Moda Designer’s blog hop- Spell it with Fabric

First comes A
I am so thrilled to be one of the first stops on the Spell it with Fabric blog hop.
I was assigned the letter A for this  project. I was absolutely thrilled because I really wanted to get all A’s in school. For the blog hop I was given some questions to answer so
you can get to know me a little better and All my Answers have the letter A in them.
My letter is…. A
What are your initials? AJ American Jane
One of my fav patterns, Stock #AJP328 Red Daisy
My favorite quilt block………
Ohio stAr.
My favorite memory about school….
Clean white pAper And A new box of crAyons
My favorite book, movie or television show starting with your letter…… 
I love quilting because……..
of All the fabrics to play with….

What if everyday was a holiday?…… 
Everyday is A holiday

Is there an object, tool or anything that you cannot work without?
I LOVE my Apple I pad!

Do you have a quote or motto you live ( or work) by? 
We all get the same amount of time in a day!
What you choose to do with it makes all the difference.

Something I like……
alphabet letters

Potluck, Stock # 21645-12

Somewhere I have been…...
Somewhere I want to go…..

Day Tripper, Pattern #AJP330
Someone I know………
Alexander, Lissa . she is adorable, active, accommodating, accomplished,
affable, amicable, affectionate and she’s ambidextrous ! Love her!So enough with the questions. Let’s talk about fabric and patterns.
I was given the letter A and told to tell my story in fabric. So I choose to make
an entire quilt that showcased all the fabric collections I have even done.

Throughout the blog hop you will be collecting patterns for the ABC’s. You may want to tell your story in fabric, so I have included a copy of  how I set my letters together.
Click here for a printable version of the layout.
The diagram is finished sizes so be sure and add seam allowances.
 I had so much fun re-creating my own selvedge as a border for my quilt.

See it along the bottom edge of the quilt?
I used  my alphabet plus fabric from the Potluck collection to cut out individual
letters and sew them back into words.

So it is time for you to start and here is your first pattern.
Click here to download the Letter A.

Visit Aneela Hoey for her A inspiration.
Hop on over to Bunny Hill for B
Cotton Way will give you the C.

Oh wait there is more.
Would you like to win a FQB of my Amazing new fabric, Ducks in a Row?
Leave me a comment telling me your
All time favorite American Jane line.
The winner will be announced here on Feb. 28th.


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525 comments on “Moda Designer’s blog hop- Spell it with Fabric

  1. SarahZ says:

    How darling is that quilt?! I love PotLuck…it has a little bit of everything, but especially those chicks!!! 🙂

  2. Janet says:

    I get to be first? That’s a surprise! And I hate to have to pick a favorite of your fabric lines, because I love (and have used) so many, but I guess if I have to pick it would be A Breath of Avignon – it was the first of your lines I used and it made a lovely lap quilt that rests over the back of the chair where I sit and sew (or knit). Thank you for the opportunity to win some of your new fabric!

  3. Staci says:

    My all time favorite American Jane line is RECESS! I made one of my very favorite quilts with it, and have a small box of carefully hoarded scraps that are slowly being turned into hexie flowers. Pot Luck is a very very close second!

  4. I love all your fabric lines particularly pindots I wish I had a bolt for every color of that. Right now I am busy with your Potluck line the first small quilt I made turned out so cute.

  5. Susan Smith says:

    Oh, my favorite American Jane line has to be Happy Campers! We are a camping family with 4 Eagle Scouts and this fabric fit perfectly for a quilt for my youngest son! I love it! But Ducks in a Row is a close second. I’d love to win that FQB!

  6. Brenda says:

    I really like Potluck. Thanks for the chance to win and for the quilt pattern/layout.

  7. ledamewood says:

    Pick just one – I can’t possible do that – I love them all. How about Happy Campers, Potluck, Punctuation, Wee Play, Look n Learn – See what I mean? Love your designs.

  8. Wendy says:

    I like ducks in a row

  9. I had a lot of fun with School Days and Pezzy – making quilts for grands and for charity. I think this quilt is just a super ‘play date’ with the horrible winter weather we have been having.

  10. Monica says:

    Peas & Carrots was one of my favorites. And I really like the one with the chickens…can’t remember the name.

  11. Patti says:

    My favorite line is Happy Campers. I used this fabric to update cushions and curtains in our camper and it is so cute. Thanks for a chance.

  12. Nancy says:

    Well, I have it narrowed down to 2 fabric lines of yours….Happy Campers and Recess. Love the colors and the memories they bring to me when looking at them. Fond memories of camping both with family and friends….especially the grandchildren. Who doesn’t enjoy thinking about school days when we were young and didn’t have a care in the world? The colors and prints you create are such fun!!

  13. Judy says:

    Thanks for the chance to win some of your fabric. My favorite so far is Pot Luck.

  14. Nancy says:

    My favorite if I had to pick just one would be Recess. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  15. Virlinda Day says:

    Love all your fabric lines and the way all the lines can be mixed and used together. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Recess. Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. Allison says:

    I love your ABC123 line. Thanks so much for the chance to win some of your beautiful fabriC

  17. My favorite is school days. Thanks!

  18. Janice says:

    Pot Luck! I love the cheeful colors of your fabrics – makes me happy 🙂

  19. Donna says:

    I love Potluck! Have a great day.

  20. Michele T says:

    This quilt would be perfect for a child!!! My favorite American Jane is Happy Campers!!

  21. SueJean says:

    It is hard to pick just one. I love your colors. I think my favorite might be ABC123 but Happy Campers brings back such great memories.

  22. Anne says:

    If I am a teacher, should it be any surprise that School Days are at the top of the list? Or maybe Recess… or maybe Summer Holidays (oh wait, you still need to design that one…)

  23. I think I’ve made a quilt out of almost all of your lines, but my favorite would have to be recess!

  24. KaHolly says:

    I make a lot of childrens projects and I love their Fairy Tale Friends line. I also keep several lengths of pin dot fabrics in my stash. They go with almost everything!!

  25. Dear American, I love all your fabrics but Recess would be my fav! I love your lines so much that I changed my old blog name to AmericanJanet on xanga. I’ve since moved to a new website, but will always love american Jane.

  26. All your fabrics are cute, but Pot Luck is my all time FAVORITE!

  27. Tiff Blakey says:

    My favorite is Happy Campers. A couple years ago, a friend of mine lost everything in a house fire, including all the Happy Camper pinwheel blocks she had gotten from a quilting bee. Desperate to do something for her, the other bee members and I reached out to the quilting community in search of more, out of print, Happy Campers fabric. We found a couple charm packs to purchase, and received some donations of charm packs, a dessert roll, and even 2 turnovers from YOU! In the end, we had enough to make a queen size quilt for our friend, a small quilt for each of her 3 children, and a doll quilt! 🙂 So Happy Campers has a special place in my heart. 🙂

  28. Mary Wolter says:

    ABC 123 is my favorite – so far!

  29. Pam says:

    I love your new Ducks in a Row fabric line – the colors are so bright and fun! Thank you for the fun giveaway!

  30. Gill says:

    Fabulous quilt!
    I love ‘A breath of Avignon’ – it was the first of your lines that I bought!

  31. SIMPLESEW says:

    I love Toys.. and mini dots.. the idea of make a selvage is adorable..

