Red & White For Christmas

And Valentine’s Day.  And for summer.  And spring.  Because it’s Monday.  Really… is there ever a bad time for a Red & White quilt?

Yes, Infinite Variety, NYC, May 2011.  It was magical.  

While red and white quilts have always been collectible, this show created a resurgence of interest in red and white quilts of every kind.  From quilts made with two fabrics, or those made with a variety of reds.  And shades of white and cream.

Red & White Quilts – published by Martingale earlier this month.

Sweet Dreams by Lissa Alexander – ModaLissa.

Twisted Cabin by Sarah Huechteman – a Moda quilt sewist extraordinaire.

Memory of a Masterpiece by Lisa Bongean.  (Of course.) (3,272.)

Daydreams by Camille Roskelley – of Thimble Blossoms and Bonnie & Camille.

Clockwise from upper left:

Enough with the Curves by Jen Kingwell.

Happy Accident by Susan Ache.

Stars in Flight by Jill Shaulis and Forever Thoughtful by Sue Daley.

Tracking Tradition by Debbie Roberts. 

All of these quilts were part of the Special Exhibit for Red & White quilts at Quilt Market and Quilt Festival in Houston – sponsored by Moda/Martingale.  We shared a few of those pictures here

While you should start a red and white quilt today – or soon – if you’d like to finish something by Christmas, maybe a pillow.  

We shared these pillows in July 2016 – Christmas in July.

If you’ve only counted thirteen quilts from the book…

This is Walk This Way.  I made this one.  It won’t be home for Christmas this year but that’s okay – it means I’ve got a good jump on Christmas 2019!

And so will you.  We’re giving away three copies of the Red & White Quilts book.  Leave a comment by Midnight on Thursday, December 6 CST telling us whether you’ve ever made a red and white quilt.  And if you did, was it two fabrics or scrappy?

Happy Monday!  

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700 thoughts on “Red & White For Christmas

    1. A red and white quilt is something high on my quiltlist. On my pinterest page I’ve collected lots of examples. It’s opmerking erom a long time ago…when I was a teenager … and now I just went 55. But someday… I know for sure… I will have my long desired red quilt …❤❤❤

  1. I have never made a red and white quilt—-yet. It is on the list of quilts I want to make. Love the red and white.

  2. No, I’ve never made a red and white quilt. Sorting through your fabric to make a quilt would be so much easier with just two colors. I love the scrappy red quilts.

  3. A red quilt is a must for me in 2019! I have not yet made one, though red is one of my favorite colors and I have collected patterns for red quilts that I want to make. I would love to have this book of beautiful patterns with so many to choose which to make my red quilt…or how many.

  4. I have not made a red and white quilt but after looking at these beautiful quilts it is on my to do list! Beautiful book!

  5. Never made a red and white quilt, but it’s on the to do list. I would not make it scrappy, although my stash has enough reds to do it! I saw the exhibit in NYC in 2011. It was magical and mind-boggling!

  6. I have not made a red and white quilt as yet but plan to. Our guild will be having a red and white show in 2020 and I am planning on making one to enter….your book of patterns would not only be delightful to read but also very useful in the planning process.

  7. I’ve never made a red and white quilt but would love to. I have fabric waiting to be used for one!
    Beautiful quilts!! Wow!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. After the New York exhibit, our small stitch group challenge was to make a red and white quilt. Mine was two fabrics. I would love to make another!

  9. Fourteen years of quilting and still haven’t made a red and white quilt. It’s been on my todo list and this post is oh so inspiring! I have enough red fabric in my stash to make a zillion red and whites! Hope I win!

  10. I have never made a red and white quilt. These quilts are beautiful, so while I have plenty of quilts on my to do list, the book inspires me to add a red and white one.

  11. I made a red and cream tiny table topper for my mother for Valentine’s Day last year. Does that count? I’d love to make Sweet Dreams, Daydreams, Tracking Traditions and Walk this Way from this book!

  12. I have not made a red and white quilt yet. I have picked up a fabric for ons, just haven’t figured out what pattern I want to use. It will be scrappy, that’s all I know!

  13. It started out with two colors…but quickly changed to scrappy, because only two fabrics wasn’t as much fun!

  14. Yes, I made a Canada Day Quilt in just red and white. It is patriotic to our Country’s 150 year anniversary but also appropriate to put out at Christmas. So happy with the maple leaf patterns and the happy colors.

  15. A red and white quilt is always beautiful and timeless. Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful book of inspiration.

  16. No, I’ve never made a red and white quilt, but always admire them. I have made a blue and white quilt which I dearly love. The red and white is on my rather lengthy quilt bucket list. I may use ModaLissa’s Tone it Down pattern, Burgoyne Surrounded. But then red wouldn’t be toning it down much, use making it scrappy! Thanks for sharing these wonderful quilts!

  17. Beautiful red & white quilts in those pictures! I’m inspired to make one—now!! No, I have not made a red and white quilt—I will though. Thanks for the chance in your give away. 🙂

  18. I have not made a Red & White quilt yet, but soon. I have a granddaughter getting married in Aug 2019 and her fiance’s favorite color is red – so his quilt will be Red & White. Which pattern – not sure, but will have a masculine look. Thanks so much for the ideas!

