Barbara Brackman

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Barbara Brackman is a quilt historian who specializes in reproduction prints for Moda. She links her books, blogs and reproduction prints to give quilters lots of opportunities to interpret vintage quilts.

Barbara has several blogs devoted to specific topics in quilt history, including: Material Culture and Civil War Quilts.  Through her blogs, she keeps you up to date on quilt world gossip, exhibits of antique quilts and ‘what’s new’ in the world of old fabrics.

She often offers a free pattern series for QuiltAlongs and Block-of-the-Month programs with women’s history and historical patterns.

  • Yankee Diary 7: Valentine for Noah Clarke's Brother xx
    Yankee Diary 7: Valentine for Noah Clarke's Brother by Becky Brown9" Finished BlockFrom Carrie's diary, Fall, 1860. Sunday."Frankie Richardson asked me to go with her to teach a class in the colored Sunday School on Chapel Street this afternoon. I asked Grandmother if I could go and she said she never... Read more »
  • Lincoln's Monument Quilt Pattern
    A Monument Quiltfrom Julie Silber's Inventory and magazine offered Exchange columns in which readers offered to trade or sell items, for example advertising cards for yard goods.In 1889 Maria J. Hains wrote the National Tribune that she'd send readers a quilt pattern called Lincoln's Monument for 25 cents. Hains of... Read more »
  • Union Basket Blocks
    Terry says she's sorry she ever thought aboutdoing a pieced "Union" for Block 5.But I'm glad she did. It looks good.ColvinKiwi pieced hers too.Jeanne inked her word.She says: "Piecing, applique, inking, inserted segments ... it's good for me to do hard stuff :)"Danice's looks appliqued.And Vrooman's Quilts is appliqued and embroidered?She's... Read more »
  • Feed the Hungry Quilt
    Silk log cabin quilt in the collection of the Missouri History Museum.It's hard to see but letters stitched in sequins on the diagonal across the blocks read:"Feed the Hungry" catalog copy:"Log Cabin style quilt made in Lexington, Missouri, for a Methodist-Episcopal church bazaar to raise money for families of ex-Confederate soldiers... Read more »
  • Heart & Hand Blocks: Keeping Up with Yankee Diary
    Block 6 from Yankee DiaryI got my Yankee Diary quilt back from machinequilter Lori Kukuk.  Stars & bubbles.I wanted whimsy and I got it.I found some other finished blocks for #6.Denniele'sJeanne'sDanice'sKristiJoyJeanne's 1 to 6. Looking very good on red.... Read more »
  • Stolen Coverlet from Stonewall Jackson's House
    "This piece of coverlet belonged to Col. E.W. Penny taken out of Stonewall Jacksons house after the U.S. Civil War xx in 1865."The tags says E.W. Penny, 1142 High Street, Topeka KansasFrom an online sale.Elijah W. Penny (1839-1919 ) was a Union veteran from Indiana. In later life he was called... Read more »
  • More Flags For Inspiration
    Yale Engine Company Quilt, SmithsonianIt's the Fourth of July, the annual celebration of Independence from our colonial masters.This one from the NMAH at the SmithsonianIn designing the Yankee Diary quilt I looked at a lotof mid-19th-century samplers with patriotic blocks.Here are a few examples of flags fit into some small blocks... Read more »
  • Speer Family Quilt
    Quilt attributed to Mary Elizabeth Speer Neff.Arizona Project & the Quilt Index.Nearly 30 years ago the Arizona Quilt Project documented a red and green quilt from the Speer family of Lawrence, Kansas (my home town.) A recent gift from mother to daughter, the quilt had been accompanied by the story... Read more »
  • Yankee Diary 6: Heart and Hand
    Block # 6Heart & Handby Becky BrownFrom Carrie's diary, August, 1863."Canandaigua sent Dr. W. Fitch Cheney to Gettysburg with supplies for the sick and wounded and he took seven assistants with him. Home bounty was brought to the tents and put into the hands of the wounded soldiers. A blessed work."Frederick... Read more »
  • Potholder Quilt: Any Holder but a Slave Holder
    "Good Bye Dixie"A few years ago a California blogger wrote a post about a family hand-me-down: A crazy quilt from Beloit (Wisconsin?)It's a typical crazy quilt from about 1880-1900, butshe thought the picture of the freed slaves saying "Good Bye Dixie"indicated it was from the Civil War era, twenty years... Read more »




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