Thread A Needle Day!

It’s really a day – official.  Sort of.  Government offices aren’t closed and you probably still have to go to work, but it’s still a lovely opportunity to celebrate!  Preferably with chocolate!

[Insert gratuitous picture of Triple-Threat Chocolate Cookies here.] [Acknowledge source of gratuitous picture here.] [Provide link to recipe here.]

National Thread A Needle Day!  You thought I forgot, didn’t you?

July 25th is National Sew A Needle Day.  It’s been observed since… nobody exactly knows.  It’s just been there for as long as anybody keeping track of this kind of thing can remember.  And since it isn’t an official day resulting from a formal decree of some kind, there isn’t any documentation.  But who cares about that, right?  It’s here and we’re celebrating it!

While “threading a needle” is generally meant to apply to sewing – putting a thread through the eye of a needle – it has many other meanings.  Here are a few of them:

  • To find a path between two opposing issues or viewpoints ~ the metaphorical meaning.
  • In billiards or pool, it’s a shot where the cue ball is shot precisely through a narrow pathway of two balls.
  • It is also used in sports to describe moving the ball through a tight space where there is no room for error.
  • In yoga, it is the name of a pose that is great for stretching your back, neck and shoulders.

But let’s stick with threads and needles – the sewing kind.

Because it’s a holiday, we need to celebrate.  A celebration means a party and since you can’t come here, we’re going to send a little something to two people.  A huge, huge thank you to our lovely friends at Aurifil for sending us a few of these Thread Sampler Packs to share.  Each pack has one spool of each of Aurifil’s seven threads.

Seven?  Aurifil makes seven different threads?

  • Cotton Mako 50 wt. – for piecing and appliqué by hand and machine, and for embroidery and quilting by machine
  • Cotton Mako 40 wt. – for hand-piecing, and for quilting, appliqué, embroidery and piecing by machine
  • Cotton Mako 28 wt. – for quilting, appliqué and embroidery by machine or hand
  • Cotton Mako 12 wt. – for embellishment, sashiko, quilting, embroidery, appliqué and cross-stitch by hand or machine
  • Cotton Mako 80 wt. – for English Paper Piecing and appliqué by hand, for embroidery, quilting and appliqué by machine
  • Lana Wool 12 wt. – for hand-appliqué, embroidery and cross-stitch, for machine quilting and appliqué
  • Aurifloss – a six-strand cotton floss for embroidery, cross-stitch, appliqué and needlepoint

Our National Thread A Needle goodie box will include:

Just leave a comment by Midnight tonight – Tuesday, July 25 – telling me if you’re going to be stitching today.  If so, what will you be stitching?

And if you can’t stitch but would still like to try “threading the eye of a needle”… there is always the yoga pose – Yoga Eye of the Needle Pose.

Happy Tuesday!

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586 comments on “Thread A Needle Day!

  1. Gretchen says:

    I will probably try to work in some hand embroidery today. There isn’t much time for machine sewing in the summer. It’s also my birthday! Thanks for the drawing.

  2. Joanne Moore says:

    Hard to believe it’s July already…Today I will be shopping for fabric and sewing supplies for a Precise Piecing class that I will be taking with Phillipa Naylor from the UK. She is visiting our 40th Annual Quilt Show here in Maine this week.

  3. Marsha says:

    I’ll be stitching Edyta Sitar’s Bachelor Button block of the month. Enjoy your blog and thank you for the chance to win a give away!

  4. Diane Emanuelson says:

    I will be working on Long road home BOM. When I get home from work. I love BOM’s. They are my favorite. Ty.

  5. cheryl ciccone says:

    Of course I will be stitching. I try t o do a little every day. Working on a quilt for my grandson, keeping up with Blockheads and Christmas projects.

  6. Dawn Paulson says:

    Because I am a memory quilter as a business, it is a RARE treat when I get to sew for fun. However the past few days I am enjoying Lori Holt’s first nook, vintage farm and trying to make a few blocks a day. Adore Aurifil and use it every day in my business and pleasure sewing!

  7. Nanc says:

    National Thread a Needle Day is awesome and anything pairs well with chocolate. I will be sewing today. YEAH!! I’m working on a donation project and have 2 quilts ready to FMQ. Happy NTaND everyone!

  8. Marian Allen says:

    I am working on a Christmas runner – this will be the first year in ages that I will decorate for Christmas, and I am so excited!

  9. Lisa Sweet says:

    Actually, I have to mend my boiled wool slippers today. They are indestructible except for the thread. I’d love to see if the Aurifil wool thread would be the ideal thread for stitching them. This is a super giveaway–so instructional and useful! I have trouble deciphering needle and thread sizes and uses.

  10. Brenda Mayfield says:

    I stitch daily despite a heavy school schedule, and kids. I’m working on the Austin Bluebird sampler. Hand appliqueing the blocks. It just keeps me sane.

  11. 2sasi says:

    I was lucky enough to find 30 minutes tonight, while my husband cooked dinner, to sewing the binding on my latest quilt. Then after dinner I threaded my needles to put in my threaders needle holder from my sew sampler box ready for finishing tomorrow evening.

  12. Trish Palmer says:

    I will be finishing a quilt today for our local club’s craft show this fall. It’s a quilt of sampler blocks we made together this spring. After I sandwich the quilt I’ll start to quilt it today and hopefully finish tomorrow or Thursday.

  13. julie714 says:

    I’m sewing hexagon’s 1/4 inch sides together tonight. Haven’t made any for a while and want to watch some televsion while I’m doing it too. I’d welcome some lovely threads, needles and fabric to add to my hexie “Insanity Quilt” by Rhonda Pearce that would be fantastic! One can never have enough fantastic thread, needles and some lovely fabric too that would be so sew special!

  14. laurabligh says:

    I will be stitching some felt Christmas ornaments today.

  15. Jackie Stevens says:

    Will be putting the finishing touches on a little pin cushion made from one of Jane Sassaman’s fabrics. Headed to Madeline island for a workshop with her!!

  16. Debbie says:

    Tuesday is my cleaning day buttttt since it’s National Sew A Needle Day I’m definitely going to spent the whole day working on the Garden Club quilt our sewing group is working on. Thank you Carrie for your blog you are so inspiring.

  17. anne d says:

    I am quilting a low volume jelly roll race! It’s looking good.

  18. Ellie Paquette says:

    I will make another 12 inch block of red and white to add to the quilt I am making for my niece. Also sewing blocks as leaders and enders for charity.

  19. says:

    I’m going to work on piecing a quilt for my son while he is at camp.

  20. Janet says:

    Still gonna be stitching on my Cracked Pots quilt. Gotta get those houses done

  21. quilter44 says:

    My current project is the primitive gatherings summer wool quit. Thank you for this generous giveaway. Wonderful goodies in this offering. I love Aurifil thread and would love to try the Lana Wool thread.

  22. Pat H says:

    I’m working on the table toppers for my daughter’s bridal shower next week.

  23. LC CALDWELL says:

    I stitch every day. It is my therapy. I have a saying that it keeps me off the streets and out of the bars – tongue in cheek of course. I am appliqueing the bird and birdhouse opening on Block number 3 of Be My Neighbor. Thanks Moda!!

  24. Lissa Rogers says:

    Yes I will be stitching. Need to sew up my last 2 Triangle gatherings blocks and I try to do a little wool appliqué every day. It soothes my soul.

  25. kelli B. says:

    I will be working today. I will celebrate thread the needle day by working on sticking labels on my last three quilts.

  26. Virginia Marshall says:

    I will be attending our Quilt Guild’s new applique Bee today. I will be working on the border for a quilt I have been working on for about 10 years. This is the year to finish it!

  27. Dawn B says:

    I will be working today so no time for threading that needle, but I will try the Yoga pose. 🙂

  28. Carol Weimer says:

    I’ve been working on Elizabeth Hartman’s Awesome Ocean pattern for my classroom “under the sea” theme. I make a daily goal of completing two creatures per night.

  29. Jan Jones says:

    Every Tuesday I and a few friends meet at our church to hand appliqué banners. Moda solids had just the perfect colors we needed.

  30. Judy Chastain says:

    I’d love to thread a needle today. Alas, I have no handwork with me, and I took my machine to the shop for a tuneup yesterday. I guess I’ll have to substitute more cutting of my Moda Frivols #8.

  31. Allison Evrard says:

    I hope to put the border on a summer quilt I’m making for our bed. Sometimes I get stuck on a step when trying to make a decision and I’ve been on this step for several days. I think I’ve decided what I want to do but it involves ripping off a piece of border I already sewed on. But that’s always a part of quilting, right? 🙂

  32. Janice says:

    Will be hand stitching hexies after a game of golf with my husband and son.

  33. Polly Monica says:

    Although I just pin basted a quilt yesterday-ready to quilt, today is bee, so I will be doing hand work! Thanks for this lovely giveaway!

  34. Michele Breault says:

    I’m working on the ISPY hexie quilt for my third grandchild. All of the hexies have been basted and I’ve 18 of the 25 rows sewn together. I do need to print photos of family on two dozen hexies — I’ve left one space per row for a photo. My two other grands have fun finding pics of themselves, their mom or dad, or us in between the frogs and bugs and other printed fabric hexies.

  35. merryl shapiro says:

    During my lunch time I will hopefully work on my wool applique snowman. Love the prize chose.

  36. bks72946 says:

    I need to finish quilting a baby quilt…the baby is going to be grown up at the rate I’m going!

  37. Jean Bray says:

    Yes, almost every day I try to stitch. Today it will be making sq. in sq. on a 3″ four patch. Really enjoying the Moda Blockheads sew along.

  38. Anne says:

    Yes, I will be stitching! I am making a grandmother’s flower garden with tiny hexagons and am quilting my latest quilt. I will surely work on both tonight AND use aurifil because they are my go to threads. Very much looking forward! Thanks for the chance to win and happy tread a needle day!

  39. Adrienne says:

    I will be quilting a donation teddy bear quilt. Our guild donates bears/stuffed animals and quilts to Christmas Cheer every year. This year I’m determined to make at least one before summer is over.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  40. Well, now I have to stitch tonight! Depends if I feel like sewing or cross stitch tonight – need to make a quilt back and would like to finish my current cross stitch project, so plenty of options! I also love to thread the needle in yoga!

  41. Karen Hostrander says:

    I just took Lisa Bongeans penny pincushion class at Hershey n will definitely be practicing what I was taught. Awesome class n Lisa us a beautiful person. Love her #24 chenille needle

  42. Patsy says:

    Threading a needle, stitching, sewing today? For sure. I’m getting ready for a weekend quilt retreat so I need to do prepping of some projects. The cookies look divine, but I think I’ll pass on the yoga pose unless there’s a lift to get me off the floor.

  43. Beth B says:

    I hope to find time today (and every day) for at least a few minutes of stitching. Today’s schedule may allow only for making a few repairs to a grandson’s jacket. Thanks for the chance to win an great prize.

  44. I am hand appliquéing a Santa quilt, and later today I will be at my Yoga class. Love this blog!

  45. Kristine says:

    Yes! I’m working on a zipper pouch…but I have no cookies or chocolate 🙂

  46. Margaret DiCarlo says:

    I will be stitching Katja Marek’s Perpetually Hexi!

  47. Doris Matousek says:

    There are special needles for binding? For big stitch? And I thought I was smart for using straw needles for appliqué. Plus 7 Aurifil threads? Must try them all. !I’ve got some gorgeous Alaska-themed batiks I bought in Fairbanks that I’m going to turn into zipper bags. I’ll stash my English paper piecing supplies in them instead of the ugly plastic bag I used while traveling.

  48. Marianne says:

    Maybe just a bit. And then packing for a visit to my daughter.

  49. Merritt D. Crawford says:

    What a fun day to celebrate!! I look forward to stitching later this evening. I’m working on a Sew Together Bag and a Dresden Deck the Halls table topper. Thanks for the give-away.

  50. Suzanne Kuhns says:

    I have the day off from work…and I didn’t even know it was such a special holiday!…and I’ll be working on a Cheri Payne project for a friend who recently lost her husband.

  51. Nancy G says:

    I will be threading 2 needles today – on my HQ16, practicing pantograph quilting, and on my Bernina, piecing a quilt top. Hmmm, there may be a third needle….I’ve got a quilt to bind while watching TV tonight!

  52. Momma Lisa says:

    Fun day, finishing up piecing a Christmas quilt and then attending a Christmas in July event at a local quilt shop. I hope you have a great day too!

