Her Quilting is Our Bliss…

Teresa Silva.  Longarm Quilting.  Quilting Is My Bliss – or Quiltingismybliss.  (On Instagram.)

This is “Big Bear”.  The name is really “Big Sky” but “Big Bear” is more appropriate.  And cooler.  It was made with Big Sky, the debut collection by Annie Brady.  Big Bear the quilt designed by Annie Brady – artist and quilt designer! – and gorgeously machine-quilted by Teresa Silva.

(Note: All images used here are by Teresa Silva and are from her Instagram.)

We’ve been fortunate enough to have had many quilts quilted by Teresa so we’re thrilled and excited that she’s adding Author to her list of accomplishments.  Her book Longarm Quilting Workbook was published a few weeks ago by Krause/F&W Media.

This is Teresa – she’s as beautiful as her quilting.  (That quilt behind her is Orbit and it’s made with Kate Spain’s Longitude Batiks.)

The book Teresa is holding is her new Longarm Quilting Workbook.  Despite the title, Teresa has filled this book with so much great information about batting, threads, quilting designs, filling spaces and tips, that there is something for everyone who machine-quilts.  And if you’ve ever considered purchasing a longarm quilting machine, Teresa has some great advice about that.

So why quilt with – and buy – a longarm machine?  That’s the first chapter of the book and a great starting point.  I can’t speak for every quilter but I think quite a few of us have thought if we had the time and space… if you’re in that group, read Chapter 1.

Materials and supplies… or everything you should know about batting, thread, rulers and markers.  Even if you’re never going to own a longarm machine, this is great information we should all know when asking others to quilt our quilts.  If nothing else, you’ll understand why your quilter is telling you that something isn’t a great batting choice for the look you want.

This is Teresa’s gorgeous quilting on a quilt for Thelma Childers.

Motifs – from Stitch in the Ditch to Stippling, Continuous Line to several types of Swirls, Teresa uses diagrams to show the process for a number of quilting motifs, both simple and complicated.  Again, seeing how these designs are “built” is useful to both longarm, mid-arm and home sewing machine quilters.

“Quilting is much easier once it becomes intuitive, and doodling can help with developing that ability.”

I think that means that while the practice can be fun, getting good at machine quilting takes time, practice and repetition.  Sharing her own process for doodling, and then including practice projects for specific techniques is my favorite chapter in the book.  From creating a frame and filling the spaces to creating “registration marks” to keep designs straight, the whole-cloth designs-projects are spectacular.

But what if your quilt is pieced – what to quilt where?  There are several quilt projects included in the book – quilt instructions – that provide simple foundations with creative spaces to fill with quilting – room to experiment.

Finally… the Gallery of Quilts.  A little quilting eye candy for inspiration, together with Teresa’s insight into how to look at the quilts.  “Remember, the goal in most cases is to use the quilting to enhance, not overpower, the quilt design.”

Longarm Quilting Workbook – Basic Skills, Techniques & Motifs for Modern Longarming.  (And machine-quilting.)

Here is a rundown of just a few of Teresa’s fans – be sure to visit those from earlier this week and in the coming weeks.

Because we love Teresa, her book and her quilting, we’re going to share a copy of Longarm Quilting Workbook and a Fat Quarter Bundle of Bella Solids to make practice pieces!  Just leave a comment telling us if you have a longarm machine, have dreamed of getting one, or love knowing that there are wonderful longarm quilters who will quilt for you by Midnight on Sunday, October 8, CST to be entered to win.

Thank you Teresa!

(Pssst… a couple of quilts are on the way.  Thank you in advance!)

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232 comments on “Her Quilting is Our Bliss…

  1. Virginia Marshall says:

    I have tried longarming, and am extremely grateful to know their are talented long arm quilters out there who will make my quilts shine!

  2. Vinette says:

    I have a longarm, but my quilting looks like kindergarten when compared to Theresa’s.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Would so love to have a longarm but alas no room, no $.

  4. Jane Laureys says:

    My long arm is a sit down. Would love to adapt her techniques!

  5. Pam says:

    I’m a beginning quilter and I’m learning to machine quilt on my home machine. Teresa’s work is stunning!

  6. Susan says:

    Beautiful quilting! I’ve thought about it, but I don’t think I could do it… Thanks for the chance to win a lovely book!

  7. Anne says:

    No longarm machine here, but I am absolutely in the camp of wanting one! I like machine quilting my quilts and would love to practice more. This book sounds like the must-have starter! Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  8. Bridget says:

    No longarm. that’s OK, my skill is in writing a check and my longarmer’s skill is in the quilting 🙂 It doesn’t hurt that my longarmer is also a friend who loves what she does. Sometimes I think about getting a sit down long arm, but we are paying for children right now.

  9. Mary Northway says:

    I have tried to do my own, but then I feel like I can’t do justice to my piecing. My favorite long arm quilter moved far away and I ship her some of my good quilts. Trying out others near me but I haven’t found anyone I love yet.

  10. Margaret says:

    I do not have a longarm, but I’m very interested in learning about the longarm process as I do send out my quilts to be quilted by someone else.

  11. Gina says:

    I don’t have a longarm, but have been blessed by the work of several in the St. Louis area who have the skills to make my quilts sing.

