still think of her and wish to tell her how grateful I am for all the love she gave us 1st graders!

  241. Penni says:

    My favorite class was home Ec. I still use what I learned I just wish I hadn’t stopped sewing for so many years. I am back now and I can remember my teacher over my shoulder “Thread the machine this way, do that” etc…… I was never book smart but I knew in my Home Ec class I would complete something fairly well.

  242. Nicole J says:

    Kindergarten was by far my favorite because the teacher was amazing! Nothing like having a beach day complete with a pool to dip your feet in while wearing you swim suit and sunglasses 🙂

  243. Diane says:

    Favorite teacher: I had so many good teachers, but Mr. Richter would have to be at the top of my list of favorites. He made 7th grade Science interesting, challenging and I enjoyed his sense of humor.
    He made a not-favorite subject of mine…fun!

  244. Lynne Tilley says:

    My favorite teacher of all time was Mrs. Thayer in first grade in Bartlesville, OK, Oak Park Elementary. I’ve often wondered where she is now. First grade was my very first experience with school (1964) and she was the sweetest, most wonderful teacher. Love you, Mrs. Thayer, wherever you are!! (Lynne Jaynes Tilley)

  245. Terry says:

    One of my favorite teacher was Mrs. Saunders English, and Mrs. Langhorn Home Economics teacher, I still make those recipes that I learned in that class.

  246. Alice Ronne says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Stinde, my kindergarten teacher. She was so loving and wonderful! I remember naptime and making butter in the classroom. Loved those graham crackers and milk at snacktime. akronne17 (at) gmail (dot) com

  247. Quilting Tangent says:

    4th Grade was the best.

  248. Sandra says:

    Mme Tacail, grade 7, 8 and 9 French. Loved her. I became a French (and English) teacher in part to her excellent teaching and personal interest in moi. 🙂

  249. LINDA says:

    HELLO, my Home Economics Teacher Mrs. McKinley was a favorite! She loved to cook+sew+showed us how>Loved it!

  250. Janet Brown says:

    My favorite teacher, by far, was Mr. Muller, my art teacher. He was the most patient person alive and taught me more about life than all my other teachers combined!

  251. I loved them all but 2nd grade was my favorite. We had a young first time teacher who reminded me very much over my older sister. She was so kind and patient learning under her was so much fun. Thank You Sheila Perdue for the years of teaching you put in and for loving all of us kids.

  252. Beverly says:

    That would have to be Mr. Goodwin in 6th grade!! Great teacher and so much fun in 1965-6!!!

  253. laura says:

    Mrs. Brown-my business teacher in high school. Loved her!

  254. geemasews says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Bemisderfer (fondly called Mr. B.). Mr. B. taught me chemistry and physics. More than the subject matter, he challenged us to reach for the stars and not settle for status quo in life. He also was choir director at a local church and we shared a great love of music.

  255. Deb W says:

    Mr. Duensing, high school band teacher.

  256. loosecannon2 says:

    Oh my, Mr. Paul Skeen. He made Shakespeare come alive by having our class choose pieces of paper from a hat that had our part to act out in the hallway. Loved, Loved it.

    My other favorite was Miss. Beulah Phipps & Chemistry class–’till I blew up the lab. Then, not so much.

  257. buntyw says:

    My favourite teacher taught me to sew – thanks Mrs Ellis!

  258. JLVerde says:

    Mr. Ventrillo, the art teacher (elementary school). He ran an early bird art program before school. I was so proud to be invited to it.

  259. Sally W says:

    My favorite teacher was my home economics teacher Ms Donahue. Because she taught me to sew. Just clothes. Not quilts so I had to learn to adjust to the 1/4 inch.

  260. Libby says:

    MY favorite teacher was my first grade teacher, Ms. Morgan, she had left a lasting impression on me even after all these years!

  261. Darla Ryan says:

    Mrs. Whitely! She taught high school sociology and she inspired me! (Love that pillow!)

  262. JoyceLM says:

    My favorite teacher (and the only one I remember by name) was Mrs. Gross in the 4th grade. She was a very nice lady who took me under her wing, after having a scary 3rd grade teacher. Thanks.

  263. Linda Webster says:

    My favourite teacher was Miss Winters in grade 3. She was so special and make every student feel that her/he was special.

  264. Amber says:

    My favorite teacher is Miss Sowards. She taught

  265. Karen says:

    I often think back on the teachers I was fortunate enough to have in elementary school.
    Not only did they teach reading, writing and arithmetic, they also were loving, kind, and caring mentors who weren’t afraid to offer a hug, a pat on the back, extra time, or a good scolding when needed. I am so grateful for all of them.

  266. Cari-Ann K says:

    My favorite teacher was first grade Sister Maureen at George McCann School.

  267. Debbie Ballard says:

    Mr. Davis was a favorite. Years later we moved across the street from him and his wife and became very good friends.

  268. Vicki H says:

    6th grade, Mr Zasky was my first male teacher.

  269. Sandy K says:

    I always loved math class. Thanks for the giveaway.

  270. kim White says:

    my 10th grade math teacher. I actually got a B in Math.

  271. Sharon Decker says:

    My favorite teacher was Sister Alphonsine. She had a way of bringing the kids who stayed in the background out to the front. She was very funny and everyone loved her.

  272. I think French was my favorite. A bunch of us started in Junior High and were in class together through High School. We had teachers who made the classes a lot of fun.

  273. debi crocker says:

    My fav was MR Hornor. I was scared to death of him in seventh grade. he taught history and made us outline the entire book. But now I automatically take great notes and outline in my head so I learn fairly easy! Found out later in school he was a HOOT! He as=lso taught drama. he was our Jackie Gleason!

  274. Karen McMahon says:

    My favorite teacher was Sister Fidelis in 4th grade. She was known as tough and mean and I was a bit of a chatterbox so I was very scared to have her. Turns out she was tough and strict (not mean) and loving too. She made me work hard and praise from her was truly earned and relished!

  275. Cathy says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs Hammon, she was the same size as the students.
    Cute as a button!!!

  276. Susan says:

    Judy Newman is a great quilting teacher! Great prize! Thanks for the chance….

  277. Susan Rogers says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr Linscheid. He had a way of making everyone feel special. He was my 5th grade teacher.

  278. Nancy N says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr Chenowith. I only had him for one subject, but he gave me words of wisdom when I was getting ready to go onto further schooling that have been golden to me all these years.

  279. Mary says:

    My favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher…Mrs Branson. I went to a catholic school and she was my first lay teacher since kindergarten. She let u
    S do art and sing songs!

  280. Nancy cim says:

    I loved my fourth grade teacher, Miss Morrow, because she read to us a lot.

  281. Nancy McFall says:

    My Fifth Grade teacher was the first male teacher I’d ever had. Mr. Merriweather, I fell madly in love.

  282. Linda Majer says:

    I would have to say my favorite grade was 4th grade because my teacher (can’t remember her name) but she was “spanish” so she taught us spanish and we put on the play “Goldilocks” which we did in Spanish. When I got to high school I did not take spanish as my language requirement because I had already had some spanish education so I broadened my horizon and took French and German.

  283. Nancy Loose, my. Home Ec teacher who refined my sewing skills and gave me a home show certificate for my first sewing machine.

  284. Lorraine Dumaine says:

    Mr. Shea, 9th grade science teacher. I really learned so much; he was terrific.

  285. Evelyn Wonner says:

    My favorite teacher was in 7th grade, he was my math teacher and also the boys coach. I think that is why he was my favorite, all the girls had crushes on him.

  286. Cheryl Sorensen says:

    My favorite teacher was Candy Brown in Grade One. She was kind, funny and was like having our own Mom in class with us. She was very patient and had the best laugh ever. To this day whenever I think back I can still here that giggle. Priceless!

  287. Peggy Wilson says:

    Always loved math classes. Fell in love with home economics. The sewing half. My mother was a beautiful seamstress but said no patience to teach so I better take sewing if I wanted to learn. Took to it like a duck to water. So now quilting is sewing and math combined.

