Spell it with Fabric- Bonus Surprise


Are you having the most fun ever on the Spell it with Fabric blog hop? I know I sure am. Here are a few reason why.
1.  Reading all the answers to the silly questions we asked the designers. The challenge was to answer the questions using their assigned letter. They did a great job. Of course we gave Polly and Laurie a pass on answering questions. Their letter was Q.
2.  The comments each of you have left on all the posts have been fun to read and helps us get to know you a little better.
3.  Watching everyone post their blocks they are making along the way. If you are posting your pics use the hashtag, #spellitwithmoda. We would love to see your progress.
4.  I think the moda designers and our customers are the greatest in the world. Okay I am partial but seriously!
5.  There is more.

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Spell it with Fabric blog hop

Each day on the blog hop you will be collecting a letter, number or shape.
The great thing about this design is that the entire quilt can be made from a Moda Jelly roll
or 2 1/2″ strips. The quilt is also made using ECT’s.
What are ECT’s?
Easy Corner Triangles is a technique that takes the guesswork from sewing triangles
 and eliminate bulky seams. We have included a sheet of directions below.


Spell it with Fabric blog hop starts tomorrow! Are you ready?
Join us tomorrow with American Jane as she kicks off our alphabet quilt with the letter A.

For the complete list of participating Designer blogs and blog hop information, visit our Spell it with Fabric page.

If you are following along and creating your very own Spell It with Fabric Quilt, be sure to add our banner image to your sidebar and link it to http://modafabrics.blogspot.com/p/spell-it-with-fabric-designer-blog-hop.html

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