El fin de semana…

Sí, puedo hablar un poco de español

Happy Friday!

It really is the end of the week and I’ll have lots to share with you next week – like all about the debut collections from the new designers at Spring Quilt Market, some of what’s coming in the next few months, maybe some of my weekend sewing and I don’t remember what else.

Today is fabric-related – this is what I’ve been sewing and finishing this past week.


This is now officially finished – my “Shamelessly Copying Jen Kingwell” quilt.  After falling in love with this quilt at Market last Fall and at QuiltCon, I became just a teeny tiny bit obsessed with making one just like it.  A few half-triangle squares later – 784 to be exact – it’s quilted, bound and washed.  And I’m even more in love with it now because I get to keep this one.  Thank you Jen for the inspiration!

The fabric is Jen’s Gardenvale collection, and the Bella Solids are Fog for the background and Maize for the sashing.  Jen will be including the pattern for this quilt in a book this Fall.

Market does that to me, I see something and never mind inspiration.  Try obsession.


The one on the right was first – Gardenvale.  You didn’t know I knew how to make yo-yos, did you?  Or prairie points!  The leg from an old-not-wearing-them-anymore pair of jeans is sewn across the bottom and the corners boxed.  A lining is made to the same size, with corners boxed the same way.  The lining can be quilted or not but definitely include a layer of something like Soft & Stable to help the bag stand up.  Leave an opening in the bottom of the lining, put one inside the other with right-sides together, stitch around the top, turn it right-side out and presto!  Oh, sew the opening in the bottom of the lining closed.

Just so you know, this works much better with “fat jeans” than “skinny jeans”.  Just saying.

I finished this quilt last weekend and then I hit the jackpot – I was able to get it quilted this week.


The fabric is the Jingle collection by Kate Spain and the pattern is Lollies by Thimbleblossoms.

The last thing to do today – and this week – is a little giveaway of some Market and Moda goodies…


A few of the pins we collected at Quilt Market, a few mini charm packs and charm packs, a complete set of the Sampler Block Shuffle cards handed out by the Moda designers in Minneapolis, a Moda keychain and a Moda/Make giveaway bag.

If you know us at all, you probably already know that this isn’t everything.  Because we love surprises, it’s a safe bet that the bag will include one or two things not pictured here.

So if the possibility of having this bag delivered to your house interests you… please leave a comment sharing something about yourself.  Anything.  Really.

E.g., If you’ve always wanted to attend Quilt Market – why would you like to go and what is it you’d like to see?  Are you sewing this weekend – if so, what?  If you’re not sewing this weekend – what are you doing?

Me?  I’m sewing.  “Somebody” in the office “challenged” me to ‘fess-up to how many works-in-progress I’ve got right now so I should probably work on one of those… but I think I’m also going to start something new.  Or at least get it cut out.  (And my count is four.)

You’ve got until June 1st – or Midnight on Sunday, CST.

Have a terrific weekend!

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597 comments on “El fin de semana…

  1. Sophia James says:

    I’m a beginner quilter and I love it!

  2. Polly Monica says:

    I would LOVE to go to quilt market someday and meet all you talented ladies that inspire me to quilt every day!! Thank you for sharing your photos and stories!!

  3. Brenda Travis says:

    I would love to go to a quilt market just to feel like I was “hob nobbing” with the best people in the world. I wouldn’t know what to say to anyone outside of ‘HI”. I would feel very very intimated but…. the experience would be fantastic.

    Brenda Travis

  4. Janice Ringer says:

    Sewing is my therapy! If I am feeling down, I know I am not getting enough time to sew. Love the blog and definitely will try the Jean catch all’s.

  5. Marsha B says:

    I will be finishing up a mystery quilt this week end. I’ m challenged because the border has bias edges. Wish me luck

  6. Ginger Mirenda says:

    Always wanted to try a Cathedral Windows quilt and finally started one this week! Will be handsewing this weekend.

  7. Quilt market is on my bucket list. Would love to soak up the atmosphere of the whole thing. I’m a Longarm quilter living in the UK. I would love to be sewing this weekend but I’m doing the next best thing and going on a surprise vacation with my sisters to Mexico!

  8. thothwife says:

    After a winter of making quilts for all my siblings I really thought I would be on the back porch reading in the nice weather. But, after seeing all the Quilt Market pic I am sewing instead. I am finding myself in love with the new patterns and fabric! thothwife@sbcglobal.net

  9. Sue Anderson says:

    Not much sewing this weekend. We are renovating our home, so I will be scraping popcorn ceilings and painting. I have a block of the month project going on, so if I have the time and energy, I will work on that.

  10. Terry Oler says:

    I’ve seen every day this year since March 1. Finished a few things, started too many more.

  11. Julie K says:

    I’ll be starting – and hopefully finishing – the 8 side blocks for this year’s BOM at our local quilt shop. I’m determined to stay caught up and get everything done before class in June!!

  12. Patty Archuleta says:

    I’m still addicted to English Paper Piecing. I figured I would have moved on to something else by now. It’s the perfect travel project.

  13. Susan Robers says:

    I’m always sewing and have a quilt or some other needle art going. This weekend, I will be completing the label for a quilt that I made for a new grand baby that arrived early. I would love to go to Quilt Market and see all the talented people and new items coming out. If I won your wonderful give a away, I’d be sew excited and thank you for the chance to win!!

  14. Shirley McIntyre says:

    I loved all the pictures from quilt market! I was a little overwhelmed just looking at them, can’t imagine seeing all of the pretties under one roof…..I would probably hyperventilate !!! I am organizing my sewing room this weekend…….again

  15. Pat S says:

    I’d love to go to Quilt Market to view the newest fabric lines and meet the designers – that would be so much fun! Plan on sewing this weekend – yay!

  16. Lisa Lehmann says:

    Loved all the updates from the market, wished there were more pictures because I couldn’t get enough!

  17. Chris says:

    This weekend I will try my new Featherweight and will sew my first mini quilt.

  18. Marian A says:

    I have just re-discovered quilting! have not sewn in 30 years and am so excited and overwhelmed at the same time!

  19. Betty Tatum says:

    Attending a quilt market would be like traveling to an exotic place, a dream designation to see all the new fabrics and creative ideas…plus the designers. Always love seeing the photos from quilt market.

    I have a quilt top finished so must finish a quilt back for it this weekend since it is suppose to rain again [at least we aren’t flooding where we are located] … maybe it will happen. Enjoyed reading your blog to know someone else has multiple projects in progress at the same time.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. lucilledupuis says:

    I am moving my employer’s quilt shop to a new and improved location this week. We are slowed down by me discovering fabric I haven’t seen yet and needing to look rather than pack.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    I love to knit almost as much as I love to quilt.

  22. Miranda Rosa says:

    I’ve wanted to go to quilt market since I was 16! I’m 36! It’s killing me not going!

  23. Susan Jahncke says:

    I will spend much of the weekend at my daughter’s softball tournament. I have more than four WIP. Just can’t seem to finish them before getting distracted by something even more beautiful than the last. I will also try to get binding sewn on a baby quilt I made for my great niece.

  24. Diane Gill says:

    Hi Carrie, I am finishing up a small wallhanging this weekend. I have so many projects that are calling my name. If I stop eating, sleeping and walking my dogs, I might be able to get to all of them!

  25. Dawn Anderson says:

    No sewing this weekend, helping my son move to his new apartment. Hopefully a trip to a local quilt store on Sunday.

  26. Carolyn Sands says:

    Would love to go to market someday. My current obsession is collecting cheddar fabrics. In the process of making a log cabin quilt. Will be able to check that off my bucket list soon!!

  27. Jeanie says:

    Wonderful bag of goodies! Love it! I’ve never been to any kind of large quilt show and would be totally overwhelmed. Guess I’d get a floor map and start a plan….then try not to get distracted by all of the lovelies! No sewing this weekend….just yard work and church.

  28. Sharon Askew says:

    My something about me is really about you, Carrie. I smile when I see you have written a blog entry and my heart smiles while I’m reading. You may not have a job title but I know you are the perfect “voice of Moda”.

  29. Donna says:

    Would love to go to quilt market – maybe someday. Working on a tee shirt quilt for my son who just retired from the Army

  30. Donette Beimborn says:

    Love seeing all the new fabrics, I would have a hard time picking a favorite.

  31. Janet P says:

    I started a short vacation yesterday and knocked out 5 quilt backs. That brings the total that need to be quilted to 8. And I have at least that many other projects that need to be worked on. Isn’t that what a vacation is for? Monday I will start a mystery quilt project, lol!

  32. Jacque says:

    Thanks for the quick tut on the jean bucket/basket. This just might have to be on the to do list for this weekend. I have a quilting buddy coming in to sew all day tomorrow… love that.

  33. cynthia says:

    I’m working on the 1718 coverlet–it’s a challenge for me!

  34. Karen Seitz says:

    I am putting the finishing touches on a quilt that will be gifted at a graduation party on Sunday. I also hope to complete another quilt top this weekend that got pushed aside while I worked on the graduation quilt. Wish me luck!

  35. MaryAnn says:

    Sewing gives me time to relax and ponder things.

  36. Cathy Killiany says:

    Pick me! Pick me! I’ve got 11 grandchildren and am always looking for new goodies to introduce to them! You see….. They love sewing at Grandma’s! Lol!

  37. Alicia Key says:

    784 triangle squares???? but who’s counting, right? Which method did you use? Love your writing, Carrie, and just wish I were there with y’all. It must be fun, fun, fun everyday!

    • Carrie Nelson says:

      Triangle Paper! Specifically, the one by Primitive Gatherings in the 2″ finished size.

      Since I was using a Gardenvale Layer Cake, the best I was going to get was 3 squares across and 3 squares down. The PG paper is printed in a 3 x 5 grid that I trimmed to make a 3 x 3 and a 2 x 3. (I’ll use the 2 x 3 part for some other as-yet-unknown project.)

      There was a little bit of waste on the sides but I would have had that anyway so… it was the best way to make that many HTSs quickly. For that many HTSs, you’ll need a total of 43 LC squares… just saying. LOL

      • Rachel P. says:

        Well, that was a surprise reply. I’m in the process of cutting HST’s for a new quilt I’m making for our King Size bed. I have about 100 done, with just a “few” more to go. This will help tremendously. Thanks so much.

  38. Helen S. says:

    It would be grand to attend the Quilt Market with designers and fabrics and more ideas than I could make in a lifetime!! Weekend will include preparing a quilt project to work on while on short trip and packing.As far as works in progress, there are at least seven that need to be finished!

  39. Kim O'Donnell says:

    I totally enjoy your blog. Keeps me inspired. I call myself the lunch time quilter. I work from home and every day I grab a quick bite with the hubby and then sew. I also will get up and sew when frustrated on a work project. it’s a great release and I have lots of quilts to show for it. Now back to work!

  40. AJ says:

    I am new to quilting and just finished my second quilt as a graduation gift for my niece. The pattern was ambitious for a beginner but it turned out better than I ever imagined. Yay!

  41. Dorian says:

    I love reading market posts. Would truly love to go and see all the new fabrics in person. Just to be there and feel all the excitement and see all that inspiration. Thanks for the market posts and the lovely giveaway!

  42. Cathy Mc. says:

    I’m working on my first entirely hand-sewn, English paper pieced project now and I can see it will take forever! it is a pattern called La Passacaglia from a QuiltMania book by Willyne Hammerstein.

  43. Ruth says:

    I’m going to sew as much as possible this weekend–finishing the flimsy of a wedding quilt (lots of blacks with a little “wine” thrown in for a break from all that black) & sandwiching it to begin quilting. I checked IG about every 15 minutes during Quilt Market to see all the new pics!

  44. Mary Bryan says:

    I’ve been sewing and quilting since I was a child, thanks to a wonderful Mother and Grandmother.

  45. Julie B says:

    Great blog. Loved the recycled jeans project. I have a huge plastic tub filled with quilt tops ready to be sandwiched and quilted. I need to work on finishing one this weekend. Thanks for sharing and the chance to win.

  46. Maureen Murphy Boyd says:

    I love your blog! Of course I would love to go to quilt market, I would feel like Cinderella at the ball! Getting to see and touch all the new fabric, patterns and notions. Ahhhhh. This weekend I will be finishing up two pillow cases for charity, binding my daughters Daysail quilt and cutting the fabric for a sew together bag. Lots to do! Now though it is time to get ready for work. Have a great weekend.

  47. Gilda says:

    I would love to go to Market to meet the designers, see the new fabrics and what they have made. So much inspiration!

  48. Janice R says:

    I’ve been trying to destash a bit lately by sewing some quilts for a local children’s hospital. Thankfully, I know an amazing “like-minded/hearted” quilter who is qulting them for me. I have loved “going” to market by proxy, but it means that I will soon have even more fabric that will have to be de-stashed to good causes.

  49. Karen Ritter says:

    Love the charms and mini charms! I have been making scrappy stars with them, saving them in a basket until I have enough for the big quilt that I have in my head. Have really enjoyed seeing what it’s like inside Moda world. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  50. shirley says:

    Going to quilt market is like going to the best candy store. i could only dream of it. My gram was a applique quilter, and my mom was a tailor (cloths) type sewer. In 1998 i took up quilting, and now have a wall of fabric in plastic boxes. Love your designs and love your fabric.

  51. Christine Prager says:

    I would love to go to market. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. This weekend, I will be getting everything ready to go on a quilt retreat with 31 of my dear quilt guild friends. Life is good!

  52. Shawna G says:

    I love Moda! In my opinion, Moda fabrics are the best on the market. And as for all the Moda designers, they are the best!

  53. Jean says:

    I will be working on a couple quilts that Christmas gifts for my family. We celebrate Christmas in July since that is the time that we are all together.

  54. Sandy E-H says:

    I’ve had the chance to attend Quilt Market and found it to be overwhelming, exciting, inspiring and Awesome! I’m always trying to use my stash, but always NEED another piece to add to a project! Such a dilemma!

  55. CindyC says:

    I confess that I have at least 3 garments that are almost complete, 3, no 4, oops I mean 5 quilts that are in progress and fabric for 3 other projects on the bubble. That doesn’t include the leaders and enders pile that is started by my machine.

  56. joyce anderson says:

    Have been to market when inhad a quilt shop before i retired, there aren’t enough words to describe it. Wasvso much fun.

  57. Sharon Stein says:

    This week end I am working on a table runner and placemats for a shower for my new grand daughter -in-law. Want to get them finished. so I can get gback to the quilt I am doing for their wedding in August. I would be afraid to count how many UFOs I have to do!!!

  58. Betsy says:

    Todo esta muy bello, pero se dice el fin de semana

  59. Barbara Acchino says:

    On tap for this weekend….finishing a table runner gift for a friend’s birthday and starting a baby quilt for new great nephew.

  60. Janee Bell says:

    This weekend I am cleaning up the Moda fabric explosion that occurred in my sewing space while rushing to finish 2 retirement gift quilts. Finished on time, but call me the Jackson Pollack of fabric.

  61. Kim says:

    I’ve actually sewn a jean basket or two. Saw them on Pinterest and had some old jeans, so I had to make them. Yours are darling! I have so many projects in the works, I’m ashamed to tell you, but it’s because I there are so many ideas and inspirations bombarding me all the time! I will be sewing this weekend, first little quilted sunglasses cases, second an adorable pennant banner for our family reunion, and then doing some sewing for a friend. I’ve never been to a large quilt show, but I would love to go sometime just to get inspired and to buy fabric, of course!

  62. Susan Brown says:

    Your blog is great! You inspire me to add more things to my WIP pile. Thanks for the chance to win a Spring Market treat. So wish I could have been there.

  63. Jackie says:

    If only I had the credentials to go to market – I would love to go! I hope to get some sewing in this weekend but really need to trim 2 quilts and get them ready for binding – our local quilt show is in a couple of months and I plan to enter at least one of them. I think you have the dream job of any quilter – love Moda fabric – I would say over 75% of my stash is Moda!

  64. I so (sew?!) want to go to Quilt Market! I suspect that’s my confession.

  65. kwstrait says:

    Working on a king sized quilt for a friend, a scrap quilt, something for my brother’s wedding, and a paper pieced quilt along… and those are only the ones I’m actively making progress on! Hoping for a productive and fun weekend! Thanks for the chance for goodies to inspire and create the next item to add to my list!

  66. Linda Cates says:

    I would love to win of course. I’ve never won a thing. I’m a Moda snob and proud of it. Seldom use any other fabric. Right now I’m focused on EPP while I watch it rain. My next quilt will be a Jen Kngwell design. Perhaps something shamelessly copied by Carrie Nelson, but likely a pattern I can purchase since I’m a novice of 5 years. Wow that’s starting to sound less like a novice!! Anyhow, thanks for the giveaway. It won’t stop raining here in North Texas and winning would make my month!

  67. Patrice Adams says:

    I’m working on a Gypsy Wife quilt, quite an adventure for a novice! Love your blog!

