Piece & Comfort…

United Notions and Moda Fabrics are very much about family – immediate, indirect, extended and “just because we like you”.  So when it comes to helping part of the family with something that’s near-and-dear to them, it isn’t a question of “if”, it’s a matter of “what do you need and how can we help?”

Stephanie and Tom Hove are part of the Moda family, and they’re a military family that lived through a deployment overseas.  Their experience inspired a desire to help the families of the men and women who serve our country, and their efforts lead to the creation of the Because of the Brave fabric collection and this Challenge, all with the goal of benefiting USA Cares.

(Read more about Stephanie and Tom here.)
Cutting Table - Welcome Home Tom Hove
The voting for Viewer’s Choice starts today – Thursday, April 30th – and continues until Midnight on Wednesday, May 6th.
To cast your Vote, select your “Viewer’s Choice Winner” on the right hand side of the blog under VOTE PIECE & COMFORT.
Winners will be announced on May 8, 2015
And the contestants are….

A Frivolous Post

Hello everyone, I am Moda-Lissa and I am honored to be taking over the blog today, but I must apologize in advance. I am not a word-smith like Carrie, but I do subscribe to Dictionary.com’s word of the day if that helps. I have tied Carrie up with Jelly Roll strips while I tell you a few things going on here in MODALAND. Even though Carrie is bound up, her brain never stops, right?
Aren’t you enjoying her wit and wisdom?
We sure are! (I don’t give up my office for just anyone! )
When Carrie came on board I felt strongly about giving her a few things to “make her own” and put her many talents to good use. One of those talents is evident in her musings on the Moda blog, the other talent I am going to talk about today is her eye for design. Did I say eye, I meant mind. She rattles off numbers, shapes and measurements like she was ordering a drink at Starbucks. “Then you will have a 2” by 6” piece left and if you cut carefully you can do this to the border or you can do this or you can do this or you can do that….Wow!!

Moda’s VP of design was interested in doing some more of our Moda Tin projects, so I thought this thought this was a perfect fit for Carrie. During one of her visits here we talked about this TIN project. I really wanted her to embrace it and
“make it her own”.
I challenged her to come up with a word. What would be the next Schnibbles? I asked.

RQC 483 Gertie pattern

Just look up the word Schnibbles in the Urban Dictionary ……

Don’t even think about leaving those schnibbles all over the floor, pick them up and throw them away! by Sweet Georgia Peach

If you type the word Schnibbles into any browser search, Miss Rosie Scnibbles is the only search result. Now Schnibbles is known for small bits of cloth and inspired a whole pattern line using the Moda charm squares.
Question: Which came first Schnibbles or Miss Rosie’s Schnibbles? I think a case can be made for both.

Fast forward to FRIVOL
Friv-ol – 1865-1870; back formation from frivolous.
1. To behave frivolously, trifle.
2. Frolic.
We made it plural, Frivols so we could frolic more than once.
This is Carrie’s latest project.



Working with each of the designers to create a tin and a project that best shows their style. The Frivols 1 tin features Hello Darling from Bonnie & Camille and will be in stores mid August. I hear that lines will be forming outside of stores much like the launch of the Apple Watch. (that sounded like something Carrie would say so I threw it in there.)



Frivols – What are “frivols”?
1. They’re a series of collectible tins.
2. They’re a new Moda pre-cut only available in the tins.
3. They’re quilts.
4. All of the above.
There should be a fifth option – Frivols are about having fun. They’re what you get when you take Moda’s latest fabric collections, design original quilts using a new pre-cut, and then package the kits – and some extra little treasures – in a series of limited edition collectible tins.
Each month the tins will feature a different Moda design. We’re starting with Bonnie & Camille and continuing with Minick & Simpson, Brenda Riddle and Betsy Chutchian.

The pre-cut. The first four tins will have 42 specifically chosen squares measuring 7” x 7”.  The quilts are not too big or too small, too easy or too complicated. Most are easily made in a couple of days. Some of the projects will require a few additional backgrounds, some of the projects  will just need binding and backing to be complete.
The tin. It’s big enough to fill with keepsakes, threads and ribbon, or a little sewing kit. Each tin is numbered 1-12.
It’s such a trifecta of perfection, you might need two… one to use and one to just look pretty on the shelf.
Let me just say that if you miss out on any of these tins I have a feeling they will be a much sought after item on EBAY. The Frivols tins are made in advance and have a limited run, unlike the million gillion collectible beanie babies out there.
I would say the majority of us have more fabric than we will use in our golden years but that does not stop us from collecting something fun and frivolous. Another bonus, the tins can be used to organize all kinds of goodies. Who doesn’t need a little help getting organized? That’s not frivolous at all!!
Carrie fits right in and has embraced “making it her own” by sharing her talent, creativity and generosity with all the moda readers as well as those of us that get to work with her everyday. It may sound frivolous but I am still the longest running president of her fan club!
Another thing I found on the Urban dictionary and is now my new nickname for Carrie.
You Schnibble-head!

