An all-in-one ruler for quilters? It exists!

National Sewing Month 2013

Hello, Moda fans! I’m Jenny and I’ve been a major Moda fan since 1997 when I fell into quilting—first as a job, and then (less than 60 days later) as a passion. I’m currently a writer for Martingale’s Stitch This! blog. If you haven’t heard of Martingale, we publish quilt books. Lots of them. More than 1,200 of them so far, to be sort of exact! We’re delighted to be a part of the “Measure Twice, Cut Once” series, mostly because “measure twice, cut once” is a mantra for many quilters in our office. (I’ll bet each of us can remember the exact pattern, hue, and texture of the fabric we sliced up incorrectly when we weren’t following said mantra.)

So… rulers. How many rotary rulers do you own? If you’re like me, you have a spot in your sewing space dedicated to keeping rulers stacked on their sides so you can flip through them—much like an old-school record bin—and quickly find what you need. It seems like there’s a different ruler out there for every individual cutting task. But did you know that there’s one ruler that’s designed to do the job of many? It proudly proclaims its mission in its name: the All-in-One Ruler!

The ruler measures 6″ x 18″—no bigger than many rectangular rotary rulers.

Kind of funny looking, huh? The All-in-One Ruler does what other common rulers do, but because of that peculiar diagonal slant on the right and the special markings on the back side, it does even more. The ruler is designed by Cathy Wierzbicki, the bestselling author of Twosey-Foursey Quilts, which pairs up with the ruler perfectly. Cathy demonstrates how the ruler works in the video below—but let me give you a quick rundown of why this may just be the only ruler you’ll ever need.

Does the All-in-One Ruler cut all the basic shapes that quilters have universally needed to cut since, well, since the dawn of quilting? Yep. But things start to get exciting when you realize how the ruler helps with cutting triangles. Instead of cutting squares from yardage and then cross-cutting those squares into triangles, the ruler helps you easily cut triangles from strips of fabric. See here:

Cutting half-square triangles from strips. The ruler makes diagonal cutting a snap—and the math is greatly simplified. You only need to add ½” to the finished measurement of a square, instead of the traditional ⅞”. (For example, to cut half-square triangles that finish at 2″, cut a strip that measures 2½” wide.) Using the ruler’s angled edge, position the ruler on top of the strip as shown (above left) and cut along the diagonal edge. To cut the next triangle, rotate and flip the ruler to the right, reposition as shown (above right), and cut along the right edge of the ruler. For this second cut, the back side of the ruler is facing up. The ruler is marked with reverse printing, making the numbers easy to read from both sides.

Cutting quarter-square triangles from strips. The printed diagonal lines show what strip size to use to arrive at a desired finished size. (For example, a quarter-square triangle cut from a 2½” strip will finish at 4″ wide.) This is equivalent to cutting a 5¼” square, then cutting the square twice diagonally to get four quarter-square triangles. To cut, simply align the notched corner of the ruler with the top edge of the fabric strip; then cut along both edges of the ruler (above left). To cut the next quarter-square triangle, rotate the ruler, align the left edge with the previous cut, and cut along the right edge (above right). You can continue cutting triangles all the way across the strip this way.

Here are just a few of the quilts Cathy’s made using the All-in-One Ruler. And each design starts with nothing but strips!

“Wild Goose Chase”

“Amish Sparklers”

“Splash Dance”

“Prairie Stars”

Of all the things the ruler can do, I think this is my favorite… it trims triangle points with a built-in trimmer. It’s just a little thing, but to me it makes all the difference. Cutting the points off triangles before you sew is the key to accuracy. The rounded edges made with the point trimmer match up triangles perfectly—and no dog ears on your patchwork!

About the point trimmer, Cathy says: “If you have trouble getting sharp points on your stars or flying-geese units, use the point trimmer. I have seen quiltmakers across the country go from making imprecise, decapitated flying geese to sewing razor-sharp points with great accuracy—simply because the points were trimmed prior to sewing.”

Here’s Cathy demonstrating the ruler in action:

Watch the demo of the All-in-One Ruler on YouTube

No need for a scatter of specialty rulers—this one does it all! You can learn more about the All-in-One Ruler here.

We will be giving away an All-in-One Ruler to one lucky winner! To enter please leave a comment—tell us about your favorite quilting gadget.

You will have until September 30 at midnight to comment. All winners will be randomly selected and announced on Moda…The Cutting Table Blog on October 2. Make sure to visit the blog every day for the opportunity to win each giveaway!

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345 comments on “An all-in-one ruler for quilters? It exists!

  1. KatheG says:

    Besides my sewing machine it would be my rotary cutter. Bet a new ruler would add more fun to the cutting. Thanks.

  2. DeborahGun says:

    Definitely my rotary cutter. But this ruler looks amazing 🙂

  3. Karen says:

    I couldn’t use this ruler without my rotary cutter and I want to use this ruler! So–I’ll chime in with the others that the rotary cutter is my favorite tool I would hate to make a quilt without one.

  4. Anita says:

    My favorite tool is my rotary cutter. I would love to have this ruler in addition!

  5. I love all quilting rulers! But my favorite tool would have to be the June Tailor Shape Plus Cut ruler. I first saw this ruler in action at a quilting retreat last year and I bought one from Amazon immediately after using it once. It is so accurate and such a time saver!

  6. MIss Sherry says:

    To be honest, I have a love affair with my seam ripper! Not that I love to use it, but when I do, mine is fabulous. I keep it,and a spare, close at hand at all times when sewing. A day without ripping is like a day without sunshine. (All that means is I’m sewing everyday and that makes me happy.) Well almost every day…..

  7. llavmc says:

    My favorite quilting gadget is my rulers. I have a whole collection and love using all of them.

  8. I good pair of scissors! I love my ginghers!

  9. Kim says:

    My seam ripper. I have had to sew without one and that is not to be repeated! Close second is the rotary cutter and an acrylic ruler. So this ruler would be right at home!

  10. My new favorite quilting tool is the needle puller. (for my hand quilting) It’s a hard to find item but well worth the look.

  11. Brenda says:

    My rotary cutter would be my favorite gadget.

  12. As a newbie quilter, this looks like it would ease up a lot of frustration. I think I need this, and fast.

  13. Bonnie says:

    My rotary cutter is my favorite – whoever invented it surely gets a big hug from me!