  288. Pat says:

    Carrie, I think the volume of answers to your query speaks volumes about the popularity of your blog. Modal is so lucky to have you! I wish I could remember the name of my Algebra II teacher. He made what was a mystery in my mind so understandable. Love all of the new fabric lines and love your pillow. Would love to know if you make one using the directions!

  289. Renee says:

    I really liked my grade 8 english teacher, Sister Rita. I got 95% on one of her test and she commented that I could do better. She was right!

  290. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Virginia Kernaghan from 7th grade English and 8th Drama. We are still in touch on a weekly basis. She is one of those people that came into my life at a critical time and I love her dearly.

  291. Shelly Nelson says:

    Geometry class, of course. Anyone who loves quilts must love geometry (even if it’s deep in their subconscious)!

  292. Diana Gates says:

    Thec4th grade…we did a lot of art…

  293. That was too long ago to remember names. I didn’t start school until 3rd grade and that’s when I learned to read. And my life has never been the same. In college, my favorite teacher was Mr. Hughes. Looked like Willy nelson if he had a sister. Well you had to see him. Lol

  294. Sonya says:

    Without a doubt, my favorite teacher was Mr. Bill Wood. He taught me Chemistry in 11th grade, and Physics in 12th. He was an enthusiastic instructor, and he really cared about his students. He made us want to try harder, therefore we learned A LOT more! As a happy coincidence, my future husband was in both of those classes with me. Mr. Wood was HIS favorite teacher, too! I hope Mr. Wood knows how much he means to us!

  295. Maggie Kriz says:

    Mrs. McCann, my 5th grade teacher. She instilled a love of reading in not just me, but many of my classmates. Every morning she started the school day by reading a chapter or two to the class. She usually chose mystery or adventure books, which sent many of us running to the public library after school to check out the book so we could read ahead. We’re having our 50th grade school reunion later this month and I know there will be many Mrs. McCann stories told!

  296. This is a fantastic blog hop and such great projects. I can not share any memories from school because when I was 15 I was in a terrible car accident that severely damaged the memory section of my brain. I have no memories of school at all. I enjoyed reading many of the other comments though. Thank you for this superb give away and for sharing everything you do. Have a wonderful creative day!

  297. Marilyn S says:

    I had many great teachers. I will always remember Mrs. Peterson. She was the Home Ec teacher at the high school. She helped me better hone my sewing skills and I always knew that she cared about me and wanted for me to succeed.

  298. Carol Eberhardt says:

    Mrs. Michaelas was my first AND third grade teacher (1958 & 1960!)! How lucky was I to have such a patient, loving, sweet and skilled lady help me learn to read and the basics of mathematics. If any of you are school teachers, please know that while that lovely lady is likely no longer with us, she is remembered with fondness and gratitude. The work you do matters! I’m a 34 year veteran teacher, now retired! Never forget those who helped form you!

  299. Moriah Clifton says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Roberson. He left his job as VP of Shell oil to teach advanced science in small town Arkansas. He gave me the foundation of learning to push me all the way through graduate school.

  300. Helen Murphy says:

    My favorite teachers were Mrs. Sweig for kindergarten and Sister Teresa for third grade. They both had the ability to show how fun learning could be.

  301. Terrie Arnold says:

    I didnt like school

  302. Bonnie says:

    My all time favorite teacher was my Distributive Education (Marketing) teacher in high school was Mr. Monson.

  303. Margo says:

    My favourite grade was grade 3. Had an awesome teacher.

  304. Judy says:

    My favorite teacher was in fourth grade. I don’t think I was her favorite student though as she told my mom I was sarcastic during parent/teacher conference. I had to look the word up.

  305. Glenda says:

    Favorite teacher, 5th grade, Mrs.Wicks. She didn’t scare me to death.

  306. koko3749 says:

    The sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Bumpers, was my first teacher to bring out the creative, artsy side of me. I always looked forward to school with her as my mentor at this young age.

  307. Tara A says:

    My favorite was my elementary librarian. I wanted to grow up to be just like her! — Love these fabrics, and the book looks so fun!

  308. Audrey says:

    Favorite teacher of all times…Mr. George Johnson….7th grade.

  309. Joanne says:

    My favorite teacher was my 5th grade teacher Mrs. Bestie, she was wonderful!

  310. Becky Payne says:

    I liked Mrs. Nordenholz in High School. She taught me in Spanish III. She was tough, but a great teacher! She expected the best from her students.

  311. Kelsie Frazier says:

    Ms. Farlan in junior high I still use lessons she taught me all the time!

  312. My favourite class was definitely music class. I learned clarinet, and still play as an adult, making lots of friends and meeting my husband through music.

  313. Cindy Garaas says:

    My favorite class was Home Ec. Love the new primer book and the fabric giveaway! Thanks.

  314. Susan says:

    My favorite teacher, Mr. Heerspink, taught my favorite class–orchestra in both Jr. High and High School.

  315. Kathy says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Corrick in 6th grade. The book looks great – added to my list!

  316. Judi Burr says:

    Favorite teacher was Mrs. Ramsey in high school. I enjoyed history class.

  317. stanleybeagle says:

    I was always into Geography. Thanks Miss Clark!

  318. Barbara says:

    My favorite teacher was in second grade – Mrs. MacWilliams. She read “Charlotte’s Web” to us and I loved that story.

  319. Bunny Ryan says:

    6th, 7th & 8th grades were all in one room. I had Sr. Mary Roberts all 3 years and loved her.

  320. Jeanne Atkinson says:

    My fav teacher was Mrs. Heap in 9th grade English! She was so positive and encouraging!

  321. Tami says:

    I really loved my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Truzzolino. She had her students to her house at the end of the school year for a hot dog roast. Thank you for the chance to win!

  322. Brenda Sanderson says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Brockmann who I had for 3 years and enjoyed every class I had with her. I have been a Special Needs aide for 40 years and I still love going to school.

  323. Kriss says:

    My favorite class was 7th grade Home Economics where I learned to sew. The skills I learned then have benefitted me through single, military, married, & motherhood life stages. I’m so grateful I learned to sew as a child. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  324. Vickie Graveline says:

    My favorite was third grade because we learned to square dance and my Mom made my skirt, blouse and even my petticoat.

  325. Michele Fetter says:

    Amy favorite teacher was Mrs Pica in second grade. So sweet and hugged us randomly.

  326. My favorite class was always math. Any kind. Sure does make quilting easier!

  327. Patsy says:

    My favorite teacher, 4th grade, Mrs. Ousley. I think I was her favorite too, maybe even teacher’s pet. She always had me help her with activities, etc. this is really bringing back some fond memories!!

  328. Pat S says:

    I loved our once a month art class but also loved home economics – the sewing and cooking units. Still love to sew and always will!

  329. Leslie T says:

    I loved my Home Ec class in 7th grade, started my love of sewing there.
    Mrs. Robinson was my favorite teacher – she made science fun!

  330. This looks like a great book. My favourite teacher was Ms. Bezanson in grade six.

  331. Lynn says:

    My favorite teacher was in High School, Mrs. Coughlin. She was a thoughtful kind person and left quite an impression on me.

  332. elyzabetsy says:

    Hi, I was homeschooled, so my mom was my favourite teacher. 🙂 I love all these patterns and colours. Thanks Carrie for sharing so much with us on what’s going on!

  333. Lisa Zook says:

    After thinking back over the years, I would have to say that Mrs. McCarthy was my most memorable teacher in high school. She taught high school chemistry and I recall spending a lot of time in her room as a lab assistant.. She was beautiful and I wanted to be like her.

  334. Connie says:

    Mr. Peterson – jr high science – he was nice and taught us a lot. I have to say the majority of my teachers were good teachers and nice people.

  335. Claudia Castenir says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Mac (That’s what we all called him, don’t recall his full name.) He taught chemistry, and he instigated and put up with a lot of shenaningans, but we learned a lot of chemistry from him.

