Tacony Ruler Gadgets

National Sewing Month 2013

‘Rule’ No. 1… You can never have too many gadgets.

I am a gadget girl and love these USB Devices by Tacony. Quickly store your favorite PDF Patterns, Pictures, and more onto these adorable tape measures. πŸ™‚

Β Tacony also makes some adorable Snail Tape Measures that are fun for anyone to carry and use. Pop one in your purse or sewing bag. Everyone will comment how cute your tape measure is.

I especially love these Metro Zoo Tape Measures for the kids. They will find anything and everything to measure with these fun little pals. Great learning gadget for them as well.

You want one don’t you??

Leave a comment and we will pick a lucky winner to receive the Tacony Tape Measure Gadgets!

You just have to answer this one question… My Favorite part of the Moda Website is _____.

You have until the end of the month to comment! Go Go Gadgets!!

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244 comments on “Tacony Ruler Gadgets

  1. paulette says:

    What’s NOT to love!! You tell us about all the newest patterns, fabric and gadgets!! PLUS there are always give aways and FREE patterns!! LOVE MODA!
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  2. Sally K says:

    My favorite part of the Moda website is the Fabric Collections. I use it often to check on new, current and older fabric collections and also to check on coordinating fabric lines and individual fabric pieces.

  3. Donna says:

    My favorite part of the Moda website is all the inspiration provided. Moda has always been my fabric of choice

  4. I love the bakeshop & all of the lovely recipes.

  5. Laura Fedewa says:

    My favorite part of the Moda website would have to be the bakeshop, always inspiring, and at times gets me into trouble because it makes me want to buy more fabric and I already have quite a stash!!

  6. Joan says:

    Fabric! fabricfabricfabric!

  7. My favorite is the Moda Bake Shop!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Hobby flunky says:

    I love all the beautiful fabric! I window shop all the time.

  9. Bonnie says:

    Those tape measures are ADORABLE! I need one of each! My favorite part of the website is seeing all the old and new fabric – often I will llook to see the rest of a collection I love and then find a shop that carries the fabric I need/want. Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. Sally in WA says:

    My favorite part of the website is the Bakeshop and all of the delicious recipes. They serve as inspiration!

  11. Sahmy says:

    It’s all wonderful but if I had to pick a favorite part, I would say the Bakeshop. I love all of the inspiration.

  12. mascanlon says:

    Oh the Bake Shop is always a source of inspiration. And I love all the new gadgets like these!

  13. Jeanie says:

    Moda is simply the best…. the best quilt recipes and the best fabric collections! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  14. Love the free patterns and all of the tips on the blog!

  15. these are the cutest little tape measures. My favorite part of the site is Tips, Guides and Measurements. Sew Apt LOL

  16. Kim says:

    I love looking at fabrics on the Moda site. It gives me inspiration to see pretty fabrics.

  17. I love the fabric download page. I live very rurally and buy my fabric online. This allows me to see which Bella Solids coordinate with collections quickly.

  18. I love fun cute useful things too! I would love to win!

  19. Oh, I love everything Moda! I use many patterens on the Bakeshop and have the book too!

  20. tpott says:

    Free patterns! The inspiration from the Moda Bakeshop, being able to match up Bella solids with a Moda Jellyroll or Layercake that I just had to have. What’s not to “LOVE” about Moda, I “LOVE” it all. SO much eyecandy when I need a fix. Thanks for being this quilters go to site and fabric.

  21. Brenda says:

    These are very cute!

  22. Staci says:

    That little USB stick is just killing me with cuteness! So are the snails! What fun gadgets.
    My favorite part of the site really is the blog. I like reading the tips, seeing the new fabric lines, reading about the designers, and of course seeing the new free patterns.

  23. Anita says:

    My Favorite part of the Moda Website is the free patterns.

  24. Jane P says:

    Love the free pattern downloads.

  25. Terri U says:

    I love Moda Bake Shop, the blog and seeing all of the new fabric groups.

  26. Vicki H says:

    I love the patterns in the Bake Shop. There is no way to make all the ones I love.

