In Honor of National Pet Day: Moda Designers Introduce Their “Special Helpers”

When you work at home, it’s sometimes nice to have someone to talk to, someone who never complains about the podcast you’re listening to or the music on the radio. It’s especially nice if that someone appreciates your work, even if that appreciation is expressed by rolling in blocks you’ve carefully positioned on the floor or stretching out on your ironing board, rendering it unusable. Continue reading

Stacie Bloomfield and Gingiber: Welcome to Moda


Ask an eight year old about a birthday gift and you’d likely hear suggestions like Legos, Harry Potter books, skateboards, or art supplies. But when she was eight, Stacie Bloomfield had another idea entirely—she wanted (and received) a subscription to Martha Stewart Living magazine. “My grandma had a beauty shop with magazines for her customers to read, and that’s where I discovered Martha Stewart—I adored her!” says Stacie. “And I used to ask my mom to take me to import shops just so I could walk around and see the merchandise—I was really into interiors, design, and cooking.”

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