  68. Susan says:

    I would love to go to quilt market! I’ve got lots of works in progress right now but am in a bit of a slump. I won’t let myself start a new project until I finish some that are really close and I really want to sew with ambleside! And I can’t wait until Farm House comes out!!

  69. Joyce Finch says:

    Waiting for rain – what does a girl do when in that predicament?
    Hit the sewing room and work on yet another project. Sometimes its finishing up, other times its adding to my box of log cabin hexagons – those are addictive and use up stash like magic! Maybe they will be the quilt I leave for my daughter to finish – my mom did that to me and its one of my favorites. I really need to finish the one on the floor so I can get to the machine.

  70. Marianne says:

    I am taking my 86 year old mom to Buffalo for her sister’s surprise 90th birthday luncheon. I will be staying with my cousin, delivering an Irish themed table runner as a house warming gift. I hope to work in a binding for a wedding quilt, too!

  71. Lori Nicholas says:

    I would LOVE to go to Market and absorb all the incredible creativity in the air and be inspired by the sights, sounds, and kindred spirits! While I hope to grab some time for a BOM, I have several household chores I must address this weekend.

  72. Lynn says:

    I am a new quilter working on the Eldon quilt. It’s a challenge but I am determined. I love all the inspiration and hope to make it to market one of these days.

  73. Victoria Hughes says:

    As with so many others, I’ve never won anything from a contest. I did “win big” when I learned to quilt and found a place where I could be creative, relax and enjoy…don’t know anything better.

  74. Pati Elliott says:

    I’m working on a couple of different quilts right now. The first is for my new Granddaughter (who will be born towards the end of June) and a quilt for my Grandson (her brother) who is 5 and already has 4 other quilts that Nana made! I hoping that I get at least one of these quilts finished this weekend! Thanks for the giveaway!!! I love all things Moda!!

  75. Dayna says:

    I would love to go to Quilt Market to meet all the amazing designers! I can’t imagine how fun that would be. I’m not a fan of sitting and hand binding so.. that’s what I’m doing now! I have two quilts that need the binding finished.

  76. Irene says:

    Oh I would love to win something.. And I would love to go to market and meet all the designers that inspire me so much.. I am a longarm quilter in Cyprus, too far for market….irene

  77. Leota Krantz says:

    I’ll tell you one reason why I want to attend Quilt Market…I want to meet the Moda Reps and ask them HOW did they get so lucky to be one, how long have they worked for Moda, etc.? All that fabric to touch and love. I also can keep a secret.

  78. bks72946 says:

    I am binding a king sized quilt for a friend this weekend. It’s still raining here in NW Arkansas, so might as well be productive while stuck inside! Just glad I live on top of a mountain. Prayers to all in Texas who have lost so much.

  79. Cheryl Buchanan says:

    WIP’s. As soon as I fall in love with a pattern and get it started, I see another I want to make. Does it ever end? If I quilted from now to my last day on Earth, I don’t think I would get half as many made as I would like to. There has to be some balance or control. Does anyone know the secret? It’s a given I’ll be sewing this weekend. LOL

  80. Diane says:

    Just discovered ‘Gypsy Wife’ pattern! Obsessing over it but it may have to wait until some WIPs are completed!

  81. Vikki says:

    I’ll be working on my quilt guild’s challenge quilt, using a pattern and lots of fabric from several Moda designers. Can’t reveal anything else because it’s supposed to be a secret until July 🙂

  82. Judy Blackburn says:

    I’m finishing up 2 quilts and a wall hanging right now. I’d love to go to market to see all the new goods! I used to buy jewelry. Now I buy material and all the new tools. Market would be a real ‘kick’ for me! Don’t get to sew this weekend-have a house full of company. Would love the giveaway-would spark my imagination!

  83. Amy L says:

    I am off on a road trip to Ohio (from Virginia) for family visits. Lots of car time, so I’ll be quilting a repro doll quilt, and may just be able to get it done (if DH does all the driving…).

  84. Kim says:

    I have several WIP now; I love Moda fabrics!

  85. Vada Rogers says:

    I started quilting about 20 years ago when my 4 kids were young. I believe it helped keep me sane in the midst of the crazy . I started working full time for an accounting firm 9 years ago & quilting / sewing became a faint memory. I came out of this last tax season with such a yearning for creativity in my life. So little by little I’ve been sewing little projects, bought my first precuts (Miss Kate layer Cake & Jelly Roll by Bonnie & Camille) and I’m ready to quilt! I’m so excited but a bit nervous too. Hoping I’ll remember all the tricks I learned so long ago. Thank you such a fun & motivating blog I’ve enjoyed each & every one!

  86. Marlene says:

    This weekend will include sewing and gardening. Seems I never run out of projects for either hobby.

  87. sandi mckell says:

    I’m sewing, trying to catch up on a block of the month. Market in person would br amazing.

  88. Jodi says:

    I’ve been contemplating taking a longarm class at mymLQS so I can rent time on the longarm to finish all those quilt tops. I am always jealous of the lucky people who go to Quilmarket. I follow Instagram feeds to see all the new fabric, quilt patterns and inspiration.

  89. Andrea Hickman says:

    I shamefully have 3 quilts, two smocked dresses, and a tunic in progress. Gotta finish the clothing first before my daughter outgrows my works in progress! And yes, I would love to go to Quilt Market just to see it all!

  90. Holly Alloway says:

    I love reading your blog and hearing about market. Someday I’d love to go and see it myself

  91. Flo Burton says:

    I’ve been sewing since high school and didn’t start quilting until 1992. My reason to attend quilt market would be to learn from all the quilters and designers and find out what inspires them to design their fabric or patterns. Quilting is my therapy. This weekend, I’ll be finishing the binding on one quilt and start a quilt for my sister’s 65th in August. Thank you for the giveaway.

  92. Darlene H says:

    I would love to go to quilt market. I enjoy looking at the different styles and colors. I hope to sew this weekend and am working on “gertie”

  93. Patti S. says:

    I would love going to quilt market! To see all of the sample quilts – and to “pet” the newest fabrics … a girl can dream. I’ll be home this weekend working on a hand applique project and at my sewing machine, where I’m helping a friend test a new pattern she’s getting ready to release. Maybe one day she’ll take me to market with her…. hmmm… I might have to suggest that to her!

  94. Pamela says:

    I am a beginner at quilting and I love it! I have made three small split rail fence quilts and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have enjoyed the blog and reading about the market preparations. Moda fabrics are terrific, so gorgeous! I would love to go to market to experience all the beauty of the fabrics and the excitement of the ideas exchanged. Just finished the third little quilt so won’t be quilting this weekend. The housework is calling.

  95. Patricia Cash says:

    I would love to go to quilt market to meet the designers, meet the Moda crew and see all the beautiful quilts in person.

  96. Kathi P. says:

    It’s all so gorgeous! I can’t imagine being surrounded by all the beautiful patterns and fabric and not wanting it all! I still get inspired and excited by all of it, almost 40 years after discovering my passion for quilting.

  97. Sandra says:

    Our house has all the quilts two people could possibly need, so I will continue to work on quilts to donate to our local House of Neighborly Service.

  98. Julia says:

    Alas, I am not sewing this weekend. My daughter is getting married! But winning this sweetness would be the best treat in the world for the mother of the bride!

  99. Karen Goad says:

    would love to win this give away! I have been quilting for years and years and do a lot of hand work – currently working on 7 quilts – with several waiting for hand quilting

  100. Dee says:

    What a yummy package this would be. I have reached my legitimate senior year, 60 – and decided this is the year to enjoy my sewing room. I am working a few less hours and just taking the time to enjoy learning more. Tomorrow I go with my friend to Millie P’s “Market Reveal” in Anoka – this is so much fun.

  101. prairiesummers says:

    I do have a little jeansbag like that in my office- without the lining and the pretty button. Mine was done with the help of my 3 year old and took us about 5min. I just have a littel flower attached to it to make it a bit more interesting. I am tempted to take it home and add some lining to it. Jennifer

  102. Here’s a couple good reasons I would be a great recipient…..it was my birthday and i didn’t get a single Quilty thing….I just got back from a Ricky tims seminar and am full of inspiration…..I have a blog and would post all the great things I’ld do with such a jackpot!!! Just saying….

  103. Shelly J says:

    I too will be starting a new project…you can never have too many works in progress.

  104. Diane Emanuelson says:

    Sooo…My sista and I have dreamt of going to Market for years. It would be truly a wonderful experience. Some day we will make it there. I just love reading about all the wonderful new ideas and fabrics. Dreams do come true…right?
    Diane E.

  105. Rae Perry says:

    What a cool give away. I’m already imagining projects I could make from the charm squares. Love the thread catchers made from an old pair of jeans…definitely trying that this weekend.

  106. Nancy Anne in the Finger Lakes says:

    I really really want to try some curved piecing but I’m too much of a coward Maybe someday…

  107. Karen Herrick says:

    Spring Market was my first! It was very overwhelming and inspiring, I had a fun time and have a long list of quilts I would like to make with fabric I saw there. I had fun!

  108. I am new to the blog world – but am loving the connections with other folks who enjoy sewing, quilting and crafting. Going to the Quilt Market would be total nirvana. Being able to see all the fabrics, creations and notions first hand, and meeting the people who do all the creating would be awesome.

  109. laura says:

    I just love surprises. I would love to go to quilt market. I have followed your posts to see what’s new. I have bags, quilts, and embroidery in the works. I have to take some time out from sewing to watch my new granddaughter, which is a joy.

  110. Brenda Wall says:

    How exciting to go to Quilt Market and see all the new possibilities FIRST. Also to meet all the fantastic quilt teachers and designers and ask them about their inspiration. I know you do that on the blog but up close and personal would be better. LOL

  111. Kristin S says:

    My current project is a donation quilt for the Wounded Warrior project that I am frantically hand-quilting to meet my July deadline. Thanks for the chance to win!

  112. Robin Luedtke says:

    I would love to go to quilt market, with somebody else’s charge card though. I am weak, what can I say. No sewing this weekend, my hubby is making a wall of shelves in my sewing room. Yeah! I can wait!

  113. What a fantastic give away!!! Go to Spring Market?…oh my! My heart rate just jumped up a notch or two!! Just thinking about the SPREE or attending School House…or wandering from booth to booth meeting all these ROCK STAR designers…well frankly it boggles the mind!! What a thrill THAT would be! Thanks goodness we get to read about it…and I LOVED Instagram for all those wonderful pictures! Quilters are SEW lucky to live in these times…with internet, blogs, Instagram and don’t forget On-line shops!! :o)) Thanks for the chance to win your wonderful give away! Oh man, I would wear those pins so proudly every week to my Guild meetings! Just sayin’…a girl can dream!:o)

  114. Debbie Jernigan says:

    I love, love, love anything MODA! I attended Quilt Market several years ago and remembering returning home feeling so inspired and wanting to make everything I saw! I am working on a Peppermint Twist quilt (from Sherri Falls’ Very Merry book) this weekend using some MODA Christmas fabrics.

  115. Tina says:

    This weekend I will be gardening, my second love after quilting, but I’m sure I will work on binding a quilt too. Such a fun give away!

  116. Karen C says:

    This weekend, I plan to put the binding on a quilt (the machine sewing part, the hand sewing part will take longer) and appliqué some dinosaurs on a quilt for my niece’s first baby! I’m also going to see my son’s team play for the lacrosse championship in our region! Go Titans!

  117. Diane says:

    Ohhhh I would love to go to quilt market! This weekend will probably be Farm Girl Vintage kind of weekend. Can’t stop making those cute blocks.

  118. Susan P says:

    I’m sewing on a graduation quilt 🙂

  119. Karen says:

    I would love to be sewing this weekend but working nights will take priority but maybe I will get two small quilts bound. Enjoy reading about Quilt Market but if given the chance I would love to go and meet designers personally and see all the new fabric lines.

  120. Patty Flynn says:

    I love fabric and the thrill of seeing the new things before everyone! This weekend I am finishing up some ufo’s and planning a charity quilt

  121. s says:

    I don’t think I would like Market as I don’t do well in crowds (wheelchair). I have 9 projects ‘in progress’ and 8 quilts waiting for quilting – hopefully one of those will get done this weekend.

  122. BJ says:

    I’m using Friday and Saturday to finish up 2 baby quilts and a table runner before we have to leave our winter retreat in FL and head back to the Rockies. Loved “seeing” Quilt Market through your eyes. I’ve been involved in technology trade shows and, believe me, fabric is WAY more fun!

  123. Deb G. in VA says:

    I hope to get some sewing in this weekend, I’m in the process of reorganizing my sewing/craft room. My husband is tired of my sewing projects cluttering up the house, so I’ve been tossing, giving away and trying to reorganize. I’m afraid I have QADD, I have at least 4 new projects I’ve started since the beginning of the year and several more from previous years. It seems like for every one I finish, I start 2 more. I guess I need to finish 2 and start one to get caught up!

  124. Patty says:

    It would be hard to actually say how many wip I have. Some are cut out and some are just piles of fabric with a pattern. But I love them all.

  125. I’m piecing a quilt for someone’s new book!

  126. Debbie A says:

    This weekend….finishing binding a quilt, putting a label on a quilt, quilting on a kid’s quilt and deciding what to start on next. I have lot of choices of works in progress……but I might start something new, too!

  127. Ellen Pawlik says:

    I’d love to go to Quilt Market! Right now I’m working on a Superman quilt with a friend for a 4 year old boy with neuroblastoma. My friend doesn’t quilt (yet!) so it is also a learning session as well.

  128. Linda says:

    I haven’t sewn a “big” quilt in years, but suddenly have the bug to make one, or twelve. Now if I could just settle on a design!

  129. Jayne says:

    Oh the wonderful week-end!!!! We are in the process of starting a major remodel .. Close your eyes and imagine “emptying your sewing room (and walk in closet) to prep for hardwood floors be installed”….it’s like shopping at Quilt Market….and Sample Spree at the same time

  130. Caryn S says:

    I would love to go to Quilt Market. It sounds like crazy fun for a one off! This weekend I am trying to bind a quilt and work on a BOM. I also want to finish my Storm at Sea block from a class I took.

  131. Claire says:

    Very cute jean bags, Carrie. I just may happen to have some “fat” jeans that need recycling. Yes, I will be sewing a grad quilt this weekend. Love your quilts and the cool market loot. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  132. Ruth says:

    I’ve sorted all my fabric, and never, in my lifetime, will I use it all. Does that stop me from buying more? Hah! Good thing I don’t go to Quilt Market; it would be very dangerous for my storage capabilities.

  133. I’m working on my UFO’s. So I can start a new project. I don’t know how long that will last but I’m going to try. Great give a way. I have been to market and that is wonderful, everything in one place.
    Nancy P.

  134. Lauralee Saad says:

    I would love to see all the new fabrics at Quilt Market. I have so many unfinished quilt tops, so today, I am going to sandwich at least one of them and work on quilting (such a tedious process on a *normal* sewing machine). I want to make those jean bags, and I am hoping that there are some jeans in our give-away pile that I can pull out before my hubby hauls them this weekend. 😀 Have a great weekend!

  135. JudyBL says:

    I would love to go to Quilt Market and see all the booths with new fabrics made into quilts – all the fun stuff in one place! This weekend is for going out to lunch with friends before the Phoenix heat gets too hot ; ) I’ll also be working on one of the five “active” projects wanting attention. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  136. Marie Elliott says:

    I’ ve served 30+ years in the Air Force, learned and love flying and am now happily retired and LOVING quilting! I bought a sewing machine shortly after retiring and immediately started quilting classes. I’m totally enthralled with MODA fabrics and love learning new techniques. I can’t get enough of either! I have enjoyed reading your quilt market experiences and would love tobe there with you! All the Best!

  137. Lynn Tallon says:

    Working on my Moda solids sampler quilt. It’s the most “modern” project I’ve done.

  138. Mimz Woodward says:

    I’ve created my own monster! I’ve spent the last three weeks working on a “Happy Back”! Since I have been teaching the class, I feel like I have to “top” myself each quilt. This current back wasn’t working until I finally had a design breakthrough. I seem to be spending more time on the backs of quilts than the fronts.

  139. Pam P. says:

    I’m working of finishing up my Austin Bluebird quilt top – The applique is really slowing me down but I just love it! I promised myself that I could start a new quilt when this one is done. I’m going to hand quilt it too because I want to be Laurie Simpson 🙂 Gardenvale has really caught my attention and I love your HST quilt – it’s up near the top of my list! Thanks for the chance to win some Market goodies!!

  140. Ellen Simmons says:

    Going to market is on my bucket list for sure! Have a 13 year old/now totally deaf dog. Would not kennel him. As long as he is with me, no travel………… Still working on the Moda Building Blocks with Jen Kingwell’s Gardenvale and Bella solids. Love your half-square Gardenvale, Carrie!!

  141. Elaine F. says:

    I am working on a zig-zag chevron quilt with all flowers and Kona Stone. All the blocks are sewn, squared-up and pressed. Just have to put the rows together. I hope to begin machine quilting this one with natural color thread on Sunday. It is going to be so pretty.