  14. Denise says:

    Besides my rotary cutter, I would say the reversable cutting mat/ironing pad would be my next favorite. Thanks for sharing again!

  15. My favorite quilting gadget is my binding tool ruler.

  16. Ingrid says:

    My favorite quilting tool is my EQ program. I love to play around and design my own layouts, especially when I have a charm pack waiting to be sewn! Love the look of this ruler, and would love to own one.

  17. DebrafromMD says:

    Definitely my rotary cutter. I remember the days of cutting out our pieces with scissors. It took forever.

  18. LeAnne says:

    The rotary cutter for most things, but definitely the AccuQuilt for applique and anything with curves, and Clover binding clips are right there at the top too.

  19. I would live to have this ruler! What an awesome product to take along.

  20. dooddles says:

    My rotary cutter, followed closely by my polka dot scissors 🙂

  21. andsewon says:

    My rotary cutter is my fav because I am old enough to recall having only scissors to use! I am up for anything that will help me get sharper points on my points!

  22. Tiff Blakey says:

    My favorite “gadget” is my Janome 8200. 🙂

  23. QuiddityRox says:

    My favorite gadget is my mini-iron. It keeps me from hopping when working with half-square triangles!

  24. My favorite tool is my “The Cutting Gizmo” and it’s purple…love it when I chain stitch easy to cut pieces apart!

  25. Joan says:

    My favorite gadget are my Ott lights. You can cut with scissors, piece by hand, but without good light, you’re in trouble!

  26. My favorite tool would have to be my rotary cutter. Not only does it get the process started but it helps me when I have to rip out stitches which I do often. It works faster than my seam ripper. A All-in-one ruler would surely be my second favorite tool.

  27. knuckstermom says:

    I love my Gingher thread snips. I couldn’t sew without them I think!

  28. Monica says:

    My rotary cutter is my favorite gadget because without it I’d be cutting out shapes by hand…and I wouldn’t like that very much…lol.

  29. Melissa Bush says:

    My rotary cutter. I want to try this ruler.

  30. loreal says:

    Besides my sewing machine I would have to say my rotary cutter or my Go!

  31. B Greene says:

    Of course, I love my rotary cutter, but I also use my Wonder Clips for almost every task out there – they are great. Thanks for the chance to win this ruler – it looks amazing!

  32. sheddy says:

    Definitely my rotary cutter. Love your new ruler.

  33. My favorite has to be the hated seam ripper! Yes it is my favorite tool but ripping is not my favorite thing to do but sometimes I feel like I do way to much of it!

  34. sunny5597 says:

    I would have to say my rotory cutter. What did they do before that invention? Now an awesome ruler to use it with. I would love to win! Thanks for having this giveaway 🙂

  35. I love my brand new seam ripper, it rips like a dream 🙂

  36. Donna Smith says:

    I love this all in one new ruler. I love rulers, and cutter and gadgets of all kinds and do use them all. This all I one ruler has to be in my collection!

  37. How did we ever live without rotary cutters! I use mine as a seam ripper as well as a cutter. I sometimes use it to cut threads when I scissors aren’t handy. It is a miracle invention! This ruler looks great and has so many uses also. I’d love to have one!

  38. Barbara says:

    rotary cutter for these arthritic hands !

  39. Sew in Time says:

    My favorite notion is the Purple Thang. It comes in handy so many times at my machine. Great little tool.
    Also, does this ruler cut from bigger strips than 2 1/2 inch ones? It looks like it does, which would be really great!

  40. Emily C says:

    So far my favorite is my rotary cutter.

  41. My favorite would be my rotary cutter with my thread snips being a very close second.

  42. beaglemama says:

    My sewing machine (since it is new and is a serious upgrade from my last one) is my absolute favorite… but them comes my rotary cutter for sure… love the crisp accurate cutes it makes!

  43. Lee Ann L. says:

    It would have to be the seam ripper as I wouldn’t know how to remove stitches so easily!

    Actually, I’m just kidding. Although, the seam ripper is a great tool. My favorite tools would have to be both the sewing machine and rotary cutter.

    Thank you for a chance to win!

  44. I’m with everyone else – my rotary cutter; but a good iron is a close second!

  45. Terri U says:

    I think that my gadget of choice is a package that consists of my mat, rotary cutter and ruler. That is because one does not work without the other.

  46. eliette1964 says:

    love my rotary cutters ,then next is my sewing machine.

  47. Liza Downey says:

    I’m still a novice with sewing but have been intrigued by quilting – this device looks awesome! I always wondered how some quilts looked so perfect. My favorite sewing gadget are my heavy dressmaker’s shears.

  48. Susan Smith says:

    Well, I couldn’t do without my rotary cutter so that would have to be my favorite gadget. Thanks for offering this great ruler—it looks fantastic!!

  49. Aunt Marti says:

    My favorite notion is my Coneflower Thread holder. I use it to hold the roll of prepared binding when sewing binding to a quilt. It’s metal, so it’s nice and heavy. I got mine from Nancy’s Notions:

  50. JustPam says:

    I would not be quilting if I didn’t have a rotary cutter. So besides my sewing machine, this is my favorite gadget. This awesome ruler would just help making the process of cutting fabric so much better.

  51. Lisa Marie says:

    I have lots of great gadgets but one I’ve only started using recently is becoming a favorite. It’s a wooden seam roller that I used to use when hanging wallpaper. I learned this trick from a class with RaNae Merrill. It’s especially good for flattening seams when paper piecing.

  52. Deciding on my favorite gadget is difficult! For hand sewing, I have to have the needle threader! Those pesky needle holes are small! For machine sewing, I love my bendable bright light! It makes a world of difference, especially sewing at night!


  53. Favorite gadget would be my little hem rulers – perfect for measuring hems and poking out points.

  54. Melissa says:

    I love gadgets! I just bought two different rulers. I’m not sure exactly how many I have right now. I can be contacted through my blog at Thanks!

  55. gosh, this All-In-One ruler may just BECOME my favorite ruler; however, my favorite GADGET is my rotating tool/pencil/scissor holder that is from Pampered Chef, I think. It is round and spins and has probably 12 little divisions. Perfect! It takes up so little space and keeps things OFF the table top. I have one at each machine. I would be a m.e.s.s w/o it.
    In appreciation, I will post a pic of it on my blog.