  53. Jan C. says:

    I’m copying a corduroy jumper my friend, a theatre diction coach, wears as her camp uniform at Interlochen Arts Camp in northern Michigan. Today is the day to get this thing finished! Then there’s a striped t-shirt on the cutting table for me. ❤️ Thanks for this opportunity.

  54. Barb Allen says:

    Definitely stitching today! (Well, to be perfectly honest, pretty much stitching every day, and I am not ashamed.) My handwork goal today is to finish the applique on Month 4 of Lynette Anderson’s Seaside Town. My longarm goal today is to finish another swath on a quilt I am gifting to a friend – I think I will have only 2 more rolls on the frame to complete the free motion quilting, happy about that. And today’s piecing goal is to cut out and begin another block in Edyta Sitar’s Quilter’s Patch, so much fun this one, lovely colors and fabrics, and flowers! Who can resist flowers? Not me. Wishing everyone a great Thread a Needle Day!

  55. Terry says:

    I will be doing some machine quilting on a table runner, but most of my stitching time will be spent altering (lowering) the neckline of many T-shirts. It’s so hot here this month. My t-shirts have been sitting in my drawer not being worn because it feels like they are strangling me. Not a good feeling when it’s 100 degrees outside. I’ve had one “yuk” and one “not too bad” so far. Before long, I will proudly wear them in public.

  56. Ann says:

    I’m going to be doing some appliqué on some blocks that will be going into a wall hanging that I’ve been wanting to make for a long time. The day is always filled with sunshine when I have a needle and thread near me.

  57. Mama G says:

    I wish I didn’t have to go to work so I could start working on my Christmas gifts. Mug rugs for everyone this year.

  58. Verna says:

    I’m working on a 100-block challenge, so I will be making a block or two today.

  59. Lisa says:

    I will, but i’ve only planned some repair work of split seams and such. Maybe i’ll take some extra time to make a quick fabric box.

  60. Ruth Morgan says:

    I will be sewing binding on my most recently finished quilt! Woohoo!

  61. Shirley says:

    This day would be a great one for a possible challenge. Everyone chooses a “National ___Day and they make a small quilt depicting it.

  62. Ellen says:

    Today I’ll be working on my hexagon quilt, all hand stitched, so relaxing!

  63. Donna says:

    My employer is going through a software upgrade so I’ll likely not have time for serious needle use today. Bummer. Yet, all is not lost. A loose button on my favorite skirt had me stitching this morning.Cheers to Thread a Needle Day!

  64. Sandy says:

    I try to stitch every day! Today I’ll probably work on some paper piecing projects that I have in the works.

  65. Kim Jenkins says:

    I’ll be quilting Christmas gifts today – some scrappy tree quilts!

  66. Brenda T says:

    Yes !!! I will be stitching today – I have colored a hand embroidery picture and will be doing the stitching around the snowmen. !!!!

  67. Linda B says:

    I am afraid my thread the needle work today will be mending our electric poultry netting. Weekend storm brought down half a tree. Tree guys should be here in an hour. But if all goes well, maybe tonight I can get back to some paper piecing practice squares I started last week! Thanks for the offer here. You guys are such inspiration!

  68. Julie Bailey says:

    I will be doing some free motion quilting on a fall wall hanging that I started 2 years ago. This year I want to finish quilts that I already have the top completed.

  69. Donna Irmis says:

    I’ll be doing hand quilting this afternoon with my Tuesday group; then later hope to finish machine quilting a dinosaur baby quilt. Love your posts and photos.
    What’s up with the Moda Bake Shop?

  70. Linda Blodgett says:

    I will be sewing a Blockhead mini block with all the little triangles left over from Block 20 and this evening will be working on hand quilting a queen size quilt. I have just started using Aurifil thread for piecing and I really like it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  71. Lisa says:

    I plan on finishing my patriotic quilt before July is done!

  72. Debbie LaMont says:

    I will be working on a redwork embroidery Christmas quilt that I started several years ago. Hope to have it done by Christmas this year!

  73. Ruth says:

    Yes, a few minutes every day on my Confetti Quilt (by Diana Lacy).

  74. Barbara Tyo says:

    I will be stitching today but instead of working on one of my quilting UFO’s will be working on finishing Granddaughter’s wedding dress. Oh my. I gave up sewing clothes and love quilting but couldn’t tell her no.

  75. Karen McMahon says:

    I will definitely be sewing today. The main project on my list today is a “kid comfort Quilt” for a young boy whose father will be deployed overseas soon. It contains pictures of the boy and his dad and family, so he has something to look at and hug while his dad is away.

  76. I’ll be sewing a gazillion 3” nine-patches today. Woo hoo!

  77. APRIL FLETCHER says:

    Will be piecing small squares for square in square blocks or working on hexies for a baby quilt! Love me some sewing!

  78. Karen A says:

    Yes, today is a stitching day. I will be working on a guild challenge for tonight’s meeting. Nothing like a deadline to get me busy!

  79. Karen Weidler says:

    I sew every day … no matter what. Today I will finish handquilting Jen Kingwell’s My Small World. What fun I had with this quilt. Thanks for the chance to win and I hope you will have time to thread a needle today.

  80. Fran Cummings says:

    I’ll be stitching Some flying geese blocks today…all day, I hope!

  81. gailss1 says:

    Yes, it would not be a good day if I did not do some sort of thread and needle sewing and will be at it at some time today….even if only for an hour or so….I am finishing up a binding today. Thanks so much

  82. Colleen says:

    Thank you so much for the great giveaway. Ironically, I will be teaching 25 people at a library in CT how to hand sew. We are using old T- shirts and making totes, flowers, etc.

  83. Dana Grebel says:

    I wish there was time during the summer months, just to busy. Would be doing longarm quilting if I had more time.

  84. Brenda says:

    After fifty years of being a working nurse, I am ready to lay down my stethescope and hyperdermic needles and get back to my sewing machine and hand needles. Oh the joy!

  85. Judy Bliggenstorfer says:

    I am making a casserole tote. I made one for my sister in law on Sunday so now I want one! It came out looking so professional. I used a quilted exterior fabric with batting. I find your blog so inspiring. By the way- I am going to yoga class in three hours and we “thread the needle” frequently

  86. Amy L says:

    I will be threading needles today to bind my niece’s graduation quilt! So happy it will be done by the time she heads to university. And there’s also a good possibility that my sewing machine will see some threading action on three scrappy SALs. Don’t worry, I’m caught up with the Blockheads until tomorrow.

  87. Susan Koscielak says:

    I’ve been working on a wall hanging that is totally hand applique. It is my first big hand applique project. Today I am going to finish the embroidery part. I have been confused about which needles to use for it so I’m glad to hear it is “Thread a Needle Day!” I am also paper piecing the borders. Then I have to figure out how to hand quilt it, another challenge!

  88. Marianne Perry says:

    Oh, what a wonderful day to celebrate! I never heard of it before. And, those chocolate cookies, it’s finally cool enough here to think of baking! Today I plan to sew on some watercolor paper painted with flowers to make ATC cards for Friends Day which is in August. Thank you!

  89. Janet Parde says:

    Yes, I do plan on sewing. I am working on Christmas presents and plan on quilting and binding a table runner for my daughter. After I get some canning done that is.

  90. Judy Klages says:

    Working on Bread not Stones dolls, bringing awareness to child poverty in Canada

  91. Lisa Carson says:

    I’m currently working on a summer quilt but feel that there are so many festive reminders around that perhaps I need to swap my seasons. I was encouraged to do some hand sewing during workshops this year and found it to be a most enjoyable alternative a step further from the rat race than even machine sewing gives me 🙂

  92. Susan Smith says:

    We are on vacation and while I brought stitching to do, I may not get to it. We are in Ireland and will be touring a sheep farm and woolen mill, and hopefully purchasing a hand woven throw!

  93. MaryAnn says:

    I will be working on a baby quilt.

  94. Today I will be machine quilting a baby quilt with whales on it…..lots of waves and bubbles coming up!

  95. Fran Anderson says:

    Of course I will be sewing- it keeps me sane. I am doing some hand applique on a block of the month and need to be done before the next block comes on the first of August – stay cool and sew on!

  96. Cynthia McGuire says:

    Yippee! Thread a Needle Day! Quilters love a reason to celebrate. I know it is 90 degrees out side
    but…I am working on a warm quilt to snuggle with my honey this winter using Cozy Cottage Flannels.
    Oh yeah my air conditioner is working.

  97. Patty Cottingham says:

    You bet I’m sewing today. I’m finishing binding on a quilt I made for a friend’s retirement. And being retired myself, I hope to sew for many hours and enjoy National Sew a Needle Day!

  98. kris perez says:

    There are two EPP projects and two applique projects in my hand work queue these days. I will most likely do some of the remaining filler on the small EPP project while watching Netflix with the DH after dinner tonight.

  99. Betsy S says:

    Piecing a backing for a quilt for my brother in law.

  100. Sharon says:

    I never knew there was a specific day to thread a needle, but a good reminder to be thankful for this wonderful hobby of mine! I’ll be cutting apart the cupcake charm sets that I have sewn up. Wanting to use them to make placemats for my new kitchen table. Would love to try the needles, some of which would be new to me. Thanks for the opportunity.

  101. Marilyn says:

    I will be finishing my “Garland Knot” from Moda All in a Row books, so I can start to quilt it, love hand sewing.

  102. Jane Nadig says:

    Carrie, thanks for telling us that it is National Treading Day today and thank you for putting together the
    best Threads/Needles goodie box for someone to win in celebration of today. I will be sewing a sleeve and label on my Grandson’s quilt today. Jane

  103. Jody Randall says:

    I’m at work dreaming of stitching! Is that good enough? 🙂

  104. Linda Stone says:

    Each day I work on a quilt. Today I am working on alternate patches as I have finished the 16 patches.. I am using whats left of my Honey Honey collection.

  105. Karen Johnson says:

    I will be working on sorting fabrics and organizing my sewing room shelves, and maybe get some time to do a bit of work on a charity quilt this evening, I hope.

  106. Janette Luehring says:

    I probably won’t get to stitch today. First day back to work after a short vacation and then quilt guild tonight!

  107. Betty M. says:

    Did not know today was a special holiday I am going to celebrate by working on the Bjorn Bear Quilt which I am making for my granddaughter.

  108. Betty Rivers says:

    I’ll be stitching on my Bee’s Greenery Challenge to use the Color of the Year in a quilt.

  109. Darlene V. says:

    I’m putting binding on two Cubs quilts today for two very special little boys. Then, I will finish them by hand over the next day or two.

  110. Barbara Hancock says:

    Every day is “thread a needle day ” for me. I’m working on quilts for children hospitalized in our new Children’s Hospital. I am having a ball.

  111. Gene Black says:

    I will definitely be doing some sewing today. I will either make another pineapple block OR I may work on finishing a quilt that is “almost” done.

  112. Tracy K says:

    Today I’ll be working on a small change purse for a Christmas gift for our foster child in the Philippines .

  113. Susan R. says:

    I’ll be doing some appliqué and some embroidery work. Thanks for the chance to win a lovely gift!

  114. Laura B says:

    I am working today but after work I usually stitch a bit before bedtime
    My relaxation. Tonight is yoga first though. I am currently stitching the “So” series from 1894 Cottonwood House
    Loving wool work
    Bounce between that and endless binding projects.

  115. Bonita Zobl says:

    Sewing together 3″HST from my scrap pile to pair with 3″ background sq for a scrap quilt… While I’m waiting for my new BLOCKHEAD pattern tomorrow… Having so much fun with that group!

  116. Baa says:

    Redwork blocks for a baby quilt for a friends first baby.
    I’m using a multi color thread in primary colors. The quilt
    Pattern is called Peek-a-boo.

  117. Cindy Krelle says:

    I will be getting ready for a retreat, which means sewing blocks for “at-the-machine” piecing at retreat. Everyday is a sewing day!

  118. Cindy Garaas says:

    I will be stitching today on a Judy Niemeyer project. Thank you for the chance to win.

  119. Nancy Pleimann says:

    Yes I plan to stitch tonight and every night. I’m working on the Blackbird Raven Quilt 4th block. I’m going to try the Aurful new applique thread tonight. Nancy P.

  120. Marillyn says:

    If I am lucky I will be able to spend a little time this evening doing some stabilizing quilting on a quilt for my niece. I always enjoy your blog and would love the opportunity to try some new to me products.

