On the 3rd Day of Christmas

I’m dreaming of a Sewline Christmas…
With every Christmas quilt I make.
May your marks be gentle and light 
and may all your mistakes be erasable!
The Sewline Gift Set will meet all of your friends marking and unmarking needs! 

This delightful little set includes the following tools…   
  360° Rotating Mechanism for 3 functions in One!!
  • Black lead 0.9 mm for marking on the lighter color cloth
  • White lead 0.9mm for marking on the darker color cloth
  • Blank Roller : Tracing / Indentation marking on the fabric
  • Eraser is located on the top
  • Soft Grip
  • Functional design 

    Specially formulated leads give a clear, fine line on fabrics.
    Lines are easily removed from most fabrics with the special Sewline Eraser or removed by dabbing with a damp cloth or washing.
    Simply rubof with the eraser or dab off with a damp cloth.
Convenient way to erase pencil lines from fabrics.
Pen style holder gives accurate control with clear view of masks to be erased simply click the clip end to advance eraser to desired length.

Quick, convenient, effective way to hold fabrics for sewing, Easier than pins.
No more fiddling with pins and trying to sew around them!
Now, just run the Sewline Glue Pen along a fabric edge to then hold the fabric pieces together.
This specially developed glue is colored blue and bright yellow to be easily seen and then it dries clear after a few minutes.
Water soluble and safe for most fabrics.

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273 comments on “On the 3rd Day of Christmas

  1. Oh Santa, please leave this for me as I know you know I need pens and erasers. You know I have a stationery fettish and even though this stationery is for fabric, it is still stationery.
    Please, pretty please.

  2. Martina says:

    Oh, the glue would just be perfect for my english paper piecing and the pencil for my stitcheries! Great!

  3. red in oz says:

    I keep looking at this set… would be great to have a neat portable set for sewing classes and craft camp… thanks Santa for the chance to win one.

  4. Sunnybec says:

    Love sewline, using all the time for my EPP hexies… I am running out so need Santa to bring me some more please!

  5. Oh, Santa – such a pretty set to take to classes.

  6. Debra Anger says:

    Dear Santa I have been a quilting Angel all year and you can see by the patchwork and applique I have been working on.
    I would wish for a sewline marking kit so that I can continue making beautiful quilts for the year 2013. I would use it for marking applique and quilting lines for hand quilting
    Hoping for happy holidays!!

  7. Adrianne says:

    Ooh, these look so useful. I don’t have anything like this at the moment and I think it would save me a lot of hassle with marking.

  8. Judy says:

    The right tools for the job go right there with the right fabric,thread and pattern. This would be so helpful in making sure I’m on the right track of a perfect project. Thanks for the chance.

  9. I need this in my stocking simply because I am a HUGE fan of marking stuff and I hate the cheap marking pencils that are the only thing available where I live!

    Oh please Santa… my stocking needs some love ;D

  10. This looks like such a great set! I love that it’s all in a neat little case so I can keep it away from my kiddos! 🙂

  11. Donna says:

    Dean Santa, I am dreaming of all the wonderful crafts i can make with the right marking tools. Your help would be most appreciated.

  12. Pamela Nees says:

    Love the looks of this set~ if you’ve got the right tools for any project, you’re way ahead of the game! Thanks for offering this!

  13. charlotte says:

    Wow. This looks like a great tool that I could definitely use. Oh, Santa…please pick me!

  14. Nati says:

    I would love to have this in my stocking… Thanks for this fantastic giveaway!

  15. I need all these! Please!!!!!!!

  16. Kerry says:

    I do quite a bit of applique so the glue stick and tracers would be fab, I would like to do more intricate quilting designs though and I think the different coloured markers would be really useful- I’ve not found the right pen yet!


  17. bethq says:

    I would love these.

  18. Stacey says:

    I have used the glue stick from sewline, and I have always wanted this set. If santa would bring this in my stocking that would be a great Christmas present. I would be happy like one of my kids on Christmas 😀

  19. Lesley says:

    I would love to win this! I have so many projects and I am always looking for the right tool to mark my lines. This looks perfect!

  20. I LOVE my Sewline pen and glue stick! I’d love a second set to travel around with me so I don’t lose my only ones.

  21. Nancyz says:

    This is a great gift to receive and to give! Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. Laurie says:

    I need this because Santa knows I have A LOT of embroidary tracing to do 🙂 thanks for a chance to win – laurie


  23. Jeanie says:

    I haven’t seen this before and it’s looks great! I have lots of quilting to do and this would mark everything so well! thanks!