  142. janiceking says:

    I’ll be shopping for fabric to make a baby quilt for an on the way grandniece. I’m excited that her parents have chosen purple instead of pink girly fabric! Thanks for great blog posts.

  143. Marie Elliott says:

    I hit send too soon! Oh yes, this weekend I’m working, with several neighbors,on lap quilts for a local nursing home. We started over a week ago and they are really turning out nice!

  144. Hope to sew a few stitches at least over the weekend. Has been long dry spell –need a kick and some inspiration. Wait, I have fabrics, books, threads, etc…….inspiration? For sure. Just do it!

  145. Elaine F. says:

    By the way…your pictures are wonderful on this blog. The more the merrier.

  146. DebrafomMD says:

    I would love to go to market. I would probably go into sensory overload with all of the wonderful things to see.

  147. Barb Frans says:

    I’m finishing up two baby quilts and have just started a quilt for my niece as a wedding gift. I’m a horrible procrastinator, so really have to get busy and make some progress this weekend on something…..anything.

  148. Susan C says:

    I had house guests the past two weekends but this weekend it’s just me and my sewing machine! Two quilts that just need borders, one charity quilt to put together, two pillowcases and an outfit for my granddaughter are on the to-do list. Sleep may be optional!

    I was able to attend three Quilt Markets and loved it! What fun it was to take in all the inspiration. I’d love to go back someday.

  149. sissa says:

    really?? only four works in progress?? can i send you a few of mine?? i too would love to go to quilt market some day, but right now will “experience it” as best i can through blogs and posts and pictures on the web. and if i get the chance to stitch this weekend, it will be on a work in progress. but what i really should be doing is spending time in the yard and gardens.

  150. Danielle M says:

    I am so sick of working on UFO’s but know I need to get them done so the weight on my shoulders will go away.

  151. Lisa W. says:

    I live SO close to Minneapolis and wanted so badly to sneak into quilt market! Thank goodness for IG so I could live vicariously through everyone there! Thanks for the chance to win!

  152. Terri Mc says:

    I am new to quilting, but not sewing. So my stash is rather small. I am quickly finding that I like sewing the quilt tops together the best. Have a small stack of charm packs that I need to turn into some cute little quilts or wall hangings. I really enjoy reading this blog !!

  153. Gwynette in NW Arkansas says:

    I’m finishing a baby quilt for baby shower Sunday afternoon. I’m a professional procrastinator. LOL!!!!

  154. Delaine says:

    My daughter has never driven a vehicle, but she wants to learn to drive with a manual transmission. My car is manual, so I am teaching her to drive it this weekend. Fingers crossed! Thanks!

  155. Linda F. says:

    I’ll be busy with my daughter’s dance recital this weekend. I’m also working on a quilt for a dear friend’s summer cottage.

  156. Kimberly P says:

    I have hade a stressful week at work, and I use looking at fabric and quilts online at my desk to calm me. My department moved into a new building, everyone’s office/cube has a different look and of course mine is quilting! I will continue to work on a couple of UFO’s this weekend!

  157. Suzanne Fiso says:

    My dream would be to attend quilt market! But for the time being, I will sew, sew, and sew and love every minute of it!!!

  158. Katy says:

    No sewing this weekend. I am flying to Scotland for 2 weeks. I spent most of rainy yesterday squaring up 2″ half square triangle for a projects. Sure glad I didn’t have 700+ to do. Would love to go to quilt market to see all of the new fabric lines. Look forward to meeting you in Aug. in Oklahoma. We will probably want it to rain by then. Right now we have too much.

  159. A visit to Quilt Market is near the top of my bucket list…just seeing all those beautiful fabrics, quilts and other projects would be truly inspirational. And meeting one of two of my quilting “heroes” (or even just seeing them from a distance) would be amazing. I do not generally have any UFO’s lying around. It must be an anal quality in me, but I am compelled to finish them before I move on to new projects….strange, but true. Re: your post above, the Christmas quilt is just fantastic. The soft side of Christmas with a fresh, snowy quality. Love it. And the Jen Kingwall – spectacular. That’s a lot of HSTs….

  160. Eve Murphy says:

    No sewing this weekend! It is not supposed to rain so I will be outside enjoying the sunshine!

  161. Christy Donahue says:

    hmmmm…. something about me…. I spend my days going 90 miles an hour just to get a few minutes to enjoy the sanctuary of my sewing room. Its cool and quiet,… and lovely. My recent project? Sewing 400 feet of pennants for a local Summerfest, specifically, a kids Party in the Park. I was asked to be coordinator of the event. Soooooo, never doing anything easily, decided it should be Kids Old Fashioned County Fair themed. It will be great! 100 bales of hay and 400 feet of antiqued red, white, and blue vintage looking pennants. (Along with at least 15 other games, races and crafts to keep 300 kids busy for 2 hours!) I am sure the children won’t even look up at all of the hours that went into the pennant…. But I know the parents will appreciate the aesthetic. Thanks for your lovely blog…Seems you’d be a person I would hang out with, if I could ever slow down enough to enjoy your company! Happy day to you!

  162. Nancy says:

    I think I might be able to give you a run for your money in WIPS. 🙂 I see so many things that excite me (don’t let you mind wander on that, ha) that I just have to start working on another new project. I’ll never catch up with only one new and one old, but I’m comfortable with that. I love HST’s too, like the old Corn and Beans pattern. I would also love to come to Houston, not only for Market, but for the show of shows. So I dream…. sigh…

  163. katrinat says:

    I have two quilts cut out and then i have the fabric planned for more thwn a few more

  164. Dawn McGee says:

    Here is a little something about me. I have had a job I love for almost 30 years and am getting close to retirement, which I also plan to love! I am already planning all the things that I can do when I can call my time my own. My list just keeps growing……

  165. Rachel P. says:

    Oh Carrie, Carrie, Carrie, your life sounds like mine! So much to do, so little time to do it all, and so many UFO’s. My problem is this: I’ll start a new quilt, and somewhere along the line I’ll read one of your blogs, or decide I “need” to go shopping (at the Fat Quarter Shop of course), and naturally, there is some fabric, or kit, or pre-cut I cannot live without, along with perhaps a new pattern. So, here I am, 33 years after I took my first quilting lesson, and quilting (and sewing), has taken over my life. UFO’s? About 10, however each one of them gets worked on every few weeks for a few days until I move on to the next. One recent quilt I just finished though is a baby quilt for my great nephew, due in June. This weekend is my niece’s baby shower so she’ll be seeing this creation then (she chose the fabrics). I have 4 Christmas WIP’s, so most likely will be working on one of those on Sunday. My oldest granddaughter (14) just informed me that it would be “oh so lovely” to have a new quilt on her bed. Something else to think about! Oh how I would love to attend a Quilt Market. Not that I need the inspiration, but just to actually meet some of the Designers (I have all of your books Carrie), would be so awe-inspiring. However, due to recent surgeries and an impending knee surgery, looks like I’ll have to just ‘keep dreamin’!

  166. Lisa D. says:

    My dream is to someday go to Quilt Market, although I would surely be overwhelmed by all the beautiful booths! I love your Jingle quilt, so pretty! And I hope to sew a little this weekend, but I”m busy trying to get everything ready for a GRADUATION PARTY in 2 weeks. TWO WEEKS!!! Hard to believe my baby boys are graduating!

  167. suzanne says:

    love the blue floral in the give away bag. i have been quilting for almost 38 years now and am just admitting my tastes are changing as normally i go for civil war colours but now seem to be leaning towards modern bright fabrics so am now starting to indulge that – am I supposed to be doing that I wonder ( she says tongue in cheek )

  168. debbierhodes says:

    I have loved hearing about quilt market I know I will probably never get to one so winning this would be a close second to being there. Thanks for your blog so much fun!!

  169. Carol Kuse says:

    I would love to go to Quilt Market for the same reason I am going on the Sac-Osage Quilt Shop Hop in Southwestern Missouri this weekend. If it’s not too flooded, that is. To be around all the quilters and see what’s available or soon to be available. What can be better than talking quilts, seeing quilts, great company, good food, etc. Of course! Owning and using that great fabric!

  170. Patty Fowl says:

    I would LOVE to go to Quilt Market, to see the designers in person, see their beautiful booths, go to Schoolhouse, and go to Sample Spree.

    This weekend, I am working on a paper piecing pattern by Judy Niemeyer.

    Have a great day!

  171. Nancy Stone says:

    I am a first class procrastinator so I have no idea how many unfinished quilts I have in my sewing room. I would guess about 20. It all started because I was trying to machine quilt my own quilts, but now I send them to the longarm quilter. I am playing catch up trying to finish up all my UFOs.

  172. hpyquilter says:

    Love those little jean containers. Jen Kingwell designs are fantastic. I have been collecting fabric for some of her quilts. Something about myself is I have too many quilting projects on my to do list. Trying to finish up some older UFO’s and then a new project. I think the problem is I like too many different things and don’t focus.

  173. Evie H says:

    I’m retired and spend my “free” time in my sewing room. It keeps me out of trouble! =)

    • Lois PIpkin says:

      I second the comments about the jean containers. So cute and I have never seen that Idea before!

      I love the Gardenvale line and am trying to make up an excuse to use it.
      Is there any chance that Gardenvale might be included in an upcoming Frivols box? I am subscribed.

      Also – going to Quilt Market would be a dream. I positively get high looking at beautiful fabric.

      This weekend I am planning a quilt with my son’s mother-in-law. We are getting together to make my son and daughter-in-law a queen sized quilt to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary. They want blues and greys.

  174. LisaD says:

    I am a fairly new quilter and love working with all the fabrics. I won’t be sewing this weekend because I am off for an adventure in Peru

  175. martha mumaw says:

    I don’t like crowds so this is much better than going. Love reaing the blogs afterwards! I am sewing this weekend with Kaffe.

  176. I would love to go to quilt market. Thank goodness there are so many wonderful blogs (this one included) so I can keep up with all the latest quilting trends. This weekend I hope to get a couple customer quilts finished.

  177. Diana W says:

    Well of course I would love to go to market, and I know I would love to see all the new fabrics and meet in person all the designers… But my most coveted thing to do would be sample spree! I love all the new collections and think I would need one of each of the bundles! HA! that might cause luggage overload but perhaps I could ship my lovlies home to Texas, Yes, I try to sew every day, so I definately will be sewing this weekend. I have a quilt that just needs to be put on the design wall and sewn together from Minick and Simpson Crazy for red. It has been waiting since January when I took a class . Thanks for the opportunity to win some of this loot, I need it !

  178. Jane Eilderts says:

    I have many works in profess right now!! But I am desperate for a quilted purse so that will be this weekends project. And I would love to go to market!! The inspiration would be so much fun!!

  179. pennydog says:

    Me? I’m working on some intermediate to advanced quilt patterns as a range designed to challenge quilters out of their comfort zone. It will take me a couple of years to develop a little collection of them but one day I’d love to show at market.

  180. Jill says:

    Quilt Market someday? You bet! Would love seeing all the new products and ideas. No quilting this weekend, planting flower barrels for the Museum and attending graduation parties, after working a shift at the local Quilt store.

  181. Judy C says:

    I have several quilt projects I’m working on but I’ll be sewing a couple of aprons for one of my nieces this weekend & trying to get some flowers planted between the rain showers! Love to read your blog!

  182. Nancy Ciminello says:

    This weekend we are celebrating my husband’s birthday with our two children, their spouses and one grand daughter. Since it’s going to top 100 here in Phoenix we’ll spend a lot of time in the pool. My husband is having knee replacement surgery in a week so I am gathering everything I need for projects to keep me busy while I’m pretty much house bound watching over him.
    Thanks for your wonderful blog!

  183. pam hansen says:

    Attending Quilt Market would be a dream come true. I too love seeing everyone’s coverage and hop around to various blogs to see as much as possible. Today and perhaps tomorrow I will be working on a quilt that I saw online and I too confess to being a copycat. Love your version of Lollies!

  184. ruth says:

    I am getting new flooring in my sewing room so will spend the weekend moving the contents and making a label for a quilt I just finished.

  185. julie from Dallas says:

    Yes, I would love to go to Market! I would, however, want to leave early to avoid the “takedown”!!
    I probably won’t be sewing this weekend! We have to clean out my father-in-law’s house since it is now sold. Carrie, I love reading your posts! It is like sitting and having a conversation with you! You have me checking the blog every morning!

  186. Linda Brown says:

    I have been sewing quilts for a few years now. I enjoy all aspects from getting the fabric together, to cutting, to sewing it all together. I am not a dedicated quilter, I sew when I can, but when I do get to sew it is very relaxing for me.

  187. Charlene Oconnell says:

    Hi Carrie, I would love to go to market. And it’s on my sewing bucket list. I WILL get there one day:) I have too many projects in the works. But this weekend I will be working on 2 from classes that I took this week. One of them is the spicy/swirly table runner. I had the wrong ruler so I’m excited to see how it actually will turn out:-/ keep up the fantastic work and we miss you here in AZ!!

  188. Darlene says:

    I won’t be sewing this week end – hmmm maybe un poco.

    The treats and treasures in the bag are going to put a huge smile on someone’s face! 🙂 Just send the pattern cards to me and no one will get hurt. ROFLOL

    Something about me…I plan to shamelessly copy both quilts you’ve shown today. 🙂

  189. Lizzie says:

    I love all your ideas and your blog posts. I just can’t keep up when “someone” wants to go golfing after work today……but it looks like rain in the forecast:) The jean bag is the cutest and I have a ton of leftover jeans to sew into something useful. Pot-holders using the jean pocket is another really cute idea and the belt loop tab sewn in the corner ~ just saying. I am finishing the Little Bites (Tidbit ~ No. 805 1/2 ) quilt with fabric that came from Arizona and loving it!!! I have enough ideas and fabric for years to come but Moda just keeps me dreaming of more……triangle papers and the Jen Kingwell quilt you made is now the newest on the “list”!

  190. Mary Wendland says:

    Carrie, love your blog. It’s so REAL about everyday life at Moda. I’ve learned so much! I would like to go to Market to not only see the new fabrics but how they are used ! I will be squeezing in sewing a Christmas (yes I can’t believe it) star block this weekend with watching my grandson, We are officially in the triple digits here in Glendale Az, Time to hibernate, Thanks again for all your hard work! Mary.

  191. Mary C. says:

    I will be sewing this weekend and a few girls from work and I will be making quilts for kids next week. Thanks for the chance at a wonderful giveaway~!

  192. Gloria says:

    I have a list of projects just waiting for me but I keep seeing so many new quilts and fabrics! Then I want to add a new project!!! I think I am like a “kid in a candy store.” My plans for this weekend are to bind a quilt and sew the binding on another.

  193. Sandra says:

    So much inspiration Carrie, thank you! Love those “fat” jean (lol) pails…might have to get side-tracked this weekend, shocker. I am always amazed at how similar Spanish and French are: I saw the title and my brain said, “La Fin de Semaine” – wait, what? Is it a post about French General fabric? then I realized it was Spanish! I am sewing, testing a pattern for a blogging friend, but enjoying the sunshine this weekend as well! Love the stars in a snowball block quilt you made, yum! Pinning that puppy asap.:-)

  194. Janna says:

    Love your blog. I have so many works in progress, good for you having so few.

  195. Amber says:

    Honestly if I was going to quilt market I’d be all about sample spree. I’d just park myself in front of the moda booth and get one of everything!

    Now excuse me I need to go see if I can hunt down a gardenvale layer cake…

  196. Sally Williams says:

    I’m hoping to finish one of my many UFO’s this weekend. i’ll have to sew in between little league games. Two of my grandsons are playing this weekend. The Houston Quilt Show is on my bucket list. I hope to see you there some day.

  197. Denise says:

    I would be soooo happy to win all these goodies! One day I hope to go to Quilt Market!.

  198. Terry Phelps says:

    Working on a quilt for my husband. It is sandwiched and ready to be quilted. This has been waiting its turn for 4 yrs. Poor guy. There were grand-babies born so it got set aside.

  199. Anne Brown says:

    Ah, let’s see… During the cool parts of the day, I will be fixing irrigation pipes, finishing the fencing around a garden and planting the last of the plants. During the hot parts of the days, I will be in my sewing room creating a quilt, making a few more tissue holder covers and searching for that pattern I know I have for making wine bags… Thanks for the chance to win!
    P.s. I enjoy these posts of your adventures!!

  200. CJ Reed says:

    I love the color blue ! I love quilting ! I hope I win !! Thanks

  201. Vicki Samsel says:

    I would LOVE to win. I love Moda fabrics and really enjoy your blog. My local quilt shop, Merrily We Quilt Alone,Mia’s a UFO club and I will be working on this months project.

  202. Tracey Holzer says:

    It is supposed to rain up here in Saskatchewan this weekend, so I hope to get more sewing done on my Shiloh quilt. And I love to go on road trips for fabric with my quilting friends. Great times! Thanks for this giveaway.

  203. Michele Reed says:

    Michele R.
    Want to start something new, maybe a MissRosie pattern.