  32. Jeanne Gwin says:

    I would have to choose Pot Luck as my fav. But remember, you asked us to pick, I really want to say I love them all. 😉 thank you for a nice giveaway.

  33. I like the Pezzy Prints. Thanks!

  34. Joan says:

    Happy Campers is my favourite. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  35. simplyquilts says:

    I love Recess, it is just so much fun!!

  36. Unknown says:

    I LOVE the American Jane and have been making quilts with it for lots and lots of years. I really liked your newest line Potluck. I think the colors were a little different and it just spoke to me. I have a jelly roll just waiting to be put into a beautiful quilt. I love this blog hop. thanks for the give away. Emily

  37. charlotte says:

    Your quilt is amazing. Sew much detail! I like all your lines, but I think my favorite is the Pezzy Prints. Those go with so many other fabrics so well. This is starting out to be a great blog hop.

  38. Heather says:

    Potluck is really great.

  39. I love so many of your fabrics and that ABC quilt is so stinking adorable. The selvage on the side, awesome!! If I had to pick a favorite it would probably be pezzy prints 😉

  40. WoolenSails says:

    I have to say I love Ducks in a row, love the sea theme and the little pails, that would be so fun to make a summer quilt for my grandson.


  41. Maryjo says:

    I love your alphabet quilt…so creative!!! And I have loved all of your fabric altho Recess seems to be the one at the top:) I can see why Moda wants you…such neat fabric and ideas. Have a Happy Day:)

  42. Kay says:

    This is a really fun quilt. My favourite line is Pot Luck, and in particular the Rulers design. Thanks for a fun giveaway too.

  43. Judith says:

    I love Potluck!

  44. They are all wonderful but I would have to say Potluck!

  45. Kathleen Gee says:

    My favorite is Potluck. I love the colors you use in your lines.

  46. Cindy Mizer says:

    I love the Potluck. I made up some small quilts with it for Christmas gifts.

  47. Potluck is my favorite!!! Thanks for the sweet giveaway 🙂

  48. Melanie says:

    I LOVE Potluck!

  49. Melanie says:

    Potluck for sure. Timeless,

  50. Linda says:

    I love your new fabric line, Ducks in a Row. It would make really cute baby blankets.
    I really love your quilt designs, and the red and white dresden plates are awesome!

  51. Karen says:

    Pot Luck is my favorite. Thanks for the patterns and the chance to win your great new fabric.

  52. Pattie Crum says:

    Avignon is still my favorite. I’ve made one quilt with and have saved enough for at least two more.

  53. Jamsamily says:

    I love Pezzy Print but it’s a very difficult choice. Thanks for the giveaway.

  54. Gwen says:

    School Days would be my choice,although I love them all. Such great designs and colors.

  55. Connie says:

    I love all your fabtic lines. But I do have one favorite and that is Snippets.
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Connie F

  56. pojeda says:

    It has to be Pot Luck! And I love the Pin Dots too! Thanks for the chance to win!

    pojeda50 @

  57. Jennifer says:

    Oh, it is too hard to choose!! Currently loving Potluck, thanks for the chance!

  58. Sally K says:

    I like all of your lines but my favorite would have to be the pin dots, they go with everything! Can’t wait for Ducks in a Row! Another great collection.

  59. Tracy Kay says:

    My favourite line of your fabrics are the multi prezzy print, closely followed by virtually every other line. Thank you for this opportunity to win some stash!

  60. My all time favorite fabrics lines are the French inspired lines, they are so fresh and perfect for my kitchen. although Just Ducky has stolen my heart with the wonderful patterns that you designed for them….and because hopefully soon there will be a little duck to make the quilts for.

  61. Renee says:

    I love Blog Hops…and, I love fabrics, quilts and patterns…am I in the right place? For my favorite AJ line…have to say Pot Luck and Happy Campers are tied for first!

  62. Margaret says:

    I love pot luck Thanks for the chance to win this bundle. I love your quilt.

  63. My favorite is Pot Luck. I am making a quilt as part of a quilt along with it right now!

  64. Carol Sc says:

    I always seem to like the latest fabric lines — so, that would be Ducks in a Row. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like the others!

  65. Beth Davis says:

    My favorite is Prezzy Prints.

  66. Patty says:

    I think Wee Play is my favorite. Thanks for the chance to win!

  67. I always love new fabrics, but sometimes I get into trouble! Eek!

  68. Jodi Connors says:

    I absolutely love Cherries Jubilee. I love the whimzy of all your fabrics.


  69. Lisa says:

    I love your recess line.

  70. Maxwells says:

    Are you kidding me! That is an amazing alphabet quilt! What a great idea! And I think if pick punctuation as my fave so far…..

  71. shelley says:

    I adore Potluck! And thank you for sharing the quilt pattern and idea to spell your own life!

  72. scottylover says:

    I love ABC 123! So cute! All of the fabrics are adorable, though!
    Sandy A

  73. Lani says:

    This line is Adorable! I would love it!

  74. Elizabeth says:

    I loved your Happy Campers but all your fabric is fun to work with!

  75. Amy Harward says:

    I love the bold primary colors in Potluck! I can’t believe you took the time to cut out all those letters and piece them back together into words! What a great idea!

  76. barb says:

    ooohhh definetly pot luck although it is hard to pick just one. thank you so much for your wonderful giveaway

  77. kshackabq says:

    Hi Sandy. My favorite goes way back to the beginning . . . Apple Pie. Although, Pot Luck is running a very close second!

  78. Bethany M says:

    Potluck is my favorite!!

  79. Chiska says:

    It’s a toss up for me between Happy Campers and Pot Luck. Thanks for giveaway!

  80. Lee says:

    Only one? Well I would say… Punctuation and Potluck and Happy Campers close behind! thanks!

  81. Punctuation is my favorite but love Snippets too.

  82. DEAN FAMILY says:

    Oh tough it’s probably school days! Though happy camper is a close second. Thanks!

  83. My favorite is pot luck.

  84. Helen says:

    It’s difficult to decide which of your fabric lines is my favorite because I love them all, but I think it would have to be Peas and Carrots. That’s the first line that I remember seeing your alphabet fabric in. I have used that alphabet in four quilts already. And I have a new great nephew and will probably use that fabric in his quilt too.

    Love your alphabet quilt! Thanks for the pattern!

  85. I am always up for a sew along. Love this quilt! I have use Pot Luck and Peas and Carrots. Looking forward to the blog tour.

  86. mascanlon says:

    Wee Play and recess, made my granddaughters baby quilt out of hourglass from these lines. It’s so adorable. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  87. Wendi says:

    I am in love with ALL your fabric lines. If I have to like one, more than the others, it would be Potluck. What a wonderful hop and giveaway! Thank you!

  88. Mara says:

    I like Apple Pie

  89. barefootT says:

    ducks in a row is adorable ! I have a son in the Navy and I just love the Dresden with anchors ♥♥♥

  90. I love all your fabrics and I like the blog Hop so much. Thank you for the giveaway.

  91. Terri U says:

    Pezzy is my favorite

  92. Loved your post–I give it an A! My favorite line was probably Peas And Carrots–hard to choose!

  93. Karen Smith says:

    I just love your abc quilt with all of your fabric lines! If I had to pick just one it would be school days but love them all.

