It’s all about the show…

Whether you’re entering a quilt or just attending, quilt shows are a whole lot of fun.


Road To California in Ontario, California.  Moda is there, sharing the Moda Bake Shop booth with Barb Groves and Mary Jacobson of Me & My Sister Designs.  There are quilts to see, demos to learn something new, giveaways to be enjoyed and lots of fun to be had!

Since most of us won’t be there, we’re going to celebrate quilts shows on our own with a Rainy Day giveaway!

Three winners.  Rainy Day pre-cuts.  Maybe a Double-Wide Dresden Ruler or 12-Pack book.

Leave a comment by Midnight on Sunday, January 22nd telling us if you’ve ever entered a quilt in a show.

Have a great weekend!



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320 comments on “It’s all about the show…

  1. Jennifer says:


  2. Kathy Czuprynski says:

    Yes I have. I’m currently working on 3 of my entries for our 2017 Quilt Show!

  3. Carol Gouveia says:

    Yes I have entered quilts in shows. The first show I entered I received some very good constructive criticism, which helped me when I later entered shows. All the shows I have entered have been local events. Someday I would like to enter a big show like Road to California. Would love to win your give away.

  4. Cathy B. says:

    I’m just a newbie – only quilting about 3 years – so haven’t mustered up the courage yet!

  5. Allison Evrard says:

    No I’ve never entered a quilt show. I have, however, had some of my quilts hanging in our local library.

  6. bkelly2424 says:

    No I haven’t entered a quilt but I have worked with the judge of our quilt show. Very informative!

  7. Michelle says:

    No, I am too new to quilting. I have entered other shows – I have entered spinning competitions for local sheep festivals as I do my bit to keep the craft alive.

  8. Momma Lisa says:

    Yes, I entered through the front door. Oh, you mean a quilt, silly. All my quilts I make are given away, nothing left to enter.

  9. Ellen T. says:

    I am also somewhat of a “newbie” but I have seen the entries at our local show in Hampton VA &
    Based on that probably would NEVER have an entry….
    Love to go to the shows though!!!

  10. Marian Allen says:

    I have never been brave enough!

  11. Maggiie White says:

    No. Not enough nerve. I love looking at all the creative ideas and all the new things/idea that the vendors have to offer!

  12. Patti McGarry says:

    No, I’ve never entered a quilt.

  13. Sue says:

    I have entered a few in shows, only won once in a small show. Prefer to give my quilts away for gifts and charities…also like to hang them in my house for the seasons.

  14. VICKI WAYNE says:

    I have! I entered the quilt I made for my husband — a West Coast Chopper themed t-shirt quilt — in the Florida State Fair. So tickled to have earned 2nd place!!! (Disappointed it wasn’t first; for the first time ever entering I was excited.)

  15. Cynthia Schoenfeld says:

    I have never entered a quilt show

  16. Karen says:

    Never had the desire to but I love looking at others.

  17. The Lisa Marie says:

    I’ve never mustered up the courage.

  18. Mandy Laseter says:

    I’ve never entered a quilt show.

  19. Dixie says:


  20. andrea says:

    No-I’m relatively new to quilting!

  21. Dorothy M says:

    Never entered a quilt in a show — but I love going to them.

  22. Betsy S says:

    Never entered a show.

  23. laurabligh says:

    Never have..

  24. Shirley Hayes says:

    No I’ve never entered quilt show. Just attended and enjoy them

  25. Evie H says:


  26. Alicia Key says:

    YES, I entered a quilt at Paducah in AccuQuilt’s booth. I got a white ribbon-better than nothing!

  27. Beth T. says:

    Our little town (under 2000 people) has a biannual quilt show, and I entered a couple of quilts for display in it. I felt like I needed to, if I wanted the quilt show to keep going. I’m not the best quilter in town, but by submitting my quilts I made sure it was clear that our town has quilters. 🙂

  28. Carolyn Edwards says:

    I have a lot of fun entering Quilt Shows…and usually enter 2-3 annually!

  29. JanetB says:

    I haven’t entered a quilt show. It seems that most of the quilts that win are art quilts and I am a traditional quilter. I have had a couple appraised and have been happily surprised with the appraisals.

  30. No, never entered a quilt show!

  31. Rainy day …perfect for our area….have only entered quilts at the annual pa farm show.

  32. Karen H says:

    No I have never entered a quilt in a show- too intimidated by the ones I see !!!

  33. Cary Wisnosky says:

    No not yet…on my bucket list

  34. Chris K. says:

    I have not; I’m debating whether to enter our local show. Probably won’t.

  35. Brita says:

    I love entering shows! The feedback has been eye-opening, and help me improve. It’s such a blast to see my quilts hanging!

  36. Flo Burton says:

    Yes, I won second place on Rosewood Cottage Quilt back in 2004. I have not entered any other quilts since 2004.

  37. Janna says:

    No I make my quilts for me or as gifts.

  38. Pam Jolly says:

    Yes, I have entered quilts in my local guild’S quilt show. Once I won best hand quilting. That was thrilling.

  39. Tamie says:

    I’ve entered in local shows but nothing big.

