Jan Patek

For more than 20 years Jan Patek has been designing primitive folk art quilts and publishing the patterns in books. Jan also designs original fabric lines for Moda.

In response to overwhelming demand, Jan began turning her dazzling quilt and fabric designs into kits so that her fans would be able to make the quilts they so admire. Jan has a passion for creating and for sharing her creativity with others. “I don’t want to make quilts and put them in a closet,” says Jan. “I want to provide a creative outlet for others.”

You can see all of her fabric turned into quilts on Jan’s website – www.janpatekquilts.com – as so many others have. Join one of Jan’s great quilt clubs. Browse the books and quilt kits, relax, and be reminded of country, home, and family.

  • Moda Blockheads #27
    Mountain Climbingby Lynne of Kansas TroublesYou can go to her blog to download the pattern by clicking here.And speaking of Lynne, she'll be joining Jenny Doan, and Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister and Meat Missouri Star's Fall Festivalon Thursday the 18th - Moda Day.This is my new "Keeping Watch Pillow"that... Read more »
  • Moda Blockheads - Blocks 25 & 26
    Block #25Oshcosh Starby Lisa BongeanYou can go to Lisa's blogto download the patternby clicking here.And Block #26Churndash Surpriseby Corey YoderYou can go to Corey's blogto download her patternby clicking here.Our friends down the road at Missouri Star are havinga Fall Festival next week and Thursday is Moda's Day.Come join Jenny,... Read more »
  • Moda Blockheads - Blocks 23 & 24
    It seems I can't readThe Blocks last week were 21 & 22not 20 and 21.Anyway, this weeks 6" pieced blocks are Block #23 by Jo MortonandBlock #24 by Sherry Mc Connellyou can to to Jo's instagram page to download her pattern by clicking hereand to Sherri's blog to downloadher pattern by clicking... Read more »
  • Moda Monday on Wednesday - Blockheads # 20 and 21
    Since Block #20 is my block we'll to first to Block #21Economy Pathby Laurie SimpsonTo go to her blog to download the pattern click here.And Block #20Circle/StarTo download the pattern click here.And for those of you who are new to my form of Freezer Paper Needleturn Applique I'll go through some of the steps.First, cut... Read more »
  • Moda Blockheads 2- Wednesday
    Block #19Rocky Roadby Betsy ChutchianYou can go to her blog todownload the pattern by clicking here.AndBlock #20Go Fish by Stacy lest Hsu.You can go to her instagram pageto download the patternby clicking here.We decided to make the fish different colors to make sure they could be seen and I really likethe way they... Read more »
  • And a Triple
    Texas Puzzleby Carrie NelsonYou can go to the Moda blog to download the pattern by clicking here.Big Storm by Brigette Heitland.You can go to her instagram page todownload the pattern by clicking here.AndMishmash by Vanessa GoertzenYou can go to her blog todownload the pattern by clicking here.It's been a busy week here at... Read more »
  • It's a Double!!
    Block # 14Fidget Spinner by Lynne of Kansas Troubles You can go to her blog to download the pattern by clicking here.ANDBlock #15Corner Pocketby Barbara of Me and My SisterYou can go to their blog todownload the pattern by clicking here.And I'm sorry this is so short today but my doctor has decided that... Read more »
  • It's Wednesday-Blockheads 13 -
    Patchwork Flowerby Corey YoderYou can go to her blog to download the pattern by clicking here.I just love her flower.We still have flowers hanging on through the heat and I am truly looking forward to Fall.I changed all the quilts in the house to Fall quilts last week.This is Hilltop House hanging in... Read more »
  • Mystery Quilt Block #7 and Moda Blockheads Block #12
    Jaces StarBy Lisa Bongean(Did I really tell you who designed the blockor can you tell by the size of the triangles.  :)You can go to Lisa's blog to downloadthe pattern by clicking here.This is the August block of my 2018 Mystery QuiltMidnight Garden.  My Mystery Quilt startsin February each year... Read more »
  • Moda Blockheads II - Direction
    Block 11by Sherri McConnellTo go to her blog to get the pattern click here.Here is our "Finally Fall" Quilt Kit -our Mini Quilt Club offering this Fall,featuring some of my favorite themes -houses - pumpkins - a cat & a crow andmade out of one of my favorite fabric lines... Read more »


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