M O D A M O D A M O D A…


The official group Designer picture with Moda Mark Dunn, Director of Design Cheryl Freydburg, the awesome Jamie Chupik and the ladies who design the fabric that Moda Fabrics printed on the selvage…

And a little video with some pre-official group Designer picture fun…


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4 comments on “M O D A M O D A M O D A…

  1. Bobette says:

    How fun is this? I want to work here too!

  2. Mary Andra says:

    The best Fabric Company. With the best designers. With the best staff by far. Thanking all of you for making my market spectacular.

  3. Sue H says:

    How fun!!! Silly Joanna!!!!

  4. Muy útil el post !! me los apunto para seguirles la pista

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