Sunday Best Quilts

Sometimes the best intros are written by others… by those who helped create the book.

This is what the lovely folks at Martingale wrote to introduce Sunday Best Quilts by Sherri McConnell and Corey Yoder

Every quilter has a “Sunday Best” list: those special quilts they dream of making someday. Now two stars of the quilting world share with you the quilts they’ve always wanted to create! Popular designers and Instagram influencers Sherri McConnell and Corey Yoder each chose six different quilt themes – star, scrappy, red and white, Christmas, pineapple, and Courthouse Steps. Sherri and Corey challenged one another to design a quilt in each style. The result is a dozen spectacular quilts that you can make too. You’ll also find personality-packed Q&As and commentary from both designers, plus fun ways for you to cross off the quilts on your “Sunday Best” list!

Reading the book is akin to participating in a conversation among friends with tips and ideas about the fabric choices they make, what they save for scraps and how they approach designing their quilts.

Let’s start with the Favorite Star Quilts.

This is Sherri’s On A Whim – fat eighths and yardage, it measures 48″ x 48″.

Corey’s Starling is made with fat quarters and background yardage, it measures 60″ x 75″.

Favorite Scrappy Quilts.

Sweet Confetti is made with 5″ x 10″ rectangles which means… Layer Cake squares! And background fabric. You’ll need that too. Corey’s quilt finishes at 54″ x 72″ but you know you can make it bigger, right?

Charm Squares and a Jelly Roll – or squares and strips – is all it takes to make Sherri’s Driftwood Drive. It finishes at 64″ x 64″.

Red-and-White Quilts.

Red scraps and background yardage makes Sherri’s 34″ x 34″ Remembrance quilt.

Corey’s Linen and Berries tweaks the strict “red and white” color palette by mixing “low volume” prints for the lights. They’re print fabrics with light backgrounds so they read as “lights” and sometimes “light solids.” Made with an equal number of red and light fat quarters, this quilt finishes at 72″ x 90″.

Christmas Quilts.

Gladdening is made with a Jelly Roll or assorted strips and yardage. This 56″ x 70″ lap-sized quilt has a scrappy binding made with Corey’s leftover Jelly Roll strips.

Delight! Jelly Roll strips or strips you cut yourself, a scrappy color scheme or a red, cream and green palette… Sherri’s design is easily adapted to fit your preference. Delight finishes at 67″ x 75″.

Pineapple Quilts.

Pier 44 is Sherri’s paper-pieced pineapple quilt made using some treasured scraps in a bright, happy color palette. Finishing at 56″ x 64″, it’s made with whatever assortment of fat quarters, fat eighths, Layer Cake squares and scraps you need to get the specified amount of yardage for prints and backgrounds fabrics.

Corey’s pineapple quilt is Dayflower and it’s made without templates or a special ruler. Just cut, sew and go. It can be made with two Jelly Rolls or assorted cut strips. Just add a background to finish this 72″ x 90″ quilt.

And finally… Courthouse Steps Quilts.

Rainwashed is Corey’s quilt and it mixes her favorite things – scrappy brights, lots of white and a “jazzy” block. Made with fat quarters – or scraps – and a background, this finishes at 64″ x 80″.

Nantucket is Sherri’s Courthouse Steps quilt. Scraps from a variety of Minick & Simpson collections in red, blue and cream were used for this 40″ x 40″ quilt.

Sherri and Corey also share thoughts about their favorite rulers, threads and notions, and their sewing machines.

We’ve got two Fat Eighth bundles to share – one Harper’s Garden by Sherri & Chelsi, and one Strawberry Jam by Corey. And e-book copies of Sunday Best Quilts.

Just leave a comment by Midnight CST on Thursday, June 13 telling us which quilt you’d make first and you’re entered to win.

Happy Tuesday!

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673 thoughts on “Sunday Best Quilts

  1. I would definitely make the Starling quilt first… and then I have 2 or 3 others following close behind! There are so many awesome quilts in this book!

  2. hard choice since they all are great but can narrow down to Pier 44 and Gladdening would be the first !

  3. It’s hard to pick which I would do first. It is a toss up between Sweet Confetti, Remembrance and Pier 44. Or maybe Rainwashed…..It’s hard to choose. I can’t wait for my copy of the book to arrive.

  4. Love all the pics that I’ve seen so far! I think Driftwood first and so excited that I’m signed up for the Pier 44 class in at the Quilters Gathering in Berlin Ohio this summer!

  5. I love Sweet Confetti! It would be the first on my list. I think I may have a layer cake (or two) that would be perfect for it!

  6. Wow! Such beautiful quilts. Where do I start? I absolutely love Corey’s Linen and Berries, the courthouse quilt is gorgeous, and I really want to make a pineapple quilt. I need this book!

  7. Delight! Using Butterscotch & Rose jellyroll by Fig tree & Co. Been waiting a longtime for the perfect pattern and that’s it!

  8. How to choose a first? Maybe Nantucket, or Gladdening, or simply start a the beginning and make them all! How fun!

  9. I Would make either the pineapple quilt, Dayspring, or the courthouse steps.quilt, Nantucket! It’s.Too hard to pick…I love them all.

  10. I would start with Starling in rainbow colors, but more scrappy. I’d also love to do another Pineapple block quilt someday.

