Welcome to the Moda Blockheads!

This is a listing of the blocks in the series – we’ll update this archive each week as the new block is released.  Click the block picture or the title of the block to link to the PDF of the instructions – it can be saved or printed.  (Or both!)

The Moda Blockheads are:

Every Wednesday, each of the six Blockheads will share a blog post showing their version of that week’s block, sharing any tips they have and answering the Question of the Week.  There are always a few extras – Lisa frequently has a bonus block and Betsy has a penny-sized block every week.

Other important links:

The Blocks ~ from newest to oldest.

Block 41 – Pinwheel Star
Lisa’s blog post for Block 41

Block 40 – Cardinal
Jan’s blog post for Block 40

Block 39 – Framed Star
Jo’s blog post for Block 39

Block 38 – Peace & Plenty
Betsy’s blog post for Block 38

Block 37 – Double Delight Star
– Lynne’s blog post for Block 37

Block 36 – Shoo Dat
The Cutting Table blog post for Block 36

Block 35 – Northridge
Lisa’s blog post for Block 35

Block 34 – House
Jan’s blog post for Block 34

Block 33 – Starz
Jo’s blog post for Block 33

Block 32 – Dutchman’s Puzzle
Betsy’s blog post for Block 32

Block 31 – Dot Dash
Lynne’s blog post for Block 31

Block 30 – Four-Patch Dash
The Cutting Table blog post for Block 30

Block 29 –  Juneau
– Lisa’s blog post for Block 29

Block 28 – Pumpkin
Jan’s blog post for Block 28

Block 27 – Union Variation
Jo’s blog post for Block 27

Block 26 – Cat’s Cradle
Betsy’s blog post for Block 26

Block 25 – Twice The Friendship
Lynne’s blog post for Block 25

Block 24 – Corn, No Beans
The Cutting Table blog post for Block 24

Block 23 ~ Winneconne Star
Lisa’s blog post for Block 23

Block 22 ~ Birdhouse – Jan’s Instructions
Birdhouse with different formatting
Jan’s blog post for Block 22 ~ with appliqué instructions & tutorial

Block 21 ~ Flying Geese Variation
Jo’s blog post for Block 21

Block 20 ~ Devil’s Claw
Betsy’s blog post for Block 20

Block 19 ~ Night Flight
Lynne’s blog post for Block 19

Block 18 ~ Rocky Mountain Puzzle
The Cutting Table blog post for Block 18

Block 17 ~ Trail of Tears
Lisa’s blog post for Block 17

Block 16 ~ Flags
Jan’s blog post for Block 16

Block 15 ~ T-Block

Jo’s blog post for Block 15

Block 14 ~ Square In A Square

Betsy’s blog post for Block 14 with Bonus block

Block 13 ~ Bowtie Quartet

Lynne’s blog post for Block 13

Block 12 ~ Puzzled 

The Cutting Table blog post for Block 12

Block 11 ~ Lisa’s Star
Lisa’s blog post for Block 11

Block 10 ~
Basket and Flower
Jan’s blog post for Block 10
– Jan’s YouTube video on Appliquéing Baskets
– Lisa has an alternate block pattern

Block 9 ~ Ohio Star Variation
Jo’s blog post for Block 9

Block 8 ~ Basket of Triangles
Betsy’s blog post for Block 8 with a new Penny block

Block 7 ~ Penny Basket
Lynne’s blog post for Block 7 – Lisa has an alternate block pattern

Block 6 ~ Sunflower
The Cutting Table blog post for Block 6

Block 5 ~ Coronation
Lisa’s blog post for Block 5

Block 4 ~ Bee Skep
Jan’s blog post for Block 4
Jan Patek’s YouTube tutorials for appliqué
– Lisa has a bonus block

Block 3 ~ Four X
Jo’s blog post for Block 3

Block 2 ~ Aunt Dinah
Betsy’s blog post for Block 2 with Bonus block ~ a Penny block

