Block Heads 2 – Counting Down

Five weeks.  To finish your Block Heads 1 quilt.  To sharpen your rotary cutting blades.  To start thinking about fabric.

You won’t need this much but it sure would be fun to play with.

Save the dateJune 6, 2018!

That’s the release date for Block 1 of Block Heads 2.  Since Lynne Hagmeier of Kansas Troubles started us off the first time and it turned out well, we’re not changing that!  She’ll be back, as will the other original Block Heads – Betsy Chutchian, Jo Morton, Jan Patek and Lisa Bongean.  And me.

We’ll each be bringing a guest – but you’ll have to wait until June 6 to find out who that’s going to be.

Blocks?  There will be some 6″ blocks.  And some 12″ blocks.  And maybe a few other sizes mixed in.  But you’ll hear more about that soon.

In the meantime, there are a few Block Heads 1 “finishes” I’d like to share.

This quilt is by Pam Moroder via Instagram.  She used a setting similar to Lisa Bongean’s, substituting Flying Geese for the half-triangle squares.  Isn’t it spectacular?

This is by Albany Walters, also via Instagram.  Using just a few fabrics, Albany has created a stunning quilt that looks scrappier than it really is.

This is from Lorraine Hofman – yes, Instagram.  Those little Friendship Stars in the cornerstones are a wonderful little touch.

This is from Ronda Shrigley Alley – Instagram.  Another wonderful setting with nine-patches and fussy-cut Stars for the cornerstones.

And finally…

From Carrie.  Two of them.  Carrie Straka did the machine quilting and this is my Used-To-Be-Just-Blue Reproduction Block Heads quilt.

So that’s it for today – Block Heads Wednesday, May 2.

We’ll be back in two weeks with more details about what we’re making for Block Heads 2 – 2018.

Happy Wednesday!

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34 comments on “Block Heads 2 – Counting Down

  1. Sue Mullane says:

    Will a book be coming out soon with all patterns in it? Just wondering. Of course I am still working my way through Lisa’s book Oh Scraps. That may take me a while.

  2. Sandie Mackintosh says:

    ❤️ it all! The Blockheads Take 2, and the finished quilts from round 1!

  3. Marti Morgan says:

    I’ll be watching!!! Will I ever be up to date?

  4. Christy says:

    Cannot wait to start and will make a great summer project!

  5. Diana Lentz says:

    Love the Quilts! I’m still working on my borders I have 2 sides to go, I had health issues which slowed me down. Seeing everyones gorgeous quilts makes my happy factor a 10!!! Love this quilt community of Blockheads. Looking forward to Blockheads 2 thank you to the generosity of the designers and the quilting community!

  6. Judith Russell says:

    Certainly looking forward to working on BH2. But, sorta disappointed – I thought we’d be getting a little something in the way of amount of fabric needed so we could start looking, deciding and prepping that. 🙁

    • Carrie Nelson says:

      Hi Judith – That’s coming on May 16th! My calculations are still so roughroughrough that they wouldn’t be much help. And the yardage will require some explanation – one background or several? All light or mixing lights/darks? Scraps or FQs? But I promise, it’s coming in two weeks. 🙂

      • Linda Ferguson says:

        Hi Carrie-
        Any chance there will be a book with patterns a pictures of all the lovely quilts for Block Heads 1?

      • Judith Russell says:

        Thank you for letting us know. 🙂

      • Donna Lee says:

        That makes me SO HAPPY that we’ll know up front approximately how much fabric we will need! Thank you, Carrie, for making this enormous effort! Love the Blockheads group, and can’t wait to meet the six new “friends”!

  7. Betty Woods says:

    Can’t wait for Blockheads 2 to begin. I missed the first one but love all the beautiful quilts posted on FB and here.

  8. Kathleen Holm says:

    Can’t wait.

  9. Pris Phillips says:

    Wow wow wow! That’s all. Nuff said! Just wow!

  10. linda sacerich says:

    Fantastic, cant wait for the new blockheads to start. Thank you all who design the blocks for us to do.

  11. Donna Wingo says:

    We so appreciate your time and talent and sharing with us followers. Can’t wait to start !!!

  12. Hildy says:

    Cn’t wait!

  13. Becky P. says:

    I also missed Blockheads 1, but I can not wait until June gets here. I am getting my sewing room organized so I can get started immediately. I have done BOM Clubs and have always fallen behind quickly. I am going to be ready this time.

  14. Amy Dunn says:

    Love ,love,love the finished tops from blockheads 1. Beautiful job and oh so different in each color palette ! I have a customer that has made these blocks and am encouraging her to send in a photo of her finished top .

  15. WesternNYLady says:

    I have all the patterns for Blockheads 1. Looking forward to trying to keep up this time on Blockheads 2.0. Thanks for sharing all the pix and talent.

  16. Tara Baisden says:

    Can’t wait!!! The first round was fun – bring on the 2nd!

  17. Carol A. Kuse says:

    I love Pam Moroder’s quilt. So classic.

  18. Alycia Maurer says:

    I just loved Blockheads 1! I learned SO much from the designers and from other members. Looking forward to Blockheads 2.

  19. Helen LeBrett says:

    I couldn’t do Blockheads 1, so I’m looking forward to #2: those finished quilts are beautiful!!

  20. Pam Moroder says:

    Thank you for featuring my quilt top on the blog. I really enjoyed Blockheads 1. Thank you to all the designers for all the patterns and inspiration.

  21. Jacque says:

    They are all beautiful and so different

  22. Mandy says:

    So excited to hear there will be different size blocks (love the 12 inch ones)! Thank you for organizing and presenting. I am so excited to get my fabrics picked!

  23. joanne says:

    Oh sew much fun thanks again for your energies and inspirations!

  24. Amazing talent ladies. They all look so original you wouldn’t know they were the same blocks at all. Great job and thanks for sharing.

  25. Candee says:

    Will there be fabric kits available to purchase? I have a birthday coming!

  26. Cathy Clark says:

    Thanks Carrie for keeping us up to date and in the loop!

  27. Bonnie McKenzie says:

    I’m going to give this a try. I’ve been watching the beautiful quilts. Very excited.

  28. Kathryn Handlang says:

    These are wonderful! Lorrraine l love yours!

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