Quilt Market Trend: Pointy Things

Detail of a Jen Kingwell quilt

As per usual, Quilt Market was exciting and slightly overwhelming. Everywhere I looked, there were gorgeous fabrics, quilts, tools, books, and patterns. I saw things I knew I needed and things I never knew I needed…but now I do. The bottom line is that I came home inspired to sew, sew, sew. Continue reading

A shivoo…

According to my friends at Dictionary.com, that’s an Australian word for a boisterous party or celebration.  I don’t know how boisterous it’s going to get here today but it’s Friday and that is cause for some kind of celebration, right?

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Quilt Market Trends: Details, Details

As per usual, Quilt Market was a feast for the eyes. As someone who was a camper and counselor for ten summers, I loved Camp Moda. There were so many perfect touches I practically burst into a chorus Kumbaya. (Luckily for everyone there, I restrained myself.)


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Welcome to Moda, Shannon Gillman Orr!


Shannon Gillman Orr has always been a maker. Her mom taught her to sew when she was five and she sewed during college when she needed a break from her architecture classes (she even got a minor in costume design). Though her college degrees gave her an opportunity to create, neither provided the satisfaction she yearned for.

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