  12. Susan says:

    I do have a long arm but have just done freehand quilting with it. I’ve never used rulers or templates….kinda scared! I’d love to win this workbook to help me gain confidence.

  13. Carole S says:

    I have a longarm, and this book is definitely on my list! Teresa is a huge inspiration!

  14. DebrafromMD says:

    I have a long arm machine and would love a copy of this book.

  15. Kathy Czuprynski says:

    I have a long arm. I am always looking for ideas on how to quilt in different ways. Pantographs have been my go to, but I really want to be more creative when the quilt asks me to be! This book looks to have tons of ideas and information.

  16. Tammi Williams says:

    I’m learning on my domestic. But it sounds like I could also use much of this information! Looks like a great book, Teresa’s quilting is stunning. I follow her on IG!

  17. Karen A says:

    I don’t have a longarm yet! Maybe someday…

  18. Marianne says:

    Don’t have one but wish I did, although I don’t think I’d like to quilt for others.

  19. Mary Ann says:

    I quilt on a Bernina, but I dream about having a long arm.

  20. Debbie R Gruenbacher says:

    My hubby constructed a long arm quilting set up for me. No computer etc but I enjoy creating with it and would cherish the info from this book.

  21. My husband would love to buy me one and has been on the hunt for a year now. I keep putting him off until we find the space in our carriage house..But In the Meantime, I have a wonderful sweet lady that does beautiful quilting on her long arm for me! She is superb!

  22. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    I dream of getting a long arm machine some day, but that would have to include a move. There’s no room in my house now that is big enough for a long arm machine. 🙂 I’m happy to know some wonderful long arm quilters, too, who can help me out when I need their services!

  23. gailss1 says:

    Only could wish I had room for a longarm and have great respect for the wonders that these talented people are able to accomplish with their machines….love to have my quilts done by these very talented artists!

  24. Kathy says:

    I don’t have a longarm – but FMQ on my domestic machine (Janome 6600P). I would love to have a sit down long arm – hopefully in the not too distant future. This book would be a great source of information.

  25. Debi Flessert says:

    Yes, I have one…..

  26. I have a longarm, but consider myself a beginner on the learning curve. Right now, it intimidates me. This looks like a terrific source of instruction and inspiration!

  27. Carol Nelms says:

    I do not have a long arm, but have a great custom quilter! Thanks, I will give to my friend for Christmas!

  28. CathyBurk says:

    I have a longarm but also a fear of failure! Not a good combination!!!

  29. Brita says:

    Yes, I have a longarm, but since I also have to use it as a design wall, I can’t seem to get to quilt as much as I’d like. (Maybe that’s a good excuse to hide the hesitation.) And lots of practice is required to be able to relax and go for it, like she does!

  30. Vicki Mooren says:

    I would love to have a sit down long arm as I don’t have any room for a stand up room right now. Also finances are limited, but I can dream. Would love to have the book as I’m sure it would help. I currently do my own quilting on my Pfaff.

  31. LizAnn says:

    I have a long arm. This want i need to gain confidence and give inspiration

  32. Edie says:

    I wish I had a long arm machine. I am practicing my quilting with my Bernina 440 but the larger the quilt the harder it is to reduce bulk and keep the quilting nice. Would love to read Theresa’s book!

  33. Tiffany says:

    I don’t have a longarm (although if I won the lottery…) but after reading this post I am picking up this book! Her quilts are beautifully done and very inspiring!!

  34. Jayne says:

    Love my long arm – it’s new but it’s a learning process! My tip —- “never be afraid to try something new. That’s how we improve and gain confidence”
    Can’t wait for your book

  35. Carol Gouveia says:

    I love seeing beautifully quilted quilts. I do not have a longarm and do not have the skill to do beautiful quilting. I do love to piece quilts. Some longarm quilters only want to do all over patterns.

  36. Jean says:

    I use a long arm machine for quilting, and additionally I use a sit-down for my smaller quilting projects.

  37. Jo Anne Hawks says:

    I have a long-arm machine and would love this new book.

  38. Carol Betts says:

    I have a longarm and am always eager to learn more techniques

  39. Janice Rampton says:

    I have wanted to have the patience (and doodling ability) to learn. We have several shops in the area that will certify you to rent and use their machines to quilt your own. I have thought about doing it for the quilts that I do for our local children’s hospital. Meanwhile, I’ll keep use the abilities of my local master quilter! Someday…

  40. Kathy Havelka says:

    I have APQS Millennium. It would take me centuries of practice to be able to quilt like that. Winning the book would be a terrific place to start.

  41. Joy Dickson says:

    I don’t have a long arm machine, would live one, but I do have a great long quilting friend. I actually work for her in her shop. She does my longarming quilting.

  42. Sharon P says:

    I dream of having a longarm machine and am currently working on making that a reality.

  43. Tricia says:

    I don’t have a long arm but have definitely dreamed of having one. But I also love sending quilts off to the quilter to let them work their magic.

  44. I am pretty lucky that I have unlimited access to my mom’s Longarm. She hardly ever uses it.

  45. Dawn says:

    I’ve been wanting a longarm for a long while. I’m gonna have to get this book!