  27. Thanks a bunch for another awesome giveaway! ☺ I absolutely LOVE all things Moda and especially like reading the many tips and seeing all of the beautiful fabric collections.

  28. I love the moda web site always beautiful fabric to look at, fun gadgets and GIVEAWAYS!!! What not to love??

  29. DebrafromMD says:

    I love the patterns!

  30. Beth says:

    Oh wow….that’s a tough one. I would have to say the bakeshop. I am amazed at all the talented people out there & their willingness to share all their great ideas. I love MODA from top to bottom! Thanks for the chance to win.

  31. Sandra says:

    My Favorite part of the Moda Website is EVERYTHING – the newest patterns available, fabric and notions; all the wonderful giveaways and free patterns; just the whole website itself. Thank you once again for the chance to win. Yes, there are so dang cute and yes, I do want one for myself.

    Sandi Timmons

  32. Katie says:

    the lovely gadgets and spotlights on other bloggers

  33. Lisa Marie says:

    Love the Moda Bake Shop with all the great patterns and inspiration! I also like the pages that show fabrics and reference them often when shopping or planning projects.

  34. Jacklynn says:

    I always check out the Future Groups pages – it’s like Christmas! Thanks for the give away!

  35. Melissa says:

    I love Moda Bake Shop and being able to look at upcoming collections!

  36. Cece says:

    The free patterns, the cute gadgets, the helpful tips, the inspiration – I can’t choose just one.

  37. Martina says:

    I love the Moda bake shop very much!

  38. JoanG says:

    I have two favorites. The Bake Shop for all the inspiration and patterns and the fabric downloader to help me really see how the fabrics look. Thanks for the giveaway. The snail ruler and the USB stick are really adorable!

  39. Patty says:

    Patterns and fabric make the world go round. Love seeing all the new stuff!

  40. Getting to see all of the lines of fabric before they come out in the store. Love it!! Which reminds me, I haven’t checked it out in a bit, time to head on over πŸ˜‰

  41. Tiff Blakey says:

    The fabric. And the Bake Shop.

  42. Becky R says:

    It’s fun to see what Moda has posted because it’s always something you don’t see most any other place!

  43. I just love all the Moda fabrics and using their recipes has given me a lot of inspiration. Go Moda!

  44. I love the fabric and the free patterns!!

  45. Lee Ann L. says:

    I love the Bake Shop for its inspiration and pattern tutorials!

  46. There are so many things to like, but to pick one would be the Bake Shop.

  47. the Recipes in your Bake Shop. It is what made it possible for me to become a competent quilter: they teach skills, scale, color, value, negative space, and the strength that comes from variety. Thank you!

  48. Missy Shay says:

    My favorite part of Moda are the free patterns.

  49. CathyK says:

    I just love the Moda Bake Shop!!! I become so inspired by all of the projects, plus it is fun to see the beautiful Moda fabric being used in these projects! It doesn’t hurt that you get the tutorial as well! Win-win-win!!

  50. Kathi says:

    the bakeshop and the recipes. well and the fabric lines. and pretty much the whole thing πŸ˜€

  51. Kay says:

    My favorite thing on your website is the free patterns & the new gadgets that you show. I, too think you can never have too many gadgets. My granddaughter always wants to play with my tape measures.

  52. Melissa says:

    My favorite part is the inspiration provided by all the lovely projects and the clear directions in the tutorials.

  53. Lou says:

    The new fabrics, the new designers, the new patterns and the new gadgets! Learn something new everyday:) Thank you!

  54. Such cute little gadgets! My favorite part of the website are the free patterns–they are all so great!

  55. jackie says:

    Gotta love the Bake Shop with all of the fresh ideas.

  56. Sherryl says:

    There’s so much fun information on the site. I always check out the newsletter as soon as it arrives in my email box – plus I use it as a jumping off point for the Moda Bake Shop. Because, really, can we ever have too many patterns?!?
    Thanks for the giveaway, those “Gadgets” are adorable – and useful!!
    – sunshdws at yahoo dot com

  57. KMSC says:

    I love Moda’s bakeshop and free patterns. Plus I like learning what is new in fabric and notions.

