Fall Quilt Market 2017 – Part 2

You didn’t think that was all of it, did you?  There’s more… lots more.

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A shivoo…

According to my friends at Dictionary.com, that’s an Australian word for a boisterous party or celebration.  I don’t know how boisterous it’s going to get here today but it’s Friday and that is cause for some kind of celebration, right?

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Meet new Moda designer Lydia Nelson

dp_lydia-nelsonMost of us seem to be either right brain people (spontaneous, fluid, free with our feelings, solving problems via hunches or by looking for patterns) or left brain people (structured, controlling our feelings, solving problems via logic and sequential observations). But Lydia Nelson seems to fall smack-dab in the middle. Continue reading

Camp Moda ~ Part 2

There’s plenty to catch up with so let’s get busy.


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