Block 1 ~ Whirligig
Lynne’s blog post for Block 1


Blockheads? Blockheads… - I always liked Charlie Brown.  I think most of us did because unless you were the super-coolest kid in school, we could all relate to Charlie.
Blockheads ~ Block 1 - Finally!  It’s happening here – the Blockheads Block of the Week is starting. Today.
Gobsmacked… - We were pretty sure many quilters would love the idea of a traditional-Repro-primitive Block of the Week but WOW.  Color me utterly astounded.  (And yes, that’s the definition of “gobsmacked” according to  I checked.)
Blockheads ~ Block 2 - Did you finish Whirligig – the Blockheads Block 1?  More importantly, did you see the gorgeous blocks from each of the designers?
Blockheads ~ Block 3 - Hello Aunt Dinah! You brought friends.
Sewing small… - While a 6″ finished block with 1″ x 2″ flying geese isn’t really that small, it is when you’re used to working with bigger pieces and blocks.
Blockheads ~ Block 4 - It’s Week 4 and for the three Blockheads in the office, we’re all current.  For now.  What about you?
Blockheads ~ Block 5 - Happy Wednesday – its the weekly gathering of the Blockheads!
A few of my favorite things… - One of my favorite things about this community of quilters is that most love to share.  From giving quilts to passing along what they know, the skinny on a cool tip, technique or tool they’ve learned to a piece of fabric – sometimes one they love but happily give up because it’s the one you desperately […]
Blockheads ~ Block 6 - Happy Blockheads Wednesday!
Blockheads ~ Block 7 - Six down, forty-two to go.
Blockheads ~ Block 8 - Betsy’s Basket.  A Basket from Betsy. Basket of Triangles – and there are plenty.  Betsy’s beautiful Basket can be made with two fabrics or twenty prints and one background.  Or more backgrounds.  It’s really a versatile block with a lot of options.  That alone makes it a favorite. To get the pattern for Basket of […]
Blockheads ~ Block 9 - Week Nine!  And no, still no big nine-patch block.
Blockheads ~ Block 10 - I feel like we need a Blockheads theme song… something stirring that gets your attention!  Ride of the Valkyries?  Or is that too dramatic?
Blockheads ~ Block 11 - It’s Lisa Bongean’s week on the Blockheads… and I think you know what that means…
Blockheads ~ Block 12 - It’s week 12 so we’ve completed two trips around the block with the Blockheads.
Blockheads ~ Block 13 - It’s rather fitting that this week’s block is titled Bowtie Quartet – we’ve finished one quarter of the blocks!  Twelve done, thirty-six to go!
Blockheads ~ Block 14 - June!  Can you believe it?  We’re three months into the Blockheads and… so far, I’m still caught up.
Blockheads ~ Block 15 - Fabulous Fifteen!
Blockheads ~ Block 16 - Sweet Sixteen!  So let’s wave the flag and celebrate!
Blockheads ~ Block 17 - No!  This is no time for tears!  We’ve made it through sixteen weeks and we’re more than a third of the way through.
Blockheads ~ Block 18 - Happy July!  While the past few days have been all about the red, white and blue here in the colonies, it’s a whole lot more colorful in Figgyland.
Blockheads ~ Block 19 - It’s July!  Summer.  Vacations.  Kids at home?  Grand adventures – summers are made for that kind of thing.  Basically, there are lots and lots of distractions.  So do you have eighteen blocks made?
Blockheads ~ Block 20 - It’s past the mid-point in July and we’re getting close to the mid-point for the Blockheads.  Still, where has this year gone?  Is it flying by for you too?
Blockheads ~ Block 21 - We’re more than one-third of the way through… gaining on one-half.  That’s 10/24ths?  5/12ths!
Blockheads ~ Block 22 - Happy August!  Today is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!
Blockheads ~ Block 23 - According to some folks in Houston, Texas, the lazy, hazy, crazy days – day – of summer is this Saturday, August 12th.  That’s the day of a 5K race… or lazy stroll.  Houston in August.  It will be hot and humid.
Blockheads ~ Block 24 - Half-way. Mid-way. How about a Super Midway?
Blockheads ~ Block 25 - Because it’s Blockhead Wednesday and since the moon was “blocking” the sun… did you see the eclipse?
Blockheads ~ Block 26 - It’s Blockheads Wednesday and we have a mystery today!
Blockheads ~ Block 27 - It’s September!  Fall!  For some… it’s the happiest time of year because Fall marks the return of Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  And of course, a Fall color palette.
Blockheads ~ Block 28 - Pumpkins and spice.  And yes, it is nice.  It is that time of year.  
Blockheads ~ Block 29 - Because it’s Fall – or late-summer and will it ever really be fall here in Dallas? – we’re enjoying anything that makes us think of the season.
Blockheads ~ Block 30 - It’s less than one month until Quilt Market so an easy-ish block seemed in order.
Blockheads ~ Block 31 - October?  That means Ma… no, I’m not going to even say it.  Not yet.
Blockheads ~ Block 32 - October.  Fall.  Fall?
Blockheads ~ Block 33 - Hello Hello!  Today is National Chocolate Cupcake Day!
Blockheads ~ Block 34 - This is an important week!  It’s week 34 for the Blockheads and it’s Quilt Market week.
Blockheads ~ Block 35 - I’m awake.  Really.  It’s November, right?
Blockheads ~ Block 36 - Thirty-six down, twelve to go.  Can you believe we’re three-quarters of the way through the year?
Blockheads ~ Block 37 - We’re on the homestretch… or maybe rounding the last turn.
Blockheads ~ Block 38 - Peace & Plenty.  That’s the perfect block for this time of year… at least in the non-Canadian Colonies.  While Thanksgiving is celebrated in many countries around the world, it’s always the fourth Thursday of November.  Tomorrow.
Blockheads ~ Block 39 - Today is National Electronic Greetings Day!  I had to open with something and since I can’t send you each an e-card individually, I thought I’d share some of my favorite sewing-quilting-related ee-cards.
Blockheads ~ Block 40 - Forty!  The big 4-0.  We are 83% of the way done!
Blockheads ~ Block 41 - Happy Wednesday!  It’s National Cocoa Day!  That calls for Serendipity’s Frozen Hot Chocolate!