  24. Jodi says:

    I would love for Santa to leave this for me. I love to hand embroider so anything to make design transfer easier would be great and I have just started EPP too so this is just perfect… promise Santa I have been good 🙂

  25. Karen M says:

    Oh, Santa. You always know the perfect gifts to give. You know that I have signed up for a new applique BOM project.

  26. Colleen says:

    Oh Moda Santa, please leave me this…especially because my fabric glue pen just ran out! And you know that I have been a good little quilter this year!

  27. Susan says:

    I really need this set! It looks great! I never have a marking pen when I need it—my children seem to confiscate all of my marking tools! It would be perfect for so many things!

  28. Lori says:

    I love their glue sticks! I would love to have this set!

  29. Lisa Marie says:

    I would love this as I never seem to have the right marking tool.

  30. Pamela says:

    Dear Saint Nick,
    I am tired of marking tools that don’t work, dry up shortly after opening, and generally disappear when I need them most. I have heard great things about Sewline and would love this nice set in my stocking!
    With affection,

  31. Jeanne says:

    Such a great gift to have! Thanks Santa for the chance to win this!

  32. Melissa says:

    All of my wash-out markers are drying up – this would be a great replacement!

  33. andsewon says:

    I can assure Santa this set would get plenty of action in my sewing room! Between marking for quilting and doing stitcheries! I follow!

  34. Gill says:

    I’ve never seen one of these before – it looks so useful!

  35. roxi says:

    in my little town, we never see cool stuff like this! Heres my chance to step out of the box & be the first around here to try something new! pick me 🙂

  36. roxi says:

    in my little town, we never see cool stuff like this! Heres my chance to step out of the box & be the first around here to try something new! pick me 🙂

  37. tpott says:

    Please Santa I’ve been a very GOOD girl, really I have. If someone say anything different, they’re lying! ;->

  38. Janet says:

    Oh boy, this is a great one! I need this because I have not less than 15 different applique projects going on right now (all Moda fabrics, of course). There’s not one thing in that little Sewline kit that I can’t make great use of!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  39. bec says:

    Please let me win it, I make lots of mistakes so I need the eraser, and really shouldnt be using Sharpies on fabric!

  40. Pam says:

    i love using sewline. they are terrific product, thanks for the great giveaway

  41. Amy says:

    I would love to see how the glue works for English paper piecing!

  42. KatheG says:

    Dear Santa, would just love to have this in my stocking – thanks.

  43. Santa, if you leave this in my stocking, I may just forgive you for all the years you overlooked my house. 😀

  44. Bonnie says:

    The right tool makes such a difference in my sewing! This would be terrific!

  45. I would love this tool in my sewing room . I have a big stocking waiting!

  46. Ann says:

    What a neat tool! Love it.

  47. Sandra says:

    Since I follow your blog faithfully, Santa truly feels that with all the unique quilts I make for friends and family that I really do need the Sewline Gift Set in my life. This has been so much fun. Thank you.

    Sandi T.

  48. Linda says:

    I really need these Sewline marking products in my stocking this year. I think they would make quilting alot easier to avoid mistakes or fix the mistakes I make. I want to graduate to some applique and how helpful these would be. Thanks.

  49. Nanette says:

    I love Sewline products–their glue sticks are a mainstay for my English paper piecing projects. This set would make a perfect stocking stuffer!

  50. memmens says:

    Oh yes please, I need this because I end up either not marking and finding out that it’s not turned out as it should, or marking and then it not rubbing out – this sounds like it would solve my problems!

  51. Please Santa add these to my stocking.

  52. Santa, you always know what I need! I have a brand new quilt top to get quilted and this is the perfect tool set to try my first fancy design with. <3

  53. Helen says:

    I would love to try this. I have not used marking pens yet.

  54. Julie says:

    Perfect stocking stuffer for a sewer. Would love to have this in my stocking.

  55. Kathy says:

    The stocking is hung by the chimney with care…
    Oh, but it is so bare…
    I really need this set as a beginner quilter…
    Thank you.

  56. martha says:

    Santa please leave this in my stocking as you know this would be perfect for my hand applique!

  57. I think Santa should leave this in my stocking because its already on my list! I am in need of a dark marking pen. I keep forgetting to pick one up when I go out shopping.

  58. Donna G. says:

    I would love to win this. I would pass it on as a stocking stuffer to my SIL quilter!

  59. vwlady says:

    I would really like Santa to leave this in my stocking cause I have been very good this year….and this would be a great tool to help me with marking quilts!