  40. Mary Ann W says:

    I have entered quilts in six local quilt shows and have won ribbons. It’s a wonderful feeling of pride to see a quilt hanging in the show even if it doesn’t win. I encourage everyone to enter a quilt in a local show.

  41. Carol C says:

    Yes I’ve entered quilt shows – both juried and non-juried. I haven’t won awards. However I’ve entered several quilt contests and won prizes in most of them. I have never been impressed with the critiques offered in juried shows and found them unhelpful.

  42. Helen LeBrett says:

    yes, I’ve entered in a local quilt show, but it’s been about 10 years since I did! I need to finish many!! I love doing the tops, but the quilting, not so much!! Hugs, H

  43. Delinda Lea Blakney says:

    It’s on my bucket list! Perhaps at my local show this autum. What a thrill that would be!

  44. Laure Trimmer says:

    No, I need to get better before I enter something in a show!

  45. Jan Veeder says:

    I’ve never entered my quilts at all. I am totally a newbie at this! It’s so much fun to see all the gorgeous fabrics….

  46. Kathie weatherford says:

    Yes. local quilt shows.

  47. Ellie Paquette says:

    Almost said no. However, I did enter 2 quilts in New Liskeard ON Canada many years ago. I was awarded 1st for a “Chicken” wall hanging and 3rd for a twin-sized red around the world quilt. So it does pay to enter your quilts.

  48. Jena says:

    No I would love to be that good as a quilter

  49. Marcia says:

    Yes! And as chairman for our local guild’s upcoming show, I hope lots of my fellow quilters will too! We need lots of quilts to produce a fabulous show.

  50. Ramona says:

    No quilts entered as of yet. Thinking I would like to do that someday though.

  51. gloria l says:


  52. Anne at Walden Woods says:

    I’ve entered at least 5 quilts in our state quilt show and it’s always such fun to see them hanging – and to occasionally overhear someone say how much they like them! We all work hard on our quilts and it’s a great way to share our creative works with others who appreciate them as much as we do! Then I get to take them home and sleep cozy and warm!

  53. Barb H. says:

    No I have not yet. I do have a Challenge quilt that my friends and I did, that we are going to enter at our Guild show this year.

  54. Marianne says:

    Nope! Although I’ve been told that my bindings rock!

  55. Tracey says:

    Yes, I have and it was my first queen sized quilt that I had ever made. Thanks for this chance!!

  56. Jane says:

    I always enter my local Quilt Guild biannual Quilt Show. This past year I also entered my local Quilt Shop challenged and won Viewers’ choice first place. I was thrilled.

  57. Sue Miller says:

    I’ve only been quilting a few years so I haven’t yet. I hope to one day.

  58. fweeatwast says:


  59. Suzy says:

    NO quilt show entries here…. but maybe someday!

  60. Carol Eberhardt says:

    I haven’t entered a show per say, but I have had a piece travel to shows with a challenge. It is part of the National Quilts Challenge and has been on the road for over a year.
    I am currently at Road2California and was so disappointed to not be able to buy Cake Mix Recioes there! So bummed! I’m teaching my sisters to piece and quilt and think this product is perfect for beginners, as well as for experienced quilters.

  61. Regina says:

    I have only entered local shows. I think I would faint from nerves to enter anything larger.

  62. Betsy says:

    I haven’t entered a quilt yet, but I hope to someday. I did enter a bag last year at Road To California and it was exciting to see it hanging on display.

  63. Sally says:

    Never I’m not that brave.

  64. Diane says:

    I have entered our biannual Quilt Show and won a few ribbons. I do appreciate when the judge adds some comments because it helps me know where I can make improvements. I am thinking of entering something in the next level but right now that, seems like a big step.

  65. Carol Garnaat says:

    I have never entered a quilt that I made, but I did enter a quilt my dear daughter made for me as a gift for my 60th birthday. I was pleased that her quilt took a ribbon and she was surprised as she lives in another state and did not know I entered her quilt in the quilt show here in Michigan! Carol in Mid-Mich 🙂

  66. Tracey Holly says:

    I have never entered a quilt, but sure do like going to the shows!

  67. Marilyn says:

    Never entered a quilt in a show, but sure enjoy going to them!

  68. Kristine S Dauth says:

    Yes, I almost always enter a quilt or two in our local domestic arts show which has several quilt categories. I actually encouraged my 7 year old grandson to enter an applique project in 2016. He won Bestate of Show in his category. Proud Grandma, right here!

  69. Linda K says:

    I entered my quilt at a large guild show in 2011 just because I loved how it turned out. I was a pretty new quilter and was shocked to receive a third place ribbon. That quilt hangs over my fireplace and I love it still!!

  70. I never officially entered a quilt, but I helped quilt a friend’s quilt on my Gammill and she won Best of Show at our county fair. I learned about it later. Pretty cool!

  71. Sheila says:

    Local guild, county and state fair all the time. Never tried something bigger. Maybe some day

  72. Karen Seitz says:

    I’ve never entered a quilt in a show, but I might try a local show if one pops up!

  73. Kelly W says:

    Yes – I entered the first quilt I EVER made in a craft fair (not a quilt show) … and won first place!