  121. Diana Hess says:

    I will be meeting with my group of hand applique/hand piecing friends. We will be stitching, visiting, and just enjoy our friendships.

  122. Patty Archuleta says:

    I will be working on making hexagons for my Mrs. Billings quilt.

  123. Linda Paciocco says:

    Hello! I’ll be stitching two types of pillowcases using leftover materials.

  124. Christina Sonnenfeld says:

    I am sewing an armchair pincushion. In between working on a quilt.

  125. Judy Snook says:

    I’m working on picking up 3/8″ squares of fabric with tweezers in making a mosaic. The needle work comes later. (Believe it or not, it is relaxing)

  126. Andi Reynolds says:

    I will be hand piecing block 20 in the Moda Blockheads project, using Jo Morton fabrics. With a heat index outside of 105, staying indoors in the A/C is a must! Might as well be sewing :-).

  127. Jane Peck says:

    I will be working on a BOM quilt’s connecting blocks and this evening hand sewing binding on a Wedding quilt.

  128. Deanna Bowman says:

    I will be stitching on two things today, paper piecing log cabin, and hand piecing some 2″ clamshells. Thanks for the chance to win.

  129. Anita says:

    Trying to make a flange quilt binding and it’s a challenge to teach this old dog new tricks! That NEEDLE will be busy today….thanks for a chance for some nice products!

  130. Anna says:

    I hope to get to sew today, but after work my garden also needs to be picked and put up. if I get to sew, it will be to hand stitch down the binding on a baby quilt for a friend at work who is having her first baby.

  131. Lisa says:

    I will be starting a couple of crazy quilt Christmas stockings today. Trying to carry on a tradition started by my grandma many, many years ago. Every family member has one!

  132. Shaleen Edmundson says:

    I plan on spending the day behind my new Brother! She is such a dream boat. Love my Joy and she loves aurifil thread.

  133. Mary Jo Jones says:

    What an awesome gift…and thank you for a chance to win! I will be sewing some hexies for a wall hanging I am working on. I do not think I will get some machine time today. Have a beauhiful threading needle day!

  134. Nan Hohenstein says:

    I plan to work on an old ufo, which I abandoned about 7 years ago. I tried to replicate the pattern of an antique quilt I had once seen. Many of the smaller components are finished. I had to figure out dimensions for triangle units for the four corners of each block. I had success yesterday with one block and am now anxious to compete the remaining blocks.

  135. Cathy Mc. says:

    I probably won’t be stitching today – it’s a work day – but might manage to squeeze in a half hour or so of cutting this evening.

  136. birdlooker says:

    Wool applique is in my cards for today-finishing up a primitive flower pincushion. This was my first try and I’m now hooked!

  137. Suzette G says:

    I’m going to be machine quilting a large wall hanging. Today’s stitching will be black thread on black fabric- tough on the eyes.

  138. Darlene B says:

    I don’t think I’ll get any stitching in today. After work I plan to deliver a meal to one of my quilting friends who broke her wrist. I did the same thing earlier this year, so I understand her frustration with not being able to do what she wants to do!

  139. Colleen says:

    Will be sewing more scrappy log cabin blocks – love checking new layouts for log cabins

  140. Beverly says:

    I will be finishing my house Christmas pillow I made from your blog post. I love making holidays pillows to go with my many holiday quilts. Thanks for sharing your patterns.

  141. Adele Vath-Nolan says:

    I am going to finish the quilt I made for my first grandchild! I just have to pull some loose threads through. My daughter’s baby shower is this Sunday!

  142. Janee says:

    I’m observing today’s holiday, National Thread a Nnedle Day, by finishing my Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt hand pieced with Aurifil mako 40 wt. Observing responsibly with lots of chocolate!

  143. Deb Mac says:

    My plan for today is working on a wedding sampler for a niece getting married in (less than) 3 weeks. Her brother just got married last weekend so my needle has been flying to finish 2 wedding samplers in less than 4 months.

  144. Jo S says:

    I’m sewing for a granddaughter. She drew a quilt top that she would like for a Christmas gift.

  145. Janine Baker says:

    I try really hard to sew every day if I can possibly work it out! It doesn’t always happen, but I try. I am finishing up a BOM from my local quilt shop, so that is my current stitching project until I get it all put together.

  146. Four dogs and one quilter says:

    Will be sewing Christmas quilts today, maybe this year I will actually finish one to give as a gift.

  147. Esther says:

    I will be working on several flag blocks for my quilting guild which will go into a Quilt of Valor. Our guild does several each year and every member participates. It’s wonderful and fun! I will also be making bandannas for our church that will go into the Christmas Shoe Boxes (Ministry of Samaritan’s Purse) that we do every year. The boxes go to children in all parts of the world that have never received Christmas gifts! That is great fun, too! Thanks Carrie!

  148. Linda H says:

    Stitching on several projects … a refresher embroidery project (remembering and practicing embroidery stitches) and my Quilts of Valor project (almost completed). LOVE Aurifil threads … the ONLY kind I use!

  149. Sandie says:

    Hi Carrie-
    I will definitely be spending some needle time today. After a day of sanding floors, it’s always a good idea to relax and sew a little bit to find “me” again! Not sure which project it will be, but either my Blockheads blocks, Triangle Gatherings blocks or the as yet unnamed Tennessee Waltz variation I designed.

  150. Karen M says:

    I will absolutely be stitching today. I am making a fall-themed wall hanging. Sadly, I also have some un-sewing to do on a quilt on my longarm. Sigh.

  151. Susan G says:

    I am sewing a mystery quilt, clear vinyl bags with fabric tops and working on aoolique on a pieced wallhanging- just lovevembroidery and appliqué on quilts. I may try another journal cover pattern as well. Need to stop sewing and make those cookies! Great giveaway- would love to try a few of the things on your prize list.

  152. Inara says:

    Didn’t know about the holiday -what a great reason to finish the binding on a baby quilt!

  153. Sandy R says:

    I will be putting the last border on a quilt top, fixing a 6-1/2″ block, then finding a new project to start for me.

  154. I am stitching on a family quilt and putting all the blocks together today!

  155. Robyn Gatti says:

    I’ll be working on a Christmas quilt (after all it is Christmas in July) in the conference room at the library where our quilt group the Chatty Quilters meet every other Tuesday…should be a wonderful day! I’ve also made copies of the new free pattern from Thelma and you of Hometown Christmas to share with them…

  156. Sheila Herb says:

    I plan on machine quilting my first quilt. I’m looking forward to completing it

  157. Linda says:

    UNfortunately not going to be able to thread a needle today…painting and putting down new floors and everything is a mess.

  158. Kerry says:

    Today I am sewing the binding on my 1930’s quilt. Thanks for a chance to win some Aurifil yumminess!!!

  159. Rae Perry says:

    I just have to finish the binding on a baby quilt I made over the weekend. Then on to something new…no idea what yet.

  160. Mary Gillette says:

    Despite having 8 quilts basted and 6 tops to be basted, I will be starting a new quilt using Moda’s Poems from Pebbles.

  161. Kathe Gardner says:

    After ‘Spring’ cleaning my laundry room I plan on working on my Bargello quilt – which I started years ago and to refresh my memory of the instructions. Thanks.

  162. sissa says:

    I didn’t realize aurifil makes so many different threads. Cool! I intend to stitch this afternoon. I have been using up orphan blocks and left over fabrics and making charity quilts.

  163. Marilyn says:

    Sewing in the summer usually happens in the evening after supper. My project, which is half finished, is microwave bowls. My fce (family, community,education) members made them last year and sold them at our Christmas Bazaar. I decided to make some for presents this Christmas and I have quietly gone mad loving them so much, making 50 so far. Most assembly is sewn on the machine, threading that needle, and then some hand sewing (threading that needle). The bowls consist of two cotton fabrics, two 100% cotton batts, cotton thread, sewing and sewing, turning right side out and hand stitching the opening closed, and top stitching to finish. Two members have been helping because we decided it takes at least three hours to complete each. Such fun!!

  164. Angela Bowling says:

    I found some 3″ 9 patch blocks at an antique store earlier this year so I have added some old looking muslin squares to make a mini quilt. I will be working on the binding today and possibly the hand quilting also. The biding will need to be tea dyed. I have to have it finished for the quilt guild meeting on Thursday evening. I think it will look very vintage.

  165. Phyllis says:

    I’m planning on doing some cutting today for a Christmas quilt, no sewing.

  166. I will be stitching the blocks from A Quilty Habit stitch along

  167. debbie says:

    I’ll be stitching a binding today! A long project finally done. Thank you Carrie for all your inspiration.

  168. JennyM says:

    I will begin cutting and piecing borders for a scrappy quilt this morning and if possible I will be cross stitching while on the pontoon this afternoon.

  169. slmrn1 says:

    I am quilting a wall hanging today. My goal is a mini quilt of the month.

  170. denice says:

    What a day to celebrate and sew with abandon!! I will be working on HAND sewing some dresden plates from the actual 1930’s onto muslin to help someone resurrect her grandmother’s plates recently found. I am a hand stitcher/quilter so this will be a treat for me to tenderly work with these plates.

  171. Jackie Roisler says:

    Many moons ago in the summer of 2013, Lisa Bongean shop Primitive Gatherings, designed a cotton/ wool wall quilt titled Summer Blooms. I fell in love with it. When my birthday rolled around their kit was all I dreamed of, and truly wanted, and they still had a few kits left. I have lovingly had it waiting for my perfect time to begin, and now is the time I’m almost done with block #1, I’ve perfected my applique piercing and hand stitches since purchasing, the timing is perfect.
    Yes, this is what my needle and thread are touching today. Thank you for asking what I’m working on, thanks for the opportunity to win one of you gifts (love the fabric, tin, needle pack).

  172. Iris Daviduk says:

    I have a Kim Diehl quilt in need of quilting. Just deciding on the stitches and its a go.

  173. Jameey Jones says:

    I am working on an EPP of Dear Jane today. Would love to win these supplies would come in handy!!!

  174. Kaylene says:

    I will be working on a couple of mystery quilt blocks that I am behind on this morning. This afternoon I had planned on watching a good movie and doing some hand applique along with some embroidery. It is just going to be a fun day at my house. What a wonderful gift that you’ll be giving to some lucky gal (or guy). Thank you!

  175. ELLEN Kennedy says:

    Sewing on binding today on a baby quilt.

  176. Barbara Daniel says:

    I am making appliqué puppy’s for a baby quilt, so that is what I will be working on today. The quilt is pieced and ready to set in those appliqué blocks. The quilt is for my stash of baby quilts for those “someday” great grandchildren.

  177. Pat says:

    I will be finishing up Edearments by Betsy Chutchian Designs using Betsy’s fabric Rachel Remembered.

  178. Karen Brion says:

    I have just woken up, got my coffee and sat down with my puppies on my lap and by my side. I’m doing a little hand stitching on a wool piece while I wake up and watch the news and enjoy my coffee.

  179. Sandra Laws says:

    I lost my 17 year old kitty yesterday so today I will be doing the one thing that brings me comfort…quilting. I’m working on a lap quilt for my nephew who turned 50 this year…a big eagle panel quilt.

    • Carol Bejtlich says:

      Oh I’m so sorry about your kitty-they are so much a part of our lives, esp after 17 years.

  180. amq97 says:

    I’ll be machine binding a vintage quilt I re-worked for a customer in Midland. Here is my favorite quote I’m sure you’ve seen before . . . “I cannot count my day complete, until needle, thread, and fabric meet.” Allison Bayer in Plano

  181. I’m hand stitching a sleeve to a quilt today. I love this HOLIDAY!!!

  182. Carol Bejtlich says:

    I am finishing up some projects I started many years ago-it feels good! It’s rainy and gloom here-a nice surprise from you would be wonderful!

  183. Denise Gruver says:

    I will be making a Thomas The Train pillow case and throw pillow for my great nephew “big boy bed”.

  184. Lin Stricker says:

    Quilting a Double Wedding Ring quilt and piecing a Dresden Plate

  185. Ronda says:

    I sew something every day ~ sometimes a lot and sometimes a little. I have a quilt on my long arm to quilt and two to do the hand stitching of the binding. I have a new quilt started on my design wall with three blocks done so far. That way I can pick up and work on whatever I’m in the mood to do.

  186. Bonnie H says:

    I will be working on an English paper piecing project that I have just about finished. It’s too hot to go outside so sewing inside is perfect!

  187. MaryAnn says:

    I hope to be sewing today. I’ve been on vacation and am itching to get back in my sewing room!