  60. Santa needs to leave this for me so that I have some better marking tools!

  61. I would love to give these a try

  62. Santa knows how much I love RED and this set is awesome…….and again…….really I HAVE been a good girl!!

  63. Johanna says:

    Santa would love to leave this in my stocking because he know how happy I am when I am sewing!

  64. Amy Phipps says:

    Oh sewline, oh sewline you keep my sewing straight & even! And when I’m done your marks are gone without screaming & scrubbing! With you in my stocking it’ll be another year of perfect stitching!

  65. Pat S. says:

    This gift pack would make my quilting process SEW much easier! Thanks for the chance to win 😀

  66. Tina O. says:

    Oh Santa, this would help be tremendously. Iam attempting to start quilting my own quilts.

  67. kay says:

    Please tell Santa I need every one of those items in the set! What a great collection of tools!

  68. Polly says:

    Dear Santa, You know how scatterbrained I can be, so this would be a great way to keep my sewing tools all in one place!! P.S. I’ve been good….REALLY!!

  69. Jeneta says:

    I’ve tried to be a good girl Santa!

  70. CLS says:

    Dear Santa: my stocking is empty and I would love some sewline products.

  71. paulette says:

    Thank YOU, Santa for this lovely give away! Why do I want this marking kit? Well… I do tons of hand stitching and I want to be accurate and on the mark! What better way then with Sew Line to help me!! Thanks for the chance to win this lovely kit!
    PS Of course I follow!!

  72. Karen Pryce says:

    Santa, I am running out of marking supplies for when I quilt. I would love this set in my stocking.

  73. Linda says:

    Would love for santa to leave these for me! My marking pens are drying out and it’s fun to try new things out.

  74. Santa, I am always looking for new marking ideas.

  75. i’ve always wanted one of these! thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  76. Tammy Jones says:

    Glue and marking materials? What’s not to love about that?!?

  77. Terremt says:

    Oh Santa, please leave me a sewing kit. I so need the glue stick and the marking pens.. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  78. What quilter or sewist doesn’t need something marking pencils that WORK? This multi-tool looks awesome!

  79. Leslie T says:

    I’m starting to branch out with some hexie work – this would be sooo helpful!!

  80. angbart says:

    What a lovely little set! All those useful tools in one case – love it! Thanks for the chance to win!

  81. Terri U says:

    A great let of marking tools is a must for any sewing room.

  82. Cindy says:

    Never have found a consistent tool for marking quilts and certainly would like to give this a try. Thanks for the chance to win. mcdowallrc@gmail.com

  83. Mel says:

    I’ve not heard of this tool before — it sounds fabulous! Right now I’m using broken pieces of my daughters chalk, eek!

  84. Mary says:

    I think I’ve tried every marking tool on the market for the last 40 years – I’ve heard so many good things about this product that I have to try it!

  85. Colleen says:

    I so need this because I do not have proper marking tools. I have been searching and have not yet found one that I like.

  86. candy says:

    Dear Sewing Santa, I’d like my Mother-In-Law to win this, Ginger Greenway. After sewing and quilting for 70 years, she still needs to be kept on the straight and narrow! Thank you!!

  87. Lauren says:

    I would love this set in my stocking! I love that it erases your marks! My OCD loves it too!

  88. Gina S. says:

    Santa needs to put this in my stocking cause i don’t have this! I really need these!

  89. ferne says:

    Santa needs to put this in my stocking because marking has been a frustration for me and I love the sewline I have, but it only does one color and I hate changing the lead in it. This would be of a huge help to me!

  90. Oh Santa, you’d be making a beginner feel/look like a pro. 🙂

  91. Mommarock says:

    Oh Santa, as a beginner in quilting, an eraser is extra important. We need that extra chance to erase and try again. I won’t give up. I will keep on trying till I get it right. I love quilting.. I will keep on trying and this sewline will help me mark it just right and stitch it up beautiful!

  92. Andra says:

    I would love for Santa to put this in my stocking, I have been eyeing this brand and have been wanting to give it a try:) THanks!

  93. Have never seen this – how clever

  94. This would be so convenient for taking to class!

  95. Julee says:

    Would love to win this set of Sewline pens. I have one and this would keep me from changing out the lead so many times. Sew, SANTA pick me….

  96. Sarah says:

    I would love to have Santa leave this for me because I can’t ever seem to find any of my marking tools!

  97. Moda Santa – I’ve been ever so good this year, well, sort of anyway, but I do really need better maaking pencils for my quilt making!!! Thanks!

