One fox. No hens.

Hello Friday!  The good news?  There’s a weekend coming.  The bad news?  Seven weeks.


The M-word.  It’s too soon for me to completely wrap my mind around it and actually use the word but all the signs are here.  New fabric is arriving daily, fabrics are being cut for capsets and the M-catalog is in the works.  It’s an extraordinary amount of work – some of it is creative and some of it is tedious.  Layouts, photography and projects – that’s the creative part.  Double-checking stock numbers, going over line-listings to make sure nothing has been overlooked and proofreading… not so much.

There is much jesting about “cutting out a little early” on a Friday but that doesn’t happen much because while “the big show” is seven weeks away, the catalog needs to be completed in less than three.  Then the building begins and the hallways will start filling up with “stuff”.  (It’s a huge distraction because Holly and Joy will add new things to the pile every day.)  There is kit planning to be done – thankfully handled by our resident engineer and logistical planner, Tammy V.  (Just so you know, she’s Tammy V. because there is a Tammy C. in the other building.)  (Don’t ask me how many Lisa/Lissa’s there are to keep track of… though it does make me laugh when I remember my Dad telling me that he came thiiiiiis close to naming me Lisa.)

But enough of all that – more Houston-related-stuff coming soon.

The fox of today is this one…


Back in January – or was it December? – we needed “something” to include in a photo for Kate and Birdie’s Lullaby collection.  Small – it had to be small.  Small-ish.  Fast – we needed it “yesterday”.  Cute – that’s always a plus.  Something that could be used in a nursery or for a child – also a plus because of the collection.

That’s when the adorable fox Gloria painted for this piece of fabric caught our attention – “our” because this was a C&C collaboration, Chelair and moi.  Chelair sewed and fused while I cut shapes from paper.  Too big?  Trim it down.  Weird shape?  Re-trim.  Chelair found the p.e.r.f.e.c.t. fabric for the eyes and nose – XOXO (SKU 33136 14) from Whisper Muslin Mates.

Everything but the black eyes and nose are cut from Layer Cake squares from the collection – making the fox softie measure about 9″ x 9″.  The fabrics for the eyes, ears and tail were fused to Steam-A-Seam Lite 2, traced, cut out and then fused to the fabric.  Given a little more time, we’d have machine-stitched around the shapes – either a zig-zag or just straight-stitching an 1/8″ away from the edge.  (“Someone” kept asking if we were done yet… and there was a bit of foot-tapping involved.)

When it was done, the inevitable question came up… so is there going to be a pattern?  Yeah, sure… we’ll get on that.  C&C might have hoped that in the bustle of it all, folks would forget…

A Lullaby Fox Softie.

One last thing for today – thank you.

Everyone here – especially me – appreciates your taking the time to visit and read The Cutting Table blog.  We especially appreciate your comments and we do read every single one.  In a perfect world, I would be able to answer every comment, to thank each of you.  While I work on getting better at that, know that we do see you and you are part of our Moda family.

Have a terrific weekend – go make something Moda.


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26 comments on “One fox. No hens.

  1. Edie Taylor says:

    Thanks for such interesting and amusing articles. I love reading this blog in the morning while I sip my coffee. It is usually the first email that I open.

  2. Robin says:

    Ditto the above comment. You ladies at Moda ROCK.

  3. Maggie Nichols says:

    I find it fascinating to get “behind the scenes” glimpses into the world of Moda! 9.9% of the time if I’m drawn to a fabric it turns out to be a Moda fabric! So, I enjoy getting to see a different perspective of “Modaland!” Thanks, Carrie!

  4. I would like to thank you for a wondrous world of beautiful fabrics. Even though it seems like work, even the small details are pretty neat to me. This blog really inspires me to reach out to the artistic world.

  5. Mary Etherington says:

    Mary Etherington of Country Threads here – miss seeing that Moda catalog and seeing all the new fabrics. Never did find the time to visit you guys in person – too busy running a business but love reading your blog about what’s going on in the quilting world. That goes for Connie, too. Have a great market!

  6. Betsy Beech says:

    I so enjoy reading your blogs in the morning. It’s amazing what goes on behind the scenes in a fabric company!

