El fin de semana…

Sí, puedo hablar un poco de español

Happy Friday!

It really is the end of the week and I’ll have lots to share with you next week – like all about the debut collections from the new designers at Spring Quilt Market, some of what’s coming in the next few months, maybe some of my weekend sewing and I don’t remember what else.

Today is fabric-related – this is what I’ve been sewing and finishing this past week.


This is now officially finished – my “Shamelessly Copying Jen Kingwell” quilt.  After falling in love with this quilt at Market last Fall and at QuiltCon, I became just a teeny tiny bit obsessed with making one just like it.  A few half-triangle squares later – 784 to be exact – it’s quilted, bound and washed.  And I’m even more in love with it now because I get to keep this one.  Thank you Jen for the inspiration!

The fabric is Jen’s Gardenvale collection, and the Bella Solids are Fog for the background and Maize for the sashing.  Jen will be including the pattern for this quilt in a book this Fall.

Market does that to me, I see something and never mind inspiration.  Try obsession.


The one on the right was first – Gardenvale.  You didn’t know I knew how to make yo-yos, did you?  Or prairie points!  The leg from an old-not-wearing-them-anymore pair of jeans is sewn across the bottom and the corners boxed.  A lining is made to the same size, with corners boxed the same way.  The lining can be quilted or not but definitely include a layer of something like Soft & Stable to help the bag stand up.  Leave an opening in the bottom of the lining, put one inside the other with right-sides together, stitch around the top, turn it right-side out and presto!  Oh, sew the opening in the bottom of the lining closed.

Just so you know, this works much better with “fat jeans” than “skinny jeans”.  Just saying.

I finished this quilt last weekend and then I hit the jackpot – I was able to get it quilted this week.


The fabric is the Jingle collection by Kate Spain and the pattern is Lollies by Thimbleblossoms.

The last thing to do today – and this week – is a little giveaway of some Market and Moda goodies…


A few of the pins we collected at Quilt Market, a few mini charm packs and charm packs, a complete set of the Sampler Block Shuffle cards handed out by the Moda designers in Minneapolis, a Moda keychain and a Moda/Make giveaway bag.

If you know us at all, you probably already know that this isn’t everything.  Because we love surprises, it’s a safe bet that the bag will include one or two things not pictured here.

So if the possibility of having this bag delivered to your house interests you… please leave a comment sharing something about yourself.  Anything.  Really.

E.g., If you’ve always wanted to attend Quilt Market – why would you like to go and what is it you’d like to see?  Are you sewing this weekend – if so, what?  If you’re not sewing this weekend – what are you doing?

Me?  I’m sewing.  “Somebody” in the office “challenged” me to ‘fess-up to how many works-in-progress I’ve got right now so I should probably work on one of those… but I think I’m also going to start something new.  Or at least get it cut out.  (And my count is four.)

You’ve got until June 1st – or Midnight on Sunday, CST.

Have a terrific weekend!

The last word…

Not from me.  As if?!?

There are just a few more things to write about Spring Quilt Market and then we’ll close that book.

A few of you asked about trends at Market and I wish I had a better answer for you.  I didn’t see anything that jumped out to me as an emerging trend – like punch needle, hexagons or English Paper Piecing have in years past – and I think there are a couple of reasons why that might be.  First, I missed four or five Markets in succession and I’m just getting back to seeing what’s at Quilt Market.  And I’m a little slow to notice trends.


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Eight seconds…

Someone in the office is fond of saying that “this isn’t her first rodeo”.

The phrase has stuck with me the past couple of weeks because while this wasn’t my first Quilt Market, it often felt as though it was.  It was still Quilt Market and I knew what I would see there, but my role and responsibilities would be different.  Bigger, faster, more.

I mean these folks actually have a plan when they set-up the booth – a schematic?  Can you imagine?  Bigger.  Faster.  More.


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Sniffing Out Trends: Big Stitch Quilting

Carrie’s photograph-filled posts gave you an excellent idea of the hands-on labor that goes into building Moda’s Quilt Market booth. Looks backbreaking, doesn’t it?

But there’s another kind of work that goes into Market, and it’s the kind that requires lots of looking, listening, and note taking. While I didn’t burn nearly the calories that those who were setting up the booth did, I noticed that while my muscles may not have hurt, my brain did. That’s because there is just so much to see and do. I carried my pink Moleskine notebook everywhere, jotting notes about patterns that appealed, notions that struck my fancy, and of course, the fabric lines I loved.

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