  46. Willow Olson says:

    I was waiting with anticipation for the release of Teresa’s book, Yay, congratulations!!! Yes, longarming is amazing and I am currently researching which machine we are going to purchase.

  47. Kathy Decker says:

    I just got a longarm in June and have been practicing. I think I need this book – looks great. Thanks for reviewing it, and for the giveaway chance.

  48. Polly Monica says:

    I have a sit down machine, and love it!!

  49. Ann West says:

    I would love to own a long arm but do not have the money or the space needed for one. Teresa’s quilting if stunning. I will plug away on my domestic machine and hope to achieve better and better results with practice. Thanks for this opportunity.

  50. Sage Drake says:

    I dream of getting a longarm! In the meantime I am working to sharpen my skills on the domestic. Than you for the opportunity of such a great giveaway! xo

  51. Jane says:

    I would love to have a long arm quilting machine in my home. I rent a long arm quilting machine at one of my local quilting/fabric shop or I hired a long arm quilter to quilt my quilts. I would love to have a copy of Teresa Silva’s “Long arm Quilting Workbook.

  52. INGRID says:

    Longarming is a beginning passion. I spent my first real time (11/2 days) on a rented machine at my local quilt store and am hooked. I doubt I will ever have the space for one, but dreaming about it sure is fun.

  53. Kelly Borns says:

    I do have a longarm and Teresa is such an inspiration for me, I would love her new book!

  54. Pat Bley says:

    I have a longarm and have been quilting for customers for seventeen years.

  55. Sandra Laws says:

    I took a class at my local quilt shop and did a few quits on their machines, but space and money have kept me from owning one of my own. I just sit down at my own machine and do the best I can.

  56. Mary on Lake Pulaski says:

    I do not have a longarm machine. In fact, about three years ago, before Teresa was the star she is today, she quilted my Marcelle Medallion quilt for me!!

  57. Karen Keeler says:

    Yes, I own a APQS Liberty named E.V. after my Nana. I would love to add this book to my library.

  58. Sheila Symanski says:

    I have quilted on a long arm and know the hours of practice that it takes to get to a level that looks wonderful. Quilting the quilt is sometimes the most challenging for me. I do both, hire a longarm quilter and quilt on my home machine. I am learning to enjoy the process.

  59. Pam P says:

    I’m so grateful for the talents of long arm quilters who bring life to my humble pieced quilts.im trying home machine quilting and realize that it is truly an art.

  60. Cheryl Markstahler says:

    I do not own a longarm…maybe someday! I am hoping some techniques can be used on a domestic sewing machine!

  61. Amber says:

    I dream of owning a longarm, but can’t at this time. I do my quilting on a vintage 15-91 Singer and I feel like this book might still be very useful to me. I’ve been thinking of investing in rulers and a foot to take some of my quilting to the next level. Just owning this book would be wonderful, I am daydreaming about all her designs. Thanks for sharing this, giving me a nice creative daydream break in my day!

  62. Tara Sieberg says:

    I just recently got a Nolting midarm. LOVE IT, but would love some tips too!

  63. Judy Chastain says:

    The thought of long-arming intimidates me. I don’t think I’m coordinated enough to try. And, at 74, I don’t plan to invest! :0 I do admire other’s long arm quilting; it’s beautiful and I’m a fan of those skillful quilters.

  64. Nancy says:

    I have taken classes on long arms and rented them. But unfortunately I live far enough away I’m not able to make this a regular event. Would love to own a longarm but alas $ and space always come into the equation.

  65. April O says:

    My husband gave me a mid-arm and frame for Christmas last year. I have been slowly “playing” with it off and on. I have quilted 3 quilts on it and have gotten pretty good at all over swirls but would love to learn the proper way of doing other things.

  66. Teri says:

    I dream of getting a long arm but don’t have the space. Can borrow time on a friend’s.

  67. Deanna Bowman says:

    I have a Juki longarm, not computerized, so still learning on it. My machine was owned by a neighbor that passed away last year from cancer. Hope to do her memory proud.

  68. Susan says:

    I have a longarm machine and struggle with ” what to quilt where “. This sounds like just what I need!

  69. Deb Mac says:

    I dream of getting a long arm. Which is almost funny as I don’t even machine quilt on my domestic. I have books and videos but practice time is sparse. Too many other responsibilities. But I am sure that someday my dream will come true! (cue Disney music….) I already have Prince Charming!.

  70. Ginny Worden says:

    I tried longarm quilting, and if you ever need square feathers, I’m your gal. Thankfully there are many talented women who do awesome jobs with their longarm and they can work on my quilts.

  71. Belle Jones says:

    Wish I could afford a longarm machine–money, time, and knowledge–are in short supply! I am so thankful for longarm quilters who do wonderful jobs for those of us who piece!

  72. Mary Kastner says:

    I do not have a long arm but do a fair amount of quilting on my Bernina.

  73. Caryn S says:

    I have an Innova and love it. I am always looking for new info on using her. I definitely need more practice. I went from renting to owning.

