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1canoe2 is the stuff dreams are made of – Carrie and Beth are childhood friends who have always loved to make art. Now they’re blessed to work and dream together in a little red barn on Carrie’s family’s farm. Whether it’s a hand-written note or a night’s sky glittered with stars, they believe it’s the simple things in life that are the most beautiful. Everything Carrie and Beth make in their little barn studio stems from a deep appreciation of life’s natural beauty. From a single greeting card to a hand-painted globe, with every work of art, they work to capture that beauty so it may forever brighten your home.

  • National Stationery Show
    The stationery world is a vast one, folks. Every couple of months, 1canoe2 travels to NYC to attend various trade shows that attract buyers from all over the world. You’ve most likely seen pictures from these shows on Carrie’s Instagram or on the 1canoe2 Facebook page, but we thought we’d... Read more »
  • 1canoe2 for Nepal
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those affected by the earthquake in Nepal. A recent article published by BBC News stated that the death toll has risen to 4,310, with almost 8,000 injured and another 1.4 million requiring food aid. 1canoe2 is founded on the appreciation and love... Read more »
  • {1canoe2 + Produce Candles} Mother’s Day Giveaway!
    We’re at it again! Once again we’re teaming up with our good pals over at Produce Candles – this time to give away some free goodies for Mother’s Day! The giveaway will be hosted on Instagram and it’s super easy to enter. Here are the details: // Giveaway starts Thursday, April 30 and the last... Read more »
  • Dipped Strawberries
    If you’re looking for a last minute (but super easy) Easter treat..these dipped strawberries are delicious!! We picked the recipe out of one of our all-time favorite cookbooks, Forest Feast. Not only does it have truly wonderful recipes, but this book is absolutely gorgeous. Honestly, you guys. Watercolor illustrations, hand-lettering,... Read more »
  • {1canoe2 + Produce Candles} Easter Giveaway!
    Easter is on the horizon! Last year, everyone here at the barn spent a fun afternoon painting eggs. It’s an Easter tradition that we all adore..and it’s so great to keep the eggs for years and years.  Fun traditions like this were on our minds this year when we joined up with... Read more »
  • Paper Boxes from your 2014 Calendar
    Wondering what else you can do with last year’s XL wall calendar? You can make some seriously simple paper boxes, OR you can make a milk carton. Which is not as simple, but is so cute and fun, and actually not that hard. Here’s what you do: Draw out the template. If... Read more »
  • What to do with last year’s XL calendar?
    So it’s 2015 and hopefully, you’ve already got your refill for our XL calendar hanger. Now what should you do with all of the pages from 2014?  We print our calendars on super heavy luxury paper. It’s study and cuts like a dream, so it’s perfect for crafty projects. Like I... Read more »
  • People Who Make the World Go Round {Friends!}
    Friends! Pals! Best Buds! What would we do without them?! Seriously. Just think how different your life would be if you didn’t have that person who just gets you. That person who has known you forever. The person with whom you share all the inside jokes, and who always knows just... Read more »
  • People Who Make the World Go Round {The Waiter/Waitress}
    To all of the waitresses, waiters, servers, baristas, and bartenders of the world: THANK YOU! I never worked in the food service industry, but I know many who have. I also know that those who do are often under-appreciated. We all know its true that a great server/bartender/barista makes a meal... Read more »
  • Texas Troublemakin’
    Earlier this summer, Beth, Haley and I made a trip to Dallas for a couple of meetings. It was a really quick trip, mostly business…except for one very unbusiness-like thing. Before we left the city we unexpectedly found ourselves standing in front of a giant wall with several cans of... Read more »

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