  94. Janet M says:

    Recess! I have a ‘spool’ quilt on my studio wall made from your lovely fabrics- the colors still make me happy! I am excited about collecting all the letters for your fabulous new quilt design. Thank you!

  95. Just finished some Potluck place mats for my table. I love it all! Happy Camper, Pot Luck, Petite Poulet. I’m A fAn!

  96. My favorite is Fairy Tale Friends. Thanks for the chance!

  97. Heidi says:

    I think every single one is a favorite but I went crazy over Avignon!

  98. I love them all. They are always so clever.

  99. Kathy says:

    My favorite is Potluck! Love it!

  100. Shauna says:

    I love them all, but really ABC 123 is probably my most favorite

  101. Sue Bennett says:

    That is a hard one because I love the all. And have most of them. So let me just say Peas and carrots .

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  102. Tina says:

    My favorite was A Breath of Avignon!

  103. Diane H says:

    Potluck is really my favourite. Thanks for the fun hop!

  104. Kim says:

    Happy Campers is my favorite. Beautiful quilt.

  105. Nancy says:

    I used Peas and Carrots to make a Mondo bag, love it.

  106. Janet says:

    Enjoy them all…but will choose Potluck! jmh

  107. potluck is my favolrite

  108. Ramona says:

    I love Wee Play but they are all wonderful.

  109. dortha says:

    I love all the lines of fabric. My favorites are cherries jubilee, apple pie, and snippets.

  110. Emily says:

    I love Punctuation! I like your style that bring back the feel of a true childhood

  111. carol fun says:

    I LOVE all your fabric lines and have some fabric from every one of them! If I had to chose a favoriite, and it would be difficult decision, I would chose Pot Luck.

  112. Sorcha girl says:

    Wow!! This project will be A fun project for A blog hop! My fAvorite fAbric of AmericAn JAne is Potluck. Bright colors! ThAnks for the pAttern And the chAnce to win some fAbric.

  113. Regina says:

    When I saw the favorite fabric questions, right away I thought Pezzy Prints but then I remembered that Punctuation had stolen my heart!!

  114. Carol says:

    My favorite fabric is recess and my favorite letter is C.

  115. Kay says:

    I really like A Breath of Avignon, but your new Potluck fabric is about to push it aside as my favorite.

  116. I think my favorites are Wee Play, ABC 123 and Potluck. It is too hard to choose just one!

  117. Linda says:

    HI, I love ABE 123! Your fabrics are so bright and cheerful>love them!
    Thanks for sharing!

  118. Eva Eriksson says:

    My favorite is “Punctuation”

  119. I love the Savonnerie line!

  120. SewCalGal says:

    Bella Solids are my go to fav. Great for blenders as well as making modern quilts. They also work beautifully for making quilts to show off free-motion quilting.


  121. Jenny says:

    i love Peas and Carrots, but my favorite all time dots are from Cherries Jubilee! thanks for a chance.

  122. MaryBeth says:

    Potluck is pure delight to me! I love the little chicks and the polka dots in the line…I am collecting bits and pieces of it to make a Dresden plate quilt!

  123. Cheryl says:

    Pezzy Prints was my fave! So fun and unique and they make up into the cutest quilt.

  124. Liza S. says:

    All your lines are such fun, but punctuation is my favorite!

  125. Carrie P. says:

    Fairy Tale Friends is my fav.

  126. Loved reading your post! My favorite American Jane Line is the Happy Campers Calico – I love it!

  127. Jeanie says:

    Oh… many! I guess I’ll say Punctuation but you just can’t loose with any of the collections! Thanks for the giveaway!

  128. Ruth B says:

    I love Pot Luck and Pindots – tough to choose between them but I guess I’d have to pick Pot Luck as my very best favorite!

  129. My favorite line is Breath of Avignon, even though I have never been able to get my hands on any. Thanks!

  130. Cindi P says:

    My favor it is Happy Camper. I made pillows for our lake place from it.

  131. Heartsdesire says:

    I love all the American Jane collections, but my favourite is Pot Luck.

  132. Dianne H. says:

    My favorite of All your fabric lines is POT LUCK. It is AdorAble and Awfully cute.

  133. Hildy says:

    My favorite is Potluck becuase I love the multi rulers. My mom’s favorite is Snippet and I hope you find it for her one day;-)

  134. Lynda says:

    I saved and bought a yard of every pezzy print, a yard of matching solids for every print (24 yds tot) have made two quilts and still have 1/2 yard of each left over – every time someone sees a pezzy quilt they swoon over all the colors –

  135. eclectic-el says:

    Potluck……….I have a bag of “quilt ready” fabric in my sewing room waiting to be made into an adorable Potluck lap quilt!! Thank you for sharing with us!

  136. Jacklynn says:

    I love your collection Fairy Tale Friends, with Pezzy Prints a close second. Thanks for the give away!

  137. Abbigail says:

    Happy Campers Calico is my favorite.

  138. Brenda says:

    Got to be Pezzy!

  139. Sewing Mom says:

    Love Pezzy Prints! Thanks for a lovely giveaway.

  140. true2beeme says:

    Potluck is my favorite!

  141. Lisa Marie says:

    I like Ducks In A Row. That print with the zippers cracks me up!

  142. I think Recess is my favorite! Thanks!

  143. Kimberley says:

    I like Ducks in a Row. The floral is fabulous!!!

  144. Carmen says:

    Pot Luck (those wonderful measuring tapes!) and School Days are my top two favorites, with Breath of Avignon coming in a close third.

  145. b says:

    My favorite line is POTLUCK! Thanks for the giveaway!!


  146. Holly Moore says:

    I love the Savonnerie line. Thanks for the chance to win. Beautiful quilt. So special!

  147. Xmasnut says:

    ABC 123 is my favorite, but I love them all. Thanks for the chance to win.

  148. Joanna says:

    Pot Luck and Breath of Avignon are my favorites.

  149. Deb says:

    It’s so hard to pick a favorite of your lines, but I loved, loved Potluck!! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  150. Kate says:

    Since I’m a grammar nerd, my favorite is Punctuation, of course!

  151. Andrea says:

    I loved Pot Luck!

  152. Debbie says:

    Hard to choose one. I love Potluck,but I see baby quilts in my future with Ducks In A Row

  153. M.W. says:

    School Days but so many are fun.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  154. Miss Jean says:

    I love them all but I’d choose Potluck!

  155. Kathy MacKie says:

    Pezzy was sew much fun, thanks for the chance to win.

  156. Nancy E says:

    I love all your lines, but Recess is my favorite.

  157. Love the quilt, I think my favorite collection so far was recess, really like potluck also.

  158. Kim says:

    Cherries Jubilee! But then again it is hard not to love them :0)
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Happy Sewing and continued success

  159. I’m loving your “Ducks in a Row” line but my all-time fav is “Petit Poulet”. Primary colors with a French ‘look’–what’s not to like!?

  160. Cassie says:

    I am a 2nd grade teacher so all of your collections are dear to my heart 🙂 If I had to choose one, it would be Recess, but so very hard to choose just one. Thanks for the chance to win!

  161. Trish says:

    Love ABC 123. Thanks for the chance to win!

