Jan Patek

For more than 20 years Jan Patek has been designing primitive folk art quilts and publishing the patterns in books. Jan also designs original fabric lines for Moda.

In response to overwhelming demand, Jan began turning her dazzling quilt and fabric designs into kits so that her fans would be able to make the quilts they so admire. Jan has a passion for creating and for sharing her creativity with others. “I don’t want to make quilts and put them in a closet,” says Jan. “I want to provide a creative outlet for others.”

You can see all of her fabric turned into quilts on Jan’s website – www.janpatekquilts.com – as so many others have. Join one of Jan’s great quilt clubs. Browse the books and quilt kits, relax, and be reminded of country, home, and family.

  • Moda Blockheads II - Direction
    Block 11by Sherri McConnellTo go to her blog to get the pattern click here.Here is our "Finally Fall" Quilt Kit -our Mini Quilt Club offering this Fall,featuring some of my favorite themes -houses - pumpkins - a cat & a crow andmade out of one of my favorite fabric lines... Read more »
  • Moda Blockheads 2-Wednesday - Time for........
    Block #10Duck and Ducklingsby Jo MortonTo download the pattern click here.To go to see what she's been doing andwhat she did with her block click here.This is my quilt Sleigh Bells.  It was a Mystery Quilt one year so you had to get the kit each month in order to make... Read more »
  • The first Moda Blockheads in August
    And it's "With a Plus"a 6" blockby Laurie SimpsonTo download the pattern click here.And to go to her blog click hereI always have to go check on what she's doing because she's my Blockhead Buddy. I'm not sure whether that's the right term or not but I picked her to join Blockheads because... Read more »
  • My Turn for Moda Wednesday
    Block #8Pineapple BlockTo download the pattern click here.And now I'm going to tell you to only somewhat follow the directions on the pattern.It's going to tell you to3. Position appliqé A on the background square, referring to the key block diagram. Pin or baste to the background and appliqué in place. In... Read more »
  • Wednesday, Wednesday.......
    Instead of Monday, Monday :)Wednesday is much better I think.Especially since Moda Blockheads 2 started up.This is Spin Cycleby Stacy Lest Hsu(and I do hope I spelled that right)You can download the pattern by clicking hereand go to her instagram page by clicking here.I don't know about where you live... Read more »
  • It's Blockheads Wednesday again
    And the block for this week is Path thru the Woods byBetsy Chutchian To download the pattern for her block click here.And to go to her blog and see what she didwith the block click here.Have I mentioned before that piecing is not my first love?This is why - you have to... Read more »
  • July 4th, 2018 & Moda Blockheads II, Block #5
    HAPPY 4TH OF JULYHope you have a safe one.The kids (kids- one is 47 and one is 43 but they'll always be my kids). Anyway their work schedules didn't agree so Brian and his wife and 4came up on Saturday and Max and his 2 kids - his wife had to... Read more »
  • Moda Blockheads II, Block #4
    Roman Crossby  Brigitte Heitland  of Zen ChicYou can go to Brigitte's blog to see what she did with the block by clicking hereand download the pattern by clicking here.Meanwhile not only has the Blockheads quilt been moving alongso has the year.-------It's almost the 4th of July!I'm not at all sure how... Read more »
  • Moda Blockheads 2 - Block #3
    Pennsylvaniaby Carrie NelsonTo download the pattern go to http://www.modafabrics.com/bh2_cn_pennsylvania.pdf. For some reason when we copy the link the www. doesn't copy but whenI type the whole thing out, it works.Huzzah! huzzah.I would send you to all the other Blockhead blogs but I doubt if those links work also so lets just trygoing to http://blog.modafabrics.com/block-heads-2/ ... Read more »
  • Moda Blockheads 2- Block #2
    Buckeye Beauty designed by Barb & Mary ofMe and My Sister DesignsIt's made from my fabric line Lilac Ridge.You can download the pattern by clicking hereand go to  Barb & Mary's blog to see what they did with the block by clicking here.After a rather rough start we're pretty sure that all the links... Read more »


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