  204. Debbie ballard says:

    Hopefully I’ll be able to work on a quilt I’m making for a friend using your Victoria’s Crown fabrics and pattern offered several years ago. The pattern and fabrics were designed by Brackman/Thompson are are just beautiful.

  205. Pat Shirani says:

    Sewing is on my agenda for this weekend. I hope to prepare several projects for machine quilting and continue work on a new sew along. Would love to go to a Quilt Market, it looks so fun!

  206. Mary Andra says:

    I love to send unexpected gifts to friends. I sew every day, weekends included. I will be attending a local quilt show today and tomorrow. I don’t need the whole package of patterns from Spring Market. So if I win I’ll share…..lol….. I collected 1 to 23 but missed number 3 and numbers after 23 if there are more. Congratulations to the winner. I know you’ll enjoy everything in this fantastic giveaway. Great posting Carrie. Thank you.

  207. Debbie Metzner says:

    I wish I could sew this weekend but we are doing college tours with my son.
    Thanks for the great giveaway. I’d love to go to market someday. But it would probably be dangerous. Ha

  208. Jocelyn says:

    Goodness girl, you are getting a little too close to the border 🙂 I would love to go to market to see all the beautiful inspiration from all the amazing designers and manufacturers. Getting to meet some of them would be awesome! I am ‘hoping’ to make it to the Houston show this October. We will be close and maybe can work it out for at least one day there. Thanks for sharing. Everything looks fabulous.

  209. sharon says:

    I am trying to finish a gift quilt this weekend but, mostly I will be pulling weeds ;(

  210. Leslie Guyton says:

    Making it to quilt market, either spring or fall, is on my bucket list. But unfortunately I don’t own a shop, so probably will never be able to go. But, hey, I can dream can’t I?

  211. susan says:

    I have enjoyed your market blogs and have forwarded them to a friend who just lost her husband to a glio blastoma. She and I are currently working on a guild challenge of a twin size charity quilt. I love seeing the workings of things and the market blogs really tickled my interest. The bag of goodies looks like a lot of possibilities I sure hope I win..

  212. Susan Shaw says:

    What a delightful …. and generous …. gift pack! And I love the projects in today’s post. I’ve always wanted to go to Quilt Market, especially after attending several of the large international quilt shows (Houston, Cincinnati and Chicago), primarily to soak up some of the rush of creativity that comes from fondling new fabrics and seeing new patterns.

  213. Frankie says:

    What a fun giveaway! I’d LOVE to go to quilt market. I so enjoyed seeing all the pictures everyone posted on IG — not quite as good as being there, but as close as I’m likely to get. And yes, I’m definitely sewing this weekend. I’m working on my Farm Girl Vintage sewalong and having a blast!

  214. Sue says:

    Love the use of denim on the bags. So cute. And, wish I could go to market and see it. But since I would probably want everything, its good that I didn’t. Loving the new MODA lines.

  215. Ronda says:

    My three grandkids spend the days with me at my house during the summer when school is out while the parents are working, so I get limited sewing time from now until the start of the new year in August. This first week of summer vacation they are out of town so I have a whole free week to sew, and I am going to take advantage of that starting today! Love your copy of Jen’s quilt. I may just have to make a copy of your copy!

  216. Mary Kastner says:

    So I had to make an apron yesterday unexpectedly for my 8 year old granddaughter. Boy did that throw me for a loop! 1/2 inch seam allowances. it got done but when I say I am a quilter, I am NOT kidding. Have a great weekend Carrie and thanks for the chance to win.


  217. Ginny Worden says:

    As I have been to quilt market, ( sorry I needed to brag) I will tell you about my weekend sewing, I am putting together aLady of the Lake quilt that was part of a half square triangle exchange and cutting out fabric for a Jen Kingwell quilt. Doesn’t get much better.

  218. Audrey says:

    I am an RN and on call for my job this weekend….so I will sew this weekend if I get the chance. Would love to have these goodies to add to my stash. If I could go to Quilt Market ,I would love to meet the designers of all the lovely fabric I am so crazy about!!

  219. Kris P says:

    Summer has officially hit for us in StL, it’s hot and humid. That means I am going yo concentrate on honing my fmq skills. While I love getting projects finished, there is a greater sense of accomplishment that comes from quilting them myself.

  220. Karen A says:

    I’m trying to get alterations (for customers) done so that I can work on a baby quilt.

  221. Vicky says:

    Does digging in unpacked boxes looking for binding count as sewing? That’s about all that will get accomplished as I have the contractor here sanding, hammering, climbing on the roof …. As far as market, your coverage has been fantastic. Maybe close-up shots of some of the hand quilting for those of us who have that on their want-to-learn list would be great. Oh, and I think you need to start a new quilt since you *only* have four UFOs. Seriously! There are some who will remain unnamed who have about ten times that amount!

  222. Suzy says:

    I’m packing up and moving sewing from 3 projects to my brothers.. He’s going away for a week and I’m house/kid/dog sitting…. what better way to get some sewing done. My first half square triangle project (1200 1 inch ) is set for quilting, so that’s first on my list.

  223. NancyZ says:

    Thanks for all the information and insights, Carrie, from Quilt Market. I’m an intermediate quilter with so many WIPs that I can’t even count – new fabric or a pattern is always calling my name! I’m very lucky in that my daughter is into quilting (after years of sitting in the car with her dad while I “ran into a quilt shop for just a few minutes.” She’s a teacher so we’re looking forward to some sewing time together this summer. And yes, I would love to attend Quilt Market to see all the fabric and projects and patterns all together in one place!

  224. Terri Estes says:

    I have both Saturday and Sunday off, something that doesn’t happen that often in my world, and I’m planning to sew! I have a black & white challenge quilt for our guild to finish before Thursday’s guild meeting, a couple of pillowcases to finish for my grandson’s birthday and we won’t even begin to talk about my UFO collection! 😉 BTW, in the Spring/Summer of 2000 I worked part-time in a quilt shop in Phoenix, AZ named after a crisp, juicy red fruit. You were an inspiration/obsession and I was always in awe of your talent! I still am and so proud of where you are and what you’re accomplishing. Your blog posts make me smile and I just wanted you to know.

  225. Janis Walch says:

    Working on Crop Circles now and am eagerly anticipating your new pattern that looks like Carolina Lillies. Always wanted to make one of these and am glad I waited!

  226. Robin Lynn says:

    I’m a novice quilter and am going to be a first time grandma. I’m having lots of fun finding patterns and buying fabric to make sweet things for my new granddaughter. I’m also retiring in a couple of months to become a full time grandma 🙂

  227. It would absolutely be “my dream” to attend a Quilt Market (anywhere, anytime)! The flood of inspiration would be everywhere, and it would be a memory I could treasure.
    I love this little Moda goodie bag too.
    This weekend I will be finishing up a patchwork “scripture” tote for my little granddaughter’s baptism, which is next weekend.

  228. Laura Taylor says:

    Loved all your pictures from Quilt Market – almost felt like I was there. Would love to go someday just to see the new fabrics, new patterns, meet some of the amazing people behind it all (like you!). This weekend, I’m hoping to start a wall quilt for my Dad, who recently took a bad fall and is having a difficult time recovering from it. He loves all things Southwestern, so I have a pattern and fabric to make a pretty quilt with Kokopelli against a backdrop of our lovely mesas out here. Hopefully, it will cheer him up. Thanks for the lovely opportunity!

  229. akagracie says:

    I just discovered your blog – and through it, Janet Clare. Thanks so much! A local quilt shop has supplied me with enough of Janet’s Field Studies to get started. However, I’ve been working on (mostly ignoring) a black-and-white quilt for nearly a year and had promised myself to finish it. This weekend I WILL finish it so I can start something infinitely more satisfying.

  230. bee says:

    I hope I get the chance to sew this weekend – I have several (current) WIPs that need finishing; a paper pieced pillow, a baby quilt (baby is due this week!) and a fun summery quilt.

  231. Karen says:

    It’s seems daft to be thinking of winter in the middle of summer, but if I get the chance this weekend (with two small boys its hit and miss) I’ll be getting all festive and binding the patchwork advent calendar I’m working on – progress is going well, and looks like this one will be finished (for once!) in plenty of time for Christmas! It’s an alpine woodland of foundation pieced Christmas Trees… ho ho ho… need to get this finished so I can move onto making something gorgeous with the little stash of Kate Spain’s Solstice fabric I bought a few months back.

  232. Stacy says:

    I’m working on finishing a quilt for a friend made from her mother’s clothes. This giveaway is THE BOMB!

  233. Ginger says:

    i’d love to go to market just to soak it all in…in person! Meet all the wonderful designers and just walk around and drool at the fabrics :)! I am taking a quilt to my long arm today. Can’t wait to get it back. I have 2 works in progress waiting for me, and about 6 I want to start!

  234. Audrey says:

    Love Love Love your Blog! Funny, inspiring, and so much info on all things FABRIC! Would love to go to market some year but your bag of goodies will have to suffice for now. I am hoping to finish an Alaskan quilt kit I bought several years ago with bears, elk, moose, eagles, etc – everything Alaska and get it to a quilter before I go on vacation. Thanks for the opportunity.

  235. Beth T. says:

    Something about me? How about what’s keeping me from quilting this morning: a trip to the vet with one of our cats, to get his breathing treatment apparatus checked and his asthma treatment rigamarole updated, bless his heart. You should see the little guy with his little mask on his face, getting his emergency “puffs” or his twice-daily treatments. The vets know us on sight–we don’t have a file, we have a huge three ring binder, for this fellow and the rest of the crew. Anyway, when we get home I might make some HSTs, though my project is not as ambitious as yours.

  236. TSikkink says:

    Well, I didn’t have plans for the weekend other than a graduation party for a few hours. But now I am definitely going to make one of those sweet denim baskets out of my “fat” jeans! So cute 🙂

  237. Sharyn says:

    I am a fabricaholic with out regret. One of my favorite posssessions is my Moda Marbles swatch chart. It is amazingly beautiful and makes my mouth water with possibilities. It makes wonderful wall art.

  238. Anne Rhodes says:

    I would love to go to Quilt Market so that I could meet YOU! Love your blog!

  239. Monica says:

    I’m working on making a paper pieced star today and its my own design.

  240. Karen in Breezy Point says:

    I absolutely would love to attend market for all the inspiration! I am hoping to get caught up on the two latest pieces of Joe Wood’s mystery sew along–good thing there is rain in the forecast for us this weekend.

  241. bekki says:

    Something about me… I create because I have to. It keeps me sane! Seeing colours and textures and pattern lifts me. Turning beautiful things into useful things is a great feeling!

  242. msbookleaf says:

    I have two swap mini quilts to be completed, but I’m spending the weekend rocking at the BottleRock music festival instead. Sacrifices must be made!

  243. Susan Hillier says:

    I am trying something different. (For me) I am making a lined market tote made out of laminated cotton
    From Sweetwater. I am so excited to complete it and use it on my Saturday morning trips to a local
    Farmers market!!

  244. sorchagirl says:

    My plan for the weekend is to complete Clue 3 of a Mystery quilt project released this morning. I am trying to stay focused and finish this project on time. Pictured in the giveaway”goodies” bag is a Farmhouse mini charm and I am so looking forward to this new Fig Tree Quilts fabric line. Thanks for all your posts, Carrie!!

  245. Robin Boggan says:

    I am getting for a quilt retreat next weekend! Finding some of my UFO’S so that I can work on them! Love your blog I have enjoyed looking at it every day. Have a great weekend!

  246. Jackie Roisler says:

    Truly, deeply my fantasy bucket list includes attending quilt market, not just as a unknown lady, but wearing the ID that allows me entrance to all venues. What enjoyment my eyes behold?!

  247. Jeannie says:

    I would love to just see what happens there. Do you get freebies? Do you have to pay for stuff? It all looks so mysterious and wonderful!!

  248. Perry Dauzat says:

    I am working on the right border of my Flower Garden quilt using a pattern by Kim McLean and fabric by Kaffe Fassett using machine appliqué.

  249. I’m sewing this weekend. I’ve been working on a WIP from about 10 years ago. I finished the top this week and plan to start quilting it this weekend!

  250. I’m just returning to quilting and sewing after not doing either for years. I was inspired by the quilt show in Houston.

  251. Mary Howland says:

    I’m visiting my niece and her family so not near my sewing machine. Feeling withdrawal so visited a quilt shop yesterday and Surprise! It was the first day of their backyard sale. I’d love to go to Market and see all the displays and then get in line for the new fabrics. Have a great weekend sewing. 4 – you must not have unpacked all of your boxes from your move!

  252. Rosalind Gutierrez says:

    I’m free doing some free motion quilting (meandering) to finish up a couple child size quilts. A quilt show would be so fun for all the comaraderie & inspirational quilt ideas.

  253. teri says:

    I would love to see all the incredible designers and the quilts.

  254. robin says:

    Quilt Market sounds like a quilter’s wonderland. Your giveaway might just be the next best thing to being there!

  255. I have been to Spring Markets in SLC and Kansas City representing my DIL’s Etsy fabric shop. Miles of inspiration and color! It changed my quilting life.

  256. Gale says:

    I am going to work on getting my grandbaby quilt, quilted and hopefully binding added. Love your new quilt.

  257. Barb Hibit says:

    My dream is to attend Market some day!! This weekend, I am finishing a baby quilt made entirely of Minkey fabric for my newest Grandson, Jaxon! He is #6 for us…3 boys, 3 girls, all under 3! We begged for grandchildren and now it doesn’t seem to be stopping! I have been making boy bibs, burp cloths and receiving blankets so that little Jaxon doesn’t have to use girl things from his sisters! I love your blog and get lots of great ideas for my quilts!

  258. Deb W says:

    I am working at our local quilt store Saturday, so I get to play with new fabrics. I love my second job. (You can’t really call it a job can you, if you get to have fun?) Sunday, I’ll be quilting last year’s Row by Row…almost finished.

  259. Terri Cochran says:

    It’s Dance Recital weekend in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Being here for recital weekend is this Grandma’s true pleasure! My beautiful ballerina, Jordan – 13, is also a quilter and she loves fabric as much as her Mom and I do! Sitting at rehearsals is the perfect time to do some hand stitching!

  260. Jo West says:

    I wouldn’t be able to control my spending at Quilt Market, so I stay away. I make and sell my quilts at a local Farmer’s Market on the weekends. I am sewing and quilting 24/7 and wouldn’t change a thing in my life right now. I love your blog and look forward to your posts. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing your life at Moda.

  261. Sarah J. says:

    Just got my machine back from a cleaning/ tune up so I’m hoping to put it to use this weekend! Thanks for the chance to win such a sweet bundle- never been to quilt market, but boy it sounds fun- I would definitely be overwhelmed by all the loveliness!

  262. Glyn says:

    Market would be a thrill to attend and a bonnie to collect a few pins!

  263. Gail says:

    Is there a pattern for the jeans basket. Thanks

  264. Jaylene B. says:

    I’m going to be sewing this weekend. I’m going to work on a Sew Together bag for a birthday present. Also going to get caught up on my Snapshots block of the month.

  265. Judy R says:

    Too many ideas – so little time!

  266. Marsha Bohling says:

    I’m sewing! Today I meet with my 1930’s group and will work on a butterfly quilt. The rest of the weekend I hope to begin quilting my Heritage quilt from Collections for a Cause. It’s been ready to quilt for sometime but I keep putting it off. It’s time to get it done!

  267. Mary Ann W says:

    The top of my sewing list is to finish two play quilts for my grandsons, but I’m itching to start a new project!

  268. Helen says:

    If I ever got to go to Quilt Market, I’m afraid I’d just walk around staring at all the quilts, booths, etc! I’m not sewing this weekend, but am working on a flag wall hanging hoping to have finished by 4th of July.

  269. Colleen Coffman says:

    This weekend I am gardening. The grass and weeds are taking over our world! I would also love to go to quilt market! The idea of Sample Spree and getting to see all those new collections ahead of time would be amazing.

  270. kade says:

    I’m sewing my farm girl vintage blocks.

  271. Mary Van Kleeck says:

    I’m cleaning my sewing room this weekend!!!

  272. Pam Jolly says:

    I am going to try machine quilting two baby quilts this weekend. I broke my right wrist a couple of months ago and lost all feeling in my hand, so I haven’t been able to sew or quilt. But, I am going to give it a shot this weekend.

  273. marcella says:

    Super impressed that your w.i.p. number is only 4 – mine is very, very high. This weekend I must take a quick break from quilt-y sewing and do some sewing for scouts. Then I can get back to the sew together bags I am dying to make.

  274. Flicsha says:

    I would love to see everything at quilt market. It would be a over load of quilts and fabrics . My kind of place. As to my project this week is bindings 3 large quilts and 4 baby size. I do bindings for my DD Jennie and DGD Kristin and a friend of hers. They keep me busy. I also did 2 machine pad/ pockets and 4 other projects. I keep busy and sew every day. It’s what makes me happy.

