Moda Love In!

We LOVE a good sew-along.  And we LOVE a good pattern – especially one that is versatile enough to work with Layer Cakes, Charm Packs or Mini Charms.  More importantly, we’d LOVE for you to join us!

Image by Jessica – @sawitloveditmadeit.

What.  A social media sew-along using the Moda Love Pattern.

When.  Now. Today! January 24, 2019.

How.  Download the pattern. Search through your Moda pre-cuts – layer cakes, charm packs and mini charm packs – to find the one that you simply must sew now. N.O.W.

Where.  With your friends. In the peace-and-quiet of your sewing room! Anywhere you can plug in your sewing machine and an iron.

Why?  Because sew-alongs are one of the best ways to make sewing-creating fun.  Sew-alongs also provide terrific opportunities for in-shop-sewing days, product and technique demos, and pop-up displays of pre-cuts.

Moda Love Pattern Download.

We’ll be using the following hashtag – #modalovequilt.  It’s already full of good ideas and great projects.

For more inspiration – Moda Love Quilt on Pinterest.

We would LOVE it if you joined us!

P. S. If you want to make a Moda Ribbon Tape block like Jessica’s, you’ll have to figure out the instructions. And then share them with us!

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25 thoughts on “Moda Love In!

  1. I love the pattern and made the charm pack size yesterday. I was thinking I would only get it sized and layed out (especially with 5 little kiddos running around and one being a 2 month old), but before I knew it I was done and debating on what to do next. I used Sugar Pie and it’s sold out so I can’t make it bigger which would be ideal for my girls so I’m waiting before I finish. Maybe an idea will come about today.

  2. Thank you for the pattern. It’s definitely on my list to do. I printed it out and discovered the pictures are okay but the printed instructions are unreadable. I have saved it to my computer but really like a printed copy.

  3. I’ve decide to use my Garden Variety charm pack from the sewsamplerbox a few month back (without the yellows of course;-) but worse then that I figured out the math to make a Swoon inspired pinpushion … I blame you, Carrie

  4. Brought out my storage box of charm square packs. What a great way to use some of my older packs! Now it’s deciding which one to start with. Looking forward to getting started. It’s the perfect activity for a cold, snowy January day when the temperature outside is -10 Celsius (14F).

  5. I love the “love” pattern! I printed off the directions and took them to the local quilt shop. I ended up giving away those directions to other shoppers!! LOL and then the shop owner printed it off from the MODA site for the rest of the ladies asking 🙂 at least I was able to get the fabric I needed first. I made the mini-charm with Yucatan line. So cute 🙂 I have a Layer cake too that would look great on bed.

  6. Have just made the top in Moda’s charm pack called “Sunshine Garden” and am delighted to have succeeded. Would do it differently as a learning curve. LOL Really like this pattern!!! Now need to learn how to upload photo preferably before we get the new one tomorrow…

  7. Hi, I have a pdf colouring sheet for the Moda-Love-Layer-Cake-Quilt.
    Would youl ike a copy for your files?
    I love this pattern! 🙂

    1. Hi Dottie –

      You can share-upload your block to your Facebook and/or Instagram and use the hashtag #modalovequilt. We’d love to see it!

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