Peace & Happiness…

We’ve got Peta.  We’ve got her new book.  We’ve got Layer Cakes!  So we’ve got happiness!

Since happiness is contagious… since finding quilters who love sweet, simple quilts is easy… and since it’s Peta Peace, a party seemed in order.

Do you know Peta?  She Quilts A Lot.  No really!  That’s her nickname – She Quilts A Lot.  Everybody loves her – and not just because she’s been known to bring cases of TimTams to Market and quilt shows.

Peta has been doing patterns for a few years and now she’s written a book – A Piece of Cake: Sweet and Simple Quilts from Layer Cake Squares.

We’ll be back in another week or so to share a few things from the book… and maybe a book or two.  (Just saying…)

In the meantime, don’t miss what Sedef, Jemima, Samantha, Andy, Kirsty, Lisa and Alison have done.

Happy Monday!

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5 comments on “Peace & Happiness…

  1. Joy Dickson says:

    Beautiful fabric, cute quilt.

  2. Hildy says:

    The book is on my wishlist it looks so great!

  3. LINDA says:


  4. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B says:

    I LOVE simple quilts!! Can’t wait to get my hands on this book. Thank you for showing it!

  5. Lynne Tilley says:

    Oh, I love love love that quilt pattern! So pretty. This book sounds stupendous!

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