  275. Nancy Tilchin says:

    This weekend I’m cutting out a new quilt and maybe finishing two others. Would love to go to Quilt Market but afraid I would want everything I saw.

  276. Karmen says:

    This weekend, I’m working on a “fire truck panel” that I’m adding borders, sashing and backing to for a baby shower next weekend. I’m really under the pressure! 🙂

  277. Nancy says:

    Not sewing this weekend as I’m getting new carpet in my sewing room. Can hardly wait to get it in and everything put back so I can sew!!

  278. Connie Tesene says:

    I really like your Jen Kingwell quilt. One of my favorite booths at this spring market -very cool. Also enjoyed meeting and visiting with you. Keep up the good work.

  279. Kathie Harris says:

    Only 4 WIP? I won’t count mine! Always praying for rain this time of year so I can quilt rather than garden! I’ve been to 4 Quilt Markets and have loved every minute of them! So inspiring! So happy that u r a Moda girl. Love your blog. Thank u for sharing your life and your work!

  280. Beth Barrón says:

    I was picked to go to quilt market once and I’d love to go back for schoolhouse. It was so invigorating and made me so excited to quilt and try new things.

  281. Laura Valdez says:

    Learning to quilt on my long arm right now. Also doing some Grandmother’s Flower Garden blocks in batiks. I’ve been finishing antique quilts for people and have a small business with it. Would love to go to a quilt market to learn and see how it all works from the inside out. Houston has been on my bucket list for years! So much inspiration and so much Moda fabric to enjoy!

  282. Norine says:

    Hoping to get at least one WIP done this weekend. I have so many. I would love to attend Quilt Market to see all the new fabrics and quilt patterns coming out. Just looking at all the displays would be great inspiration to me.

  283. Debby says:

    My husband lovingly bought an awesome sewing machine specifically for quilting over three years ago. Life got in the way, and now I am finally getting it out to use it. You could say that I too am now obsessed. I have been obsessed with learning and doing everything I can get my hands on that deals with quilting. If only I could get paid to do it so I didn’t have to work any more. 🙂

  284. Terri says:

    I love quilting and working with felted wool projects during the fall & winter months. During spring and summer, I can’t get enough of the outdoors (limited in ND). I so enjoy the inspiration I get from quilting blogs. Thank you for your creativity!

  285. Darlene says:

    I’m always sewing something.. I have 2 BOM going, just picked up a duffle bag pattern that I am going to make for my Baltimore trip later… this weekend I am sandwiching “Color way” quilt I made and then will free motion quilt it.. I think if I went to Quilt market I would be in serious trouble… I just love fabric..
    Recently entered your Red, White and Free challenge and won on store level… I don’t usually win anything, was very happy..

  286. Karen Grabowski says:

    My name is Karen Grabowski and I am a quiltaholic…..’nuff said.

  287. Kathy S. says:

    This weekend I need to sew up an apron and/or a table runner for a silent auction that raises money to send our church youth group to summer camp. Thanks for the give-away!

  288. natalie says:

    i love nutella…..and the Jingle collection by Kate Spain

  289. Karen says:

    WOW!! What a great giveaway! Of course anything Moda is great! I’ll be finishing up a quilt for my granddaughter and then starting a dresden plate quilt….deciding to go “soft” and use Country Orchard by Blackbird Designs or a little brighter and use Aloha Girl by Fig Tree….either way, it’ll be a fun weekend!! Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!!

  290. Marianne says:

    Your Jen Kingwell quilt is fantastic. I just bought a couple of her patterns but first need to finish up a few WIP.

  291. I’ve been sewing “have to get done sewing” for quite a while now. A couple of days ago I realize the joy was diminishing and started a couple of minis. Just because I wanted to. I’ve really enjoyed them and am going to do more “just because projects”. Thanks for the chance on your awesome giveaway!

  292. Michelle Hart says:

    Great giveaway! I’ll be working on a mini for a swap and a scrappy Fancy Fox quilt this weekend. So many projects, so little time. 🙂

  293. kristi pratt says:

    My favorite color is purple but I love all color. I will be sewing on a guild swap this weekend, a pillow. Fun. Thanks for the chance. Kristikay@spratt (dot) net

  294. Katy M says:

    I have so many projects on the go at the minute too – didn’t stop me from starting a new baby quilt though! That’s what I’ll be working on this weekend 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win this lovely prize x

  295. SamanthaK says:

    I have way too much sewing to get done (baby quilt that was supposed to be done before the baby was born-oops, she was born last weekend plus a quilt for a soon to be baby that plans haven’t even been thought about yet) but for some reason yard work and house work when it’s raining take precedence. Good thing those baby quilts are for my sisters-in-laws’ babies so they understand. Thanks for the chance to win!

  296. Robin says:

    Yes. I want to win the giveaway! More importantly, I just want to take this opportunity to thank you personally for your blog. Mods gets the prize for choosing you for this job! The warm, upbeat, inclusive way you write makes me warm and gives me hope that, no matter how my efforts turn out, I can take pride in them. I see that creativity is never “wrong” and self expression is one of life’s greatest gifts. Thanks, Carrie.

  297. Tracy H says:

    I’m just so amazed by all the talent and love to read about everything! I’m learning something new all the time. I’m working on being more precise but not so hard on myself and having fun!

  298. SymplyLiz says:

    I confess…. I’m obsessed with this quilt. Just waiting for the final pieces so I can start working on it!

  299. Jenny Werth says:

    Would love to attend Quilt Market – for the inspiration and to make some new friends. I am not sewing this weekend because my machine needs the tension adjusted, plus I have to work : (

  300. Janey Cook says:

    Quilting saved my sanity when there were seven sons tripping the light fantastic through the homestead. After helping me completely wear out one sewing machine, the next purchase was a machine with a passcode to turn it on so I would know when they wanted to “play” with my favorite tool. Now quilting brings me great joy as quilts, large and small, are made for the grandbabies. I would love your Quilt Market finds to arrive at my door any time! This weekend I am completing the top of a frog-inspired quilt for one of our grandsons and a baby quilt for a soon-to-be born grandson!

  301. Susan K says:

    I’ve never been to Quilt Market. I think it would be fun but a bit overwhelming. It would be awesome to see the new colors, fabrics and patterns. It would be hard to “come down” to reality afterwards.

  302. Sally says:

    This weekend I’ll press sub-sections of blocks for a bed-sized charity quilt. The block is an original design and is fun to make.

  303. kateinkcmo says:

    I make Quilts of Honor for our service people. I have breast cancer that can be treated so, I’m in the process of creating 16 lap quilts for these wonderful caregivers I have at the Kansas City VA Hospital. This weekend I’m making 2 quilts with the block designs of Disappearing Hour Glass and Disappearing Hour Glass 2. Both lap quilts will take 35 blocks to make the 5’x7′ quilts. Making these lap quilts helps to keep me my hope up that I will continue to be treated successfully for my cancer.

  304. Dorothy H says:

    First of all – I love your articles …..and yes I want to do them all….something about me??? I sew everyday and in the evening work on my handwork…..I love life and always smiling about something and have lived the same way all 77 years…..and of course I sew everyday …because I have projects not finished and so many more that I want to do….thank for asking….have a great weekend – and do take time to smile the roses….

    • Carrie Nelson says:

      Thank you! And I love your spirit – it’s the best kind. My Dad always said that “any day you wake up on the right side of the grass is going to be a good day”. I hope you have a wonderful weekend… though I expect you would anyway. 🙂

  305. Judy Blinkenberg says:

    I have been working on a quilt called Wallflowers. I didn’t finish it last year when there was a qal. Sunday is my wedding anniversary, 46 years to the same man! I would like to go to quilt market to see the quilts up close, and all the booths. The pictures just are not the same. Even the little picture Moda uses is pitiful. I do like your hst quilt and look forward to the pattern. I think I would like some other fabrics if I saw them in person. Thank you for the very nice giveaway.

  306. Maggie Kriz says:

    I’d LOVE to go to Quilt Market someday to see all of the new & beautiful quilty things. And, yes, I am sewing this weekend. Have to finish a t-shirt quilt that’s a graduation gift. Then on to some old, but not forgotten, projects of my own. In fact, Carrie, I’ll be binding my Miss Rosie’s Homestead quilt. You taught it at a workshop through The Quilt Merchant in Winfield IL around 2006! I finally got it finished & it’s beautiful!

    • Carrie Nelson says:

      And you didn’t include a picture?! I’m just going to have to come to your house to see it. 🙂

      • Maggie Kriz says:

        I will when the binding is finished & the label you gave us in the workshop is on – but you can come & visit any time!

  307. westcoastauntie says:

    Sample Spree at Quilt Market would be a dream come true! Can’t wait to get my hands on some new collections. I’ve got so many WIP’s….about to finish a quilt with Aloha Girl fabrics, and am thinking of starting a pattern that involves applique. We’ll see!

  308. Barbara says:

    As I’ve mentioned before, Moda made a very wise decision when they hired you. I love reading your posts. This weekend I’ll be gardening, but I’m pretty sure there will be some sewing done, too. I have a couple of mini quilts to finish for my guild’s quilt show in November, and several other projects in the works, including a half square triangle quilt. Love it all!

  309. Lola says:

    Do love your ‘copy cat’ quilt! I have always wanted to attend the Houston Quilt Market and Show . My birthday is Nov 5th so has always been a birthday wish! So far the $$$ gods have not lined up for that gift as of yet but hey I am not dead yet either!! 😉 Will be sewing this weekend. Working on a quilted tote as a thank you gift. Next up is some baby gifts that includes a quilt which I hope to get cut out at least by Sunday!!

  310. Judy says:

    I would love to go to Quilt Market and would enjoy everything about it. Seeing the new lines of fabric and taking in all the booths, plus meeting all the people would be amazing.

  311. Pattie C says:

    I would do bad things to get some of that Fig Tree Farmhouse fabric, just saying.

  312. sunny says:

    What an awesome prize! I[ll be sewing this week, so I'[ll be sure to clear some space to put everyting should it arrive at my house. I also plan to go kayking!

  313. dondim says:

    I have 6 WIPS but the most important of these is the pink, black, and white quilt for a 12 year old granddaughter. After this one is done, I will have finished 10 out of 12 quilts I am making for the quilting growing darlings. I keep adding to my list of future quilts. I am up to 60. I may need to live to 95 at this rate…

  314. Michele says:

    My guild is having our annual quilt show this weekend. One of the quilts I entered had been on the back of the love seat. JoJO, one of our cats, likes to hide underneath the quilt. I discovered two holes in the top. Not sure if it was the cat, or one of the grandkids who likes to sit on the quilt and play with the cat. YIKES. Used my Accuquilt go to cut out 2 fabric and 2 batting hearts, sewed them together, turned rightside out, and bobs you uncle, holes covered.

  315. Dania Kinney says:

    Would love to go to a market and get inspired by the “modern” quilts. I’m a traditionalist at heart but would love to make a quilt in a modern style! I have too many WIP to count but will be attending a quilt camp next week and want to finish my Minnick and Simpson Nantucket!

  316. Hildy says:

    I’ll sewing this weekend, for sure, but not so sure what exactly. There’s my Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt I love this quilt but it takes time (let’s be honest) and perhaps I need a quick finish this weekend just for me to know that I can still finish something;-)
    Now why would I go to quilt market? Because of the people (so would love to meet you and the Moda gang;-) and yes, because of all the fabrics. And the notions (Aurifil). And to see all these gorgous stunnign quilts in real!

  317. Brenda Cornell says:

    I am busy prepping blocks for my retreat at Lake Tahoe next week. Husband is golfing tomorrow so I have a clear chunk of time – yea!

    • Sandy Fisher says:

      What retreat? I live near Tahoe. Is it a private retreat for you and friends or one through a quilt shop? I love going to Tahoe although the lake is so low this year, it makes me very sad. Anyway, have fun!

  318. Sandy Fisher says:

    I have gotten to attend market three times with a vendor friend and I must say the atmosphere is electric! Surrounded by so much cutting edge creativity inspires everyone there. And the one who really wins from this is the customer who enters her local quilt shop to see what is new. Fabulous industry!

  319. Joni Keskey says:

    I’m in the emergency room waiting on results for a surgical infection. Heading to my sewing machine as soon as I get out.

    • Carrie Nelson says:

      Ack! I’ve got fingers crossed for a good prognosis and a speedy recovery – get well soon, you’ve got sewing to do. 🙂

  320. Cassy L. says:

    I just love it all! Taking time today to play with fabric and create something new.

  321. Denise in PA says:

    I’d love to win those goodies! I have been quilting for more than 20 years and just keep getting more obsessed! I always say I feel so lucky to have a hobby that brings me so much joy!

  322. Janet Brown says:

    I’m in the middle of an applique quilt and an embroidery quilt. Both are for nieces that I just adore so they are really labors of love but I always have to take time out to catch up on the Moda blog!

  323. gaylemitchel says:

    I Love Surprises!! Pant, pant, drool… As a new blog follower, this bag of goodies would be icing on my (layer) cake! Just finished Dancing under the Midnight Sun by Joen Wolfrom Designs and will be piecing the back today. WIP’s, mmmm, about 25 (some are small – I’m NOT Super Woman, although it would help). Would love to meet you at Intn’l Quilt Mkt in Houston. That show is HUGE! Classes, vendors, exhibits – I’d be the kid in the candy store!

  324. Mary L. says:

    I think I would take the prize for works in progress………………..I should make a list.

  325. I will be sewing this weekend on my block of the month projects. The blocks have to be finished by June 3rd. i would love to go to market to see what’s coming out. I know the stores can not carry all of the of the fabric lines or patterns that are coming out. Its a way to see what I am missing out on . This is the first time I have ever replied.

    • Carrie Nelson says:

      It’s nice to meet you! The best part of Market is getting to see what’s new and coming. The worst part of going to Market is then having to wait for the fabric! 🙂

  326. Mary Ann Scanlon says:

    This weekend I want to finish a UFO….Hubble made with a couple of B & C charm packs, yes I am using “my precious”. And cut 2 Quil to from a stack of grey and yellows, a toddler size and a baby size. If I have over planned, well as I am recently retired I can just keep sewing next week! PS I would love all this MOda swag, thanks for sharing!

  327. Sarina says:

    Only 4?! I have atleast double that many WIP… and some are pretty old. But right now I’m working on baby blankets… Can’t wait for those little bundles of joy to get here (a niece and grandson)! Yeah! I would LOVE to go to market- just to be overwhelmed with so much inspiration!

  328. Robin Chapa says:

    Are you kidding me?! What a lovely bunch of loot! I’d be soooo happy to win! I’m going on a road trip this summer (from CA to ID) and I’m wracking my brain to choose a “car project”. What will I do in the car? I like to crochet, but a lot of yarn in the summer is never fun– especially in a cramped space, (and by cramped, I mean 3 grown-ups and 3 kids– yikes!). I love hexies, but I have a WIP of that already and I don’t want to drag that along. Do I start a new hexie project? Or diamond? Or orange peel applique? I just don’t know…… I don’t usually lack inspiration….. but when I do, I read this blog! (no joke– I love the way you write!) Thanks for a chance to win! (welchrobin@hotmail.com)

  329. Debby Warthen says:

    I would love to go to Market someday as a pattern designer or as part of a great company! I am busy working on Alison Harris’ new pattern Hello March in the beautiful new line from Corey Yoder, Prairie. Next up- Lollies by Thimbleblossoms in Aloha Girl by Fig Tree Quilts. Then I am hoping the Kate Spain Canyon fabric I ordered from Canada will be here and I will be lolling in the lusciousness! I will always be a Moda Maniac!

  330. As a new quilter, I’ve become completely addicted to fabric and new patterns. I’ve already completed 3 full size quilts this year, with many ideas brewing away and my fabric collection growing with leaps and bounds.

  331. Melissa Bratland says:

    Would love to attend Quilt Market! Maybe next year…

  332. Jill Neely says:

    I love Moda fabric and the great follow up on this blog!

  333. Phyllis says:

    I love all the inspiration from quilt market you post, for all of us who can’t attend. It would be so awesome to win.

  334. Linda Z says:

    My dream would to have one of every Moda collection. Oh well I said DREAM.

  335. Lana says:

    LOVE to sew and always have at least four projects going at any given time. Hand sewing/wool applique to work on when watching TV and machine piecing to do when ever. When I’m almost done with one I stop and cut out another– and buying more well that’s a another story. It makes my heart sing!!!!

  336. Pam Larson says:

    I’m working on the binding for Lucy…finally! Binding is not my favorite thing to do and I tend to put it off. Since I have every Mr. Selfridge for this season to watch I thought it was the perfect time to bind.
    Have a nice weekend!!

  337. Laura says:

    I have 3 quilting WIP in view. I also proudly have a stack of tops done and ready to be sent off to be quilted one or two as my budget allows. I wish I could manage machine quilting but I only destroy all my hard work.