  58. Mary says:

    I don’t have just one favorite part – I love them all!

  59. Angela says:

    I love the Moda Website to keep up to date on all the latest gadgets, patterns and techniques!

    Thank you for the opportunity to win these fun tools!

  60. Linda says:

    I love the free patterns in the bake shop.

  61. Lisas Mom says:

    I’m luvin the bake shop and all those wonderful patterns. πŸ™‚

  62. brownj6610 says:

    I’m partial to the recipes.

  63. GranChris says:

    I love the free patterns.

  64. kate says:

    it’s the free patterns and access to all the line of fabric one can just look over and dream up quilts. Thanks,kws

  65. sandi s says:

    I love the tape measures, really cute.

  66. Diane H says:

    All of these gadgets are adorable! Love love the free patterns.

  67. My favorite part of the Moda website is being able to download the fabric swatches into my EQ7 to create my own magnificent quilts with all my favorite Moda fabrics!!!

  68. There are so many parts of the Moda website that I love so I will list them in no special order. Ease of ordering, doing a search to finding what you are looking for, the save section if you are not finished ordering, great coloring to ease color match, what’s new and when will it be ready to ship, having Lissa keeping us up to date is a great asset for us. I could go on but you get my point. Thank you from a Moda snob. There I admitted it and proud of it LOL. To all who read this…wishing you a great day.

  69. The fabric! I love checking it all out. I can’t buy every line I fall in love with so I come here to admire and imagine. πŸ™‚ thanks for the chance!

  70. anyadahab says:

    I love finding out about new patterns, notions, designers, and projects.

  71. Marianne says:

    This is a tough question! I like the Blog, I like the free patterns, and I like the Bake Shop!

  72. Chiska says:

    My favorite part is the Bake Shop. Thanks!

  73. Madeleine says:

    Fabric collections! I love seeing all the amazing fabrics!

  74. Bri Loftis says:

    My favorite part of the Moda web site is the fabric collections by Designer. I like to to be able to see the fabric swatches for each group so I can tell what is in each collection. And I like to know what new collections are upcoming. And I love having the archived groups available! This may not be a ‘good thing’, but I ususally know the collections of the numerous designers I love better than anyone in the quilt shops!

  75. Fabric! Fabric! Fabric! It’s a candy store for quilt junkies. I love all the creativity and inspiration.

  76. Wendy P says:

    I love a lot of things on their website, but I have to say that seeing upcoming fabric lines is always going to be my favorite.

  77. Allison C says:

    The free patterns of course! And the inspiration helps a lot too.
    I really want that panda. So cute!

  78. Amy says:

    My favorite part of the Moda website probably would be the patterns.

  79. BarbaraTW says:

    I love seeing all your new fabrics and quilt ideas. I love your fabric

  80. lisa cox says:

    I love all the patterns!

  81. Gill says:

    the recipes at the Moda Bake Shop!

  82. Karen says:

    My favorite part of the Moda website is by far being able to access swatches of complete fabric lines. I seem to use this feature nearly every day, even if just to soak up some eye candy. Moda Bake Shop is a close second, and I have made several project I have seen there.

    Thanks for all you do to inspire!

  83. Patty says:

    My favorite part is the patterns! I love having new patterns to try.

  84. Beth says:

    My favorite part of the Moda website is the fabric collections. Living in a small town, I don’t always see the complete collection first-hand. Your website gives me the “full picture”. Recently, I pointed out a new line to my local quilt shop owner, who was impressed by it and ordered some, just for me.

    P.s. Love that tape measure thumb drive!

  85. Barbara McD says:

    ……the COMING SOON section!!I LOVE looking at what’s coming soon!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  86. lindsey s. says:

    of course the fabric! but i also have a love affair with notions πŸ™‚

  87. Barbe says:

    everything. lol i do like the free patterns and the fabric info

  88. bookworm says:

    I love the Moda Bakeshop! So many great patterns and lovely fabrics.

  89. I like the bakeshop, the fabrics and the free patterns. They are all very good!

  90. Cecilia says:

    I like the bake shop and seeing the new fabrics. Thanks!