  336. Julie B says:

    My favorite class was art in junior high. We were introduced to 3D drawing, pencil sketching, pottery, painting and the history of art. Home Ecconmics got me interested in sewing and textiles. Thanks for the chance to win.

  337. Linda W. says:

    Miss Brensinger–3rd grade–was feared by many but that year was the one when I convinced myself I wanted to be a teacher. Done and still teaching many years later!

  338. Teri Townley says:

    My favorite class was literature with Ms. Edwards. She taught me to love books!

  339. Lisa Marie says:

    I had a lot of teachers that I remember fondly. I’ll say my high school physics teacher was extra special since he encouraged me to study engineering, which led me to a college I hadn’t previously considered, which is where I met a cute boy who became my husband, which led to our wonderful son. So I guess that physics teacher really set the path for my life to some degree. Hooray for Mr. Jones!

  340. Alicia DeRoche says:

    My favorite teacher and grade was in second grade. She was fun and really tall! She would stand on our desks and dance across them!

  341. Cheryl W. says:

    My favorite teacher was my first and second grade teacher, Mrs. Wagner. She taught in a one room country school with grades one through six. When I was in third grade Pin Oak School was closed and the building moved in order to build route 66. Does that tell you how old I am?

  342. Kim says:

    I had a lot of favorite teachers. I loved my business class with Mrs Fechter Love the new giveaway yo uare offering. Had they taught us fractions in school via quilting I would have learned them faster 🙂

  343. Vicky says:

    Since I have lived within a mile of my first grade teacher my entire life, it would have to be her. She treated my kids like her own grandkids. She is a wonderful lady. Thank you for a great giveaway, can’t wait to get a copy of this book. timewilltell63 at yahoo dot com

  344. kthurn says:

    Typing class was my favorite in high school and I did very well I don’t think they teach typing anymore. I have taken typing tests recently and can still type 79 accurate words per minute. kthurn(at)bektel(dot)com

  345. I fell in love early with school because of my first grade teacher Mrs Eliason. She was the sweetest teacher EVER!

  346. Sandie says:

    My favorite teacher was my first grade teacher, Mrs. Ruth Speer. Always think of her fondly and hope she knew how much her kindness meant to me as a child. Thanks for the chance to recognize her publicly! And the chance to win your generous prizes!

  347. Wendy says:

    I remember most of my teachers and then there are a few that I would like to forget. I guess my favorite was probably my kindergarten teacher because she was my great aunt.

  348. Kim Rich says:

    In the first grade one of my classmates told me that Santa was not real. I was so mad I hit her in the nose and I had to go to the principals office. We ended up finding out we lived up the street from each other and became best friends !

  349. My favorite teacher was 2nd grade Miss Hill. Always kind & gentle while teaching me penmanship . (do they even teach penmanship now?) hmm.


  350. Kath S says:

    My favorite teacher taught all the ‘office/admin’ classes – like typing, bookkeeping, shorthand, and keypunching. She let me work at my own pace and because I loved bookkeeping I finished that class really early and started on the next year’s class level (finished that also and was able to graduate in January my senior year). Love your pillow!

  351. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. McCormack. She taught history and made it fun! I had her for both 7th and 8th grade.

  352. Deb Fleming says:

    Mrs English my 10th grade teacher she was super hard and strict but I Lear ed the most from her

  353. vivoaks says:

    My favorite class all through school was band!! (Except for the marching at football games – it gets COLD in NY in October & November) The high school band director was Luther Hoffman – a very well-known band director in NY in his day. He was excellent!!

  354. Lois says:

    Jr high would have to be Mrs. Torkelson and high school would be Mr. Bomhoff. Outstanding teachers that you learn a lot from.

  355. Maureen D says:

    Not sure if favorite memory but best remembered is the time inMrs Goodnight’s first grade class where I was put out in the hallfortalking too much! bad decision since every time someone ( usually a teacher walking by) asked me what I was doing there’ and I replied: I talk too much! Love all Moda fabrics especially layer cakes and jelly rolls!

  356. Jill catlin says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr Grillo- 11th grade history!

  357. Wendy says:

    My favorite teacher was Miss Berry – 8th and 9th French teacher. She opened up her classroom prior to school starting and we could just hang out. She was great.

  358. Pat hannan says:

    My favorite teacher was mrs knight in first grade. She had the 1960 hair sprayed hairdo. It was blonde and she was very young and fashion minded. She was nicest teacher in the school according to me.

  359. Vicki says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Ferneyhough. (Pronounced Fur-knee-how) she once gave a “diamond pin” for a perfect spelling test. Inside the prize box was a dime and a straight pin! (A dime and pin….get it!) What a fun teacher!!

  360. Cindi P says:

    Mr. Lund 8th grade English teacher.

  361. Maureen Haynes says:

    My favourite teacher was Mr. Halliday. He was my grade 7 teacher and the first male teacher that I had. He taught Science, my favourite subject!

  362. Tamie says:

    I love Mrs. Bishop and my AP Biology class. Such a great teacher.

  363. Erin Haugh says:

    My first grade teacher was Mrs. Kirk-she got married during our school year – very exciting! Fast forward to sophomore year in high school – I dated her nephew! And my best friend dated her other nephew for 2 years! Small world!

  364. Joy says:

    My favorite teacher was my Home Ec teacher Mrs Wong.

  365. Judy Zoll says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Patillo. She was a librarian and a history teacher. I grew up and became a librarian and history teacher. Thanks Mrs. Patillo–I had a great career!

  366. Sally Groff says:

    Wow, my favorite teacher would have to have been Mr. Reiner. He was such a character. I never saw him in a bad mood. He made learning so much fun. He would go off the subject and talk about “M*A*S*H” or tell jokes. His classes were never dull! I had him for Business classes in high school.

  367. J Miranda says:

    As a retired teacher, I love the idea of a Pre-Cut Primer. The patterns look great, and the great colors reflect the wonder of any classroom. My favorite teacher was Mr. Brzinski our band teacher/director. He was a great musician and made football games and competitions fun for all.

  368. Lisa garber says:

    My favorite teacher was when I was in 5th grade. His name was Mr. Gill. He would always do this funny thing with his cheeks and sound like Donald Duck lol.

  369. Pamela says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Carmack. He taught us to think for ourselves and outside the box. Also, it was okay if our opinion was not the same as his. Just use our minds and develop our own ideas. That was in high school. He’s gone now, but all the students loved him. Love your pillow and I think the book is a great idea!

  370. duchick says:

    Nothin’ better than a rowdy blog hop!
    My favorite teacher was Miss Doser, my 1st grade teacher. I was incredibly shy and attached to my mom at the start of the year, and Miss Doser took me under her wing to console me and make sure I was OK. I was a fast learner and swore she was a magician because soon I was reading! READING! I didn’t think I’d ever be able to do that! She inspired me so much that I became a teacher too, and have waved my magic wand over many kids, teaching them what they thought they’d never learn.

  371. tbcushman says:

    I’ve never won any of these quilting giveaways, but I won’t win if I don’t enter! Thanks for the opportunity!

  372. Betsi Bee says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Mastro. He taught English and often used music to do it. He would give us a title of a song and ask us to research the author,words and develop an essay on what the song meant to us. In ninth grade, 20 years ago, that was a bit heavy duty yet extremely inspirational. I have never forgotten that man and his wisdom. He taught creativity in many forms!

  373. Jill Meador says:

    The First grade had to be my favorite-learned to read, numbers, arts-all the building steps towards life. And meeting some of my life long friends.

  374. Margie Scott says:

    The teacher I remember best was my 11th grade world history teacher. She was
    quirky and a little bit scary but really knew her history…possibly because she had lived through most of it.
    I learned a lot from her though

  375. Vanessa says:

    I must’ve been lucky. There really wasn’t a teacher that I absolutely didn’t like. There were things about all of them that I liked. Hated school but I think I’d like to go back to this ‘school’! 🙂

  376. Cathy C says:

    My favorite teacher was Sister Mary who taught all the math classes in my very small high school. Math just made sense, no ambiguity. Now I teach math and love it, especially geometry. Dot and Dash seems like my kind of fabric…

  377. Bonnie Halvorson says:

    My favorite teacher teacher was Mr. Halvorson. He taught bookkeeping which I went into after high school. Mr. Halvorson has also been my brother-in-law for 38 years now.