  162. Gayle says:

    Looks like I have lots of company – lots of us seem to adore POTLUCK!

  163. diane says:

    my favorite line of yours has to be Potluck. I just love those ruler prints

  164. Abby says:

    I’m loving Pot Luck right now – every time I see it I think of something new I should be making out of it!

  165. Shelley117 says:

    Your quilt is beautiful , I have to say my favourite is Potluck !

  166. MRZ says:

    I’ve made quilts from at two of your fabrics – Happy Camper and School Days.

  167. Mary Truax says:

    Can’t pick a favorite! I especially like Sherri’s version of “tone it down” using her American Jane scraps.

  168. sewgrateful says:

    Can’t say I have a favorite yet, it’s my first look at your fabric line. How sweet! The memories! Guess I’ve been living under a rock.

  169. kris says:

    I like Potluck and pezzy

  170. Just Sew Sue says:

    Love them all, but particularly recess.

  171. Janan says:

    I always like your collections, but Happy Campers is one of my favorites. I love the quilt design layout you created, and your selvage design. Thanks sew much for sharing.

  172. Briawna says:

    I love all your fabric lines, but my favorites have to be punctuation and potluck. So far, I’ve made a small quilt for my children’s teachers every year using punctuation. It’s perfect for the classroom. Thanks for the chance to win this adorable fabric!

  173. Heather says:

    This is such a great Blog Hop!!
    I love the Recess line of fabric! Can’t wait to see more from you. It’s all so fun!

  174. Lynne Tilley says:

    I really liked the Happy Campers (and Potluck!), but this new Ducks in a Row – adorable!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  175. bairdmtn says:

    I especially love Pot Luck because of the happy colors and patterns!

  176. Karen says:

    I always look forward to your next collection, and it is hard to pick a favorite, but I will have to go with Potluck — so many old favorites show up there! I am also partial to the tiny florals in ABC 123, and oh, how I wish I had a FQB of Peas & Carrots!! Ducks in a Row looks adorable — the zippers! and cute ducks! (Can you tell your fabrics excite me?)

  177. I really love Pot Luck and Breathe of Avignon is a very close second. Ducks in a Row is too cute! Thank you for sharing!

  178. Laurel says:

    I favorite collection is always the most recent American Jane fabric line, so I guess right now that is Ducks in a Row.

  179. Hannlib says:

    Pot luck for sure! Bit of everything in there

  180. Cheryl says:

    Ahhhh, just checked out your Ducks in a Row line…ADORABLE!…I’ve loved and used Peas & Carrots. In fact, I JUST bought the alphabet panel from Peas & Carrots last week to use in decorating for a baby shower. LOVE your bright colors, love your fabrics!

  181. Karen M says:

    Hard to choose, but I guess I would say Punctuation. Thanks so much for the chance to with this beautiful fabric.

  182. Dee W says:

    I love School Days! I have some saved for quilts for 4 new little people in our family! Special things are planned once I get past the graduation quilts and poodle skirts for this spring!

  183. American Jane is one of those lines, that when you hear there is a new one out you know you are going to love it. Punctuation is adorable and I love working with it. Happy Camper is high on that list too

  184. darlene says:

    The Pot Luck line is just what I like for patterns and colors in the quilts I make.

  185. tamidug says:

    All time favorite is Pot Luck and thank you for the chance to win!!


  186. Becky S. says:

    Your alphabet sampler quilt is wonderful!!!
    Pot Luck is my favorite–that little chick fabric is too cute! Thanks for the chance to win.

  187. I absolutely love Pot Luck! What a great giveaway!!!

  188. Stephanie says:

    My favorite line is Potluck! I love the tape measure fabric and the retro colors. If I should be lucky enough to win please email me at as I am not a blogger. Thanks for the opportunity!

  189. My fav line is potluck and also sewing box..thanks for the alphabet layout..need to make one.

  190. susiefloozie says:

    I would say School Days was my favorite line. Loved the blackboard fabrics!

  191. memmens says:

    I love School Days! thanks for the chance

  192. Izzy says:

    Definitely Pezzy Print! The prints are so versatile and modern!

  193. Punctuation is my favorite! 🙂

  194. JoAnne says:

    My favorite line is Potluck! Thanks for the chance to win!

  195. I love School Days!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  196. BeachQuilter says:

    I love Potluck, those daisies are happy!

  197. My all time favorite is still ‘Snippets’. I’d love to find more fabric of that particular line; I’m always looking for it 😉

  198. Rosa says:

    Pot Luck and Bella solid but this new line is also an eye candy.Thanks for the pattern!!

  199. CJ says:

    Fun blog hop! My favorite line of yours would be SNIPPETS!

  200. April Shae says:

    I would have to say Pezzy Prints is one of my favs!!

  201. My favorite American Jane line is Peas & Carrots!

  202. Mary says:

    I love all of them but Breath of Avignon is my favorite. I love, love, love your alphabet quilt.

  203. teachpany says:

    A Breath of Avignon! The quilt I’m making with it is next to be quilted. I have a domestic, so it takes a while, and this is a large twin size. Thanks for the great fabrics and fun hop.

  204. Cecilia says:

    I don’t think I can choose only one! Punctuation and Potluck are both great! Thank you for the Letter A block and I love your Red Daisy quilt!

  205. BarbB says:

    Oldie, but a goodie…Building Blocks. Thank you for the new layout.

  206. Jennifer says:

    I think Potluck is my favorite! Thanks for the chance to win

  207. Oh gosh! that’s like asking which Chocolate is your favorite!! I have loved them all, but I guess if I had to choose, Recess is one of my favorites. Kay A. >^..^<

  208. SHARON ZISOS says:

    I love Pot Luck ! Thanks for the chance to win.

  209. Pat says:

    Snippets is my all time favorite although I’ve loved specific fabrics from all of your lines. Thanks for the chance to win – I always look forward to seeing your next collection!

  210. Peaches1003 says:

    I love the Pezzy Prints. They are hrest

  211. It’s a tie between Pezzy prints and Potluck.

  212. Booklogged says:

    Do you know how hard it is to pick a favorite? I going with School Days because I love the chalkboard drawings (the sun is just like I used to draw it – actually, still do) and I love the green and yellow plaid.

  213. Judy says:

    Love all the bright fabrics – School Days comes to mind as my favorite! Thanks for the chance.

  214. Vicki H says:

    One of my favorites is Potluck. Thanks.

  215. S says:

    I just love all the fabrics they are such fun but if I had to pick one it would be School Days

  216. viv says:

    I adore the Ducks in row and loved the quilt behind you in the picture, so was pleased to see you offering the FQ bundle. My all-time favorite fabric line to date is A Breath of Avignon.

  217. School Days is my favorite! Love the quilt you made with the line!

  218. OzarkCajun says:

    My Favorite would have to be Pindots.

  219. JoyceLM says:

    My favorite is ABC 123. Thanks.

  220. Carol says:

    My all-time favourite line was Peas and Carrots. The old-fashioned pictures took me back to my childhood.

  221. jackie says:

    Love them all but I have to say my favorite is peas and carrots.

  222. Amy says:

    I’ve loved any of your bright lovely flower fabrics!