  11. Tough decision! Remembrance, Rainwashed looks fast & fun, Liene & berries is different and Pineapples is an all time favorite block. Looks like a terrific book!

  12. Either Pier 44 or Dayflower. Have always loved the look of pineapple quilts but have yet to try one. Both of these look fabulous.

  13. What a difficult decision !!!! After several changes, I guess I would have to choose “Gladdening”, a Christmas quilt. Every one of these quilts is a “winner “ in my opinion. What a great book this must be. Beautiful!

  14. So many possibilities, but i would choose Pier 44 to make first. I’m loving pineapple quilts right now!

  15. There’s several that are at the top of the start list but I think it would be starling- love to use scraps and let each star stand out! Really nice book

  16. I would probably pick “Linen and Berries” to make in Christmas colors, hoping to have it ready in time for Christmas. Looks like a great use of beloved scrap fabrics!

  17. Love this book & these quilts! Starling by Corey would be the first quilt in this book that I’d make! Love the bundles

  18. It’s pretty hard to chose but I’d make either Starling or Rainwashed first with the rest to follow. All are beautiful!

  19. Of course I want to make them all but for starters, Linen and Berries. I love the softness of the color palette!

  20. Hard to pick one quilt but I would go with Sweet Confetti. I would like to make a white quilt with a lot of colors in the design,

  21. No question in my mind. It would be Rainwashed that I made first. I love a bed spread with a lovely white quilt with lots of pastel pops. I made one for my sister last year. Now I think it might be my turn!!

  22. I have always wanted to make a pineapple quilt. Pier 44 is my first choice. Just looking at it makes me smile

  23. Sherri’s “On A Whim” with either Sherri’s “Remembrance” quilt or Corey’s “Linen and Berries” quilt as close seconds–but ask me again in an hour and I’ll probably have a new answer! Too many wonderful choices. I also LOVED the colors in Sherri’s “Pier 44.”

  24. I’d make Delight or Driftwood Drive first, but I love them all. This book makes a nice collection of fast, easy, colorful, scrappy, time consuming and gorgeous!

  25. All the quilts are beautiful. The color palette of Driftwood Drive really spoke to me so that’s what I would go for first.

  26. What a great book of fantastic quilts. I am partial to stars so I would make the Starling quilt first>

  27. I think I’d try Pier 44 first. Have thought about making a pineapple quilt for awhile. This bright one is wonderful!

  28. Decisions, decisions, decisions… I will have to go with Corey’s Starling, just love it. I am also loving her Strawberry Jam fabric.

  29. I love all of these quilts. They are so soft and welcoming. But of all of them, Linen and Berries captures my heart. It is as comforting and happy as sitting on a front porch swing on a Sunday afternoon. Lovely!

  30. It is hard to select which beautiful quilt to start first but I must begin with Corey’s Linen and Berries!

  31. I can’t wait to get a copy of this book! So many good projects-wheels are spinning! Beautiful job Cori and Sheri!

  32. These are all awesome quilts, but I would choose Corey’s “Linen and Berries” as the first one I’d make.

  33. “Remberance” is sew calling my name with the beautiful reds and time to get this beautiful book to have sew much fun! Thanks for chance to be lucky winner.

  34. “Sweet Confetti” is definitely my favorite. It would be really fun to play around with the block setting, and I love the fabric choices.

  35. How to chose, the quilts are all so beautiful and FUN! I would make Staling first. I would have to use simular, bight and perky jewel tone colors. This one is in my wheel house. I would then work my way through the book and make each and everyone. There isn’t one I wasn’t attracted to!

  36. I’d make Sherry’s pineapple quilt. I’ve always wanted to make one! I like all the patterns shown today!

  37. I’m so appreciative that you shared the quilt images from this lovely book! Just what I needed…I can’t wait to get the book. I’d like to make the Pineapple quilt with my Sweet Christmas jelly roll and lots of scraps added in. Red instead of gray for the corners! Thanks for the inspiration. Such a fun collection of quilts.

  38. I love all the quilts….so probably one of the pineapple quilts or the courthouse one. Wonderful book!

  39. I am so excited to try every one of the quilts in the book.. If only you could gift me more time! 🙂 This has also encouraged me to break out of my “typical” fabrics.

  40. Dayflower looks like such an amazing scrappy opportunity but I just really love all of them. the Minick and Simpson Nantucket is really calling out to me also. I’d just love to drool over the whole book and then make all of them!

  41. Love every quilt in this book! The fabrics are so out of my comfort zone, so I need to feed my stash , but this is definitely a need!

  42. Out of all these wonderful quilts I think I would make the Linen and Berries first. Not sure what would come next – they are all so beautiful! thanks for the giveaway….I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  43. I would make Dayflower first because I love the design with the blue/teal/green colorway! I’ve been collecting teal fabric and this would be perfect!

  44. Hmm– How about working on two at a time……..Rainwashed and Dayflower. Especially since I have a whole bolt of Moda Muslin Soft White.

  45. Driftwood Drive would make an awesome quilt for a grandson due to graduate next year. It looks like I could easily make it bigger. Thanks for the review of the book. I’m looking forward to purchasing a copy.

  46. I think I would like to try Sweet Confetti first. I have been waiting for this book to come out! Love these 2 designers.

  47. Driftwood Drive would be great for my guilds charity quilts. It would also help use some jelly rolls sitting in the closet.