  74. DebrafromMD says:

    I have entered a local quilt show.

  75. Mary B says:

    I’ve never entered one, but am thinking about doing it.

  76. Judy J says:

    No, I have not entered a quilt in a show, but I like to attend them.

  77. CarolAnn Hawkins says:

    I have never entered a quilt show.

  78. Paula says:

    Hmmm…I’m so new to this that I didn’t know we could do that! Haha…now something to add to my list of things I’d like to do. Quilting just keeps getting better!

  79. Julie Saemisch says:

    I’ve entered my projects in the county fair…got one first place in the Beginers category!

  80. Becky says:

    No, but I love going to shows!

  81. Teena says:

    Someday. Love going to quilt show to admire and peruse the booths. Would like to have all three of your giveaway! :0) But no, got to share with all other people commenting. Rainy day pre-cut would be swell.

  82. Cathy C says:

    Yes, in two local shows. They were not juried, just to share with our communities. Next year there will be judges, ribbons and prizes.

  83. Jo West says:

    Never ever!

  84. Lj says:

    No, never.

  85. Pat says:

    Yes, in our local quilt guild show.

  86. Linda in PA says:

    No, I have never entered.

  87. Helen Storer says:

    Never entered a show maybe someday

  88. Vickie says:

    Yes, I have entered in three different shows. My favorites are guilds that I have belonged to.

  89. Sandie says:

    Yes, I’ve entered in local quilt shows, and National magazine design competitions. To be perfectly honest, I no longer enter local shows because it seems that the same people always win, even though there are quilts there that are more pleasing to the eye, and constructed/quilted better.

  90. Caryn S says:

    Yes, I have entered several local quilt shows over the years, but not sure about this year.

  91. Dayna Williamson says:

    No…I never have, It just never occured to me to even try. I love making my quilts and the prize is seeing the happy faces when someone gets one.

  92. Ann H says:

    Never in a big show. Just in local county fairs. I sure enjoy looking at them all. How energizing!

  93. Wendy T says:

    I have never entered a quilt in a show but donated one to an auction.

  94. Debra Stebbins says:

    Never entered a quilt show……..Not sure if I will ever be that quality….. Lots of pressure…..

  95. Bobette says:

    I have never entered a quilt in a show, big or small. I never thought I was perfect enough. However, I get so much satisfaction giving to others. They are so happy and they don’t know I made a mistake. It inspires me to make more!

  96. Barbara says:

    Never have, don’t think I ever will!

  97. sandi mckell says:

    I had a show if 25 quilts hanging at Handiwuilter’s headquarters. I guess that counts.

  98. Mary Kastner says:

    Yes, I did several years ago one time and did well but none since that time. it was good for me to do it but I don’t belong to a guild now and probably won’t do it again. It was a good experience at the time.


  99. Doris Matousek says:

    Never entered a quilt show. Too chicken to do it.

  100. Kim says:

    I have never entered a quilt. Maybe someday! I did get to see your booth yesterday at Road and got to meet and talk with Mary and Barb who are delightful ladies!!!

  101. Barbara Knappenberger says:

    Yes, I’ve entered 2 quilts at different times. I didn’t win but did get better marks the second time around. If you want to know what judges are looking
    for in a winning quilt, ask to be a scribe for them during a show. You will write down their comments and critiques. It’s very informative.

  102. Terri Estes says:

    I’ve never entered a quilt in a show. Had a wonderful time yesterday at Road to California, the quilts were beautiful! I really enjoyed the demo with Barb and Mary and the Cake Mix demo!

  103. Susan Stanton says:

    Yes, I’ve entered some quilts in our local show! It was a lot of fun and a good experience!

  104. Barbara Yoder says:

    Whereas I really love making quilts and wall hangings for family and friends and I try very hard to make each of them as nice as I can, I would never put myself through the stress of trying to make something so perfect it could withstand the scrutiny of expert judges. I’m happy to make those I love happy with gifts from me to them, made with love.

  105. Susanne Rogers says:

    Never have entered, but love looking at others!

  106. Sally says:

    I’ve never entered a show myself, though several of my quilting customers have entered shows with quilts I quilted.

  107. Ashley says:

    I’ve never entered a show but would love to someday!

  108. Lisa Marie says:

    There used to be a local show near me that got top notch judges and attracted many entries. I entered many quilts in that show over several years. One thing I really liked was the feedback from each year’s judge — I learned what I was doing well and what I needed to work on, and now I am a better quiltmaker because of it.

  109. Colleen C. Yarnell says:

    In the 90s I used to love to enter the challenge quilt category of the Durham Orange Quilters in NC. Ive entered in my Local Forsyth Piecers and Quilters inNC too. My favorite was having a quilt accecpted into the first QuiltCon

  110. Dortha says:

    I have never entered a quilt in a show. I do love going and seeing the quilts and shopping. Love going to the Moda booth.

  111. Twyla says:

    I’ve entered a couple but always very apprehensive of what people will think and say. I love looking at others quilts and see what peeks my interest!