  188. I’m working on Christmas goodies and a lovely (large) quilt made from a “Charlotte” layer cake and jelly roll!

  189. Julie Saemisch says:

    If I can get done ripping, I shall get back to sewing on a cute scrappy lap quilt…but there’s this mistake that is currently demanding all my attention!

  190. I am finishing up a few pillows and working on letters from Lori Holt’s Spelling Bee.

  191. Leslie G. says:

    I thread my needle every day! Like the saying goes, “my day is not complete til needle and thread meet.” I’m working on an English Paper Piecing project with Kate Spain’s Grand Canal. I work on it every day.

  192. Lori says:

    I will be sewing today, a small 4.5″ x 19″ scrappy quilt. And yes, I have threaded the needle in yoga!

  193. sherre macclellan says:

    I am working on 1/2 Sq triangles today

  194. pamzenick says:

    I have two plans related to sewing today: the fun one will be appliqueing colorful wool butterflies for my Craftsy class with Sue Spargo. I am looking forward to heavily embellishing those butterflies with colorful fabrics and a variety of threads!

    I will also take my sewing machine to be repaired. It had a problem while I was practicing FMQ on a charity quilt. I don’t want to lose my machine for any amount of time!

  195. Helen says:

    Working on a baby quilt for my niece’s first baby

  196. Cheryl W says:

    Of course I will be stitching today. I am working on Happy Hauntings by Verna Mosquera. An older pattern that I never got around to doing 10 years ago when I bought it!

  197. Kathleen King says:

    Today I am going to stitch a few more inches on the buttonhole band which I am attaching to the sweater I learned to knit this winter. Then I am going to do more quilting of a cable design which I am putting on a border of a Jo Morton “Christmas Baskets” quilt. Nearly finished that one, yea!

  198. Roseline McIntosh says:

    Curves curves and a few more curves as i am following quilts my way tutorials !
    Good luck to all of us and happy eye of the needle day ( thats a good read)

  199. oneloopshy says:

    Always stitching . . . A little Christmas embroidery project today . . .

  200. sandi says:

    I am working on hand quilting a small quilt. It’s my Tuesday project I do while sewing with friends. Hugs,

  201. Joy Swanson says:

    I WILL be stitching today, just like breathing. And I’d sure LOVE the sampler pack to come my way!

  202. Debbie Y says:

    I’m doing a demo on the flat back stitch today at my local quilt shop. Using Aurifil thread, of course!

  203. Teri says:

    What a wonderful sampler of supplies to win! Thank you for doing this Carrie! I have been looking for the aurafil 80 thread and can’t find it yet. Today I am stitching on Row by Rows from shops I’ve visited in our state. My sewing room stays nice and cool for me on these 80 degree days. It’s always a nice surprise reading your blog.

  204. Deborah K. says:

    I try to stitch every day! Hopefully will be able to stitch some on the SBOW from Primitive Gatherings. I’m a bit behind so have to keep going slow and steady.

  205. Marsha Coble-Karman says:

    I will be sewing the the remaining sailboat blocks for a baby boy quilt and hopefully will get to some EPP hexagon stars this evening.

  206. Becky Kohn says:

    I will be appliqueing a few of my Chapman Quilt blocks today. It is so relaxing and I try to make a few everyday. This is an awesome group of prizes!

  207. Lana says:

    Yes I’m stitching today!! Every Tuesday a group of us get together at a local church and sew on what ever we want to all day!!! We are the Loose threads and we call it our therapy — and how to do feel today!? Today I’m working in some wool applique form Primitive Gatherings and I’m feeling great!

  208. Barbara says:

    My granddaughter came to visit for 2 days and we are sewing her t -shirt quilt and we will also be having cookies!

  209. Lisa Lancaster says:

    I’m working on a Christmas Wallhanging from Crabapple Hill. I hope to at least sew a few HST tonight.

  210. Mary says:

    I’m going to be stitching – I try to stitch everyday! Right now I’m working on my Moda blockhead blocks – I’m a bit behind, so trying to catch up:). For handwork, I’m enjoying some wool appliqué.

  211. Kyra Franz says:

    Machine stitching will be the last six (of 56) blocks of a blue and white stars quilt. Hand quilting will be my on going “Apple Cider” quilt from Jo Morton’s Simple Friendships book.

  212. Betsy says:

    Working on a jewelry organizer to keep my jewelry organized and tangle-free when I travel.

  213. Susan C says:

    I’m on vacation with my family this week but I made sure to pack a hand embroidery project to work on.

  214. Sue Payne says:

    Yes, I will be sewing today. I’m doing the quilting on a quilt for my daughter’s birthday.

  215. I will be getting a sewing machine cabinet today or tomorrow for my Singer Patchwork. Will be doing a lot of re-arranging and putting a lot of my notions in this cabinet. Then, I plan on working on a red and white chain quilt. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to try and become a winner of such a fantastic giveaway and really enjoyed your article.

    Sandi Timmons

  216. Sue says:

    I will be working on my four quilts to bind, also working on sewing rows together on a quilt on the design wall. Love the opportunity of this giveaway for sure.

  217. Renee M. says:

    I am threading my machine needle and stitching a Blockheads alternative block called “Winged Star” by Lisa Bongean today after I cut the grass. Actually, considering it’s a holiday I think I should skip cutting the grass today…thanks Carrie!

  218. Ferne Watt says:

    I hope that I find the time to finish binding a little table topper I made recently. Summer activities have kept me away from my sewing area far longer than I would like…time to start working in more sewing time.

  219. Libby says:

    I am going to stitch a milk cow block for a donation quilt ! I try to stitch something every evening to wind down from a busy stressful day, even if it is just a block for a strip quilt from scraps !

  220. Sharon Ernst says:

    I’ll be stitching on “Fall Harvest” by Kathy Schmitz. I’ve had the pattern for a while & hope to be able to have this finished to put on display in the Fall. Nothing makes my day better than stitching and sewing/quilting! ❤️❤️

  221. Robin says:

    A generous giveaway indeed! Today I will be stitching on a new machine as I am taking a class to get to know this new friend.

  222. Cindy Doolittle says:

    Who knew! I would love to try these threads!

  223. Linda says:

    I love hand embroidery and definitely do some each day while the television is on in the evening. I am currently working on the top block of Crab-apple Hill’s The Mystery of “the Salem Witches Quilt Guild”. Such fun. Thank you for such a nice give away.

  224. Sue weis says:

    I’m working on a simple baby quilt for a little blessing who is expected in August! Love all the motivation and ideas from your blog and all the online quilting friends!

  225. Sheila Symanski says:

    I will be working on Adams Rib quilt from Easy Quilts Magazine 2013. Next is Red Letter Day by Thimble Blossoms. These quilts have been on my bucket list and I finally have time to work on them.
    This is a very generous prize! Good luck to everyone

  226. Shelly Elaine says:

    I’ll be cutting a FQ bundle of Hometown Christmas fabric for a quick, fun quilt – or two.

  227. Roni Hunt says:

    Yay for thread your needle day!! I will be threading my needle to do some appliqué on my BOM!!

  228. Doris Gardner says:

    I am going to be sewing a diaper bag for a little princess who should arrive by the end of next week!

  229. I will be finishing up (hopefully) a memory quilt made from t-shirts, for a customer today.

  230. Annette Moore says:

    Oh yes I most deffinatly will be stitching today both hand and machine stitching I would love to try all those different weight threads. What fun! Thanks for the chance to win something cool!

  231. Elizabeth Neel says:

    No stitching today because the baby is sick but hopefully this evening I can work a little more on my first quilt top 🙂

  232. Barbara says:

    I’m working on plenty of WIP and UFO since I am a teacher on summer vacation. Thanks for this chance to win!

  233. nettiecrain says:

    I am hoping to get another of my blocks for BOM called “Bringing Home the Tree”. Darling blocks from Shabby Fabrics with an old pickup truck hauling the Christmas tree in the center. It has been a blast to do!

  234. Debra Davis says:

    I will be threading the needle on my machine to finish some foundation piecing and also doing some hand embroidery work on some blocks. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway-I would love to try some different Aurifil threads!

  235. tanagriz says:

    I’m working on my Make-A-Wish quilt blocks!

  236. Jackie Day says:

    I am finishing up some projects pillowcases for my grandsons!! Thanks for the chance to win!!’

  237. Teresa says:

    I am binding 2 quilts that will be donated to cancer patients.

  238. Katherine S says:

    definitely no “Eye of the needle” Yoga but I willbe working on an applique quilt so lots of needle threading there!

  239. Sue H says:

    I’m working on silly monster placemats. Does popping thread through a self threading needle to pull thread tails to the back count??!!!

  240. Susan Stanton says:

    Unfortunately, I’m pet sitting at my daughter’s house and have nothing to sew today. Back to sewing soon.

  241. Dana Davis says:

    I’ll be sewing Molly Mine Christmas crazy quilt squares together for a tree skirt for my daughter.

  242. Pat Spurgeon says:

    Yes, of course, I will be stitching today! Working on my Moda Blockhead block from last Wednesday – have to finish it before this week’s block comes out!

  243. Diane says:

    I’m finishing up a wool candle mat for a friend’s birthday. I have the embellishments left to do, French knots and a few things like that. I plan on getting it done today. I can’t imagine a day without threading a needle, be it hand sewing or by machine! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  244. Ann C. says:

    I am working on a machine paper piecing project today–my first. I am really enjoying it! As a fairly new quilter, I was happy to read the description of each of the Aurifil’s threads. I used to think thread was thread, but after trying out different weights and types, I now know that isn’t true.

  245. Diane Melton says:

    I will be quilting a pumpkin table runner for Thread a Needle Day. Thanks for the drawing.

  246. Diane says:

    How Ironic I showed my 8 year old Granddaughter how to thread a needle last eve. Her big Teddy Bear named Stitch, needed a bit of mending. We stitched “stitch”

  247. Brita says:

    I have taken on finishing a hand quilting project for a friend, which is totally foreign to me! My hand is not thrilled, but the experience is wonderful! I’ll be working on it today and until it’s finished.

  248. Ramona Chester says:

    After work (UGH), I will be stitching on a Miss Rosie quilt top so I can get it finished to share on Cupcake N Daisies blog with Thelma. Seven threads by Aurifil – who knew???

  249. Pamela Blessman says:

    I’m working on quilted pincushions from one of your (Carrie) patterns. I’ve completed two and found I’m addicted! They are going to be for gifts and the church bazaar. Cost is basically nothing as I’m using scraps! Fun!

  250. Theresa Kennedy says:

    You sweet people at Moda are so fun… i try to thread a needle every day even if only for 5 minutes. I am working on a Sue Daley EPP project with teeny tiny pieces and love it.

  251. I am stitching a quilt for my grandson’s stuffed owl. When he visited he fell in love with a doll quilt and pillow I have in the grandchildren’s bin, so I need to make sure he has one at home.

  252. Barb S says:

    I’ll be working on finishing my first Cake Mix Recipe quilt top.

  253. D. Esquivel says:

    I’ve recently unintentionally lost over 50#. I’ve been handstitching darts into my shift dresses to take up the drooping necklines and underarm holes. I will be working on that today! What a wonderful giveaway!

  254. Pat Evans says:

    The grandkids from Houston are visiting today, so there probably won’t be any sewing today. This looks like a great package. I’ve been wanting to try the 80 wt Aurifil, but haven’t found it for sale in the local shops.

  255. CharLene S says:

    Today I will be working on cutting out a quilt top as a donation for the “Save the Ta-Ta’s” Breast Cancer ride.

  256. Sharon P says:

    Today I will be working on a BOM in progress and this evening it will be some cross stitch with my furbabies.

  257. Adeline says:

    Yes, I will be threading several fine milliners needles to work on a reverse applique lacy heart designed by Mimi Dietrich for her Baltimore Album students! Chores are almost done so I’ll be able to stitch shortly!!! Thanks for a chance to win these lovely goodies!!!!!!

  258. Brenda H says:

    I’m working on a flying geese quilt.

  259. Janna says:

    Yes I will be stitching! Working on a UFO.

  260. Judy W. says:

    I am ready to sandwich a miniature quilt so I can start hand quilting.

  261. Paula says:

    I try to sew something everyday. Right now I’m working on a ufo pile. So today is finishing a binding on a table runner, and putting the last two borders on a quilt. Thanks for the give away

  262. Tracey says:

    Sadly, I doubt that I will get to sew today…just too much work to do today. If I do sew, I’ll sew on my BH blocks cuz I am 7 weeks behind now!! Thanks for this chance.