  19. Still in the process of completing Madame Rouge quilt with French General. Love, love, love this fabric. It’s been a challenge to piece and I’ve learned a lot. It’s a mix of reds, creams, and roses. But I haven’t gotten my fill of Red and White so I’d love to win the book.

  20. I have never made a red and white quilt, but I always wanted to. These quilts are lovely and thank you for the chance to win this gorgeous book! Happy Holidays!

  21. I haven’t made a red & white quilt…yet. I have the scrappy red fabrics for it, but it was pushed to the side til a few other projects get completed. Maybe 2019 will see it being made!

  22. Omg, what inspiration! I have never made a 2 color quilt but I will start hoarding my reds and whites now! Thank you for your graciousness

  23. I habe not made a red and white quilt yet. The closest I’ve come is one that is scrappy reds, pinks and oranges – a row quilt with flying geese border. I call it Orange Sherbet.

  24. I haven’t made one yet, it’s on my bucket list though! Mine would be two color. Love the photos, thanks for the inspiration.

  25. I would love to have the book I have always love a two color quilt and red and white ones are a favorite. Thanks for publishing the book.

  26. RED is my favorite color and I have made one red and white quilt, very scrappy but in a star pattern which is one of my favorite quilt blocks. It is my hope that by the first of the year I will be pulling my reds and starting a red collection. Needless to say, my stash on hand should provide me with enough fabric to start 5 or 6 quilts. This book looks so inspiring I must add it to my library.

  27. Hello. I haven’t made the quilt yet, but have been collecting fabric for about 2 years. I have over 30 different fabrics and am not sure I am ready to start yet. It will be very scrappy. I haven’t settled on a pattern yet – I keep seeing new ones I think would be perfect. Such a dilemma! I am hoping to win the book so I can FINALLY choose one and get started. Thank you for the chance to win.

  28. I was fortunate to see the exhibit in NYC. Wonderful! I made a scrappy red and white quilt and actually won Viewers Choice at our guild show.

  29. I made a Lone Star Quilt for a wall hanging back in the 80’s. I love that quilt and have pulled it out every Christmas, hung it on the wall, thrown it over the back of a couch or just enjoyed it. I recently pulled out every single scrap of red that I have (many pieces dating way back – I save my scraps) and made an Irish Chain – I love it! Those are my two favorites. I love the quilts pictured and would love to have a copy of the book. Thank you for sharing.

  30. My friend who doesn’t sew showed me her grandmother’s red and white quilt – I never forgot how stunning it was. I haven’t made one. I’m inspired to make one for my daughter because her favorite color is red.

  31. I have not made a red and white quilt but it is on my wish list. I have started my collection of red fabric though!

  32. I’ve never made a red and white quilt but I’m very inspired now. I’m thinking I need to do at least one 2 color quilt and several scrappy quilts. I will have a hard time choosing! All of these quilts are so beautiful!

  33. I’ve made one red and white quilt with scrappy whites and one red background. After seeing these pictures I want to make more! Red is my favorite color!

  34. Merry Christmas
    I have never made a red and white quilt but I do love Walk this way! Great incentive for me as it it so pretty. I’m usually sewing up scrappy quilts for children in need. I’d love to try on for myself.

    Smiles, Sue

  35. I’ve never made a red and white quilt. It’s definitely on my bucket list. I had been thinking 2 color, but I love the Walk This Way quilt. But, I better hurry – I’m 75! Quilt on!

  36. I have never made a red and white quilt, but I have made blue and white quilts. They were scrappy as I am sure a red and white quilt would be!

  37. I DID make a red and white quilt. After seeing Infinite Variety, how could I not? I used a white muslin and many different reds. I love it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  38. Love ed and white! I have made two, one scrappy and one two color. You can NEVER have enough red and white quilts. Susan Belyea

  39. I have made a couple of small red and white quilts. One was scrappy, the others 2 color. Making a larger red and white quilt is on my bucket list. Maybe 2019 is the year!

  40. Love, love, love! Question, how does one keep a red and white made with precuts, from bleeding everywhere once it’s made? Are the color catchers really that powerful?

  41. My red and white was a paper pieced pineapple design. The reds were scrappy, the whites were all the same fabric. I wish I had taken a photo.

  42. As I usually make baby quilts and sort of wing the design after looking at books I’m overwhelmed. However in the past few years I have made 10 quilts, not bad for someone who never took classes! But I’m fortunate enough to know how to sew. So as I’m trying to make larger quilts I think that a red and white one would be a great challenge.
    So yes I would love to receive your book.

  43. Stars in Flight would be the first of 4 I’d like to make! Several of my early quilts were 2 color. I love the impact you get from 2 color quilts. I have made one! Just 2 fabrics, a red paisley & white that I actually hand quilted. Thanks for the chance!

  44. I made my very first quilt with ms scarlet jelly rolls by minnick and simpson, I fell in love with all the reds, whites and creams!

    Thank you for your blog.


  45. Yes, I have made a red and white quilt. The quilt was for my daughter when she went off to college. It was scrappy and I hand quilted it, which I don’t do anymore.