  74. Judy says:

    I would love to have a long arm, but feel very intimidated. But, I am starting to practice on my sewing machine. One day when I am more comfortable with the process and the proper way of doing machine quilting, I want to purchase a long arm. But, right now I need help.

  75. Clara says:

    I’ve often thought about a longarm but in the last move, the floor space is not available so…I’m blessed with three wonderful, experienced longarmers, who have made my quilts “zing” with their talent on this machine. clara-chandler@att.net

  76. Brenda says:

    I am in the “dreaming of owning a longarm” group. I am doing what I can on my home machine and the rest is quilting by check.

  77. I don’t have a longarm (and never will), but have a very good friend who does (@cumbrianlongarmer on ig) and if I win, I will pass all of the prize to her. She has just made Mini Archie a watchtower (yes, really!) and it would be nice to send a lovely parcel back to her.

  78. ferne says:

    I don’t have a longarm, but am always hoping to find a way and the room to fit one into my sewing life! For now I quilt on my domestic machine and have been doing a lot of practice!

  79. Peggy Terzian says:

    I would love to have a longarm, but money and space prohibit. However, I have an old 1951 Singer 306 that I do some wicked free-motion quilting with!

  80. Camille says:

    I have a longarm and am very happy with my results using edge to edge pantographs. When I venture to free motion and custom quilting, I struggle with control and design choices. Development of better quilting skills is enhanced by quilters like Teresa who share their knowledge and techniques.

  81. Esther G says:


  82. Maria Zook says:

    I have a longarm, but I am still not very confident with my skills. This book will be on my Christmas wish list.

  83. Susan Roe says:

    My quilts are done by my checkbook. I secretly wish I could quilt them. After seeing Teresa quilting I really want to learn.

  84. sharkiecat says:

    I have and use a long arm. I’m always looking for new ways to fill in the open spaces of my quilts.

  85. I have been a longarm quilter for about 10 years, but there is always something new to learn from others. This book sounds great!

  86. Karin Pavlovsky says:

    I share a long arm machine with 2 other quilting friends and find that it is easy to do but hard to perfect.
    would love a book that would help me be happier with my quilts

  87. Debra says:

    I do not have a long arm but would love to have the book and practice materials….. and I have found fabulous ladies to do my quilting for me. But I can practice……..

  88. Lynn says:

    I do not own a long arm, but would love to someday. This book sounds like a great tool to help with the quilting process.

  89. Janet T says:

    I am currently quilting on a Viking DSM, but would love to own a longarm. Unfortunately, like many others, money and space are holding back my dreams. I am contemplating taking a class to rent time on a longarm, but need a few tops completed before I can take that step.

  90. I have a long arm machine and it sits there, am afraid of messing up a quilt so have not used
    it. Looking forward to reading Treasa’s book and getting use out of my machine.

  91. Kathy says:

    I have a sit down machine. I would love this book so I can elevate my skills. Thank you❣

  92. krismichk9 says:

    I do own a long arm machine…currently it holds quilts needing to be quilted draped on it. There’s a lot of quilts needing to be quilted in my house.

  93. Hildy says:

    I don’t have a longarm but would love to have one (a dream that probably never come true). I quilt eveything on my 35yo Pfaff and one day I’ll send a quilt to a longarm quilter just need to find a good one in Germany first.

  94. Sue H says:

    I have a 15″ mid-arm on a 10′ quilting frame. My machine is very basic, no stitch control, no needle up/down. Her books sounds like a great learning tool. Thanks for the chance to win.

  95. Annette F. says:

    I do not own a long arm, and have always been intimidated w/machine quilting any of my quilts that are larger than a throw size. Luckily I can rely on several talented long arm quilters in my area to finish up the process. Teresa’s work is totally awesome. Her talent is mind blowing to me!

  96. Diane says:

    I would love to be able to do the beautiful designs like Theresa. I know that it takes practice, practice and more practice. I would love to win her book for inspiration.

  97. thimbleanna says:

    Ohmygosh! You’ve mentioned that ” that there are wonderful longarm quilters who will quilt for you by Midnight on Sunday, October 8, CST ” — PLEASE include their names in your article!!! ;-PPPP

  98. carol a alperin says:

    I have a longarm. I heard from a friend that her class was great. Now I need the book.

  99. Gail Ellison says:

    The new book looks amazing! I’m a new longarm quilter, I have a small Lenni, and loving every minute of it.

  100. Heather G says:

    I have an APQS Millenium and love it. I have been wanting to learn to quilt freehand, but for now, I’m stuck in a pantographing rut.

  101. Jeanne S says:

    I do have a longarm and I would love a copy of this book and fabric to practice!

  102. Kim Kingston-Durgin says:

    I don’t have a longarm. But if one walked through the door one day, I wouldn’t turn it away. Some how, some way I’d make space for it. Currently, I am more than happy to pay someone else to quilt for me.

  103. Angela J Short says:

    I do not own a lonogram but I’m dreaming of one! Cool book! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  104. Martha Taylor says:

    I do have a longarm, but have a long way to go to have amazing quilts like these. This book would be great to have.

  105. Cheryl Buchanan says:

    I do not have a long arm, yet. I have three more years until I retire at which time I WILL have one!