  98. Judith says:

    Dear Santa,
    Sewline kit would be wonderful in my Christmas Stocking. This would truly help me in my future bags and quilts.

    Thank you Santa. Have a wonderful Day! Judith, Texas

  99. Kathy H says:

    I would love Santa to put that in my stocking. I have tried the pencil and it is great and would love to try the rest. And it is all in one great case.

  100. JaneB says:

    Sewline looks like the perfect marking tool. Santa please bring it to me to help me mark my stitching and appliqué patterns.

  101. LJ says:

    Dear Santa, this little ‘helper’ would be grand for me. I am always looking for newer, better markers and I love that this Sewline is such a fine point. So…I’d love to find this in my stocking this Christmas and my sister wants a dolly. 🙂

  102. Alta says:

    This would make a great stocking stuffer for me. I never can find the right marker when I need it.

  103. Kathryn says:

    I definitely need some fabric pencils. I hope I find some in my stocking.

  104. Ruth B says:

    What a fun giveaway! I’ve always wanted to try glue stick applique and Sue Daley (Patchwork with Busyfingers) highly recommends Sewline. Fingers crossed.

  105. Pamela says:

    Dear Santa, you know I need that trio pencil for marking those scrappy quilts I love so much!

  106. Samantha says:

    I would love, love, to see this in my stocking! I have zero marking tools and usually just use a plain old pencil. 🙁

  107. DebrafromMD says:

    This would be the perfect item to add to my sewing on the go kit. I wouldn’t have to always be hunting for the right marker to take along with me.

  108. Ria says:

    that would be very nice, 3 possibilities in 1 pencil. Always the right one.

  109. Sonia B says:

    I’m always scrounging around my sewing room for something to mark with. This looks awesome. Thanks for the chance.

  110. dyannec says:

    just the right size for my stocking and i love any kind of notion

  111. I love the erasable part of the gift set. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  112. Wendy says:

    I’ve had terrible trouble finding a marking pen that works for me, I’d love to try this out

  113. VickiT says:

    Santa needs to bring this to me because I LOVE Sewline tools and haven’t been able to get more than one so far. I need to have the whole collection of them. Any quilter knows we must have an entire collection of anything right? Surely Santa knows this by now too and he should be nice enough to complete mine.

  114. Margaret says:

    No one puts anything in my stocking but me. Santa could fill it quite nicely with this little item.

  115. tropicslady says:

    Hi Santa, with all of the marking I have been doing on my quilts, this would be a perfect stocking stuffer and make the job so much easier! I’ll leave some whiskey and egg nog out for you!

  116. Dear Santa…you know that I’ve been good this year & you know that I have been looking at this set all year!! There is nobody who will put this in my stocking except you!!

  117. Kathy in GA says:

    Please pick me Santa! My stocking is so empty, and I plan to celebrate my 60th year doing hexagons and applique, so this gift set would be perfect!

  118. li cricket says:

    What a handy dandy gift. I’d love it!

  119. Tracy Mooney says:

    Dear Santa, I have been extra good this year and my stocking is so lonely…

  120. Laura says:

    My fabric marking supplies always seem to have a way of disappearing, so I could really use some new supplies. Thanks for the giveaways!

  121. GO STARS! says:

    This would fit into my stocking so perfectly!! I’ve been really good and I would use this everyday. I would be ever so thankful..

  122. blueheron91 says:

    I recently purchased one of these for myself and would love to win this prize to gift my daughter with it.

  123. MarjavdN says:

    I never saw this set in the shops over here. I HAVE TO ask Moda Santa for it. Please, Santa, please…

  124. I love sewline products, and really want to try that 3 in 1 pen.

  125. hueisei says:

    I love to have this tools for my EPP project.

  126. Lisas Mom says:

    Hi, I would luv to win those Sewline items. Thanks for the giveaway.

  127. I so wish I could stock SewLine products for my customers. We keep seeing the adverts for them yet have no idea who our distributor in New Zealand is for them. Who ever they are their rep doesn’t come to our part of the country – 8sob sob*

  128. Dear Santa,
    You are so fine
    That’s why I need a Sewline
    My quilting deserves a good mark
    And your gift is so smart
    I will leave you a treat
    Because I know you like to EAT!

    Gloria G from Texas

  129. Marija says:

    Oh but these are so good – I use them, I love them, I need them!! Hope that is enough reasons and thanks! 🙂

  130. Vanessa says:

    I sew need these…please Santa 🙂 Thank You and Happy Holidays!!!

