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Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson have had their hands in just about every aspect of quilting.

These one-time shop owners grew a business out of their love of making quilts – Me & My Sister Designs. They’ve designed fabric for Moda for more than ten years, developed the SideWinder portable bobbin-winder and designed hundreds of quilts that they’ve published in books and patterns.

Barbara and Mary love infusing what they call “everyday color” into their fabrics and then using those fabrics to transform traditional pattern designs into bright, vibrant quilts.

To see what else they’ve colorfully re-made –

  • Block Heads 2 ~ Block Seven!
    Block 7 is here! This block is designed by Stacy Iest Hsu and is called Spin Cycle. Pinwheels are some of my very favorite blocks to make and I love her take on the pinwheel. I’ve always made my half square triangles with just 2 pieces but now I’ll use 3! Please visit... Read more »
  • Patchwork Garden!
    A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of visiting the state of New York for the first time and the wonderful ladies at Patchwork Garden. We love our new friends! Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: We can’t wait to visit again and see these extraordinary ladies someday! Thanks for your hospitality, the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies,... Read more »
  • Block Heads 2 ~ Block Six!
    Time sure does fly! I’m sure I’ll be saying that many times before this journey is over. Welcome to week 6 and the newest block! This one is called Path Thru The Woods and was designed by the talented Betsy Chutchian. Betsy is always fun to be around and her block reflects her... Read more »
  • Block Heads 2 ~ Block Five!
    Number 5 is here! I’ve really been excited to show you this one! It’s bigger than the usual blocks and measures in at a whopping 24 inches. It’s called Impact and was designed by Vanessa Goertzen of Lella Boutique. Vanessa is as darling as her fabrics and I’ll enjoy seeing what she’s chosen for... Read more »
  • Block Heads 2 ~ Block Four!
    Can you believe it’s already been 4 weeks? The new block is called Roman Cross. It’s by Brigitte Heitland of Zen Chic. I can remember her first Quilt Market and the complexity of her booth set up. We were all taking bets on if she would ever finish before the doors opened!... Read more »
  • Block Heads 2 ~ Block Three!
    It’s the third week of Block Heads 2! You’re going to love the newest block by Carrie Nelson and Moda fabrics. The block is called Pennsylvania. I was born there and I remember it being very green, so we had to have some green in our block. To download the newest pattern visit... Read more »
  • Block Heads 2 ~ Block Two!
    We’re totally feeling the Block Head thing! Are you a Block Head yet? We’ve been invited by our original Block Head friend, Lynne Hagmeier, to join in on the fun! In the coming weeks 13 different Moda designers will be taking turns presenting a new block and pattern. You’ll have to visit their... Read more »
  • Double The Fun!
    Did you know we have a new Double Wide Dresden Book that’s the perfect companion for the DWD Ruler? It’s chocked full of fun things you can make with your Double Wide Dresden Ruler. Creating unique and easy projects with the ruler is now even easier. No more figuring out fabric requirements... Read more »
  • Thanks!
    You did it AGAIN! Thanks for making our 12 Pack Quilts book such a hit! Happy Quilting! Barb  ... Read more »
  • Block Heads 2 ~ Block One!
    We’re so excited to have been invited to Block Heads round two! A special thanks to Lynne (an original block head) and dear friend for inviting us! We saw so many beautiful blocks last time and can’t wait to make them every week. I must admit though, you guys needed some brights... Read more »




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