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A former interior designer and student of textile design, Brigitte Heitland has been sewing since she was a young girl. After making her own clothes for many years, Brigitte discovered quilting about ten years ago.  But she was hooked immediately.

Brigitte brings a modern, sophisticated style in her quilts.  They are are characterized by an astute simplicity, harmonious color and outstanding workmanship. Brigitte launched her brand ZEN CHIC in 2010 with her quilt patterns and soon added fabric design.  As an experienced, skilled long-arm quilter, she teaches classes on contemporary quilting techniques.  She also teaches classes on the use of color, using solids in quilts and finding inspiration for color palettes.

Brigitte is mother of three children and lives with her family in Germany. To learn more about her style and work, you’re invited to visit her website – www.brigitteheitland.de

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    Did you know, that there is a new installed National Day of celebration? No??? Well, for us as quilters it should be nearly as important as Christmas Day is. It's National Jelly Roll Day, and this yearly event is on the 16th of September every year (starting 2017)! Hey, champagne, cookies,... Read more »
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    Last week I introduced you to our newest collection MODERNBACKGROUNDS COLORBOX.A special addition to the collection is a so-called cheater-print or panel. There are three different panels, each representing one of the three colour groups, white eggshell and fog. Low volumes are spread in a checkerboard pattern overlaid from big dots... Read more »
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    I’m so happy to show you my new fabrics! I was inspired by graphic natural structures and fresh bright colors and that’s what I have created:Do you remember the low volume series PAPER and INK? MODERBACKGROUND COLORBOX is completing the palette with subtle color textures on fog, eggshell and white. That means:... Read more »
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