  112. Sally Christiansen says:

    I have not entered a quilt in a quilt show but entered one in our county fair and was very disappointed as I had points taken away because I did not use quilting cotton I used seersucker as i wanted a summery quilt. It was a pinwheel quilt that I put buttons in the center of the pinwheels and had in the explanation that they were buttons from my Grandmother and I was docked because they were not the same size.

  113. Darlene B says:

    I’ve only entered quilts in my guild’s show…not a real judged show.

  114. Mary Ann says:

    I have never entered a quilt show but I just might enter our local guilds show in October!

  115. Bernice Janssen says:

    Never entered a quilt in a show but I so love to go to one to see them!

  116. Mutti says:

    Yes, I have entered quilts in shows but nothing recently. I should do it again!

  117. Pat Draa says:

    I have never entered a quilt in a show. I enjoy attending them!

  118. Ginny Worden says:

    Yes, in a small town show, many years ago.It was interesting and fun.

  119. Dora Scheer says:

    Frankly, it’s been decades since I’ve entered a quilt in a show. The non-quilting portion of my life is still a bit hectic for entering shows.

  120. Stephanie Woodward says:

    Yes, several times. It’s fun and you always learn how to do it better.

  121. Cheryl says:

    Ive eventered at ou county fair several years ago.

  122. Penny says:

    I’ve not entered in a regular u large quilt show, but have entered quilts in our county fair.

  123. nanreflections says:

    I’ve never entered a quilt in a contest, but I suppose I will get the nerve someday.

  124. Mary Val says:

    Yes I have, though not in several years.
    Have entered 3 quilts in different shows in the past. I love the feedback from the judges.

  125. Linda says:

    No I haven’t! Most of my quilting is done for Charity! Thank You for your posts+a neat Giveaway too!

  126. Judy says:

    No but I would like to

  127. Carolyn Sands says:

    Yes, just at mt local guild quilt show.

  128. Luann says:

    No. I have not. Fairly new at quilting. Would love to enter one some day. That is a beautiful quilt!

  129. Dorothy E Paulk says:

    This begins my 3rd year of quilting and I practice with my children and grandchildren as recipients of my learning curves. Since my curve is relatively short, I have not had the confidence to even contemplate entering a quilt.

  130. Patty B. says:

    Yes I have entered quilts in our local quilt guilds festival, and also at the State Fair held in our town. I like people to enjoy the talents of others and also to get inspiration for future projects for myself.

  131. Sharon P says:

    I have not entered a quilt in a show, but have attended many.

  132. Kirsten says:

    I haven’t yet entered a quilt in a show but maybe this year I should!

  133. Jessica Rampelburg says:

    Never, but what an amazing goal!

  134. Mary says:

    Yes, guild shows but not ROAD. Wasn’t the rain crazy – what about that song, “It never rains in sunny California…

  135. Susan Y. says:

    No. But never say never.

  136. Karen in Texas says:

    Yes, many shows and I have ribbons to prove it.

  137. Karen says:

    Entered 2 quilts in State Fair. Learned from the comments the judges made.

  138. EllenB says:

    Not yet – I’ve just recently gotten up the nerve to actually have something for show and tell at guild!

  139. Sandy D says:

    No as much as I would like to be good enough to have a Quilt in a show I have not.

  140. Debra Grantham says:

    I have never entered a quilt in a show. I find I love fabric and have a hard time cutting it to begin!

  141. Joyce says:

    I have entered a local guild quilt show. I have not entered a judged show. Thanks for the opportunity!

  142. JudyBL says:

    I entered several years ago (non-judged) and will be entering a quilt for judging this year.

  143. kris says:

    I have tried to enter by didn’t get in. I am too scared to try it again.

  144. Toni Anne Potter says:

    Never. I quilt for pleasure, I quilt to show my love and give of myself.

  145. Janie M says:

    I am a chicken.

  146. Sharon says:

    Yes I have – most just for display, some that were judged, but never a juried.

  147. Christine says:

    Yes, I have. I’ve always let my oldest son scan out the show first. Then he would tell me the results of my entry. It was a great surprise.

  148. Jane Brown says:

    Yes, 4 shows. Three were juried, the fourth was not. I’m getting Leary of entering though because of the latest rash of stolen quilts.

  149. Alice says:

    I have thought about it, but chickened out. Road is such a good show. I hope the Moda team is having fun!

  150. Karen Sikes says:

    No I haven’t, but I have ladies in my quilt guild that have and they have won ribbons. Maybe one day!

  151. Tina Jeo says:

    I have not. But it looks fun

  152. caroline rohrer says:

    I have only entered one quilt show so far. fun learning experience. I will enter again when I have the right quilt made.

  153. Lona Haussman says:

    No, I haven’t yet. I’m fairly new to pieced quilts and being in a small town there aren’t many opportunities. Maybe our local fair next fall though!

  154. Kathy says:

    No, have never entered.

  155. ruthquilts55 says:

    Yes. I’ve entered everything from guild challenges to guild show, county and state fairs, national and international venues. I’ve won my share of ribbons. Had to quit shows when my business really took off about 15 years ago and time was short on everything. Now I’m retired, I’m b-a-a-c-k…

  156. Carolyn says:

    Yes, I have entered a few times at the Fresno County Fair. Have won a few ribbons, but never 1st.