  338. Sandy M says:

    I’m hoping to stay dry this weekend in TX but I suspect that I might get a little wet when I head over to Urban Spools to take a free motion quilting class with Natalia Bonner. She had a trunk show at the Modern Quilt Guild meeting last night and will be teaching two classes at Urban Spools tomorrow.
    Super Excited about that. Then I have to piece a backing and cut out batting to send a couple of quilts to get quilted (no, I’m not practicing my new skills on my recently pieced quilts!!! Are you nuts?!). LOL!
    Sample Spree at Market is the dream. A must if I go to market. After that, I must say that the best part is getting to see old friends and the designers.

  339. Sue says:

    I am making a dent in the scrap pile with log cabin blocks. I’m challenging myself to randomly select fabrics without saving the smaller sections for future projects. I’m quilting like a wild woman, I tell you!

  340. Libby says:

    Just finished and delivered a quilt to my granddaughter this morning (the top she found and claimed) and I don’t even want to think about how many more WIP’s I have going on right now. I hope to finish some potholder’s, (that I need for a gift basket for a benefit tomorrow) and I also need to get a baby blanket finished for next weekend ~ the list just goes on………….

    But it’s so much so very relaxing after a hard week at work!!

  341. Jennifer says:

    I’m not counting how many WIPs I have! But I plan to get one finished up this weekend for a wedding gift the following Saturday, so it’s time to start something new!

  342. Gunilla says:

    Right now I am sewing the last border on a quilt. And I am looking rward to binding the quilt. But the quilting… Not so much! I just love the feeling of soon to be finished quilts, knowing that it’ll soon be done!

  343. Rina H. says:

    Sewing and cake are on the agenda this weekend! I’m working on a HST quilt with my son – he’s turning 8 tomorrow and he loves to sew! As I have only boys, this thrills me to pieces! We’re using Bartholomeow’s Reef, and he wants to make a chevron pattern with the finished blocks. Happy Friday and thanks for the chance! 🙂

  344. Debra newhall says:

    I am going to be pinning some quilts so that I can start quilting them. This is my least favorite part of a making a quilt. I would love to go to market some day.

  345. ohkitten says:

    I’ve rediscovered my love of quilting again & now I have so many WIPs & fabric for future quilts. Finishing a hand quilted quilt as a gift recently gave me the extra push I need & this weekend while it rains on Saturday I’ll be layering 2 more quilts…one to machine quilt & one to hand quilt. I also need to get back to my Grandmother’s Flower Garden that I’m piecing all by hand. The flowers are done & it’s boring to sew the green rows between them…but I’d like to hand quilt it this winter.

  346. Dortha says:

    I am going to my granddaughter’s T-ball game. They are such a hoot. The kids are just so fun to watch as they are just learning the basics of ball playing. Good time ahead.

  347. Doris McCarty says:

    This weekend is my daughter’s birthday. So we will having a party Sunday. It’s was supposed to be a pool party but unfortunately the weather turned cooler. The high will only be 68. Arghhh. I do have a paper pieced quilt in the process, but I don’t think I’ll be working on it this weekend.

  348. Carol C says:

    I’m babysitting my delightful 6 month old grandson tomorrow but I will get some sewing done this weekend. Lots of family stresses during the last few months, but I’m hoping the rest of 2015 will be an improvement.

  349. Laura F. says:

    Thanks for your generous prize. I am making some zippered pouches this weekend. I have to quilts as WIP and might end up cutting another one 🙂

  350. stanleybeagle says:

    Sigh, no sewing for me – my space is also the guest bedroom and we have guests! But I’m happy about that and they are keeping me busy!

  351. auschick says:

    I’d love to see the cotton + steel booth! And this weekend I think I’ll be sewing up a blouse for my daughter and hopefully a few shirts for my son. Then I will meet my May sewing goals 🙂

  352. Sue says:

    I have fabric stacked up for about a zillion quilts but am afraid to start any of them because then I’ll just call in sick for weeks straight because I won’t be able to stop!

  353. carol n says:

    I have been quilting for 25 years, and I love it! Working on the Guild raffle quilt this weekend, so fun with friends!!

  354. Judy Zoll says:

    I’ve always wanted to go to spring market but there’s always so many conflicts with end of school activities that it’s not been in the cards for me. Maybe someday! Love Moda fabrics.

  355. Sherri C says:

    I love reading your Moda blog –I was a Miss Rosie blog follower–and enjoying having lunch with you before a Daisy Mtn. quilt guild meeting.
    I’ve been to Houston for the quilt show and I’d love to attend market to meet all the designers that I follow on their blogs.
    As far as sewing, I’m busy making charity quilts for the Phoenix Advocacy Center.

  356. Brenda says:

    I just bought a Gardenvale charm pack yesterday and am itching to make a Jen Kingwell inspired quilt. I find so much inspiration from your blog! Thanks for keeping the ideas churning inside my head!

  357. Ann says:

    I’ll be sewing since they’re calling for rain…can’t be out in the garden then. Got a quilt to finish for the graduation…that was last weekend. 😉 I’d love to go to market to see all the new stuff.

  358. Jeanice Shelley says:

    Just finished a little present for my sis-in-law (tea towels, wash clothes and a hot pad…I have 8 grandkids 🙂

  359. JoLyn says:

    I am working on a new quilt for a bedroom redo. I love the thoughts of new projects!

  360. Pamela says:

    Love the jean bag idea. My plan is to spend the entire day sewing tomorrow as a treat for myself. I think I will add making one of these to my list for tomorrow. Thank you for the idea.

  361. Tiara says:

    No sewing this weekend but hopefully soon! I have been stalking your Jen Kingwell quilt ever since you started it, can’t wait to make my own!

  362. Stephanie says:

    I, like you, am juggling a half dozen projects at once. Is there any other way? I assembled the blocks for Bertie’s Year into rows this morning. I am planning on putting the rows together tomorrow. Then I can cross it off the list and move on to the next finish.

  363. debrinalyn says:

    I’m going to Lori Holt’s Farm Girl Vintage retreat in Utah in 12 days and I can’t wait! My first quilt retreat!

  364. Laura says:

    My name is Laura, and I’m a fabricaholic.

  365. Mary S says:

    I am a beginning quilter and am loving it! I would love to go to Quilt Market to see everything about quilts!

  366. Sheri says:

    I have plenty of FAT jeans! I am working on a miniature double wedding ring. It will be my 25th wedding anniversary June 1. Probably won’t experience a Quilt Market ,but love Festival! Fig Tree fabric is my favorite.

  367. JoAnne says:

    I need to be deciding what to take to a quilt retreat that I’m going to in a few weeks, but this weekend I will probably do some stitching on Austin Bluebird. I’m on the second to last hand appliqued block, and I can see the end in sight!

  368. Hmm, something about myself. Well, I don’t often enter giveaways but I am lusting after this collection of Moda goodies so maybe I will be the lucky one. Oh, and I am so glad you are with Moda now because you blog more frequently and your posts are soooo fun to read.

  369. Patti says:

    I love your quilts! One day I would love to go to Quilt Market. I hope to one day sew all (well, at least most of) my fabric!

  370. Jo says:

    I love these craft buckety thingies – they might help me to be more organised…. no sewing this weekend but probably a bit of gardening and we’re going to feed the goslings on the canal tomorrow.

  371. Linda says:

    First of all, thank you for the great job you are doing with this blog. It is a joy to read and one of my favorites. I just finished up some lap quilts, now I am working on a scrappy “Fresh” (C. Roskelley) quilt with brown linen background. I am a teacher, school is almost out and summer will never be long enough for my sewing list!

  372. Suzette says:

    Boo-not sewing this weekend, paycheck work instead. I would LOVE to go to market for Sample Spree!

  373. Michele says:

    I’m finishing up a UFO or two…quilting one and doing the sashing/borders on another. I work for a quilt shop in AZ and in 2 weeks we go on our annual retreat…I have to figure out which of many projects I’m going to take with me!

  374. Christina says:

    I will try and work on two different projects. 1. Start FMQ on my Coneflower Quilt and 2. Continue working on my cross-stitch. ( I have 5 works in progress…eek) 😀

  375. lepowell says:

    Something about me? I’m moving back to Florida!!! Short story really, I miss my girls terribly!! I would love to go to market just to see sample spree, even just to stand back and watch would be great fun!! Sew?? Why, yes in deed!! My class with Jen Kingwell, that cute new rock star!! So excited!!

  376. Kathryn Landreth says:

    I have more than a few UFO’s waiting for some attention… and instead I am starting a new quilt kit this weekend ;-D

  377. Jane says:

    I just got 2 quilts back from the long arm quilter. I will be working on bindings this weekend after garden / yard work.

  378. LINDA says:

    HI, love to go to Market just to greet those whose fabrics I’ve sewn+designs I’ve used and loved! Thanks for sharing a neat giveaway!

  379. Jenybeth Durand says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win all those goodies!! I live in the greater Twin Cities area but wasn’t “qualified” to go to market; maybe next time. So, random thing about me; I love KitKat bars but I only eat them when they’re cold (crazy, right?!).
    Thanks again, and I love the blog!

  380. Sadie says:

    I am a beginning quilter, desperately trying to finish my first big quilt (272 half square triangles)! What a cool blog, I will be back!

  381. patty d says:

    the photos of all the fabric looks like so much fun. and once, just once, I’d love to be the opportunity to be part of the rush to grab early fabric

  382. Kim Anness says:

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity, would love to win. I’m going to start quilting a wall hanging for my sewing room.

  383. Charlene says:

    In the middle of lots of baseball I’m busy getting some UFO baby quilts quilted for the new crop of babies this spring. Love all those goodies, thanks for the chance.

  384. Deena Drevs says:

    I went into the sewing room with the intent of working on a quilt I started this week but got side tracked by a bright flowered tea towel I had bought. I cut it in half and made 2 hanging towels to hang on the oven door.

  385. Maryellen says:

    Going to Market is on my bucket list, and I’m sewing today and tomorrow, and doing a craft fair on Sunday. Thanks for all the photos and info on Market! I can’t wait to go!

  386. Elizabeth says:

    I am looking forward to going to a quilt event once I have my sewing room set up. Currently all of my supplies are boxed up as we get ready for a move. i can’t buy anything new until I have a new place to put it all!

  387. Aileen C. says:

    My daughter–the last of 4– is graduating HS Sunday, so I will have to pick up all of the blocks I’ve constructed with Ambleside and wait to finish my top until all of the celebrating this weekend subsides. I can’t wait for both of these exciting events! Thank you for all of the inspiration!

  388. Dot in NE Georgia says:

    I would love to go to the Houston Quilt Show! Currently I am making another baby quilt for a family friends new granddaughter. Quilting is wonderful.

  389. Sandra says:

    I would love to go to Quilt Market to experience absolutely everything. It seems to be on such a fantastically big scale over there. There’s nothing like it here in Ireland. It must be amazing!

  390. Mom C says:

    Since school got out last week we’ve been having sewing class at my Quilt House. Six grand daughters and one Mom have been working on projects and the 6 year old finished a pillowcase, her first ever attempt at sewing. She did an incredible job. I helped with the cutting and pressing but she did all the seams. I got a quilt and a table runner on and off the long arm and have a christmas tree skirt Melissa made for me on, ready to quilt.
    It was fun to run into you at Market, Melissa’s still over the moon and we have a great time. Thanks.

  391. Janet T says:

    I would love to go to market. If someone can’t make it next year, and will pay my way, I would be glad to go for them. I could wear a GoPro so they wouldn’t miss anything! lol Market really sounds like fun.

  392. What a fun little pack of goodies!!! Something about me? Hmmmmm. Well, my weekends are typically a mix of two activities – biking with my hubby (we are training for a century bike ride – yikes!) and sewing. I have far too many WIPs, but I cannot help myself! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  393. LK Smith says:

    I just love reading your blog! It inspires me and makes me aware of the latest quilty things. I hope you will be coming to the Quilt Festival in Houston this fall. I have never been to the Houston Market Show for dealers, but I hear it is lots of fun! I would love to win a bag of sewing treats. Thank you for the chance to win!

  394. allison c says:

    I’m working on a qayg picnic quilt

  395. Kelly Schott says:

    I have been sewing since I was 12….both of my grandmothers sewed as well as my mom so I came by it very naturally and I love every minute of it! I wish I could sew all day every day!

  396. Peg says:

    I would love to attend market and see all the new fabrics in the works.

  397. Sarah says:

    Your Jen Kingwell quilt is beautiful. I plan to sew this weekend also, hopefully finishing some of my own WIPs.

  398. Sheila Cocco says:

    Am I the only one who has to balance pouring over fabrics and patterns and designs with reading about designers and fabric manufacturing and manufacturers with sewing and quilting??? I am so inspired when I am on your site and meander off to check the links, I seriously need to give up sleep!!!! But then again, anyone else lay there planning their next purchase or next project??? Hey, at least I don’t buy shoes :). Love you guys, thanks for making my life more colorful and exciting!!

  399. Lynda H says:

    I was luck enough to get to spring market and would like to have had more school days – so much to do in one day just could not fit it all in.

  400. Susan Bailey says:

    My best quilting experience was taking a quilting class from you Carrie Nelson!!! You have got to be one of the funniest people I’ve met!! Also in class was Sheri McConnell-who knew she’d be so famous! I would love to win some goodies

  401. I have grown cucumbers and zucchini from seed so this weekend I’ll be putting them out in the garden.

  402. Cathy says:

    Quilting is my therapy. I love when I have a day I can spend in my sewing room and play all day.

  403. Suzanne Nelson says:

    Going to meet our new puppy! And sewing on our soon to meet new grandsons quilt! We have 3 granddaughters who are so excited to have a new cousin!!

  404. Kathy says:

    Quilt Retreat this weekend……lots of fun planned. Quilt Market would be a dream come true!

  405. Karen says:

    My hope is to quilt this weekend! I am in the process of making a quilt for my father, using “Hearty Good Wishes”!

  406. Frances says:

    With about a zillion UFO’s in my sewing basket I just pulled a bunch of cat prints from stash and started cutting them into six inch blocks for a quilt. No common sence at all some would say. Thanks for the chance to win that lovely prize.

  407. Brenda says:

    Went to one Market in Mpls. a million years ago to help someone with a booth. I manned the booth,while she gadded about. If I ever go again, I’m going to want the looking time for ME.

  408. Jan Sessions says:

    I would LOVE to go to quilt market. Following quilt market through several bloggers is the next best thing.

  409. Jeanne says:

    I made a goal this year to finish some UFO’s… 6 was the goal. I met the goal though so I am working my wY through some more. No sewing this weekend though. We’re having a farewell party for my oldest who is leaving for college.

  410. Marianne says:

    Going to be sewing binding on quilts this weekend. I love your HST quilt. So pretty!

  411. Natalie says:

    I plan on sewing all day on Sunday after first straightening my sewing room from a prior project.

  412. Deb W says:

    Just finishing up a quilt for a friend who underwent double mastectomy last week. Thought a cozy quilt might come in handy after chemo treatments, or for just a needed nap. Thanks for this opportunity to win some wonderful fabric.

  413. Marcia K says:

    I just inherited my mother in laws featherlight sewing machine!

  414. Love to quilt and sew everyday. Currently working on some Bonnie Hunter designs but always love Moda Fabrics.

  415. Lindi S. says:

    Love to sew almost all techniques. Will be sewing this weekend on my 730 making gifts for my friend. L

  416. Nancy Horn says:

    My very first precut was a Moda charm pack that I made into a table runner, I’ve been in LOVE with Moda evert since!

  417. Rbnshnnn says:

    My 2015 project is to make a quilt for each of my siblings. One down, two to go!

  418. Melanie D says:

    I have such a collection of projects to make (fabric bought) that I must be five years behind!!

  419. Judy Sigsworth says:

    I have visions of making a HST quilt some day, and the paper method is the only way to go! Love your blog.

    Not being a shop owner or industry person, I’ve always thought of Quilt Market as “The Best of the Best”. I’d love to be a fly (or maybe a butterfly) on the wall to see all the people, take everything in, then maybe do some touching of the pretty fabrics, patterns and quilty items in the evening when everyone has gone home so I can have it all to myself.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  420. Tricia says:

    I want to do a little sewing this weekend, I have two quilts just back from the quilters that need binding. I’ve been missing my sewing machine the last few weeks. I’m pregnant and all day morning sickness has kept me away.

  421. Ann Keener says:

    Yes I plan to sew tonight. Would really like to go to market in the future.

  422. Rebecca says:

    Fabulous eye candy in your post. No sewing for me…it’s a gardening weekend!

  423. Anne Manly says:

    Love the jeans scrap baskets – great way to recycle! Quilt Market would be a seriously WOW! case of quilt inspiration overload. I don’t think I could control myself? I’m busy this weekend packing for a weeklong quilt retreat at Sievers on Washington Island, WI. I’m a luck lady – but the decision making process as to whether I should take UFO’s, WIP’s, or start a new project is too much. I’ll just open the big bag and start filling it up – but then I’ll still have to make a decision sooner or later? Thanks for your keeping us all up-to-date with the Moda world goings-on – it’s a constant treat to hear from our friend on the inside!