  378. Jean Speake says:

    Mr. Jan Denman, high school Mass Media class–I think it was the first time a teacher gave us permission to think outside of the box! Love your pillow and these fabrics!

  379. Judy J says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Talley who taught several of my high school classes. I love the fabric and the quilts in the book.

  380. Julie D. says:

    My favorite teacher in school was my high school biology and anatomy teacher, Ms. Gee. I had always liked science. She helped shape my future in Nursing. My son was also a second generation student and enjoyed learning from her as much a as I did.

  381. Betty says:

    My Phys Ed teacher (not that I liked PE) because she was also a great art teacher.

  382. Freda says:

    One of favorite teachers was Mrs. Culver 11 grade English , as a result became a teacher my self taught for 39 years…Loved it now retired and having t I’m to sew with me my sisters happy fabric every group they have just makes me smile this is why I call it happy fabric..Keep it c owing girls

  383. Catherine S. says:

    My favorite teacher was Sister Margaret. I had her four years in a row for High School English. She made it all so interesting!

  384. Melanie D says:

    My favorite teacher was Miss Vercautren who taught fourth grade at my catholic school.

  385. Helen LeBrett says:

    Mrs. McKenna: she was my 9th grade gym teacher, but as a new teacher, she made PE fun for all us non-athletic types, and even taught us some nutrition. It was the only year I liked PE!!

  386. Barbara says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Bryan in 7th grade. She was ahead of her time!

  387. My favorite teacher was Mr. Zak in Junior High. His method of teaching worked the best for me.
    tracinecharest at Gmail dot com

  388. Doreen Cook says:

    My favorite teacher was my music teacher in high school, Alfred Richter.

  389. Chris says:

    No favorite teachers but science was always the favorite subject.

  390. Suzi smith says:

    Math was a favorite of mine!

  391. Erica says:

    My favourite class was Home Ec because we got to sew!

  392. Carol Vevea says:

    I really enjoyed school so this is hard because I had many teachers that I liked and that inspired me. One of my favorites was Mr. Colvin for 20th Century History my senior year. It was a presidential election year and we really got into that, ending with an election party! I also really enjoyed and learned so much from Mr. Jim Swenson, an excellent math teacher.
    Love the fabrics you’re offering!

  393. Pamela says:

    I liked school and had several favorite teachers thru the years. My favorite subjects were english and home ec. I learned to sew in the 7th grade. We made a skirt with a zipper. My daughter wore my skirt when she was in high school. My favorite teachers were the ones that really challenged us to learn more and more.

  394. Mary Ann Platt says:

    I have many wonderful memories of school. I was a child of poverty so school was a safe secure place. Many teachers encouraged me, With their help, I attended a work program college, College of the Ozarks. I then had the joy of teaching for 33 years, encouraging other children.

  395. Elaine says:

    Ha! This is my security question in case I lose my password… So I will just say Miss Smith, yes that was really her name. She taught me to sew in summer school when I was 9 or 10. She was super pretty and looked like Cher. Thank you for the giveaway. 🙂

  396. Debra - Outback Crafter says:

    Oh cute fabrics and awesome looking book.
    I loved all of school but particularly grade one.

  397. goonyburd says:

    I can’t remember too much. LOL!I did have a teacher in high school who gave all his students a copy of “The Cross and the Switchblade”, which did mean a lot to me about 5 years later when I became a Christian!

  398. I loved my 12th grade biology teacher Ms. Carroll.

  399. […] 2, 2015 Me and My Sister Designs Moda Fabrics Pat Sloan April […]

  400. QuiltSue says:

    My French teacher, Miss Kaye was my favourite.

  401. Jo Anne Hawks says:

    Mrs. Richardson, 8th grade English teacher. She was excellent at teaching proper grammar.

  402. Carole S. says:

    I LOVED Mrs. Stevenson, my third grade teacher, but recently ran into my first grade teacher, Mrs. Holmquist, and decided she must have been my all-time fave. She was just a little bit taller than us kids, and we trusted her completely. I’m sure she can tell some tales about us! We were such a rowdy class, though, that I’m sure all our teachers were saints.

  403. stacey larson says:

    My 12th grade teacher Coach Hood. We lived in Florida and ironically I am now in touch with him through facebook and he and I both live in NC. He’s a few hours away. He was a math teacher and also the coach of the football team. He kept things very interesting, kept us focused and taught us a lot.

  404. Paige says:

    My favorite class was home economics

  405. Kim says:

    I liked math class the best.

  406. Anita says:

    Math was my favorite subject in high school, and thanks to my teacher at that time I got interested in science and I am now an engineer!

  407. benncooking says:

    My favorite all time Teacher was Mr. Armstrong. In first grade she taught us we can be anything we want and reach for the stars. One of the assignments to improve our handwriting was to write a letter to the astronauts. (I am telling my age here). I still remember planning out what i was going to say in my letter. The awesome thing, they wrote back. Not a typed form letter, but handwritten. How cool was that.

  408. Ruth says:

    Band–definitely band–concert band, marching band, any kind of band…. I played the flute and piccolo, and loved playing the piccolo in marching band cuz I could keep it warm up my sleeve–definitely a plus in the COLD Michigan UP!

  409. Diane says:

    My favorite teacher was my 5th grade history teacher.. She made history come alive. I still love reading autobiographies and studying genealogy to this day.

  410. Phaye says:

    My favorite class was gym….mostly because of Mrs Erickson. She was a wonderful teacher. Taught all of us more about how to live life than how to run laps.

  411. Lynnette Lamance says:

    My 2nd grade teacher Mrs Gaynor, was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. I obviously thought the world of her as she is one of just a few, whose name I remember lol

  412. Dana Gaffney says:

    My favorite was 6th grade when the “real” art classes started, lots of creativity and supplies.

  413. Renea says:

    My high school business teacher. I took every class he taught and was on the Yearbook staff as he was the teacher in charge of the yearbook. Mr. Roberts!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  414. Leota Krantz says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Pence. He taught high school science, physics, etc. His facial expressions were fabulous along with is laughter. Always a great class … and you learned something too. Win, Win.

  415. Nancy Andrews says:

    My favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher, Miss Kuhn. She was young and fabulous! It was a difficult year for me with the arrival of a new little brother and having mono the 1st six weeks of school. Miss Kuhn helped me navigate those issues very successfully. She became a lifelong friend of our whole family!!!!

  416. Chiska says:

    My favorite teacher was the librarian, Ms Harris. She even made my first two children quilts–she stayed amazing even after she was my teacher.

  417. Darlene H says:

    Fourth grade with Mrs Dorsten was awesome.

  418. PAuline Gudas says:

    My favorite teacher was my third grade teacher , Mrs Russell, at Lincoln School. She was demanding but a very caring teacher. She wanted all of her students to excel

  419. Carmie Anderson says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs Raber. I now live in the house she grew up in. I lived here for 46 yrs. She was very happy when she found out I lived here! A wonderful teacher and person!!

  420. Joanne says:

    School was being able to see lots of friends. Had amazing teachers and beautiful books to read. Would be sew fun to get to be your lucky winner

  421. Mindy Jacobs says:

    My third grade teacher Mr. Elinko from Fountain Elementary was by far my favorite teacher! He was always involved in the everyday goings on of his children in his class. He took the time to make sure that each and everyone of us knew that we were special in our own unique ways. That everyone learns different and that is OK, he made sure we excelled iland tried to be a positive force in our life. My son also had the same teacher 20 years later and he was still the most caring teacher I have ever known.

