This is How Moda Rolls…

Or “This is how we roll…”  That’s the Moda theme at Spring Market 2017.  From Jelly Rolls to having fun, we’ve got all sorts of new collections, quilts, projects and adventures to share.

To find out what these are for, you’ll need to find check in tomorrow.  Though pictures will have already been popping up on our Instagram and Facebook.

These two will be in charge – they pack the crates, build the booth – literally – and supervise everyone.  They’re in charge.  They’re very in sync when it comes to building it all.  I know it comes from working together to do this for many years, but I think it’s also that they just know what the other is thinking and what needs to be done.

Juan Calderon and Holly Hickman.

So here’s the skinny…

What:  Spring International Quilt Market

Date:  May 19 – 21, 2017 . (Tomorrow… though booth set-up started on Wednesday.)

Where: St. Louis Convention Center, St. Louis, Missouri

Start your engines… it’s almost time for the fun to start.

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10 comments on “This is How Moda Rolls…

  1. Sandy Newport says:

    Love the little cars – pretty sure I know what they’re used for and the person responsible for the project

  2. Oh this is going to be fun! See you on Friday.

  3. Ramona Chester says:

    Whatever it is – I want that little pink car – so cute!!!

  4. Mary Andrs says:

    Fabulous teasers. Living it. Thank you for the great pictures.

  5. happyquiltingmelissa says:

    The cars are so fun!!! Can’t wait to see how you tie them in 😉

  6. Hildy says:

    Can’t wait to see what your booth will look like!

  7. Cathy Clark says:

    OOOOOoooooo, I want the Jeep!

  8. dondim says:

    I have grandchildren who would fit that jeep and pink car so very well. I could sew them outfits made from Moda. So cute! I’m seeing little roadways and flags. It’s gonna be great! Than I’m going to want all the new fabric…

  9. Barbara Esposito says:

    Oh My goodness it looks like almost too much fun! I am feeling the need for that cute little pink car. Can’t wait to see what’s next!!

  10. krismichk9 says:

    I watched Carrie’s Cake Mix “show” and was wondering when the recipes for 5-8 appear on the cake mix page. I have loved the format 1-4 are in and wish to share the new ones at a class I will be teaching this week. Thanks

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