  106. Cindy K says:

    I have a longarm. I’m not an expert yet, but enjoying the process.
    Cindy K

  107. Ashley says:

    I dream of a longarm someday!

  108. Carol d says:

    No longarm, but i do have room for a gorgeous book1

  109. Barbara G. says:

    I LOVE long arming! I do some of my own, but mostly, I quilt quilts for our Guild’s Philanthropy. We gave over 850 quilts this year!!! I particularly lean towards baby quilts, as we cover the local military bass’s baby showers.

  110. Marie Eddins says:

    I have taken a class at longarm quilting and have actually quilted a couple of quilts on one, but I have to hand it to longarm quilters ~ this is their domain. However I do quilt smaller quilts on my sewing machine and this book looks like it would give me lots of ideas to use and practice. Thanks for the chance!

  111. Deborah W. says:

    I have often fantasized about longarm quilting, but the reality is probably not. I so enjoy seeing the artwork of quilt artists like Teresa – they make the quilt come alive! I’ll have to stick with quilting on my domestic machine and when I finally make a really special quilt, then I’ll have it longarmed. Teresa’s book will provide lots of inspiration!

  112. Penny Huck says:

    Teresa is an artist for sure. She is a friend and has done several quilts for me. We are all so lucky she shared her knowledge with us in this fantastic book. I just wish she could share some of that talent. ☺

  113. Diane says:

    No long arm,but would love a sit down one. Until I do, I will use my trusted sewing machine.

  114. Lisa Weers says:

    I don’t currently have a long arm machine but I do have a
    Wonderful quilting bestie who had allowed me to work
    On several projects. I absolutely love your Big Sky fabric line
    And I’m ready to begin on making Big Bear!!!

  115. Carole Richardson says:

    What an inspiration! I own an Innova Sit-Down, and love the way it operates. I quilt for myself-mainly baby to twin size for several charity groups. Recently took a surface quilting class from Jamie Wallen which was awesome! This book would be a great help in the same vein. Just remember- practice, practice, practice.

  116. Helen G. says:

    I am grateful there are longarm quilters out there. Especially quilters like Theresa Silva. That way if I actually finish a quilt instead of just starting a new one, I know there is someone who will do a fantastic job quilting it instead of letting it sit in a pile of almost finishes.

  117. Lisa Stevens says:

    I don’t own a longarm but dream of owning one some day. I am super fortunate to live in the same town as Teresa and have had her quilt for me before. She is simply amazing.

  118. Martha says:

    I would love to have a longarm machine someday!

  119. Jackie Laba says:

    I’ve experimented with a longarm and drool over Teresa’s work, which I follow on IG.

  120. Kelly says:

    Don’t have a longarm (yet), but a girl can dream, right?!?

  121. Linda L. says:

    I can relate to Bridget’s comment that her skill is in writing the cheque to the person whose skill is in longarm quilting – she should win the book just for that!! You should have a random draw that folks like me could win and then another one for the best answer. 😉
    I’d love to learn to do longarm quilting but fear that I wouldn’t use a machine enough to justify the cost. I’d also have to either hang it on the ceiling or knock out a wall since I have a very small house. Someone told me there’s a shop on the other side of town that does lessons and then rents out time on a machine. That might be a more practical option but I’m not sure about hauling a quilt back and forth until it was finished. I suppose I could move in there until it was done.

  122. Deb Worthman says:

    I have had a longarm for a little over a year. Practice, practice, practice. Each one of my quilts I have tried something new.

  123. Sandy Long says:

    Oh I would love, Love, LOVE to have a long arm!!! My cousin just bought one and I’ve tried it out a few times…she says I’m a natural, but my work looks a little scary to me. Theresa’s work is stunning and gives me something to aspire to…some day lol

  124. Kathy Whipple says:

    Many of the designs can be incorporated to use on a domestic. Teresa is a very skilled longarmer.

  125. Glenda Britten says:

    Space and money prevent me from buying a long arm, but I do admire the talents of those who have this gift!

  126. kathie weatherford says:

    I don’t a longarm as I don’t have room in my house. I really admire the quilting done by others.

  127. Juleen Jaeger says:

    Long arming is not in my DNA so I have been Teresa’s customer for a few years now. I did buy her book though. I love how easily she explains her methods. She’s a beautiful quilter and a great teacher.

  128. quiltedpixel says:

    I have a mid-arm and the transition rom domestic to it has been tricky, but thanks to my grandkids’ magnadoodle, i am improving,

  129. Janet richardson says:

    I would love to learn how to long arm quilt!!!

  130. Linda F says:

    I have a longarm and I am still learning how to do everything. This book would be a wonderful addition to my library and knowledge for quilting. I will continue to practice, practice, practice

  131. I do have a longarm and so appreciate books like these, of which I own several, because I am self-taught, having bought my Avanté secondhand.

  132. patty says:

    I don’t have but have always wanted a long arm. The book sounds awesome.

  133. Mary L Bolton says:

    Have a mid arm, dreaming of a trade up!