  56. Has to be my rotary cutter. Whoever nvented this should have gotten a pulitzer.

  57. Kathryn says:

    My favorite quilting project is always my current one. I just pattern tested a pattern for a friend. What fun!

  58. Jodi Brunold says:

    Although I like my rotary, I LOVE my Gingher scissors that were passed down to me from my Grandma! I am sure she is proud that I received her quilting gene!

  59. Sally in WA says:

    My favorite quilting gadget is my Gingher rotary cutter. I love the ergonomic shape! It would work well with this amazing ruler.

  60. hcolvin says:

    I’m a quilting newbie, so I’m not sure if I have a favorite tool. Like others, I do like my rotary cutter(s). The all-in-one tool looks like it would come in handy, before I get a “record collection” of rulers! 😉 I always have to stop and look at all of them and think what I might be able to do if I had this one or that one…

  61. Sheila says:

    My rotary cutter would be my favorite tool and rulers are right up there in importance and I sure like this ruler and would love to own one , thanks for the chance .

  62. Barbara McD says:

    My favorite gadget would have to be my Quattro 2 – it sews so accurately, it makes me look like I know what I’m doing . . . .

    Thanks for the awesome giveaways!!

  63. queenopearls says:

    Hi… my name is Christina and I am a gadget/ruler addict. ::: chorus of “Hi, Christina! :::: I adore this new ruler! I must have it! My most recent favorite gadget (they are ALL my favorites) is the quilters slidelock. Oh what a great device. Here’s a link to the website where I bought it.. You KNOW you have to have it too!!! And this great ruler you just introduced me to. 🙂
    ~ Christina

  64. QuilterB says:

    Oh my I LOVE gadgets. This is a hard one- but I think my rotary cutter- its an olfa ergonomic and it is great!

    Thanks for this chance!

  65. Mary says:

    My favorite quilting gadget are my small polka-dot scissors that I have attached to a retractable coil string that clips to my shirt. My scissors are always handy and it saves me a lot of time looking for them.

  66. Kim says:

    I have to say that it’s my ruler. I use it for cutting pretty much anything with a straight edge.

  67. I love my stiletto! really helps me match my corners 🙂 Thanks for the chance – that frog quilt is fabulous!

    lapaceksorchard at gmail dot com

  68. I love my rotary cutter and cutting mat, what would I do without them!?

  69. Pam says:

    I love my seam rippers but especially my new Seam-Fix seam ripper with the rubber end for removing the threads after ripping. I will be replacing all my rippers with this tool.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  70. CaroleM says:

    My rotary cutter. I wonder how this ruler would work for lefties…

  71. Lynda says:

    I recently had three friends visit for a week and they bought me a rotary mat as a thank you – I have already put it to good use – love it.

  72. Tbis looks pretty nifty! I’m a big fan of my rotating mat – it makes trimming blocks much less daunting!

  73. Aimee G says:

    Definitely have to agree with the majority of the other commenters & say my rotary cutter is my favorite gadget

  74. jmniffer says:

    My favorite gadget is my rotary cutting mat. It makes trimming units as easy as can be. Thanks for the chance at your nifty all in one ruler.

  75. sandy says:

    That is a great tool to have. My favorite gadget is my stitch ripper.

  76. Sandra says:

    Right now my favorite tool is my rotary cutter. If I should become the lucky winner, the All in One Ruler will become my new favorite tool. You have done a splendid tutorial on explaining this tool as well as quilt samples. Thank you for the chance to win.

    Sandi Timmons

  77. My favorite tool is my rotary cutter. I can’t imagine cutting all those triangles with scissors. I like rulers that I can see the numbers clearly which this one looks like you can. Thank you for sharing..

  78. Gill says:

    It has to be my rotary cutter – how did we manage before them???

  79. Regina says:

    Right now – my computer. In addition to the basic tools (machine, ruler, mat, cutter, etc…) the computer is a font of tutorials, patterns, and ideas without me having to spend my fabric budget on books and patterns.

  80. Mary says:

    It has to be my rotary cutter and mat set but they wouldn’t be much use without good rulers!

  81. JD says:

    That is the coolest ruler, but I think I would need a tutorial to learn how to use it.

  82. Leslie says:

    That is a pretty cool gadget. Who wouldn’t love to add it to their collection?

  83. Donna W says:

    My favorite gadget is my rotary cutter. But this ruler looks amazing. Sure would cut down on the time it takes to look for different rulers.

  84. Kathy Boice says:

    I love my rotary cutter and my Bernina Sewing machine!!!

  85. Karen Dobbs says:

    I love my Olfa quick-change 60mm rotary cutter, but I also love my Gingher snips which live right by my sewing machine at all times. Thanks for the giveaway. I’d love to try out this ruler.

  86. Robin Huss says:

    Love my 60mm rotary cutter. Thank you for the chance to win the ruler.

  87. Barb in Mi says:

    This all-in-one ruler looks like a winner! My favorite is still a good ole rotary cutter. I wouldn’t know how to cut all the fabrics with scissors. Thank you!

  88. Debbie says:

    My favorite gadget is my “unsewer”. I like that word…calling it a ripper sounds so defeating. Unsewing sounds like I’m doing something constructive or at least that’s what I like to tell myself. Of course, it’s awesome to have learned how to use it correctly by sliding it along the threads instead of one seam at a time. I can thank the instructor at the last quilting class I took for teaching me that. The All-In-One ruler sounds like something that I would love to add to my collection of gadgets. Thanks for the opportunity!

  89. Roe says:

    My favorite tool would definitely be my rotary cutter, and this ruler would become favorite!

  90. joanold says:

    My favourite gadget is my rotary cutter. Just love it. I now use it for cutting out dressmaking patterns as well as for patchwork.

  91. I love my rotary cutter, and at the moment I am in love with the Add-A-Quarter ruler.

  92. My favorite tool has to be my clover desktop needle threader! It always comes in handy when working on applique and embroidery projects. I also love my rotary cutter and would LOVE to try out this ruler! Thanks!

  93. marie says:

    It has to be the rotary cutter, I can’t imagine cutting all those pieces with scissors.

  94. Threader says:

    I would have to say that my favourite list is quite long but I’ve had a close & personal relationship with the same seam ripper for a very long time. I find it relaxing when I need to use it. would love to give this All IN ONE Ruler a new home. Thanks for the opportunity t maybe win.