  46. Nope. I’ve never made a red and white quilt. I have plenty of red and white fabric. Need a pattern or two… Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  47. I made a red and white scrappy quilt tor my daughter’s 40th birthday! Her boys (ages 6 and 10) helped. What fond memories!

  48. I’ve made one red and white quilt – a group of flower embroidery blocks combined with some of Alex Anderson’s Redwork Romance fabrics. I just finished (finally after 5 years or maybe longer!) a group of 12 Redwork Sunbonnet Girl blocks and now I have quite a lot of various Moda red fabrics. I think a scrappy quilt is coming up!

  49. Never have I made a red and white quilt but now I need to make two. One scrappy and one with two fabrics. Beautiful book.

  50. I made a red and white quilt as a picnic blanket. Mostly used checks and stripes. But these look even more beautiful.

  51. I love red and white quilts but have made only 1 (so far!!) and find it stunning. I used two fabrics, a solid red and a solid white. The quilt I made is the Burgoyne Surrounded pattern with an adaptation of a piano key border. In the border. I used different lengths of red and white “keys” going around the quilt. I thought it was much more interesting than having alternating red and white “keys” each the same length which I felt would have looked striped.

    The quilts in this book are so inspiring. I would love to win this book. Then I would spend hours deciding which one to do first!.

  52. You consistently inspire me!!!! I’ve made a red and white scrappy love note quilt but have numerous other red and white or cream beckoning me! Thanks for keeping me busy!!!!

  53. As a beginner quilter, I have never made a red and white quilt but I have used red in every quilt I have made so far. I would love to have this book to expand my knowledge. Thanks

  54. Unfortunately I have not made a red & white quilt, yet. I have a box of fabrics all ready to do so. Here’s the tough part, picking out the perfect pattern. I’m sure your book could help with that decision.❤️

  55. I haven’t made a whole red/white quilt but made 2 blocks of the 24 needed to make a quilt that was use for a raffle quilt for our guild in Oregon one year. Making one is on my bucket list, but haven’t gathered enough red fabrics yet.

  56. The Arizona Quilt Guild had their Ruby anniversary last year and requested red and white quilts be made for a theme exhibit. I made a scrappy wall hanging that I was quite proud of. Years ago I saw a antique red and white checkerboard quilt at a friend’s house that amazed me. Reproducing that quilt is still on my to-do list. It was simple but so stunning.

  57. I did make a red and white quilt using solid red and solid white, I believe I was trying to find a way to make a short cut using clear thread and a tiny stitch with all the circles. Red and white are some of my favorite quilts, when you show them all in a book this way, one word comes to mins. Amazing.

  58. I have made a small scrappy red and white quilt. This book is such an inspiration. Sweet Dreams is one quilt that I have got to make. It makes me feel so very happy! Thanks.

  59. Red and white is in my yo do list, for sure. Doesn’t matter what color you decorate with, it always seems to go! I love love LOVE the turkey track block. Thanks for this amazing give away.

  60. I have not made a Red & White Quilt. I did make two red/white quilt blocks for a quilting guild challenge and they were two fabrics. I think all your quilts are beautiful and have seen several that I want to make for gifts and myself! Thank you for the chance to win.

  61. I love quilts in red and white. My church quilt group is actually making a scrappy red and cream raffle quilt for Valentine’s Day right now. Making one for myself is definitely on my to-do list. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this awesome book!

  62. A friend of mine moved to a life-care residence and she gifted me all of her stash! It took me three days to sort it all. The folded pieces covered my 8 foot dining room table, the piano and 12 feet of kitchen counter. I’m sure there’s a bunch of red and white now stored in the trunks in my craft room. i’ve made 6 Christmas Quits but they are Red, White and . . . Green. Guess I’ll look through the stash today!

  63. I am a new quilter (less than a year), and I haven’t made a red and white quilt YET. But I have one that my great-grandmother made in the 1880s and gave to my grandmother on her wedding day in 1927. She called it Trip to California and Back, but I think it’s more commonly called Road to California. It is gorgeous! I would love to win the book!

  64. Oh I have made a red and white quilt! And it was a scrappy Bounce and it turned out so beautifully!! Thanks for a wonderful pattern, Carrie, and thanks for this chance to win.

  65. I LOVE RED and have made ten red and white quilts, although half are just minis. I decorate my home in red so the quilts fit right in. My promise to myself in 2019 is a red and white quilt large enough for my bed. How I would love to win this book!

  66. I have all the blocks done for a scrappy r/w quilt. I think it go set aside because I wasn’t sure about the block layout. This book may get my quilt done, for sure! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  67. Yes, I have made a king size red and white double ninepatcb. I love it and would love to win a copy of your book!

  68. Wow! Red has always been my favorite color and after 30 years of Quilting, a Red and White Quilt is still on my Bucket List. What an amazing book for inspiration.

  69. I’ve made two color quilts already but not a red and white. I’m looking for something for Valentine’s Day and this would really work. Would love to win a book. Thanks for plenty of ideas either way!

  70. After seeing the photos of your quilts at Houston 3 of my quilting buddies and I have decided that a r & w quilt is our next group project. Currently we are working on our Orphans & Aliens quilts and our Talking Quilts. So this book would be a wonderful gift. Thank you for the giveaway.