  223. My favorite was A Breath of Avignon! And I have been to Avignon too!!

  224. I really love the Pezzy Print! Those are so cute! Like little jelly beans!

  225. Sunnybec says:

    My favourite of all is Petit Poulet. Thanks for the giveaway.

  226. Farm Quilter says:

    Crushing on Pezzy Print!! Thank you for the opportunity to win some of your beautiful fabric!!!

  227. Kathy says:

    Anything from the ABC 123 line. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  228. Catiedwards says:

    I love fairy tale friends! Thanks for the opportunity.

  229. CathyB says:

    I really love Happy Campers, but Ducks in a Row is too cute!

  230. manjservi says:

    I love Potluck. Thanks for the contest

  231. Dee says:


  232. Peta Peace says:

    I love Pezzy Prints and Pot Luck. Could be a P thing!

  233. Twyla says:

    Wee play, love the colors in that line!

  234. Susan says:

    Pin dots, punctuation, and Fairy Tales.

  235. Trisch says:

    I really love Potluck!!!! Thanks.

  236. Mom2RyandSis says:

    Great quilt! Potluck is my favorite line 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  237. Diane says:

    I love Pot Luck! I purchased a precut while visiting Denver, and I am using in my current project. Fun fabrics make fun quilts!

  238. Susan says:

    Hard to choose – there are soooo many, but I love Savonnerie. Reminds me of when I went to Aix and loved the beautiful little towns! Love your blog and all your inspiration. Thank you for the chance to win!

  239. Kathy H. says:

    my favorite is potluck because I love the print that looks like tape measures. I had to have that!

  240. Love Snippets and the Pez fabric…all of your fabric is a favorite however…

  241. I am with Izzy! Pezzy is my favourite. I don’t know all of the lines, it’s still difficult to find stockists here in the UK 🙁

  242. Deborah says:

    Love all the prints…. the colors are so pretty! At this time I like Potluck the best. Hope I win… thanks!

  243. Lori says:

    I love love love any American Jane line, especially ABC123 and essential dots. Have made several projects with different lines. Thanks!

  244. Geni Pickens says:

    Potluck and Pezzy equally grabbed my attention!!

  245. Chris says:

    Oh….it’s gotta be Pot Luck!

  246. My favorite is Potluck!! I love the daisys and the rulers they are such fun!! Love the idea of “Spell It!!” Now off to make an ‘A’…

  247. Gretchen says:

    I like all the lines, but, School Days brings back great memories.

  248. My favorite would be potluck! hayleymstephens at gmail dot com

  249. Cheryl says:

    I am not familiar with the fabric lines but potluck sounds good.

  250. I love Potluck. Thanks for the chance to win.

  251. Siobhán says:

    My favorite American Jane fabric line is A Breath of Avignon. Thanks for the chance to win!

  252. Sherrye says:

    Absolutely LOVE Pezzy! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  253. Mer says:

    I love Pot Luck, thanks for the alphabet layout.

  254. Hayley says:

    My favorite is Potluck!

  255. Liv says:

    I love all the American Jane lines but my all time favourite is Snippets ! I live in Ireland and have my AJ fabrics sent especially from the USA. I am a total American Jane addict!

  256. Cynthia H says:

    To be honest, I don’t know your line names well enough to tell you my favorite. But I can tell you I am always drawn to your fabric when I see it. I even have some of it in a quilt I did for my daughter 4 years ago when she turned 18. Don’t know the name of it but it was cute blue rectangles with points. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  257. Liv says:

    I love them all but my all time favourite is Snippets I made that wonderful Calendar Quilt in that line and it is my favourite of all my quilts. I am really looking forward to making the alphabet quilt using all of my American Jane fabric stash

  258. Mer says:

    I love Pot Luck. Thanks for the layout pattern.

  259. Myra says:

    I love the potluck line. Thanks for the chance!

  260. Rebecca says:

    My new favorite is Pot luck.

  261. giddy99 says:

    My favorite is PotLuck! A bit of everything. 🙂

  262. Vicki Gray says:

    Le Petit Poulet has caught my eye often!!!

  263. wendy says:

    Well….I thought my favorite was either School Days or ABC but, I am really liking Ducks in a Row. Might be making another quilt for my grandson!

  264. Slice of Pi says:

    All time fave: Happy Campers! Thanks for the chance!

  265. farmerswife says:

    I love all of your fabric. All are my favorites

  266. Pot Luck is adorable! Love the daisy prints!
    yoyopattycakes at

  267. I loved School Days – as they were some of the happiest times. However I love all the fabric lines as they are all so bright and colorful.

  268. I like the one that had the fabric that looked like yard sick numbers.
    Paula in ky

  269. Scrapspj says:

    Going to have a pot luck to use my “Pot Luck fabric” Love the alphabet blocks!!

  270. LZ says:

    It is hard to choose, but I enjoy my quilt made with Wee Play a lot.

  271. Sarapa says:

    My choice would be PotLuck. I am soooo into the primary colors right now and you have hit it spot on! Thanks for hosting!

  272. Heather says:

    I’ve was a fan of the Peas and Carrots!

  273. Stephanie says:

    Pezzy Prints!! thanks for the chance!!

  274. Michele K says:

    Potluck is lots of fun!

  275. Travelschus says:

    So hard to decide on just one… I guess if I had to chose it would be Pot Luck!

  276. Thelma says:

    Without a doubt, Potluck!

  277. Jo says:

    I really like all of your lines of fabric. If I had to pick a favorite it would be Punctuation.

  278. Lorri says:

    School Days is my favorite! I also love Pezzy!

  279. Vickey says:

    Potluck is my favorite–in fact, I just added 3 fat quarters to my collection today! Love the alphabet quilt and thanks for the pattern!

  280. I really like Pot Luck.

  281. I’m a novelist, so Punctuation has to be my favorite! SO CUTE!

  282. Lyn says:

    I really liked Pot Luck!

  283. maggie says:

    Love Peas & Carrots with Potluck a close second. Great designs, all.

  284. schmidt1016 says:

    Anything with Pezzy Prints is the best. I like the Punctuation line a lot. My mother was an English teacher, so it seems appropriate. Your new line is just adorable, too!


  285. pippirose says:

    I love Pot Luck line. Very lovely prints.

  286. Anita says:

    So hard to pick just one favorite, I guess I’m really loving Potluck right now but Savonnerie is a close second. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  287. Ella says:

    I love the Pezzy line!

  288. CathyK says:

    So hard to choose, but I love Potluck!!!
    Such a cute quilt!

  289. Kim says:

    It is really difficult to choose one favorite! I can’t wait to get some Potluck–but I think if I HAVE to choose one it would be ABC-123. Love the floral prints and the colors!

  290. WandaM says:

    I love Potluck!

  291. jmniffer says:

    Pot Luck tops my list. Thanks for sharing and for the chance at your giveaway.

  292. Martha C. says:

    I love School Days – hard choice. Your colors are so beautiful and vibrant

  293. Liked school days. Tanks for chance to win, great quilt!

  294. Robbie says:

    Happy Campers is my all time favorite!! I love that line!!!

  295. Doris says:

    My very favorite is American Jane Pindots because it goes with every
    other American Jane line.