  7. Hildy says:

    Thanks back to you and the folks at Moda forthis blog and the always great posts!
    And I’m so happy that the big ‘M’ is only 7 weeks away because that means a lot and lot of eyecandy for me and Moda never disappoints:-)

  8. Miriam says:

    Wish I were there to work on the catalog with you! I enjoy your blog and all that goes into Moda Fabrics. Thank you!

  9. Susan says:

    Thanks for the vision about what goes on behind the scenes- sounds like fun to me!

  10. Laura Valdez says:

    I enjoy the Moda Cutting Table and learning how you put it all together for the markets. But most of all I love Moda fabrics. They just work up so well and the texture is fantastic. Looking forward to the next 7 weeks of posts on the market frenzy!

  11. Mary Andra says:

    Your postings alway bring inspiration to my day. Thank you Carrie.

  12. Kristi says:

    Thank you for the behind the scenes look at what it takes to get ready for “M.” What a lot of work but the results are always spectacular! I glad you are part of the Moda team because you blog more often!
    Have a great weekend, too.

  13. Mary B says:

    Love the fox softie!!! What a great weekend project. Thanks!!!

  14. Betty Liehr says:

    Ever since the first quilt book I bought of yours, Carrie, I have loved to read your words-funny and witty, thoughtful, and sometimes sad, they always fill me with some kind of emotion. I would probably never have started reading the Moda blog if you hadn’t been behind it. So Thank You! For your patterns ( of which I’ve made several with others waiting in the wings) and for your voice!

  15. cindy says:

    I too love Moda fabrics and your blog. You are so creative and inspiring along with all of the Moda designers. I am always anxious to read a new post! Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas and beautiful Moda fabric!

  16. I read few blogs if I really stop to think of it. But this one, I hardly ever miss. It only takes a few minutes to click and ‘read more’ and I’m always glad I did. Love the hand drawn pattern – right up my alley 🙂

  17. Carol Kuse says:

    Not much new to add. I have loved Moda fabrics since {shhhh} I won’t tell if you won’t tell. Thanks for your insight.

  18. Colleen Coffman says:

    I always look forward to your posts Carrie. You make me laugh, and you ALWAYS inspire me. As much as I miss your personal blog (and Miss Rosie) I am so thankful that you are here at my favorite fabric company. I’m telling ya, 95% of my stash is from Moda, LOL! Thanks to all of you for all that you do. I’m looking forward to Fall M… because it is like a candy store!! Love all the pics and sneak peeks :D!

  19. Cynthia J says:

    I love reading your blog and Moda fabrics. You have some wonderful designers. Quilt Market is an amazing event to attend and obvious That all the companies put a lot of time into preparing for it.

  20. Sue Winn says:

    Reading this blog gives me insight at my fingertips. You give so much inspiration and follow up with details. Enjoy your wit and sense of humor too. Keep up the great work!

  21. It is so fascinating reading your blog to get the inside view of Moda. I don’t find your tedious parts tedious at all because all of us know how tedious finds a way into everyone’s life. In teaching I spent hours each week and day repeating the mundane sharpening of pencils and cleaning up of bookshelves and resorting of said books. As a mother, there were the endless piles of laundry and the constant shopping and preparation of food. Life just happens. It is so great hearing other versions of this, however.

    I am so behind in my own quilting that I am just sewing up some of the Jolly Bars of Moda fabrics. How I love the quality of the fabrics! The colors and prints are just great–so awesome that even my stoic husband comments on how good these small quilts look. That is praise indeed.

    I love what you do for us and I love the work Moda does for us. Thank you so much. It really brightens my day to read your blog!!

  22. Chrissy Lux says:

    Can’t wait to see you at Market – I know its going to be great! 🙂

  23. stephanie woodward says:

    You people at Moda rock. Can’t wait for market and Festival. We all really do know how hard you all work to make these things possible

  24. Jane says:

    Love Moda fabric and Love your blog

  25. Mary Ann says:

    I love the Moda blog. It’s always a wonderful mix of fabulous fabrics and ideas. And a few laughs too!

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