  71. I’ve not made one yet but I did find a read and white one in my grandfathers collection. It’s from 1925! It’s beautiful! I’m so happy to be it’s caretaker for a little while!

  72. I started one years ago after the NY show. In fact I met you there and we took a selfie! Solid red and white. I should go find it or just start a new one. Love the zig zag scrappy one!!

  73. Lovely post and photos this morning on the Red and White quilts! I did make a red and white quilt, embroidered blocks joined with piecing, a bit scrappy, limited fabrics. The pattern was “Peekaboo” and it was in a magazine sometime around 2004, it is adorable!

  74. I’ve never made a red & white quilt, but they are on my bucket list! I’d like to make one scrappy, and one cream and red. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  75. Yes, I’ve made a red and white mini quilt, with 4 different fabrics. The pattern is inspired by the cathedral window pattern. I love the power of red and white, it adds a wow-factor and makes the pattern really more powerfull!

  76. It is my birthday today, I am 82 years old. The gift from 2 of my 4 daughters is the kit Memories of a Masterpiece. My goal is to make it before 84 ! I have made 2 red and white quilts Tree of Life and a Red Work 12 Days of Christmas.

  77. I have not made a red and white quilt but I would like to. I do have some scrappy red and white blocks that my mother made years ago. Perhaps it is time to use them as the starting point for a quilt.

  78. I am in the process of making a red and white Christmas tree quilt. It has a variety of fabrics! Thank you for the chance to win!

  79. This is a great inspiration and give my creative brain so many ideas. Simple and beautiful to magnificent and challenging. Thanks so much for creating this book.

  80. I have never made a red and white quilt but it is definitely on my bucket list for 2019!! They are stunning!! And I do see a pattern I absolutely love and will use!

  81. I made a single feathered star block for a guild raffle quilt that was red and white feathered stars, beautiful scrappy reds and whites. It won a blue ribbon in Dallas and was exhibited in Paducah. I also won a Red and White feathered star lap quilt for selling the most raffle tickets that year. I really treasure that quilt! Red and White Quilts are just breathtaking, regardless of pattern.

  82. Stunning…ALL of them…I have not made a red& white…I will have to pick one to make…and enjoy looking at the rest of them!

  83. I’ve never made a red and white quilt, but have been dying to since the exhibit at Fredericksburg Quilt Expo. I even have the fabrics, now for the perfect pattern. Thanks for the chance to win!

  84. I have a scrappy red and white quilt started using triangles on a roll. A look at this book reminded me I should finish it. Lovely book!

  85. Yes. One of my first quilts was red and white. It wasnt necessarily for christmas but the poor thing is so worn now I only use it for decoration. It was not scrappy.

  86. I’m currently making my very first red and white quilt using two solids. I’m actually not a big fan of red except for in red and white quilts, which give me major heart eyes! I’m so excited to get this book!

  87. I’ve never made,a red,and,white quilt. That may have to go to the top of my list for 2019, maybe as my new year resolution!

  88. My first red and white quilt is next up on the list. The fabrics are here, wahed and ready to go. I was planning a two color, multiple print, sashed single Irish chain, but, oh! So many new options to consider. Thank you for the eye candy!

  89. does red and white quilts are stunning! You have inspired me to get a few pillows down for Christmas to throw around the house. It would look great with the red and black buffalo check accents I’m using this year

  90. I’ve made a red and white mini quilt with tiny HST’s and it was very scrappy. I hand quilted it and enjoy it every day in my sewing room. I’m so ready to make a full size red and white quilt after all the inspiration in this post.

  91. I have not made a red and white quilt but we were given one as a wedding gift 29 years ago from my husband’s grandmother. We love it!

  92. I have never made a quilt, I started with totes and pillowcases. This Christmas I am making two lap quilts for my mom and dad (in laws). Looking at the beautiful red and white, I want to make one in the future. With all the beautiful inspiration, how can I not want to make one bnb or two or three or ………

  93. Loved making my scrappy red/white quilt but still want to make a solid red/white one — so traditional! Love these patterns in the book!

  94. I have not made a red and white quilt yet but it is on my list ever since I saw the beautiful exhibit on quilt s in NYC (on TV unfortunately). I did see some beautiful red and white quilts at the Hermitage years ago. I think it will be somewhat scrappy.

  95. I made a red and off white quilt for my motherinlaw a few years back. It was just the 2 colors in Goose in the Pond blocks then I found a coordinating red and cream for the backing. It turned out great. Love 2color quilts.

  96. I have never made a red and white quilt because I’m a newby quilter. But I would love to make one! I’m probably more of the scrappy type.

  97. I’ve yet to make a Red and White quilt but love each and everyone i see. I like scrappy so I always think how could I do just two fabrics but I see many that do use an assortment of reds and they count! Yay!!

  98. I have never made a red and white quilt but it is definitely on my “to do” list. I have made a blue and white one. Thank you for the inspiration and the chance to win this wonderful book

  99. I have only made the red cream top I made was Thimble Blossoms Round and Round out of French General reds. A red/white or another red/cream are certainly on my list of must makes though.