  422. Kathy h says:

    My third grade teacher. We had just moved to the area and she made me feel right at home in her class.

  423. jmniffer says:

    Favorite class was Biology, favorite teacher was Mrs. Frish in third grade.

  424. Deb says:

    Looks like a great book! Kindergarten was traumatic for me…..leaving mom and all! I can remember standing by the window in the Kindergarten class crying as I watched my mom walk away (we lived only a few blocks from school but it seemed like she was VERY far away!) By first grade I was fine, LOVED learning to read – we read lots of stories in first grade. But my all out favorite teacher was Mr. Joe, by 6th grade teacher.

  425. Frau Rieger was my German teacher and I just adored her! She was almost like a second mom to me 🙂

  426. Vicki says:

    I was a teacher/educator for 36 years so I had many favorite teachers. Mrs. Hammond, who taught me to sew, is my choice for this comment. I love this fabric and can’t wait to order this book because I need to use my precut stash up!

  427. Jasmine says:

    Probably not a shocker to hear my favorite class was my 11th grade sewing class and that teacher was also my favorite. We got to pick our projects and more than one quilt was made there. 🙂 Love that fabric!

  428. Corinna @corinna_maycreations says:

    My favourite teacher was Mrs Quigan in Year 2. Not only was she an amazing teacher but I secretly believed she was Mrs Claus. Seriously she looked just like what I imagined Santa’s wife would look like

  429. pgtrans says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Lane, my business ed teacher. She encouraged me and I just really enjoyed learning in her classes…so much so that I got a degree in business education.

  430. Elizabeth Bechstein says:

    I think my favorite teacher was Mrs. Rutherford in first grade. My mother pares away that school year and she wad such a nice loving teacher. Going to school have me a chance to forget for a few hours and having a loving motherly teacher was such a help. My mom had taught me to read and write before i went school, so books became my go to place to get away.

  431. Brenda Peters says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Harry Putt. He was the band director, and also taught music history and lit. I took his music history class, but was also his student aide one period of the day. He was a good listener, and would let us come by his house (he had a son that was in the same grade I was) to talk. It was a hard time for me, my dad (my rock) was sick, and he passed away my junior year of high school. Had Mr. Putt not been there, I’m not sure how I would have handled losing my dad, school and work. Unfortunately, Mr. Putt passed away a few years after I graduated, and I never got a chance to tell him how he impacted my life.

  432. Susan says:

    My favorite teacher was Miss Nelson. I think she was my 2nd grade teacher. Too long ago to remember.

  433. marcella says:

    Love that pillow you made! My favorite teacher was Miss Taylor – she taught me how to sew and embroider and do needlepoint…back in the days when there was home ec. in school 🙂

  434. Helen says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Heaton. She was my first grade teacher.

  435. Karen says:

    In my 7th grade Home Ec class, I was introduced to sewing. That was 50 years ago this year, and I have never stopped sewing and quilting. Thank you, Mrs. McDonald.

  436. ferne says:

    My favorite teacher was my kindergarten teacher and I hate to say that I don’t remember her name. My sister had her the next year and in the middle of the school year she passed away. I remember feeling so sad about that.

  437. Michelle Seal says:

    Miss Allen was my 6th grade teacher, and she taught me to be a lifelong reader!

  438. Joan says:

    My business Ed teacher Mrs. Gaustad. She was a no nonsense teacher. Her classroom was like being in a business office, it was a great learning environment.

  439. Jeanne says:

    Mme Ze – best teacher ever!! I had her all 4 years of high school and she even came to my wedding. When I went to college I tested out of all the French classes they had. Loved her!

  440. Diana Allen says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Walton. He taught 5th grade history, and he just made it fun. It wasn’t all reading out of the book, we put on plays and made maps, and you never knew what he would be up to, but that we might go on a treasure hunt, visit different places without even leaving the school. He would even dress the part. What fun, learning was!

  441. Lori Smanski says:

    what a adorable pillow. such a fabulous give a way. thanks for a chance. my favorite teacher was 4th grade – Mr. Mitchell. He was a “hands-on” teacher. He would dress up for certain historical figures we were learning about. He even had four other adults help him while learning about George Washington. Every day he would have us put our heads down on the desk half way through the day just to rest. We did not have to sleep. Just rest. He would play instrumental music softly. He was involved in all his students lives.

  442. lisamcgriff says:

    My favorite teacher in school was Mrs. McClendon. We had a rocky start but she saw something in me and she was determined to bring it out. She later helped me get my first job and then a few years later I ended up working for her nephew. Little did I know when he talked about his Aunt Snooky he was talking about Mrs. McClendon. Such a sweet soul she was!

  443. nancyangerer says:

    Since I am now 73 years old, this is ancient history. I do remember one high school English teacher that I really liked. Her name was Miss Warhan. I am not sure of the spelling.

  444. Mary says:

    My favorite class was PE, and I took it all four years even though only one was required. Archery, gymnastics, volleyball, and softball come to mind as favorites and Miss Conley led the way. She made everybody feel important and kept us motivated.

  445. Barbara Forde says:

    I had many teachers and classes that I loved. My all time favourite was Miss Petter in Grade three who introduced me to the wonderful world of books.

  446. Kristy says:

    Fun fabrics!!! Mrs. Little….high school literature. She believed in me and challenged me when I needed it most!

  447. Miss Jewel, fourth grade, 1958-59. She were her hair in pin curls that were never brushed out. She pinned notes to her bosom with safety pins. She read to us every single day.

  448. Deborah says:

    My total favourite class was music. Any kind. From music we sat and listened to, to music we could try and make, I loved it all. Still do. It is a global language.

  449. Kathleen O'Grady says:

    I had several great teachers in school but I remember my first grade teacher the best. What a great, wonderful lady, Mrs. Clark. Love your pillow and I want to make one now.

  450. Debra Stebbins says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. James……. in 1st grade. WE would bring in our Elvis records she would play one song on the record player during recess. I could use a little Dot, Dot, dash….. to create with myself…..

  451. Shari K. says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Clifton.

  452. Vicky says:

    Fourth grade, Mrs. Vincent. She made history and geography so much fun as she was a world traveler and had slides she had taken for almost every country we studied. Then there was Mrs. Hanchey in high school. I had her for three years of French. She encouraged me so much, and tried her hardest to get ride of my Cajun accent. I think she failed! 😉 Love the fabrics. Must get that book.

  453. Dania Kinney says:

    5th grade, Mrs. Lamp from Jefferson Elementary in Bettendorf, Iowa. A strict teacher but a great teacher.

  454. Patty D says:

    Favorite teacher was probably my high school math teacher. He challenged us all and sparked a love for math

  455. Well it would have to be 7th grade teacher Mr. Thomas. Back in the 60’s, going to grade school in the country, most teachers were female. Mr. Thomas was the first male teacher for the first time at my school in 7th grade. He was a very lively teacher that kept his students attention…..and if he thought you were not paying attention he would sometimes get your attention with a toss of the eraser at you……LOL. Needless to say we were very attentive.

  456. Marie Chat says:

    I’d have to say my favorite teacher in elementary was my fifth grade teacher. She was so imaginative with how we learned a lot of things. One of my faves was when it was inclement weather at lunchtime (also when we had recess) we’d go back to the classroom and play ‘baseball’. She’d give us a math problem that we had to solve in our heads to earn the base. Fun and made me love Math! Thanks for the giveaway!

  457. Barbara McDonald says:

    If you had already known that I was a retired music educator, it wouldn’t surprise you at all to find out that my favorite teacher was Mr. Lee, my high school band director. His influence was far-reaching, not only touching my career, but my heart as well. Many, many happy moments have been experienced because of his teaching and I will never be able to thank him enough for his positive role in my life.

  458. Paulline says:

    You know I am so old that I don’t remember any of my elementary teachers. I do remember a sweet
    Home Ek teacher that taught me to make a suit pattern in High School…I had her for all 4 years being the only student in the class the last 3 years. Guess no one signed up but me?

