A Cottage, a Porch and lots of Confetti…

It’s August and that means the following is happening on Hutton Drive – hot, humid days.  A warehouse sale.  Lots of new fabric collections

arriving – and shipping – daily.  Market plans are in full-swing.  A retreat for the sewers in the office and a teaching trip for moi.  And there’s this new catalog of new collections…

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Buttoning Up the Competition

When you think of competition, what images come to mind? Swimmers slicing through chlorinated water in search of Olympic gold? Miss South Dakota out-poising Miss Florida during the Q&A segment of the Miss America pageant? Harvard vs. Yale vs. Stanford in the annual college rankings? Competitors abound in every arena, but I recently discovered one that took me by surprise: buttons. Continue reading

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Snapshots Quilt for a Cause

Hi everyone!

This is Kimberly over at Fat Quarter Shop.  Pardon my quick interruption, Moda has graciously allowed me a little post to talk about the new Snapshots Quilt-Along starting right now over at our blog, the Jolly Jabber.  I could go on and on about this quilt-along, but I’ll try to keep it short!

The Snapshots quilt features twelve knock-your-socks off novelty blocks that celebrate moments of happiness in our lives, complete with an extra special pieced backing with a camera block.  I think the photos speak for themselves!

Snapshots quilt

Snapshots quilt

Snapshots quilt back

Snapshots quilt back

Most importantly, this quilt-along will support a great foundation doing really important work, the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  If you don’t know about them yet, I encourage you to find out more.  In a nutshell, they treat children with cancer, research for cures, and never send families a single hospital bill.  How amazing is that.  But they’re able to do it through charitable contributions, which is why we’re pitching in with Snapshots.

Every single pattern to make this quilt — the blocks, the finishing, and even the specially-pieced backing — will be available for free on our Snapshots blog page.  We’ll post a new pattern and tutorial video on the 15th of each month throughout 2015, and the finishing and backing patterns will be released in the summer.  We would love for you to donate to our St. Jude Fundraising page for the use of each pattern, even just $5 per pattern, to reach our goal of $10,000 by the end of the year.

Moda Fabrics is awesomely partnering with us to match your donations dollar for dollar, up to $10,000.  So really, our ultimate goal is at least $20,000 raised for St. Jude!

In our quilt, we used Daysail, the upcoming fabric by Bonnie & Camille, and we have Daysail quilt kits if you’d like to make a quilt identical to ours.  But if you want to use another fabric collection or your stash, we have fabric requirements posted on our Snapshots page so you can gather together what you’ll need.

Speaking of Bonnie & Camille, we are so grateful to these ladies for helping us film all of our Snapshots video tutorials.  They went above and beyond to be with us, and guess what?  They’re sewing along too!  You can watch our intro video here, and in each video you’ll get to see us presenting the blocks with some sweet memories of our own, all year long.

Bonnie Camille Kimberly

Bonnie and Camille filming with us

Bonnie & Camille

Bonnie & Camille snuggling up, aren’t they adorable?

So, are you hooked yet?  Will you sew along with us?  Please, please do!  I’m so excited to see the quilts everyone is going to make.  On our Snapshots page, you can also find other bloggers who’ll be sewing and posting their blocks with us, and on Instagram we’ll be posting our progress with #fqssnapshots.  Don’t forget to tag your Snapshots photos so we can keep up with you too!

If you’re wanting to do this quilt-along in your local store, go for it.  We just ask that you please donate to our fundraiser and not charge for the free patterns, because, well, they’re free!

Thanks for reading, and thanks to Moda for letting us post our little Snapshots PSA.

Kimberly Jolly

Kimberly Jolly

Kimberly Jolly

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A Fat Quarterly Holiday!

FQ banner


Are you all ready for Christmas?  If you still have some sewing to do check out our latest issue of Fat Quarterly full of amazing patterns!

home5 home1home2 SAMSUNG CSC

What is Fat Quarterly?  For those of you who don’t know us, Fat Quarterly is a quarterly e-mag was started around 5 years ago by Tacha Bruecher (is it really that long ago??) and other members that she met via quilting bees and online swaps.

Who are we?  The FQ team consists of Tacha Bruecher, Brioni Greenberg and Lynne Goldsworthy.


What’s great about our mag?

  • Our issues are jam packed full of patterns by some of the most amazing designers.
  • We accept submissions from anyone who wants to be involved so we have a great mix of designers that have been around for years and new designers so we can keep our issues fresh and inspiring. We try to foster a sense of community, after all we are part of that community.
  • The great about Fat Quarterly is that it can be accessed wherever you are. Login to read your copy of the e-zine using your laptop, computer or tablet and you can either view the flipbook online of download a PDF.
  • We have a blog and we are on Twitter and Instagram so you can drop in, say hello and have a chat with us!

What else do we do?

As well as producing a quarterly magazine full of modern and inspiring patterns…..


We also……

we have held annual sewing retreats in London for the last 3 years   These were well attended by quilters and crafters from all over the world who came to sew, meet online quilting friends in person and to, well laugh a lot!


We have also released 2 books since we began  – Fat Quarterly Shape Workshop and Fat Quarterly Quilt Colour Workshop.  They contain patterns produced by the FQ team and are an exciting mix of quilt and small project patterns, and as most of met via online quilting bees, block patterns.

book                         book3

If you want to know more about us, how you can sponsor us or be featured in one of our next issues, come see us at www. fatquarterly.com or on Twitter @fatquarterly.

Have a great holiday and hope to see you soon!




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