  100. I love the tradition of the red and white quilts but the modern take is beautiful as well. This book looks like it will cover all the bases ❤️

  101. These are beautiful! I’ve always love the crisp clean look if the red and white quilts. I would love to tackle one

  102. I never have made a red and white quilt. I have made a red and cream quilt with redwork embroidery of bunnies with a pattern by Ann Sutton of Bunny Hill designs. Love the clean look of the white and red. What great patterns in this book!

  103. I have never made a red and white quilt. I have one that my grandma made in the 40s, it is made from solid reds and white, and is very tattered.

  104. A red and white quilt is on my bucket list and, after seeing this book when published, climbed up a few places. The quilts are absolutely stunning! The closest I’ve come is <<>> pink and white for a tween great niece. As I fully expect someone in my family of enablers to put this in my stocking, please choose someone else should I win.

  105. I have not made a red and white quilt before but I love them and it is on my radar to do as they are so stunningly beautiful. I would love to win the book! Oh and it would be scrappy for sure!

  106. I have made a small red and white quilt, definitely scrappy. When I look at my fabric stash, I have to say red is my favorite color. I just finished a Christmas Quilt with my daughter from Making Merry. I love these compilation books. Thanks.

  107. Love a red and white quilt. They are all gorgeous, but I have to say the ones from Lisa Bongean and Jen Kingwell are my favorites above (but they are well beyond my skill set). Thank you so much for sharing all of this quilty goodness on a very cloudy morning.

  108. Its on my to do list! i quilted one for a customer that was just beautiful. Mine would be made with a selection of French Generals …yummy!

  109. I love red and white quilts! I’ve not made one yet but it’s going to happen soon. I would love this book, inspiration and ideas abound for creative minds and hands finish, always with stunning results!

  110. I’ve never made a red and white quilt!!! But it is my favorite combination. Timeless and graphic. When I make one it will be scrappy! I really like various shades of red all together. ♥️

  111. I made a red and cram quilt. It was a BOM from Fig tree and Co. Loved making it so much. Love red and white quilts.

  112. No, I haven’t made a red and white quilt. But every quilt pattern I see that is done in “blues”, I start trying to figure out how to make in red.

  113. Yes, I have made a red and white quilt. It’s a red schoolhouse pattern with embroidered alphabet in red floss. Time for another red and white quilt.

  114. I have looking at this amazing book for a while, now! I love all the quilts in the book & my next project will be a red & white quilt from it! I want this book badly! Thank you for the opportunity! It’s so inspiring!!!

  115. What a beautiful collection! My mother loved red and white quilts and made a few. I would love to make one in her memory.

  116. I love red and white quilts–and have a plan to make one for myself in the future (one of many such plans!) I made a red/white quilt a long time ago for my in-law’s 40th anniversary. I used all kinds of reds, and remember seeing a well-known quilt teacher say that you need to use all shades of red. I used orangey reds and blue reds, and it really was wonderful. It would have not been as pretty without some of the reds that I thought were kind of ugly on their own! Scrappier is usually better, in my opinion!

  117. Beautiful quilts. I would love to have the Red and White quilts book! It has featured a few of my quilt designers that I so enjoy ! Just looking at those pictures have inspired me to get out and finish an embroidery red and white snowman quilt (began early 2000). Thank you for giving this opportunity to possibly “Win”!!

  118. My house is red, so I’ve made several red and white quilts already. Scrappy all the way! I’d love to win a copy of this book and be inspired to start a new one!

  119. I’ve not made a red and white quilt YET…but I am so inspired to do so after seeing these beauties from your book!! (My little white dog with his red collar inspires me too! )

  120. I haven’t made a red and white quilt…yet. Love them! Although I think my next two color quilt will be orange and white.

  121. I have always wanted to make a red and white quilt I have collected reds for years and this is very inspirational. Love this!!!!

  122. I haven’t made one yet but it’s on my projects list! It will be two colors rather than scrappy. Just need a pattern now (and some extra time in the day)!!

  123. I absolutely love red and white quilts. It doesn’t matter what the pattern is. A simple nine patch on point in red and white is as visually stunning as any feathered star quilt!!❤️❤️❤️

  124. I love red and white quilts-I made one a number of years ago and I still count it as one of my best. These are gorgeous and I would love this book!

  125. I have not made a red and white quilt yet, but all this inspiration is telling me I should. These are all beautiful!

  126. YES! I made a red & white quilt for my 70th birthday–70 stars, all a different red fabric from my stash…and I didn’t even use all my reds!

  127. I have never made a red and white quilt. I have one planned, which was inspired by Sheri McConnell’s Moda Building Blocks quilt from a few years ago but I have not started it yet! It’s going to be a scrappy quilt with dozens of red and white prints.

  128. I’ve never made a red and white quilt, but the examples above are lovely! I like the scrappy ones above. All so pretty.

  129. Have never made a just a red and white quilt but have made one with red, white and tan (Farmhouse Reds) and it is gorgeous! Would be fun to try one of the gorgeous patterns from this book!

  130. Yes, I have made a red and white quilt that was scrappy using the quarter Log Cabin block. The quilt was a wedding gift and red and white was their alma mater’s colors. I hunted (shopped) for the different prints so that some would have special meaning. Missouri cardinals, little snowmen for winter wedding, bicycles for a favorite activity and snowflakes in the background made it a bit unique to them. Thanks for the overview of the book and the chance in the giveaway.