  459. Pamela says:

    My favorite teacher was in 5th grade, Mr. Hill. Great sense of humor! He use to nod off in class when students were doing presentations. The last day of school we were allowed to mimic his teaching style and one boy did his of the teacher nodding off in class. Mr. Hill laughed so hard at himself.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  460. emmy234 says:

    The teacher I admired the most was a high school math teacher. He was encouraging, kind and expected our best.

  461. Brita says:

    Do they even teach ancient history any more? I loved that class, and the teacher, who was young and enthusiastic. It was so long ago, I can’t recall her name, though.

  462. Ann D says:

    Well, in high school I had Mr. and Mrs. Butterfield for teachers. Mr. B was my English teacher and Mrs. B was for math. I really enjoyed both of them. Funny thing, Mr. B grew roses and occasionally I would notice scratches on his hands from the rose thorns. Thanks for bringing back happy memories.

  463. Lizzie says:

    I liked Mr. Harvey….9th grade english teacher….because he made us memorize poetry. So I still recite Robert Frost poetry!

  464. I remember Miss Honey from 2nd grade-yep, that was her real name! Then there was Mr. Bahr in Jr. High-he was the Horticulture instructor. I got in trouble in 6th grade in Mr. Anno’s class (but I deserved it). Mr. Corelli was the drama teacher in high school, but we all just called him Mr. C!

  465. Jackie says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. McGowan. She taught 5th grade. She read books out loud to us and played the piano too. She was so much fun, we didn’t even realize we were learning. When she “retired” she moved her piano playing to the Senior Center.

  466. Helen says:

    My maths teacher in secondary school, Mr Keegan. He was a pilot in the RAF before teaching maths. He had such interesting stories to tell.

  467. bee says:

    My AP US HIstory teacher rocked! he was always making it interesting and fun and really worked to help us be as prepared as possible for the AP exam.

  468. Lauralee Saad says:

    I had too many favorite teachers to pick just one…. my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Quist, my second grade teacher, Mrs. Mayfield, my seventh grade teacher, Mr. Shelton, my high school history teacher, Mrs. Ramsey, my college grammar teacher, Dr. Lyday-Lee.

  469. Audrey says:

    My favourite teacher was Mrs. Thiessen in Grade 5 and 6. I loved her and was very disappointed when she left in May of Grade 5 to have her first child. She was forgiven though as she returned in the fall as our half time Grade 6 teacher. We were all so glad to see her and she said she was very happy about spending more time with our class. I guess we must have been an awesome group.

  470. Karen Herrick says:

    My favorite teacher was my band teacher Dr. O, kept me on track and organized. Marching band was great to be a part of, made friends for life.

  471. Mary says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Inga Robbins – 4th grade.

  472. Tina Sheppard says:

    I had the same teacher for both first and second grade. Mrs. Eikleberry was wonderful. I would give her a hug every day before I went home. She truly cared about all of her students. She gave me a love for learning. Thank you Mrs. Eikleberry. Even though I am 58 years old, I still love you.

  473. Rommy van Houten says:

    My favorite teacher was my mother, She teached me the love for sewing

  474. Elaine Mast says:

    My favorite teacher was probably my 2nd grade. She was a sweet grandmotherly type and she never forgot her students, even years after she retired.

  475. Judy Sigsworth says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Stuart for typing. He was a former Marine drill instructor, and let me tell you, we all learned pretty quickly that you did not want to type slow or have a typo! And that was back in the days of manual typewriters.

  476. Ansje says:

    Sewing class, of course, starting in the third grade 🙂

  477. Angela says:

    My fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Johnson, she was so patient and kind.

  478. Jean F says:

    Wow those are beautiful, would love to win some. It is really hard to narrow down to one favorite teacher. but I would choose Miss Ashmore. I had her for second and third grade, both of them were split grade classes. She had such a calm demeanor and patience with a room full of kids. A few years ago some of her students got together with her for dinner and she hasn’t changed a bit.

  479. PeggyP says:

    Mrs. McQuarter – my K teacher. She was a gem.

  480. gator1378 says:

    I love dots! Oh alas! I do not remember her name but she was my 3rd grade teacher. She taught us much more than primer school stuff. She taught me compassion! I was picked to help the other student who was blind. I got to help her by reading to her and showing her where to follow along. It was an amazing experience, one I have never forgot.

  481. sandy L says:

    Dots and/ or plaids, can’t be beat. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Harvie in grade ten cooking class.

  482. Gretchen says:

    My favorite class was chemistry in 10th grade, partly because our teacher was cute but mostly because I found it really easy. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  483. Sherry says:

    My favorite teacher was my 4th grade teacher. I don’t remember her name but I do remember that she was young and very pretty. What I liked most about her was that she helped develop my love for reading and she also gave me a part in a class play that helped a very shy girl come out of her shell a little.

  484. Barbara Martin says:

    My Favorite teacher was Sister Joyce Marie, she was my second grade teacher. She made the biggest impression on me. I love Moda and thanks for a chance to win some magnificent fabric!

  485. Donna W says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs Gorley my home-ec teacher in 7th and 8th grade. She is the one how helped me become passionate about my sewing.

  486. Maxine Close says:

    My favorite teacher was Ms. Sullivan in 3rd grade. She was a very kind and caring teacher. We had to move in the middle of her class. She gave me a book to remember her by.

  487. Carol says:

    I had some great teachers…one favorite was Miss Muir. She was young, single, and a lot of fun.

  488. Susan says:

    One of my favorite teachers was my 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Bridges.she introduced me to the love of reading!! Love the colors in Dot Dot Dash!!

  489. Cecilia says:

    My favorite class was my typing class! I love your version of the 2nd grade quilt.

  490. Victoria says:

    My favorite teacher was named Mr. Hazen. We’re Facebook friends now.

  491. Audrey Bares says:

    My favorite teacher was Sr. Mary Martin who taught 1st and 2nd grades. She was kind and patient and fun to have as a teacher. Although she was my favorite, I liked all of my teachers and the variety of teaching methods they used. I also love Moda fabric!

  492. Anne Groskreutz says:

    My favorite teacher was my first grade teacher…Mrs. Bottoms. She made school fun and I loved it! Then my high school science and math teacher, Mr Boothroyd, made science and math my favorite subjects. Thanks for the memories.

  493. Betsy says:

    Mrs. Michaels, 3rd grade. Than at the end of the year I found out she was moving to 4th grade and I got to have her again!

  494. Donna Gies says:

    I loved my high school world history teacher, Mrs Penney. Love Moda fabric as well.


    Mrs. Smarr, she was happy to have someone who would always get her name right… our’s was Darr. Mr. Nelson was my science teacher in Jr. High, he took us to an Army Survival camp for a week and we had sessions on how science & math was involved in everything we did there and in everyday life.

  496. Lynn says:

    Oh! Mrs. Pierce was my favorite teacher….6th grade….invited me to spend the night at her house and took me to a play. Never would happen like that in today’s world!!!

  497. Joni Keskey says:

    My favorite teacher was Miss Kennedy . As a junior, we were required to take American History. She brought history to life for me and it became my favorite class.

  498. Mama O says:

    Mr. Sirignano – 11th Grade World History. What a challenging and lovely man. He passed away before he knew I had become a teacher.

  499. Sally Dixon says:

    Mrs. Shelby was my typing and shorthand teacher in high school.My best friend and I took the classes together and loved her!

  500. barbe says:

    my grade three teacher miss. Nichols, she was so very kind.

  501. carol n says:

    My favorite teacher was my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Averill, very nice lady and a great teacher.

  502. Karen Shackleford says:

    Favorite teacher was Mrs. Davis, my 4th grade teacher. I wanted to grow up to be just like her. But I didn’t. Thanks for the chance!!

  503. Beth Ann Andrews says:

    My fav teacher was Mrs. Lugo, 9th and 10th grade math!

  504. Greta says:

    Andrew Levitt, high school English!

