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Sherri and Chelsi of A Quilting Life are a mother-daughter team living just a few miles away from each other in southern Nevada.

Sherri is married and the mother of four children. She attended Brigham Young University and received a Bachelor of Arts in English from University of Nevada Las Vegas in 1989. Inspired by her rich family heritage of generations of women who loved sewing and creating, Sherri learned to sew after receiving a sewing machine for her tenth birthday. She began making quilts thanks to the gentle persuasion of her grandmother a few years after finishing college.

After discovering quilt blogs and the online community of quilters she began her blog – A Quilting Life – in the summer of 2008 as a way to record her quilting life and journey. She has been publishing her designs in magazines and magazines in 2011, and authored two books with C&T Publishing – A Quilting Life: Creating a Handmade Home in 2013 and Fresh Family Traditions: 18 Heirloom Quilts for a New Generation in 2014.

Chelsi is married and the mother of two sweet daughters, Ashton and Harper, and a baby boy, Finn. She enjoys being at home with her young children and loves the adventures that go along with motherhood. Art materials were always the perfect gift for Chelsi as she has always loved to draw, paint and create. Sherri will tell you that she was repainting the house frequently because Chelsi loved drawing on the walls. She is passionate about nature, music and fashion – things that inspire her art today. And like her Mom, she has always loved the creative process. Working with fabric was inevitable as she remembers rummaging through the pile of fabrics in the sewing room looking for just the right combination, and she often went to sleep listening to the hum of her Mom’s sewing machine from the adjoining room.

Sherri and Chelsi feel incredibly blessed to be able to design fabric for Moda.

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