  95. Allison C says:

    I love mt ergonomic seam ripper. It is sharp and saves my young, but arthritic hands.

  96. Cindi says:

    I love my Purple Thang, don’t know what I’d do without it. But I really, really need that ruler. I don’t know why I don’t have one already, guess I’ve just been waiting to win one!

  97. Linda says:

    Couldn’t do half of what I do without my rotary cutter and rulers. This one is so-o-o interesting. I would love to try it.

  98. Joyce says:

    I have several but my most favorite is my rotary cutter

  99. Vernon says:

    I’m not sure if this is strictly a quilting gadget but I love using a Herra marker. I use it to press my seams, instead of an iron, and I use it to mark my quilting linest.

  100. GranChris says:

    Impossible to choose one gadget. We quilters love gadgets but I would never give up a good pr of scissors, a rotary cutter and a seam ripper.

  101. fittingtips says:

    Not sure if this qualifies as a gadget, but my Pfaff easy feed foot helps assure things stay lined up where you put them!

  102. Patti says:

    My favorite is a rotary cutter. Without that, we would have no use for rulers, and we’d be back to templates and scissors. Ugh!

  103. My favorite gizmo is still my old Quickline ruler from Nancy Crow. It’s a standby, a mainstay, a ruler I trust. But I would love to try the new ruler!

  104. Paula says:

    I could never live without any of my rulers. They’re essential fr my daily sewing, would love to give this a try, for sure. x

  105. Barbe says:

    my favorite tool is my rotary cutter, i have 3 sizes.

  106. Laura says:

    Hmmm … I have a love/hate relationship with my rotary cutter, but I’ll go with that because I wouldn’t want to have to cut everything out with scissors!

  107. Rotary cutter for sure. I have used it for cutting out clothing patterns too. What did we ever do without it?

  108. Sandy says:

    I love the Bloc Loc rulers for squaring up. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  109. EllenB says:

    Besides my machine, my favorite is my 6×12 ruler. Compact, easy to pack, and I can cut most any shape, but the All in One would probably be more accurate.

  110. Barb Bee says:

    I love my clover needle threader to work on hexes

  111. vicki says:

    Oh, man I have to choose…it would be my necklace/scissor holder pincushion. Thanks for the great giveaway. vickise at gmail dot com

  112. BizyStitches says:

    not my favorite but one that I use a lot is the seam ripper. LOL. But I couldn’t get along without a rotary cutter and ruler. Thanks for giving me a chance to win.

  113. CJ says:

    Cool ruler! My favorite gadget has got to be my rotary cutter!

  114. Kaye M says:

    Its hard to say just one quilting gadget is my favorite, but my walking foot is great for keeping multiple layers feeding evenly through my machine. It has saved me from a few headaches!

  115. JoyceLM says:

    My Olfa ergonomic rotary cutter is my favorite gadget. Thanks for the giveaway.

  116. Donna Joy says:

    My favorite are my rotary cutter and Matt, so much better than cutting my quilt blocks with scissors . Thanks for giveaway.

  117. Karen says:

    My favorite tool would be my rotary cutter. Fast and precise, especially when paired with a fabulous ruler.

  118. GeeMa says:

    My favorite gadget is my Ikea light. It helps me see what I’m working on so much better. Thanks for the opportunity to win the ruler. It looks like a “must have” for my collection.

  119. Well, I don’t suppose my Tin Lizzie 18 counts as a gadget. I don’t consider basic tools gadgets, so that also rules out rotary cutter and basic rulers. To me a gadget is a smallish tool with limited, specific use, to make a specific task such I rarely buy gadgets. I buy multi purpose basic tools…which is what this ruler seams to be. Judy Martin’s point trimmer tool is one gadget I have and appreciate.

  120. Lola says:

    WOW. I can’t wait to use this ruler.

  121. Beth says:

    My favorite gadget is my titanium rotary cutter. Which reminds me…it’s time to change that blade again.

  122. Aggiequilter says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  123. Kay Lee says:

    My favorite gadget is graph paper. It helps me to ‘do the math’ and get those measurements right the first time. I’m a visual learner and just have to see everything!

  124. I love to have this ruler it´s seems so easy to use.Now I have time to sew,as I ´m sitting all day with my lastimated footh

  125. I do like the new all-in-one ruler. My favorite tools are my templates. They are great.

  126. Beth says:

    Iwould have to say Wonder Clips are my favorite gadget. I am fairly new to quilting. I was constantly getting poked with pins while trying to stitch the binding. No more pokes. This ruler looks amazing. Thank you for the chance to win one.

  127. Aggiequilter says:

    My fav gadget would have to be the rotary cutter … I wouldn’t still be quilting today, if the rotary cutter hadn’t come out back when I was a quilting newbie ! Rotary rulers are just as essential as the cutter and this new one looks great.
    Thanks for the chance to win !

  128. Rhonda Davis says:

    Being a new quilter I would have to say that so far my favorite gadgets are my rotary cutter and cutting mat. I sure could use the all-in-one ruler! Thanks for the chance to win it!!!

  129. I would say my 6″ by 24″ ruler used with my rotary cutter is the one I use most. The “All in One Ruler” sparks my interest and would definately like to have a chance to use it.

  130. deelish10 says:

    and I have quite a few rulers of different sizes. and I only needed one???? awesome

  131. I love tools and gadgets! Without a rotary cutter and ruler I probably wouldn’t be a quilter, so those are most haves.
    This ruler is awesome. Thanks for the giveaway.

  132. Kay says:

    It has to be my rotary cutter as it is a lifesaver. I love this ruler though.

  133. Qltr89 says:

    My favorite gadget besides the obvious cutter and mat is the Thimble Pad. Without this, I wouldn’t be able to hand quilt without hurting my fingertips. Thank you for the chance to win.

  134. tammik says:

    roto cutter with out a daoubt. my first few quilts were before they came out. what a change!!

  135. gab says:

    My 5×24 ruler is my favorite, along with the 6 inch square ruler. It would be fun to learn all the uses of this new ruler.

  136. WhoMom says:

    I think my favorite gadget would have to be my rotary cutter and rulers-one isn’t worth much without the other. Love my sewing machine too.

  137. Donna Phelps says:

    Right now my favorite tool is my new slotted ruler. I love rulers and would LOVE to have this one.