So that is it for now. I am going to go untie Carrie and use that jelly roll for a quilt for market.

over and out,


Let the truth come out!

What is life like for those living with the designers of Moda’s amazing fabric collections in the weeks leading up to Market?

Is it sane?  Crazy?  Completely normal?  Does laundry get done?  Are the kids being fed?

What’s “real life” really like?

IRL Blog Takeover

Fortunately, this isn’t it.

Or is it?

The blogs and social media feeds of the following Moda designers are being taken-over, commandeered, yes… shanghaied!  Husbands, significant others, beloved fur-children and others are telling the whole truth about “living with a Moda designer”.

April 27th –

April 28th –

April 29th –

April 30th –

May 1st –

Have fun!

Launch control…

I was eight when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and like a lot of folks, I loved the idea of riding a rocket somewhere.  It might have been the speed of it all, or maybe the adventure.  Whatever the reason, I always wondered what it would be like to be launched into space at more than 17,000 mph.

I don’t wonder about that anymore… I now know what it feels like.

I’m a rookie at Moda Fabrics and Spring Quilt Market is in three weeks.

Okay.  That might be a little bit overly dramatic – terra-firma for yours truly – but there are times when it feels like things are hurtling past me at very high speed.  Even though I’ve been an exhibitor at Quilt Market more than a dozen times, the logistics of it all are just so much bigger.  In short, this ain’t no “booth in a bag” sort of deal.  But more on all that in the coming weeks… right now, there is so much to tell you about – lots of alerts and countdowns.

Cutting Table - Viewer's Choice Piece & Comfort REV

Piece & Comfort Challenge.  To recognize and honor the sacrifices made by the military families in the U. S., Moda created a fabric collection and a challenge that will benefit USA Cares, an organization that is focused on helping our service men and women, and their families.  The deadline for participating shops to submit their winning quilt is today and voting opens next Thursday so mark your calendar and stay tuned!

UPDATE – The link to the page with pictures of the quilts and the stories behind them will be posted here on The Cutting Table on Thursday, April 30th.

Do you Pin?

Photo from Instagram - A HelloFromCat

Photo from Instagram – A HelloFromCat

Not Pinterest – this is about swapping and collecting pins.  Cool, unique, custom-made pins – the idea is to swap or collect as many pins as you can from other people attending Quilt Market.  Yes, she who gets the most pin wins!  Seriously!  If you had a big collection of these, wouldn’t you feel like you’d won?

Image from Instagram - MayChappell

Image from Instagram – MayChappell

This was absolutely one of the most infectious and enjoyable things at QuiltCon.  Quilters from all over the world designed and made pins in all different sizes, shapes and colors to swap.  It wasn’t just the people attending, the vendors and exhibitors were also swapping pins.  Half the fun was stopping to actually talk to people, swap pins and take pictures.

Rumor has it that “many” of the Moda folks will have pins to swap.  We’re hoping that people attending – shops, industry folks and other exhibitors – will join in the fun. And maybe – just maybe – someone here might see about collecting extras to share with people who can’t make it to Market.  Just saying.


Viola is finished and is already at the quilter.  I hope you’ll forgive the funky lighting but natural sunlight wasn’t available – I took this at about 1:30 in the morning.  The upside was that by staying up late to finish this, I got to see the end of the playoff hockey game that went to three overtime periods.

Sewing.  I’m locked and loaded and ready for a big sewing weekend.  I stopped into Wally-world on my way to work the other morning and stocked up on sizing.  There was a young man stocking the shelves and he was standing right in front of the sizing.  I apologized for interrupting his work but I needed sizing.  He laughed and handed me a can, teasing that now he wasn’t going to have enough cans to keep the rows even.  I told him that I could help with that, I really needed every can he had – all ten of them.  (At $.97 a can, it’s worth stocking up when I’m there.)  He laughed again, said he appreciated my cooperation and could I help him with the rest of the shelves.

Funny guy.

I’ll be working on some “frivolous”  blocks, some nine-patches for a quilt and I don’t remember what else.  I have a list.  This is on it but it has an asterisk that means “you can make another block after you finish something on the list.”