  91. Jean in AZ says:

    I love the Bakeshop and the new patterns and fabrics.

  92. Karen says:

    My favorite part of the website is the free patterns. Thanks!

  93. Gay Ferland says:

    My Favorite part of the Moda Website is the fabric collections.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a snail tape measure!

  94. Maureen says:

    Seeing all of the wonderful fabric gives me inspiration to quilt.

  95. Nita says:

    I’d say all the free patterns. I don’t think I’ve ever made one, but I like to browse!

  96. Sally says:

    Fabric collections, new tools, what’s not to like???? Love the new Tacony toys!!

  97. Kathy Mc says:

    24-7 and 365 days!

  98. Diana says:

    My favorite part of the Moa website is the inspiration and Bake Shop(probably the same). I get so many ideas, never enough time to complete all.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  99. Judith says:

    My favorite part is the inspiration. I can always find something “quilty” that I love.

  100. I love everything Moda, but especially your patterns.

    I also love gadgets!

  101. Miss Jean says:

    My favorite part of the Moda website? It’s all things Moda!!!!!

  102. Robbie says:

    My favorite is the fabric collections, but really I like all of it.

  103. Tamie says:

    i love the Tidbits section as well as the section highlighting your designers.

  104. herky907 says:

    I like it when you feature designers. Love the gadgets!

  105. Nancy says:

    I love the recipes!
    thanks for the giveaway

  106. Flo says:

    My favorite is Moda Bakeshop and patterns.

  107. GO STARS! says:

    I like the ability to look at all the fabrics in a line. And the free patterns are a never-ending source of inspiration.

  108. Grammy Tami says:

    My favorite part is the Bakeshop. <3

  109. Nana says:

    I love the fabrics and patterns! And I love to see the gadgets that are new. I love the tape measures! I always have one in my purse to entertain toddlers and babies when they are upset. Works every time! I was in the emergency room with my mother in law when a small toddler came in and was uncontrollable. I got out my tape measure and started to play with her and she calmed right down. Thanks for the give away!

  110. elletaylor says:

    I love the tape measure gadgets!! I love the page where you can see new fabrics that are coming and when!

  111. Kathy says:

    My favorite part of the Moda web site is the Cutting Table. I think it is just packed full of useful info on new products and series like the sewing rules..I love the tape measure gadget. Cute & useful info.

  112. I love the Free Patterns section.

  113. Michele T says:

    Love every bit of Moda…. most favorite thing is your fabric (sigh!). The featured gadgets are so sweet – never seen anything like them!!

  114. Janarama says:

    My Favorite part of the Moda Website is everything … the Bake Shop, new fabric collection previews, new notions, the designers, etc.

  115. Barb in Mi says:

    My fav is the Free Pattern section! SO much inspiration – thank you!

  116. I think the bakeshop is a great resource! Thanks so much for all you do!

    lapaceksorchard at gmail dot com

  117. What a conversation piece!

  118. Kris says:

    The tape measures would be a hit in a Christmas sewing basket!

  119. Kathy Sue says:

    Is “everything” an acceptable answer? What’s not to like – the patterns, the fabrics, the latest gadgets, tips and tricks. It’s all wonderful. Thank you! kathleen dot lutz at doh dot state dot nj dot us.

  120. KatieQ says:

    The free patterns never fail to delight me.

  121. Linda says:

    Another vote for The Bake Shop. I visit all the time and have gotten so many project ideas. Thank you and keep them coming.

  122. Nana Jo says:

    I love the Moda Bake Shop. Love new patterns.

  123. Barb says:

    The fabric tab is my go to place at the Moda site. I can see what’s available now and peek at what’s coming. And there are so many ways to search!

  124. I like everything about Moda!! Love the patterns and heck, the whole Moda Bake Shop!!! These gadgets are the cutest… I also love gadgets or notions (as I call them) Thanks for sharing.

  125. Karen Dobbs says:

    Ooooohhhhh, my favorite part of the Moda Website is looking at the pretty fabrics. But from the other comments, it looks like I need to check out the Moda Bake Shop more!