  134. Sandy roberts says:

    I wish I was as talented! I would love to win and would love a long arm quilt machine sadly can’t afford it but to read about it is a dream I can dream about! I love the Teddy quilt but somehow I see a schnauzer my Rudi it wonderful

  135. GeeGee says:

    I quilt small quilts on my domestic machine but I am fortunate to have a longarmer near who does wonderful quilting on my large quilts. The book would be wonderful to help advance my quilting skills.

  136. Kally says:

    O have a Babylock Jewel, I am still practicing.

  137. Anne-Marie says:

    I have a long arm and was lucky enough to attend a trunk show with Teresa last week, where I got to see her lovely quilting up close!

  138. Stella Jordan says:

    I have a Gammill Vision. I wish I had more time to become better!

  139. Chris K. says:

    I have room, but I’m reluctant to make the investment, because as soon as I did, I’d probably get tired of making quilts.

  140. Mom C says:

    I have a longarm which I absolutely love. I love the freedom of quilting. I’m not great but I sure enjoy it and the quilting looks good enough for family and friends. And I have improved A LOT. I must get that book. Thanks.

  141. dianne61 says:

    Lucky to have a 12 ft. 26inch Innova longarm machine. Have been quilting for 4 years using computer and meandering free hand. Managed a few custom ruler work pieces but I’m ready for the breakout moment that I feel this book would provide. Thanks so much cor adding Author to your list of accomplishments.

  142. Gale says:

    I am very fortunate to own a George (sit down) longarm machine. Would love to have space for a larger version, to use rulers for straight line quilting. But I am happy with what I have and would also be happy to win this prize. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  143. Julie Freyberg says:

    I have quilted some quilts on my own home machine….realize how talented the long-armers are! If i have a special quilt, or a quilt to go to someone special, I sent it to the profressionals!

  144. Laura Dixon says:

    I am dreaming of getting a long arm, and now that I have a truly empty nest, I finally have room! I love free motion quilting on my domestic and am always looking for inspiration.

  145. Shirley Ratliff says:

    I purchased a long arm in January of this year and discovered that I love it!

  146. Nicole Mays says:

    I own a long arm and mostly quilt for myself. I am always looking for new ideas on how to quilt a quilt. For me that’s the hardest part.

  147. Sue Marshall says:

    Wish I had a long arm. Also just made this same quilt but used Tula fabric and made a pink bear! Would love to have Teresa quilt it.

  148. EllenB says:

    Wish I had a longarm, but will have to settle for FMQ on my domestic machine or renting time on the LA at my local shop. I think the worst part is basting before FMQ!

  149. Terry D says:

    I don’t have a longarm and really don’t have the space for one . I do small projects on my domesyic, and have a very talented long armed close by.

  150. JudyJ says:

    I recently got a longarm machine, and I can use all of the help I can get.

  151. Patty S. says:

    Actually, have have a mid-arm, and am waiting on delivery on my brand new 24″ long arm machine, all due to Teresa’s wonderful words of support! It was Teresa who encouraged me to jump in, be brave and learn how to LA quilt! So, so excited!

  152. Carol Kuse says:

    Beautiful fabric set off by beautiful quilting. I always say the quilting brings a piece to life.

  153. Janice Mc Laren says:

    I do have a long arm and have admired Teresa’s work for a long time.

  154. Beverly says:

    I am very fortunate to live in the same town as Teresa. I am proud to call her “my longarm quilter”. Her work is beautiful and just plain outstanding.

  155. Jan Sessions says:

    I don’t have a longer machine. I quilt small projects on my home machine.

  156. swakins says:

    I can only dream of having a longarm, I don’t think there is an area in my house that would work for something that large. I would love to share this package with my favorite longarmer.

  157. I looked into getting a long arm, but right now I don’t make enough quilts to feel it is justified. Maybe once I retire in 10 years or so.

  158. Karen Seitz says:

    I have never tried longarm quilting and don’t have room or money for a machine; however, I would like to give free motion quilting a try on my domestic machine. It sounds like Teresa’s book could help me get there.

  159. Hope Olson says:

    Amazing quilting!

  160. Mary Jo Peterson says:

    I’ve been retired for a few years now and this is the first thing I’ve gotten excited about…I ordered one yesterday! And I’m crazy excited to have it in my house 🙂

  161. Oh, I wold love a copy of this book. I have a HQ Avante and need all the help I can get — plus motivation to practice with designs that fit my thinking. This just might be it! Great post.

  162. Janay Roy-Verhey says:

    I have owned a longarm for a few years and just a recently got to enjoy a private lesson with Teresa. She oozes positivity!!

  163. Ann Dilcher says:

    No long arm but it is a dream. Free motion on my regular machine and doodle all day at work.

  164. Very happy and fortunate to be longarming for these past 21 years for various guild’s community service groups, customers, and myself. What a joy it is to work from home. I’m on my third longarm and it is a computerized Innova with Navigator on a 10′ table. I’ve owned a Gammill Optimum on a 14′ table then an APQS Millennium with a stitch regulator on 12′ table. What a great quilting ride it continues to be! Now quilting #3,319. Allison C. Bayer, Plano, Texas USA

  165. PamO says:

    I have a sitdown midarm. I have rulers so I could use the book. Thanks.