  157. Diana W says:

    I have entered several quilt shows as well as the State Fair of Texas. I don’t enter as often as I used to since a lot of the quilts I make are for giving away but She will enter again it is always a learning experience.

  158. Carol San Diego says:

    Nope-never entered one. I wouldn’t like anyone looking too closely at my work!!

  159. Jill Meador says:

    I have never entered a quilt in a show. Did donate one for a church festivals silent auction.

  160. Lynne says:

    I’ve never entered a quilt show.

  161. Karen Hootman says:

    I haven’t ever entered a quilt show.

  162. Kristi says:

    I have entered quilts in quilt shows but usually not judged shows. I don’t need that kind of stress; I quilt for fun.

  163. Sharon says:

    I entered our local quilt guild show. I won 1st place for one and an honorable mention for the second. It was fun to see all the quilts that the members made. It is a great learning experience. Now I make quilts for family, friends and donations for charities, etc. No pressure now, just enjoyment.

  164. Nancy says:

    I have! But just our local quilt guild. No judging or prizes – just sharing our efforts with each other and our community.

  165. Jennifer French says:

    I have displayed some of my quilts at my local library but I have never had the courage to enter one in a show.

  166. Eileen Maher says:

    I never have entered a quilt in a show, but maybe someday……

  167. Colleen C. says:

    Yes, I have entered one quilt in one show. It was fun.

  168. Margaret Dugaw says:

    Yes, I have entered a show; you can tell exactly what kind of quilts the judges prefer from what they choose for winners.

  169. Melissa Ryther says:

    I’ve had my quilts hang in a few shows but never to be judged. I’m working up my courage!

  170. Leigh Ann Prange says:

    I entered things back in Minnesota and one got an award in the miniature category! But since I haven’t done it again. I do love quilt market and retreats!!

  171. Marsha says:

    Yes. We have a very nice semiannual quilt show in Wichita, Kansas. I’ve had a few judged and it is a great learning experience.

  172. Anne says:

    Yes, but it wasnt juried, so I am not completely sure that counts!

  173. Renie Morin says:

    Only my local quilt guild’s show..

  174. Elke Scharmer says:

    I am from Germany. No quilt shows nearby.

  175. Jacque Leibfried says:

    One of our local libraries holds an annual event and I usually enter one or two quilts.

  176. Debbie says:

    I have only entered in a very small quilt guild show, but I do love looking at all the amazing quilts in the big shows.

  177. Margaret says:

    I’ve never entered a quilt in a show. Maybe someday . . .

  178. Cindy Smith says:

    I have never entered but sure like to attend!!

  179. Becky says:

    Never entered a quilt in a show. Don’t think I ever will…..

  180. Cherri Kincaid says:

    Yes! I have one currently traveling with the Hoffman Challenge.

  181. Four dogs and one quilter says:

    Not yet but someday.

  182. Sherry E. Riggs says:

    Does the county fair count?

  183. Susan says:

    Never, but I enjoy going to them! Thanks for the chance to win a lovely giveaway – I’d love to try that new Dresdan ruler too!

  184. Pat says:

    Only in local shows and not for judging. I love to go to state and local shows.

  185. Beth ByersSmall says:

    I have not but I’m sure glad other do because I enjoy looking at them.

  186. I have never entered a quilt in a show or competition. I don’t think my nerves could handle the stress. 🙂

  187. Becky says:

    I’ve never entered a quilt show but sent a block to the contest for the Lady Astronaut quilts and mine was selected to be in the main quilt! What a surprise when my friend and I found it on the top row!
    Might do a show quilt when I finish the list of sons, daughters and others who are getting quilts.

  188. Deb F says:

    I’ve only entered a block in a guild challenge (and won), I just have not had the courage to enter a quilt in a show. Everyone enters such lovely items and I so enjoy looking and getting ideas.

  189. Lori O. says:

    I have not entered a quilt in a show, but I love looking at them all!!

  190. Linda H says:

    I have not but people tell me I should … just not enough confidence, I guess. LOVE going to quilt shows and appreciating all the work and effort that people put into their quilts. NON-quilters might not have an appreciation of the work, time and money invested in each quilt … I certainly do! Good topic!!

  191. JanetF says:

    I’ve only entered in my local guild show, and even with that, just once. Headed to Road tomorrow and will be at the Moda booth for sure!

  192. Karen P says:

    I have entered quilts in a show but never to be judged. Just love attending quilt shows to see the wide variety of quilts displayed.

  193. Karen Watkins says:

    I have never entered a quilt show. I love to go to them , though.

  194. No never entered a quilt in a show.

  195. JennyM says:

    I’ve never entered a quilt show. I attended my first local show last Fall. So inspiring!

  196. Marilyn says:

    Yes I did muster up the courage last fall and entered one. What a wonderful prize, thanks for the opportunity

  197. Judy Sigsworth says:

    I enter quilts each year in my local guild’s show, but its not the same. Entering a quilt in a big show…and having it accepted is on my bucket list of things to do! I love going to quilt shows to see the exquisite work done by others, and the vendors. of course!

  198. apylinski says:

    Wish I could attend the quilt show. No never have entered a quilt in a show.

