The Whirlwind of Market Prep

Now that it’s May, we can say that Quilt Market is THIS MONTH! And that brings delight (and maybe a little bit of fear and trembling) to the hearts of Moda designers, as they work on the goodies that show their new fabric collections to best advantage.  Continue reading

Say Hello to New Moda Designer Crystal Manning

Crystal posing in a field of joy in her handmade dress and fabric design.

Crystal Manning can’t imagine a day without color, and she’s got a purple bathroom and turquoise studio to prove it. “I have to negotiate wall color with my husband,” she says. “If I lived by myself I’d probably go pretty crazy.” Continue reading

Meet new Moda designer Lydia Nelson

dp_lydia-nelsonMost of us seem to be either right brain people (spontaneous, fluid, free with our feelings, solving problems via hunches or by looking for patterns) or left brain people (structured, controlling our feelings, solving problems via logic and sequential observations). But Lydia Nelson seems to fall smack-dab in the middle. Continue reading