  263. Helen G. says:

    First, I would like to try the triple-threat chocolate cookies. Then, after carefully washing my hands, I plan to do some machine sewing.

    • Helen G. says:

      I plan to work on a new quilt–Cover Wave by Kristin Esser. I’ve been wanting to make it since I saw it on Quilts and More cover, but restrained myself because I wanted to finish something before I started another project.

  264. Mary says:

    Yes, I definitely will be threading the needle today. I hope many times! I started a new quilt yesterday and of course have a pile of not so finished ones staring me in the face. Nothing better than a new start! Thanks for the chance to win!

  265. Connie P. says:

    I have to work at my paying job today, but hope to squeeze in some binding time tonight!

  266. krismichk9 says:

    Stitching my Primitive Gatherings BOW with Moda fabrics of course and Aurifil thread…always!

  267. Betsy Beech says:

    If I don’t sew something creative at least every other day, et cranky. Today I will be making blocks for a baby quilt using the Duck Track pattern in 8.5″ squares.

  268. Suzy says:

    I will be sewing… working on placemats, a fall wall hanging, and a panel throw… Thanks for the fun!

  269. Donna MJ Kinsey says:

    What a lovely idea. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  270. Maxine Reisenleiter says:

    Yes, I will be working on a baby quilt. I make and donate baby quilts to Sharing Connection in Downers Grove, IL. They provide donated furniture, including cribs, to people in need—for instance, women who are trying to set up an apartment after escaping an abusive relationship. When they give away a crib, they like to give a baby blanket with it.

  271. Debra Camp says:

    Today I am sewing 35 drawstring bags to store ukeleles in for the local elementary school. Thank you for the explanation of the Aurifil threads. Someone gave me a pack as a thank you gift, but I had no idea how to use each weight.

  272. Pat pradera says:

    I have a smorgasbord of UFOs to finish today. Then back to basting batting scraps together.

  273. Brenda Wall says:

    Just got home from a month of travel softball with my granddaughter who is still traveling to California from Arkansas with her Mom. Whew!!!! I have a gift quilt that needs binding and 2 baby quilts to get started so today, yes for sure I will be getting out my needle and thread and resting while binding.

  274. Becky T says:

    Today I am working on My EPP patchwork of the crosses and playing with fabrics for a couple of casserole carriers for a local charity bazaar.

  275. Sue H says:

    Oh yes I will be threading the needle today. Might only be one needle, hopefully several! I’m working on Mosaic by Irene Blanck and it is needle turn applique. Loving it!

  276. Anna says:

    I will be working on some cross-stitch today. But I can never have enough new thread to try so that Turquoise thread pack is very tempting!

  277. charlotte m. says:

    Going to be doing some handwork on a quilt and maybe sewing some blocks together for a baby shower.

  278. Patty Fowl says:

    Cutting out a new project today… hopefully, I will get to stitching too!

  279. Ginny Worden says:

    Hoping to hand piece a Smitten quilt block or two, and work on some binding on a quilt I recently finished quilting. Yahoo!!!!!

  280. Dania Kinney says:

    Yes, I’ll be working on Minick and Simpson BOM appliquing the flowers on the stems!

  281. Janice Martin says:

    I will probably get time to repair the binding on my niece’s heirloom baby blanket.

  282. Sue Hook says:

    I have already sewed today and hope to sew more when I get home from work. I made a pillow cover for my grandson and finished Blocks 19 & 20 of the Moda Blockhead blocks. Tonight I need to work on wallets for my daughter-in-law and my nephews wife.

  283. Michele says:

    I will be free motion quilting a QAYG block this afternoon. Thanks for running this giveaway.

  284. Oh yes my dear… every day is “thread a needle day” for me!
    I’ll be hand quilting my Life Is Beautiful blocks.

  285. Terrie Ruiz says:

    I will be continuing to catch up on my blockhead blocks and the embroidery on my anne Sutton Christmas blocks. LOVE thread a needle day !!!

  286. Cynthia W says:

    I have a wedding quilt that I recently finished quilting and now just needs binding, today would be a great day to work on that.

  287. KellyJune says:

    Yay! National Thread A Needle Day! I will be working on a Mill Creek cross stitch piece.

  288. Serena Welker says:

    This gives me a good reason to hand stitch a Christmas wool applique project I have been putting off. I love to sew!!

  289. Dorothy Ann Scott says:

    Pajama pants

  290. Tricia Deen says:

    Yes I will be stitching today. Working on a quilt I hope to finish piecing today. Love that there is a thre
    ad a needle day.

  291. EllenB says:

    It’s too hot to work in the yard, so I’ll be finishing a new purse and doing some quilting on a table runner for fall.

  292. Barb Jenson says:

    Who knew it was a holiday of course I’ll have to thread a needle. I’m sewing a binding on and getting supplies ready for vacation sewing hexies and applique.

  293. Beth LaMotte says:

    Today I will be handstitching the binding (finally) on a Pat Sloan row by row quilt I started last year. Yeah, another quilt almost finished!

  294. Louise says:

    I have never heard of this wonderful holiday. I sew almost every day. Today I plan on working on my current hand quilting project (where I hope to thread many needles) and also on piecing a Christmas quilt (where I hope to thread only one needle).

  295. Terri Mc says:

    I am sewing two Xmas patchwork stockings today.

  296. Katrina says:

    I will be making some pumpkins for table decor and a (gift) wine bag.

  297. Carrie says:

    Today I will be sewing binding on my flag quilt — a little late? Or just ahead of the game for next year? Thank you!

  298. Mary Neitzel says:

    I will be threading my needle today and working on my Bounce quilt that is from a Carrie Nelson workshop I took about a month ago. I will be using Aurifil thread, as I alway do. Love that thread!

  299. Trishia Madrid says:

    I will be working on finishing my last 4 blocks in a block of the week, and then sashing. I’m getting excited to be finished.

  300. Kristina Morrow says:

    I drug out my first UFO – 6 years old – and I’m going to finish it.

  301. pamela green says:

    Today I will be enabling other quilters to “thread the needle”. I work in a quilt shop and spend a great deal of time helping quilters chose fabrics, answering questions about quilting, and talking about all aspects of quilting. The quilters feel confident that they can walk into our store and the staff will help them with any problems or questions. Our staff has a combined 150 yrs in quilting experience. It makes me so happy to see the joy in the faces of our customers when they return to show us their finished products. My needle time will happen this evening after dinner when I can retreat to my sewing room and add a border to a quilt that goes to the long arm quilter on Saturday.

  302. Nancy Fitzpatrick says:

    After being gone for 5 days, I am anxious to get in my sewing room. I have borders to get on a Christmas quilt and then off to the quilter!!

  303. Maria Zook says:

    I will be hand stitching my summer wool BOW project and also using my sewing machine to complete the half square triangle border on my next quilt block.

  304. Lisa Leimone says:

    I’m doing some embroidery today!

  305. April Carey says:

    I will be finishing a rag quilt today and tie areas on the top so yes that does qualify as threading a needle! Aurifil is the best. I use it everyday in my quilting.

  306. Linda Stoll says:

    I just finished freezing a batch of corn and now I’m headed to the sewing room while it cools! I have several projects in process, “Flower Power” by Amanda Murphy, “Allegiance” by Diane Tomlinson, “Patchwork Year” by Kathy Schmitz, and “Primitve Blooms” by Primitive Gatherings……And by the way I am searching for Aurifil 28 wt. and it seems difficult to find. Any suggestions?

  307. Jocelyn says:

    I’m going to start making pillow cases today. I need to use some of my stash, and I thought pillow cases were a great way to use fabric, and make something for someone special that didn’t take a lot of time. Great day to sew!

  308. Sally says:

    First up is binding for a charity quilt, then continue making strip blocks for another quilt.

  309. marcella says:

    I am happy for another justification for my weekly attempt at “sewing Tuesday”. My plan is to finish putting together the top to a baby quilt for my new great-nephew.

  310. Debbie Magerkurth says:

    Every day is sewing day at my house as it is my creative passion! I’ll be working on a Christmas tree skirt for a wedding gift! Love Aurifil threads!

  311. Becky says:

    Chocolate and sewing – a good way to celebrate the day! I will be working on more house blocks for Come On-A My House quilt from Miss Rosie’s Farmhouse quilt book.

  312. Judi M says:

    I am heading off to one of my quilt groups this afternoon and am working on a quilt for our bed. Have all the squares done and think I’m happy with the layout so it’s time to start putting things together.

  313. Nancy Crandall says:

    I’ll be stitching on a wool mystery block.

  314. Maryann Sandore says:

    I’m working on Christmas gifts.

  315. 4dapples says:

    I thought I was procrastinating looking at the computer first but thread a needle today-I must. I am planning to thread the needle of my sewing machine and do some machine applique of a lamb to use as a label on a baby quilt, sew some borders on my BOM and thread my hand sewing needle to finish hemming a skirt that I altered from a maxi to a midi because I was tripping on it. Thank you for offering this contest.

  316. Lynette says:

    Oh Yes, I will be sewing today! It’s really hot outside and the coolest pace to be is my sewing room! I have been sewing on a couple of accent pillows for my niece, a wedding shower gift! What a lovely giveaway, thank you.

  317. Ashley says:

    Stitching some flower appliques here!

  318. Helen says:

    Working on Christmas gift for grandson’s girlfriend. Hot outside, nice inside sewing away.

  319. I will be working on binding.

  320. Janice Svercek says:

    I’m sewing pillowcases today.

  321. Chris K. says:

    My daughter is here and we’re making her a tote bag. We didn’t quite get finished yesterday.

  322. Karen L Chaudoin says:

    Yes I will be stitching but not on a quilt. My thread and needle will be used on vintage stamped pillowcases that will show of next to some beautiful quilt fabric!

  323. QuiltinGram says:

    I will be making EPP Hexies! Have appt. so will make while waiting! Keeping hands busy and getting a table runner closer to completing!

  324. Maureen says:

    I’m working on a star wars quilt for my grandson. I need to make a pillowcase too.

  325. Loris Mills says:

    Happy Thread A Needle Day! I’m going to party here today using my threads and needles sewing up a table runner for my sister 🙂 Enjoy the celebration and Thank you to Aurifil for bringing such great treats!

  326. Cathy Cavagnaro says:

    I will be playing with a wool applique project today. But I just had to try the yoga position. Surprisingly good stretch. I’ll keep working on both.

  327. Becki G. says:

    Finishing the binding on a table topper while I visit my sister who is doing chemo.

  328. Sue OConnor says:

    Yes – stitching down binding on a baby quilt that will be gifted on Saturday!

  329. Karyn K. says:

    I am working on making new pillow covers for my couch. I am exciting to try a new craft!

  330. Vickie Olsen says:

    Wouldn’t miss a day without threading a needle. Either hand work or one of my sewing machines.

  331. Tac says:

    Unfortunately I will only be daydreaming about stitching today.

  332. Jean says:

    I try to grab even a small amount of stitching time every day. The opportunity to try some of these needles is exciting!

  333. Cocoa Quilts says:

    I won’t be stitching until tomorrow.

  334. Penny J says:

    I’m working on a memory quilt for a friend.

  335. Brenda says:

    I am going to thread a needle today to honor the celebration! I wouldn’t miss it.

  336. Kimberly P says:

    Shoot, I’m working long hours today, so probably won’t be able to stitch. I find stitching so relaxing and good for the soul. Would love to try these needles! Happy stitchin’!!

  337. Kathryn Landreth says:

    I’m finishing up a Zip & Clip bag for my mother-in-law!

  338. MarcyG says:

    OK, OK, I can see how popular this is going to be!! Anyway, celebrations are happy times and when it involves sewing, hey, doesn’t get much better ! (I use a lot of !!!) I’ll be working on my friendship quilt from Reno (go Surprise Valley Quilters). Enjoying the process of making something special from blocks made by my friends. Chocolate? OMG! I have to lighten up on that but drooling over the pix!! Thanks for all the inspiration !!

  339. Stacy says:

    Love this! Thank you. I hope to be completing some pillows later on.

  340. Edie says:

    Yes I am going to be stitching a throw quilt. Will probably also be quilting a table runner.

  341. Ann in NC says:

    No stitching today, but the next best thing, guild meeting tonight! The thread assortments look like a great way to try all the various weights and fibers of aurifil threads! Happy stitching!