  138. My favorite quilting gadget would be my rotary cutter and mat.

  139. Having just finished a binding, I’m all about wonder clips, but I am a sucker for rotary cutters.

  140. It would have to be my rotary cutter and cutting mat!

  141. Cassie says:

    My rotary cutter! I don’t know how quilters made precise cuts long ago without them! Thanks for the chance to win one of these amazing rulers!

  142. Michele T says:

    I’ll have to say that my favorite tool is the rotary cutter!!!

  143. Tamie says:

    I think THIS is my favorite gadget. Wow!

  144. Sewbig says:

    My rotary cutter makes cutting fabric faster, easier and more accurate.

  145. My rotary cutter. my least favorite is the seam ripper.

  146. Kay says:

    I have a 6 1/2″ square ruler that has raised ridges on the back that helps it hold to the fabric better when cutting that I use all the time. I also have one in a 12 1/2″ & 18 x 6 1/2″ size that I use a lot.

  147. Fiesta says:

    Those quilts are beautiful but do look challenging. Thank goodness there’s a ruler that will make it all easier. Thanks for the chance

  148. My rotary cutter is my favorite tool and then the ruler(s).

  149. I just got a rotary circle cutter and it is definitely my favorite tool right now! I love it!

  150. Melanie says:

    Wow! Love that ruler!

    My currently most used gadget is my rotary cutter.

  151. MoeWest says:

    My new Reliable Velocity V100 iron is my favourite tool right now!

  152. treadlemusic says:

    I will have to join the others and say my rotary cutter(s). That ruler is awesome and would be wonderful to have so I could send all the ones that it replaces off to other homes!!!!!

  153. Marianne says:

    My favorite quilting gadget is the rotary cutter. I still marvel at its cleverness.

  154. Christy says:

    Soooo many tools, how to choose a favorite? It’s like kids, can’t choose! I love them all! But there is plenty of love to go around for a new all-in-one ruler!

  155. barefootT says:

    my favorite gadget is the Quick quarter. my favorite tool is the rotary cutter! looks like a great ruler, maybe I could replace a big stack of them, with this one!! my birthday is this month, would be great to get a present 🙂

  156. Jill Ellis says:

    My favorite gadget is a strip-cutter ruler. The 12×18-inch ruler allows you to cut a whole fat quarter at once, in any amount of half-inch cuts. Such a time saver!

  157. luv2quilt says:

    I love the new (at least to me) Frixion pens.

  158. Ray says:

    This is truly a marvelous ruler!!! What a wonderful idea. There are so many tools that I love, it’s hard to choose just one, but I’ll pick my rotary cutter. Thanks for the opportunity.

  159. Mary says:

    This is a great idea. One ruler to do all that is needed. I would have to go along with the rotary cutter. Easier to use with arthritic hands.

  160. PK Sews says:

    I love my rotary cutter. I still remember the days before the cutters! And I’d lov this all in one ruler to go with it!

  161. Kathy Sue says:

    Is the design wall a gadget? Because I certainly do love seeing how a design changes by turning and rearranging my blocks. But then where would I be without my beloved rotary cutter. Thank you for the information about this ruler. It looks fantastic. Can’t wait to get my hands on one! kathleen dot lutz at doh dot state dot nj dot us

  162. MJF says:

    I my favorite gadget is my rotary cutter. I’d love to have that ruler!

  163. CathyK says:

    My favorite gadget would have to be my rotary cutter! Thank you for the chance!

  164. Diane H says:

    Wow! Great ruler. My favourite gadget would me my spring stippling foot.

  165. My angler 2 is my favorite gadget, but this all in one ruler sure looks like it might become a favorite

  166. JoanG says:

    My favorite gadget has to be my rotary cutter.

  167. Cecilia says:

    My favorite gadget would have to be my Bernina Stitch Regulator, but I love rulers.

  168. Sharon says:

    8 hi hmHI would love to add this ruler to my collection. My favorite quilting tool is my Hera marker.

  169. Sherill says:

    What a great ruler! I would love to win it. Thank you for the chance.

  170. Unknown says:

    My favorite sewing notion is my Bernina is there anything else to sew with. Just ask my son, he loves sewing with my Bernina. This ruler looks great as I tired of having rulers for only 1 thing so I could really use it at my house.

  171. Gene Black says:

    My favorite gadget is a handmade wooden stiletto and point turner. It is so useful.

  172. Unknown says:

    My favorite notion is my Bernina is there anything else to sew with. Just ask my son, he loves sewing with my Bernina. This ruler looks grea as I am tired of having rulers for only 1 thing so I could really use it at my house. mdjssi at g mail dot com


  173. Jennifer says:

    I think my favorite notion is a little thread cutter that sticks to the edge of my table in front of my sewing machine. It is great to use during block assembly!

  174. scottylover says:

    My favorite “gadget” is my 6″ square up ruler. I use it to trim the pieces of my blocks which makes them more precise!

    Sandy A

  175. Nancy in IN says:

    Besides my rotary cutter, I use my 2.5 and 3.5 square rulers to cut scraps for ongoing quilts blocks.

  176. LisaT says:

    My rotary cutter is a must. I still have magazines/patterns that still call for tracing templates and I have done so using cardboard. I cannot believe it!

  177. mabear says:

    I love all kinds of gizmos. Rotary cutter is still #1 though.

  178. bobbie23nc says:

    I love notions of most any kind but my sewing machine is my quilting right arm. This ruler could certainly live at my house too!

  179. Laura B says:

    My favorite tool is my rotary cutter, which of course would work so much better with this neat ruler.

  180. lovetostitch says:

    I would love a ruler to be able to cut to size half square triangels without having to cut the square first – great idea!! I see lots of possibilites

  181. rrjane011749 says:

    Love my rotary cutter–can’t imagine how anyone got along without them!

  182. Patty says:

    I have to admit it’s my seam ripper. I unsew my share of seams!!

  183. Lynn W. says:

    I love rulers! But they have to be useful, like this one appears to be. Thanks for giving us a chance to win one.

  184. Kathleen says:

    My clover seam ripper!

  185. I love ALL my gadgets – can’t have too many. My new favorite is my seam ripper with the rubbery end that pulls all the little thread bits out cleanly.

  186. Barb says:

    I love my 1/4-inch sewing foot, it’s all about consistency.