  131. susant says:

    Please Santa leave this in my stocking. I am always losing pencils and pens in my sewing drawer and I can never find my pencil sharpener. If Santa leaves this for me in the nice tidy box I would actually be able to quilt instead of scrounge through my sewing drawers.

  132. Carri says:

    Oh how I would love this, the perfect kit for applique!!!

  133. IRedS says:

    As an accountant/quilter, there is nothing I like better than a “pencil” eraser and a blank canvas (fabric). I must admit, I have only used lead pencil (yes, #2) and once or twice one of those “wash away” markers that I forgot and ironed with it on — yes — the permanent kind 🙁

  134. Connie says:

    Would love to win this Sewline gift set. How nice. Thanks,

  135. This is a wonderful box of goodies and I could really use it. Please draw my name.

  136. jules says:

    Dear Santa, I would love to find this in my stocking. All the right tools for a quilter and all in their own special case so they don’t get lost. Awesome.

  137. jpiland73 says:

    This is on my mom’s Christmas list! It would be wonderful to win this for her! Thank you for the chance!

  138. Dee says:

    Dear Santa,

    What could make quilting easier and more accurate with this gift? Love it……love Moda.

  139. This would make a wonderful gift for one of my sisters or a friend. Congrats to the winner. If you are reading this..wishing you a great day.

  140. Christi says:

    This would be such a great tool to help with teaching the dtr-in-love to sew!

  141. Jennifer says:

    Because I really need this kit!

  142. LeAnne says:

    To have all those tools in one place would be wonderful.

  143. Abbigail says:

    Wow! All those handy tools in one place! Woo hoo! What a nice present Santa!
    hulseybg at gmail dot com

  144. Mary says:

    I want Santa to leave this in my stocking because I need a fabric marker I can correct! And I LOVE Sewline products.

  145. 2MuchFun says:

    Santa know I could use one of these because it would let these “mature” eyes see the quilting lines better and easier to follow.

  146. I love the sewline products! Especially the white lead in the Trio – it goes on easy and stays as long as I need it. I use my trio pencil all the time! Judy R from Buffalo

  147. Linda says:

    I’d love to find this in my stocking. I’m a sucker for any gadget that comes along, especially if it makes my hobby easier.

  148. Judy Lynn says:

    Dear Santa having my own, not used eraser and the Roating Mech tool would just be the greatest stocking stuffer ever.

  149. Laura says:

    I would love to find this in my stocking because I have never found exactly what I am looking for in a marking gadget. This looks amazing.

  150. Barbara McD says:

    I would LOVE to get this box of tools – this is a great example of something I wouldn’t buy myself!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  151. Lisa says:

    Oh Santa, I would love this set so much! I had a glue stick and used it all up! This is such a nice set so please stuff my stocking!

  152. Karen says:

    The perfect stocking stuffer for me. I love this set but probably wouldn’t buy it for myself.

  153. ritainalaska says:

    i enjoy sewline! have them by my machine, but, like all good things, they’re well used and will need to be replaced … how nice to win a whole set! thanx for the chance to do so.

  154. Quilt Hollow says:

    I have one Sewline pencil with green lead and just love it! Because I already know that I love this product I sure hope Santa picks my stocking!!! This is a gift that I normally wouldn’t buy for myself and family is clueless when it comes to GOOD quality quilty items! LOL

  155. gccmom says:

    Oh Santa, I would so love to have these. I am using an old chalk pen that doesn’t really work and I have heard that Sewline products are so fine. It would be so nice to have some. I have been very good!

  156. I would love the chance to try these out… thanks so much!

  157. ytsmom says:

    I love that this has white. I always am looking for a way to mark dark fabrics.

  158. LucyL says:

    I’ve tried many marking pens, this Sewline set looks wonderful! I wish I can have this!!

  159. JoyceLM says:

    I’ve sewn a lot of quilt tops, but I’m just beginning to do the quilting. These markers should help me out. Thanks for the chance to win.

  160. Val says:

    I have never had a marking pencil before and I just love things that come in little kit boxes.

  161. Katie says:

    I would love this set as I don’t have many of these tools to use so Santa should really leave this in my stocking so I have a pen to mark with!

  162. Jill Rimes says:

    Santa those sewline products would make my quilting world so much easier! I promise I’ve been good!

  163. I would LOVE to leave this for my mom. She makes amazing quilts and is tutoring me through my first one now. She also provides daily childcare for my daughter and has earned a little fun surprise like this!

  164. david green says:

    OMG love this little gift set, can I have 9 for my quilting group. Must get out more and explore!
    Narelle Green

  165. Gidget says:

    I am sewing fleece hats for Xmas gifts and these would come in so helpful!

