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Join us in sharing some Moda Love and make your own version of our Moda Love Quilt. Follow the Blog Tour to see how our Moda Designers used their fabric collections with the Moda Love pattern. Share the love and post your finished quilt along with #modablogtour on your favorite social media site. You can also search the #modablogtour hashtag to see all the different color versions for inspiration.



Janet Clare Designs –

Kate Spain –

Thimbleblossoms –



Amy Ellis –

Eric +Julie Comstock-

Stephanie Ryan Design Studio –



Malka Dubrawski –

Blackbird Designs –

Lauren + Jessi Jung –

Lella Boutique –



Basic Grey –

Fig Tree and Co. –

Pat Sloan –



April Rosenthal –

French General –

Minick and Simpson –



Cotton Way –

Sandy Gervais –

Primitive Gatherings –


SEPTEMBER 10, 2014

Bunny Hill –

Deb Strain –

Kansas Troubles –


SEPTEMBER 11, 2014

Kathy Schmitz –

Laundry Basket Quilts –

Zen Chic –


SEPTEMBER 12, 2014

Me and My Sister Designs –

Jan Patek –

Sweetwater –


SEPTEMBER 13, 2014

Winners Announced on ALL Designer Blogs listed above


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13 comments on “Moda LOVE Blog Tour

  1. Jess Anne Cole says:

    Amy, I love layer cakes! I like you ideas about using neutrals. Something to yhink aboutfor my next project.

  2. Jess Anne Cole says:

    Julie, your family picture makes me smile. Everyone looks so happy! I love family time.

  3. Jess Anne Cole says:

    Stephanie, I love sitting on my driveway in the sunlight pinning my quilt pieces together!

  4. Rosa says:

    Thanks for another year of great party.My favorite precuts are FQs and charm packs!

  5. Jess Anne Cole says:

    Malka, I love your Pinterest Boards. I just spent an hour repinning!

  6. Rachell R says:

    Uh oh….. I think I found a typo!
    On the pattern that I downloaded, on the Mini-Charm pattern, the heading says the finished quilt/block is 12″x12″. But if each finished square and HST unit is 2″x2″, and there are 8 square patches across and 8 square patches down, that would make the finished size 16″. Right ?

  7. Linda Ward says:

    Love your designs and colors! They are so happy! I plan to buy your spool pattern. Enjoyed your pics of Australia-looks amazing!

  8. مريم says:

    love your designs and colors

  9. Jenelle Boxberger says:

    This has been a fantastic fun hop.

  10. Dean Meyer says:

    Hello – I couldn’t find a “contact us” link on the website, and I don’t participate in social media, so I’m contacting you guys here! I was looking up the info on one of my favorite designers, Sandy Gervais, and it said: “Designing fabric allows Sandy to work with different color pallets”. Folks, it’s “palette”! A “pallet” is something else – unless Sandy works in a warehouse with forklifts. Please go through your website and correct all instances to “palette”. Not a difficult word, and will make the website look professional. Cheers and keep up the great work!

  11. sunlu-dress says:

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