  187. Oh I need this ruler! My rotary cutter would be my favorite tool.

  188. suesmom says:

    My rotary cutter is a necessity. Without it I couldn’t quilt! Having a ruler that does it all sounds great!

  189. sandra says:

    How could we use all of the lovely rulers that have come out in the last few years if we didn’t have my favourite tool the rotary cutter. Now I can throw them all away if I get this new all in one ruler.

  190. Am I the only person that noticed the demonstrator PULLED the rotary cutter (my favorite tool) TOWARD herself, which is an absolute no-no?

  191. Karrie S says:

    I thought it may be a snips, until I saw this!

  192. Madeline says:

    my favorite is my self-healing rotary mat. It would be great to have this ruler to go with it, I’d make a lot less cutting errors!

  193. My favorite gadget is one I made myself: Just a two foot length of unfinished-wood half-round edge trim that makes pressing seams open so much faster and easier to do! I couldn’t find half round dowling, but this is even better as it has a small lip on each side that makes handling it easy. An extra use I discovered one hot day is that I can reach the on/off button on my floor fan with it.

  194. Laurie says:

    My first go-to item when quilting is the trusty yellow Olfa rotary cutter my grandmother gave me 20+ years ago. This All-in-One ruler looks like it would vie for the top tool though.

  195. My favorite gadget has to be my rotary cutter too. Can’t imagine be with out it. The all in one ruler is a definite must buy.

  196. Jennifer says:

    My Bernina and, hopefully, this ruler!

  197. Rotary cutter – I can’t imagine having to use scissors for everything!!

  198. Debbie says:

    It would be my rotary cutter of course. Thanks

  199. Margy Mc says:

    Love my rotary cutterS! I would love to try this ruler. Thanks for the chance

  200. Jill says:

    Like so many others, my favorite tool is my rotary cutter, but without a good ruler, it wouldn’t be nearly as useful! I’d love to try this one!

  201. I LOVE my Bernina & couldn’t imagine life without a rotary cutter. I’d love to add this ruler to my favorites!

  202. NannyGayle says:

    I think that my rotary cutter along with one of the 30 or so rulers that I have would be the most used tool. If I could win this ruler then I might be tempted to get rid of some of my other rulers.

  203. Fran says:

    This ruler is amazing! My favourite sewing tool is my 60mm ergonomic rotary cutter. Thanks for the chance to win.

  204. Barbara O. says:

    My most important notions, besides my sewing machine, are of course my rotary cutter and cutting mat, I couldn’t work without them. I love rulers but I don’t own many, so this would be a perfect addition.
    Thanks for the chance!

  205. czooker says:

    My favorite gadget is my quarter inch quilting foot – It makes piecing so much easier.

  206. Martina says:

    My favourite gadget? This would be my seamripper, lol!

  207. Gina S. says:

    Rotary cutter, couldn’t live with out it.

  208. Lee says:

    I love my rotary cutter and my rulers!

  209. My favorite gadget is my rotary cutter(s) and I can not imagine life without it…but, I also have a collection of necessary rulers, and always want the next one I see. lol Keep ’em coming, please. And love the tips.

  210. Grandma M says:

    My favorites are my rotary cutter and rulers. Can’t imagine quilting without them.

  211. There are so many gadgets to choose from! Still would have to go with my rotary cutter. When I first began quilting there was no such item.

  212. Jude Edling says:

    I’m a toolloon so picking a favorite is hard beyond the obvious, a rotary cutter. Does a lightboard count? How about an Altos cutting system? I like this ruler and would definitely advise beginners to get one so they don’t have to have a ruler for every purpose.

  213. Judy1522 says:

    My favorite tool is my rotary cutter. The All-in-One Ruler looks like a great tool to own.

  214. paige says:

    For quilting, it’s hard to pick just one gadget. My rotary cutter and seam ripper are essential and I love my binding clips.

  215. Debbie says:

    My favorite gadget is my rotary cutter. That ruler is genius. It would be great to only have to take one ruler to class.

  216. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite tools are my rotary with a new blade and my thimble.

  217. Michele says:

    My fav tool is my rotating cutting mat.

  218. Caren D says:

    My favourite gadget is unquestionably The Binding Tool…. It has turned a frustrating task into a simple one and my final binding seam comes together perfectly EVERY time.

  219. Sonya says:

    Choosing my fabric quilting gadget is hard… kind of like choosing a favorite child! Haha! I guess I would have to say my rotary cutter, but I love ALL the gadgets!

  220. GO STARS! says:

    I’m partial to all of my rulers and my rotary cutter. I also like my seam rippers to be really really sharp.

  221. Jacklynn says:

    I know I can’t do anything without a rotary cutter! Thanks for the give away!

  222. Vicki H says:

    Like so many before me, it’s my rotary cutter.

  223. Kim M says:

    Love my rotary cutter (which works great with new rulers!)

  224. Total AWESOMENESS!!!
    Would love one

  225. Carla G says:

    This ruler looks fantastic!! My rotary cutter is my favorite tool – it speeds up everything! Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  226. Ann in NC says:

    My favorite gadget is little peel off labels/stickers that you can write on. They are a great way to label block units or finsihed blocks so they get put together in the right order.

  227. CLS says:

    Rotary cutter and snips.

  228. judys says:

    My most necessary gadget would be my rotary cutter first and rulers second! although I’m not sure what would replace a good ruler in any situation of cutting.

  229. Juli says:

    Certainly my rotary cutter. I do love my rulers, too – and this one looks awesome!

  230. Loris says:

    I bought this ruler! and now I know how to use it 🙂 thank you so much for the video. I would love to win another to give as a gift. Thank you for the giveaway!

  231. KMSC says:

    This looks like a great ruler! My rotary cutter is my favorite quilting gadget.

  232. debra says:

    they are always coming out with some new notion or reinventing something old but my all time favorite is the rotary cutter, it never fails you unles you have a dull blade thanks for the chance to win

  233. Cheryl says:

    My rotary cutters are invaluable. I always like trying new gadgets though.

  234. LJ says:

    I loved the video and think the All-In-One Ruler looks like it would be a great addition to my gadgets. I do love gadgets but if I had to choose just one – I’d pick my 45 mm rotary cutter.

  235. LKDrum says:

    My latest favorite gadget is my Wave Edge Ruler for marking quilts for machine quilting. thanks….Lana

  236. Rhonda Davis says:

    Has to be my rotary cutter and cutting mat. Thanks for the chance to win.