  199. Betty says:

    I have entered and been accepted in the International Quilt Festival and my local ones. It is a good thing.

  200. Barbara says:

    I have never put any of my quilts in a show but my mother-in-law had a quilt shop and I made shop samples to help her sale patterns so my quilts have been displayed!

  201. Terri Mc says:

    Not yet!

  202. Pam Losely says:

    I entered a juried show and got in. Very exciting.
    It was wonderful seeing my quilt up on the wall.

  203. Loris Mills says:

    I entered a small show at a quilt store 🙂 And some of the quilts I have quilted for others have been in quilt shows but I’m still behind in this effort. Maybe someday!

  204. karen says:

    i haven’t entered a quilt show in years. i entered quilt shows in Salt Lake City and in a guild i belonged to years ago and i must say i did quite well . it was great having your creations critiqued by people you don’t know.

  205. Nancy says:

    I have only put a small number of quilts into our local quilt guild show. Someday, I might try to put one into the Vt. Quilt Festival. We go up there every year and it’s a lovely experience.

  206. Shelly Nelson says:

    No but I love going and admiring the beautiful work.

  207. KayB says:

    Yes, I have entered a few shows. Sometimes I get in, sometimes I don’t. After all the time and hard work it takes to make a quilt, I like to be able to share the finished product.

  208. Robbin says:

    No, now that would be way out of my box. I do love to attend quilt shows though. Thanks!

  209. Tracy H says:

    No I never have.

  210. kathy says:

    some day…………

  211. Sarah Maseth says:

    Yes-last Year I entered two shows. The encouragement from my guild helped me to see that I could. So in 2016 I entered in two shows! I agree with other posts of not feeling “ready” but you are where you are in your journey of quilting. You have a story and so does your quilt. The satisfaction from seein your own work completed and hung is a huge start. Just go for it!!! (Shows I entered: Lincoln Modern Quilt Guild Exhibit Feb 2016 and Lancaster County Fair 2016 – blue ribbon to my surprise!) So you never know until you try! Find a friend who has entered and ask for help.

  212. Bonnie H says:

    I have never even been to a quilt show, much less enter a quilt, but it looks like I am sure missing out on fun!

  213. Linda says:

    I entered a quit in a show once. The one I entered was an antique quilt that my grandmother had made in the 30’s or 40’s. It actually got a ribbon.

  214. Sue Payne says:

    I entered a quilt in my quilt guild’s show a few years ago

  215. Maggie Kriz says:

    No, not yet. Still getting up my courage!

  216. Mildred Plaskett says:

    I’ve never entered a quilt show, but enjoy going to the shows. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  217. I’ve entered a few. I was thrilled when the second one I ever entered won a Viewer’s Choice ribbon!

  218. Shay Riddle says:

    I’m a new quilter and have a long way to go before entering any quilt show. I do love looking at all the amazing quilts these talented ladies enter.

  219. I have entered many quilts in our local quilt guild biannual shows–no prizes (a few ribbons!) but it’s fun to show off what I’ve made.

  220. Maria Zook says:

    I had a quilt in a show sponsored by a local quilt shop. There was no judging involved-just sharing our work so there was no stress.

  221. Donna says:

    Never… Maybe some day.

  222. Shasta says:

    No, I haven’t entered a quilt in a quilt show, but I did submit one to an art showing where there was no judging involved.

  223. eggits says:

    Thank you Moda for this opportunity! No, I have not entered into a quilt show – I am still improving my skill just by working daily and going to Quilt Shows to see perfection…

  224. Ohnororo says:

    No, don’t feel like my work is that spectacular. I see so much better in my guild. Maybe someday.

  225. Angela Bowling says:

    The quilt guild that I belong to has a quilt show every March. It is called Quilters Day Out (QDO). I made a Kentucky Derby wallhanging last summer and I think I will enter it this year. I love to go to be able to see a lot of vendors in one place.

  226. Judy says:

    I have not entered a quilt in a show. I enjoy going to quilt shows and getting new ideas. There are some very creative and talented quilters out there! Thank you for offering the give away!

  227. Ronda says:

    I have entered quilts in our local guild show every other year and have won ribbons every time! It still surprises me. The first time I entered quilts in our show, I told my friends that I wasn’t going to have them judged, but they talked me into it. I won ribbons on every quilt I entered. I’m still intimidated by the thought of being judged.

  228. Marilyn S. says:

    I have never entered a quilt show. Thank you for a chance to win!

  229. Lisa G Boyer says:

    Yes, I have, but I make sure not to enter any judged shows. I like “exhibits” better.

  230. Jean says:

    I am still fairly new at quilting, so no where near the skills and artistry of show quilts–but I love to go to them. The artistry and skills on display are amazing!

  231. I’ve tried to enter twice but sadly my quilt wasn’t accepted. I’ll keep trying!

  232. Lynda H says:

    I would never think of entering a quilt in a show – I send mine out to a longarmer

  233. Lana K says:

    No, I’m still a bit of a newbie to quilting. But, I went to my first quilt show in Houston last fall. Oh….my….so many talented people and their beautiful quilts!

  234. chanzy01 says:

    No I haven’t but I think this is going to be the year that I do.