  296. kulazzv says:

    I love all American Jane fabrics. But I have to say Happy Campers…

  297. What beautiful projects. I was (and am) a huge fan of your Punctuation fabric line. Thanks for the chance to win.

  298. llavmc says:

    I’m a Potluck fan! Thanks for the giveaway!

  299. Misty West says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Potluck!

  300. Mary D says:

    Happy Camper makes me smile.

  301. Michelle says:

    I think my favorite is Fairytale Friends! I just love the colors and the floral print!

  302. I love every one of your lines that remind me of my school days, the books I read as I learned to read, and every single fabric of yours with letters and alphabets!

  303. Jackie says:

    Lucky Potluck is what I choose, sounds lucky to mre! Thanks, love all of your lines!

  304. Jackie says:

    Please add my name in! Potluck is my favorite!

  305. Linda says:

    Pezzy Print, if I have to pick one!

  306. My favorite is Happy Campers. Thanks for sharing with us!

  307. Wendy says:

    It’s hard to pick just one but I’d say Pot Luck.

  308. mary says:

    Ill have to go with Potluck. Because besides quilt, all quilters love a

  309. Joan H. says:

    ABC 123 is my favorite….so much fun!

  310. KatieQ says:

    My favorite is Pezzy Print. I have a small stash of it that I can’t bear to cut.

  311. PK Sews says:

    I love Recess! Thanks for the chance to win!

  312. OhioLori says:

    I looooove Potluck!!! But the Pezzy’s running clooooose Second!!! 🙂

  313. Emily C says:

    I love ducks in a row. Reminds me of spring. We have too much snow right now.

  314. I loved the Wee Play. So nostalgic!

  315. Diann says:

    Has to be Pezzy.

  316. Cindy says:

    My absolute favorite line is Wee Play! I saved a jelly roll forever and broke it out when I made my first and only (so far) granddaughter her first quilt!

  317. susanj says:

    Your lines are all great, but I just love ABC 123-something about it just reminded me of my early school days-colors, fonts, I don’t know, just love it-thanks for the chance to win!

  318. Amy V says:

    I love the Peezy Prints. Thanks for the chance to win.

  319. Love POT LUCK! 🙂 There’s not one fabric in the line I don’t love. 🙂 Your fabrics are so much fun. I made 2 quilts for my nieces bunk buds with the pot luck and school days. they came out so cute. 🙂

  320. Penny says:

    I love the pezzy prints!

  321. Southern Gal says:

    I’m newer to quilting and don’t know all your great fabrics, but your new line looks beautiful. Thanks for the chance.

  322. supersara20 says:

    I love Pot Luck, the little chickens are fabulous!

  323. GranChris says:

    They are all cute but I guess Potluck. I love the Alphabets too.

  324. Dolores says:

    It’s gotta be Pot Luck.

  325. Janelle says:

    They are so cheery, but Building Blocks and Peas and Carrots comes to mind. I love mixing the lines!

  326. therese says:

    That is like asking me which is my favourite child, ahhh! But as I have to pick only one it would have to be Peas and Carrots. I really do love them all !
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  327. DeborahGun says:

    I like Punctuation! Love your quilt 🙂

  328. Happy campers all the way!

  329. Jill Meador says:

    I love the bright colors of all the AJ lines. I made a “Family” quilt for my nephews family out of Happy Campers-using the children panel as focus. His 2 sons are Cub Scouts, fell in love with the quilt and as soon as they got home-4 hr drive, they insisted on having a camp-out that night with their best buddies in the back yard using the quilt. Made me Happy.

  330. Mary says:

    Didn’t realize Breathe of Avignon was yours, I love it.

  331. Vicki P. says:

    I love Look and Learn:)

  332. I love School Days and Potluck! Fun to sew, Greetings from Oklahoma, USA crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  333. NancyL says:

    My favorite is Wee Play, but I like so many, love the bright colors!

  334. Melissa says:

    My favorite is Potluck… but Pezzy Print is a close second!

  335. Lisa Rogers says:

    I love Breath of Avignon! Thank you for a chance to win.

  336. Punctuation was wonderful!!!! Thanks.

  337. katie jean says:

    I have always loved and collected American Jane. But I do remember when I saw Peas and Carrots. I had to have it!!

  338. Betsey B says:

    It is so hard to choose! Savonnerie line is definitely one of my favorites. I love the vintage feel of your lines!

  339. Lisa Stahl says:

    I love Potluck. I’m kind of OCD and with how linear it is it was like putting a puzzle together. Ducks in a Row is going to be a hit when it’s released. I can already see it!!

  340. Lisa Rogers says:

    I love Breath of Avignon! Thank you for a chance to win.

  341. hafza says:

    My favorite line is Pot Luck! Thanks for the chance:)

  342. Annelein says:

    I love all your vintage fabrics as by Wee Play! It remember’s me of the good old days!

    Nice greetings, Willeke
    the Netherlands

  343. Beth Strand says:

    School Days! Even though my own school days are way in the past! Beth @ Words & Stitches,

  344. Hanke says:

    Fairy tale friends. What a nice quilt you’ve made! Thanks for the chance!

  345. Terri says:

    Potluck for sure! The possibilities with the letters are endless!

  346. Wendy says:

    My fave is my is my first…Wee Play. I still have two jelly rolls and a charm pack of it!

  347. Snippets forever! 🙂

  348. Chantie says:

    Punctuation! One of my favorite quilts was made with a jelly roll of it!

  349. Gina says:

    Love the School Days! Also love the Pezzy prints & the Wee Play!!

    Took a peek at Ducks in a Row and it is adorable!!


  350. Pot Luck, Punctuation, Happy Camper – they’re all my favourites!! I love American Jane 😀 I’m so excited for the new collection too, and this fab quilt-a-long, I’m most definitely joining in!

  351. Sarah F says:

    My favourite stash fabrics are spots and my favourite spots are American Jane PinDots – Every quilt should have some!

  352. Sarah F says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  353. Abi Clarke says:

    I really liked ABC… I used it in my first ever quilt and I still have some scraps saved for a special project… Although I’ll probably always save them and never use them!

  354. Marianne says:

    I’ll go with Pezzy! Love it.

  355. Lori says:

    I love Pezzy print, and pot luck would be close as second! Love the bright clear colors!

  356. picketsews says:

    Moda blog hops are such fun. Probably my favorite is potluck but I have lots of others, too.

  357. I loved Pezzy Print but pot Luck is a close second!

  358. What a generous giveaway! My favourite of your fabric lines is probably ABC123 although it’s hard to choose really. Lovely quilt, thanks for the PDF. 🙂

  359. KittyAnnArt says:

    Savonnerie! Love the French styling and colors, beautiful! Very close 2nd would be ABC123! Thanks for the chance to win on the hop!

  360. Wendy says:

    My favorite is Wee Play. I have a table topper I made with it and it is so happy and fun!

  361. Pot Luck would be my favorite~! Thanks for the chance to win.

  362. Potluck is my fav! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  363. Verna A. says:

    I like the rainbow colors in the Pezzy Print line.

  364. QuilterLaura says:

    hard to choose…but I think I will go with “Pot Luck”

  365. GO STARS! says:

    I love Recess. Of course, the Pezzy prints or the measuring tape print from Potluck. There are so many great fabrics.

  366. Sherry says:

    I love the Potluck line. It makes me smile.