  126. Linda says:

    Moda is my fabric of choice. I don’t have time to check out all the fabrics, so Moda it is. I love Moda Bake Shop and have made several quilts from the patterns given there. I love the new tools that you demonstrate here.

  127. My favorite part of the Moda Website is all the lovely fabric choices, the inspiration, the tips, the patterns . . . do I have to pick just one?

  128. Mary says:

    I love all the free patterns and being able to go look at all the fabrics in a collection. Wonderful eye candy! .. and no calories!

  129. barefootT says:

    bake shop, fabric collections, tidbits…it is all great.
    thanks very much for all the inspiration….and yeah the fabrics are wonderful!!

  130. B Greene says:

    My favorite part is the Bake Shop! Thanks for the chance to win!

  131. Grace says:

    My favorite part of the Moda Website is the Bakeshop! How delicious all of the treats are!

  132. Cassie says:

    Oh I so agree with so many others … what’s not to love!?! Truth be told, I go to the fabric section and look at what’s coming in the future…. I get excited and start to watch the quilt shops….so much fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  133. Jennifer says:

    Patterns, fabric previews, and lots of great information that is easy to find later!

  134. My favorite part of the Moda website is all of the tutorials! I LOVE learning how to make new stuff!

  135. Love the patterns, thanks

  136. Susan says:

    Free patterns!

  137. Best bakery on the planet! AND….NO CALORIES!

  138. LJ says:

    Those tapes are adorable. I’m assembling a sewing kit for a granddaughter and one of these tapes would be perfect.

    My Favorite part of the Moda Website is The Cutting Table.

  139. Emily C says:

    I love the notions section. Always something new and interesting.

  140. Margaret says:

    O if I could only afford all the gadgets that moda has. I love all the patterns and inspiration that I get from this site. Thank you for sharing.

  141. Melanie says:

    I love the Bakeshop blog with all the amazing patterns!

  142. ritainalaska says:

    love the bake shop and browsing through the collections.

  143. the Bake Shop is definitely a favorite of mine.

  144. Anita says:

    I love the Moda bake shop but on just the Moda site I love looking at the free patterns and new collections. Thanks for the giveaway πŸ™‚

  145. hueisei says:

    My favorite part of the Moda website would have be the fantastic patterns in the Moda Bake Shop.

  146. Lynda says:

    Fabric, fabric and more fabric

  147. Lori says:

    the concept of the Bakeshop was GENIUS! That is my favorite part of the website–treats with no guilt πŸ˜‰

  148. llavmc says:

    My favorite part of the moda website is being able to get all the recipes and to view the fabric collections. Sorry, I couldn’t pick just one.

  149. gailss says:

    Love, love those zoo tape measures and bet they are popular….always love new gadgets

  150. KatheG says:

    I love the website for all of the informational education (hope that says it all) that is dished out. Thanks for all you inspire.

  151. DeborahGun says:

    Definitely the fabric section. But I also love hearing from the designers.

  152. Andra says:

    My favorite part would be the showcase of the gadgets and other tools, and you can’t not LOVE the Bakeshop!!! It is my go to place to look for a pattern when I have a new Moda line that I have to have!!! Thanks for the chance.

  153. I am new to the Moda webpage! Why have I not been here before? Reading all of the comments, I see there is so much to learn from this site! I will definitely be bookmarking it! I love these little gadgets! So much fun when quilting, and I have so many sites bookmarked about quilting, that I could certainly use that cute USB stick! Thanks!

  154. My favorite part of the moda website is the free patterns. A place to use those drool-worthy fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win

  155. Melissa says:

    The fabric! I can be contacted through my blog at http://www.missourimel.com. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  156. Sheila says:

    Lots of inspiration and great patterns for your wonderful fabrics , thanks for the chance,

  157. My Favorite part of the Moda Website is how many images from the book you show. For me that insures I get a book I’ll love and use rather than one that wastes away on the shelf.

  158. Potpourri says:

    My favourites are the fabrics and the pattern. I love those ruler gizmos,.

  159. Kay says:

    My favourite part of the Moda website is the free patterns. They are a great bonus in the sewing world.

