Moda Presents the Victoria & Albert Museum Collection…

The Premier Schoolhouse on Thursday, May 18th at Spring Market 2017 will see the debut of a new collection inspired by the archives of the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Moda Fabrics is honored to announce an exciting new partnership with the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the world’s leading museum for decorative arts, with a celebrated collection of textiles and textile arts.  Our first collaboration is based on prints designed by William Morris (1834-1896)

The Premiere Schoolhouse event begins at 10:00 am in the Ferrera Ballroom and folks have to be registered for Schoolhouse to attend.

This is always the first Schoolhouse of the day, and it is the only one at the time.  It opens with a greeting and presentation by Karey Bresenhan, the Founder and President of Quilts, Inc., the organization that runs Quilt Markets and Quilt Festivals.  She is followed by Marti Michell of Michell Marketing, they oversee the Schoolhouse presentations.  Then it’s time for the featured presenter – this year, it’s Moda Fabrics.

Yes, we’re pretty excited about it.

Someone usually videotapes the presentation and as soon as we know if one exists and where to find it, we’ll share the link.  Rumor has it that the Fat Quarter Shop will be filming and sharing via Facebook Live, but that’s unconfirmed.

There will be lots of pictures to share in the days and weeks after – I promise.

The quilt?  That’s the William Morris Medallion quilt created for the collection.  More about that soon.

Happy Monday!

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17 comments on “Moda Presents the Victoria & Albert Museum Collection…

  1. Kay Hunzinger says:

    Thanks so much for sharing pictures of some of the schoolhouse events. Lovely to see. Exciting to see what’s new. Congratulations to Moda!

  2. Catherine says:

    Its beautiful. always great to see the new fabrics

  3. Gorgeous quilt – William Morris is one of my favs! Love his prints!

  4. Judi Snarke says:

    Gorgeous ! Can’t wait. Pretty sure I’m going to be making this one !

  5. Leigh Ann Prange says:

    Fabulous as usual!! Of course nothing less from Moda! Thanks for the preview Carrie!

  6. Pieta Laker-Ratcliff says:

    Congratulations on the collaboration with the V&A. The first collection looks amazing.

  7. Hildy says:

    Beautiful quilt!

  8. Mad Marg says:

    I’m excited about your collaboration with the V&A Museum and with a surname of Morris I always look forward to quilts and fabrics based on the designs of William Morris. Love the quilt.

  9. Doreen Roksvaag says:

    This is one amazing quilt! Can’t wait to see the individual fabrics creating this masterpiece!

  10. Maria Zook says:

    We had the privilege of visiting the V&A Museum. I am very excited to see this new line of fabrics. I am thinking I will need to make something as a reminder of our visit.

  11. Marcia Gaffney says:

    Thanks for the preview Carrie. Love Wm. Morris designs. Some of the most intricate and delicate at the same time.

  12. Suzanne Kuhns says:

    this quilt looks lovely, and given the renewed interest in the Royal Family (The Crown) and Victoria and Albert (Victoria), the timing is perfect!

  13. Regina says:

    I have wanted to make a “masterpiece” quilt and it looks like the time has come.
    I look forward to seeing this new collection.

  14. Janie M says:

    I am in Awww. So beautiful. Thank you for the post.

  15. when will the new fabric be available?

  16. David says:

    Looks amazing! How exciting! More exclamations required! I will look forward to hearing more and the release of this beautiful medallion quilt.

  17. tournicoton says:

    Il est magnifique.

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