Super Storm Sandy and my area of the world.
Having missed the entire storm, by being in Houston for Market, I felt helpless as my family were in NYC without me. I started to organize a quilt drive for our area while I was still in Houston.

Once home, I realized how seriously the storm affected my neighborhood, my friends, and fellow New Yorkers, CT, PA and NJ… Homes have been wiped off the face of the earth, people are cold, and wet, and we have rain and snow coming. I need to be able to help NOW.
I just had a call from Raul Russi, Head of the Acacia Network, whom I had previously partnered with on my BUMBLEBEANSBASICS.com  Quilt Drive for homeless families being taken out of shelters and put into transitional housing. 
He said, “We have 150-200 quilts here, right now. And since the rest of my families are INSIDE already, can we deliver these quilts in our medical trucks to the people in the Rockaways, NOW?”  I said, “YES! Let’s go!”

Once we have more quilts, we will continue to set up more distribution points around our area. Staten Island, Long Island, NJ, CT.
Thank You For your support


Home-made or Store Bought QUILTS AND BLANKETS:  ANY SIZE.
Quilts will be accepted, and handed out as quickly as they come in.

Give Selflessly.
 Thank you cards will not be sent out due to the urgency of the events of SANDY.
LABEL YOUR QUILTS, Name, address and email.
The person who receives your quilt may want to thank you themselves.

Send Quilts & Blankets to:

(we added another location to collect!)

Acacia Network
Attn: Pete Gonzalez
311 East 175th Street
Bronx, NY 10457


Basic Housing, Inc.
Attn: Robert Gonzalez / H.SANDY
540 East 180th Street,  Bronx, NY 10457


your name, email & address & Phone

please ship them with delivery confirmation.
Any questions, Please email:
Lane Falcon

Victoria Findlay Wolfe

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8 comments on “QUILTS & BLANKETS: ASAP

  1. Bev says:

    Think some of the many fleecies my kids have loved will have new homes! beats having to store them unused for who knows how long!

  2. I’m on it!! going to get a bunch of fleece and fabric and batting and make some to send out! Thank you for this post!

  3. Great idea! All sizes… Don ‘t forget twin and sizes for the grown ups, please!

  4. B Greene says:

    Mine went in the mail today – should be there by Friday 🙂 Thanks for giving us a way to help.

  5. SQUEAL! THANK YOU!!! I’m heading to the Rockaways with 200 quilts tomorrow, distributing at 1pm! YAY!

  6. Thank you for the info…mine will go in the mail Tuesday (Monday being Veterans Day – observed)

  7. city says:

    thanks for sharing..

  8. Świetnie prowadzisz Bloga!
    Masz bardzo interesujące posty 🙂
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