Love is in the Air

It’s time to announce the WINNER of these calorie free Sweet Treats!

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Blogger Maree in NC ☺ said…
Love all things Moda and would be thrilled to win! ☺ Thanks for the chance!

And because we wanted ALL of you to have something sweet this Valentine’s Day… 
Feast your hearts on our perfect guy, Ryan!  
And for All our Single Ladies… 
Do ANY of you have husbands/boyfriends like Ryan?

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APQ Radio with Pat Sloan

Moda Fabrics was featured today on APQ radio with Pat Sloan. I had the opportunity to visit with Pat Sloan about the creation of the Moda Bake Shop, Slice Contest and Pat’s new fabric debuting at
Spring Quilt Market.
To listen to the show, click here.
March 19th, 4th segment
Pat Sloan
Angela Yosten was schelduled to be on the show but there are storms in her area so we will get to hear what she has to say at another time.
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The Cat is out of the Bag

We have a pun around here that goes like this,
Designing fabric is like giving birth.
It takes about 9 months from design to arrival on the store shelves. Well one of our New designers couldn’t wait to let the so called cat out of the bag. She is so super excited that it was tough for her to contain herself, so today we are announcing that Pat Sloan will be designing fabric for Moda.
Her line will debut at Spring Quilt Market in Kansas City. I think this will make her be “pregnant” for a year. This is about the gestation period of a horse. (Pat, sorry no pun intended.)
·         How  did you get started quilting and when?
     I often tell people I quilt so I can play with fabric. I learned to sew in High School and LOVED it, but I’m not a great garment maker.  I made clothing anyway as I love fabric. When my friend Gwen ‘told me’ that I really needed to learn to quilt, I was not so sure. Cut up those tiny pieces and put them back together? After the first one I was hooked!  There is a great
interview I gave at this link.
·         How many quilts do you think you have made in your lifetime? Can you name a favorite?
     Oh my.. how MANY? I have hundreds of quilts and fabric projects. But a favorite? There are a few, one of my favorites is  Ma-Ma’s garden that so many people have made and I teach a workshop with this design called ‘Wild and Free’.
·         How many different hats do you wear? You  Design rulers for Sullivan’s, Spokesperson for Auriful threads, Creative talk radio, Machine quilting with APQS, Social media guru and what have I missed? Tell us about keeping these all straight.
     It seems I love quilting so much that I can’t just stay with one thing! Yes I work as a spokesperson for Sullivans Rulers (and I helped design the ruler), my books are with Leisure arts, I partner with Aurifil thread, QuiltAlbum software, I am a member of Therm-o-web design team, my patterns are with BigFork Bay Quilting Co, and I work with the APQS George… a sit down long arm. 

     Plus I LOVE the Internet! I’m such geek. When I had the opportunity to do a Internet radio show I jumped at it and it’s SUCH fun! The quilt show is live Monday at 4pm and I work with American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine. Listen here
·         How often do you travel? Tell us a story about one of your most memorable trips.
      Meeting quilters is the best part of my job! I travel to about 25 events a year on average. Sometime more.  Next month I’m hosting a Quilter’s Cruise to the Caribbean… we always have a blast on those!  You can see my schedule on my event page
      My most memorable trip so far was going to China with McCall’s magazine where I hosted a bus of quilters. I had always wanted to see Asia, so it was a dream trip. The people were so friendly and I learned so much about China.  The highlight was walking on the Great Wall, it  took my breath away.
·         tell me about your family.
     My business is a family business. My husband Gregg works with me full time and does all the jobs I don’t like to do.. wink! He goes on many of the trips I take because he does the driving! Around the Internet he is fondly known as the Shipping Department (SD).  I have brothers, parents, and nine nieces and nephews to make quilts for!

You can find me here… just remember my name and it links to everything!
 You know where I asked Pat about all the different hats she wears!! here ya go!
Sign up Pat Sloan’s email newsletter right side bar
… listen to her weekly Radio Show!
… Listen to her monthly Crafting Radio show
… Read her Daily Blog –
… Join her super Quilt group where you can meet lots of great quilt friends
… Join her Quilt page at Facebook for some fun!
… And come twitter with Pat!
… See the Youtube videos and sometimes the studio webcam
… Learn about the Quilt machine she uses
… Weekly craft blog (Wed) at

How Great is Pat? She is already doing a giveaway.

Hop on over to her blog and leave a comment.
Comments will be open until Saturday.

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Perfect for Precuts

Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications has done it again.
Perfect for Precuts is their newest “bookazine” and it is filled with moda. imagine that?!
Some iconic quilt designers along with a few new kids on the block have used precuts to create projects including tote bags, quilts, throws, baby quilts, place mats and more.
Here is the line up of talented designers with a project in this issue.
(you will have to take a look at the issue to see the actual projects)
Flower Show by Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle of
Hot Tamale by Emily Owens of Tessuti Zoo
Lincoln’s Platform by Amy Walsh of Blue Underground Studios
Mixed Bouquet by Mabeth Oxenreider
It’s a Wrap by Tari Colby
Star Power by The gals at Buggy Barn
Optical Illusion by Alison Jane Smith
B.Y.O.P. by Emily Herrick of Crazy Old Ladies
A Place for Everything by Julie Herman
Bird’s Eye View by Cherry Delight
the Main Event by Kathie Holland
Daisy Duo and Rough Around the Edges by Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles
Linked Together by Monique Dillard of Open Gate Quilts
On a Roll by Marti Michell
Fly into Spring by Eleanor Burns of Quilt in a Day
Mini Make Do by Debra L. Roberts of the Quilted Moose
Bay Breeze by Monica Solorio-Snow of Happy Zombie
Friendship Album by Jo Morton
Sweet & Simple by Brenda Hawkes of Basic Grey
And last but certainly not least is Anna Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts.
Yes, the talent runs in the family. Edyta’s daughter, Anna has a layer cake quilt featured.
Sew Easy by Anna Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts
(see issue for pictures of the projects)
Plan some fun summer classes from this issue.
Debbie Outlaw’s grand daughter was even eyeing some of the projects.
(thank you to both “Outlaws” for modeling for me)
You may order this publication for your store by emailing
or by calling 866-378-1064.
Sewline is featured in the publication,  so have plenty on hand for demos.
Perfect for Precuts will be on bookshelves through August.
Moda’s newest designer Lily Ashbury is
also featured. Her line Summer House will be in stores July. See your sales
rep to order the collection.
Fantastic Christmas line up this year. Take preorders for
Christmas bundles in stores in May and June.
Looking for more precut designs to use in classes and demos, check out for online tutorials.
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