  166. Joyce Miller says:

    I don’t have a longarm. But, am so very fortunate to have Teresa perform her magic on my quilts. She has the ability to look at a quilt and see beyond the design and blocks used in the quilt. Her quilting brings quilts to life and helps them tell a wonderful story. I would like to try some of her techniques and designs with my machine on smaller projects. But, Teresa will remain my ‘go to lady’ for my quilts.

  167. Ann says:

    I have a Simply Sixteen,I am new at longarm Quilting.

  168. Laurie Stone says:

    I have an Innova.

  169. Mary Hartman says:

    My daughter-in-law just purchased a used longarm machine. She is kind enough to share it with me so I will be quilting my UFO’s asap. We are both in the just beginning stage and would love Teresa’s book.

  170. shirley hopper says:

    I am hoping to purchase one in the upcoming spring! I love knowing there are people out there with longarm that will do the quilting for me though! #quiltingismyeverything!

  171. Diane M. Sigren says:

    I do have a longarm and i love it. This book sounds wonderful!

  172. Dolores Clark says:

    I have the baby lock coronet.i love this book.

  173. Carla McGuire says:

    I have a Sweet Sixteen,but have bought a used longarm waiting for delivery. This book would be wonderful to have.

  174. Nadine Vining says:

    I have just purchased a used midarm and have done 2 charity quilts so far. All I can say is I need lots of practice because it’s a new skill set compared to free motion quilting on my domestic. I would love this book.

  175. Kerri Robinson says:

    My Bernina Q24 is being delivered the first week of November! If I don’t win this book I definitely will purchase it.

  176. Cindi says:

    I have a longarm but I am still learning how to use it. I would love to have her book. I am now in the process of putting together the bear quilt. I love it and her fabric!!!

  177. Kelli Boles says:

    My long arm will be delivered next month. I am so excited. This book looks like it would be a great tool to have.

  178. Julia Ward says:

    I have a long arm and love it. Each morning I can’t wait to get up and see what I’ll create that day!

  179. Debbie-do says:

    I have a longarm, I’m learning that doodling helps and every now and again I’ll have an “ah-ha moment”! I look forward to those!

  180. I love Teresa’s quilting! I follow her blog and instagram, her book looks fabulous! Would love to have a copy.

  181. Joan says:

    The quilt is so beautiful!! I have a long arm, but I must practice more and develop more patience. Being artistically challenged, I need help breaking the huge quilt down to small pieces to attack one at a time. It would be a joy to win Teresa’s book to help me.

  182. Nancy Baker says:

    Eye candy, indeed! This would be a very useful book to add to my quilting library. I do have a longarm, and there’s not many things I enjoy more than using it. Would love to win a copy of this beautiful book!

  183. Four dogs and one quilter says:

    Don’t have a long arm but would love a copy of Teresa’s book. I am sure her techniques would be helpful for quilting on a domestic machine.

  184. Danyse Ford says:

    I’ve never even seen a longarm machine in action but I have signed up for an APQS workshop just so I can see how it all works. I’m excited to see if it is something I might like or just have a better appreciation for longarm quilters. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  185. Ann Keener says:

    I have several very talented long arm quilters that I use, however, my desire is to be able to quilt small quilts on my home sewing machine. I have quilted a few small projects but want to get better at quilting my smaller quilts and other projects.

  186. Patrice Keating says:

    I’m a new HQ Simply Sixteen owner. And I love FMQ!

  187. Mary says:

    I have a fairly basic longarm machine. I *need* a workbook to go through and learn from.

  188. stephanie woodward says:

    I have a longarm but have not attempted anything that adventurous You do beautiful work..

  189. Susan says:

    I do not have a longarm machine. However, I have dreamed of getting one (would need to win the lottery first), but until then I love knowing that there are wonderful longarm quilters who will quilt for me.

  190. Anita J. Tinlin says:

    Although I would love to do my own quilting, I depend on local machine quilters!

  191. I don’t have a long arm machine (yet) but I am good friends with someone who does. I love her work on my quilts and I like understanding what designs work best with the patterns I make! Thanks for a agreat blog hop! churcae(at)auburn(dot)edu

  192. Debbie R. says:

    I am oh so happy to be able to send my quilts out to longarm quilting experts to give my work a beautiful finish.

  193. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t have one I almost did but we had to spend the money on other things. Saving again though so fingers crossed I will have one before I’m 30!

  194. LINDA says:

    BEAUTIFUL stitching! Book looks so neat! Thanks for sharing!

  195. Kathy Regan says:

    I’ve been a longarmer for 11 years and still love it! I love to read about new ideas and techniques to make my quilting that much better for my clients. Thanks for sharing this story with us!

  196. Cher B says:

    I have a long arm and feel like a beginner. Just getting my stash sewn up as part of my bucket list. I want to challenge myself and this book would be such a guide. Love the work shown just as a teaser.

  197. Ginger says:

    I’m just learning to make quilts, and have quilted some small projects on my home sewing machine. At some point in the future I will be considering a long arm machine, but not yet.

  198. Laurie says:

    I bought a longarm this summer from a friend. It’s intimidating but I had rented one for 7 years and it was time to do it! I am excited!

  199. Cecilia says:

    I do have a longarm and I love using it for free motion quilting. I would love to have this book in my library.