  505. Lori Morton says:

    LOVE your Pillow!! Perfect!! Awesome job!! & yes!! my mailbox would love some Dot Dot Dash left in it! (ME too! giggle…)

    My favorite class was Home Ec..where I was bitten by the Sewing Bug! Don’t remember teacher’s name tho…but was super!

  506. Julie in GA says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Brieman, my English teacher for my junior and senior years of high school.

  507. My favorite teacher was probably my first grade teacher, Mrs. Dean.

  508. Karen A says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Clark, my english teacher in ninth grade.

  509. Belinda gill says:

    I don’t remember her name, but she was my Math teacher in 7th grade. She was so kind and made Math look easy.

  510. Tonya Morton says:

    Miss Munson, 6th grade, who helped me discover a love for writing and teaching.

  511. My favorite teacher was Miss Schreck, my 4th grade teacher. She did cool things, like popcorn parties and neat science experiments. And she let me by her helper before school started. She was such a sweet and kind lady.

  512. Lavonna ZWB says:

    3rd Grade, Mrs. Roach. She was a sweet, short little lady who must have been in her 60s. I was always fascinated by her hands – it was as though she had see-through skin. I loved her for it. She was inspiring, encouraging, loved Snoopy and wore pink every single day, never any other color. Loved her.

  513. Megan says:

    My 6th grade teacher was my favorite -Mr Bridges and I still exchange letters every year at Christmas, 30+ years later!

  514. Betty Harden says:

    My latin teacher, Mrs. Heilman was very special, and I have always remembered and appreciated her. She had a deformed little arm, but it was not a handicap, nor did it slow her down. She was an excellent teacher. Would love to win dot dot dash fabric. It is lovely.. I am a Modaholic. Jusrt give me Moda and I am happy. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  515. Pam S says:

    What delightful fabric! My favorite teacher was my 7th grade teacher, Miss Malin. Thanks for the fun!

  516. Gina S. says:

    Art classes., loved making things.

  517. […] 2, 2015Me and My Sister Designs Moda Fabrics Pat Sloan April […]

  518. rosa says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr Paco, my maths teacher.

  519. Kristine says:

    I had a second grade teacher that truly inspired me to be the best I could be. I’ll always be grateful for Mrs Osaka!

  520. Sherry B says:

    I had a fun but strict English teacher in junior high for “home room” (do they even have that any more?). She called her students “Brass Tacks” because she said the harder she pushed us, the sharper we got! And yes, I did get an “A” in her class.

  521. Frances Quigley says:

    I loved English and especially literature. Can’t remember the teacher tho.

  522. Dorothy Schreyer says:

    My favorite teacher, was actually our principal in grade school. Mr. Manly Stephens, he took me home the first day of 6th grade at lunch, because my allergies were so bad, I had used up my little box of Kleenex before noon and he knew my mom was at work and my grandmother had daycare kids so no one could come get me. I ended up being sick the first week of school. But, he always took care of us kids, we were his second family.

  523. Deborah says:

    I really loved 4th grade with Mrs. Blessen!

  524. Pam Jolly says:

    My favorite teacher was my second grade teacher, Mrs. Pillowsky. She had us call her Mrs. Pill because our little tongues just couldn’t wrap around Pillowsky. She was a kind and caring teacher to every child and incredibly patient with all of us.

  525. Teresa @Aurea's Kitchen says:

    I love chemistry!!!

  526. Charlene says:

    My favorite teacher, it’s a hard choice as I was lucky and had quite a few wonderful teachers through the years. Favorite Elementary teacher was Mrs. Dowd, she read aloud The Little Princess and The Secret Garden each day after lunch, how I lived those lovely stories. Junior High would be our feisty home-ec teacher for clothing Ms. Gorin, I got pricked with the sewing bug then and she sold me my first sewing machine when the school upgraded theirs. High school was Mr. Heindl, our lovely animated History and French teacher. He would dress the part as Speaker of the House for opening of our mock Parliament(Canadian), and he truly lived the history he taught us. He only spoke French during class and we all grew so much in our understanding. Hooray for wonderful gifted teachers.

  527. Jenny says:

    4th grade teacher Mrs Berghoff introduced me to Madeline L’Engles, A Wrinkle In Time and I will forever be grateful for the beginning of my love affair with books.

  528. Denise W says:

    Junior high home-ec opened up a whole new world for me. The teacher – not the best, but the subject was great. In high school, I was not exactly an academic star. But again, I thrived in the home-ec areas. I took every sewing class they had, with a sweet teacher – Ann, and tried to take some twice. No go. I love to sew and would be happy to do ‘sew’ all day. Thanks for sharing with us!

  529. Katy M says:

    Mrs Smith 🙂

  530. Britiney says:

    Mrs. Moon – 1st Grade.

  531. Karen Barrie says:

    Mrs. Johnson, first grade teacher, she had us reading a book with birds in it…then she had us bring
    fabric in and we traced and stitched our birds together….stuffed with pantyhose…sewed buttons for the
    eye…felt for the wings…I still have it !!! and I am 62 years young now….and I have sewed and sewed
    and created everyday since then….

    One other teacher that was a treasure in my life…Mrs. Marge Bishop, our Home Ec, teacher…your
    project should look just as nice on the inside as the outside !! Trim, snip and finish… She is 95 years
    old now !!! and I just had lunch with her on my last trip back home to Connecticut…

    When Marge turned 90 I made her a simple and fun Happy Birthday Mini Quilt with sewing motif fabrics and special buttons from my grandmother’s button box….the family took a photo of it for the
    cover book they made for her Birthday celebration…..

    I smile every time I think of these special ladies that lead me down this wonderful path of sewing and

    Thanks for letting me share these special thoughts !!

  532. Estie says:

    One of my favorite teachers was Sister Monica. She was my 7th grade homeroom teacher and apparently she saw some leadership qualities in me that I never knew I had. I was a very quiet and shy child. With her encouragement I was “voted” to be a class representative to the student council. This experience helped me to speak up more and know that I could be a leader.

  533. Shellie says:

    I remember second grade because I had young teacher. I remember learning phonics and Spanish. That was the year I decided to go into teaching. I have recently retired from teaching in VA? The last grade I taught was second!

  534. Sue Hunt says:

    Mr. Griffin – high school history. He was a grumpy (but sweet) guy, who was always willing to tell me when I was doing lazy work. Because I liked him, I never wanted to hear that – he got me to do better work, something I was smart enough even then to value 🙂

  535. Gisele Echols says:

    My first grade teacher, Mrs. Sanders, was very intimidating because she was so tall, but she was very sweet with a deep, soothing voice. Both of my older sisters had her for first grade and I was thrilled to get her and finally get to read about the adventures of Dick, and Sally, and Jane, and Spot (oops, just told my age!).

    Thanks for the give-a-way!

  536. Cindy says:

    Aside from my mom, an educator for 30+ years, my favorite was Mrs. Seidel, my junior high home ec teacher. A very elegant, patient woman who taught me to sew and understand correct garment fitting, how to cook, how a ‘lady’ sits and gets in and out of a car, and the proper way to cut and serve a grapefruit half. To this day, and there have been a lot of them ;), I’m compelled to cut each section individually. Funny what sticks with you.

  537. Terri U says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Soden my Home Ec teacher. She pushed me to try new things and I even went on to get a degree in Vocational Home Economics.

  538. Sarah says:

    My favorite teacher was my mother, who taught me 3-12 grade!

  539. Brenda Mitchell says:

    My favourite: Mr. Boyd. High school history and Social Studies.

  540. Susan McGregor says:

    My favourite teacher was in Grade 5 – Mr. Cash. He had long hair and played Beatles songs on the guitar! I think I’m dating myself!

  541. Dianne Whittle says:

    I loved Year 12 – here in Australia that’s our last year of schooling. I loved the sense of camaraderie, the friendships, the excitement that this was our last year of school and that we were finally about to be free of school and out in the big wide world to start our lives.

  542. My favorite teacher in school was my music/choir teacher Mr. Hart. He made such a difference in my life and my chosen profession.