  131. I made a red and white quilt from scraps in my stash. I used the Bonnie Hunter talking Turkey pattern from her String Fling book.

  132. No, I have never made a red and white quilt. I own one my grandmother made for my dad years ago. I red which has now faded into 3 shades. There are a couple different ones in this book that I love enough to start looking at red fabrics and plan.

  133. Right now, I am making a red and white, half square triangle quilt. I was thinking that this would fulfill my need for red and white, but, WOW, after seeing these quilts I just might make another one…..or two……or?

  134. I haven’t made a two-color quilt yet, but it’s on my “to do” list. Would love to have a copy of this book for inspiration!

  135. I made two and love them dearly: Savannah by Paula Barnes with French General reds and neutrals including creams and grays, then Monterey Medallion by Teri Atkinson in scrappy reds and creams. Your featured book looks delicious.

  136. I have red and white (neutrals) fabric pulled for a Hunter’s Star and plan on it being a project for the new year

  137. I have never made a red and white quilt, however it is on my to do list for sure! I would make the quilt scrappy! The difficult decision would be which quilt to do first from the book.

  138. Yes, I made a scrappy carpenter’s wheel back about 1990, and it travelled to Houston in the fall (I did not go), representing Michigan for the Better Homes & Gardens exhibit about 1991. Unfortunately, the border fabric crocked when I finally had to wash it out of necessity. Sigh. Am working on a green version of a similar quilt as we speak. Red is my favorite color. So, pink is merely light red! I could go on, but I won’t.

  139. I made a wall hanging in one red and one white fabric but want to make a scrappy red and white quilt. This book is on my wish list.

  140. Made one red and white christrmas wall hanging years ago . It was a mix of srappy and redwork . Love this combo .

  141. Beautiful quilts! I have not made a red and white quilt although, some day I may. Maybe in memory of my mother, red was her favorite color. Mine seems to be blue….or pink.

  142. I made a beautiful red and white heart quilt for our friends wedding. When presented they were awestruck. One of the most beautiful quilts I’ve ever made.

  143. I’m pretty new to quilting so I haven’t made a red and white quilt yet, but these are just glorious! I can’t even pick a top three!

  144. I started a red & white quilt about 6 years ago with scrappy reds and one white using the broken dishes quilt block. Maybe I should get it finished while red and white quilts are still å la mode – in the most modern style or fashion. Å la Moda!

  145. Never made a red and white quilt, but they are so wonderful and with this great book I would have the chance to sew one!!! Or more .
    Happy regards

  146. I’ve never made a red and white quilt. I came to quilting with a love of fabric and the scrappy look. As time has passed I am more interested in the pattern. I would love to make a scrappy red and white quilt now.

  147. Yes. At our qult meeting we exchanged paper bags of quilt pieces. Mine were red and white, so a small wall hanging was made.

  148. I made a red and white quilt using a jelly roll of Minnick and Simpson reds. It was glorious!!! I think I have another red and white quilt up my sleeve. I would love to have this book!

  149. I’m a beginner quilter and I’m so in awe of so many beautiful quilts. Red and white quilts represent tradition and class to me. So gorgeous, I would love to make one!

  150. I’ve been collecting red fabrics for a while and would love this book to bring them to a finished quilt! Great giveaway!

  151. We went to a Holiday walk that had a bunch of red/white quilts and I just fell in love with it. I am looking to make some to use next winter.

  152. I love all the red and white quilts but have not made one yet. I am hoping next year I will have one. I would love to make one from RED AND WHITE QUILTS. I would love to have a copy of it.

  153. I’ve never made a red and white quilt before, but it’s on my sewing plans for 2019 and winning this book would be amazing inspiration! I made a Christmas quilt this year and thoroughly enjoyed festive sewing

  154. I have never made a red and white quilt. These are all so inspiring, I would love to make one! I’m working on a Christmas quilt right now and loving how it is coming together. Next year maybe a red and white one!

  155. Oh my gosh, I was just looking at this book and put it on my Christmas list. I definitely want to make a red and white scrappy. I have been collecting reds the past 2 years.

  156. I’ve never made a red and white quilt but I own a very nice antique one (Drunkard’s Path). I loved this post and all the pretty pictures.

  157. I just finished a red and white quilt that is one of my favorites. It was done as part of a QAL organized by my favorite long-arm quilter and used the Sew Ruby collection. It’s heading to the quilter today and I WILL have it bound by Christmas.

  158. One day, I have the fabric (stash), I am collecting the patterns (daily, weekly, monthly) and then the people who hel fund it insist I see them 8 hours a day 5 days a week. What’s that all about? But one day I will cut into that stash and make a red and white quilt.

  159. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE red and white!! I started a red/white quilt with a million tiny pieces earlier this year, thinking I had plenty of time to get it finished for Christmas. I used all the reds in my considerable stash. BUT it’s not finished! Maybe next year. . .

  160. I’m a new quilter and making a red and white quilt is on my to do list for 2019! I would love this book. Thank you!

  161. I am just starting a scrappy red and white quilt using the Burgoyne Surrounded pattern that Lissa Alexander made several years ago for the “Tone It Down” quilt project. I would love to win a copy of the book offered!