  160. kath in ohio says:

    My favorite part has to be the new designers. It gives me that “I can do that,” attitude.

  161. Qltr89 says:

    My favorite part of the Moda website is ….the Cutting Table.

  162. Fiesta says:

    The new designers, free patterns and wonderful designs. Thanks for the chance

  163. Kathryn says:

    I love your bakeshop with such great ideas on how to use our precuts. Keep them coming.

  164. shawn says:

    I like everything about the website, your doing an awesome job, thanks for the giveaway.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  165. Nancy in IN says:

    I love the introduction of new gadgets. I love gadgets. Now to find in local stores.

  166. scottylover says:

    I love all the free patterns!

    Sandy A

  167. mabear says:

    I love it all. I love fabric, books, and gadgets.

  168. ledamewood says:

    I love gadgets, and what do I love at Moda – well, fabric would have to be #1 – they have the best.

  169. Karrie S says:

    I love the bakeshop! & free patterns are the best πŸ™‚

  170. Judy1522 says:

    My favorite is the Bakeshop because of all the great patterns that are featured.

  171. My Favorite part of the Moda Website is all the ideas…the great new gadgets and how I HAVE to have them, to make the latest greatest projects! But, I love the fabric…so it is hard to decide my real real really favorite!

  172. free patterns and fabric collections! Love Moda!

  173. Gina S. says:

    The Bake shop, fabric, tips newsletter designers….all of it!

  174. Jude Edling says:

    These are TDC! Too Darn Cute!! I love the Moda Bake Shop.

  175. Sonya says:

    My favorite part of the Moda website is all the inspirational photos! I feel like it’s DOABLE for me!

  176. Gwen says:

    I love seeing all the new fabrics, and the free patterns.

  177. Sorcha girl says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  178. Sorcha girl says:

    Too early this morning–I just reread the Comment topic needed. Moda has the best, creative designers and the Moda website gives us lots of news about what’s new and upcoming. I start dreaming of a project from the patterns “in waiting” that I’d like to make.

  179. LKDrum says:

    My favorite is the Moda Bake Shop.

  180. BizyStitches says:

    what I like is the ideas I get. Thanks for all you do.

  181. Tami C says:

    My Favorite part of the Moda Website is all of the nifty notions you bring to us. I would just love to have one of those USB Devices by Tacony. Thanks for the chance to win.

  182. Kd Brown says:

    I love the Moda Bake Shop the best on the Moda website, and I love all of these cool gadgets, too!

  183. love this website, especially seeing new fabric lines and patterns!!!

  184. My Favorite part of the Moda Website is the free patterns!

  185. Lise says:

    The bake shop and all the recipes, lots of inspiration

  186. Jo says:

    That is easy, The Bakeshop

  187. Kathy says:

    My favorite part is the Fabrics and Catalogs. I can easily look up any Moda fabric and peruse through all of the collection. I also love to look through the catalogs to see what’s coming up for the next season. I love Moda!

  188. WandaM says:

    I love the Moda collections and Bakeshop!

  189. Sue says:

    Seeing new and workable gadgets get me pumped and ready to start something new.

  190. Joan H. says:

    I think Moda’s fabric collections cannot be out done. They are all so beautiful !

  191. bluebear says:

    My Favorite part of the Moda Website is the bakeshop – great inspiration and recipes! I love how the recipes have rotary cutter ratings.

  192. Ellen says:

    The fabric collections of course. I never tire of looking at fabric!

  193. Ann says:

    My favourite part of the Moda site is the free pattern section. So much inspiration can be found there.

  194. Donna Baker says:

    I love the moda bake shop! but then again, I love everything about Moda in general!

  195. I like seeing all of the new ideas and products. I really love these gadgets, they should come and live at my house!

  196. Nancy says:

    I enjoy seeing all the new fabric lines and the free patterns.

  197. Violet says:

    I love the Bake Shop! I always go there when I need inspiration, and I love finding other great blogs through your tutorials!

  198. Kathy H says:

    My favorite part is the great pattern section to see the wonderful ideas for the fabrics.