  424. Janice Svercek says:

    I would be sewing but I’m in Michigan for a family wedding. That’s fun too!

  425. Carla J says:

    Would love to visit market someday, I am sure I would be standing with my jaw dropped open in wonder like I did at my first large quilt shop. This weekend is soup n sew at my local shop on Saturday, followed by a class through my guild on Sunday.

  426. Jen B says:

    I’ve no sewing plans this weekend, I’ll be making a lemon cheesecake and hopefully going to the museum.

  427. Misty S. says:

    I would love to go to Quilt market. I obsessively Instagram followed the people that did go and got to see some upcoming collections through the photos. Loved it!

  428. Linda M. says:

    Pulled a darling UFO baby quilt top out of my stash this week. A nine patch done in ’30s reproduction pastels. It is now quilted and ready to give to my niece for her first baby — a girl! Her mother passed away last summer so I wanted a special gift.

  429. Kathie says:

    My youngest granddaughters dance recitals are this weekend so that is where I will be. I did make them Bendy Bags as a surprise!

  430. Sheryl P. says:

    Going to quilt market is on my bucket list. Would be a dream to work par time in a quilt shop and go to market. For now, enjoy reading the comments and seeing the pictures and living vicariously through the those that attended.

  431. I went to Quilt Festival in Houston when we used to live there and the experience was such a euphoric high…one fabulous thing after the other, such inspiration! I would like to go to Market to capture that creative overload…I so appreciate all the photos in social media but of course there is nothing like petting fabric or quilts in person. (PS: Thanks for the chance, I’m spending the weekend at a baseball tournament)

  432. Audrey says:

    Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway! I am working on a scrappy quilt for my guest room in between reading a few blogs this evening. I really am obsessed with Gardenvale fabric! Can you make too many quilts with the same fabric? I have four planned! Well, I better get back to my sewing.

  433. Judy J says:

    I need to sew this weekend. I have many works in progress that need to be finished.

  434. jmniffer says:

    If the rain continues this weekend, I get to sew. Otherwise I “get” to stain the deck. Bring on the umbrella!

  435. Linda H says:

    Well, quilting related my bucket list of quilts, patterns, shows to attend gets longer and longer and being retired I can’t imagine a day without SOME sewing in it. Even more exciting (if that is possible) is we’re about to become “parents” again … FUR PARENTS!! Sadie Anne (our Shiba Inu rescue) crossed to Rainbow Bridge last August … the hole in our hearts was gigantic … we thought no one could ever help. THEN we met Lucy … a beautiful little 7 year old “fur girl” who will be coming to live with us “forever” next week … picked out fabric to make her a new bed today … can’t wait!! Life is very, very good …..

  436. shelley says:

    Already 444 comments, not counting on the win, but dreaming of market, and all the talented people that I could meet! Thanks for sharing all the inspiration! Love Moda. Hoping to work on my log cabin block swap, Edyta Sitar style/

  437. Siobhan says:

    Love your Jen Kingwell quilt. It’s beautiful! I’ll be doing some sewing this weekend– my design wall has three UFOs that Ned to move closer to FO territory. Hopefully this will keep me occupied while I patiently wait for Frivols to arrive. 🙂
    I’d would love to go to Market and see the brand new fabric that’s coming out. It would be fun to meet all of my favorite designers as well, instead of just (stalking) following on IG. LOL.

  438. Kathy Luehrs says:

    dont know where I would go first – probably stand and gap in awe – sadly no sewing this weekend – I’m moving this weekend to my own apartment – and I’m gonna have my very own sewing room

  439. Ann says:

    Sewing a polka dotted quilt for my grand daughter!

  440. Cecilia says:

    Beautiful quilt, I love HSTs. I would love to go to Market, just to see all of the beautiful booths and the new fabrics.

  441. Deb F says:

    A visit to Quilt Market would be a dream come true, I can only imagine the fun, excitement of meeting some of my favorite designers, and the inspiration.
    This weekend I plan to make some cushions for my wicker loveseat and chair (my puppy destroyed them when I left him in the breezeway to run to the library). I’m hoping that the patterns I made from what was left of the cushions works. It is a good thing he is adorable!

  442. I have 2 blocks left to finish on a hand appliqued quilt. I’ve been working on it for about 3 years now and am ready to get it finished. With all the rain we’re having this weekend will be the perfect time.

  443. jan davis says:

    Only four UFO’s? You must have such excellent self control! Loved your reports from Market.

  444. Rebecca Miller says:

    I would love to work a booth at the Market. I would probably pay them rather than expect a salary! I just think it would be fun!

  445. Sandy A in St. Louis says:

    Lucky you with only 4 ufos! I can’t tell you how many I have! I have found that I love piecing quilts and getting them to the top stage but I don’t like to quilt them on my machine. It is really hard! If I could, I would “quilt by check” as one of my friends likes to say! 😛

  446. Olivia S says:

    I’m been machine sewing a star quilt and I’ve been doing some English paper piecing! This is such a cool giveaway, thank you!

  447. Diana says:

    No sewing this weekend, tidying up after builders who have been sorting out the spare room…. It will become my sewing room once it is finished. I’ve got 3tops to quilt, 1 to bind and 4 currently in progress, and too much fabric. That said a girl can never have too much fabric, so would love the chance to win. The market looks awesome,just to see the quilts in real life rather than on screen would be amazing.

  448. Regina Decker says:

    I am making a beautiful kaleidoscope quilt and have several more in progress. Thanks for the giveaway!

  449. ColleenM says:

    I would love to go to Market for a lot of reasons but I think the most important reason would be to meet some of my Quilt “Heroes” in person. I did get to meet Pat Sloan and Pam Kitty at the local B & N after Mpls Market! Pat was having a trunk show and autographing her new book and Pam Kitty was in the audience. My quilting excitement!

  450. Helen says:

    Am sure I have a fabric to last me the rest of my life but everytime I see moda designers new releases I cant help myself love your quilt patterns

  451. kshackabq says:

    Oh my. Only 4 works in progress?? Really???? I have . . . so many times that. Wish I was sewing this weekend, but a former next door neighbor from our growing up years (too many decades ago) is going to be in town so we’re going to go tour the town. Maybe I’ll sew again after my hubs has finished painting the interior of the house–which means when I can unpack the sewing room! Maybe I need to get a handwork project going in the meantime!

  452. Jessica P. says:

    I am not one who collects things. I hate clutter. However, a few years ago I decided to start quilting. I have since realized how much I love fabric. It is the only thing I hoard. I don’t have a very big collection, but I always find myself wanting more fabric even though I don’t need it.

  453. Wow, what great projects.
    I am a UFO collector. Exceptionally good at starting projects, very bad at finishing them unless I have a must meet deadline.

  454. Cheryl W. says:

    I’d love to go to Quilt Market and meet the great fabric designers. I am presently making a miniature Quilt Shop and this weekend will make more fabric bolts. (Yes, there is a LOT of Moda fabrics in my quilt shop!)

  455. Cathy C says:

    I would love to go to market to meet the designers, to see the the booths filled with their amazing creations. I would like to come home with some of the energy that must be in the air there.
    I have 10 days of school left before I can start sewing. Unless the Summer block of the month arrives and then I will probably not be able to resist starting it.

  456. sylviaklotz@hotmail.com says:

    I would LOVE to attend something like quilt market…I would be like a kid in a candy store!

  457. Pam S says:

    I just finished a backpack for my little granddaughter and I can’t wait to give it to her. Now I need to hit the books for the next couple days, because I’m teaching summer school starting on Monday. I do a lot of sewing and quilting, but I’ve never made anything with 784 HST’s! Your quilt is amazing, and beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway!

  458. Marjory W says:

    I saw a really cute dress on a little girl at the Olive Garden today, and I can’t wait to reproduce it for 18-inch dolls.

  459. Chris says:

    I’d love to walk around and meet people like Tula Pink and Pat Sloan. This weekend I will be finishing a challenge quilt and cleaning house.

  460. Cynthia Scharf says:

    I lived through another week at work! Now it’s Friday night and sew time begins!

  461. Dana Wild says:

    I want to make one of the jeans leg bag. With Moda fabric of course! I love the feel of Moda fabric. So do my cats! Nothing like curling up in a nice soft quilt.

  462. Julie says:

    I would love to go to market to see all of the wonderful quilts we only get to look at online. I think it would be so inspiring. Plus, i just love fabric! I have 3 wips on my sewing table right now. I plan to work on at least 1 this weekend!

  463. Danielle says:

    While my 12 year old has a dozen friends over for her birthday, I will attempt to sneak away and quilt!

  464. Kathy L says:

    I’m so inspired by your work! I wish I could sew more. I have 2 quilts in process and my goal is to finish them this year!!

  465. There’s just never enough time to sew as much as I’d like. I’m currently working on Bounce-your pattern. Just the borders to go. So fun!

  466. Kristy W. says:

    I am hand quilting my first wool and cottons quilt and loving it! I am working on Jinny Beyer’s Craftsy BOM and Lori Holt’s farm girl blocks. I will be cutting out the next 2 farm girl blocks for the week tomorrow. I love your jean boxes, they are so cute! So glad you are here at Moda. Love reading your posts. K- lkw2x6-apq@yahoo.com

  467. pamelaquilts says:

    I am working on finishing a wedding quilt for my daughter and she is going to be so surprised! (I know you won’t tell my secret!)

  468. Susan says:

    This weekend I will be working on my Sweet and Simple quilt, a design by Norma Whaley. I love having all of my chores done so I can sit and enjoy A LOT of hand applique! Why yes, I would love, love, love to attend market. Seeing all the new fabrics, patterns, notions, and meeting designers would be better than a trip to Hawaii!

  469. I’m working on a felt needle book right now. It’s an over sized one to fit my doll needles and I’m doing embroidery and applique on the cover to make it super pretty.

  470. Carol Cervello says:

    Oh yes, I would love to attend a Quilt Market, but living in Spain that would be a bit expensive for me..!
    Never thought of coming to Europe? 🙂 Would love that!!


  471. speechlaura says:

    I would love to attend Quilt Market for the workshops and the sample spree.

  472. Donna says:

    Quilt Market is on my bucket list. One day I will get there.

  473. Vicki says:

    I am so jealous that you get to go to Quilt Market! I scour the blogs for photos of it each time it comes, and drool! Maybe one day I will get there!

  474. Elizabeth says:

    Hi, I love reading about everything that goes on at moda. My last project was crocheting a little baby sweater. But before that I made a fifties style ruffly apron. I’m slowly collecting a stash of fabrics but trying to keep my ufos limited. Still got a lot. Hoping to make some baby quilts next. Might try the half square triangles idea you shared. Thanks Carrie.

  475. Shirley Harrison says:

    I have attended Quilt Market once with my friend who was a shop owner. I absolutely love it and when they hold the fall one in Houston they have a retail market the following week for customers and everyone who quilts should go at least once to this big event. Quilting has been my lifeline now that I have diagnosed with lung cancer . I would not be able to cope if I did not have quilting to do and forget about the treatments and all that goes with it.

  476. Rebecca says:

    I would love to attend Quilt Market some day. I had a relative who lived in Houston and always thought I would get there, she has moved so probably won’t happen now. Monitors just don’t do fabric justice so it would be wonderful to see the creativity firsthand and meet all you wonderful creative people. No sewing today, getting ready for friend’s 50th wedding anniversary. That is about how many more years I need to make all these beautiful projects you share and would love to include all this lovely giveaway to my sewing room. Thanks!!!!

  477. Joan Bennett says:

    Everyday I am quilting or on the web looking for the next new anything moda. Every quilt I had made is with moda fabric. Going to quilt market would be a dream come true for me. Keep on designers because it is what I wait for. “The next new fabric, the next new pattern, etc”

  478. This weekend I’m planting out some summer annuals (cosmos), helping my mam get used to her new car (she only got it yesterday and she’s moved to an automatic – reverse hill starts are proving a bit tricky for her!) and quilting my niece’s fairy quilt (after I pulled out 1080″ of quilting last night because I didn’t like it!) – I have seven weeks until the deadline, her fourth birthday!

    P.S. I love your ‘Shamelessly copying Jen Kingwell quilt’!
    P.P.S. Archie thinks you were asking about his weekend plans – he hopes to spend as much time as possible lying in a patch of sun (he doesn’t mind if it’s inside or out!) and dreaming of biscuits falling from the sky.

  479. Sue H says:

    How funny! You only have 4 Works In Progress??? I think I may have 4 tubs of WIPs! Hahahaha!!! I promised myself no new projects this year except a quilt-a-long with my guild. And that’s exactly what I’ll be working on this weekend while I watch the French Open!

  480. Deb A says:

    Would love to attend market just to see what it’s all about and how exciting that must be to see all the new products and material. I’m working on finishing up my 2015 BOM from FQS, and then I’m going to copy both you and Jen and make a quilt like yours! Already have the material, just changing the color of my sashing!

  481. Gina says:

    Summer is here, so I spend quite a bit of time outdoors. I find myself thinking about my sewing projects when I’m not actually at the machine and before I know it I’m itching to get stitching! I’ve got several WIPs in the air (who doesn’t, right?). I’m steadily working on blocks for a Farmer’s Wife Sampler as well as several quilts.

  482. I would love to go to Quilt Market to see all of the designers and their displays! Everything looks so exciting in the pictures on the designer blogs – but to see it in person would really be an item to cross off on my bucket list. This weekend I’m working on an “I spy” quilt for a little boy, and finishing up a quilt for a baby shower.

  483. Lynnette Lamance says:

    I love fabric and dachshunds

  484. SarahZ says:

    I live many many miles from anyone, and so love “connecting” with other quilters online…I think sewing with friends and people I have never met would be the single biggest blast ever!!! Thanks for an abundantly overflowing bundle of Market goodies to hope for 🙂

  485. Susan Webb says:

    I really enjoyed the bits and pieces from Spring Quilt Market! Thanks,Carrie! Just sewing on an appliqué block in Minick &Simpsons Austin Bluebird Sampler. And praying for all the Texans under too much water.

  486. debianne says:

    I would love to go to market. This weekend we will celebrate a daughter’s birthday and another daughter’s anniversary.

  487. Johanna says:

    I have a problem lately, I keep starting new projects! I can just imagine what attending market would do to me!

  488. Tabitha D. says:

    Love surprises! Needing inspiration to start quilting again, since long battle with depression.Blog posts and comments are a plus!

  489. Elizabeth Evans says:

    I enjoy all the pictures and news from Quilt Market. I’ve been quilting for a very long time, can’t I my life without quilts in it!

  490. Patty says:

    I’m a recent retiree (four months!) and am torn between spending time in my garden or at my sewing machine. Cooler mornings in the garden and sunny afternoons in the sewing room seems to be the answer. Starting to work in some trips and quilt market is a definite one to include. For now, I’ll read your column and laugh at the appropriate places, drool over new fabric lines, fill my house with flowers and enjoy the hum of my sewing machine. Thank you, Carrie.

  491. Carole S. says:

    I’ve been working on WIPs, too, but my mind keeps straying to an August getaway with the girls, and what I can have prepped for that long weekend…cuz I definitely need another WIP. I can rarely get a project finished on those weekends. I’m finishing a nearly-2-year-old WIP this weekend, and I am excited about that, but then I see your half-square-triangle quilt and want to start one of those…

  492. Chris says:

    I’m a cheapskate and would really love to win this stuff. Moda charm packs are great for scrap quilting.

  493. Barbara daniel says:

    I have so many ufos to finish that I don’t want to count them. I have to do a lecture/trunk show for a guild in July so I am getting a lot of them done. I primarily do realistic pictorial wall quilts but finding just the right colors of fabric is very time consuming so I will finish four of those for the trunk show and the rest will be traditional quilts that have been done for years waiting to be quilted. I would love to go to market just to see all the latest fabrics, books and “have to have” , new gadgets I am such a good customer. I try hard to keep all my local quilt shops in business.

  494. Barbara daniel says:

    I forgot to ask for patterns using layer cakes. I promised to teach a layer cake related quilt during my lecture at the guild and I am having trouble finding one I like.

  495. Emily C says:

    I am working on a wall quilt. Or I would be, but the tension on my sewing machine is being difficult.

  496. Lisa says:

    I get so excited to see new fabric collections and I am looking forward to the new Frivols. I am on the list at my local quilt shop. Right now I am finishing up a baby quilt for a new grandson. the day doesn’t feel complete without a bit of sewing time.

  497. Kristin says:

    I would love to go to Quilt Market! It would be so fun to see what’s coming up in fabric and to visit with the designers!

  498. Teresa @Aurea's Kitchen says:

    I would love to go to quilt market someday but since I live in Europe is really difficult. Meeting some great designers and fabric shop’s owners…


  499. Kathy says:

    I would love to go to Quilt Market and see everything – from new fabrics, new books, new patterns, new tools, new ideas to everything else that is there!

