The Jungs

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When you think of this “daughter-mother” team, think “young.” That is the pronunciation of their last name. Lauren is an artist—Jessi, a quilter. And recently, they combined talents with the other Jung sister/daughter, Carrie!

Lauren graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Furman University, followed by a graduate degree in graphic design from the Portfolio Center in Atlanta. After bouncing around from various web design jobs, she has now, ventured out on her own, working on a startup with her significant other. They’ve created an ad-tech company where fashion brands can connect and collaborate with bloggers on their website, The Shelf.

Jessi learned to quilt in 1999, from her friend, Connie. They went on to design and sell quilt patterns, as well as develop a quilt planner, labeled PLAN BEE.

One day, Lauren said, “I have a great idea. Let’s design our own fabric line!” And that was the beginning. Carrie was in college at that time at Clemson University. She has a masters degree in Marketing. She is a freelance journalist and radio producer in Albuquerque, NM. One Spring market, she tagged along, and discovered that she was a “natural” in promoting their fabric! So Carrie is now part of Jung Designs.

Lauren and Jessi create their fabric designs. Jessi develops and sews quilt patterns. And Carrie creates and sews bags, totes, and accessory patterns for their business. They have a long distance partnership, as Lauren lives in Las Vegas, Jessi is from Spartanburg, SC., and Carrie resides in Albuquerque. But they get together as much as possible to work on future lines for Moda. And their latest accomplishment includes a book, Sweet And Simple Sewing, through Martingale Publishers.

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