  237. Tami C says:

    I really like my Easy Angle by Simplicity. I love using half square triangles and I first learned how to make them with no wasted fabric with it! I’d love to win the All-in-One Ruler. Thanks for the chance to win!

  238. I love a good tweezers right next to the sewing machine. And my rotary cutter, too! Thanks for the chance to win the All in One ruler!

  239. Fiesta says:

    I am presently living the circle maker attach,ent for my bernina. I can make the perfect circle in no time

  240. My current favorite gadget is an electric seam ripper. It looks like a small shaver or electric razor. Boy, does it do the trick!

  241. My favorite gadget would have to be my Clover Wonder Clips. I am also pretty fond of my stiletto. This ruler looks amazing! Thank you for sharing! anglanouette at gmail dot com

  242. banjo795 says:

    We’re only allowed to choose ONE? I have a couple indispensable gadgets. Well, maybe more than a couple… I couldn’t live without my rotary cutter. And I have a Quilt Pink lanyard that holds my thread scissors so that they don’t get lost (at least not as often, anyway) And of, course there is Jack. He’s my seam RIPPER ;>. And my 6 1/2 inch square ruler is my go-to for trimming blocks, HST and QST. I’m afraid that gadgets are like potato chips – I can’t eat (choose!) just one.

  243. Deb says:

    Rotary cutter is something I could not sew without…so it’s my favorite gadget.

  244. My favorite gadget would have to be my rotary cutter. No templates for me.

  245. Joan H. says:

    I love my rotary cutter. I can’t imagine cutting fabric without it.

  246. My favorite tool is my sharp seam ripper!

  247. Pamela says:

    My newest ruler, of course 😉 I hope it will be this one!

  248. Linda says:

    It would be my pair of simplicity snips. After I’ve sewn my block together I grab my snips and trim off all the loose ends of cotton.

  249. mary mahoo says:

    It’s a toss up between my rotary cutter & my seam ripper!

  250. tich says:

    I can’t hand sew without my thimble, and I can’t machine sew without my curved pointed scissors.

  251. Wow another great ruler. Will have to look for that one also. Another great give away.

  252. I love my rotary cutters! Also love specialty rulers and templates. This ruler would be one of my favourites I am sure.

  253. Alicia says:

    my favorite? we’re supposed to have ONE??? I guess it’d be my Gammill!

  254. Jo says:

    My Rotary cutter, and with this ruler I could get even more accomplished

  255. shawn says:

    I would have to say the rotary cutter but gosh, I would love to have that ruler also.
    smjohns63 at yahoo dot com

  256. Hollerbear says:

    My favorite gadget would have to be my rotary cutter, although this ruler may just take the top spot–it would replace that stack of 6 or 7 rulers I use when cutting. One for long cuts, one for 1/8″ cuts, another for triangles, skinny ones, short ones, even ones with chicken pox (yep, that morphed into the hot dog song-lol). Would love to win one and give it a try.

  257. Kathy says:

    The rotary cutter is my favorite. Couldn’t do anything without it…

  258. Rose M. says:

    It would have to be all of my Ott lights. It’s not just the correct color, it’s also the brightness which helps me see better, especially at night.

  259. WandaM says:

    My favorite notion is my rotary cutter. When I think of what quilters went through to cut prior to the invention of the rotary cutter, I just cringe!

  260. hueisei says:

    I like all my rulers.

  261. jan says:

    I am a gadget nerd – I love rulers – I have a skinny blue one (forgot what it is called) for marking half square triangles.And i love a chicken pin cushion that I made. Can’t sew without her around. lol

  262. Joana says:

    My favorite tool is my Roxanne thimble–does that count as a tool? I love hand quilting but piecing doesn’t come easily for me. I would love to have this ruler to make some interesting, complex blocks without all the headaches!

  263. bluebear says:

    Rotary cutter for sure.

  264. Willa says:

    The newest favorite is clips. Would not want to without good rulers, rotary cutter and mats for sure.

  265. Gladys says:

    I love it! Thank you for the chance to win! Have a nice day!

  266. Gladys says:

    I forgot the slogan! My gadget… preferred my cutter and mat! I could not live without them!

  267. The quarter-inch presser foot!

  268. Potpourri says:

    My sewing machine and seam ripper.

  269. Melissa says:

    My favorite tool would have to be my rotary cutter.

  270. Just Sew Sue says:

    My favourite gadget is a new blade in my 60mm rotary cutter. Why do I always wait too long to replace the blade.

  271. My favorite tool(s) would be my quilting rulers. They come in handy for so much more than just quilting. This one looks like a real winner and I’d love to have one. Pick me…pick me! 🙂

  272. Ann says:

    My seam ripper is my favourite gadget. That says a lot about my sewing skills!!

  273. Anne says:

    I love my large cutting mat, it is as long as the table I sew on. Makes for easy cutting!

  274. What an amazing ruler! I love all of my gadgets- I collect them! My most used are the my fancy flowered rotary cutter and ummmmm my seam ripper- or rippers, since I have at least 20 tucked away all over my house.

  275. I like to use my “Binding Tool” ruler that helps join bias binding for a quilt.

  276. Nancy says:

    Aside my rotary cutter, I have a pair of very plain metal snippers that I love.

  277. Violet says:

    A nice, flat, pretty ironing space. I never realized how much I took it for granted until I moved into a house with old, all-metal-no-padding ironing boards!

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  278. My rotary cutter!! … followed closely by my seam ripper.

  279. my favorite quilting gadget is the duck billed applique scissors.

  280. Heather B says:

    My favorite is my wonder clips! Love those things!

  281. I’m still very new to this so I don’t have many gadgets, so I’d have to say my rotary cutter (I did make one quilt before the rotary cutter, so it was definitely a welcome addition to my ‘stuff’)

    Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  282. Lovely ruler! I love these tools to make our quilting lives better. One that I just found is the bloc loc for flying geese!

  283. Darlene B says:

    Definitely my rotary cutter. I started quilting before it was invented, and I don’t miss those days AT ALL!!

  284. phegland says:

    Yes the rotary cutter and sewing machine are indispensable, but just for the point of conversation: I love my purple thang!

  285. Karen says:

    Of course my rotary cutter, would be no where without it. I also keep my seam ripper close at hand for some reason! I also really like my Angler 2 when sewing.