  166. hiyacinth says:

    Love the sewline products! I would love to have these for starting the new year with a new applique project!

  167. I love my Sew-Line pencil markers and a whole gift set of all the products and a chance to try them all would be fabulous!!!!

  168. teachpany says:

    I LOVE Sewline pencils! I need this set to share with a friend who lost sewing stuff when her house flooded with Sandy.

  169. Carla says:

    Fabulous prizes! I do lots of marking, so could really use this ; )

  170. Linda B says:

    Psst, Santa, I’m getting ready to mark 2 quilts for my granddaughters for Christmas. This would be the perfect gift for my stocking.

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  171. I was just trying to figure out how to mark some black fabric this morning!

  172. Cecilia says:

    Dear Santa: I would love to get this one on my stocking, I know you want me to have prettier seams and matching lines, I could use a bit of help, Santa, this toolkit would be just perfect for that. Pretty please?

  173. I am always making mistakes and most markers I’ve tried don’t erase or wash out like they say they do. I would love to find this in my stocking! It sounds like the perfect gift for me! Thanks for the chance!

  174. CJ says:

    I love some good marking tools and no one would even THINK to get this for me (well besides Santa).

  175. Rosa says:

    My stocking is waiting this goodies.

  176. Susan C says:

    I Love Sewline’s products and would be so happy to find this in my stocking!

  177. Bailey says:

    I really need this b/c I will use whatever is closest to me to mark things such as crayons and markers and they do not come out in the wash!

  178. Lynne says:

    Dear Santa,
    I would love to put this in my daughters stocking.

  179. i’d love to have Santa leave this in my stocking bkz I never seem to have the right tools and make some big messes.

  180. I would love to see this in my stocking as I have no marking tools except a pencil. This would be perfect!

  181. Tammy Lewis says:

    I would love to have one of these sets! The Sewline pencils are wonderful marking tools! I have never tried the gluestick, and I think I need to…..

  182. Sandy D says:

    Santa I mlove new notions and this would be just the thing for me.I have never seen this and I would love to use it.

  183. Kerry Young says:

    Love pencilly things so hopefully I could create some Xmas magic

  184. Ella says:

    Oh, my. This would totally help fuel my EPP passion.

  185. Kristy says:

    Dearest Santa, Please leave this Sewline Kit under my tree to help me improve my skills. You can trust me…I have been very good. Kristy

  186. bairdmtn says:

    Please leave a Sewline marking kit in my stocking because I measure, measure , measure everything every time! I hate ripping out seams so I would rather be safe than sorry any day!!

  187. New toys! Oh, I would dearly love some new toys like these in my stocking! — and thanks for these 12 Days! Very fun, whether I win or not. (although a ‘win’ would be extra fun!)

  188. Kay says:

    I already follow your blog. I need these tools because I never have just the right marking tool when I need it & have to take time to find something to mark with.

  189. LOL – Oh Santa! You know how badly I need this! And all of the help I need with my FMQ – seriously. You’ve seen how many times I’ve pulled stitches 😉
    And glue! Oh! Glue! How I need you for my curved piecing.


  190. Vicky says:

    I would like to win because this gift would help me not make mistakes, or when I do, it could help me correct them!

  191. Wens says:

    Oh wow! I would love this gift. I just moved countries and I’m sad to say I’m starting from scratch with my crafting supplies. This would be the BEST start 🙂 Happy holidays!

  192. Unknown says:

    I would love this in my stocking! I am in great need of marking pencils. I have gone through many and have yet to find one I love.

  193. Kathie says:

    Dear Santa, This would be a wonderful surprise in my stocking as I haven’t found a perfect marking system yet! Thank you!

  194. Noela says:

    This would make a great addition to my quilting tools. Hope Santa pulls my name out of his hat. Thanks….

  195. I would love Santa to leave this in my stocking so I can mark up all those quilts I have planned and bought the fabric for! I have been eyeing this line for a long time and Santa is just the perfect person to bring it to me!

  196. Dear Santa,

    I love using the Sew Line products. I use them while paper piecing (the glue stick), the colored pencils for marking stencils for machine quilting. One of my daughters is now quilting, she is 25 and getting married just after Christmas. I know that she would love to have these in her Christmas stocking.

    Sharon D.

  197. Always looking for new-to-me marking tools. With an eraser.

  198. Sally in WA says:

    Dear Santa,

    I have been a good girl this year even if my attempts at marking haven’t been so nice. If you leave this system in my stocking, I promise my markings will be as a good as me!