  342. Kristy Wilkinson says:

    I will be stitching on my Lucy Boston EPP hexagons while waiting for my daughter to get orthodontia work done. I am working on the in between blocks right now. Those cookies look amazing! K-

  343. Martha Followill says:

    I am working on an embroidery piece. Just love my handwork. I am also trying to get a space fixed for my sewing area. Really anxious to get that accomplished.

  344. Debbie says:

    I am sewing the binding on a charity quilt. Then I will start machine quilting another charity quilt. I am always on the lookout for the perfect needle. It has to be fairly short and fine but with a big enough eye that I can get the thread through. Have you done a blog post about needles? I can’t remember. I never heard of binding needles. I will have to check that out.

  345. Melissa Miller says:

    Not stitching today but most likely cutting into blocks strips I sewed on Sunday. 🙂

  346. Pat says:

    I stitch every day and will definitely thread a few extra needles today…just because. I’m currently working on my granddaughter’s quilt for Christmas.

  347. Dawn Taylor says:

    I’m hand-sewing folded hexies for a variation of a granny’s flower garden quilt. I usually do most of my sewing by machine, but I needed a portable project I can take on vacation. This gives me a great opportunity to work on improving my hand-sewing techniques. This sampler set looks amazing!

  348. AJ Sharpe says:

    Will try to get in a few stitches on a cross-stitch project…that will eventually become a quilted wall hanging.

  349. Dixie says:

    Just mending a shirt.

  350. Jane Lewis says:

    I’ll definitely be sewing today! I want to get a jump on some Christmas gifts!

  351. Ha! I’m doing both! I already DID teach Eye of the Needle Pose this am in my class as an alternative to Swan pose and I’m quilting away on my Cows quilt hoping to finish it. 🙂

  352. Christine Garcia says:

    Trying to decide on my next project-maybe something sweet for my new granddaughter expected to arrive in early December!

  353. Marsha Bohling says:

    I’ll be working on a cotton/wool Wendy Williams project. Thanks for the giveaway! I’d love to try out all the different threads and needles.

  354. Gayle Burton says:

    I try to sew EVERY day for my mental health! Today I’ll be catching up on some mini blocks for a sewalong I’m participating in!

  355. Toni A. says:

    I have a vest for my GGD that needs the finishing touches. School starts soon so better get busy.

  356. Debby says:

    I will be cross stitching today although I should be working on the two quilts I need to finish. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize.

  357. Carol Whitchurch says:

    What a wonderful day for stitchers, sewers, and all other needle enthusiasts excluding the nurse or drug kind of course!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  358. Carolyn Edwards says:

    I’m starting Block 6 of the Flower Bonnet Girls by Laurene Sinema! Fun! 🙂

  359. Marylee Robertson says:

    I will be working on a t-shirt quilt for Ronald McDonald charities. Then in the evening I’ll be working on an appliqué quilt for my granddaughter! It makes me happy to imagine all the people who are quilting today!

  360. Kay Hunzinger says:

    I will be working on some redwork today. Have a good day!

  361. Sharon Parsley says:

    I am doing hand quilting on a quilt I made years ago. My Golden and I are sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather and stitching.

  362. Denise Wilcox says:

    My sewing buddy aka Liberty is very sick so I will be doing some wool embroidery as I sit with her! She has my heart ❤️

  363. Eileen Maher says:

    I’m stitching up a baby quilt today….although I’m trying to stitch new embroidery stitches everyday!

  364. Deb B says:

    I’m starting a new quilt today, yay! Hopefully I’ll get to some of the sewing but it may end up being a lot of cutting.

  365. Linda Hulen says:

    Yes, I will definitely be stitching today. I will be working on an Edyta Sitar project! At least, I will be until my grandson arrives from Texas!!! Stitching is the best way I know to make the time fly until he gets here!! Thank you for the great giveaway.

  366. Susan says:

    I had already decided to do some embroidery or try a different way of hand-quilting today, but now I know it’s official, thanks to you! As my grandchildren are here with me, maybe we need to make some yummy cookies to give us the strength to sew all day. Thank you for all that you do to inspire us;sewing and baking….

  367. Cynthia Schoenfeld says:

    I will be doing hand embroidery twice today.

  368. Carol Bejtlich says:

    My comment has disappeared:( I’ll try again-will be finishing up projects I started a long time ago…it feels good to get them done!

  369. Gale S says:

    I would like to work on my Blockheads! Have a little catching up to do!

  370. westcoastauntie says:

    Four quilts back from the quilter, so I’ve got binding to make. BUT…I’m also getting ready to begin the Jen Kingwell project from Moda’s Mini Marvels book. Those summer-feeling lawns are calling to me!

  371. Gayla Nuss says:

    I am doing hand applique on my Fig Tree Wool BOM – I love sewing by hand while enjoying family evenings. Patchwork during day, needlework by night.

  372. Valerie Brown says:

    I’m filling bobbins with Aurifil #2325 so I will be ready to teach eight 8 year old girls how to sew a pillowcase this afternoon.

  373. Margie F. says:

    I will be sewing a couple of little girl aprons that a friend asked me to make for her granddaughters.

  374. capepetrel says:

    I’m going to continue working on my block of the month from the quilt show. I’m a couple of months behind, so I’m trying to catch up!

  375. Carole A. Watson says:

    I won’t be stitching today. I moved recently & am still unpacking & organizing my sewing room. I “discovered” Aurifill just before I moved & love it!

  376. Sindy says:

    I will find little bits of time to work on a summer mini-quilt. I love working with different weight threads in my small projects.

  377. Loretta W says:

    I will be machine stitching on a Christmas quilt kit that I have had in my stash for a while. I got it all cut yesterday and plan to put some blocks together today! This evening, I plan to do some hand piecing on my current Cindy Blackberg stamped quilt blocks. I look forward to working on both of these projects. Also, July 25 is my son’s birthday! Another reason to celebrate!

  378. Ingrid Slatta says:

    Since I’m on vacation I’ll work on a hand appliqué project. I’ve brought three with me!

  379. Cassy L. says:

    I will be doing a little hand stitching this evening. I might even practice the thread the needle yoga pose before I begin!

  380. Tammie Smith says:

    I’ll be stitching down a binding and a label onto a quilt.

  381. swakins says:

    I have a needle threadedm and will be stitching on some redwork today.

  382. Katy says:

    I will be working on some small quilt squares. I am using the 1 1/2 ” squares that resulted when I made a bunch of flying geese for a quilt. I could not throw them away,so I double sewed the corners for the half square triangles. Blocks will finish at about 5″. The material is V and co. Ombré. The big quilt turned out beautiful and these blocks will make some pillows for gifts. Every day is thread a needle day!

  383. Jan says:

    I will be working on a Jo Morton project for our club meeting this Friday! I try to sew some everyday! It’s great relaxation therapy!

  384. Brenda Stultz says:

    I will be sewing the final border on a pineapple quilt so I can start quilting it.

  385. Cindy Shelley says:

    Putting on binding today on donation quilts.

  386. Loretta Swan says:

    I have declared the 5th, 15th, and the 25th of each month as “Christmas Gift Sewing Days”…… so yes and I will be sewing gifts…. How happy does this make me !!

  387. Judi Lovinger says:

    I am making my first hexi Quilt with 2 more on my to do list. Every day is thread a needle day and I am loving it! I would love your giveaway with the hexi tin

  388. Tammy Mcdonald says:

    I will be working on my Jelly Roll Railway quilt top. Yay for such an awesome giveaway.

  389. Frankie McBride says:

    You got my attention with the lovely chocolate goodness picture. Alas I am not quilting today but finishing up little bridesmaid dresses for a September family wedding. My mouth is watering for something chocolate as well as my quilting passion. Soon I should be finished with the dresses and can move on to choose a quilt pattern to sew. Being chosen for todays giveaway would be wonderful.

  390. Hildy says:

    I’ll make at least two blocks for my Tula Pink sampler tonight and perhaps one little block or two for the #30daysoffabricstacks challenge.

  391. Denise Wood says:

    I will hopefully sit and stitch a while on some hexis I am making to compliment pillows for the quilt I made. It will be relaxing at the end of a very long day. Thanks so much for sharing the info and the treats!

  392. Judy Williams says:

    I will be pinning and sewing together blocks of a quilt that I have been working on , on & off for about 3 mo. I call it the quilt of a millions pieces. In the evening I have taken up doing Hexies and it is a project in itself. Thanks for the giveaway.

  393. Alysa Lovell says:

    I will be threading a lot of needles today while trying to finish a wool appliqué block. I love hand stitching and next week I get to go on a road trip and do my English Paper piecing!

  394. Susie Q says:

    Yes I am sewing today. In fact, I am taking a small break to read a few blogs. As far as hand sewing, I will be closing a hole in a dog toy. Would love to see all the types of thread……

  395. Rosemary says:

    I wish I could sew today but work and then school work are getting in my way. If I were able to I would be working on a “ocean” quilt for my daughter at her request.

  396. Peg says:

    piecing a new quilt for charity

  397. Libby says:

    I will be threading the needle on my sewing machine today – trying to finish up Aviatrix. I will probably be threading this needle for many days in the future. Aviatrix has about a gazillion pieces 🙂 Hand stitched a small pincushion last night.
    Thanks for the chance to win these fab prizes

  398. Diane W says:

    I plan to applique stems on my fall leaf quilt. Im making Fig Tree “Twirl” quilt.

  399. Sharron says:

    I will take a break from straightening my sewing room up by working on an ongoing embroidery project. And, I hope to begin working on a couple small piecing projects that have been marinating for way too long.

  400. Ronna Hammel says:

    I will be sewing today!! Putting binding on a quilt started in 2007!!! Hey 10 yrs isn’t too bad! It is aged to perfection!!

  401. Janie M says:

    I am working on a window view quilt using a beautiful floral panel. Thank you for the giveaway!

  402. Deb G. in VA says:

    I’m working on Judy Niemeyer’s Vintage Rose pattern today and some hand applique tonight. Thanks for the chance to win a great giveaway!

  403. Susan Kirby says:

    I will be stitching stars for my Milky Way Quilt. I would love to win and try out those different types of thread and needles.

  404. Patti Peterson says:

    In honor of Thread a Needle Day (or just because it’s Tuesday?) I’ll be stitching some Orange Peel appliqué blocks with Aurifil Mako thread in a lovely Grey that blends beautifully with all the various blue Civil War reproduction fabrics I’m using. Thank you, Aurifil and Moda!

  405. dondim says:

    I want to finish three blocks I started last night that will leave me only four more to go in a quilt I am making for our ‘new’ Korean granddaughter who is joining my husband and I for the coming school year. Bobo is trilingual at the ripe age of 16. We have known her for 5 years and are close to her family. She is really excited for a year in an American high school! Thank you for making the lucky winner very happy!

  406. Regina says:

    Yes, I will sewing today – YAY! I am working on a pink and cream charity quilt that will be raffled off to benefit a local woman with breast cancer. I have been stitching hope and prayers in every block!

  407. Elizabeth Dewett says:

    I’m not able to do any stitching today, but hoping the weekend I can find a moment of peace.

  408. I’m pretty sure that I do some kind of stitching everyday, but today it will be binding, and if that gets finished, it’s on to the label!

  409. I just love Auriful. I am sick today, but stitching memory pillows this week.

  410. Kay says:

    I am very slowly stitching together an EPP quilt, it is a labour of love and made form beautiful Liberty fabrics.

  411. Becky S says:

    I am working on blocks for my Room & Board quilt and eating some chocolate to celebrate!
    Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  412. Anne at Walden Woods says:

    Hopefully my needle will glide through the wool of my RLS mystery quilt before the day is over – or maybe it will finish the applique border of my Kim Diehl quilt – or there is my gorgeous Lone Star quilt I finally got brave enough to start. It will be a joy no matter which finds my needle first. What a delightful day!

  413. I will be working more on my ‘utility’ quilt that I’m making from some random jelly rolls. There is sort of a color story–orange and aqua–and I’m doing simple blocks.

  414. judireiss says:

    I am stitching by hand my bindings onto the backing. I am also finishing a table runner to send to mynswap partner!

  415. Lannie Householder says:

    I am doing a Dresden 1900 vintage bicycle – no pattern – hopefully I can get it look like the photo I saw.

  416. Kathleen Bond says:

    Yay! A day to work on an E.P.P. project.

  417. Evie H says:

    I will be cutting and sewing the borders to a top I just finished.

