Spring Quilt Market – Part 1

Happy Wednesday!  It’s not Block Heads Wednesday yet but there’s still plenty to share!  The crew from Dallas is home, the crates are being unpacked and we’re getting ready for a lovely long weekend.  But first – greetings from Spring Quilt Market!

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Moda Designers Chill Out (or not) After Market

In the days and weeks that lead up to Quilt Market, Moda designers are in a frenzy of sewing. While sewing on-the-job sounds like a dream come true, trying to get it done on a tight deadline can be tough. And trying to create multiple quilts, bags, garments, and other items and display them beautifully is no easy task. Continue reading

Fall Quilt Market 2017 – Part 2

You didn’t think that was all of it, did you?  There’s more… lots more.

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