Jan Patek

For more than 20 years Jan Patek has been designing primitive folk art quilts and publishing the patterns in books. Jan also designs original fabric lines for Moda.

In response to overwhelming demand, Jan began turning her dazzling quilt and fabric designs into kits so that her fans would be able to make the quilts they so admire. Jan has a passion for creating and for sharing her creativity with others. “I don’t want to make quilts and put them in a closet,” says Jan. “I want to provide a creative outlet for others.”

You can see all of her fabric turned into quilts on Jan’s website – www.janpatekquilts.com – as so many others have. Join one of Jan’s great quilt clubs. Browse the books and quilt kits, relax, and be reminded of country, home, and family.

  • Day #3 of Tabletop Turnabouts
    Sweet Lady Liberty Frontand back.As most of you know by now, I'm partial to Americana.- - Love the big stars Martingale used.I'm also pretty partial to stars.. :)And we have a winner from last week's post.It was Susie H. who saidFresh colors for a fresh start + SPRING.💗Susie, if you will email… Read more »
  • Day #2 of Table Turnabouts
    Sneak peek of the pages from the Garden House quilt.Martingale does such an awesome jobwith the photography and patterns.I'd love to have a fence that color :)The fabric is my "Garden House" line and itreally goes well with their fence, doesn't it.I knew that, of course, when I designedthe line.… Read more »
  • Tabletop Turnabouts (a new Martingale book) & Lets get ready for Memorial Day
    It seems really strange not to be posting a Moda Blockhead -I've been doing that on Wednesdayfor the last 2 years. Instead, for the next 10 weekdaysI'm going to post a page from mynew book Tabletop Turnabouts,published in their usual excellent manner by Martingale.The little quilts 12" x 25" are madeto hang over… Read more »
  • Block #52
    Scrappy Checkerboardby Corey YoderYou can go to her blogto download the patternby clicking here.What a cute block to end our 2nd journey.I'm getting quilts ready for Market so won't be sewing my blocks together probably until after Marketbut will be posting each Wednesdayso do drop by and see what's going on.This… Read more »
  • Block #51, A Bunny and Flowers - Yay Spring!!!!
    Power Star by Lisa Bongeanto go to her blog todownload the patternclick here.Our Deal of the Week is aTablestand Kit from 2018 -Our awesome Easter Bunny riding his favorite chicken-riding past his flower garden.If you're in the Tablestand Club you may already have the kit.If you're not in the Tablestand Club you can join… Read more »
  • Block #50 & Spring Table Stand
    Vintageby Sherri McConnellYou can go to her blogto download the patternby clicking here.And this is "Can't Wait"Our new Spring Table Stand quilt.I just finished sewing on the binding.If you're not in the Tablestand Club you can join by emailing Tammyat janpatekquiltsinc@gmail.com.Or you can order one by clicking here.And right after you order your kit we… Read more »
  • Block #49, Another Sneak Peak and Hopefully jpgs of Guilds
    Cups and Saucersby Jo MortonYou can go to her blog to download the patternby clicking here.And this is a sneak peek of the back of the Spring Table Stand"Can't Wait - for Spring".To join the club or simply put inyour order for a kit, email Tammy at janpatekquiltsinc@gmail.com.Everything is a little behind this… Read more »
  • Block #48 and Sneak Peek of Spring Table Stand
    Ann Arborby Laurie SimpsonYou can get to her blogto download the pattern by clicking here.And this is a sneak peek of "Can't Wait"- the SpringTable Stand Quilt I'm working on.To join the club and get 15% off this kitand a Tablestand and the Headers email Tammy at janpatekquiltsinc@gmail.com.Right now I'm either in… Read more »
  • Block #47 and Spring!!!!
    Moda Blockheads Block #47Bird & BasketTo download the pattern click here.I love my cardinals that flock to my bird feeders each morning and nightbut I'm ready to see some bluebirds too.The bluebird is the state bird of Missouriand we''ll be really glad to see a some.They might want to wait just a… Read more »
  • Correction & Block #46
    First - the Correction.Last weeks block by Betsy Chutchianwas Block 45, not Block 44.That would make this week's block-Block #46Star on Pointby Stacy lest Hsu.I got 2 of the plaid pointslined up 🙂 but then, not liningup plaids has never bothered me,in fact I kind of like it.This was a… Read more »


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