  418. Trina Belisle says:

    I am working on my Garden Party quilt from a class I took with Bonnie Hunter. I’m sew excited to be back at the machine after a busy few months. I finished up three projects in the last two days. Two are overdue birthday gifts I can’t wait to deliver. Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer. Thanks for the chance to win!

  419. wendy held says:

    I will most definitely be stitching today. Try to get some UFOs completed this year (there are many)!! Have 5 pieced blocks to go on a Lori Smith pattern, all applique blocks have been finished for several years!! Love all the needles you are offering…..especially the Tulip ones for applique. Always a happy time while in my sewing room!!! 🙂

  420. Liz Earley says:

    I actually heard it was Thread a Needle day on the radio, along with hot fudge sundae day. The DJ was like what is that about, am I suppose to sew a shirt or something? Myself, I plan to hit the sewing room in just a few minutes to work on my latest project.

  421. Lynda Schmidt says:

    Mydaughter and grandchildren are visiting and I plan to teach my granddaughter to do her first embroidery stitch.

  422. Denise I Johnson says:

    I am quilting three charity baby quilts. Or I should say I am putting layers together and deciding curvy lines or use embroidery for edge to edge finish. Love to try all the threads, especially the applique and wool, already use my 50 wt for piecing. The blues are delicious, but I am working on my inner orange, lol

  423. Mary says:

    Yes, I will be stitching on a binding and making a couple burpies all part of our philanthropy sewing for my guild.

  424. Mary Van Kleeck says:

    I plan on threading the needle today and work on the three baby quilts I’m making.

  425. Vicki H says:

    I plan to start quilting a table runner for my sister.

  426. caroline rohrer says:

    Several projects going. Mainly working on UFOs.

  427. tcartpilot says:

    I love those threads! I hope to be working on completing some table runners and other unfinished projects for an upcoming Quilt County show where the quilts are hung at numerous venues for about 6 weeks.

  428. Sandy K says:

    I’m getting ready for vacation but maybe my mending pile has something I can do quickly for the holiday.

  429. Loriann Fish says:

    I hope that I get to Sew today after work. I want to start my Row by Row quilt.

  430. Debbie R. says:

    I will be hand-stitching the binding on the first quilt I ever made … but never finished until now, ten years later.

  431. Sandy M says:

    Well, I wasn’t planning on sewing but since it’s Sew / Thread a Needle Day, I better get on it!
    I’m thinking I’ll hem the sleeves on a few tunics for my grand-daughter. She had several long sleeve shirts that still fit her but the weather has moved on to short sleeve options, so I cut the sleeves over the weekend. They are waiting for the hem for a couple of days now. thanks for the push to get ‘er done!

  432. Mildred Plaskett says:

    I think I’ll work on an embroidery project I started on Sunday. I will probably eat some chocolate too!..

  433. Linda Menkes says:

    I am sewing the binding on a log cabin heart quilt today.

  434. jowestwamailnet says:

    Yes, I will be stitching today. My goal is to finish three baby quilt tops, then quilt them tomorrow.

  435. Carol Kuse says:

    I will be sewing on a BOM from Barb Eikmeyer[sic]. I am so far behind on this since we moved right in the middle of this.

  436. Gina M says:

    I am finishing the quilting on a wall hanging for my daughter…we always spent summers in Wyoming when she was growing up and she fell in love with buffaloes. It’s a trip down memory lane for both of us…a quilt with buffaloes grazing.:-) She is coming home from graduate school tomorrow!

  437. Carolyn Berg says:

    Yes I will! It’s a beautiful day in the Northwest, have a craft table set up out on the deck, Featherweight set up and ready to go — working on Cake Mix Recipe #3 using a beautiful Lella Boutique layer cake. Coffee nearby and country tunes playing on the radio. Oh and pupster nearby too. It’s a heavenly day already!

  438. phyllis long says:

    Plan to stitch today while hubby recovers from surgery. Stay at home n do things I love to do !

  439. Jeanette Nichols says:

    I drive so many people around to different places, my 92 year old mother, grand kids to summer activities or to listen to summer music at different parks that I always carry a lunch bag with my wool appliqué in it. A stitch here and there and soon I have another block done. Thanks for your blog. Loved the button one.

  440. Pat Braun says:

    I’ll be working on an appliqué quilt from Buggy Barn.

  441. JudyBL says:

    I will be finishing a bag started in class last week, it just needs a few finishing touches!

  442. Lynn says:

    I will be sewing on the binding for my mini quilt today so it will be finished!

  443. J Rozum says:

    Oh, those cookies look delish! After doing a bit of un- sewing, I hope to start machine quilting a toddler quilt. Thanks for the giveaway.

  444. Marie Eddins says:

    Our guild is following the UFO Challenge this year so I will be working on my latest UFO quilt project called Magic Maze. I try to do something with needle and thread every day! Great ‘holiday’!! Thanks!

  445. Terry H. says:

    Wow – Thanks for the chance to win! I am making Recycle bags from pet food bags, also chicken, horse, or whatever else I can get my hands on.

  446. I am working on a cross stitch hope to finish this week but must work too, so we’ll see,wish I had a cookie

  447. Nicole M says:

    I try to get some kind of sewing in every day. Today’s plan is to work on a quilt on my longarm and also do some sewing on my Triangle Gatherings blocks.

  448. Ella V says:

    I will be working on my blockhead blocks.

  449. Michele Brown says:

    During the summer I love to work on my English Paper Piecing hand quilted projects. I love the hexagon honeycomb shapes, but finding the right thread has been a challenge, from colors that blend to tangles to broken threads. But I endure & have found hexagons & honeycombs to be great decorations in many aspects of my daily living, such as shelves & jewerly & fabric banners.

  450. Melissa G. says:

    I will, of course, be stitching today. I am working on my One Stitch A Day sampler. And I did my yoga this morning!

  451. Caryn S says:

    I am going to try and work on my current mystery BOM. I am a little behind.

  452. Laura says:

    I will be sewing blocks for the Chamomile quilt, created by Woodberry Way. I have found it difficult to concentrate on one project since my Dad’s passing at the beginning of June, but I am letting stitching help me get on with my life.

  453. Leslie Sorenson says:

    Working on hand sewing EPP blocks together.

  454. Jill says:

    I will be machine quilting and working on a quilt for my grandson.

  455. Kim Langston says:

    Hope to work on some folk art dolls.

  456. LJ says:

    HI, neat Giveaway! Yes I’m piecing a baby quilt today. Thank You for sharing!

  457. Karen says:

    I am working on an adorable sleeping teddy bear Wallhanging!

  458. Kathy R says:

    Tonight is my local quilt guild/group. We are going to meet in a members backyard and stitch, visit,share, and eat. Perfect. Plus today I will be machine quilting and preparing my quilts binding to sew on tonight. Great day and night! Happy Thread A Needle Day!

  459. Jeanette says:

    Yes I am quilting Edyta Sitars Dresden Bloom that I made a few months ago

  460. Jo Anne Hawks says:

    I will be sewing the binding on my red and white quilt for our Utah Quilt Guild Ruby Jubilee celebration.

  461. Joy Dickson says:

    I’m finishing a quilt top today, then piecing the backing. Lots of threading needles!!

  462. Dara Mervine says:

    Today I finished a cargo skirt and started a t-shirt, tomorrow I will get back to quilting.

  463. Ann says:

    I’m stitching a Crabapple Hill design that says “Stitching Makes Me Happy”.

  464. I’m putting together a quilt top from some lovely Kaffe Fassett fabric…and hopefully making some more blocks for another quilt I’m working on. I love having multiple projects going! I’ll bet I thread at least 1 needle each day…thanks for the giveaway!

  465. Michele Astphan says:

    I’m sewing a baby quilt together. Hope to finish the top tonight.

  466. Diane Martin says:

    I would use this to stitch on a gift for my daughter who is getting married next May.

  467. tarnia says:

    I will be quilting a hexie quilt I started in a class a couple of months ago. It’s been sitting, basted, and looking at me for two weeks now. It’s time to make a start.

  468. Sue says:

    I love reading the comments and learning what others are working on. I am working on my Panama Pyramids (hand work) and Bonnie Hunter Garden Party (machine work) – all with Aurifil. Thanks for the chance to win this great prize!

  469. I’m using needles and creating stitches of a different kind: knitting! No threading involved (other than looping my tracking thread up the rounds), but I’m sure I can compensate with a chocolate biscuit or two!

  470. Annie says:

    I’m finishing 2 wedding gifts: monogrammed tablecloths

  471. Sue S says:

    I try to do a little hand work most evenings while DH is watching the news, so in my basket of works in process I have a counted cross stitch that will get some attention tonight. I’m avoiding the two repair jobs also in the basket in favor of some creativity!

    • Lily Nicholson says:

      As I live in New Zealand, I wanted to tell you that it is 10.30am on Wed to day and it is still Tuesday in the USA, so my comment to you is yes I was stitching on my Whole Cloth Quilt last night as I have been doing for many nights – loving it.

  472. Jan says:

    I’m embroidering a Halloween quilt block — maybe the quilt will be finished before this Halloween!

  473. Charlotte Bell says:

    I love reading your blog. This gift would make some pretty hexagons. Thanks for the chance to win.

  474. Ruth Wilcox says:

    Free thought stitching on a sample shade!

  475. Natalie says:

    Love the Aurifil Sampler pack! Unfortunately no stitching for me today.

  476. Belle Jones says:

    Yes, stitching today on a Christmas ornament–it’s never to early!

  477. I got up early to work on a vintage quilt from my husband’s family. I’m sewing on a new border and trying to repair some tears. So relaxing and rewarding.

  478. blaquilts says:

    I’ve been trying to sew a bit everyday – today I am working on a BOW and a wool embroidery design. So machine needles and hand sewing needles!!!

  479. Kim Patterson says:

    I’m going to sew today! A birthday table runner and a wedding wall hanging! Hopefully, they’ll both be finished on time…….thanks for the chance to win some new toys 😉

  480. Deb Worthman says:

    I sewed for 45 minutes before I went to work today. Hopefully I’ll get to go back to my sewing room after supper.

  481. Betsy says:

    I hope I get to sew tonight. Either some hexie hand sewing or machine quilting.

  482. Bobby says:

    I have some red work I’m working on

  483. Trae Flesher says:

    Yes, I am stitching today. I am making nametags for a retreat this weekend <3

  484. Julia says:

    Nice reason for a celebration. Unlikely to do any sewing or threading today. Thank you for the opportunity to win the giveaway.

  485. Monica says:

    I am graphing an original baby quilt pattern on graph paper. It’s a lot of work but I enjoy it. When done I have a new quilting pattern.

  486. Sally says:

    I’m sewing baby taggies with flannel, plush fabric and lots of ribbon loops.

  487. Tracey L. Carpenter says:

    Almost every password/online I’D I’ve ever made up has contained, in some form or fashion, the word(s) needle and/or thread. I’m obsessed with sewing, particularly hand sewing. I’ll be doing wool applique when I get home from work tonight—well after 10 o’clock pm.

  488. i am working on my Saturday Sampler blocks for Pennington Quilt Works and also working on Row by Row kits.

  489. Carol Gouveia says:

    I am working on Sue Daley’s Clamshell Sewing Keep. I can see from reading your thread description that I should be using a different thread for English paper piecing. Learn something new every day.

  490. Susan T says:

    I WISH I was sewing! My sewing area is in the basement which flooded with over 12 inches of water while we were away. I have been washing, drying and putting the fabric stash away for days. At least my machine was safe.

  491. susanna0841 says:

    I will be sewing on my Bernina 710, but will also Big Stitch quilt some of my latest quilt on my frame using Aurifil 12 weight thread which I love!.

  492. Carol C says:

    It’s my son’s birthday today but I’m planning on making, or at least starting, a plush giraffe playmat for his baby who will make his/her appearance in October. I can’t wait!

  493. Sharon Kenshalo says:

    I always try to sew each day but right now I’m redoing my closet in sewing room to make room for material and organizing all the goodies that go along with sewing which consists of a lot of other goodies. I am going to make a swaddle blanket for a new great grandson who is 2 and 1/2 weeks old and such a precious blessing to all of us. I’ve made quite a few baby items for my granddaughter and these blankets will go to my daughter so when she baby sits new one, she can have something nice, handmade and for her to use for the new one.

  494. Judy says:

    I will be stitching today on a BOM put out by my local craft store that also has a quilting section.

  495. Deena Drevs I says:

    I won’t be sewing tonight because my daughter is visiting and we like to just hang out. But this weekend I plan on finishing the binding on 2 quilts and starting a new one.

