Through the viewfinder…

There are so many things to see at Quilt Market…


True confessions:  I’ve never been good at reading minds.  I’m still learning my job.  I take pictures of what interests me at Quilt Market.

All of which is my convoluted way of asking you what you’d like to see from Salt Lake City.  Quilts?  Just the fabric? Candid pictures of those goofy designer-types?

The question also applies to what you’ll see here, on Facebook and Instagram.

Are you on any of those? Twitter? Do you mind seeing the same picture on Facebook and Instagram? Or would you prefer that the pictures are the same so you don’t have to look at both?

How many pictures is enough?  How many is too many?

I know… I ask a lot of questions.

But you already knew that about me.

Happy Wednesday!


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43 comments on “Through the viewfinder…

  1. Gigi Voegeli says:


  2. Linda says:

    More pictures please! Love to see the booths with the wonderful quilts. Please take a picture if Red Crinoline’s booth if they are there. I like this format to look at them.

  3. Chris says:

    I love all the pictures! There’s no such thing as too many. And I’ll be happy to see them anywhere you care to share them. Captions are appreciated–comments or just to identify the person or booth or collection. Thanks for the vicarious experience.

  4. Sue says:

    Never enough pics. I love to see what designers are doing with new fabric lines, love to see the latest notions, and just love new ideas. Would love to be a fly on the wall and go to Quilt Market.

  5. christy says:

    Pictures, pictures, pictures! We love inspiration and dreaming about all of the fabrics that are coming to our stashes someday. I don’t tweet, but Facebook and blogs are my modus operandi. Thanks for all of your continued inspiration! Your blog rocks, sista!

  6. Sharon says:

    Pictures! Lots and lots of pictures. Please and thank you.

  7. horopito says:

    As many pictures as you care to post: quilts, notions, fabrics…… I don’t do Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, so it doesn’t bother with me if you use the same pictures there as well. Thanks so much for being there for us!

  8. findfabrics says:

    Not too many faces please…. like to see what is coming next.
    Different pictures on the social sites as much as you can …pleaseeeee!!!

  9. Patty Fowl says:

    Pictures of booths, upcoming fabric lines and projects, new gadgets/notions. Don’t do Twitter

  10. Brenda Cornell says:

    quilts and booths are a treat for me. it is a window of what is coming. Love the designers, too.

  11. Kristi says:

    I love to see new fabrics and quilt patterns. Also, booth pictures and designers. I guess I want everything! I don’t keep up with Instagram or Twitter (there are just so many hours in a day) but I do read Moda’s blog.

  12. Heather says:

    I love seeing all of the sample projects made with the new lines. Close ups of fabric are great too because sometimes it’s hard to see the new line in detail in photos that encompass the entire booth. I like the same photos of all mediums so I don’t have to go to all of them to catch everything. Thanks for asking!

  13. Pat Triska says:

    Love lots of pictures so that I can see what is going on in the quilter world. I love to see what is new

  14. Hildy says:

    I wanna see all the pictures of everything!

  15. Cathy Mc. says:

    No such thing as too many pictures! And as I’m hardly ever on Facebook but frequently on Instagram, I don’t care if you put the same pic on both. I love seeing the new fabric collections and quilts made up in them, also the booths and displays, but photos of behind the scene antics are also fun.

  16. Helen says:

    Just pile it on, it’s all interesting to me.

  17. Leota says:

    Love the fabrics…but love all the pictures of the booths, Moda Schoolhouse, winning quilts, I want it ALL! We can never have enough pictures.

  18. Diane says:

    Not on Twitter or Instagram but love all the pictures of quilts and fabrics and especially the booths. Are there ever too many pictures?

  19. Sandra B says:

    Lots of pictures, please!! Quilts, fabrics, new notions!! No such thing as too many!!
    Thanks so much for sharing! Safe travels to you….and don’t forget to have fun!!!
    I am not on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, so the pictures on your blog post work for me!

  20. Mary Andra says:

    I want to see it all and on as many apps as you want to post on. Although many, including me, are not in Facebook. Have a fantastic time sat Market. I’ll see you there.

