Meet Eve…


There is a stylish new design in the Gingher lineup of Designer Series scissors and shears called Eve.

This contemporary design features a mesmerizing combination of gently drifting bubbles sure to add a touch of sophistication to your tool collection.

These scissors and shears were manufactured using an ornamentation process that gives each a unique design.

They are available in 4 styles…



Gingher_Eve_SellSheet Gingher_Eve_SellSheet

These beauties  will only be offered in limited quantities, so head to your local quilt shop to get yours quick!

Little One-Yard Wonders


Single yards of adorable fabric are the main ingredient in 101 projects for everything from dresses to caps to pillows and plushies!

You will find patterns to make irresistible clothes, toys & accessories for babies AND kids! This darling book has it ALL!

It has everything from Dresses and Pillows to Western Shirts and Booster Charis.

All the necessary pattern pieces are included in the front pocket of the book.

“Rebecca and Patricia have the uncanny ability to answer most of life’s sewing dilemmas with one yard of fabric, showing us how even the trials of childhood have single-yard solutions-all in vivid color and jam packed with style.” – Tula Pink (fabric designer)

HIROSHIMA. A needle like no other


We are “sew” excited about these new Hiroshima needles from Tulip Corporation of Japan!

These needles are strong and durable and glide through cloth smoothly, like a hot knife through butter!

They undergo 30 processes to guarantee their smoothness and durability, and come in an adorable corked mini tube for storage.


As you can see, they have a needle for EVERY need. We will even be adding Chenille, Leather & Easy Threading Needles soon!

Not only are these needles the absolute finest quality, their lovely packaging just seals the deal!

Check out this video that shows these awesome needles in even more detail!

Start looking for them at your favorite local quilt shops soon!

Quilt Shops, click here to order EXCLUSIVELY through us at UNITED NOTIONS.