  496. Annette F. says:

    Yes, I have/will be sewing today. Trying to catch up on 4″ blocks provided by my local quilt shop as a summer sew a-long. Have been on vacation, so I’m 3 weeks behind.

  497. Sue Cleek says:

    No sewing today! We are at the beach with a big family reunion- all my children and grandchildren! Awesome! But I do miss sewing!

  498. mcthekat says:

    Quilting a mini today, hoping to finish soon! Great giveaway–thanks!

  499. Scarlett says:

    I love Moda Blockheads so I try to sew a little every day.

  500. KayB says:

    Today I am quilting a recently-finished quilt top.

  501. Jan Horn says:

    I sew a little every day. Right now I’m working on some small fall table toppers so I’m ready when fall arrives.

  502. Kacey Reynolds says:

    Not stitching today but was working on my first quilt prior to vacatiom

  503. Linda Kau says:

    Every day is thread a needle day for me. Today I’ll be adding some binding to a special lady’s birthday gift; a huge quilter’s tote.

  504. Louise Hooyer says:

    I’m working on my quilting club quilt for this month. Almost done with the top. I just have to add the borders.

  505. Karen Seitz says:

    I will be stitching binding on my 2016 Fig Tree Mystery BOM quilt. Looking forward to completing that one. It feels like I have been working on the quilt for over a year. Oh, wait — I have!

  506. Lavana Eidson says:

    Yes I will be threading a needle today. Binding my last project. Finish line is in sight!

  507. Debra Stebbins says:

    I’m working on making a bag……. Sweet Retreat Little Sister bag…….. and doing some counted cross stitch….. a Mill Hill pattern….. so i’ve threded two types of needles today. Happy sewing either with or without a machine.

  508. kattails says:

    I’m stitching the binding down on the backside of a Civil War Sampler quilt I just finished longarm quilting. Another finish! Yay! Thank you for a chance to win…that goodie box sure is a GOODIE!

  509. Judy Jones says:

    I hope to put a binding on a baby quilt that needs to be delivered on Friday. Thanks for the giveaway.

  510. Tarkheenab says:

    I Wil be working on a new quilt using my Cake Mix recipe 6 and my Bella Solids and my Hop, Skip and a Jump! Layer cake.

  511. Susan J. says:

    I had no idea there was a Thread a Needle Holiday, lol. But I’m always up for a celebration and anything that includes chocolate. I’m finishing the second of four Christmas quilts so I can get it to the longarmer by Thursday! Yea, only two more to go!!

  512. GeeGee says:

    I am sewing a border onto my quilt top, almost finished, then will be catching up on the last two Block Heads block of the week.. I have never used Aurifil thread and would be delighted to give it a try.

  513. Flicsha Allen says:

    I have bindings to do a great day to do them. I love binding a quilt that tells me I have finished one more project.

  514. debbierhodes says:

    I worked on red work embroidery while waiting at doctors office,did some machine sewing on strawberry fields frivols pattern. May do more threading the needle after dinner.

  515. Sally Christiansen says:

    I will be stitching on a fall mini quilt I have been working on and at the nursing home I work at we had sewing group with a little embroidery going on.

  516. carol says:

    Well, I broke a needle today. So, I am replacing a needle. Attention to detail for the rest of the day.

  517. Amy Hansen says:

    Today I’m working the Your Township pillow in autumn fabrics. Making it for a friend’s birthday

  518. Margaret says:

    Well, actually, I did stitch with a needle and thread today. I sewed some buttons on a shirt. But other than that I am working on a charity quilt. Well, four of them. I’ve done the fun parts (the tops) and now I’m working on the rest.

  519. Erica says:

    I’ll probably be cross stitching later tonight. I won’t be quilting till the weekend. Love the Voyage collection!

  520. Marcia says:

    I’m hand quilting a quilt that my mother in law started but didn’t finish.

  521. Helen says:

    Squeezed in some binding on a quilt, almost done but hard on the eyes at night black on black

  522. Paulette McKenna says:

    I am piecing a quilt for a wedding present

  523. Diana W. says:

    Yes I did some hand quilting today to celebrate I would have done more but I seem to have caught a bug. Going to bed early to get some rest.

  524. Julie W says:

    I worked on a baby quilt for a baby who arrived early this morning. Still lots of quilting left to do but it’s getting there.

  525. Gretchen F says:

    I worked on three different quilts today, two on my machine and one by hand.

  526. Heather G says:

    I went to a workshop today and machine sewed that project. Tonight I’m threading a needle to work on my wool applique project!

  527. Debbie says:

    I am sewing 5 inch house blocks for a pillow and making binding for a quilt

  528. Jean Rutherford says:

    Love any chance for a celebration and if chocolate is involved is great. I am just as happy it it involves needles, and didnt know about this special day. Am busy stitching, making tote bags and tiny stuffed toys for the Christmas Shoebox appeal in the hope that it will brighten a child’s Chirstmas!

  529. Helen LeBrett says:

    Yes, I’m making an applique quilt, and I love sitting and “slow stitching”. It’s amazing how fast a block can be finished. Usually one per night if I watch a few shows (or like this last month, the Tour Du France every night. I miss it now that it’s over!! ) Hugs, H

  530. Amanda Best says:

    I am working on a tote bag for my sister and cutting out a new quilt.

  531. Kath Shively says:

    I’m starting a new hand embroidery project, so thought I’d follow some sage advice and thread a bunch of needles with the thread and floss before actually beginning to stitch. Thread A Needle Day! I sure did.

  532. Rosemary Goodwin says:

    I cross stitched on a baby quilt that I’m finishing for a friend…the grandbaby is 30 years old and Nans wants it finished but can’t do it herself. That is one looong UFO. A woman after my own heart. And Helen, I miss my cycling boys too!

  533. Susan says:

    No sewing today but I did buy fabric

  534. dotpaulk says:

    I’m hand quilting a lap quilt for my son for his birthday, the material begged for it rather than machine quilting. I’m also making raggedy ann and andy dolls and ready to start on their hair. I actually prefer hand stitching anything, it relaxes me.

  535. Diana Collins says:

    No sewing today but I did cut out fabric for a table runner I will be making during our annual Quilt Retreat. Frivol #12.

  536. Anita says:

    I was sitting on my porch today working on my hexii Quilt

  537. Julie Brack says:

    Sewing a quilt pattern by CluckCluckSew called Bloom and using J. Fig. fabric Coney Island. Didn’t get a lot of sewing as that work thing got in the way….

  538. Lisa says:

    I’m working on an owl pincushion right now for a friend’s birthday, pattern is by Heather Bailey. It’s really cute!

  539. Karen H says:

    Not stitching today- had a long day at work but plan to make up for it tomorrow on my day off !

  540. Deb F says:

    I ended up working until almost 8 pm (what happened to quitting at 5 pm???), so only stitched a little while on one my blocks from Pat Sloan’s Winter Solstice (I prefer doing applique by hand). I’m delighted to celebrate Thread a Needle Day and thank you for the awesome giveaway.

  541. Michele Norman says:

    I got two quilt blocks sewn this afternoon, and I just basted some scrappy hexi’s.

  542. Suzy says:

    Today I am working on an honor fleight quilt. It is so wonderful that we honor our veterans with this great trip to D.C. My family enjoys going to welcome these veterans home from their trip.

  543. Ella says:

    Worked on a quilt top today!

  544. Sharon says:

    Working on a wool project today.

  545. Elizabeth M says:

    Hi, I’ll be trimming down foam and stitching up the covers for my new rocking chair/glider that I hope to use for breast-feeding when baby girl comes in a few months. I hope to make a sand bag to go inside a crochet teddy bear for a friend. If there’s time, I’ll maybe work on making burb cloths or a stroller liner. Can you tell there’s a baby-theme here? Thanks for sharing all the wonderful things in moda-land!

  546. I’m working on star blocks for corners to complete borders for a star log cabin top.
    Just recently saw the new bonding needles by PQ & wanted to try them so this chance to win a great prize is terrific & came at the perfect time!
    Thank You & Lisa for opportunity!!

  547. Lynda Harrison says:

    Stitching away at half-inch hexagons. Thanks for the opportunity

  548. Suzanne says:

    I worked on a paper pieced block just one block and of course a little unsewing too! And a full day of work. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to win a great prize!

  549. Kris Valle says:

    Hi – I’m working on some hand embroidery and appliqué on a table topper today – so relaxing 🙂

  550. Debbie R Gruenbacher says:

    I spent couple hours hand quilting with my local church gals this morning. Then my dear sister in law me relearn and we longarm quilted her quilt top.

  551. Debbie Huber says:

    Working on the binding of a quilt. Halfway done. Also prepared half square triangles for a couple blocks. ( only 10 each.)

  552. Janet Bland says:

    I didn’t get to stitch today but I did make a trip to a LQS. Picked up supplies for a fabric dyeing and painting class this weekend. Also picked up a shot cotton stripe to make a top for my granddaughter. Tomorrow’s stitching will be long arm quilting on a charity raffle quilt.

  553. NanaV says:

    Today did not include either stitching or yoga, which a shame as they are both so relaxing. Wishing I had known in advance and scheduled better, I will again tomorrow to make time for threading a needle!

  554. Judyk says:

    I usually stitch some everyday, but today was filled with other activities so no stitching today. Guess that means I get to stitch twice as long tomorrow!

  555. Carol San Diego says:

    I’m planning on sewing a quilt top together after some final measureing!

  556. Rosemary says:

    I was working at making blocks fit together with borders on various sizes of blocks.

  557. Lori Genther says:

    I’ve been taking a class today, so I’ve been threading my machine!

  558. Katherine says:

    Yes! I didn’t work on a creative project but did patch up my daughter’s holey leggings.

  559. Mary D says:

    I had a busy day babysitting, but made curtains for my daughter’s first grade classroom while the baby was sleeping. I’d much rather be working on a quilt, but hopefully I”ll get back to that tomorrow.

  560. I have one more side of binding to hand stitch down on a Christmas table runner.

  561. Wendy says:

    I’m working on some embroidery accents on paper pieced Winnie the Pooh characters.

  562. Lynn Manchester says:

    I am hand sewing the bias tape to finish the raw seams in a duffle bag I just made for my vacation carry on. It will be done in time for my trip back home next week. Yay!!!

  563. Suzann Rogers says:

    I am doing English paper piecing on my millefiori quilt. Great needles make a huge difference.

  564. Jill Meador says:

    I will be sewing on Wednesday-12″ left on binding!

  565. Catherine Pritchard says:

    I will be continuing my silk ribbon embroidery to finally finish my heirloom teddy. What a great prize!

  566. Hanya Moschner says:

    Sewing my Beatle Bag and block swap with sewing group tonight!

  567. Sue says:

    Wish I could have been sewing, at least admired other people’s blocks on Facebook.

  568. I’ll hand sew another 8 pointed star block using 1930 fabric and after that I will quilt a little.

    • Katy Katy The Quilting Lady says:

      I am working on sewing on my #2020crazyquiltchallenge today. 37 items on my first block so far.

  569. Andrea says:

    I find it very hard to make time to stitch in the week, I’m usually too tired from work then cooking dinner for the family. But today I shall make the effort, I’ve a couple of blocks to quilt and a headband to make, it’s cut out and just needs sewing. Although I do love fat quarter quick makes…. There goes my working day in a daydream 🙂

  570. Debra says:

    I’m binding a guild BOM quilt today and sewing with friends.

  571. Sandy says:

    Sewing with Classique Quilters sewing binding on quilt I started six years ago!

  572. Maggie says:

    Doing a 5 day needlepoint appliqué retreat (but staying at home) with Pat Cox, from Minnesota, who comes each year to Exeter, England to inspire and teach us, so we all definitely need threaded needles!

  573. Delaine says:

    I will be stitching today. I am working on a king sized flannel 9-patch quilt for my bed. Thanks!

  574. Cave Creek Maggie says:

    I could be putting the binding on my husbands’ surprise 70th birthday quilt but I’m digging out of mounds of dirty laundry from a 3 1/2 week “escape the Arizona heat” adventure!

  575. Susan says:

    No, I won’t be stitching today. I have to do my reading for my book club meeting tonight.

  576. Becky Black says:

    no stitching for me today. 🙁

  577. Karin Pavlovsky says:

    sewed all day which of course meant I had to thread many needles. Also am caught up on the Triangle gatherings BOW. Yeah

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