  367. Shelley says:

    I absolutely adored Recess 🙂 And I love words on quilts!!

  368. Johanna says:

    I love Pezzy Print. They seem to always mix in so well!

  369. debra says:

    I love school days that is top on my list then camper-maybe because i work in the school system and love camping thanks for the chance to win

  370. Laura says:

    My favorite line is Pot Luck. Loved those rulers!! Reminded me of elementary school. Thanks for the fun blog!!

  371. I love the Pot Luck and School Days lines. The vintage modern feel really appeals to me.

  372. Tina Virshup says:

    Petitet Poulet … it just rolls off the tongue. And I’m going to Provence this summer! Hope I win – thanks for the chance!

  373. Mary in VA says:

    Love the Pezzy Prints!

  374. Sandra Dagg says:

    Hands down Pot Luck is my favorite LIne.Thanks for a chance to win.

  375. Wendy Iris says:

    I am a sucker for fabric with words on it…I also love the tape measure fabric. Thanks for the giveaway.

  376. JaneB says:

    I love your Pezzy Prints and Pot Luck, too hard to choose!

  377. Libmousa says:

    Potluck! I have a nice stash and it is in my queu of projects!

  378. Jeanne says:

    Love your ABC quilt and love School Days!

  379. Brenda9465 says:

    I would say Pot Luck. Thank you for the giveaway!

  380. Pam says:

    Potluck is a fabulous line.

  381. I hate to choose favorites. So many fun fabrics.

  382. Mrs Quinn says:

    I’m loving potluck right now. So cute.

  383. cocoquilts says:

    I love Happy Campers, Punctuation and Pezzy Prints! Favorite is Pezzy!! Love your Alphabet quilt! Cheers, Colette

  384. Nanbon44 says:

    pot luck is just one of my favorites

  385. Betsy Lehman says:

    Favorite? It would probably be a tie between School Days and Happy Camper, followed closely by Potluck!.

  386. Debbie P says:

    Love all of your fabric designs & patterns!! They are so much fun!! I especially like Pindots & School Days 🙂

  387. Robin T says:

    I love the Potluck line. Especially the farm kids panels and the alphabet letters. The American Jane fabric lines are always fun to use. Thank you.

  388. Kathie says:

    I love so many of your fabrics but right now I think I have to go with A Breath of Avignon. Thank you for the opportunity to win some of your fabric!

  389. kathy says:

    I really like POt Luck but I think I’m favorite is Peas and Carrots.

  390. Sheryl says:

    I really like ABC 123

  391. Sheila says:

    Pot luck would be my favorite , thanks for the chance !

  392. Sarah says:

    I’m kind of late to the game with using precuts, but I have to say that I really like your “Potluck” line and have a charm pack from it just waiting to be used! I love the creativity in your quilt… especially the selvedge!!

  393. selleck says:

    Okay, I admit it. I am fickle. My favorite chages everytime something new comes out. I love Ducks in a Row.

  394. OOoo Pezzy Print!!! thank you for the chance!

  395. Samantha says:

    I like Potluck and the pezzy prints!

  396. Carol says:

    So hard! I was really fond of Le Petit Poulet. Potluck was great too!

  397. Happy campers!!
    Thanks ❤

  398. Amy DeCesare says:

    I just adore Potluck, with a little of this and that and all of it so much fun together. What a great name, too!

  399. Debbie says:

    My favorite is Happy Campers. Thanks

  400. I went to Moda’s website and looked and I pick Recess.

  401. Potluck, I love the daisies and ducks!

  402. christie says:

    My favorite is Breath of Avignon fabric. It reminds me of French Country…I soooo love it!!!!
    Thank you…

  403. Petite Poulet – LOVE chicken fabric and your colors are special

  404. Caniseetoo says:

    My fav line is Pot Luck!

  405. Anita says:

    All time favorite American Jane fabric is School Days!

  406. KrisD says:

    My favorite American Jane line is Savonnerie. Thanks for the chance to win some yummy fabric and for the Spell it With Fabric Blog Hop. So much fun!

  407. Hi my all time favorite is Peas and Carrots! But I love them all !

  408. MaryBeth says:

    Gotta be Pezzy!! I’ve used it in several quilts and they’ve all been terrific!!

  409. Rina says:

    Punctuation! Love your giveaway – thank you!

  410. I think it would have to be School Days. I love your primary colors in all your collections, but this group reminds me of happy days in elementary school, both as a student and as a teacher.

  411. CathyG says:

    A Breath of Avignon is my fav!! Love all your lines!

  412. Cindy says:

    My favorite line was Punctuation.

  413. jenni says:

    ABC 123, oh those toys, I can’t get enough!

  414. Love the Essential Dots

  415. I’m going to have to say Pezzy even though I’m a retired teacher and School Days holds a special place in my heart.

  416. Mike and Jen says:

    I love the Pezzy Print!

  417. Audie-n-TX says:

    My favorite is ABC 123…..

  418. So hard to choose one…as an old retired teacher will have to go with School Days. Love your collections.

  419. Vicki says:

    RECESS! (sorry for yelling). It reminds me of my grandma. I love it. Thanks for the chance!

  420. Tabitha says:

    I like pezzy and the rulers from recess!

  421. quilt455 says:

    Hard decision but I think School days is one of my favorites.

  422. Sarah says:

    I love School Days! I love your use of true colours.

  423. Suze says:

    My favorite line is Potluck. It is fun and has hint of older lines, too!

  424. MarianneD says:

    I love Potluck..but the Ducks in a row is also adorable!

  425. Savonnerie is my favorite. Very rich looking. Thank you for a chance!

  426. Tori says:

    All lovely but Pot Luck wins it for me!

  427. Jane says:

    Recess! Love them all!!

  428. Sarina says:

    Darling quilt! I don’t know if I can choose just one, but my top 3 are probably pezzy, school days, and pot luck! Love your fabric designs.

  429. Louise says:

    Loved the Pezzy Print– 🙂

  430. VickiT says:

    My favorite to date has been ABC 123. I have 3 very young grandchildren so I think that’s one reason I love it so much. It’s just perfect to use in making them anything.

  431. Sonya says:

    Love me some Pot Luck! It’s adorable! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  432. betty boop says:

    Love anything French, but I also love your punctuation fabric and so much more. The best is the quotation that you wrote concernng a day’s worth of time.

  433. lvkwilt says:

    I think School Days but love them all! I would agree with Mary Truax that Sherri’s version of “tone it down” using her American Jane scraps was the most striking of those I’ve seen. Would LOVE to duplicate it! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  434. Barb in Mi says:

    I love your Pezzy prints – and bought a pack from you when you were visiting and giving a workshop in SE Michigan. Thanks so much!

  435. Oh I love your Breath of Avignon collection! SO pretty!

  436. My all time favorite line is Wee Play. I’m still hoarding a fat quarter bundle 🙂 Thank you for sharing this your quilt design with us!!!!

  437. nicolesender says:

    I think School Days is the best!

  438. Jessica says:

    I really like Pezzy. It is fun and easy to put with other fabrics. Thanks for giving the chance to win your new lovely fabric.

  439. quiltnmaryf says:

    I loved Happy Campers – Thanks!

  440. Jennie says:

    Loved Happy Campers from the get go!