  162. I really like the color combination of red and white, I did make a feathered star with 9 stars of red and white, It is among my favorites.

  163. I’m in the process of making a red and white quilt which is taking longer than I thought but it will be worth it. Your book is an inspiration. I want the top done before my back surgery.

  164. Hi there, I love red and white quilts especially for the Christmas season. I am Dutch and love the Nordic tradition Christmas time. I made a red and white table runner a few years ago and used about 10 different white and red fabrics. Thanks for the proposal and let’s see if I would be one of the winners. Quilting is my passion. Take care.

  165. I made a 2 color red and white Vortex which was accepted into Houston’s Ruby Jubilee display! It was an honor to have it travel around the US for a year!

  166. I came close–I made a flag quilt once, very scrappy. And I came away with a lot of red and cream HSTs, a great head start on my next true red and white quilt.

  167. I have never made a red and white quilt. I grew up with one and when I inherited it, after a few years, I gave it to my best friend for comfort during her last illness. I would love your book for inspiration to make another !

  168. Yes, I made a red and white lone star quilt about 20 years ago. It was inspired by an antique quilt which was the reason I began quilting. It was scrappy, with many of the fabrics collected through an AOL swap. It’s now old and faded and time to make another one!

  169. Love the red and white quilts. Oh please enter me in your book giveaway.I have a box of red and white I’ve been saving for just such an occasion

  170. I have a red and cream quilt in progress now, but it isn’t far enough along to be ready for Christmas 2018. Hoping it will be my Christmas 2019 quilt!

  171. I’ve made several red and white quilts/ all scrappy! Only one has a consistent background. I love them all!! Three are on guest bed and I just put out two in the living room. I’ve only managed to give one away.

  172. I made a red and white quilt about 20 years ago when I got my first embroidery machine. Each block was different, very sweet pattern. Love all of these quilts! I know I have a good start for one in my stash.

  173. Making a red and white quilt has been on my list of quilts I hope to make, just haven’t gotten there yet! Those you’ve pictured are beautiful!!

  174. I have not done a quilt but am currently working on a pillow with a bird embroidered on it and then you complete with hexies. So cute.

  175. While I’ve never made a red and white quilt, I’d love to make a “Burgoyne Surrounded” quilt in a 2 fabric red and white.

  176. Yes, I’ve made a red & white quilt in Polyester Double Knit! Just because I had to try it. Now I want to make one or two of the beauties from this book, but in cotton of course.

  177. I did make a small red and white sampler and such a earthy quilt. These quilts warm my heart every time I see them and think everyone should make at least one if not more. I know that I am ready to make another bigger one…just not sure which pattern.

  178. I have not made a red and white quilt but have an old one purchased at an antique shop many years ago. Red is my favorite color and is quite prominent in my home decor.

  179. I’ve never made a “one color” quilt. I love them, but when it comes to piecing, I’m drawn to color combinations.I guess multicolors means more fun in the process for me.

  180. I’ve never made a red and white quilt. I’m picking up quilting again after taking a 40 year break and loving all the new designs and fabric. Beautiful book!

  181. I want to make a red and white quilt. Have wanted to make one for awhile. It is on my list, just need to decide on the pattern. Would love to have the book to help me decide.

  182. I have always loved red and white quilts. I made one with scrappy reds and neutrals. Been meaning to make another ever since.

  183. Moda has the best ‘red’. I always have many different variations of red in my stack. It always look so crisp against whites, navies, and blacks.

  184. I did make a red and white quilt, but ran out of red and used blue for the binding, which really set it off beautifully. Then I gave it away as a wedding gift which I immediately regretted! Another has been on my list ever since!

  185. I have made several red and white quilts – just can’t get enough. The newest uses just two fabrics. It is four redwork floral blocks surrounded by log cabin blocks. Three things I love all in one quilt.

  186. I haven’t made a red and white quilt yet, but I think it should be something all quilters should make. It’s a classic for quilts. Jadahlgr at yahoo dot com

  187. I made a red and white Christmas quilt with quilt blocks and stitcheries. It is a Bronwyn Hayes design and I love it. This book is gorgeous and it’s on my wish list. Thank you for the generous giveaway.

  188. Back in the early 80’s, my 2nd quilt was a red and white “puss in the corner”….only 2 fabrics since I didn’t have courage to choose more! I gave it to my grandfather, Forest Glenn Brooks, for his 100th birthday. I embroidered a quilt label in red floss with his name, the date and my name. The staff at the extended care facility made his bed every day and put the quilt on top! P.S. A year later grandpa died….and the nursing staff found me and returned the quilt to me!!! I now bring it out every Christmas and display it at the foot of our bed. ❤️❤️❤️
    Kathy Brooks Anderson

  189. I would love to make a red and white quilt. However I have yet to start one. This book looks like it has a good selection of patterns to chose from.

  190. I have bought all of the red and white/ cream materials, but, haven’t started it yet ! The book would be an excellent guide to choosing a suitable pattern.

  191. Holy Gingham Check, Batgirl! Love everything red & white. Currently working on new-to-us first floor Master and I’m using lots of it Would really enjoy this book.