    Thank you, Santa Moda!

  199. Erika says:

    Please visit me Santa I love sewing gadgets 🙂

  200. Marcia says:

    Santa, Baby, I can use this little gift in so many ways!!

  201. I love sewline goodies. It would make me very happy to win this…grin.

  202. Sherry says:

    As a beginner quilter I am always in need of great quilting tools. I am a follower of your blog.

  203. Linda says:

    I would love this in my stocking so I could write a thank you note to Santa.

  204. Carol says:

    Dear Santa,
    After many years of sewing hiatus, I am DETERMINED to take the time to do what I WANT TO DO! This means I must replenish my sewing supplies…and I would be tickled pink to find this in my stocking on Christmas Day! Thanks Santa!!

  205. mabear says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  206. mabear says:

    I’d love to have all the things in this little kit to play with. Oh what fun!

  207. Cathy S says:

    I would love to have the box to keep my marking tools in since I can never find them when I need them.

  208. I want Santa to leave this set in my stocking because I love the Sewline Glue Stick, it’s great for tacking quilt bindings before hand sewing them, and the pencil would be great for marking those pesky little angles.

  209. pbs.seams says:

    Santa I really need this gift, you know how frustrated I’ve been when I’m marking my fabric. Nothing works right!

  210. OH, my gosh, Santa knows how I need this! My quilting/sewing would be improved greatly by any or all of these items! Thanks for the chance, Moda Santa!

  211. Kathy says:

    Santa, I would love to find this in my stocking! Marking quilts is always a challenge – this would make it much easier.

  212. Cecilia says:

    I need Santa to leave this in my stocking because I have 4 quilts to mark before I can quilt them.

  213. Nancy says:

    Wow… this has everything one would need.
    thanks… nclement@ct.metrocast.net

  214. I’ve heard some great comments about these products but have never had a chance to try them for myself. This might just be the opportunity I need! Thanks!

  215. marogez says:

    HI Santa,

    I could really use some new marking tools for quilting and applique. I do a lot of paper piecing and the glue stick would be very helpful and the case would keep it all neat and ready to use.

  216. annemarie says:

    I am a beginner so I desperately need sewing supplies.

  217. Monica says:

    I want Santa to leave this in my stocking because a quilter can never have enough great tools and Sewline’s are the best!

  218. kbzelazny says:

    I have the perfect spot in my sewing box for these!

  219. Beth says:

    This sewing set looks so fine and would help me mark a thin line. Sticking my hand appliqué in place maybe even help me in class winning the great sewing race. My rhymes are bad even tho this year I’ve been good. I will end here wishing you much good cheer.

  220. Linda says:



  221. Wendy says:

    Now this would really help out my sewing techniques. Thanks for the opportunity.

  222. Phyllis says:

    This would be so nice to have as a take along when I travel to my daughter’s home. She does embroidery and I do counted cross stitch and am a beginner quilter.

  223. My marker died yesterday and this would be a great replacement!

  224. mary says:

    I need these items very much because I mark alot of my quilts to hand sew or machine sew. I always like to try out new products. Thansk for the giveaway.

  225. Ms. Jan says:

    Me, me, me!! My nickname is “Inspector Gadget” and I LOVE Sewline products!

  226. Regina says:

    all the right marking tools AND a case to keep them from getting lost or buried??? What more could a girl ask for????

  227. I’ve been wanting a Sewline marking pen and your blog made me remember to add it to my Christmas Wish List! Thanks!

  228. Deb C says:

    Love Sewline! What fabric fanatic couldn’t use these tools? This is awesome. Thanks for the chance to win.

  229. Annabanana says:

    I need this set because everyone who sews needs a good marking set that actually works !! These look so awesome…

  230. Beckyjean says:

    Maybe I would get some of my projects completed if I won this cute little kit. Please pick me Santa!!

  231. Unknown says:

    I will hang my stocking up so Santa can find it to drop the sewline set in. It will help me finish so many projects commonly called UFO. Thank you Santa for giving me something to help quilt.
    Diane in IA

  232. Rachelle says:

    I’ve been wanting to try these markers for so long, but too hard to find here in NZ

  233. Carla says:

    Dear Santa,
    I have been good, or tried to be, please put this in my stocking, Thank you, there will be cookies Christmas Eve waiting for you.

  234. Judy V says:

    I can always use a new marking pencil. Also seam rippers.

  235. i would love to win that thanks

  236. moquilter9 says:

    OH MY I have the singles but a trio sewline would be wonderful.