I’m shamelessly copying one of Jen Kingwell’s Gardenvale quilts and I need seven more blocks.  (I’ve made nine blocks.)

That’s all I can think of for today… but I do need to warn you that I think there is some mischief afoot.  I’m hearing whispers and what can only be described as chortling.  And I’m certain I heard someone use the word “coup”.

Happy Friday!

1canoe2: Vibrant Design Grows in the American Midwest

1canoe2 farmstead1canoe2 operates out of an old barn in rural Missouri, on the farm where Carrie Shyrock grew up. Though she’s lived and traveled elsewhere, it’s the landscape she grew up in that provides inspiration for the designs she creates for the company she started with friend Beth Snyder.

“I’ve traveled and lived a lot of different places and now I realize there’s something so beautiful about this place,” she says. “I’m obsessed with the sky—seeing the clouds change and the storms roll in—and with the wildflowers that grow on the roadsides in summertime.”

1canoe2 group photo_2014

The happy crew of 1canoe2. At left are business partners Karen Shyrock and Carrie Shyrock. Partner Beth Snyder is fourth from the left.

That love of nature right outside her window will be shared with fabric lovers in October, when 1canoe2’s first line of Moda fabrics, Tucker Prairie, hits the stores. Beth is especially excited by the opportunity to create fabric. “I majored in graphic design and fiber in college, so fabric design is something I’ve always wanted to do,” she says.


Beth and Carrie went to high school together and college too—at the University of Missouri in Columbia—and both studied and enjoyed art. After college, Beth was working as a graphic designer and living in Nashville when her husband-to-be bought her a small letterpress on Ebay so she could print her wedding invitations. “I just love touching ink, changing colors, and getting dirty,” says Beth. Carrie contributed some drawings to the process and after they wedding they continued to work together long distance.

Beth moved back to Missouri in 2008 and she and Carrie opened an Etsy shop, selling wooden recipe boxes made by Beth’s father, filled with the recipe cards they’d designed. Since they’d enjoyed canoe trips together on Missouri’s clear, spring-fed rivers, they decided to name their shop 1canoe2, which Beth says is shorthand for one canoe, two girls. “But I didn’t really think it through, because I’m always having to tell people ‘It’s the number one, the word canoe, and the number two,’” she says with a laugh.


In the loft of the renovated barn, where Carrie’s dad used to store lumber, 1canoe2 staffers prep samples for Quilt Market.


Today, 1canoe2 employs between 11 and 15 people. Carrie’s sister-in-law Karen Shyrock has joined as a partner. “It’s a talented, hard-working team and I’m so proud of how they treat one another and how they help 1canoe2 do our best,” says Beth. The company works with manufacturers to produce greeting cards, calendars, art prints, notebooks, glassware, tea towels and more, which they ship themselves to shops large and small. (They still print some of their designs via letterpress, although a much bigger press than the one they started with.)


Another view of sample-making in the loft. The open, light-filled spaces work well for the 1canoe2 team.


Each 1canoe2 piece is adorned with the fresh designs that are typically based on Carrie’s paintings. “Carrie comes up with brilliant ideas and color palettes no one else would ever think of,” says Beth, who then imports them into her computer. The two sit side-by-side to make design choices. “My role is to do design and to run the business and I’m really enjoying that. We have total artistic control and we think having our hands on every product is what makes them special.” She mentions that working with Moda has been a perfect fit in that way. “They’ve let us do exactly what we wanted and have been great to work with.”

Friends and relatives gathered this week to prep samples for spring Quilt Market. Beth's mom is on the step stool. Her aunts also helped out.

Friends and relatives gathered this week to prep samples for spring Quilt Market. Beth’s mom is on the step stool. Her aunts also helped out.

Carrie and Beth are preparing for Quilt Market: Beth’s mom, aunts, and family friends pitched in to make samples this week, and 1canoe2 employees did the same. In the photo of staff in the loft, it’s easy to see the barn has changed significantly since the days when Carrie’s great-grandfather raised mules and when her dad stored lumber here. Concrete’s replaced dirt floors and insulation keeps it warm in winter. “It’s a bright, open space that’s perfect for what we’re doing now,” says Carrie.

Outside the barn Carrie’s family still grows corn and soybeans in the wide open fields that inspire 1canoe2. Inside, 1canoe2 raises an appreciation for color and fresh, vibrant design. “We feel so lucky we get to do this work,” says Beth.


More Quilt Market prep. About the sample sewing day Beth said, “We made a big mess and had a lot of fun.”