  235. Helen Davalos says:

    Yes, once at the SD Quilt Show

  236. Pat Hergert says:

    It’s a bucket list item to have a quilt in a show – not there yet but working on it! Carrie, if you can, visit the booth of Circa 15 from Kirkland Washington. they are a fairly new shop that is turning this area on it’s ear! wonderful fabric choices and a very friendly place for quilters.

  237. I’ve entered twice and it was both odd and nice to see my quilt hanging with the others!

  238. Clara says:

    Yes, I have. I used a mini quilt pattern from Me and My Sister Designs and some of their Hi Di Ho fabric. No ribbon but it was good to see my quilt with the other minis. Thanks for a chance in the giveaway.

  239. hsthomas says:

    I’ve been told it’s a great way to make your quilt better. But I haven’t got up the nerve to do it!

  240. Pam B. says:

    Nope and doubt I ever will. I quilt for the love of it and give 99% of them away as gifts or love quilts for those fighting an illness. Sure do admire others’ talent though!

  241. Sandy Allen says:

    No, I haven’t entered a quilt in a show. Doubt that I ever will, either, unless I join a guild and it is in their show. 🙂

  242. Jo Anne Hawks says:

    I entered once in HMQS before I knew anything about it. Not my finest hour. I entered a county fair once and did well. I entered our state guild quilt show as a novice and won a blue ribbon.

  243. Pauline Doenges says:

    I entered my first Quilt show last April and was thrilled to win Best in Show! I usually make quilts as gifts for family & friends to mark special occasions. I encourage everyone to enter a show and share your quilts, learn from quilters around you and always be proud of your work.

  244. Debby Dodds says:

    Not yet….. skills to learn, skills to learn before taking that step!

  245. Little Quiltsong says:

    No, never have. I only sew for fun – no pressure – right!?! 🙂

  246. Judy says:

    No, I have never entered a quilt into a show.

  247. sunny says:

    No, I haven’t entered, but I sure enjoy the works of those who do enter.

  248. Marion says:

    no, I’m trying to get the nerve to bring my stuff to the new guild I’m joining 🙂 #fairlynewatthis

  249. Nicole M says:

    Never entered a big quilt show. Love seeing other’s quilts and love making my own.

  250. Terrie says:

    no, still not brave enough

  251. Patty says:

    I have entered quilts into small quilt shows given by a guild I belong to, but never to a large event. I love going to shows to see everyone’s work.

  252. Nancy Stone says:

    never. I make by quilts for my enjoyment of the process, not to be judged.

  253. Gale says:

    I entered once and won viewers choice. However sewing for pleasure is really my thing.

  254. marcella says:

    I have entered both local and national shows but it’s been a few years since I’ve done it.

  255. Terri VandenBosch says:

    Yes–some have even won ribbons–but that is not the main reason to enter–if no one entered quilts into a show–how would the rest of us have a Quilt Show to go to!! Enter your quilts–either in your local quilt shop or guild–or take the risk and go for a national show–you never know if you don’t try!!!

  256. Karen M says:

    I have never entered a quilt show. I think I would like to, but I have no idea how to find out about entering. I see information about shows, but that is too late to enter.

  257. Carla says:

    No, never have entered a quilt. I don’t see myself ever doing this – afraid it would create way too much stress for me knowing others would be judging my work.

  258. Michelle says:

    Just started quilting, so no not yet.

  259. Susan J. says:

    Never entered one, but have been to many shows. Guess I need to muster up the courage and just do it!!

  260. Deb G. in VA says:

    I’ve never entered a quilt in a show, but dream about doing it someday.

  261. Carol Kuse says:

    Yes I have entered quilts in shows.

  262. sheri says:

    Yes, I have quite a few times and it’s fun to see them hanging there when you go to the show!

  263. Jen B says:

    No, I haven’t. I don’t think I would if my quilt would be judged.

  264. sheri says:

    yes, also I did go to the Road to CA show and the Moda booth and also no one was selling the cake mixes papers that you are showing!!

  265. Kim Kingston-Durgin says:

    No, I haven’t.

  266. Mom C says:

    Never have officially. I do think about entering a quilt in our local fair but then I make a mistake in the quilting and say, “maybe next time, this is a practice quilt”. I’ve made lots of practice quilts! Thanks.

  267. Fran Anderson says:

    Yes- twice – once for fun and once for judging

  268. Maren A. says:

    I never have because I’ve always been too big of a chicken to do so.

  269. Judyk says:

    No I haven’t entered a show. I think it would take the fun out of quilting for me.

  270. dondim says:

    Never. My quilts sit mostly on other people’s beds. I so appreciate sewing others’ quilts!

  271. Janice says:

    No, I’ve never entered a quilt show. I’m just a beginner.

  272. Ellie says:

    No… I’m just a chicken

  273. Sandy N says:

    I have entered quilts in a quilt show. I have entered my local show as well as PIQF. Always a learning experience. Thanks!

  274. Barb Barker says:

    Each year I try to enter in the Tater Toot Quilt Show in Almond, Wisconsin. It is a great small town quilt show and event!