  237. Carol says:

    Santa, I love to quilt and I have some projects that need finishing. This Sewline kit would be very helpful to me for my quilting.

  238. scottylover says:

    I’d love to try out these marking tools! I am always having to search for my marking pencil and it would be nice to have everything in a PINK case (My fave color!)

    Thanks for the chance!
    Sandy A

  239. Oh, Santa!!! You would not believe how much I NEED this right now! Today I was marking a quilt, and I ran out of white marking pencil. I would love to have this for Christmas. Please? Pretty please???

  240. Dear Santa, You know how good I’ve been in my “sewing/quilting” budget. It would be wonderful to receive such treat! Thanks

  241. arlette says:

    I’d love to have this in my stocking, because it looks sooooo cool

  242. Deborah says:

    I do make a few mistakes, Santa, so these marking tools with eraser would be the perfect stocking stuffer for me. And like all quilters, I’ve been good this year. thank you for the chance to win, “Santa”.

  243. Dear Santa, I’ve been very good and I know Sew-Line is the BEST! I really need this set to keep me in line with my marking…and the glue pen will keep me together! Thanks Santa

  244. EngrSandi says:

    I’m always looking for a great marking tool, and these look like they will fit the bill.

  245. Cathy says:

    I NEED this kit as when I mark my dark fabric my eyes NEED to see the white marks and when I mark my light fabric my eyes NEED to see the darker marks. But when I make mistakes my eyes don’t NEED to see any lines!!!

  246. Santa should leave me this because I need it! I get frustrated with my chalk.


  247. emmy says:

    Santa, I would love the box set to use for paper piecing. It’s the perfect gift for sewers and quilters.

  248. Theresa says:

    Dear Santa, the Sewline Gift Set would be so perfect in my stocking. I try to be a perfectionist when I mark my fabric but sometimes it just doesn’t work. Thank you Santa for all your gifts!

  249. I would love this sewline gift set Santa.

  250. LynninMN says:

    I absolutely love SewLine products and would love to give Mother a set of her own so she would leave mine alone!!!

  251. Missy Shay says:

    I am still trying to find a marking tool I like, the would be a great way to try them out!

  252. Amy Losordo says:

    Dear Santa,

    Finding the correct marking tools is so difficult. It’s been trial and error. I’d love to test this product out.

    Thank you,


  253. Santa,
    I promise to stay on the straight and narrow with this gift. I may not always color inside the lines but I promise the finished product will always be something to be proud of!

  254. I would love it if Santa left this in my stocking because this is EXACTLY what i need to help with my FMQ! What a lovely little tool!

  255. Cindi says:

    I’ve been wanting one of these kits for the longest time. So please Santa, could you put it in my stocking!

  256. Jagels says:

    Because i need it for my quilting. I really really do. please santa!!!

  257. amroth98 says:

    Ooh, Santa! I’d love a way to mark my sewing lines and quilting designs with something other than a wash out marker!

  258. Linda says:

    I have a lot of sewing to do for Christmas, and the markers and glue would make this reindeer’s nose glow with delight! Thanks for the chance to win, Santa.

  259. Rita says:

    I am a big fan of sewline products. Thanks for the chance.

  260. Cindy says:

    I think Santa should put this set into my stocking so I can use it when I’m hand-quilting..and doing LOTS of other stuff too!

  261. Sal says:

    What a wonderful way to keep my tools together.

  262. KMSC says:

    I would love to win these marking tools. It would make marking all shades of fabric so much easier.

  263. Deborah says:

    I would love to win this as I find it so hard to find markers for fabric where I live. Thanks!

  264. Sharon says:

    I have been good, finished quite a few UFOs and surely do need some new marking tools. Thanks!

  265. Farm Quilter says:

    I would certainly love it is Santa would leave me this Sewline kit…it would make marking my quilts for quilting so much easier and my quilting might look better!

  266. feelincrafty says:

    Becuase I am in need of just these kinds of notions! Looks great!

  267. Deb says:

    I am always losing my marking pencils so this is a great way to keep them all together.

  268. jennyg says:

    please Santa I would love something that doesn’t leave marks on my fabric thru can’t get out aargh !

  269. Fabulous tool! I’d love to put one in my stocking :0)
    I’m already a follower!

  270. Sandra says:

    Dear Santa,
    Although I don’t normally admit to mistakes, this would be an easy way to erase those errors!!

  271. Carla says:

    I’d really like to win this as I’m constantly looking for the best marking option for my fabric. I have the air-erasable marker and love it! I’d love to try all these other ones!

  272. lynaeve says:

    thank you for the chance

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