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National Sewing Month 2013
Hi!  I’m Heather Peterson, the designer behind Anka’s Treasures pattern company.  Today I am here to talk to you about my ruler the “Triangler”.   The shape of my ruler is based on a Kaleidoscope shape, but you can use it to make much more than a basic kaleidoscope quilt.  The ruler has additional lines on it that allow you to cut strip units into unique shapes.  In the past these shapes could only be made with separate templates for each little triangle.  Then you had all the intricate work of lining up and sewing all those stretchy, bias angles (and somehow end up with all the blocks the same size).  Strip units are so much easier!  The companion book “Angles with Ease”  shows you how to turn the strip units into many different blocks and quilts. 


book and ruler image 600



Each of the blocks in the book requires a different strip unit – with different widths, setbacks, etc.  Here are just a few of the strip units from the book:



They don’t look like anything special – but each one has been carefully calculated to get just the right number of triangles for each block, in the correct sizes, with the correct angles etc.   All you have to do is use the ruler to turn the strip unit into these:




Again, these don’t look like anything special, but when you sew them together, you can make some really fun blocks.  If you look closely, you see the kaleidoscope triangles in the blocks below.




The triangles can be sewn into the octagon shape you see on the right, or you can add corner triangles to make the square blocks shown on the left.  This means lots of layout options!  But, more importantly, I think breaking it down shows you how much simpler the blocks are to make than they look at first glance. 




The following picture show just a few of the quilts from the book that are made using strip units.


DSC_3834 adj600


DSC_3285 adj


DSC_3707 adj best600




DSC_3637 adj best 600



DSC_3295 some adj best




In addition to all of those quilts, you can also use the “Triangler” ruler to cut trees, tumblers, hexagons, stars, and diamonds. 



DSC_3363 adj best 600

DSC_3248 adj opt 2 600
DSC_3620 adj best 600
DSC_3359 some adj best 600
DSC_4394 adj 600


DSC_3439 adj best


Click here and here to view my blog posts with lots of detailed shots of the quilts.


Click here to view my you tube video with a demo using the ruler.
I will be giving away one of my Triangler Rulers to one lucky winner!
To enter, please leave a comment.  You have until September 30th at midnight to comment.  All winners will be randomly selected and announced here on October 2nd.  Make sure to visit the blog every day for the opportunity to win each giveaway! 


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