  275. I enter quilts every year in our local quilt show called Best of the Valley (in the central valley in California). I’d call it a regional type show. I don’t care if I get ribbons or not, it’s just fun to share my quilts to people other than my husband. Plus I always love to see what the judges have to say.

  276. Joyce says:

    Not yet, but I have one I will be entering this year.

  277. Patty Cottingham says:

    No, have never entered a quilt in a quilt show. But I have entered many, many quilts shows and admired the quilts. Also enjoyed shopping at all the vendor booths!

  278. Ellen Keen says:

    Not yet, but I hope to this year!
    Also, loved visiting the Moda booth at Road to California and meeting Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister!

  279. Patty Archuleta says:

    I have entered in a local show sponsored by our quilt guild.

  280. J Miranda says:

    I’ve never entered a quilt in a show but would love to sometime.

  281. Kath S says:

    No, I’ve not entered a quilt in a quilt show. Given I’m just beginning my quilting adventure, it may be a long time before I’d even consider it.

  282. No, I have never entered one of my quilts in a quilt show, I would like to do so one day, though.
    What a thrill that woukd be. I love rainy days, and the Rainy Days fabric would be a nice treat. Thanks for the chance to win fabric — I don’t have enough!!

  283. Wendy B says:

    I have, but just our local quilt shows…it was such fun seeing them up and being admired! thanks so much for the chance to win some Rainy Days…it’s so cute!

  284. Jo Ann says:

    In the past I have entered quilt shows. Love to attend them and see all the unique work and time put into quilts.

  285. Vicky. says:

    One quilt was accepted into Nashville and then Road. Totally positive critiques at the first show and totally negative on the second. 😉 I’m so not a competition quilter but it was fun seeing my quilting hanging and listening to the comments of the quilters looking at it at the show. I think everyone should do it at least once!

  286. Kathy McLaughlin says:


  287. Nora Fusco says:

    Yes! But only at my own Guild’s quilt shows….

  288. Siobhan says:

    Yes, but only for display by my guild. My hubby wants me to enter a quilt in the County fair… I have a couple of quilts I’m feeling braver about entering.

  289. Flicsha Allen says:

    Yes I have I have got ribbons and placed in top 3 some times . It’s a great feeling to be validated in what you love and do.

  290. Patty says:

    Last year for our guild–one of my own and several in the group category–we each made one in our class together

  291. Patty says:

    Glad to see Moda had a booth there. Several manufacturers had booths at QuiltCon with demos–made it fun. Keep it up

  292. Janice McLaren says:

    I have not entered in a quilt show only at a couple local county fairs.

  293. Barbara Forde says:

    No…too chicken!

  294. Judy T says:

    Not in any judged show….Just in our local guild show

  295. Debby A. says:

    Yes, I have shown in our local quilt guild shows.

  296. Dyanne Cox says:

    Yes, I have entered quilts for Best of the Valley quilt show

  297. Brandy Brown says:

    I just entered my first show last year. I loved seeing my quilts hanging for others to see!

  298. Ann in NC says:

    I enter my local guild show. It is exciting to see your quilt hanging with others! It also helps me FINISH things!

  299. Pat Shirani says:

    I am still a rookie quilter, and feel I need to polish my skills before putting my work out there.

  300. Debbie Huber says:

    I entered a quilt in the state fair, but not a quilt show. That will be changing in April when i put a quilt in my guild’s quilt show.

  301. Polly Monica says:

    No, I never have entered a quilt in a show. My friends always nag me about that, but I don’t make quilts for that reason. My quilts are my bliss…not for display in a show!

  302. Gunilla Fjellander says:

    Never. But I’d love to.

  303. j5girl says:

    Not yet but I have one I’m trying to finish for this year.

  304. Debra Ann Wilbourn says:

    No, too intimidated and it enough confidence.

  305. Susan C says:

    I’ve entered in our local show several times. The remarks from the judges have helped me improve as a quilter.

  306. Genevieve Caswell says:

    No, I’m not that good, maybe some day when I have a few more under my belt 🙂

  307. Sandra B says:

    No, never!! But it is something I would like to do…..someday….

  308. Amy Walter says:

    No, never.

  309. Darlene H says:

    I have entered a local quilt show and won 2nd place.

  310. Kay Hunzinger says:

    I’ve never entered a quilt show for judging, however I did display my Baltimore quilt with others in an Arizona state guild show. Kay H

  311. Janice Britz says:

    I have entered quilt shows and chaired our county fair quilt show-great fun!

  312. Gena Stewart says:

    Sad to say I have not.

  313. Yes I have but only once to be judged, it got 3rd place which made me very pleased 🙂 Usually I just enter the non-judged categories.

  314. Donna W says:

    I have entered quilts into my local guild’s quilt shows, but never to be judged.

  315. pam says:

    Yes, my little group and I have entered quilts that we all made from the same pattern — that were quite different. Hit the Moda booth at Road@CA and met Ducky and the me and my sister girls. A delight!

  316. One, but it was not just a quilt show but a small fall fair. It won a blue ribbon, It was my first quilt finish and I really did not know a lot about quilting (apparently neither did the judges) so I was thrilled. I have not worked up the nerve to try again.

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