  441. Diane says:

    Happy Campers and I would be a happy camper if I would win. I just truly enjoy all your designs.

  442. My favorite is Pot Luck, there’s so much variety. Thanks for the chance to win a FQB!

  443. Cynthia says:

    I still love Wee Play 🙂

  444. I love ABC 123 . . . oh wait! I also love Pindots too! You made this really hard . . . than there Potluck!

    OK . . . if I’m forced . . . I’d choose ABC 123 . . . but it’s like choosing which child you love more! You love them ALL . . . they each have their own unique beauty! Thanks for all you do to make our lives more fun & colorful!

  445. Without a doubt, my favorite American Jane collection is “Fairy Tale Friends.” It was my very first pre-cut fabric purchase and I learned to piece granny squares with it. Still adore everything about it!

  446. floyquilts says:

    I love Pot luck. I loved meeting you and seeing all your wonderful quilts when you came to Grand Haven. Thanks for the pattern.

  447. Linda V says:

    Love pot luck! Thanks for participating in the blog hop!

  448. It’s really hard to choose just one fabric as I love so many! I would say the chicks fabric and daisy fabric. Thanks!

  449. chris says:

    Your fabrics are all so bright and cheerful! It is hard to pick one! I LOVE Potluck! Thanks for the chance to win!

  450. Judy G says:

    This is the best Alphabet quilt ever. Thanks to all the designers!

  451. Helen L says:

    Sandy, I’ve loved all your collections since I met you at PIQF, probably about 8 years ago, and I have a lovely box full of them!! 😀 But I have to say I love your Ducks in a Row: I LOVE those little chicks!!! My second favorite would be the school days white with all the tossed letters: a perfect background! I’m making the Burgoyne Surround quilt from American Patchwork and Quilting from all your prints!!

  452. Unknown says:

    Pot Luck for sure but love all your work!

  453. KimS says:

    I’d have to say this new one – Ducks In A Row – is my new fav! I have baby / kid quilts on the brain right now!

  454. Doris R. says:

    Love the colors in Savonnerie! Thanks for the chance to win!

  455. Terry says:

    Pot Luck is my favorite – a little bit of everything! Love your fabrics and quilts.

  456. Sandie says:

    Potluck would have to be my favorite… It has a little bit of everything!

  457. Terry H. says:

    I liked happy campers.

  458. Sharon says:

    Your new line Ducks In A Row is adorable

  459. Sharon says:

    I love your new line Ducks In A Row

  460. Deb says:

    I’m going to say Punctuation!

  461. Mary Deckert says:

    I have two favorites of all time: Wee Play and Breath of Avignon. So different, but love them both!

  462. Debbie Rosa says:

    I love the Potluck line and especially the tape measure. Thank you for a chance to win

  463. Dixie says:

    Hmmm like making a mother pick her favorite child…school days would be one of mine!

  464. Punctuation is def my fav!!

  465. carolg says:

    Potluck, potluck, potluck! Can’t get enough! Thanks for the giveaway!

  466. Tori says:

    So many great collections but I think Punctuation wins it for me

  467. All time favorite! Lovely. Designing the most elaborates and expansive room to the smallest of living spaces, one common foundation remains. Good fabric.

  468. Jennifer says:

    I just love Potluck! Thank you for the chance to win such a great bundle of fabrics.

  469. Diana Wilson says:

    School Days is my favorite.

  470. Rose Smith says:

    Potluck is my favourite American Jane fabric range. I adore the vibrant mixture of colours and prints.

  471. Conniebee says:

    Love the Potluck collection. Always love the bright fun of the collections! Thank you for the giveaway.

  472. Debbie says:

    Happy Campers as it reminds me of how we spent the summers as kids.

  473. So many to pick from, but I’ll choose School Days as my favorite. thanks for a chance to win

  474. TADVR says:

    Le Petite Poulet is my favorite, love the chickens and colors!

  475. usagypsy says:

    I love Pot Luck!

  476. Maryb says:

    Although I love all your fabrics the new line of Ducks in a Row is my new favorite….. Just love numbers…..

  477. Mom C says:

    I think Pezzys was the 1st line I really began to be aware of designers and their collections. Loved all the colors and their ability to play nice with other designs or be stunning on their own. I hoard my pindots. It has to be a special quilt to use my pindots in. Thanks.

  478. All of it makes me happy so I love all of them. This quilt is so you Sandy. I love it.

  479. janet says:

    My favorite must be Fairy Tale Friends because I made three quilts with that fabric. Such a cute gift for grandchildren…the quilt and the story books that go along with it. What is better than snuggling under a quilt and reading a fairy tale? Maybe a quilt with little duckling for Easter if I win Ducks in a Row!

  480. I have two favorites: I am constantly drawn back to Recess, but Pezzy Print is so complimentary and fun!

  481. leanne says:

    L.O.V.E. Pezzy prints ! The single colours are amazing and I really love the multi coloured available in potluck !

  482. I love the colors and mixes in the Savonnerie collection

  483. This line is absolutely adorable, thanks for the chance to win it

  484. June D says:

    School days would be my pick. thanks for the chance!

  485. R says:

    love pot luck because of the diversity in colors and styles (pretty flowers, geometric designs, letters, and detailed pictures)

  486. Sandy says:

    I just finished a charm square project of Wee Play.
    My favorite is the colors in the vintage daisy and gingham fabrics.

  487. Oooh hard question! I guess I would choose Potluck, but Sewing Box is also a very high on my list! And I just love that alphabet fabric! Thanks for the fun!

  488. Janice says:

    I love all your fabric lines, but I especially love “Cherries Jubilee”. It speaks to! Thanks for the giveaway!

  489. Phyllis says:

    Favorite is School Days!

  490. Ellee says:

    Love the Pindots! — soparkaveataoldotcom

  491. Diane Andres says:

    My favorites are Potluck and School Days. Love them both! 🙂

  492. Happy Camper ??? Recess ???? Geeze, Love them all !

  493. Jennifer says:

    i think Savonnerie. would be my favoriteline.

  494. Sonia B says:

    I’m late to the American Jane scene and just picked up my first collection . . . Potluck. Such fun colors. Thanks for the chance.

  495. sherry says:

    i don’t really have favourite fabric lines…i just choose what i like

  496. carolann says:

    Pot Luck is a wonderful line, but they all are!

  497. Thanks for the chance to win! I loved your ABC 123 and used it to make a quilt for my newest little one!

  498. Tricia says:

    Happy Campers and Potluck are my favorite, they are sooo Happy

  499. Barb says:

    Happy Campers all the way!

  500. Jodi says:

    It’s hard to have a favorite but I love School Daze.

  501. Karen O says:

    I would have loved to have had some Happy Camper. It was before my time but it looks so cute.

  502. Kathie Craig says:

    I love the Day Trip quilt. It is so vibrant and eye catching.

  503. When you said at the Quilt Show (i wasn’t there…saw on YOU Tube),” don’t you wish you would have collected them all”, I thought ‘yes’, however I haven’t been quilting that long. I have been collecting them for my someday quilts,since starting just a couple of years ago. I am going to make a quit using my Happy Campers, which I have been so looking forward to doing soon…before SPRING,hopefully.This winter has been good for offering lots of cold inside days.

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