Jan Patek

For more than 20 years Jan Patek has been designing primitive folk art quilts and publishing the patterns in books. Jan also designs original fabric lines for Moda.

In response to overwhelming demand, Jan began turning her dazzling quilt and fabric designs into kits so that her fans would be able to make the quilts they so admire. Jan has a passion for creating and for sharing her creativity with others. “I don’t want to make quilts and put them in a closet,” says Jan. “I want to provide a creative outlet for others.”

You can see all of her fabric turned into quilts on Jan’s website – www.janpatekquilts.com – as so many others have. Join one of Jan’s great quilt clubs. Browse the books and quilt kits, relax, and be reminded of country, home, and family.

  • And still busy 🙂
    America For Mehas certainly kept us busy.  We weren't quite prepared for theflood of orders for both the patternand the kit.We had  enough fabric to make the sample but hadto order the rest from Moda for the kits.Unfortunately the order for this fabric got mixed inwith an order for my… Read more »
  • Busy, busy, busy.............
    It was indeed a busy week.Monday my friend and email ad lady, Sandy Noelsh and I drove to Springfield, Mo. - actually she drove and I rode.  It didn't start off too well.When I picked her up, she started the car and the air-conditionerblew hot air instead of cold.After a quick trip to… Read more »
  • Right now I'm in Springfield, Mo
    Giving a workshop to the Ozark PiecemakersI just love that name!I gave my lecture twice -  yesterday morning and last nightand by tonight I am going to be plain old tired.I always get worn out but I also alwaysenjoy myself very much.  Quilters are such nice people.  :)Since I got this ready in somewhatof… Read more »
  • How time flies by when
    You've been busy.America for Me 2019available as a pattern or a kit.This quilt is a lot more complex than it seems.It has 17 reds, 14-15 blues, 4 creams and 2 background prints -- Whew!I really like the way the top turned out though and can't wait to see it quilted.To order the… Read more »
  • So many quilts, so little time.......
    This is "America for Me"a quilt I designed in 2004.It was published in my bookLady Liberty.It was recently pictured on the blogof Country Threads owned bymy friends Connie Tesene and Mary Etherinton.I first knew about it when I started gettinglots and lots of emails asking for the pattern.Unfortunately, somehow my book… Read more »
  • Happy almost 4th of July
    This is Flags of the American Revolutiona 76" x 76" 12 Month BOMthat is our Deal of the Weekthis week.We thought it seemed timely.  The pattern not only has drawings ofall of the blocks but lots of information on each flag.My husband Pep found the blocks when he was on the internet… Read more »
  • But July is REALLY CLOSE 🙂
    The garden is ready.But I get ahead of myself. On Monday the 17th, I got into my car anddrove to Dubuque, Iowa to give alecture to the ladies of the Cable CarQuilt Guild, a thoroughly delightful group.After the lecture I spent the night at the homeof Ruth Lyon.  And I sincerely… Read more »
  • Its Still June......
    And I did get an eagle kit ready for the 4th.Well, since I'm pretty busy designingquilts for my next fabric line Clover Meadow, what I did was do an old favorite in new fabric.This is Let Freedom Ring - 2019and you can get the kit by clicking here.You can at least get the… Read more »
  • Good Heavens - It's June
    Spring Market is overand in case you can't tell I came home to plunge straight into designingquilts for my latest fabric lineClover Meadow.Which is why I haven't been blogging lately.But it is June and July follows Juneso lets get ready for the 4th.Our book special this month is Liberty Garden -with patterns… Read more »
  • Day 11 - Final Quilts of Tabletop Turnabouts
    The winner of the signed copy ofTabletop Turnabouts fromthe Midnight Serenade post isMarsha B who said"I can't wait for the book to come out,everything in it is so adorable."Well thank you Marsha.And thanks to all who have takenthe time and energy to comment.And I'm sorry there has been a lag between… Read more »


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