Deb Strain: One of Moda’s “Vintage” Designers

Me at MarketIn 2015, when Moda was celebrating its 40th anniversary, we wrote about the company’s “oldest” designers, Sandy Gervais and Jan Patek. That description refers not to Sandy’s and Jan’s ages, but to their years as Moda designers. Deb Strain, Moda’s third “oldest” designer, has come up with a kinder, gentler moniker. “We’re the vintage girls,” she says.

Sew Noted Quilting Notecards

Deb’s new Sew Noted cards for quilters. Moda “discovered” Deb at Quilt Market, when she and her husband were selling their Saltbox cards.

In the years since Deb signed her first contract with Moda (she’s still got the one-page document, dated March 5, 1996), she’s designed around 85 collections. They include a Christmas line and a Halloween or autumn-themed line each year: her most recent line, Bee Creative, features some of the flora and fauna that inspire her.

Version 2

Deb’s seven-year-old twin grandsons live next door.

Until recently, Deb was surrounded by that flora and fauna—she and her husband Scott lived on twenty acres in a house they’d shared for 20 years. But the possibility of living next door to their twin grandsons proved too tempting to resist, and Deb and Scott moved an hour-and-a-half south to live next door to their daughter Arrin and her family. Now the boys, who are seven, come to their grandparents’ house after school. “It’s my hour-and-a-half break,” says Deb of the afternoons the boys spend with them. “They’re here a lot and I get my hugs every day, and if I don’t I go next door and get ‘em.Version 2

The move from a house where they’d spent 20 years required that Deb and Scott do some downsizing. “It was challenging, but we simplified and it feels good,” she says. They designed the new house to include a studio that encompasses the entire second floor, with lots of windows and a balcony that overlooks the interior so she can check in on the household’s comings and goings. “I’m up here a lot and I love it,” she says.

Version 2

Light from the many windows in Deb’s new studio illuminates her artwork.

Moda is not the only company to appreciate Deb’s images. Her paintings and illustrations appear on calendars, coloring books, ornaments and figurines, garden flags, coasters, and pillows. She and Scott recently produced a line of greeting cards for quilters called Sew Noted, which they sell through their Saltbox Wholesale company. Deb revels in the opportunity all these items provide for her to create. “I just love pattern and color—designing and painting are my world,” she says. “My dad says I’ll be buried with paintbrushes in my hand.”

My 3 2018 Calendars from Legacy Publishing

Deb’s three 2018 calendars

Version 2

Coloring books featuring illustrations by Deb.

Inspiration for her work comes from nature and she follows color and fashion trends. Travel is also important for fortifying her reservoir of creativity. She and Scott try to take a trip out of the country annually and have been to Thailand, where they rode mopeds and elephants, and to European countries including Germany, Switzerland, and Austria to visit the Christmas markets. Next up is Barcelona, Spain. “The color, the architecture, it all serves as inspiration,” says Deb.

Version 2

Deb and her husband Scott rode elephants in Thailand. The sights and sounds of her travels provide Deb with inspiration her illustrations.

Deb’s travels also take her to see her other children—she has a daughter in New York City and a son in Portland, Oregon—and she’s grateful her work is portable. “I’ve painted in many hotel rooms and drawn on airplanes—as long as I have my stuff I can work anywhere,” she says. She doesn’t use a computer when creating her Moda designs, but instead draws and paints each piece in the fabric line. “Once I get the colors and theme I start painting different coordinates,” she says. “I love laying them out and watching the collection grow.”

Version 2

A sketch for the Bee Inspired panel

Version 2

Painted Bee Inspired panel

Version 2

A sketch for a coordinate fabric, pre-painting

Deb is grateful for her nearly 21 years of designing for Moda and for the opportunities it’s provided. Together with her daughters Arrin Turnmire and Katie Strain she designed a children’s line, Grow with Me, and before life with twins got too busy, her daughter Arrin had her own Moda lines, Little Things. “It’s been such a blessing in our lives and in our children’s lives, and so much fun to watch Moda grow from the early stages,” says Deb. “Their success is so well deserved and we’ve met so many great people—the designers, new and old, are just wonderful. It’s a kind-hearted industry and I’m so fortunate to be a part of it.”

