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National Sewing Month 2013

Patricia Pepe - Quilt Queen Designs - BasiX - XBlocks - Quilting TemplateHi Moda fans! My name is Patricia Pepe of Quilt Queen Designs. I am the creator of X-Blocks and BasiX templates, books and patterns. Happy Friday the 13th! I consider this the luckiest day of the year so I’m particularly X-cited to show you my new BasiX and Baby BasiX templates! 

Now you can create quilts faster and easier with BasiX and the itsy-bitsy Baby BasiX. These nifty new templates have the same magic as the original X-Blocks, but were created for pre-cut strips such as Moda’s JellyRolls and Honeybuns. They work great with Charm Packs and Layer Cakes too!

I believe quilting should be fun. BasiX makes it fun and easy since the measuring and cutting have been done for you! Isn’t it time to get back to the BasiX and have some fun?

BasiX - Baby BasiX - XBlocks - Patricia Pepe - Quilting Template

The magical X-Blocks and the new BasiX templates are to be used with your rotary cutter on your pre-sewn blocks or strips for quick and fun quiltmaking. The possibilities are endless!

The BasiX template comes with it’s own carrying case, full instructions, 2 bonus patterns and extra hints and tips.
Quilting Template - BasiX - Quilt Queen Designs - Patricia PepeX-Blocks & BasiX can create hundreds – maybe even thousands of designs! And all with easy-to-piece, straight seam blocks and strips.

BasiX Patterns - Baby BasiX Patterns - XBlocks

Plus there are 12 additional patterns designed exclusively for the BasiX and Baby BasiX.
BasiX Step One
Simply sew your blocks or strips together. 
BasiX Step Two
Match the lines on the BasiX template to the seams of your blocks or strips.
Cut around the edges of the template with your rotary cutter.
BasiX Step Three
Voila! Magical new designs appear.

Sew Sweet
This design starts with nine-patch blocks.

9 patch quilt - BasiX - XBlock Template - Quilt Queen Designs
9 patch Quilt - BasiX template - XBlocks
Here’s a Jelly Roll variation on the nine-patch theme.
9 patch quilt - Jelly Roll Variation - BasiX template

Sew Traditional

This fabulous design is made with a patriotic Jelly Roll!
Jelly Roll - BasiX Template - Patriotic Quilt
Jelly Roll Patriotic Quilt - BasiX Template
Make some blocks with the Baby BasiX for a great border!
Baby BasiX Boarders - BasiX Template - Patriotic Quilt
Sew Modern 
Start with solid background and geometric prints.
Modern Quilt - BasiX Template - Geometric Prints - Quilting
Baby O Quilt - BasiX Template - Modern Quilt Movement
Sew Clever
Your design starts with just 3 strips!
(This is one of the bonus patterns included in the BasiX package.)
BasiX Template - Quilting Template - Bonus Pattern - Three Strip Quilt
Check out these other great designs made with the BasiX & Baby BasiX templates.
BasiX Quilt Pattern - Cup Cake Pattern - Quilt Queen Designs
(Made with the Baby BasiX – the blocks are only 2 1/4″!)
Baby BasiX Pattern - Labyrinth - XBlocks - Quilting Pattern

Tablerunner/Bed Runner or Body Pillow cover
Quilted Table Runner - BasiX Template - Symmetry - Modern Quilting

This is one of the bonus patterns included in the BasiX package!
BasiX Pattern - Origami Rose - Quiting Template - Precut Strips


Precut Strips - Jelly Rolls - Modern Quilt - BasiX Template Pattern


Modern Quilt Pattern - Quilting Template - BasiX - XBlocks

Modern Quilt - Template BasiX - Rainbow Quilt - XBlocks Products
(Another variation on a nine-patch)
Modern Quilting - Quilting Template - Quilting Ruler - Pre Cut Strips - BasiX - XBlocks
You can click the buttons below to view my videos with a demo using the template or my blog posts which show more designs made with the BasiX and X-Blocks templates!  
I will be giving away one of the BasiX templates to a lucky winner! To enter please leave a comment on this post.  

You will have until September 30th at midnight to comment. All winners will be randomly selected and announced on Moda – The Cutting Table Blog on October 2nd.
Make sure to visit the blog every day for the opportunity to win each giveaway!  

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    This is so cool! I hope I win!

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    The red, white and blue quilt is very striking! I would make it!!
    This tool is new to me would love to give it a go!

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    i am new to sewing and really want to learn to quilt. i have started a small project but haven’t had a chance to finish it so i can’t say i have done any quilting yet. this would be AWESOME to win!!

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    Maria Filomena

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    dezertsuz at gmail

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    I love it!

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    We don’t have so may tools here in Brazil!
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  202. KathiP says:

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  205. J Slagle says:

    Looks fun and a great twist to easy blocks to be made to look difficult!

  206. Thank you for this amazing post.. I always eagerly await the MODA .. The Cutting Table for great tutorial and news and I must say this new tool BasiX and Baby BasiX are simply amazing .. They have my mind racing with endless QUICK possibilities for starting and finishing amazing quilts and projects, therefore reducing one’s UFO to NO MORE of them, Ha. Thank you for the opportunity. Regards Joyclyn T

  207. Nancy says:

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  208. Applikaye says:

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    I love the straightforward simplicity of this ruler. Dynamic results are amazing. Thanks, I’d love to try it out!
    ~ Christina in Cleveland

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  211. Sheila says:

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  216. Donna Phelps says:

    Wow! I hope today will be my LUCKY day. I have never seen these rulers but they sure look like fun. Love all the patterns that go with the tool. Very clever.

  217. carolann says:

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  218. kshackabq says:

    That is so cool! I was not aware of your templates or technique. I’m so glad to be “in the know.” Please count me in for a chance to win!

  219. BizyStitches says:

    oh my golly, these designs could go on forever. Love them and they look so darn fun. I would love to be in your gift drawing and thank you.

  220. sunny5597 says:

    Your quilts are lovely!! thanks for showing us this awesome tool! I sure hope I win 🙂

  221. VickiT says:

    What an amazing grouping of quilts created using this great tool. I definitely must have this tool. If I don’t win, then it for sure is going on my wish list.

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  226. Kathy Sue says:

    These are some amazing designs. What clever tools! kathleen dot lutz at doh dot state dot nj dot us

  227. scottylover says:

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    Sandy A

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  229. GO STARS! says:

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  230. This ruler is awesome, it make the most interesting blocks!

  231. This ruler is awesome, it make the most interesting blocks!

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