  286. I love my seam ripper for gadgets.

  287. lisa cox says:

    I love my magnetic pin catcher, and of course my rotary cutter. Thanks for the chance!

  288. nanasharon says:

    My favorite gadget is my rotary cutter and cutting mat, although I really don’t think of them as gadgets but my most important tools, right up there with my sewing machine! Enjoyed your tutorial!

  289. I don’t think I would have taken up quilting without a rotary cutter. So much easier and more accurate than scissors!

  290. Marie Chat says:

    Thanks for such a great explanation of this all purpose ruler that I hope to add in my possession soon! My all time fave tool, especially after sewing garments for many years has to be the rotary cutter. All those years with a scissors! Wow! Thanks

  291. My favorite “quilting gadget” would be the plastic stacking Lock’n’Lock containers I use to cart around all of me cannot do without gadgets 🙂

  292. Definitely can’t use the ruler without a rotary cutter!

  293. Anita says:

    My favorite quilting gadget would be my tiny rotary cutter, love how it works with tiny templates. Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  294. Andrea says:

    The ruler definitely. You can not make accurate cuts without an excellent ruler.

  295. carolann says:

    I love my rotary cutter and cannot imagine quilting without it!

  296. Must be the Hera marker from Clover to mark quilting lines.
    Terrific giveaway, thanks for the chance to win!!

  297. I love my 5″ Gingher scissors. They’re wonderful! Just like driving a Jag…

  298. Susie says:

    My favorite quilting gadget is glue stick. It helps me keep those points sharp. Even when I press the seams open.

  299. Booklogged says:

    The Angler 2 sure makes sewing those HST so much easier – no drawing lines, etc. Love it.

  300. I’m boring… I’d have to say my pin cushion…otherwise, my sewing room turns into a torture chamber!

  301. Helen L says:

    I love my smaller (28 mm) rotary cutter, along with my lovely little Bernina seam ripper: both give good results and are comfortable in my hands!

  302. B Drou says:

    My favorite ‘gadget’ is the adjustable height table I was given for Christmas many years ago. It’s been a fantastic cutting table as well as sewing machine cabinet. Thanks for this chance!

  303. jayne says:

    Love new gadgets that are of real value for all my projects.
    Right now the Bloc Lock 6.5″ is my favorite go to!!!!


  304. Tiny little pointy scissors.

  305. Sharon Nez says:

    While there are many more useful items- I love my little tiny stork scissors! They are just plain pretty!

  306. Sandy says:

    I agree with the majority- a rotary cutter is the best gadget I own. I would love

  307. Kathy says:

    Does my magnetic pin cushion count? I love that thing!

  308. Kathy says:

    My rotary cutter, after that it would be my walking foot!

  309. debbowers says:

    I agree with the majority of the comments that I couldn’t do without my rotary cutter but I good ruler is right up there with it and one that does multiple tasks is even better!

  310. I use my rotary cutter whenever I can. Quite possibly the best quilting tool ever! Of course this new ruler could be a runner up for best tool ever!!

  311. Of course, I love rotary cutters, they make cutting much faster and easier.

    But I also love my seam ripper. I’m quite new at sewing and need to use it more frequently than I would like to 🙁

    Thanks for the chance!

  312. Nancy says:

    Looks like a great ruler to have!

  313. Lee says:

    I love my new featherweight!

  314. I have a nifty gadget that helps you mitre your bindings. It’s really cool. And then again . . . there’s my all time favorite, X-Blocks BasiX!

  315. JulieD says:

    love my rotary cutter. my first quilt i cut a log cabin by hand. If only I had had a rotary cutter then….

  316. I would love to have this ruler. my rulers are my fav.

  317. My favorite quilting gadget is any quilting ruler that makes my work go quicker and more accurate!

  318. Karen says:

    I would have to agree with most everyone, and say my rotary cutter is my favorite tool. Talk about a time saver!

  319. Jan says:

    My Bernina and rotary cutter. I would love to add this ruler to my favorite quilting gadget list.

  320. ledamewood says:

    My favorite gadget is my rotary blade sharpener. I love being able to get extra mileage out these expensive necessities.

  321. mine would be my computer – without it, I wouldn’t see new items, like this fantastic ruler, and hear what others have to share…oh, and those free patterns!

  322. Rose says:

    Rotary Cutter.

  323. Elizabeth says:

    I would say my rotary cutter! It’s magic in my eyes.

  324. Kathy M says:

    I have several very special quilts that my grandmother made by hand no rotary cutter and sewn and quilted by hand. I can’t imagine being without either my rotary cutter or sewing machine.

  325. Sarah says:

    Favorite quilting gadget is the rotary cutter – I can’t imagine sewing without it.

  326. Helen Tulip says:

    This could easily become my favourite tool’ I usually try to find ways to use my regular rulers, but this would take all of the work out of that! Helen

  327. Howdy says:

    I love my Martelli rotary cutter… ergonomics at it’s best

  328. Jeanne Gwin says:

    Can’t make a quilt without my rotary cutter. Just a part of me. Thanks for a chance to win the “all in one”

  329. Marca says:

    My favorite gadget is whichever one I’m using at the time! A recent purchase in love is Kay Buckley’s Perfect Scissors, without which I won’t do appliqué. I love using ruler and rotary cutter too.

  330. Debbie P says:

    I love my quilting rulers!! They allow me to be very precise with my cutting and to measure /grid out my designs 🙂

  331. This ruler is a great idea. Would be nice to go with my rotary cutters.

  332. Debbie P says:

    My favourite gadget is my seam ripper. Don’t know what I would do without it 🙂

  333. kbo says:

    I too like and use my rotary cutter. Glad it was invented.

  334. batgirl says:

    My rotary cutter.. This looks like a handy ruler! thanks for the chance to win it.

  335. auntie says:

    I love my rotary cutter, and I still have the first handle that I bought many many many years ago. This ruler looks great, and is perfect for the traveling quilter!

  336. Connie says:

    I love all gadgets but the rotary cutter and mat… favorite!

  337. mabear says:

    I have to get in there with everyone else Rotary cutter!

  338. Carla says:

    Like the idea of a good all around ruler.

  339. mabear says:

    I gotta say rotary cutter.

  340. Peggy says:

    Rotary cutter is most important! I’d love to try this ruler. Looks kool! Thanks.

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