  200. Susan Bryant says:

    I dream of owning a long arm but until I can afford one, I machine quilt on my regular sewing machine.

  201. Charity says:

    I dream of having a longarm one day… And have the perfect space for it. Now if I only had the money! Until then I’ll continue to play with the one at my LQS and at shows.

  202. wendy held says:

    I would love to have a longarm but don’t have a place to put one. I do enjoy FMQ on my domestic machine (Bernina 440QE). The designs in this book look wonderful!! I’d love to add it to my collection on FMQ books.

  203. Karen Stephens says:

    Love FMQ and plan to buy a long arm with in a couple of years! Until then I practice practice on my machine!

  204. JoNell Mollohan says:

    I have a longarm and I’m always looking for inspiration from the quilting community.

  205. Kaye M says:

    I don’t have a long arm and don’t have space for one. Once I rented time from my favorite long arm quilter and did a Pantagraph on a scrappy quilt. It was a challenge, but I would like to try it again

  206. Dawn Tidd says:

    No long arm but want to take a class at myLQS. I love to watch the videos people post of their quilting!

  207. JB says:

    Having a longarm is a dream, but learning about it doesn’t have to be. Looking forward to reading this book.

  208. Judy says:

    I don’t have a longarm machine and quilt on my domestic machine. I do know a good long arm quilter when I need one.

  209. Pam says:

    Am looking to maybe get a longarm machine in future, love to piece quilts, n this would be a great starter to have, she does a gorgeous job!

  210. Marsha Bohling says:

    I have a Sweet Sixteen sit down machine. I’d love to have the book to learn more skills.

  211. ellen says:

    I have a short arm(9″ throat) and a 10 foot frame. but not room to have it assemble right now!! I want to play with it so badly! the book looks amazing

  212. I am a beginning quilter who has only quilted on my DSM. I do so admire longarmers who can quilt like Teresa! Before I ever took the plunge into quilting, I collected and voraciously read tons of books and magazines. Would LOVE to have Teresa’s book! She is amazing!

  213. Kayla Krug says:

    I have been piecing since 2003, I got my long arm in 2016. I’m still learning and loving it but I do need lots of practice. Looking forward to winning Teresa’s book and practice, practice, practice.

  214. debpine says:

    In my fantasy quilting life, I would own a long arm. I’m always looking for new ideas on how to finish my quilts. I do my own quilting on smaller simple quilts, but I’m never sure how to choose a motif for my quilts. Would love to add this book to my collection!

  215. Janet Griffth says:

    I would love to get a long arm one day. But we must send the kids to collage first! In the mean time, I’ll have to just improve my home machine quilting.

  216. Janeese says:

    I have a mid arm machine and I continue to try new things and new threads. I feel I have a lot to learn and will be looking to purchase this book.

  217. Ann says:

    I’ve had a longarm for about a year and I love it. Spent lots of time practicing, practicing, practicing!

  218. annalutzbrown says:

    I dream of having one..But 8 have had the luck of having a lady quilt one of my quilts omg too cool she did elephants. … happyness04431@yahoo.com

  219. Julie E says:

    I’m teaching myself on my domestic at the moment and would love a copy of Teresa’s book to help me.

  220. Gayle Schnepp says:

    I got a longarm over the summer and love it! Wish I had done it a couple years ago so I’d be more up-to-speed with my designs. Would love to win this package! I think Moda fabric is number 1!

  221. Carole says:

    I have been thinking about a long-arm for several years, gathering information, and looking at the numbers. It’s a tad overwhelming. Would like the book to help that process.

  222. Jacueline BE says:

    Hola, tengo una longarm y estoy encantada con ella. Tal vez este libro pueda ayudarme avanzar un poco, ¡¡siempre queda por aprender!!

  223. Chris says:

    I have a Midarm and I am saving for a Longarm. Such beautiful quilting in these pictures.

  224. Chris says:

    I have a Midarm and I am saving for a Longarm. Beautiful quilts and outstanding quilting.

  225. michele breault says:

    I am a relatively new longarm quilter with a lot to learn. Hope I win! Thanks for the chance.

  226. Susan S says:

    Did someone win yet? I’ve tested out long arm quilters, I think it would be wonderful to have one, if you have the room. I can quilt on my home machine but I have to long arm quilt by checkbook!

  227. April Spolnicki says:

    I wish I had the space, time and money to have a longarm. A girl can dream. I’m trying to improve on my home machine in the meantime.

  228. Jackie says:

    I have an 18″ machine and would love to get a bigger machine but probably won’t happen. I’m in the process of teaching myself to machine quilt and this book would be a great asset. Thanks for the chance.

  229. quilterpt says:

    I just took my first long arm class today! Wow, is it challenging, but I am encouraged to keep at it! Thanks for sharing the great giveaway.

  230. Shawna says:

    I’d love to have a long arm to quilt with, but I don’t have the room for it. I wonder if you can build a “she shed” for that?!

  231. Karen M says:

    I have a long arm machine so I need Teresa’s book. In my dreams I will become a quilter like her.

  232. Shelly Z says:

    I am planning to get a Sweet Sixteen soon, so this book would be a great tool to learn. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

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