  199. Heather B says:

    The bakeshop recipes!!

  200. So much inspiration and great tips and advise on the site!

    And one can never have too many tape measures and gadgets, right?

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  201. Darlene B says:

    I love all the pics of fabrics….wish I could get a yard of everything! But then there would be no room for my husband to live at home, so I guess I’d better restrain myself…

  202. Lisa says:

    Notions, Notions, Notions!!! I love that part of the Moda warehouse, too! I could spend DAYS in there!!

  203. Free patterns are my favorite, I have made several and keep returning to them.

  204. THE RECIPES! Gotta love free patterns and tips and tricks and gorgeous quilts to look at!!!

  205. My favorite part of Moda’s website is the Bake Shop, hands down winner. When I need a jolt of inspiration that’s my go-to place. Love it!

  206. Oh, the Bakeshop, of course! I can scroll and dream and imagine all day long perusing Bakeshop projects.

  207. Fabric…I have yet to explore the other goodness here, as I am a newbie. Thanks for the chance to win!

  208. Andrea says:

    all of it. I come here for ideas, to learn, to see what others are doing, for the fabrics, for the giveaways and the patterns.

  209. my favorite part would have to be the tutorials in the Moda Bake Shop – I have a list too long for me to accomplish! πŸ™‚

  210. Booklogged says:

    Super cool gadgets! My favorite part of the Moda Website is the give-aways. Right now there are so many that was the first thing to pop into my head. I also like the tips and techniques they share and the patterns at the Bake Shop are wonderful.

  211. sandra says:

    The Bake shop. Stunning patterns

  212. pam says:

    the free patterns and all the great tutorials

  213. jayne says:

    It’s the “go-to” site for everything!
    Fabric, patterns, new tools and most of all -INSPIRATION!

    Thank you MODA :}

  214. I could drool for days over the fabric collections.

  215. Edna says:

    I love the fabric collections and inspiration you can find on the Moda website. Thanks!

  216. Sandy says:

    Bakeshop- quilt patterns and fabric choices

  217. Kathy says:

    Moda Bake Shop! I love that all the patterns are pdf friendly.

  218. debbowers says:

    My favorite part is the pictures of quilts made with the moda fabrics – the ideas – the quilting – it’s all great.

  219. Oooh, I haven’t been a gadget girl but these photos could convert me! I have a friend who loves snails – gotta get her one of those. My favorite part of the Moda Website is either the Bake Shop or the blog. I get lots of great ideas from both!

    dezertsuz at gmail

  220. Lee says:

    I love the moda bake shop – its my go to spot for new ideas!

  221. My favorite part is your newsletter..but then there’s also merchandise…and give-aways…I guess I love it all! Thanks, MODA for bringing the fun back πŸ™‚

  222. Debbie says:

    One thing from the moda web site, I love it all. If I had to pick one thing it would a black and white fabric line.

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  224. ledamewood says:

    Love these gadgets – I am a gadget girl. My favorite part of the Moda website is the fabric collections.

  225. Andrea says:

    I really like the notions, I’m addicted to cute gadgetry.

  226. ptmemaw says:

    What’s not to love about the Moda webste? My favorite would have to be hands down the bake shop. I get all my patterns for my pre-cuts there. It’s the best!

  227. Rose says:

    I’m a fan of the bakeshop.

  228. Elizabeth says:

    I love the comment section– I learn so much from the other readers.

  229. Everything, can’t decide on any one thing. Thanks for the giveaway.

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    My favorite part of the Moda Bake Shop is the Moda Bake Shop, can’t love just one part of it, love it all. Thanks

  231. Unknown says:

    I love learning about all the gadgets, then get lost in all the beautiful fabrics, then hunt down the perfect pattern…I have to peel myself away and get sewing…

  232. kbo says:

    The new fabrics always shown and the Bake Shop

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    Moda=Fabrics,Fabrics,and more great Fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win .

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    Bake Shop has to be my favorite part of the site!

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    the fabrics, no all the new patterns, I just love this site.

  236. Peggy says:

    I love all things MODA!!! Always looking for my favorite designers newest lines.

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