Bella Solids

Have you seen the Bella solids color card?  

I’ve been working with my color card this week…choosing fabrics to go with some of my pre-cuts. I love the fact that the Bella samples can be lifted up from the board, allowing you to set fabrics underneath to make sure you have the perfect match (or contrast) you’re looking for.  I’m not sure whether I should categorize the color card as a notion or a tool…but I absolutely consider this a necessity for matching fabrics and incorporating solids into my quilts.

I also love the fact that many of the Bella solids are available as precuts: bundles, layer cakes, jelly rolls, and charm packs. I’m getting ready to use the jelly roll below in a quilt and already know it will save me a ton of time!

(Pictured below: fat quarter bundles of new Moda Bella Warm colors on the left and new Moda Bella Brights on the right).

I have some upcoming posts planned with ideas for Bella solids: organization ideas, some tips, and several “what goes with what” posts, but I thought today I’d start with a simple idea I’ve been using for a couple of years now. While I love the Bella solids pre-cuts, I also love purchasing quarter and half-yards.

But I also want to be sure I know which colors I have in case I end up deciding to use a piece for a bigger project. If I need to order more fabric, I want to know exactly which color to order.

I make little tags to pin onto each larger piece of my Bella solids. I just use my pinking shears to cut little rectangle “tags” and then use a permanent marker to identify the color name and number.

The tags just take a minute to make, it’s easy to remove them  when you’re ready to use your fabric, and the tags are easy to pin back on.

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13 comments on “Bella Solids

  1. Abbigail says:

    What a great ideal with the little pieces of paper. Good thinking!

  2. Mary Deckert says:

    Where can I buy a Moda fabric color card?
    Also, love the idea of tagging solids like that ~ very smart!

  3. LJ says:

    Great idea! Those solids are especially hard to keep track of since there isn’t the printed selvage and there are so many colors and many are just a shade away. I have been keeping track of where I buy my fabrics, too. Sometimes I don’t have enough of one fabric and I can’t remember where it was purchased, so that has been a life-saver.

  4. I organize my solids the same way! It really helps avoid buying duplicates!

  5. Sinta Renee says:

    I haven’t tried using a JR of solids… good idea!

  6. Tiffany says:

    The other day I was working with freezer paper and realized I needed to label some of my solids too. So I just tore a little piece of freezer paper, wrote the name on that, and then ironed it onto my fabric. No pins and it’s easy to remove! Hopefully my labels don’t fall off, though. 🙂

  7. Annette says:

    Your little tag idea is really a good one! Thanks!

  8. Toby Crane says:

    I am impressed with the color coordination on these fabrics. Are any of them michael miller fabrics? Thanks for sharing the photos and the information. Keep up the great work!

  9. Cathy says:

    Great tip for the color labels! Near genius, really. I must use.

  10. Sally in WA says:

    I’d like to know where to purchase the color card, too.

  11. CathyK says:

    I would love to know where to purchase these cards. Also, thank you for the great idea on the tags! I am SUPER exctied for the upcoming posts about these solids! 🙂

  12. jlgwyn says:

    Fat Quarter Shop has the color cards for Bella Solids and I think 6 other manufacturer solid color cards. Just search for “color cards” on their website.

  13. Lisa says:

    Yep, I need a couple one for Bella and Kona! Right know they are all mixed up!

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