  192. I’ve made a red and white quilt. It was a mystery qjilt, and it was scrappy. I love it – it’s in my spare bedroom (where my dogs don’t sleep on it! ) I’d love to make another.

  193. I haven’t made a red and white quilt but wouldn’t this book be a great help! I actually was looking at it yesterday in our online book store.

  194. I’m a fairly new quilter. I have a list of quilts I want to make and Red and White is on this list! Love your quilts!!
    Angela Mc

  195. Have only been quilting for 3 years, but I would love to try making any of these amazing quilts! The book would be a great motivator!

  196. I haven’t made a red quilt. In fact, it was never even thought about……BUT, now I see these examples and cant think of anything better for Christmas than a red/white quilt! Thanks for the inspiration!

  197. I haven’t, but ever since seeing this Red & White Quilt exhibit at Quilt Market a few years ago I have dreamed of having the time to make one. If I won a copy in your generous giveaway I would make that time much sooner because I would be even more inspired to do so. ❣️

  198. My favorite color is red!!! ❤️❤️ And that being said I have never made a red and white quilt. I was so excited when the Countdown to Christmas blocks were red and white!! Now there is a contest for a whole book of red and white quilts!! . Be still my heart. I would be so blessed to chosen to receive one if these books!!!

  199. While I have yet to make a red & white, I did own one for many years. I had purchased it at an antique store in WV, and used it until it was barely recognizable as a quilt. It appeared to be only half pieced in r&w, but upon further inspection we determined it suffered from a rogue dye. I took photos so I can recreate it some day. Maybe 2019 is the year!

  200. Yes, I did make a red and white quilt. It is a delectable mountains. Red Marcus brothers with stars and muslin. Quilted on home machine with invisible thread. I loved that quilt. In 1989 I had an aneurysm and was in the hospital for a few weeks. My husband grabbed that quilt and put it over me on my bed! Needless to say, one of my favorite quilts. It saw me through my recovery and still serves as a cover for the grandchildren when they spend the night! It hangs on a quilt ladder in the living room when not in use…

  201. I have made a red and white wall hanging and it is one of my favourites. I would love to make another. I like a scrappy look. The book looks great.

  202. This whole year I have thought and talked about making red and white quilt…..I love them….after reading and looking at this email…. 2019 it will be my first project …. and this book is exactly what I could use… Merry Christmas to all…. thanks for all you do !!!!

  203. Funny thing….I just started a mini red quilt yesterday! After just a few tiny blocks, I’m already visioning a full size red and white quilt! I already have my eyes on three of the quilts in the book!

  204. I ❤️ red and white quilts! I’ve made two for my self (so far). One was solid red and white the other I used a Winter Winderland jelly roll and coordinating fabrics for border/backing/binding.

  205. My sister and I made a red and white one that was scrappy reds and one white for a niece’s wedding quilt! Still one of the favorite quilts we have made for the niblings!

  206. I haven’t made a red/white quilt yet.There are so many beautiful ones it becomes a question of which pattern. I am actually collecting red fabrics now to make a special red/white beauty.

  207. Such nice quilts. Thank you for sharing them. Red is my favorite color but not just red- red fillers, red batiks, plaids, red shirtings, red pearle cotton for embroidery stitches and red yarn too! Oh and red hots & candy canes!! Oh did I mention my mom was a Redhead? I naturally love Red,

  208. I made one years ago but it was a mini for a Barbie doll. In fact, I made a dozen – one for each Barbie that I dressed for the Christmas Mother.

  209. I’ve been collecting red and white fabrics in anticipation of this book! These quilts are stunning. I am so excited to get my hands on this book!

  210. I saw the real collections at the Houston quilt show and they were amazing! I haven’t made red/white quilt yet, I think it’s time to make one..

  211. I’ve made one red and white quilt with a basket pattern. It includes one white background fabric and the baskets are made with different red fabrics. It happens to be one of my favorites! I have plans to make more red and white quilts!

  212. I have yet to make a red and white quilt, I have made one with red and tans. I want very much to make a red and white. I love scrappy quilts but red is however my favorite color so it would have to be a formal quilt. One that would and should shine in all its glory. I could stand a look at red and white quilts all day. Then the quilting would have to show off just to say look I’m very special.
    Like a bride on her wedding day. That’s how I would have to make mine.❤️

  213. Thank you for your generous giveaway! I love red and white quilts!I have made some pretty little Valentine wall hangings with patterns from the Moda Bakeshop. I have a red and white Poinsettia Christmas table runner on my design table just now, loving the pretty timelessness of the colors. I would love to try every single one of the patterns, starting with a quaint applique. Oooo hope I win!

  214. I haven’t made a red and white yet, but do have plans. I saw the show in NYC a few years ago, and have wanted to do one since.

  215. No I have not made a red and white quilt YET…
    I’d love to make one for my son, red is his favorite color, because he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up. He is nearly eight and already 4’7… so it’s gotta be big!!

  216. I love red and white quits and have gone to two estate sale lately just to buy their red material. I would love this book for inspiration.

  217. This is one of the most beautiful books I’ve seen in a while and I want to make EVERYTHING in it ❣️❣️❣️