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21 comments on “Deb Strain: One of Moda’s “Vintage” Designers

  1. It was so nice to read this and get to know Deb more on a personal level. I admire her work, and I personally think she is a very generous and sweet lady! Years ago I was reading her blog (I don’t read a lot of blogs much anymore), and she had posted a picture of a neat Amish panel she had designed for a local store. I commented on how much I loved it, and if she had any extras for sale. She personally contacted me through email, and sent me one as a gift! Deb has a special place in my heart, and I try to not only buy her fabric lines, but also her new calendar that she designs most every year! 🙂

  2. Sue Winn says:

    In awe of her amazing talents.

  3. JAN patek says:

    A truly wonderful person as well as a great designer. I love the word vintage – speaking as one

  4. Alice Woodhull says:

    Deb is a personal friend. I love to hear her annual presentations to our sewing guild. Also if I hear she’s making a presentation close to me I try to get there to see her. She is truly one of a kind.

  5. Cheryl Haro says:

    I loved this article and I love her new line, Bee Inspired. I especially love the yellow and grey color choices.

  6. Peg Aront says:

    What a nice story. I like hearing about the designers and what they’re all about!

  7. Deb is one of the sweetest woman I know. It shows in the designs too.

  8. Kathy Luehrs says:

    Love Deb Strain, met her at a truck show she is super nice and so very talented.

  9. Jeanne says:

    I love stories that show each designers process! I am in awe of their amazing gifts. Thank you for this great article!!

  10. Millie says:

    Love the “Bee Inspired” line! Several months ago, in the beginning stages of grief and healing after a family crisis interrupted life like an earthquake, I made a wall hanging with a collection of “Bee Inspired” fabrics because the words encouraged me as I stitched. Last week, a freak accident left me with one shattered kneecap and a shiny new walker that will be my constant companion for the next couple of months. I used my “Bee Inspired” scraps and vintage buttons to make a tote bag, key fob and embellishments for a bicycle bell to attach to the walker, transforming it from a reminder of misfortune to an inspiring instrument of healing. Creativity is the best medicine. Thank you Deb Strain and Moda for producing the raw materials I need to turn setbacks into paths that keep me moving forward and living in joy.

  11. Doris Matousek says:

    Please, more stories like this! The personal pix were charming. Love the “Bee Inspired” line – such soft colors and graceful designs.

  12. dondim says:

    What a great blog today! I loved reading this. We really more people like Deb in the world, spreading their cheer and happiness! Thank you for sharing this.

  13. quiltingholliday says:

    Loved reading about the delightful & oh so talented Deb Strain! I especially love her fabric designs & wonderful calendars! I agree w/ previous comments that we need more people like Deb Strain to make the world better & more beautiful, kinder & gentle during these confusing & harsh times!

  14. Julie Emmert says:

    I have known Deb since we were in grade school together. She is one of the most generous, authentic, kind, and of course talented, person I have ever met!

  15. Sue Brown says:

    As a friend of Deb’s parents, I watched her grow up. She is an authentic and beautiful young woman with talent galore and modest to a fault. Thank you for this article, I’m sure her parents are bursting with pride right now. Bud and Linda, you did a good job!

  16. Thank you Linzee for sharing this portrait of a great Moda artist. So enjoyable to read, as are all your writings

  17. Judy Meyer says:

    Deb is amazingly talented and totally down to earth and humble.

  18. Helen says:

    Lovely to hear about this talented lady. Great article as always

  19. Barbara says:

    Great article. We recently had Deb speak at our guild meeting and all were inspired by her talent. A truly lovely lady! Love her “Bee” fabric line.

  20. Helen LeBrett says:

    great article: I loved reading about her and her life and artwork. I have her Bee line and love it’s designs.

  21. Debbie Maddy says:

    I love reading about the lives behind the scenes. Deb is such a dear person and very talented artist.

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