  21. Darlene B says:

    Anything you post is always interesting and inspirational 🙂

  22. PamD says:

    There can never be enough photos, of any kind, period. Just take, take, take. Post, post, post. And thanks.

  23. Helen LeBrett says:

    I love the pics of the booths and the quilts! A few close-ups of the quilts too: sometimes we see something that piques my interest and then I can’t see much of it! You’ll have to read my mind on what will pique my interest!! 🙂 And I love it on this blog, since I always forget to check the other sites! Thanks so much for sharing!!! Hugs, H

  24. Kimberly P says:

    Newest quilts and fabrics. Especially when you can tell what designer or fabric line! Wish I was there too. 🙂

  25. Judy says:

    Love pictures of fabric, quilts, booths, notions, etc. If it’s interesting to you, I’ll love it!

  26. Peggy says:

    Instagram for me. Close ups of quilts and bags. Designers. Love their smiles.

  27. Linda says:

    I love lots of pictures. But get frustrated if I see something I like and don’t know where to find a pattern. That happened last year with some Christmas projects, so if you can provide links to patterns or names of patterns etc I’d be even happier

  28. sunny says:

    How many is too many? Seriously? Never too many. Fabric, quilts, whatever strikes your fancy.

  29. Melanie Diederich says:

    Bring it! ALL of it! I don’t tweet so everything else!

  30. Momma Lisa says:

    Would you like help?

  31. Susan Y. says:

    Yes, yes, and yes. LOTS of photos, not how many. We want a virtual experience since we can’t go.

  32. Maggiie White says:

    Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Cheryl Vega says:

    Quilts, fabric, designers. One of everything!!

  34. Chris K. says:

    1. quilts 2. fabric

  35. Greg says:

    I absolutely love the Schoolhouse videos – I don’t even care how long they are!

  36. Audrey says:

    I have a question… Why was Moda’s booth at Paducah so small? I expected to see new fabric lines, projects and ideas. We got a teeny sample of Grunge fabrics which was nice but where were the fabrics?????

  37. Helen Prescott says:

    Love to see the new Outlander fabrics, don’t mind seeing the same photo on FB & Instgram

    • Carrie Nelson says:

      Helen! Do you mean the new fabric coming from “another company”? A rival? While I’m definitely going to see-what-I-can-see… I’m pretty sure I won’t be posting any pictures of it in Moda-land. But if it’s good – and that’s a big “IF” there, missy! – I’m sure it won’t be hard to find pictures of. LOL

  38. Linda H says:

    Anything and everything … never too many pictures of quilts, fabric, people, projects … just put me in “overload” with all you can share. THANK YOU for being our eyes and ears at Quilt Market!! It is on my “bucket list” to go to one someday … not sure how I will make that happen but hope springs eternal!

  39. Susan Bailey says:

    Quilts, projects, fabrics, honestly anything that’s cute and I don’t care how many times I see the same picture on any social media sites – I love them all

  40. Holly says:

    No such thing as too many pictures. Give us the Virtual Market experience. I especially like closer shots of the lovely displays – props, items made with the fabric lines, the way things are displayed. I love the eye candy!

  41. Chookyblue says:

    Any of the above you mentioned would be great……………as I only do the blog I don’t care what you pst on the other mediums but maybe the same on each then people can follow you as they wish and all see the same????
    I don’t care if you have lots of pics I love seeing them…………..thanks in advance

  42. Linda Mickle says:

    I love to see pictures of the quilts recently made up. It seems forever until we see them outside of markets, and by the time we make anything like it, there’s so much more going on in my head (it isn’t easy keeping up with these designers! they must have elves that work in the night or something!). I also love candid shots of the designers, it helps me to see them in real life, and understand a little bit more where the designs in their fabrics come from. (BTW, I hardly see you in a market pic!!) Also, I love pictures of the little different things that they do to decorate their booths. Sometimes I use their ideas for bday parties or home decor. Thank you!! (so sorry I won’t be there in SL)

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