Barbara Brackman

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Barbara Brackman is a quilt historian who specializes in reproduction prints for Moda. She links her books, blogs and reproduction prints to give quilters lots of opportunities to interpret vintage quilts.

Barbara has several blogs devoted to specific topics in quilt history, including: Material Culture and Civil War Quilts.  Through her blogs, she keeps you up to date on quilt world gossip, exhibits of antique quilts and ‘what’s new’ in the world of old fabrics.

She often offers a free pattern series for QuiltAlongs and Block-of-the-Month programs with women’s history and historical patterns.

  • Ooops.
    All summer my Do List has said "Bind Yankee Diary Quilt."This week I ...1) Remembered where I put the quilted top.2) Remembered where I put the binding fabric.3) Cut the binding fabric.4) Began to trim the quilt.And I saw the above. We had gotten to this stage in June. As... Read more »
  • Emma Civey Stahl's Pictorial Quilt
    Block 11. Detail of a pictorial quilt attributed toEmma Civey Stahlabout 1870.Collection of the Metropolitan Museum of ArtEmma Stahl's quilt is called the Women's Rights Quilt or Suffragette Quiltbecause several of the vignettes picture a woman involved in the movement.But the quilt also includes pictures of Civil War soldiers. On... Read more »
  • Antebellum Album 1840-1860: Free Civil War Block of the Month 2018
    Antebellum Album 1840-1860  We tend to picture all 19th-century Americans facing off across the Mason-Dixon line in a deeply divided North and South. But before the Civil War the border line was not so sharply defined. Yankees and Southrons shared many connections. Families moved from one culture to another, vacationed to escape... Read more »
  • Old Abe the Eagle
    The show of historical quilts now on display at the East Tennessee Historical Societyin Knoxville features Lillie Harvey's Knoxville Crazy Quilt with its imageof "Old Abe...dead & gone....Died in 1881."It is an odd quilt, which seems to be an advertising medium."Old Abe is dead & gone---not so Dodd & Armistead's... Read more »
  • Civil War Quilts: Block of the Month
    Trolling around to see what's up in the reproduction fabric world I've come across some Blocks of the Month designs that may interest you. Perfect for your reproduction stashes---or buy new fabric.Pam Buda's Star Spangled Liberty is a year old. A very clever set!Maywood Studio has a new BOM with... Read more »
  • Grant Banner Quilt
    Banner Quilt made for General Ulysses S. Grant during the Civil Warby the Ladies' Social Circle of Eureka, California.Collection of the Clarke Museum in Eureka.Every couple of years the Clarke Historical Museum shows this fragile quilt. It's been on display this summer, coming down today, September 2, 2017. Humboldt County Quilts... Read more »
  • Yankee Diary 8: A Wartime Wedding & Checkerboard Strips
    Becky's top half in progresswith the checkerboard filler blocks.Yankee Diary #8  A Wartime WeddingIt was silly to plan the checkerboard filler for anything but the last month but this error in planning will give you an easy month and time to catch up on other blocks.Lyn's using traditional colors from Hope's Journey... Read more »
  • Soldier's Memorial Quilt from Farina, Illinois
    The owner of this quilt posted a photo on Instagram with the caption that it was made to record the Civil War veterans in Farina, Illinois. In QuiltStories she said her great-great grandfather's family block is second from the left on the bottom. His name was George C. Wells."With all... Read more »
  • Civil War Sampler on Instagram
    Civilwarquiltsampler is an Instagram tag. Someone hasbeen working on a Civil War Sampler from my book.Love his/her fabric choices.Instagram is easier to lurk on than to post on.I get tired of texting the captions on my phone so have justabout given up on posting pictures there.But it's always fun to... Read more »
  • Edward Burges Marches Off to Fight the Yankees
    Women on the piazza, the side porch of a Charleston house,watching Confederate troops camped on the Battery overlooking the harbor,Harper's Weekly, May, 1861"We have Dress parades every afternoon. Quite a number of ladies come to witness them when the weather suits."Edward Burges enlisted in a Charleston, South Carolina unit in 1861.... Read more »




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