  500. boluh says:

    I just go to my sewing room and practice piecing different blocks. I have odds and ends of different fabrics to play with and have no specific project in mind. I have put together a couple of wall hangings which need to be quilted and that has me stuck. I don’t know what design to use on them and I am afraid of messing it up. It would be wonderful to win your give away. Thank you for the chance.

  501. Jenny says:

    Just finishing bindings. The pile to bind is almost as big as the one to quilt. Such a sense of accomplishment when they’re bond!

  502. lou says:

    I would love quilt market for the creative boost it would give me! Inspiration is free.

  503. Janie says:

    I am quilting this weekend. It is a rainy day today, if it wasn’t raining I would still be quilting. Thank you for the great giveaway assortment.

  504. Nancy says:

    This weekend I am sewing the blocks together for ‘Cotton Way’ quilt in Flannel Miss Kate fabric. I have always wanted to do a flannel quilt. To bad I did not get this one done during the winter instead of a day it is suppose to be almost 80. Oh well I will have it quilted by winter that is what counts.

  505. Nancy Bishop says:

    This weekend is catch up! Got back home (Tennessee) from 2 weeks with daughter, son-in-law, granddaughters and great-granddaughters in Wisconsin. Whew, the quiet is nice but I miss the sticky hugs, kisses and chatter of the three little “peanuts”. When laundry is done I’ll start the next prayer quilt. Sewing is like sunshine, without it things are gloomy. Love your blog and wish I could “play” with all the beautiful fabric you show. Nice dream job!!!

  506. Kath S says:

    Something about me, hmm? It’s a bit embarrassing to admit, but I now have more fabric than I could hope to use in my lifetime. I’m starting to wonder if I might be a fabric addict rather than a quilter … are there programs to help someone like me? Thanks for offering all those goodies!

  507. Lynne Tilley says:

    I’m sewing on a quilt this weekend while my husband is on his annual (wet and soggy) fishing trip with the Tilley men 🙂 :).

  508. Sue Vollbrecht says:

    I love following your blog. I took a class from you in Rockford IL called Cracked Pots. I do have my quilt top done, just haven’t quilted it yet. It is on my long list of things to do. I have to make one comment on your pattern. I really think you were on crack when you came up with the border. What a nightmare, but a beautiful quilt! Thanks.

  509. Cynthia says:

    I loved the virtual trip to market! Saturdays are my absolute favorite quilting days. And got inspired reading about all the others projects & that so many have multiples, too! For me, I’m sewing rows on a Fan Quilt, piecing Swoon pattern (never saw one i didn’t love) and paper piecing 1″ hexies for Grandmother’s Flower Garden, my senior project, lol! Also trying to draft a lattice pattern that’s been running through my head so I can figure on point yardage reqt’s. Should have paid more attn in math. Really enjoy working with all the different fabrics and colors.

  510. Kimberly M says:

    I love reading all you have to say, and, because I really don’t travel, I get to see all these wonderful places you go to through your eyes. You always find projects I want to try – too many!! Who said that one could get too much of a good thing!

  511. Dian says:

    Love all of the Moda and United Notions products… As a new quilter all of the choices are sheer joy!

  512. Denise G says:

    I have been sewing all of my life but just began quilting in December and I can’t stop. I am always planning the next project while I finish what I am working on.

  513. cindy keyes says:

    I love both quilts I would love to make them both I am new to quiltiing

  514. Michelle Wiley says:

    I would like to organize my fabric stash since I can’t seem to part with any of it. I’m thinking it might help to try and separate it into kits, seasonal fabric, etc. We’ll see how that goes!

  515. Terry Allen says:

    Oh my, I’d love to go to market just to be inspired with all the new fabric and patterns. Currently I’m crazy about the Churn Dash block, especially using modern fabrics to give it a whole new punch.

  516. Vicki H says:

    I have been weeding the garden today. After days of rain, the weeds have gone crazy.

  517. Sandy K says:

    At the lake this weekend. We are taking a break from putting in the docks so we can get the boat out next weekend.

  518. Dot H says:

    I am sewing the binding on my daughters quilt.

  519. karentr says:

    Love your blog! Always great info. Something about me…… I am a long term quilter. I have been quilting for 30+ years and still enjoy it! Lots of change over the years. The tools and fabric, especially Moda Fabric, are such an improvement from when I started. My first log cabinquilt was made with cardboard templates, a pencil and scissors.

  520. Phoebe Chang says:

    I’m currently in Greece so no quilting for me this weekend, but when I get back, I’m going to be working on binding my third-ever quilt. I take forever on my quilts because I like making them so much — it’s kind of silly, I know!

  521. kay says:

    I’m working on a quilt for a veterinary hospital where I used to work. I used a photo of my sister’s goofy boxer as my model/inspiration. When she finds out, and learns that the quilt isn’t for her, I don’t think she’s going to be very happy!

  522. Lisa says:

    It would be so fun to attend Quilt Market to be inspired by all of the creativity and to meet the ‘ stars’ of the quilting galaxy…such as yourself! . Really enjoy the blog and your writing. Gardening is on tap for this weekend and pulling fabric for a farm style sampler quilt. Thanks for the opportunity to win this nice giveaway.

  523. Lisa Marie says:

    I am doing lots of sewing this weekend! I am testing a paper pieced pattern for a blogger friend in South Africa — I’ve “met” so many people around the world through their blogs, which I think is super cool. Paper piecing is my favorite so I’m having lots of fun with this. Lovely giveaway, thanks for the chance to win!

  524. Lynne Lively says:

    I painted some backgrounds for the Index Card a Day challenge. I just bought “Create Your Own Free Form Quilts” and plan on starting that this summer.

  525. Sherri says:

    Looking forward to hand sewing some hexies soon

  526. Muy útil el post !! me los apunto para seguirles la pista

  527. Linda Wilkinson says:

    My husband and I are in Elkhart Lake, WI at Road America this weekend. Unfortunately, it has been I cold, rainy, and windy; not conducive to spending time outside. I have a wool applique project from Primitive Gatherings to work on that is helping me pass the time.

    Carrie – I really enjoy reading your blog postings. It is a treat to read about and see some pictures of what goes on behind the scenes at Moda! Thank you!

  528. Elise SansSouci says:

    Tonight I will be hand piecing a block for my version of Jen Kingwell’s Steam Punk quilt! Love her and Moda!

  529. Becky says:

    Quilt Market would be fabulous…I’m addicted to fabric, books, patterns, anything quilty. Right now I’m working on CluckCluckSew pattern “Vintage” using some Kate Spain fabrics and it’s turning out gorgeous! Thanks for the giveaway!

  530. Kathy Davis says:

    I am Kathy, a retired teacher and empty nester. My husband and I just had our 39th anniversary. Although my kids are grown, I do have a 3 year old granddaughter. I just watched her for 3 days straight. We had so much fun but I am exhausted! If I wasn’t so tired I would be working on my I SPY quilt for the local Buddy Walk fundraiser for Down Syndrome.

  531. Ingrid Slatta says:

    Loving all the posts. Working on four projects lots more in the future. Market would be dangerous for me and my cc as I just want it all!

  532. Barbara Forde says:

    Attending a Quilt Show in Parksville, British Columbia. Not as big as Houston, but lots of beautiful quilts by some very talented ladies!

  533. Ashley says:

    I’d love to see all the new fabrics in person! And maybe be able to pick up a few at sample spree!

  534. Paula Ford says:

    I’m a very new newbie. I just retired in 2014, and I bought a new sewing machine two weeks ago. I used to sew clothes and Halloween costumes for my daughter when she was little, but I’d never quilted. My first projects have been coasters. Next up: placemats. I’ve joined a quilting group at my church. Here I go! Thanks for the inspiration.

  535. Cori says:

    I would love to see the new collections. I am working on recovering an ottoman.

  536. Karen H says:

    can’t imagine going to a quilt market with so many things to see and designers to meet!!!! would be nice

  537. Karen W. says:

    I put aside other projects to work on sewing a new bag. Thanks for a chance to win all these wonderful treasures.

  538. MM says:

    Love the modern background paper and ink

  539. Isabella says:

    Surrounded by mags and pattern books deciding next project but just to many choices so maybe I should just have another cuppa

  540. Dorothy says:

    Love the idea of using old jeans for a quick bucket/tote. Hmmm, I see some in my near future 🙂

  541. Sue Payne says:

    My son got married last weekend, and I hope to get back to sewing in the next few days as the other activities wind down.

  542. Anita says:

    LoVe your copycat quilt! You always make stuff I want to copy, so seems only fair you wanted to copy something too 🙂 thanks for all the great pics at market especially behind the scenes. I would love to go and just be a zombie for a few days 🙂

  543. Michele says:

    I’m baking cookies, driving kids around, and hopefully fitting in some blogging and sewing. Am I cleaning? No, I’m just not.

  544. Shatzimom says:

    I’d piddle my pants to go to quilt market. For all the obvious reasons, soak up the excitement, see the new stuff, meet the designers (including you). But ok, I’ll admit it, I want to go to the Moda party!!! Talk about chic night on steroids. I love to be able to tell Anne Sutton how much I appreciate her talent and her critter rescues. I’d tell Joann of fig tree my fabric stash of fig tree is sized to support my retirement; her colors just feel so comfortable to work with. Oh I could ramble but I have three more seams and I’ll be finished with my fat quarter shop 2014 BOM. Coffee and the purr of my sewing machine. Life is good.

  545. Lee says:

    I am working on an Eagle Scout quilt for my nephew – I would love to go to Market one day – looks like so much fun! thank you!

  546. Susan says:

    Quilt market – I would love to go for all the inspiration. I bet all the pictures doesn’t do it justice. If you guys need an extra hand next year – give me a call!

  547. Susan says:

    Comment, me?!?! Got an hour?!?! Okay, I would love to visit Cuba!

  548. Marian says:

    Quilt Market sounds so exciting. I would love to attend one someday. I am continually inspired by all the designers and fabrics out there and don’t have the lifetime to learn all that I’d like. Thanks for a chance to win the Moda goodies!

  549. Gwen says:

    Will be making up another baby quilt from a Moda Bake Shop pattern, for my son to give to one of his former college classmates.

  550. Susan Y. --yes, another susan... says:

    Working on quilting a wall hanging that was pieced a few (don’t ask…) years ago in between helping our son move in the rain. Quilt Market looks lush, beautiful, fun and inspiring–would love to go.
    …not enough time in the world to make everything but that don’t stop me from buying and trying…

  551. Jennifer T. says:

    I love the little blue jean storage container things. Now, to find the time to try something like that…

  552. Maureen Livingston says:

    I am a diehard Moda and Carrie fan! I am working on one of my many block of the months that I am behind in this weekend!

  553. Melanie C says:

    I’m working on Lollies blocks this weekend….I’m a huge Bonne & Camille fan. I’m also loving Vanessa’s new collection Gooseberry!

  554. Kay says:

    Loving triangles this year. Going to make a quilt like yours next time I treat myself to a layer cake as I love the scrappy look x

  555. buntyw says:

    If it rains I’m sewing if not I’m in the garden!
    Either way there’s an important rugby match this weekend which I shall definitely be watching!!

  556. Candace says:

    Carrie, I so love hearing your voice! Had guests on Saturday. Today, Sunday, is going to be a lazy day–do anything you want! Sewing is on my agenda, but need to find my sewing corner first. <3

  557. kathyinmn says:

    I’m trying to sew this weekend, trying to get back in the groove of doing something after a break up this spring. Moving, etc has just made me lost my creative mojo, so I’m looking for ways to get it back. I found some small wall hanging kits I bought a while back, so I’m working on two of those (one down, one in progress) and will hopefully finish the binding on both by next weekend.

  558. Cheryl says:

    Starting to work on a graduation quilt for a young man that loves baseball, using fabrics from my stash

  559. Sybil Laskarzewski says:

    Love working with Moda fabrics. In my latest quilt i used Blackbird Designs fabrics.

  560. Linda says:

    Wow, over 500 comments! Not much of a chance, but here it goes. I loved seeing all the pictures from Spring Market. I too spotted a Jen Kingwell quilt and am desperately trying to copy it. It’s with all my “odds and ends”, and looks like a sky scraper. I think she called hers “My small world”, or something like that. The kids walk by and they say, “hmm, interesting”. Then, I explained that it looks like the NYC skyline. They’re much happier now, knowing that there’s some kind of organization to the madness on my sewing room floor and design wall. Would love your give away! See you in October in Houston!

  561. Sharon Parsley says:

    I didn’t sew as much as I wanted this weekend. My current project is WHIT. I spent a lot of time outside throwing the ball for my Golden, Abby. To attend quilt market would be a dream come true.

  562. Kaoru says:

    I don’t need any more inspiration, but, I’d like to go to the quilt market. As for the ‘work in progress’, I quilt counting how many I have. Finishing is wonderful, but starting is always more thrilling.

  563. Jody says:

    What a ball it would be to go to quilt market and see all the latest and greatest quilts, fabrics, designers, booths, etc., etc,. I think I would be quite overwhelmed – in a good way! Thanks for your give-away!

  564. Linda Webster says:

    I would absolutely love to go to Quilt Market. It would be so much fun to see all the new fabrics, patterns, notions etc. And the quilts would be so inspiring!

  565. Debra Nicholas says:

    I am finishing up a quilt for a young couple that is getting married soon. I am going to start a quilt that I have been wanting to make for awhile…Denyse Schmidt’s Cog and Wheel. It is time to conquer curves!

  566. Kathy Thomason says:

    Love to hand quilt. Have begun paper piecing, and looks like it will be a new addiction!!

  567. Jean Speake says:

    Whoops, almost missed my chance by ignoring my email…wish I could say it was because I was busy sewing but I was busy catching up my husband’s business books! That blue jean bin is the cutest–I see a lot of these as gift containers! Thanks for sharing the idea.

  568. Nena says:

    This weekend my husband and I flew to Phoenix for a wedding. I took along an appliqué project and was able to stitch all the leaves onto the vines. Now all that are left are the flowers. It was great to get so much appliqué done. Thanks for sharing so much at Market–makes me wish I could have been there.

  569. This weekend we were in St. Louis for a family wedding – too much fun catching up with relatives – now back to sewing & quilting!!

  570. Christine says:

    I’ve always loved sewing, and I don’t do it enough. I adore Moda fabrics and have a hard time cutting them, so precuts are a blessing to me 🙂

  571. Twyla says:

    I have a few wip that I’m doing, keeps life so interesting! Plus I’m never ever bored, ever!! Quilting us my therapy, I just reminded my husband tonight!!

  572. Beth Paulson says:

    I’ve been to Market once but it was a very short day! I just didn’t to see enough. I’ m quilting a homespun quilt (that came your stash!) that I put together for my son in Feb. and it is time to get it done. I’ve been checking in on your blog and enjoying all your news and the work that goes on setting up for market and take-down. the market giveaway looks great.

  573. Ann in NC says:

    No sewing this weekend. Attended a college graduation!!! Just got back late tonight. The graduation gift will be a quilt…

  574. Nikki says:

    We just finished a big event at our shop so I have been trying to recoup a little of my umpf!! I did decided to do some longarm quilting tonight which will make my customers happy.

  575. Linda says:

    This year my goal is to shorten my list of UFO’s. So far, three quilts to charity with two more ready to go on the frame. Feels good to give as well as finish projects.

  576. Heather says:

    My Moda obsession is getting me through a tough year in Africa. I’ve been shipping the heck out of Moda here & I finished 4 quilts in the last month (they were in progress already!). Now I’m on to Quilts from El’s Kitchen to be made out of Block Party. It’s really hard not getting to go to my local quilt store & see the new fabrics on display!!!

  577. Terrie says:

    OMG love love love moda and Carrie and quilt market. Would be a dream to go but will follow online until then so so much inspiration and temptation. Thanks so much either way 🙂

  578. Sue Heisler says:

    Quilting is better than . . . Well let’s just say anything! It helps me when I am sad, provides a way to help others and let’s me meet tons of amazing people. I can’t imagine what I would do if I hadn’t started quilting many years ago. I love to keep learning and trying new things. Thanks for your inspirational blog and sharing of you wit and ideas!

  579. Jan says:

    Celebrations – a birthday, an anniversary and a retirement, all in the month of June! Now I will have lots of time to work on all of my unfinished quilting projects, and get to quilt stores that I have only dreamed of getting to!!

  580. Teresa says:

    Not much sewing this weekend – recovering from a bicycling accident. (Solo! how embarrassing!)

    As to how many unfinished works I have, I’d have to say 5 or 6. My goal this year is to finish at least 3 more. I took some classes recently and built up my skills and confidence, so I’m focused on the finish — at least for now!

  581. Betsu says:

    I need to finish a baby quilt. Top is done. I am planning to go to Quilt Market in the Fall. I hope it works out.

  582. Katherine Schaffer says:

    Boo Hiss! Missed the deadline — I was puppy sitting my daughter’s sweet little mini Dachshund (Stanzi by name) . Love of hand work got done — Stanzi pouts if I sit at the sewing machine and she can’t snuggle.

  583. Ooh, fun! I am a pro-life, Catholic, wife, photographer and artist! Thanks and God bless!

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