  543. Amy says:

    Mrs. Davenport, grade 5, a long time ago, but still remember a great year.

  544. eve elliott says:

    My 1st grade teacher was Sister Gertude. I loved her…so patient and kind to all. She was also my youngest sister’s 1st grade teacher 11years later and told her she looked just like me!

  545. Ms. Tipton was my first grade teacher. I loved her and I still remember her.

  546. Nicole Sender says:

    I had a great 1st & 2nd grade teacher: Rita Bruhl! She was exceptional!

  547. Phyllis Latham says:

    Favorite Teacher: Probably Mrs. Phillips the home ec teacher. I took her class all four years of high school.Thanks for the chance to win a great prize!

  548. My favourite teacher was either Mr Hall (grade 5) or Mr Fredericks (grade 3/4). However, for being a good sport with my crazy 15yo friends, Mr Holstein takes the cake.
    Great giveaway, I love Me and My Sister’s stuff. Thanks for the chance to win!

  549. Kathe says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Holtz in 6th grade – this was a new school and there were only 8 of us – loved it. Thanks for the info.

  550. Jane A says:

    My very favorite teacher of all my years in school was Dr.Caldwell. She taught English literature classes in college and made it challenging and enjoyable at the same time.

  551. Margaret in AZ says:

    I learned so much from my Latin teacher (grades 10-12). Ms. Cote lived into her 90’s and was such an interesting character. I always wondered if she had a secret life (outside of the maiden lady school teacher face she presented in school). Thanks for a chance to win

  552. Carolyn McCord says:

    I lived in Iowa at the time and was in the fourth grade. My teacher was Miss Quckinbush ( really). She was soft spoken and a very good teacher.

  553. Mary Ann says:

    I don’t remember any teachers name. Wonderful giveaway.Love precuts.

  554. Claire Lassalle says:

    Mrs. Rabioun was my first grade teacher in 1960; she was a beautiful red head lady who was kind a became a great friend.

  555. Amy says:

    Mrs. Rohrer was my kindergarten teacher and was perfect. 🙂

  556. Michelle McClave says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Cook, my 8th grade math teacher. He was tough, but made you want to learn. I’d love this prize!

  557. Emily C says:

    My favorite was from high school, mrs. allagree.

  558. I can’t say I was a huge fan of academics, so when it came to band and music, Ms. Baratelli became my favorite teacher ever. She pushed me and believed in me, and made me push my own boundaries.

  559. Liz Ginder says:

    I enjoyed school so it is hard to pick just one teacher. I guess I would say Miss Kirk. She taught first grade and I loved being her class. I am now a teacher and have taught Kindergarten for the last 12 years. I love teaching but quilting certainly is relaxing after a long day. Thanks for letting me share.

  560. Cindy Dahlgren says:

    I loved 5th grade. The teacher read aloud to the class every day! That was rare and I loved it. cdahlgren at live dot com

  561. Lisa E says:

    My favorite teacher was my 5th grade science teacher, Mrs. Lincoln. She was a fiery redhead with a unique way of teaching. But I learned a lot and grew to love the class. When someone wasn’t paying attention she would start singing. And no one could hide from her. There was a very shy boy who she called on all the time. She sing-sang his name, and we all loved it.

  562. Beth T. says:

    I had so many wonderful teachers, and I also remember other unsung heroes: our librarian Mrs. Kurihara and our principal, Dr. Gearhart. They were also devoted educators and cared about the kids.

  563. Cynthia Schoenfeld says:

    My favorite teacher was Mrs. Himsl who taught Home Econmics.

  564. SusanQ says:

    I loved my Home Economics teacher, Mrs. Morgan. When I made that first pair of green pants in her class I knew I had found something that I loved to do! I spent many summer vacations sewing clothes for myself and even though I no longer make garments, my sewing machine is always humming with a quilt project. My only regret….I wish I would have gone back to see Mrs. Morgan before she passed away to show her some of my projects and quilts and to let her know my love of sewing and fabric was all because of her.

  565. Kim Jenkins says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Nicholas Arbore, my high school chorus teacher. He was a wonderful person and incredibly patient. I remember a time when I was very rude and disruptive in his class. When I left that day, I was determined to drop the class, but my counselor refused to change my class and he told me to go apologize to Mr. Arbore. I dreaded going back to his class, but he was so gracious and readily accepted my apology. He taught me a great lesson about forgiveness.

  566. Christine says:

    One of my favorite teachers was my fifth grade teacher Mr. King. He taught science in a way that that was very hands on (lots of experiments) and definitely not boring! And he was a joker. In fact his name was Joe King (joking). He told us he had a sister named Lea (leaking) and a brother named Nosmo (No smoking). Still makes me laugh.

  567. Carmen N says:

    Mr Helmreich – he gave me a love of science and I actually made it through physics with good grades

  568. Renee G says:

    My favorite class was always math. From the time I started school, until I graduated math always was fun and came easy for me.

  569. Becky S says:

    Your pillow turned out so cute! My favorite teacher was Mr Frantz in the 6th grade.

  570. Pam says:

    My favorite classes were Home Ec, 9th -12th grades! Loved the sewing. Wish they had taught quilting back then (1974-1978).

  571. Maye says:

    I loved English which had a lot to do with my teacher, Miss Mcmarra.

  572. Anita T. says:

    Favorite teacher – Mr. Ford in 6th grade. We were still in the grade (elementary) school then, as junior high did not start until 7th. (I see I am dating myself.) But Mr. Ford treated us like junior high students.

  573. Becky Gray says:

    Favorite teacher — Mrs. Allison in first grade. She drummed into me the importance of teaching. It’s been a long time – but I still remember that lesson.

  574. Cecilia says:

    Mrs. Isabelle Dahlen was my favorite teacher at our one room school house.

  575. Laurie Williams says:

    Mrs. Hart from second & third grade. I still remember how wonderful she was.

  576. Angela Jones says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr. Larsen. He was a great math teacher.

  577. My favorite teacher was Sgt. Harrison, ROTC instructor. He showed me that I had leadership skills early on and pushed me to step into uncomfortable roles. He believed in me and I thank him for that today after a very successful government career.

  578. What a clever idea to “grade” the ease of/difficulty level of the pattern to a grade in school. It brings back memories of youth and has a fresh look and appeal to it. My favorite teacher that comes to mind was Mrs. Angevine. I had her for 2-3 different grades. They kept changing the grade she would teach, and she played the dulcumer for us. She was so interesting, kind and sweet. God Bless her.

  579. Lee Taylor says:

    My favorite grade was 11th. I came out of my shell and had a lot of fun. Love you moda!

  580. Margo says:

    My fav class was Art! I should have continued on — but I love the way my life went anyways! Thanks for the chance! onlydiamonds [at] hotmail dot com

  581. Linda L says:

    Love your sample – even if you colored outside the lines! My favorite teacher was Mrs. Matamoros, freshman biology and sophomore chemistry. She went the extra mile and beyond.

  582. Deborah Werner says:

    Favorite teacher is Mrs. Fillmore, first grade. I’m 61 now and can still remember her and her class. Thank you, Mrs. Fillmore!

  583. Linda Davis says:

    I had so many wonderful teachers. I guess I will choose Mrs Rollins, first grade.

  584. Debbi says:

    Miss Smith made me feel brilliant and wonderful. She was an extraordinary teacher despite the somewhat ordinary name!

  585. Colleen Taylor says:

    My favorite teacher in school was Mrs. Schmidt. She was wonderful to everyone and always had a smile on her face! She was warm and welcoming. Thanks for the opportunity!

  586. Sue Goecker says:

    4th grade, Mrs. Beaman – she was like a grandmother. She was just great with all the kids.

  587. Sarah says:

    My favorite class was always Orchestra. Thanks for the chance to win!

  588. Kristy says:

    My favorite teacher was Mr Wareing who taught band. He was our Papa Smurf, short with a thick white beard, and full of energy. He made music come alive for us!

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